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Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, September 8th
Paul helps callers with HVAC issues, has a discussion about who is responsible if a neighbor's tree falls in your yard, and how to paint a metal door. 

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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to use. I'm so glad you're listening to all the crucial here on that video that we gave seventy. A look to in the show or Saturdays it's one of the highlights a week and a get the chance to spend some time with you all talk and home improvement if you're due to show we don't just talk about improvements problems reference to. You've restless he could be office building could be a weekend house. He could be at camp he could be a travel trailer and it does matter all of these things certainly applaud them which is to for repairs. Corporate issues in your quality concerns. Maybe you're rests with the problem with moisture. Maybe it's been so hard all summer long you hotter in high utility bills and still being on call when you're home. Don't know what can I do to prevent this happening. Next summer or maybe your your building new homes yet questions in your outlook these two products. Regime there route that. Don't go with the traditionally been to that but it's least afford to go with the foam excellence in my condition. Or you know we're about this for a single you know we're about this wall siding war ray war. Type of insulation or style of their condition system or different technologies lightning. Certainly all of that is open discussion but Kirch you'd called early is always do because we can never get all the callers so. But the way I would coach YouTube singing folk goes beyond politics call literally. Which of volume down and your phone. So that turned the (%expletive) W radio cica listen to the show live when you vote. And then just don't hang out stale old comic it to you first come first serve. If you can't call in which you wanna ask a question the next best thing is sentenced attacks you can since attacks a 7870. Out this rescue if you're dropping two to act responsibly in don't to argue or the proper attitude. So what's next year which he could hear this nation and send us a text. And again first compressor quality it is many taxes on calls upon us and I'll let you know numbers and the number is 50426. Or 1870 call and live. As to show your question here in the show or. It sent me text it he sent me seventy recruits duty commercial break come back we'll start inching your questions will be right back the group. Home improvements for a tennis. Welcome back to the home improvement shows so glad and honored you're listening to the gate seventy today and also on the Rancho. Live in look at Koppel your texts. First Texas how cannot organize my room with extra shells. Lament the best resources debuts go to referendum on and Matt Rufino you know closets they do custom closets. At that witches. Will your socks off all the options you have in reference to organize your closets. Well it doesn't matter what would call what you look for the materials they use of superior hardware using superior construction methods are stated the arc. It's it's it's amazing how. Impressive. Their their shop this when he. And manufacture these products for Fino closets. They're in man to build their right to not too far from I twelve and we kicked in on. Their phone number is not 8580. Non. 7623. Eights are 7623. Have one of their their team members come out in book two room get a better feel for which you reference to organize huge. That room in and gain some extra space and you'll be impressed with their work and also. Their processes relief rallies like it. Our not the text it is. Public discourse is not draining all the water out or five pressed through that but for second with and drain the water and suggestions Woody's doing this. That your soul thank you Honda. Rhonda. Well. I I've gotten lots experiences but there's washes in and and not experience a really point out. My my family says Roth or appliances. We we go through appliances like nobody's business in fact. If ever a bad. CEO of manufacturing plants coming out would volunteer mafia only for the durability test because. Can we put our house this. With a smile sixteen years. And with once who talked if tortures its app and opera atom. Lots and lots of times so what I have found my this horse is not raining. It is it's a few different options when McConnell walks through use those and you can. He antiquities out in in spectrum. Some Tom it's actually in the bottom of the dishwasher at the very floor of it. There's a screeners sometimes. Kabila broken. Dish where port top or top or something ordered through debris to get stuck and it's green it's preventing you during no way. Some arms them on the trend line itself has connected the bottom of the of the motor that straining at the goes into your disposal. Use is up partially obstructed. I have found that as well and then are the times column is a solenoid it opens and closes when that water drains and sometimes that those faulty. And so lots and lots of options in reference to you would maybe inhibiting. The journey from a from occurring. I've even actually at one time where the computer what was on that sometimes it would drain sometimes it would. That would drove me nuts because I kept looking at