Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul helps callers figure out how to deal with sweaty carports, properly sizing a new HVAC system, and a leaky sewer system after a kitchen remodel.

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My format is maybe it will be different you've heard in the past I'm not here selling you anything. I'm just here providing you information. That you can make informed decision a better choice. For how you proceed and you can use muses sounding board saying hey I'm thinking about you know maybe doing this project myself I have the time. I have the skill set would you think some of the causes are worried and it struck first by all means give us a call at odds are for. 260 point 78 or maybe it's. Hey Heidi harp professional and you know I don't. Wonder do this myself. Or you know I've been if you 23 different professionals on getting to three different answers Paul what do you think about this. Follow me so this will be due to a nailed 12 o'clock advice is free. It's all based or in the building science of what happens in the gulf south climate about you know our rainfall tomorrow. Probably runner conditions date on the night time. Are more sure problems. Are typical housing stock where there's so very very old home or it's a new home. Your home you'll be year old at least to be experiencing some of these copper problems. So by all means take advantage of it I'm gonna Kurt you call an early the way to the end. You know that the show into 12 o'clock tonight stupid people calling it love 45 and we speak to everyone. So I'm in a plea please call an early. Don't hold a eunuch miss anything while you're on hold. Argument here at the show life it's first come first serve so there early to call the sooner you see your question. Again that number is 26 or 1870. Reconsider its exit 877. A look at some of these text as well. Presuming Tom allows fortunately there's. Sar was broken go to commercial break. When I come after this break host of issues or questions mails a good time on the call in folks to 601870. We'll be right back at home from show activists welcome back to the home prudent so let's go straight to phone lines to speak with Patrick and Patrick you can is off today good morning how are you. Yeah. Supplies would it did not have them cabinets installed. And the kitchen and turn out that ahead on of their heads oh water leak but it wasn't internally was externally. Walked out that would turn the kitchens faucet on. You see water would begin to come out of there but the foundation in the bottom brick. You know policies how what can I do this forcefully and without compromise in the cabinet in the count up towards self. Yes and it almost sounds like a possible could be featuring only because it's not leaking all the time it does this helical watched public almost sounds like it's in the sewer system so that as the waters filling. The base in this condoms Stewart's leaking and showing itself up but the bottom of the brick on the outside. That that you hope that you built to do it in your to have you get one or two choices Patrick you do you go from the outside through the brick when you go from the inside through the cabin wall. Okay beat any recommendations of a dispute put new cabinets and I hate that. You know post thought make the cut. We'll something you consume we can do you get a a plumber there at that has a camera they can insert the camera into this assessment identify exactly where the the breaches. So they can help you. Better choose which way to go to keep the Kinect system. Okay yet directly. Conditions of the a vocal on the company's reach out to. Yeah where you calling from our better. Okay of bush will plummet there was an excellent put us opens already OK appreciate it thank you so you bet you look at that. All right good call hopefully it's a result regardless Qatar next caller and speak with Carolina in Carolina good morning good morning carrier. I am wonderful have a chip. OK. Now I actually. Yeah I all of these problems that element about started because I had squirrels are in the attic. And the first thing they did trying to catch these squirrels mostly true. I Lugar also like gable there. So I need someone to come and take it a little bit out and put in a new. That the traditional you know anybody who does. I do do what some but the rest your projects in May be acting governor Arnold someone together. Okay the rest of the project is that we cannot say this is taking place in the garage garage and we cannot access the attic in the garage. Because of the duct work. Well there could be yours shall I have an election you know in the addict to set track. So I'll need somebody. Give me access to through the garage Cheney is doing. You know we get to choose set traps on the that's illegal or. So this Carolina aren't suggest you go to Paul's house dot com a website we put together that's there for you to listener. To see who I'll recommend you do certain projects in this particular project should talk about. In a may be few other things which you you actually get theirs on assessing needs to be done after you get trapped in May be some repairs. UG EU would wanna go to Paul cells dot com I was slick to region. He said root race some say South Shore. And that type of service would be. Contractors and and you'll notice that the that won the very top is from here southern builders. It's strongly Bulent premier site patrol. Premier center. Saw it and builders. Builders the gentleman's name is Charlie Buick