Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Dan helps figure out moisture issues, recommends the proper way to gague HVAC systems, and proper insulation in your attic.

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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to yeah. So glad and honored do you or with us listening to the home provincial here and dubbed the BOB if you woke up early this morning in an outside like I did what you felt. Mean it was a little drier as little cooler. It'll light breeze I was excited. Knowing that dome you know summer's coming to an end of course we took a lot of heart. We swept the left ago we stood at some challenges that we're working with Werth with homes relating to. Bush or problems and high bills and comfort issues that mean to paint the picture were rumored a campus problems and work as a student who probably have a good. But gosh file six weeks has some of those challenges but it. Bush oversized go outside and if you let it cool breeze this morning cool weather. As als walk in the pastures this morning so. Any new. Let's let's talk some home improvement. This is the time when 2 and don't 12 o'clock we get a chance to talk about. Questions that a meaningful to you relating to your house or human camp where you fishing camp or. Maybe tour office are Condo or elm home. Or apartment. If he could be repairs relating to electrical or plumbing or flooring or leaning. Carpentry it's certainly all open for discussion that number is fob 0426. Or 18726. Or 187 he. He gives him a text that he 7870. Certainly the years treasure questions and it's not just repair some good does this tell me you were lots of questions related to. Your high utility bills and pay I have an attention problem. War and I have. Publisher you know I've raised house vote or a cup or I can air condition richer than that stripping or have a question about attic ventilation. These last few weeks that lots of questions but analysts and so. Keep all the questions come and I'm going to hurt you call an early but we the end. And because wheels keep the very end the sooner 12 o'clock tech and never keep their rights questions so what you call an early. Or text in early and a trying to use his means that candidates the first come first serve so the early you get line this New York senator should question. And have some fun talk about it. Right so I'm go to a commercial break we'll come back we'll start inching your questions here in the home improvement show that video when we do with those numbers again. 26 or 1870%. Of its exit 877 him right back after this. Welcome back to the home improvement show him negates having this goes straight to phone lines and speak with Brian and Brian good morning. The Mueller. Period. My mom and it obligation back in me now how what do you bought. That is saying someday it is one. In addition companies and in that. Company to run some deep human afar but in drill holes in the wall did the more shot at the granite vote. A robot body. And Obama to disputed it. So got that look in an addictive by auditors who argued critics who aisles at sixty. And we got a look in in which it got a piece he brought in Holland if you rocket on this. It would mean sheet rock in the mold work weary treat. OK so. First O'Brien and you if you don't already have one musical get morneau borrow one of something you found a moisture meter. Because if that water had broke in it leaked water in the AC was broken same time. And they want the patient and annually rain demon of ours for five days that's not long enough. I suspect he's still got some moisture problems and how's it takes days and days and days to rock properly. Dry out all of these assemblies. Is that a slap house arrays house wouldn't flat out the Internet or. Just think about that country's capital hearts Barnes is. All of us support group Muppets will all of that moisture. In in the wood on the bottom placed upon the studs as its its is that tackler reactions to what's going out. All that's got to be dry in in in the they've removed Chirac everywhere around the bottom. What is so noted. The agent drew holes. The pot between Pete along the bottom. Nicole. It would it would about the installation the bomb walled exterior walls that it removes no. OK so you you got a lot of research needed new borrowing because these are all things that have gotten wet. The match it should be removed. In or tried and obviously insulation market prosecute route that. And because if not she's use your parents they continue to have an endure called April. It would. All. At literate. Absolutely unique it's them and Erica sanitize the air. Ozone generator or a multi cluster are nicer. Your goal here is viewed it heat and dry air so home. You know obviously we use your gas he put. You know like these little standalone. Ceramic heaters would get like it may looters. Yeah. Witness came movers so multiple the middle fires you can stop removing all the is this wet stuff that's been wet like she rocked. The the base ward the issue molding the flooring. The wet insulation that the bottom the cabinets of the bass cabinet so I mean my gosh this this is can get extensive. I got the equity ambiguity came in right away in the world of auto pre board which you mullah coop board. Put down or or utility unity terror note currently column but. You know little lamb and incorporate the ago. I'll Benadryl Poland and Bobby troops are needed this pretty much there's no. In that you remove