looking at new I would go to things I would I would look for it and nothing wrong not to report report found that Tom's. And calling it a changed people on it it worked so. Yet dishwashers. Unfortunate appliances today York art not like they were married thirty years ago that a lifelong appliances. There are somewhat disposable ones which is unfortunate but that's that's the world we live in today so. The ego rubbed a hope that hope she let's go to a phone call in speak with Thomas they Tom's good morning welcome to show. I'm good and product you know. He wants you to. You know I've got my problems. But anyway. I wanted to open you know vote and 200 and you know a week ago. Not to vote. I have it. That it was on Monday it was had victories it around and Mario Obama eloquently and all of them. It's so. I hope that the place went between that is now is nobody else. But between that this means that now and it that. And to dip of on again in my home. Haven't gone through well. He has got that built that place. That body action here. And well Paula Newton can take him apple and now what do and so. My question that you want cannot do these. Between. And I mean the premiere that. And do you know someone can correct entry entry. Given. So mr. Thomas. You know fed home is home by a bank or homeless individuals who owns. 010. They have responsibility. To. You take care of this tree. In fact without you know what's that certified letter on who it is a good few tax assessment office or that website. Yeah thinner nation who owns that house. Now takes pictures and that would do very detailed letter and explain to maturity curb once you concerns could answer it's the urgency. They need to take care industries their responsibility. Social you can. To. To you on the property. Yes sir yeah I don't I'm not sure how fast of a reaction you get from the city government. I think you would get better faster. A reaction and and some some repairs or some removal done by the folks who hold it. But no one's done that massive ground that causes it how can cut. The ones that and in my you know how. That's correct. But it it it's got to be hanging your yard missed Toms he can't be when you're neighbors property because you go and never properties and that that's not legal but if it's. You if you took your property line you went straight up with the oracle imaginary line anything straight up from your sop property line. Is at that hangs over your that tree hangs over your side you can cut. You know Almonte put. The problem with it all comes down again factory victories and content now. It just the one that hit our house we could go back the ball one. To repair it but it does not at all. How to get. I don't know what do they don't give them you know put up as mark if you. Acute but I want to make sure that the right thing and by the way you know that apple caught. The one that ample laws. Part actually. Yes sir you you can go to buy you tree service in new loans that do for you. Oh. Yes are you that mr. Thomas could look at the Project Hope that that financial institution owns that property does the right thing and takes care they're pretty quickly. Thank you styles that it day right Q the question give us callable at a spot available for you that number is 50426. Or one point seven. That's 26 or 1870. Political back to you some of your tax. Due to attach you can also says it's 7870. Paula every week on a flat roof and one that you suggest Jeff's Paris looking into. Turning to a pitch fruit. Okay well if you deterrent F five referring to me the truth. Indeed did need more than Gypsy graffiti could be a contract to be that he could be. If apple permits if inspections. Announcement that contractors can be coordinate a number different trades. To make those improvements. So it's it's you know the framing it may be some wind engineering. As well is so flashing and so some roofing. If he does that mean appeasement stuff on the should be doing daughters are. What other additional work is necessary it would take that flat roof and put it to you the truth so this is an oxygen should do for contact. Go to our website it's Paul's house dot com that's Paul's house dot com. Select your region in this case it would be social issues that your Jefferson Parish. And the type of service would be contractors in humans like contract issues either to folks that are there. As former southern builders and dealt attack. You can call or email will look at that web sites directly from Paul's house site. So hopefully that you use some good summation where you can. Take care that has been flat route searches. Did their problematic. You know from this with a moderate file which it you know we live in the gulf south and yet. 4016 inches of annual rainfall. And that sometimes this can be a burden. So he pitched roof and properly pitched roof. With proper flashing. In and built to standards or current includes. Where. You know the daily download of detecting the ventilated. The shingles. All work so much better than personal opinion. And so all right if you'd text sent us a text 87870. Or people called this call it fonts are four to six or 187. Talk and some home improvement this morning the Czech politics mature cut ever worn. Taking care yep that's or buy so far. Our let's go back to phone lines of you speak with one technical and a good morning welcome to the show. Pick Glenda good morning to hear me. Then point out. Oh you