Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul talks to callers about the best HVAC to use in new construction, saving a 125 year old oak floor, and how to get rid of pidgeons. 

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More. Your partner and and so eager. I am actually not yet. And packages. Suburb near. They're called westward and weather rainy here today as well opening you're. Picture questions Europe and in home currently proper. Indoor air all the more external things we talk about every Saturday your credential in the NL in well walk so you have questions. Great on the call X those questions that number it is. There'll war shoot six or 187. And the attacks and I can't see your text today. The coal and the board some you know. Such as technology so again the numbers 260187. You've not been expecting them. You can't you call you a question means and don't re. You know corporate. And on FaceBook all FaceBook and you can put questioned there and look at them as quick prop was possibly. So. Let them is not going to be easy these show on economic urgent call or don't we Indians. You know all the folks annual marine ship when it went questions at a certain you know that's where I'll teach you to call in early. Is 6018. Ebony. And were good too early commercial break back at records for Intron some questions so who write them credential. Welcome PD group which is the it is. Cheap. Route almost like the dispenser. And be churches and get. Or we can get it doesn't matter it's all open for discussion comes solution could be what school project or maybe it's plumbing call pretty. Maybe you don't do it yourself you have questions about who should hire cheap form that were aware keep certain products. All of those things are open for discussion as well. That number EG six or 18 evidence over the matter between two other project he was shot up occupy. Let's go straight online and speak with Justin and Justin good morning welcome to show a child. All. Yeah. Yeah archer can. In the net ceases to Boston to beautiful sound you're bigger plates and I appreciate that are under way it is about. What would want to do so there are. Can. You talk. Well and it would just contrasting weather your person there and of course it's raining here is what it is old. You know the local folks here complain but unity like have immediately in the wall. In a to ignore Easter a Boston Massachusetts and it's a three footer though. So are you recliner the year unwilling. About it and that patient in. Well what's happening is that the that the boards are off the roof. Or it's the building. And Google way to come back everywhere partners. OK so furcal you'd be able to prevent. The aptly put them giving him an edit in which you don't do that then they're they're good coming. Easily. And Bender there's not a part Justin to call. Hot. And hot putter that cleared GO you can put in places where they ADP lighting virtual. And if people want their feet and make awful or don't like to wheat field. Still unbelievable comeback and they do that often realized. This is not a good place trust. The come and hang out anymore. So would you you've got to stop the access you gotta you gotta cut off because they can come judo and then home. Get up to just products similar but the same output. What is that it is so ago I've put away be it the climate will apply it to where they're going. It's got a chip on to protect now on to six. Hour epic close off access these these birds. So I'm going to be approved but before I applaud jail there as. That's exactly vote the connect. And those that were prominent. That Corretja. Which in turn would thank you Paul and outreach trip. You are back on right. Yet Louisville Rutgers and I'd gotten the come to every year. Tikrit up on an island on the one thing he can't talk about minority absolutely. William wonderful increasing income and sent. It there you present on. And call and speak with her in her bid more to show. They are not. We talked a couple of weeks ago by pulling putting I actually eats law. Under the old oasis in a crawl space. And you recommended. Eight to 8 on March I am at bat. You take it seemed immune reiterate what that word answer. Yes starbeat active so that hurt them they're acting. And paint a picture of the overall goal so that your daughter on the same page. Your goal was to operate a airtight enclosure was on board. The bombs out of what. Exactly. Is poor choice or a budding. Problem. Worked on board at the body would you want to air your that would parlay your thing that like so much clout to. Cynical to but it probably your product. For like a latex or or silicon. And this year you get on board the follow what those things are budding. You need to take that and typically the tape that I use that I really liked. Use a heart can't take or some people called Apollo appeal today. It is not just take take it to take little Lego or proper backing off that want to stay exploit it there. But here's here's a few cautions about. But make sure the board is pretty adopt it as should take in the scenes. NUM pictured at issue are applying it to you actually pressure point cushion against in the rod and it. You know where you know there are lap one achieve strokes and who want the next Latin you know wrote in 12 strokes mature property your. Car. Not yet set a Politburo rate that's correct it on him and mount. What do you say on where Stratton Warren. Is it is the full board the body such and would you be using probably your wing sealant that Ali are. Ott and not to secure the ports company. I mean by horse whisperer. Yeah but let me say that the the Clinton watcher probably need to be a pretty large diameter. Typically. Changed a quarter to two inches in diameter could edit that screw caught up you really want. Washer. To push up on the board and not allow this group BP to the east of the board. I have some erring. I conflict will and the washes and nick beat plastic could be dealt or whatever you want it in Charlotte or at least. It is at least according. I get about. Thank you sir there. So