it and it is that correct there Communists or anything mold that need to be done. It at this point if it is yes it does when you probably wouldn't be if it's between the meat in the sheet rock is on the face as she raptors you not to strip that off. Problem city Uga the route that portion of that in disposable properly and do everything dryness what's up with expect gather. Let me let me point you towards a some blog postings that did back when we hit the flooding in last year. Aren't so good Paul's house dot com that the website Paul's house dot com. Searched a blog when he took the very top about it BC blog searches. And you've received. Where art department reference to read mediating houses for moving. Went products. Boat ride aid and also wrote addressing the organic growth and sanitizing the air their steps and all products and links all of those. Blog posts and help you with. Around moment. OK anymore questions please give me a call back. Our. Apartment good luck thank you are. That's that that's a tough for them in a big project right let's move onto the next one and X callers speak with he had good morning to show. Well hi thanks for taking my call politics as usual time you give excellent information news burial for a really appreciated. I have a painting question but I need to get your just a little bit of background information first if you compare with international sold. I live an old Metairie I want to paint my wanna paint my dining room but no one really elegant well. And I was at a friend's house you know and I didn't hear dining room to paint on the walls and ceilings with port to finish with a Cold War. The payment to social and you could literally feel yourself in the finished. Patrolman extradition payments from. Europe it's called fine pain to Europe I have to be at the pain he finished adjacent to here if you heard that name. They said the company is extremely meticulous he's efficient reliable and highly recommend him he's got a web site painting by chase and it's amazing. And so my question yes it kindly my question is are you familiar with fine print of Europe. And more specifically who are you familiar with the case can purchase European vacation and his discomfort you and your weapon. OK so I am not familiar with Jason he is he's not among web site however I am familiar with that type a painting your your talking about. And the coatings it in your right it is actually gorges and almost. Depending on the Albanian and almost like natural stone actress gorgeous it's incredible. Let mcsame are concerned about this record. Problem on older you'll once homes. It becomes. It's worst on old problems it is this this the building sites is true even on a brand new home. But it is the house gets older you become more problematic what let me explain and talk about it because you hear what's what's happening is. If we keep our house is cool in broad in the summer because were were operator conditions so much to the day as well as the ninth term. And outside air is so warm and so saturated wood water vapor. Energy moves from outside yen meaning hot moves to cold. And wet. Moves to try to both sides become equal Whipple subs will never become equal which attorney Eric national so that the list. This is called but it is says that it happened. So. As that water vapor columns for room before through the it's the ceiling through the walls. It wants to migrate inward in most times it does it comes through that she rock or illegal plaster in the paints. Its stride out you'd buy your recognition system. War if you. Have they supplement demystify you deem it a far. But when you view these type coatings like you describing. It's it's it creates a water vapor barrier some of the coatings currency water vapor barrier when he inside of yours she rock or. Or to plaster the community heroes. In it doesn't look that water -- come through what happens behind it is that wall becomes saturated and it comes to our quota problem. It eats it in and sometimes the coatings are bubbling. So would I would ask you to do is when you speak with Jason or whomever you you'd choose to hire to do that type of coding prepared see if it's easy it's an oil based product. First as a latex product hurdles that most of the times I see that fond European Italian lock. It's all base here. And and that's to be a problem for you because that Morse is gonna wanna come in in the quarter you keep your home. And the order your house is has lots air leaks are the worst this problem becomes. I don't care. Okay we're thank you that's great that's good information but man woman differently and you might consider putting anyone who has played literally just an amazing company amazing person. And again call that the weapons training by chase him. And and thanks for all that information I'll look into it and undeterred hopefully you'll remember you're always helpful I appreciate it. Don't you are welcome to question go look project it's a gorgeous look Opel works out for you it is spectacular okay particular derivatives thank you have a great day. Our institute has called speak with John hey John good morning welcome to the so are gonna help them. Mine. I have where you are already answered this question. So we need to. Put out the window air conditioner. Is leaking inside. And I can't blame them Geithner the coal cleaner for the outs. You know clean filter. I don't know what to do the card to get the stop. OK so what about teaching the unit where drinks a