and usually. Give Charlie call and know we'll have to combine took a look and consumer needs be done to the appearance. But it what what more like July in college DN a aggregate number of your web site or use him. But. Jeter in ninety tract or. No none of the top mind I don't. Lawn. You know. You know I don't sorry portion debt but. Beat the caliber would be like past tomorrow like tight control and know the folks at offer that service. I think certainly I would that the two sources up would go to BTU. The Better Business Bureau suit their commanders but it was maybe even the local home close association. CPU remember the HP make it that offers the services and the folks that do it stoke crosses are often. Okay you know why are no more no score. OK so taking great some some Havoc in and something else to ms. Carol Owens was why you have Charlie there have them also look at. You and your left school Wawrinka sometimes achieved through electrical warring him look at the insulation your ceiling. The sometimes look at their golden nest in and urinate and dedicate any and all installations can be removed. Have a look everything pretty carefully. Well that's that's why we can't get out there but the rehab or you know you don't have access Orton at the moment you know and matches them let. Problem focused them so you can do both action and the way I mean them. And he you know also assessed the the rest of your attic for any additional damage may produce well yeah he's a general contractor he's licensed insurer great guy you'll level. Thank you. Tend to look their project. I hear about thank you write let's goodness caller and speak with Albert Albert good morning welcome to the show. And. I'll be included my connection with a couple of months ago they have a question about stand by direct. User. Think in terms of reliability. And the ability of the stand by accurate and blown monopoly that long intervals between oil changes when he can shut down for a could not very income before they to re enter and what can interact conference call will be the future of any more than four better option premiums. Let's I'll love. Along the general wrecked a lot of the the caterpillar. Rome you you know when when you're looking at a generate over problem that thing. Other thing installation because those on installation through crucial but other about that the other features. That I would want this to him by whole house generator is someone pay a little extra money to make sure that. It's a war record unit and on air quote Munich as the heat of these units really terra the the motors over the long duration and Tom and also really horrible. But a few of the water cooled unit. Then that is less likely to occur. Also you would chip on service ability hope you know what does it take to you know change the filter change schools. And then regular maintenance of change in the filter rules or use and it is is crucial. And it followed the other feature I would like in and all the big what's happened now. Is that indeed it starts up once a week in the ruins a diagnostic tests through. But the feature a ripple like it's been available prof about the year after two years they'll. Is it every time it starts up it runs through its diagnostics. You will send you any email summary of the results. In anything's getting weaker or is out of tolerance. He notifies you pay you got something to write it happened need to get this resolved. In Europe the person who installs it generated for you can also receive it seemed menial so they can stay on top of it as well also. If they see something's can really go bad they can fix it before hopefully fix it before it actually occurs. So those features I would get reference and then finally saw Ozzie. When when you're sizing and generated you're actually are over sizing the generators in what what I mean that that. Use if you do calculation you termed OK I need a twelve VW unit. You don't want available to you really shouldn't be able to. Yet only twelve K unit because your bacon unit run at full capacity all the time you really get something about thirty to 35% larger in size. Then what you actually need because you don't wanna run that machine at full capacity. As factors also. They're there are some engines out there they have the ability to go on at lower or premiums. To drive the generator at the chance us out of it. And and that keeps you better engine durability and longevity as well so those are all things out and consider when when Barnicle last year. It. We'll tell you about from your experience been what you do research. You aren't going complaint against all the current would generate seem to be the most divisive but yet on who want to look at a likely general reckon I coming that. You've had no real problems did you radical. Now at an end and again you you're. You don't make sure your your searching and and reading the reviews and installed on machines from the commercial division saw and they assert a little were residential and you can do yourself. And get it is backed installation it's the sizing. Team you know that the manufacturers there. They're similar in reference to their standards. They're they do have some uniqueness to them but what you get to the commercial line. That there are all pretty good machines. OK so a lot of point 83038. Mister right on with Gary. Wouldn't work while. You assert depending on the size or housing needs well yeah. Similar to the burger. OK you bet. The call and and listen you do your question is timely because you