Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, September 1st
Paul helps with air conditioning, mold, insulation, and remodelling questions.

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It mourning one happy that they let it under your work here. Doug Dario which show. I'm actually not in the studio today I'm actually a pale. But on. You Craig stick together as we gear senate now and while car park improvement. And I listened to the show that our first on this we do every. And we changed to you talk about being relating to your house or. Make sure our campers that weekend all Mort you place that does all Condo. And it doesn't matter you know you got repairs. You got energy efficiency questions on the call that numbers are or where she's six or 1870. But he intended exit 8787. And Enders like the thing we discuss the show and most times this time of the year we talk a vote. Com where more problems. High utility bills ball real well you know get a chance to talk about other questions. Such disrepair humid needle and they're into repairs are accurate requires. He could be relating she'd plumbing or electrical war. You know only he could be Haney project or call entry. So those certainly all open or discussion. It is everything we talk about here is we could refer chi eco so I'll region. Particularly in the work are but the building sites thought it would be energy efficiency the concorde the the board for all homes and so I'm asking you questions get a better view what you're challenges are. You're facing that and then. What talk about why it happening in that second article the solution you. Attitudes were that that occurs again it may be did you party art professional common that you too are professionals at a cheap place of business. Or your home and it looked daddy didn't suggest. With those solutions are. And you usually does sound board on means a certainty Kurtz says well it it's do you think it my job here she keep you all implementation. So you can make an informed choice a better choice. All and improvement you have poor may cause it will be contributing to the issue so when your number again on the urgent call an error that we could be this. It is reviewed every Saturday we keep it in the show and we just don't and so call it mail dear old old and first come first serve. Of course a lot here in the shadows number is Bob Europe for. She's 601872. Insecure it would certainly UGQ. Call it what you wanna actually detects your questions 8778. Try to get used many call backs crossed the can now. And 12 o'clock Bartlett did go to court to brick will conduct war and what you questions will be right back. Welcome back to the route just straight ball and simple question or call that he is Alicia. Elation good morning to the how are you argued on. And warned apple. I have a quick question what are your like your. We have and Ayers. To inspire. Oh wow. We. Are wearing. It used to own. I'm grounding or. You know I'm talking about. Anyway. Or seal on trial healer. And Olympic appealed. Again it'd is there. Matchup that would change or go. To do it in. But. I look at it at. No other and so you know we talk about right Selig opened it you see. And do all depends on the amount of use of that they've you know. Heavier traffic need did dumb law and probably want our users like trafficking probably do four years. So really depend on the use remember that sealer is goes on the ground doesn't go on the tower itself. Shall grit every. That we. Yet so. If he could have done that for number reason short that this site was ready for. Depends on the abortion contents. It would have been an Asian issues he is in the number of things that. You know a typical grunt eulogized goes bankrupt. It house itself that repeated because it has shortly already. Waterproof it does make water resistant would. Optical and you deal which our four walls and floors it would spot on the Talal the U waterproofing membrane nine initiated hollowed ground itself. And yet but we're there's no bad news he wants and although now under interim. Day or some more robot. Feelers. Like prince and a pox peace sealer. Poppy growth in the works really really well. That that is a step above the traditional you need you to keep. You know it'll all restore local bookstore. Open. The epoxy used do an excellent job and we're only long. Al Horford and he. It aren't brought to grow and act governor Owens beat but Michael and Michael good morning to show. Well. Oh the people along and it really propelled him calling and ultimately you went out to. Covington. And a couple months ago really love it everything he's really great it it and the in the pit guy and he will. It grateful on the neat article in the attic. Who the unit Adam got a bit. Opened the unit went to one unit again and carry it in my ultimately you've been able they've been achieved by. Gonna take time keeping their house around 8081 degrees. And we're short out the billboard with a random Gilbert called wheel and accurately quoted at one that was at night like Nicole did not bring it down a lot. The Pope covered in I'm not a cut to. But he'll you know I get over the I would make certain that there Robert temperature high humidity and all my heart