are we you do in this kind of year that project you'd work and Al. Unfortunately yeah. Okay so what type of Lauren you have on top. In sub out and forum not not been a while all literally oh. So here here's my mark caution is we want to make sure we're not trapping any. More Easter in toward and I'm glad you Edmund finished warm up so once you put. The full board installed and make it airtight that on board is only inflation an air guard also. What do they are very well. So anymore sure that in the what choice and also apply it would help ward. Only has one direction and it all in inward we're in Europe's. So before you put your ordeal. You take aboard commuter unit measure abortion content that foursome. In the church the people percent of the content or less. I'm sorry if it's a lot 151 fought it out. In the Sunni could be tripled percent abortion and that it's greater than had been used to and you get a far trial. Or simply because if you don't take this important measurement in the morning you put your brand new finished fourth on an abortion can only Kama. Inside your house could at some. So saturated wood flooring orbiting some cop will speak up about this or of action pack and yourself. A very. Cute. Yes sir you bet no thank you great question and you know and they take some aspirin to go along with the project to be back working up a lot error it was a good exercise. Yet and yet it is. It query and or by Richard. Thank you. Have a good day I would go on to our. Our next caller is saying on the U question up on the calling. Numbers 260187826. Or what is at least we not been any back. He'd attacked and some moderate animal movement. So phone calls only two until like seven let's welcomes seem to show a damn good morning and collared. Able particular show your counsel for. I appreciate it you know technology works sometimes. Are all the other question about our porch that projects on real explanation arson and around. It's about like what once search related like Paul Sartre. Again objective and true like a card kept out. Product could do make edits to get it anymore. Years. But anyway as flaws like that wrapping. I a couple of choices out there then. The support sector. Now the boards there. There's cops and awards it's not a level floor like you're finished and an interior. You know much and the horsemen that. You have your typical standard re traditional floor. The ship it off. I would. Yeah again you know everything that respect. The other it and I would suggest it is rent 40 boy Adam Russell. It's bureaus are Russell it's in the broadest and coarse sandpaper disk. Underneath that. It's like a great idea. On planet that know what you're deal it work on global boards. And the butcher paper there's does that staple. And Russell. Russell scrubbing disks probably abused by responding at times before. It's like well out on the beach about a sick and but it's Sunday. Argues that the boards they're anxious to the issue as a practical solution or are you got in on. You know we don't look at I think people would want to. Go go Tara and very quickly. And even if you get that and that's the function. Camp wait wait you'll be. Addressing the peaks of high part not the eligible or so you don't want to be formed in a caller. Obviously as well. Be flat like it would took on. Oh. Yeah but we debate want to do that brought it taking it decade. Small. Wild like four ought and wobbles and there. In using it though the ballot bowl ports which at least it's color or use in Spain. You know. You know. My life like pro life and so to speak after. Real low spots and also your your you've had some of that to be dual and some like like and and so display. After I used the machine socially think maybe. Just to drums and dirt and let the torture edges. You know what with the pets and girl or or about something like to let it be on my hands and knees anyway to make good with the from. And you know wow maybe Spanish fork Dubai. Yes sir and abuse I think you need to be cautious the fact that you wouldn't expect it to port so you may yet. You'll get it and heading right direction. About some of the an up and call it. Yet there's conflict in the that both broke the pretzel this at all that you'll have a little bit more. Somewhat like those titles like. Not to partially. Our ports don't you have a look at mortgage. Been in Fort Drum. You know but again. And it B board street firms more time. You know are bona route seriously think maybe go back to drum Sander at the British and yeah I agree our. Guys are like a much about anti Christian. Could uncles. At the request. Get a call that number should 6018726. Or 170. It's an art used to them. He kept the ball and it kept. Sealed. I am actually. A L I mean near Boston Massachusetts. I come to legal and it's every single bomber. That particular year. Learn how things work and see things we talk about your own B. The choke relating she. Copper. Migration. Condition is. Maintenance. Achieve their conditions who doesn't know what looks like. Probably should wars walls ceilings and an election all the things we talk about your show. I. We get a chance to talk in the anywhere from one at the folks at home. She is conference call the world so it's great she's the happening in different regions of the country but also call it. As if you notice we Epoch in your own choke that a lot of the catcher's back the best best majority interest we offer. Is currently achieve a hot in the off the person. Forty that he went to the battle and all. A calmer under currently a month a year in a book on how and blues and more street blues and how would react marchers are different. Our go well. You bring on the compared to him. Folks that are at work redundant fail which news situations where they ought to let the winter. And look at in the summer or not. More hot wars and you know it could be grateful that you see here or else. It is interesting to war all these regions in the open should careers they get chance to talk you strokes. Able to disseminate their nation back to you and you the listeners. Are. Very