know where to go hurricane season so those type things. Certainly order before from a month as well. Good questions and he if you have a question as it's on the call and the numbers 2601870. Who got a couple spots available for you but let's continue and no one in let's speak with Mary first American morning. I'm on. I'm wonderful public itself. Right I'm doing and 0%. At eight ball flat out. By. Concrete that is not what actual lay that out on. Or. Every day and utility Iran is again under the report on that. Concrete plant. Well a lot. Do you have any idea caught and he is it sweating this coming year or is it really bad in the spring and fall. I'm sorry merit and you cancer. So they. Let me explain the dynamics of us you get a better and standing apart pattern to it in and it's very common for. These type of slab on grade. To sweat patios porches call ports garages things like that. So would order for. The conversation or or the view or this wedding do you seats it occur. You'd be in the fall your slant is connected to the Grail salutes hole in temperature. But. As the is most times here and we don't solve we have enough moisture in the air. And when it gets when it gets hot it gets warmer moist in the that warm and moist surface on the top and that's lab this whole condenses. It reaches two point sweats he gets wet. So there's not a lot you can do thought that it's not like you can insulated from it from happening. You can lose some air cross that suit you would put like a ceiling fan or boxed me in on rosling Fey and it'll help drive drive faster. That's really the only thing you can do most people still listen up. I think it's the water come from the ground. And almost seal it with an epoxy sealant boat that that's not the case you know it's not that it could be terrific for moisture in the ground if you get more drainage. But most times the temperature of the slept with relation to the moisture in the air. And the temperature here. That allows it to him Datsyuk gets wrecked. And that's why it's worsened the fault. In the summertime it's not normal problem because the temperature derailed the attempts in the air or close to each other but it is in the spring ball. Because you have a greater difference of ground temperature and springs falls who do you want Summers and you'll see. A lot in the fall where it's wet. So there's not too much could you through prevent them from app links and moving air cross it. And as trivial Patricia so their hope that helps you connect from the dots of why it's happening in which you do to prevent it. Our folks with some really good to see Christie's Britain a comeback cool it to more your questions Russell Europe next don't hang up hang on Russell. Kokomo right taxi activists welcome back to the home produced no over the brick house tree and a couple of the tax. And that consumes Caroline called such as squirrels attic and I didn't have to buy the recommended reference to trap and the squirrels and ms. Carolyn who commute listening but it they said Charles Parker Wallace might tech Central Park wildlife. Can help with trappings gross huddle coach holes but. And this passing on the nation from the text so hopefully you can do you due diligence and Seagram's Parker. A dozen and how he operates his business and maybe Colson has clients in its referrals and that would help you. Capture polls squirrels at the top spot being right let's go back to the phone calls and speak with grossly Russell good morning welcome to show. Thank you can more. Than. What I have a question regard image being a system. So I'm living in a newly constructed. How well he won 5100 square he. I have one does they can VO RB. What's systems. With the air and the work each floor. What I have notices that it takes considerable. Considerable amount time. Four to reach its set temperature. Particularly at night when you know trying to go to in comparable temperature. And a mortar and that's whether that. Open to be expected or is just. You know inefficiency on union. Okay so look let me let me get better on standing problems what with temperatures do you have adorn the day. And what temperatures do you wanna see the edit night hump and give me arranged Sega has long Tom that you satisfied that. Well we dropping three degree Russert ten degrees what would drop and. So. It schedule 78 degrees during the day. I have grad who lead the increase in temperature beat you closer to you know nighttime temperature which is seven to now be that serve low. But I'm noticing win. The thermometer. Coordinate the units set itself to 72 in May you may see it at that temperature about one or two in the more. Oca in these ducked it are topless systems. They are doctor okay. And what we're code there is. Fresh air intake system which stays open while the blowers running and I felt that that was some. Some probable. Cause that's inefficiency because it's sucking in ninety degree. Humid air from the outside constantly. Into the unit into the blow our and I thought that that may be contributing to give an opinion on what. It's it's certainly contributing to it and the coach doesn't say you have to have that open 24/7 the coats as a you have to provide a certain amount of outside there throughout the day based on a number different parables in your house. To Cuba to Cuba volume the air tightness of the building envelope that note occupants that there's an equation that you have to go through. And it's an ashtray 62 point two equation. Now let me say that. You know if you're taken in air