little bit away well I went. Yeah. The problem here is pretty low. While album so to what it close you know yes. They won't allow. Him via straight. I came here in clap. Your. Way to move and dale. It so what I've done in the past who went to units that have been problematic likeness and and what I'm about to tell you is. And now over to first for the confessed. If it's rated it packed. And put it functions. Are so I don't always do this but we have no choice when he pitches. It'd sometimes I'll take a very small drove it in drilled in the bottom of cabinet. And along the strip out in the slows point there's a few things with access. Number one you you can't and trait that drew a bit all of the op. Three you know past that that pay him because you're risking driven to something it's above it that can't get damaged obviously. Beat the other part about this news. Today's window units actually take that water that's in that reservoir in the sling get back up on the equipment. To help with capacity and also efficiency. You're gonna lose that ability when you keep trying to war when Kyoto what are the inside your house either the there's got to be a balance here John and you know if you if you can't tilted and in drain it out. Then that's only other option you have. Yeah well I have a smaller unit into another room and it doesn't mean. Or perhaps it was the humidity but maybe that was the problem. And I have thought about drilling holes under me and I have seen it. There's times where it would be slain in a war out of the Abu side it's on the outs. So well anchored so. A little. And open up try to clean out that you know that her. Oh win. And everything that goes along with it just in and then we're. You know what was causing that. All right well should there be a collection. You several ports up for thank you went like so much. That you. Right if you have questions what we went through. Quite a few cultural quick that numbers fob 0426018. Setting a it's a good time to get on line. And as to acquire slot here on the show. It's 260170. Kissimmee Tex at 8787. When tickle look at a few of the steps FTSE. Home best would support front porch columns that are making my home group which foreign aid. The columns are directly. Placed above the year being. But sit in between the two a six framework of the ports itself. OK so when. You have a structural column in supporting the weight above it it it is best to take a common go directly to the seal. Like you'd be cutting. Through your own group and go directly to the seal. Or have solid blocking. Between the top that you're seal. You appear as above you pier beam to the underside of your home group it's going to be solid blocking. Because if not then there's no with its own group wards of the support the weight of the structure of boat in the cave like you're describing. So he either extend your column in Q1 long enough to go directly to the seal to be on the side of the reports of that supporting. War you put solid blocking between the two home group and the silk. So either way it's gotta be supported so what you currently have is is does not work. Because you have some challenges. Our listen we didn't go to HC BS news break whom come back. Hubble could do more to questions Robert RC and hold Robert Yuba net trust the us back to the home improvement showed him the question now is a great time to call in and rescue course and live here in the show that number is 26 or 187. Let's go to phone lines and speak with Robert hey Robert good morning thanks hold on on. I haven't detached garage so my outs that was me and treated it and extra. Playgirl. Fine how orbited. Four years ago 10 plot slotted. I. Will hold. All of my sheet rock was tore out and I was old white black board. I'm not here to be shaken Al. I can't board feet Al the entire. World. I would like. Sported a hole. In the wall in the we're at and polished old. And the that might push the were out in terms objection. Cut so. The only way you'll be able to do spray foam Robert. Is to. Do the entire height of that wall. He he can't just to the bottom part in and let me tell you the reason why. Eat if you just insulate the bottom part and not the report. Yeah actually you changing how that wreck drains in sweeps its water because water goes to the park with a more. And if you have water coming at the upper part of the wall. Indicates in the weeks they award to keep the lower part the bottle four feet that you exposed. When you root the Chirac in the in the old Acela to export. It's gonna vote go into your house is due in towards the ball towards play room. So you gotta keep an almost same place of all of which you can really achieve this is to do the entire height to that wall. From the top of the brick atop the wall always mail. To the to the base plates and we. The you can use a spray foam. We used to two years ago in this happens all happened a lot shortly after. Katrina and Rita is we used despray at least two riches. But the two pound density spree your thing home to the backs out of the brick veneer from the top of the wall all the way dale. And that would keep you your you waterproof barrier. It would skew view your war. Water vapor barrier it would keep you your air carrier and also we keep you enough thermal insulation. To keep the heat out during the summer. The problem with that is it. A while that Brooklyn new year to stay wet all the time because it's so much Rory so on the outside face the break you look at this like