very Opel. A country. So. Again when you can and number 26 or 18 certainly. Lead to improvement. Or Q&A high bills but what about Ito to build our recognition keeping up pretty well or at war with others. Certainly those things are pretty common here this year. Fortunately. In May be what we're. In a really want she takes a pork the steps. Talk herbs to treatment that we can achieve that. Occurring on future. Apple. Is going to be a public she'd repair project that maybe on a lot more talk entry. Jeannie. You know always. A pretty short sessions a week. So again the numbers 2601. So. If you can't. To get a chance to call you can always send him message this looks like. All of the where it is Google apps like all our. Click on the Kaka will be right back seat your welcome back CD home improvement show. It was a great time to call your question numbers 262187. And get a chance to be huge question quick. We actually have one person also when we go to him now speak. Quit Marky mark and mark. Good morning. Market argued there. May have been here coming. Out and warm. Okay. My my my question. I have an added that it would not year oh. It is made it look like. And bill is made out of law would. Well right now I'm problems where it came like a war. Get bottom minister. In a sort of buckle apple. Can you tell me I am confident. Deal with that. Okay actually let my room happening. And then double talk about. Some solutions. OK so don't read and be wars are copping out. As you describe them buckling is because. Be more should a company. Is migrating up through the full assembly into the hole OK and because we operate our technicians walked. A juror in collier houses polar. And also drier. Conditions. In that moisture in and Angie could always move from a wall. Or on. What seek cooler dark and has come here because you are you calling card. In the Wichita. Some apartment like we did this past winter. That any direction flows ops because you're you're warmer. Inside you or. And you know would be but this year without any wrote. The summary Europe recognition and forces on Monday to force currently. Income before coming up and what happens is. The finish on top of the oak blowing. Is acting as a water vapor barrier and are more Easter what they can't root. Though wood on the bought. It to student that the years and finished that on the appeal warning indicate and so as a result. You're finished ordering becomes saturated and co opted by. So that. That's what's happening. Now what part about some some possible solutions. And I got a caution you first before an act. Any solutions. You got to dry out for money so. You didn't have to wait until. We get some natural drawing. And neutralize some hopefully in. You know December January February annually with Letterman and will slot to draw. Or not wait for actor Kirk and Jules drive mechanically. How likely is that you. A plaque to ground cover the current apparently you close in the outer perimeter temporarily. Regardless of your house. And could be arson and movers and crawl space. County line that would floor. Trying not to be an option IQ really wanted to draw slow. To make these squash and it. Indeed with a 46 weeks with a draw the ours in and chambers. So what does draw in. Which draw it percent content or left. Distraught we've not anymore. Issues with which was topic. So you would have Mort meter measures to some circus also. Picked the support Joyce in that as the support. Is it you have a support which you may not on a proposal. In the what is it that you finished fourth. And column. You war which is tried what part would salute you have to prevent this happy again in the future. So you have an option. Using all board. On the underside of the joint making eight or assembly that is a airtight what they are tight and terrible properties. Or you can use two inches of eighty. Close sell the two at least eight to completely close so well. Great to be on the the war so you know if you want. More you can do a lot. Charlie all pals that column. And at the very top of the better he does a blog but you can sort of law. A blog postings on how to insulate Ortiz. Crawl space insulated or like this because opposed an article there in months ago actually about study biology at. They should all be chosen out of caucus that insulation you fall wardrobe clothes Ellsbury Ol to protect the other or. That's what. And there are a member. For more lethal. Nail and don't do it now wait until calm it gets cool. And in what you aren't dying old actor and it probably be. Needed Colby Bryant could be anywhere at work. That would arms goes one on April it here and make it the year is to speak. About again next summer. Altered our point and I'll have an armed because. I've Cyprus would is that the average. You know Andy. During. No sir it it happens we'll probably. Okay good out Larry Brown about two feet. On pot and know. You know that's cool. If your your great she would could or would. A lot more. Today or. Flow at your BJ. That make sure okay thank you mark mark demand popular. Our books we go to commercial break come back Mike. Emotions range Europe next. All and on right back at age question. Welcome to the whole show was critical speak Mike and Mike good morning. The mourners are needed today. I am not. That I. Originally had some problems with. Keep your mind out ruled minor runner. You know our thought is on the new. Arc mountain announcement announcement initially found out that some mock courtroom oyster art call there's actually no exploration all of and does not need more. So I wanna do with two Eric table their parents want their players around the corner bar. Mark where. I wanna get a Armas. When the old analogue once announced and cute directly. Asians. 