and a runner up being warned not earn about. A more decline in the puppet like that. OK so you really do anything about the level orchard in the year. I would hate him Michael hey did. Adjusted terms that eighty degrees and you'll be fine. All abilities manager do some moisture concerned so there's already not the right here that would humans apart that they'll. Okay good are so that that's where I was leading up to lose it we need to return to vote with the reality communities are all so. If your eighty degrees and year you know pick the the BR percent relative humidity I'm OK with that what used to dealing a blow. You in the upper fifties to low sixties we can become problematic. So if you are raising the temperature in your whole house did you get a are. In control and abortion side your own. In your end of the load industry B percent relative humidity on dark that should be cart. Appear right now in Europe where are you are right it look higher. He it'd. Blow right out of Mac air conditioners running enough to maintain the moisture leveled our house were. All. Of our people. Rated in there and have not eaten it all out a couple of weeks on on the proving that a whole lot of humidity that means that makes sense. Point not a number I was what do boom. We keep doing forty. That will be. Okay and all the report it report art when what are part. The F and a but I thought. They want you outlook on how old you know and and the content and tired you know anyone. One in action. One might joy on the child who is black and white or. We call it the deal would go on and put. Area. Of biblical history. That or. They're all. Yep so you keep it all out dot com web site also on the New York re going to included. The note source achievement to the North Shore in the service. Including contractors and you'll see what we recommend. All. Of our part. Well. It. Went on that equipment. Didn't help anchor the equipment. Note we are with the bigger issue. No sir I think what you we have now on that that's not a problem. You know these record is that would be lower energy saving more tonight about sprinkle. What what she'd be control of the ginger on it he can't hold that for an extended period aren't. Oh. Any consumption of operating condition you can fire no wouldn't have big swings. Oh. A condition or operating cost. Us such a good night and what she doubted forty 47% keep it there. There's that are as the capital. Oh aren't here or there they're all there. So. On the low end. You'll start having and trying passages are dry skin but that no wouldn't happen and so you know that opera 30% range. You know 3730%. Or keep keep it to draw it was wet and keep it to drive you tried to quickly. Some of Europe you're trim your meal want a well liked crumbled and based wards are you to a case in May shrink a little bit but that there. When it went right to. And and again you know. In particular and so close or open that aren't sort of are open. MLS but again in the I'm sorry we get eaten a buyer at the open Q he always on blow. Should it Derek on where are you or did occasionally or. Yes so. The key minutes are and we're from a resilient as this feature although the controller that armed services he channel although it does not going to attic look. Amid yet the previous owner. If it has a damper that an open and closed. And that programmable thermostat the purpose of having a damper opens to break out of there in your own. So it'll bring out there you know one through a filter is that the human part of the still there. Yet to catch up adopted particulates. You know run to redeem our would be good the air in the place at all. So from my house I have that program. So at least for pot I'm doing today he comes on for per ten to fifteen minutes. It brings in outside air and it just died in the year since I had my whole. So it's different or call it the way we use it. You're that you think might be our record and more important you. Think. They eat in hand in the deal would eat that the two that feature not. You know skeptical Europe in you can pick up pictures of it in in and showed me and ignorant to run out yet and where apparently the owner. Our well I preached an act and we. Want it or not doing well. Thank you elect would be more due. What you problem I called show folks like eating all the Etna we so appreciate. Now that you are you bet thank you these questions are was put on a Holler and speak it there eight there more extra. And it all I protect my call but what are out batteries and well we got in the bursting that we get it was very own. Inflation up in the attic. Didn't mean replace the entire eating any meat to them onto ductwork. Everything they'll lose. My question is. Do what he means to have. All. The bad and laid out in relation. Removed com. The day it were saying that we should do it the article mentally and meet people were saying. It's not up there at the humidity in the attic fine. The installation impede law that jet that is we work to remove. Inflation. Removed. Then we shall we use certain parts just because the way out of how would I due Shea. And this and that that insulation. On the ad war would create a bit of now there. Okay so. In general terms the guidelines