agreeing. Order report on was tight. Growth malls. So didn't have this empathy do you have a nail they actually have a remembering fabric that you can actually put on the inside of the brick veneer. That allows the water to come through the brick and mortar and we always dam that we out of the bottom of the week polls. And still use your spray your thing home when he inside again to keep your air carrier if thermal barrier you Waterbury to everything you need. It is not remove the Breck now. I'm saying this in general terms. If you're brick veneer does have wall ties between the two courses a brick connecting to the studs. That I can certainly see where you Brooke will be at risk of moving. But the vast vast majority of Brooklyn here as those Walt tries to do you know a few of those and I. Look at. So. You know farming the right company to install it no matter are just described. And also to protect your structure so it doesn't move. Is obviously critical to how the overall project is gonna work. Well I was planted on cart uses great so bill from or all. The tree or dispute or. Do the whole world. Is which via street well. My concern. Out so that they are huge Rachel might. Pushed my were Al am. Prop. Obvious there. United if you do with the close of foam you do it in in the short in it but don't short lift some of them even those thin lips of an inch or less. At one time in the U but it try to come back into another one should not be a problem. 000. What you were. Correct. Not on the Britain's got vehicles cellphone on the Brett you can use an open itself home for the roof line but a worthy behind the brick veneer it's gotta be close so. I. Am you order. It. Yes yes are you can contact in the gene comfort solutions Dobie have a combined if you quit. Can you bet thank you Robert good luck the project. They keep calling. OK so. He did that this this is actually a system we talked about. Months and months ago we had a lot the flooding in the Baton Rouge and in distancing Tammy T and Owen lives to parish all of that area which received some flooding and lots of houses at the brick in the air. And were you had to. Remove the Baghdad's border or the black sites that were behind and lost they're trying to explain their air carrier. And you problematic so this system we came up with a that. Functions well. This is it again that we started this and after Katrina we we've modified it over the years as new products became available. In it in it functions well. There was a lot of demonstration houses and testing that was done. About college mom a month bill Robinson and also dot Claudette radical from notes you accent are that. Still a lot of work and testing in the work in these things out in so you know if that worked out the kinks in this matter of two's exit union in and do it humbly. Timely manner and also you need that we don't have any more problems you don't have the structural problems in used to achieving. That air barrier. As well as the water vapor barrier. And that's our topic. Right let me take a look at a few texts. That would give back to some calls. Says pick Paul all white an idol looking at our first home within the next few months. Do you have recommendations for died on what she structurally most of book war one house hunting. While that's that's a big question. Because there's so much to look for when you're looking at purchasing a home whether it's existing house were so new home. I think the first thing I would do is I would definitely you know if you do what sit down and develop a wish list of what you would feature you're looking for. You know which style do you look for is it to a slap houses have raised so. It's a raised on high highs and off the ground. Oh you know you would do some research what's the flooding in that are it was the flood zones so go look at the FEMA flood maps NC with the flooding is for that area. Conceived your risk of floodwaters. Certainly. From a from structural standpoint. If you have any concerns about slabs ours foundations that have. It differential settlement or sinking. And that's certainly something you want to investigate. The ping an needs a house deals with a diploma there at the look at the plumbing. Both on the source side as well as the the water supply side you know as the low cal announced by towards a couple pipe. Wars and you're pecs piping. Certainly with electrician as an emblem wire to music Koppel war a combination of both of these are all things he said it would be looking for. In order to starts ago. Degree or older homes in these are risk you're willing to take or are not. And and then of course there's always the Education Department you know in reference to war heating and talk work at at condition equipment and lighting. So there's certainly a lot to. Go to aid another tax as hop com home is nineteen years old. Computing roof replace. May go with analyst manufactured from materials. Ohio. Will serve spray foam insulation was placed manic about six years ago questions were to what's your opinion of I was singles. There's anything we should know about having existing spray foaming getting a new roof. And there are questions will spray foam effect he Ruth warranty. Our solemn start entering some some of those. It's so those questions. The if your roof decking is not run if there's no respect your knees replaced and it really should be an issue with the spray foam being beneath it. If they're removing existing shingles on the layman and putting their own new roof