in the entire town the system's running you probably. You're definitely bringing in too much air presents focusing right okay. That the other part of this too is I would also wanna look at your air distribution. The system you don't system to make sure that it's it's Oz properly. You would have won a measure static pressure she would measure air 40. You were measured velocity on a twenty in the supply registers and and also at the return. I just got on stating what's happened with the performance of the air dynamics. Because air flow your air condition all revolves around here for. Both of returning supply side so you if you like given the proper air flowed and there's no way machine could perform the way it's intended. Into the put this equation sizing. And that's what's great about the terrible for drug flow with the with the I can systems or just with terrible crucial period is that has the ability to vacillate. And modulate between capacities. Depending on the indoors in the outdoor conditions and and with a set points on thermostat. So it's sizing normally is not as. Big of a deal but if you have a prop with saws machine coupled with the pork. Dock system in your crippling them machine's ability to move temperature and remove heat from the air. So I can see where she would took a long time it's almost like having. A brand new car. But instead of the brand new transmission ego or transmission connected to a because you're trying to save some dollars you get from our engine. That is designed to you know go from 060 and and file second speed transmission won't get to there but it's the same thing deductions that you may have done the best engine. With the you know sort out toward it dike and equipment. But if you have a report transmission report dock system connected to it you can't function very well so those are things how I would investigate. And so sizing of the equipment. The the distribution the static pressures. And then how would also won a look at Europe controllers. Meaning you thermostats to see if they are in the right location to see if they're accurate reference to sensing temperatures and and Russell Q program but I agree go from you know 78 to 72. It's not that big of a deal over a period of time and it shouldn't take until one to clock more in the kitchen there. Brian Brian. And so. It's sup with with the contractors who you know the HPA system contractor put it in. And you know their responses that you know you want your system run a more patient or that way. And you know I think that's a ridiculous answers so I guess I was in my that the fine. Someone else because. Is that. You know party. You're in your opinion called back and say in the U real comeback. And take a look at that. So I think what you need to do is. You need to give them some better data say. Yeah understand your your contention that the wrong prankster Khatami is. Better for the equipment durability it's better for efficiency in general I don't disagree with their statement. The other part of the other part of the answer though is. Yet but it shouldn't take six hours to keep cheat temperature. You know that that that's shortfalls so if you give them the data saying hey guys. Here here's the temperature at this time and here's the relative newbie setting. And this is the set point of arms that. In the book how long it takes to satisfy the seventy degrees. If they understand the whole picture and they see you know in a graphical format or maybe excel spreadsheet. And they may realize oh gosh we we do have a problem let's go back and do some digging in if they don't do that after you provide them that whole story. And then you probably need to you consult with some whales. Yeah. Well thank all purchased. Hey I love you system that I can system's great. The pair were physical I have one in my office. One is one cassette is doc listen you know once dubbed it. And then when improperly installed improperly sized. Those are the debate these releases. Yes it blog editor that that it all. That much either. Yeah and they are extremely quiet and they're very efficient it's all cool stuff. Derek are here mediocre like him that doesn't work out common stock hoping capital report should do what's right direction our actual example car. Our folks if you have a question Al's a good time to call in we got a spot available for you that number is 5042601. A seventy. Some recent estimates have dates have him to back up this commercial. Or start inching some new trucks with the be right back access welcome back to the home from show. At the top of the hour the Europeans who were talking to Patrick and Patrick was asking about a week. In his cell like the leak was actually in the soup portion it is remote that is kitchen with new cabinets and tops and you wanna go through that in expert on the outside. And it suggests the cameras at home people lose. Its that you can actually put into the training you can expect it to yourself Patrick so mature if you wanna. Maybe they'll rent the camera much of the rented or treated with the cost. Point would be if you went by it. We're still hard licensed plumber you can do probably Padilla or some additional options for dude yourself. How was aware of that the camera went in France in the cameras to actually go into walls and in different. Cavities like that up and he knew it was actually. It will put in side war inside you train so hopefully that that Nokia are meant to you with a few more text. This and says hey Paul we re doing the floors the bathroom port