from. The building signs community. As well as. These folks that manufactures the spray on chemical if you all Google really deep deep into their web site. Get into the installation guidelines in the hander. And also with the buildings aren't the same thing we always suggest to remove that insulation the older rigid insulation that the sealant. Because you you know your your thermal boundary. Is that the understudy you root flawed. And so that your condition companies corrected its best to remove. That old insulation it's also best to you come back and that team. There's been removed Rebecca come back and back in the top of Sheila codes. What Iguodala that particular incident and our last four presumed to be socialist. Are out of your. You are you could think that that attic it is semi conditions states it felt like living area. So little on in her well he's one of Batman. They'll let let me say is that you do haven't carrier to that. You concerned about sound attenuation. From San transmitting from the attic in GB these great bola. They eat you may choose to leave some of that or if it's. David deducting your dirty wet in the past week and rodents in the past what what. In my house of the wanted to about double put in new insulation. Or sound attenuation. I can say that I you know sprayed over Martin's line. Now at once query and so probably in my ceiling in sales are normally not call so and I got. But not for kids in in a couple that were were noisy people. So on you know Campbell nobody should for a good you know certainty Gerson you unique situation you may want. Art so anything and be there are some large areas that have debt in. In the you may just be easier to read some of the action the plate and get the ball up and out. That should make a big dip. There yet yes sir should look let me ask you Wendy straight on the inflation the root slide. If they pull out any insulation around the entrepreneur route or did the insulation that's right. No they they did pull the the installation back over the the top that or when they did the pentagon report yet they did they did a law that pack in brilliant. Kebab are a bigot are yet you know at you at this point. They're not in it right much you get out. And not interfere with your your attic decking. And of course if you do in the yourself. You know per protection respirators are protection long lead gloves. You know honors. We're not. They're. Good they're people living in. Noted. That. Well he did you are someone that you could make sure they they double in don't you wanna bring knowledge. Don't particularly in joke inside your house to make chili bag upstairs in double bag it. We had their candidate down there in a shortage street wrap up your house could you wanna get all on the up and argue that he's. Thank you for your help our appreciate. You are welcome good luck printed them all public. Yet though. You know great occasion we do get those type questions about retrofit situations you know some heated next Daryn that. I'll certainly bring up right now and that make sure you bet on docking is docked all the way to yacht under your attic and execution exhaust glued. And then be mindful of what's happening with. That expertise which means what you could monitor that temperature wrote that there are folks would be good if you get these but it will be. Welcome back into the courtroom. So glad you're. Here you know if you have a question now is great on the call that a lot here and show. Number response or worked to secure 187. Political laws and equip Leo it was on good morning to chip. Can you weren't. I have eleven. Man. One oddity or not god that was. Went above and on. Mine. That weren't there is not and later that. And on the those who don't look far to bet on. He. Station coming up on the you know. (%expletive) it. In case you want them but. Then that come through a lot. Maybe they're actually bit. Squared book were probably. Yet so here's the thing going on that. He's a man I like it you just described it pretty pretty calm. But I know it's seen. So you can. Bet you'd be concerned about are. You don't conduct weeks in the you'd be concerned about instantly. And we've been done in the past with the manufactures a darn. Inflation they they typically have the on insulated. Battled. Up close the bottom war. And they put the boot or insulation. Underneath it all. May call that insulation. You know that would work well Arco on. You know as a showed they talk about our climate it. Buildings. Is. You know in the go so we've runner nations shall wall on the night oh wall appeared on you know. On the app that month of the year. Is it is those. Those design conditions of that artwork doesn't work well. So what when he walked through what you do. He's got that goes after inflation. At Uga full disclosure. Your work that rectangular shape. Medal though work is wherever there's a connection one to the other transition. Or bore hole. What you choose. Trial that connection and then take some Matt. You know what you want. Condition mastic. Which is so. You know typically feel like grave now why audit is people like to bother. If you could write each of those joints. Where either. The connection is aware that that rate goes like that