on the women in new roof shingles and lasting. And then you don't have to replace it decking that a should be any issues with your foam insulation. However if you have some roof decking their knees replaced because it had. New decayed over the years because of grow old Ruth league maybe you do know about or slow ruefully. Then went whatever foam insulation you removed. Above removing replacement decking you have to get your foam insulation comes to come back and and repair that. Ruth wore to relating to spray foam. They or some manufacturers out there at that. Say hey your warranty you shingle is void if you spray foam. In their other manufacturers are seen as saying no it's it's it's not an issue you can you have spree for so. You may release research and you mention atlas shingles but Allah says that that more the issue or not. Are among the opinion that warranty for roof shingles. Or are really not. Very valuable that that's a personal opinion in the paint of one house building homes whose team reaching a war he is from terrorism only stuff for labor. It's a pro rated warranty. And their there's a lot of criteria to that the weather more to be honored and ought. Not that have never had a rich and wore T Carter have. A point. There are their. Tom's of people are expecting. While a war to get hold a roof and labor metros including cute you know note that that's not the case so Estrada met that your expectations there. Our listen we could go to commercial brick welcome back will start entering. Some questions. Actually after this Errol you'll be up next so and where folks are right back of this on back let's go straight Fo want to speak with Errol Errol good morning welcome to the show. Yeah that one as the quick question around the room with fishermen. Outward more resolve one league this season opens. So cannot use the full board. Above the raptors have a permit rueful that. I was born just put some wonderful board. Only rafters and then put my metal roof well would that work. The debt that will work mr. Harrell however I need to caution use that you want those foam boards to be airtight. So I think the best way to do this. Instead of dorm one big stick foam board. I would. And stare at the seems that would help you keep a more airtight. And then the opera layered you stupid tape all the scenes. And and the other part of this Tuesday it. The edges at at the bottom of the but the rafter at the raft the tail and also at the peak at the ridge you wanna you wanna build like little. Boxes and closures and each one of those rafter bases well he you know your goal here's to make a continuous. Uninterrupted. Air barrier. As wells a thermal barrier if you do would foam board at UT you gotta Billiton. You know make an airtight. What would be metal and have condensation on anything. And then within state where under their elected don't Obama patio or will that. When they do. Depends on the thickness of you foam board if if you have enough insulation into being though it doesn't but if it's if you know if you are using only two which is a foam when you should be using. You know fog successes in the exit yes. That the the insulation ported them of that in that is the equation is prevented from reaching before on the bottom side. To sort through up with the foam boards adopt a graft has been in the middle up with the foam board between Grafton. One on top of the rafters. And when I Mayo went out through the metal down this screw it noted these visits. It would mash down on the phone or invited prosecuted down to size. Or probably the better thing to do is is to actually put either another layer of achieving or some some too before runners on them which of fault didn't put a TARP which are metal. Here today. And that would give the battle group and up both ventilation where it could there could generate through this stuff that's correct yes and yeah. Well good OK well thank you appreciate it. You said you bet thank you missed our pentagon papers that you call on our list of Politico took commercial break welcome back talked the more you called hang on don't hang up come right back up this. Welcome back to the home improvement show limit you to a few of these text cause we sure Tom looking to focus on now with top the hour. But if your whole comic urge you continue to hold on look at two years right after the news. Our first veteran else's could be recommended to a concrete slab foundation leveling. And what's the cost for 15100 square foot home. I think you could cost is as a lot of parables in the comes to leveling slept on nation's. But actually in this in this break you you heard the avatars for BCG's services and was a lot this company's new route could work so it's BCG services. Their phone numbers is not a five. 85160. On 48 Bob won 6940 non. Erica 95. You can actually called remote and commode you piece of me so much house. Next text says. Why did do what I do some shady companies do you condenser only bracelets. When the system is our 22 it doesn't solve the problem. He. Keep in mind though their customers are still asking for the systems that don't charge between two with torque much. So accustomed used to so I can't lay all Lebanese you guys. That the markets demanding it that's why there's still dormant so that that's that's part of it up preferences go to portend a system be dealt with tidbit. Some folks it's do wanna hang out with the old technology fuel for our folks will be right back after his brief break stay tuned.