too can help you. I'm fine thank you I'll let you know. All because they didn't commit that the second thing is that the tree but everything. This week. At the bank saying the boys are on other everything that I'll. All are important but at the outset that we live in the hour. At job. If trinity. Which we get me an Atlanta. Every inning. Hi my coworker bought trop in ideologue by the panel that tree fell on the trucks. Well we unpack the older again trot out all Kelly is a bit that all week. Owner of the property. At the well. He get. Through it at that now is what it. You know they air it out injury I injured and I agreed that dot that happen. At the very frustrating. Though. We. Got to take in every all I own a tree. It right lot we can be bad. Dumb at the wary of art and on extreme you know all I don't if mark on how wires like why aren't they. But it. Up in jail thing I like a that nobody else. Well I don't. Essar group their assessment that that he's not responsible for. I do agree that's why we have insurance. But I can tell you that my involvement with insurance companies. And doing lots of breeding and research on this topic. He is. These last number of years West End that fifteen years. Insurance companies. Have been very proactive on the on the back in of these type claims like for instance. You're husband's friend who own that truck he would make a claim against his insurance company. That insurance company. Would actually come back and suburb gate and they were researched and found out who owns a property and their insurance company is trying to reimbursed for their cost. If there if there's responsibility at all from all the parties. So if if there are. Someone you know parties responsible typical with insurance companies would do is they'll make you the policyholder hole in very short term. And then go work through back channels to get reimbursed for the money they put out is there aka lose money that that's for certain. There in the business to make money. I doubt we'll tell. You. Because the dollar deductible. He paid a deductible of course as you chat everyday but. Op. Supposedly. Are okay but a doctor at the life out of it. Making it. They can really hit. It well about how we want to make sure. I'll I like. I'll find out about it they obligate and it happened like a month ago it they'll. And I opted out but now it. And in and it may be that your friend of rickets is the docked or back that that's the one on what's the point of this process. But insurance company is more likely go back. Were their spectrum that is that in order to keep that reimbursement. You know you may also an atom. You may choose to get some legal counsel reference to this. Glenda and how to send a letter to your neighbor. Because you can make can be good neighbor but he can certainly take responsibility where the are responsible. So you advocates and legal counsel and filed there price. Hope things work when you. It goes to a CBS news break a run at a time but though we have. More questions come about a seed that couple folks hold don't go to where hold on right back after this. If you have a question gives the go to six so one point seven. Welcome back to the home improvement show here in the big 878. Right before the break we were speaking with Thomas and Glenda and both those folks one Orleans parish went Gypsy owners have been having some issues with. Trees on neighboring properties. At that ego or overpaying their property are and have fallen in Eudora or vehicles warn their house. And that copy of it sent the text which is great vice I think because this. My my vice that was you know that the contact the owners directly with certified letters. And also get some legal counsel but one of the Texas campuses to it was people with tree issues the call tomorrow morning to all things legal. Think it attorneys or imported and that's critical aside and think about it ducks in serie. It doesn't chew on Sundays. We have another caller calling specifically in reference to tree. The palm trees is go to you Mike and Mike good morning welcome to this out. I pocketbook. Eight that. That's we call it legal that's created by exactly and comment on what I've heard on on their show on the LP we shall prepare for what they sent out. And and I am by no lawyers paraphrase what they but basically it says here I can Barbara come out again I think there's a problem with the tree. And then. Yet then he. Undeterred by letter to B owner. Indicate you know that you you kind of professional commode indicate it probably the tree also you know then noticed that it happens the tree at that point forward they're responsible for any damage. That. Back. Content as you know that's hasn't gone following damage from the tree. So yeah great progress idea about this in. A lot of people around and you might not be in this girl is even win that might. Thank you so much for taking the time there aren't holding call England stone that the that's good advice and Wyoming's all things legal moral and you know listening to name call so hopefully. Tom's England there were were hearing your tax preparers that they're under our press c'mon. And yes we're caught a few folks are playing this weekend right listen we'd go to commerce Britain welcome back Debbie in changer up next though. Paying off and on if you have a question that numbers fob 0426. Or oak. 170. And statistics coming at 87 is set to be right back after the