eight feet up in your war. Lots humidity my question is presently vicious plot would I want to use real wood on the group boards and pain with the white enamel paint. House bested the insulation and moisture buyer thinks that go right so here's the thing if you could put. On the very top the paint over the tongue group boards and enamel paint you need to be concerned about the water vapor coming in. And being stopped but that that white enamel paint. It's almost like collier things finished if you hear me talk about here in the show often. Is that when you raised how's that water vapor wants to go from that what climate which is outside. Inside the cooler drier climate which is in such as Iraq for Americans and systems. The water vapor migrates through the woods did threw his support through who would indicates that Paula you're playing finish it he can. Go any further because axes they water vapor barrier. The same thing may happen with your white enamel paint. In and what happens that would become saturated and cops is resolved. So what needs to happen is on the underside at that on the very bottom floor you need it that's the location you wanna if you water vapor barrier. Your air carrier and also you thermal barrier and and they all want him in the while Lincoln jokes on each other. And and and and touching so you have a couple choices you can do that with. The a poly ice foam board and all of the bottom of the floor joist in airtight manner. Which can do that with a two inch thick. Close cellphone at least a two pound density close a spray foam expert Ian some of these support you can make that happen as well. So some additional details on how to accomplish that in a little bit of a better explanation than doing science you can actually go to our web site. Paul's house dot com to get the pulse house dot com the very top of the pattern and slept on the blog in the day and you can search column insulating. He raced home and you'll see that there's a study there. That we posted months and months ago I was shoot X in one house specifically the talks about the science and talks would options you have to prop we insulate that. To prevent water vapor coming up and causing. Some additional damage. Right now the text next text says I have a twenty year old hole which has. How what some have to move Tony troll from it. In the process we found a small leak which is being repaired the problem is it's on the next year forward and I have almost audit which can't be matched. The damage is a vote for sq how can be repaired. Home. Group in the Sonny's yes pretty well the nice thing about publicizing his. You can take it off and put it back on without damaging the sighting actually comes and snapped. At the interlocking seem. And then at that nailing rail it to the staples snails you can easily pull those out. Gain access to the damage ply with. You can remove and replace it can put your files on him that corn and no one's gonna know the two off and put it that quality tea it's you know if you're. What a better understand how to worksheet next door and YouTube and search for removing and replacing them citing. You have to match you can re use your old files are outing and weeks took it to plywood prepared. And indeed out of the gonna stop the Woodley two so. Hopefully that he'd use them. Room. Some dismiss it. Our list of recruits commercial brick welcome back ray Europe next. Buehrle your whole guys don't go to work hang on hang out with that you could hear the show a lot more on hold. And come back to use his look and we'll be right back to the home for the show here in the pickets at me at this brief break. Welcome back let's go to phones as speaker ray ray hopefully each question him before the top the hour good morning. Auditors that are compared them to get. I have a problem what mom pals on the map back in the attic right now and add condition are you grip and honored at an isolated in the medal. Awkward it's been there before Katrina. Attic they. Is limited to may be cool so what could not be in. All of those and content you. Wouldn't go Arnold and I am definitely should they go to metals. On top of what you'll Pam grew. So I cannot seat. And that the cartoon story thought could not see down through June you'd opt out. It you know from on the topic is currently in the air flow. So to me I'm feeling bad air flow was spent. Create and so. Of the number two or expedient transmitted. Through the artwork in Chile in creating more. And it's all gripped down. Into the ceiling insulation. Make it is feeling Compaq. Good to hear on. This so would absolutely. A great call cheating be cheating if this problem before she put on the middle Ruth. I'm not I don't actually know. Art this is my second com. Rahm and our great great year there drought and crop boarded it and and on. Another call was little room. It feel. So you're okay so that you you're you're working in the right direction but I think you'd your your we're short on global information. What's happening is you had an old. Reattaching go they changed to a settlement roof and you had a temperature got cooler. In the 'cause it's still ventilated and get cooler temperature because the metal panel being stalled and reflect in the heat. Those cold surfaces like that supply doctors reaching two point. Ray I want to hold focused all the talk about some ideas and we do make this better hold on was good news we'll come back due to be up foreign and we're trying to work through this problem are folks who brought back after this.