41 that mark the more efficient and then another. So Mike are you looking forward to be communicating right or stat sheet and at Wi-Fi and they are more our. From now. Would height of it and you'd have a eat our again our net with what yet it at all. You can use them. I'm works really really well. Common. Of you know getting local could be in stock. It installed very easily someone who is. You certainly tap into that old white. Should computer or sport like that whatever it should have been doing. Brokered these stricter. On the market call on Wednesday. Sort of Richard. Current. On yours too about the you'd be Mercury. The most are the others server. Knows that you know what happened specifically red botnets. You don't see a lot of arms that Mercury in more so much work much. Our appreciate you now. You bet they'll go look it don't you two have been pleased that the that the well opera. Well for years you know I had these two programs that were staying in Spain not hot summer cold winner and art call I'll. Overall war war Robert Kirk mr. people about all amounts have been shopping month slump along with the dock worker. Of course I you know and they it is difficult to get back there are in and and and you know none of them could really do anything and get mean suggestions as to what to do so pollen or Margaret. When output to be able able. And Eleanor smoke amount to meet its own right and read it in Italy. There pom there twelve members of and so now mine that he instead of water and you know half the day. You know it is cute songs rarely now that they stay on. Though it is early. I think epic Mike Menem but he got a well. Our boat slip and wouldn't go to a commercial break and come back you up Europe next you'll install on the where a packet that hang on don't go. I expected on the project. Who goes along and beat the jet jet good morning shall hold on. Parent or support in my beer. One beer. A little I don't want our wall. Light switch it out. Our ripped through walls are up double. These are. You check your your purpose LB had a trip for occur or the lone hold on. Thirty murder break archer the brick there are all pretty liberal. Normally hamburger patrol article appeared report card. Home it would work your record breaker. That show more. How that would allow their little bit. Look at. So I don't. Well what would that possibly could did you so Mike ought. And it's not a comedy more one bedroom. The only share one order. But if you say that the breaker that normally would power and our world and only capital that has all but not. It was not the record was put to the possibility. I'm your outlets or be change I mean but that the war Euro let's go. When a bullet to the next to the next and act as we go for that there on the law. The latter which received a call from the previous earlier earlier that can change all. They change so. I'm wondering viewed eighty. Actually where mice. You do. Water. And or though. Really. Disrupt a bench and you know flow lecture from one back. And actually seeing we're a multiple combat. Or use smelling any high. Electrical bird smell anywhere. You'll know. So at that point I think we do need to determine our which the debt by widow Apollo which ones don't. And then trying to determine what direction war blows and the change in bed where it can change that last one that has all. What has pollen in the first in the does not at all. There's could be huge disconnect somewhere somehow. Inspect that wore our pinnacle will dementia parties. At local like attrition. The could be useful but that for. About. A book the breaker. Which we grew up in that case is next I'll be looking at the devices. It switches or outweigh. Where's the break network lost connection where is the damage war. Oh yeah. Though we're Pritchard. And good are open. And it it ought to be on it will focus on your artwork that. Our. Colleges are all in with Robert rock so thankful and on. People were taken. Call him and I'm an expert police were planning between house and it's small holes agitation to corp or. Kind of hold the market structure design in them look in or what type of product recommendations are. Tensions and we're going it'll probably buy into the green house. Yeah actually oh I'll. Would you I don't grown because she's going to be in uncle's seat or both or what would you call. Well it's it's gonna be weird to me it's not as much of war as it is gonna be so. Protection and the winner is true. Some plants with uses it and popping and did what they've put that so. Dedicated. So. They make a translucent. Corrugated. You probably. Relate to what looked like like court it is here but it can actually Oliver. Plastic. That you shouldn't use. Indeed different all the different rates being picked at the age. And anymore and B your budget adoration with black outs we. You picked. A better gauge the car I bought. Wanting you since all blow offers unique problem that we clear. That you find it and caught. Which it all on top of that in the suburbs to do some. The model so like you been achieved victory. In the went on to magical ball and get warmed up. Aren't currently sure that. Sport where my book published it source. Problem won't know that that. And so look at our court it is sort of plastic clear. A product. It. Once robust will it be a reasonable. Temperature and humidity. Air conditioning systems prop. Source into adulthood but he sent you that it is in which. For this time a year or aren't yet serve medals summer don't like some issues where what are those who. It's who their pension that is so kind of body. Yes. So. Depends on politically with the ideally you would like to build. Somewhere near the percent wrote that it could be pushed I didn't vote are sent a mobile. Come to cause you will claim she cloture it's 60%. Now I'll tell you that there that I mean you're here commission brought in law. 08 on the right up to future whole bailout see that vehicle systems. But if you bury all alt. He would use race child like the war. Which feeling that may be a little difficult to do. But it is insert in call or two more challenging day because we keep. Figure out that that that description. Would it seem that sent. Need to go Robert we're at the top of the hour that he's very well. I'm back in trouble you questioned on Perugia. Six so one day and she's certainly and any other rate on the call it and you know all your critics.