welcome back to the home improvement shows let's go to phone lines and speak with Debbie hate Debbie thank you promoted on good morning. I. At what it is. A bear out at an all out. At around. Barack or where. You know there. Are a couple of like. Oh what you. OK tell me exactly where the black color is it is and when your recognition equipment worn the dark work on on the supply register. But while. It. Sits on the ceiling around it. Now describe it to me is it city in collars that kind of Fuzzy look in his dust he with what's it look like. Okay how often you change your return air filter. And Cain and changeable collars. Is dusty Coca. And what type of filter used to use a pleated filter or those will follow us filters would use. And Al. Coca. So it it. It's not uncommon for air condition systems dot quirk in equipment you have dust and organic growth in it. It it it's not uncommon at all I would put wind up with some that they are not seen a TARP photograph of what you described to me almost sales. More dust in organic growth like mold. But it could be vote I'd like I'm not ruling one out. Does saying that we describe in cells like the cost so that leads me believe that. You if you're changing your return your filter every 23 weeks. And used to eating dust its own past the filter. You'd be happy sizing issue and you filter may be too small in the Doss has been soaked through it which is also the common is heaven on the side of returner and take. In the second thing that's also very common that could be captured and this is that you have doc leakage. Meaning all we hear that's eating into your system does have the benefit of going through this filter. That's leaking of the locations. Asked the filter in between filter in the machine. And destroyed in the dust from a locations if your house. And it's running it equipment you know quirk that's coming out supplied registers and yours ceiling. You have any compensation as any spots this wedding or the way it. Would have to keep your house themselves. Oh okay now that that's that's part of the problem as well be. We need to. And you probably you have some conversations occurred equal services like rent your equipment. In the year that system I would speculate just from my experience of steel like. If homes. So that at least meet wards. What do you may have cells those organic growth that's occurred with in the dock work in registers ceiling as well. So you'd you'd be kept. Personal. Music teacher EC installer rivers or pressure have compute dot cricket test. And ratify how much sleep that you have. And where the leaks Perry. Ask them to repair those leaks in the test the second time that verify. That the repairs were successful. There air sealing repairs were successful. What's that stood at them cleaned the into our equipment. Meaning specifically the indoor blower motor in the temperate coal. Have them re install it has been cleaned. And then also have them. There are refrigerant charge in the same time may have been inspect the inside oddities like to work. If yours returns by dock worker contaminated. They suspect is contaminated. You elected someone equipment used indoors all the testing for use. In NC does thought he'd be replaced. The ducks flexible or rigid you know support work. If they're if they're flexible there's there's more than likely not be. Replaced if it's. If it's rigid metal pipe there's at least an opportunity for the queen's and caused. So that you can get rid of as much cost as much organic. To build up is that. As possible. A if you're if you're in need of traits to do those type work she'd go visit our website Paul styles dot com. You go there and putting your region of putting your need to reference to endure quality as well as heating cooling subcontractors use him folks recommend. Thank you are the questions. Yes enjoy you weekend as well thank you for calling it wouldn't go to commercial brick welcome back James Europe next don't go to where we'll come right back to the home permission folks. Back to the so this goes straight to phone lines and speak with James hey James good morning. Right. Well. And help you then yeah I mean. And on a week. Door. And 08. Yet. A lot of addict. Door although it's better. Mayo and make it you know. You. Rust on medal of note but just. And an additional. You know what comes. Oh. Right so. For Salt Lake and the rise so would I would do is I would. Mock up. With Muslims that that hold as the house. The ought to make it years. Our part as to make sure it was reduced and he went where but he let those. Guys know personal protection. I'd definitely accurate that. Which wrestlers your your rise. Our protection to its innings and lights inning would sing in the in the direction. The town itself. You don't gnashing keep it failed to ease the air medal. You know the rough spots and here in Tyson's. And and that the next opportunity vacuum and I would like chopped back and now which shop that they are. Base and the sides of the yeah all of it on dust off. In Antarctica tacked cloth. Which he didn't think store. And it's tacky cloth the unit. Rubbing our face of it gave me the font on fonts on dust. Or in this case pink dust. It you'd calm as can be taken off with the same paper now what you'd like probably. On Michael for immigrants and paper not aggressive. And oh it's a good clean cut surface. Is it the it's got race Hamels is that correct. Yeah. So I would take the