maybe it's lack. And it ended in particular and the foursquare. In that and a whole walk through joint these would be. Same with Matt to edit the report due at this kind of relates to where your feeling air conditioned. Will go and Rory. You don't the very top. I mean tiger. That he could take you realize. Which would typically does not completely out of place. And you know that. On the top you're war. Into that change. That because. You know weep where's the artwork and text you force them. All and then you may read what topical scripting that it got to operate them to put that cracks you read what's is. While clash into what you've got no air. 100% but it'll probably left. In I don't know where we think there's a leak or connection. With that mastic. And you can only you can play here. Where the dot in election. We use or eight duct insulation. You've probably at a little. Because it. Really no way it too like. That's an odd shape. And become a I mental war. You don't. Like Theo goes way. And you have appeared. In law in the is that you know where all these problems. You'll the other option which would be few law. Arsenal more equipment including close cell phone to a typical so all of spurred featured bill. And in you wouldn't it off stupid union. Scrub that the way. I mean in. They had put. Two Asian in. What. To the floor and then put the ballot back. And feel about. Yeah it certainly tried that you know again back pack in the building line and our climate. Typically what you well Odom warring that there were welcomed the news and so. Some separation and you're what was so ward was piece of war that eventually. So. You know that the better product. Would be a straight vote no well I don't know I'm. At least it is Tuesday. At least that you don't people normally like options here that. You guys shall only me around that between the battle for me and they end up plummeting in in the air conditioned docs. And other infrastructure the only successful audit you you don't need it would be a should have been neat to its core Opel. You could do well would like. Wood frame house you have the bill would you do it or not it goes. You straight on what your age though many. Right on. Because. You know it's real. It would no bad. And a pal who. Help the mortgages that certainly helps to be quelled with the details of the more. Yeah idea that. Appreciate it yeah greatly began that was the issue and we. And thank you so much I appreciate your QB in the as well. Yes. Our league record right about who would be quite. Equal gunmen. But. It. Welcome back home from Asia will go back along and speak with general ago at morning in Asia. Nokia can actively do that can light on and are trying not there should explain that is yet. And you know. It can't. In more. Good or. Hope he could understand me okay apartment. A track where we live in the Mac two apartment in the crime. In the first probably hand lady came over and hurt feelings. In her heart pain completely game. It was way. For more secure I I don't know that we got them in any without you looking for anything that was leaking in the and it couldn't get any bank. So BN. Yesterday. Via the apartment. Black black models around her career return heir apparent is that that was pregnant or. Yeah actually has moved around her. To what he's saying it's going more. It can't be so obviously related to your condition. In the right near the operated to remove he also moisture in the air to produces a lot lot more. Implement tortures your mission. Is not uncommon quote move toward property you know that that period of war from the so yeah. Well we have put it you can have a number there. Sources that Mort there's only about war in them and that you can yeah they go look at it. They are your theories she technician there preserves your. Ticket then look at it as well. So it in recognition that they are very dory. In the armored dream is connected to beat in the war air conditioning equipment. It removed all the water so quick. That primary drink and be calm even with the clock or. And that truck in. Is that partly Claude bull went toward the in the and watch your mission one needs producing all of war. Inside there in the cane during the war that so I'll what we're loan. Stream or on console war will lose in weeks. Into the merge it or even some beyond that in future sealing you call wet and there. Oh you'd be looking toward the armored Koreans probably claw or partly clawed so I'm happy to put. A secret from field and then we eloped and I don't know if that's what got it right from Canada deal. Which is great. Where you put those killed in what. They're stupid they're opinion dot air condition unit in his opinion of the need that. We know on the unit around hack and the speed up in the attic. That's correct so he's in your attic you indoor equipment or should pain there there are hammer. That is actually in the battle off in Europe Canada there's a sheet metal into the knees that Coleman urgency. It's you know he's. The pain and tablet in the lower unit beamer in that work he's acquitted in the armory during or quality of our pool drain it got the medal analogue board that it. And national black. Props so what the medal at the bit drained and that is directly below. The backward roll. In that it metal claw. Is working with the end up. He has picked an apple. And prepare. Down little tablets and yet I know is it that our law that tablets tablets don't go to war is he's got a current. But remove that structured. Credit if you look at the destruction any PP UT outlook. As a preventive maintenance measure yeah. He usually down that it would never have problems with this vehicle. It's an old account been here since 66. When would never at this this spot but we'll try that there will act Kolb when I get the command to use it. He he he from the Golan over the area Atlantic and check. So but. So we should do that in her. It can't keep an eye on her if you need to. You can take gate in the old flowing into the hand that bit murky in any did you pick up. If it during big ticket shop back and talk about talk about her. All right open your mercy and. And drain line is going outside at appealed to look what look at these pictures right law. He might and so cracked. Maybe I don't know they're they stepped felony crack in that may be leaking them because they're being well. Okay are appreciated and thank him act it all up and I can you do that that particular. Article go to commercial break welcome back EJ you're up next if you have a question. The call to six that with the ball and actually at the as well Brett back. Welcome back to all the crucial goes straight along speaker eject EJ good morning. And Blanco. Question about the refrigerator. Yes sir I have a fifteen year old refrigerator which dammit move approximately five blocks. And I am being told that I'd analyzes. And secondly does this refrigerated down in the back of the typical crap. Now the cold war on but the bottom of that nothing. Petroleum from the ground there it is that possible. EU it is possible that when you do it where you duties to. What Justina. You know let it sit there like in Leesburg wall what you want in our. OK let I think the reason why. Because what mutilated dale people thought that the compressor that the rotary compressor. Is to change locations. Albeit not quite right. And you want ability at all at all look back where we go work long. And plug it into his city's property is seeing. You could you possibly can have them Cuba. Compressor and that pepper cool. The picture doubt you. Keep it in an upright. Wait elegantly and get back to where you're you're you're new location. In Europe let it sit there were at least what all while. To get that but I need to know and I really appreciate intimate act again. Majority welcome epic but watch your back yard box compel people that are. Yeah. Are people close to purchase equity take a look at couple need. Tax if you haven't actually been and yet keep 7870. As yet that news. All you've been into how. Issues orders that suburb went there and keep the aisle between 7067. Degrees. Is it because what you did she go all the way but those ones. Constantly. Concern about you that you've been to blow. So here here's the thing that has probably been in mobile call. That we had earlier kittens and got on. Achieve mark coal oil and on records you all well what I'll be there as the temperature at more strict. So. It think about. Relative humidity. It is also directly related to your temperature so in the in the case of a bit did you keep your temperature between 677. Degrees. 40% relative that you really low in those conditions. You may choose to law and Eric you're. Relatively amicable the port. Just in general just that works that number. Doesn't seem to be too low. However when you couple of what they cold temperature 67 agree exactly what was more strict on it's. It's not so little that I would say would be affected. Or respiratory problems with a view a copy edit. You know nasal passage or throat and mission. May choose to bring that Ford sent out a way opposite it's teamwork it's. Poll think. You're it's contributing you're running nose but it certainly could be. It's really figured out it will bring up what are set for two weeks and leadership what happens in our this year. Director of problems you're. And it is it in the 30% range. You know that that upper thirties you know 37 30% relative ability. That instructed to really draw I started having some nasal passage issues. A good trite Brodeur headaches or things like. But in inescapable. You know I'm sure you're there. You're getting close to knocking on the door. You can quote or Obama sure you can quite there yet but what it said it's an easy thing oh called. And be able to you. The test you know bring up that the indoor relative humidity support our senate keep the temperature is the same. 67%. And give it a couple weeks. Here is. Our next tax incentive. A lot to reset. Seal canned light open about old. Or while. All the polls can be seen all of the light especially the bathroom within that. She blocked include around McCain is attic leaving space for key stop. Let it odd considering we're on the attic on the route we're moving insulation you can't call eight ball. Okay all week and like. They're somewhat problematic because it is our addicts on Wednesday. Also they're killing and egged on the negative and very careful particular matter.