Russian designed specifically for the pain you're in which I think I would use. Latex. Wanna basically text exterior paint. How would I rush. The race panels the recessed portion of I would let that fraud and a comeback with a very short now. Roller. Fact they even make Michael Farber rollers and now rule the rest of the face all the flat surfaces with the roller. And the reason duo real short nap or Michael Michael. I instead of rushing the whole thing. With the with the paper that's that's the part people like is it. At least that perfectly flat when we cause strokes and priced. So I would use in my Popper very low now roller. In fact umi and cheese to. Spot it's in and laid them secretly flat in the dazzling tales like you mean different world war. Meeting so lightly. And this that are recommended. Used to politically not the Tokyo may just as the small portion usenet day. It is usually dale flat and you get that multiple cuts. OK. Okay. All right so. Barrett one adequate in. When Alabama there is active in like nobody beat it but now that I'm in my BP I don't have the pages are. And ilk. I need to do that take data completely cut the apple. Exterior as a known outside. You know out of there aren't any jail and they. That it can't abdicate as a big duty pay. The way it. Maybe trying to green frog thing. Ever try to raid brought it front try to bring in front tape it it's a it's it's really works votes it's a little price that mark gosh it works it's where are we can. Or army. Or. OK Hank you may have done this honey do list view bride and I appreciate. You into our. Our names like to that prison let's go to our next caller who could speak. Daniel I can't you good morning welcome to the show. Item on my problem is that I have law Talal. And I have a lot of leaks. Orderly on their mind beyond. Are you inside. The ACB eight year old well. Coal it's cool and everything. But he's making what what what the problem what is difficult but. OK tell me where the waters that is is it actually in the metal and that is on the bottom of indoor air condition. It. Right on it right under. You know when you when you replace the filter when you open the nose bent. Yeah days you can you know leaks out the welcome bucket in the meantime though. Erica and her. So so Daniel you have a number of ways of getting rid of the water. In and of governor finish was connect to its in the and the very first way is called a primary drain. In a primary during his they PVC pipe. That's connected to it and most times that goes through repeat trap and then into you. You're homes sewer system you plumbing system. And its sales like what's happening is that armory drain is easy the blocked completely or partially blocked. And the waters that come out fast enough it is overflowing. The inside opinion that it peppered at all. And it's it's coming out on the bottom out of filter. So you'd need to call a a license insured AC deal whoever services your equipment and they haven't come below that line. While they're at their removing that obstruction said the department drink and function the way it's designed and intended. Have them put in some pain tablets and strips. Inside your proper. Coal terrain in order to keep this dream product acute obstruction from current again and that's something you what do you every six months as I was put some additional tablets. Some additional trips in order to prevent that organic growth from. Growing inside the train and clogging it. A little cute one more question real quick. Any estimate follow how magical duo. Replacing of the talks. I outlawed. I wanted to let alone. If Korea doubted. If you bought what could do you know. We have one story to story townhouse three story. OK so you have to recognition systems' award. To OK so the dock work or in between the floors. You'll what you will replace him is actually conduct ceilings she rock or with the Florida while the access to it so. He won't replace all your books you'll be pleased to docs that or. Probably set before. You know. The least the ones that are accessible. So you know it's it's hard to answer that question but when the person is there. Loan not a lot in that structure you can have them took a look at it opened YouTube that idea depends on the size that on the left of the runs. On the Hubble won't replace it with me dock that as our value eats. Or a mixture that they could be installing at an airtight manner. So the using some mastic. You 011 mastic airs each one of the connections. I'll make sure are supported by the saddles. Make sure it's nice height and straight in its point its night making it flexible bunched up. Those are all things I would look for I was using for export to replace. So those are things you certainly want it discussed with its beckons all. Aren't they yeah. Yes or no thank you received spoke out at that. The could call. You know something else to Daniel as a human to get them to you measured the air leakage when they're done that and he was caught with a cricket test. Make sure that when they installed those talks in your time matters on. If properly successful. And you may wanna get them to check the air flowed each one supplied registers return register. In her front project charges correct so those are all good things you can do that help you get along heavy use of your unit. And some great comfort and corporate cost our folks will be back right after this news break don't go anywhere.