Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, February 17th

Paul helps callers figure out how to correct issues and find the right contractors to do the job right.


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Needed morning every morning happy Saturday to leave. What we have a bonus round today and that is western regions our show has been cut short. The codes of other events but and I actually legal and into well thirty's who. We have the extra thirty minutes to view if you questions and -- home improvement and you knew the potential before becoming get a few well we do. But if you need to it we talk about com per. Energy efficiency. Indoor air quality. A project should be to completing our program your fishing camp on can't hear you we can get away your child should does mister Condit. Whether it's in typewriter court of opera tickets all open for discussion you can be anything new could be. You know green nailed flooring or are you you you're. Hanging wallpaper or any you don't carpentry. You rebuild on the deck core science sort outlook kitchen. And you know we we love talk about all of these type projects Libby keep that number. I'm being urged to call in early legal entity and as we we. We almost on that we have you. Turn people away in addition we could meet cute cute to all the questions. To them some balloons. Lot of folks called so I loved it some to keep calling and texting and and and others. Sometimes you Whitney and shall we call. Some Whitaker took all the mail you know is a great art to you by deep into his own Q in your old one too long hold turn your radio. Dale listened to the shall life and your own. I promise you'll mission. And that number again is responsible for choose it so 170. Or if you can desist and you can ecology and potential did you question injured. The question itself from the cold that you protect responsible. And again that 877 for the tax and poor call in lines etched in asking you questions and choke that probable war. 26 one it's certainly call early but we India and good to be early commercial Britain come back in new questions. And struggle on the objectionable and so we'll be right back. Actually went up you know on potential run it as pretty welcome back and be home at prudential school district of alliance scorer at some fun and opened some folks. We'll continue pulling her feeling good morning to Asia. Hi good morning. Our new record in. At about six years old you know. And ahead alligator putting and incur up to the packet floor. It's an outsider here. And then after the hour waiting and I've got. Source it's better in net fraction of the house that completely don't work at all and they were working fine before it was but he. And so. They were. It's just a coincidence leading product breaker. Here that they're that section of the kitchen. Thank. Other breakers. The great. Outlet do you have any idea. What it going. Right. It. Electrician a written. The outlook to do the work they describe interview there was a bedroom or kitchen or. War torture. They're in the kitchen. And their even. Other outlets to work. Couple hours at work and our entry. Okay. In your kitchen there. If you reset that the ground yet there. Yap at and read and the funny thing and it. Weren't it it doesn't work at the same page. And so does did you find work at all. Yet again if I were aren't. You've got to we have something connected with that you saw that city. You've been available on the GO and the results are not working. Then that is part of the problem is probably directly from Egypt are. A tiny cherry created yet I. Reckon. While the up and downstream so what did you write scripts you know lead to protecting that to go out at any you know Internet connected to a dale and streamer dale line. It protects those so it's as well so. Did you describe something in an occasion budget by. I would breaks they go back and you're giving me some pictures oh. You know sometimes that that is part of it. No computer was an audition it was a lot of things we do in our student encouraging drew stalkers and and ala bill project myself are the want to get to a point where. You do car is light and insured professional like in the cage need to get in light electrician to come there and let them look at look at that may be something different. It may just be equally as related to leave the broker elevator in May not be Dick related at all. Kind of opening not. I almost felt like it's not but again I'm only thinking some this is a commission on the on the it makes you given it. So. I think it's it's it's W Parker a license and sure it looks urged him to go look at that project. Thank them. Look at you bet thank you thank you for calling I. Could look at that. If you question you know to great times you call and will be able entry level four to six so only seventy. Let's go to our next call in speak with milk they no good morning. I. I. About seventeen years at oh. Went out and they're apple T insulated. One problem they're not. Live up. I can't open the very easily on the spot they broke and I counterweight to what that is picked up Corey. And require. A complete window on. The beeper here. I'm proud to be repaired had been there or harms way and be the Springdale eastern that the strength of the wind comes just to. And it can be reconnect it can be are you aware and open. Presuming that probably happening is it does open but there are difficult to open. Meaning it's very heavy and that's probably it that it would it would put you operate before correct and you Uga in oh yeah users are yet. So I wouldn't suspect would be the out. It you know of all you would go to public into spring balance into connect. So that is something could be repaired hip replacement when. And who indeed the typical person that you would call to keep. Do you know where the windows came from from Chris why don't. Start with are. Now I would stop with them and should pick and suggest that sir or come pick it. It won't it won't at a mall what we get it. Well look have a question if that's possible. Absolutely. I'll have an elevated pound it's about speed up the ground. And I would like to. I am and that there say we kidnapped ebony insulation underneath. And would like to. Investigate spray insulation. And would like. I am worried at a one meeting how they. At little bits would be leaving. So the order to keep doing something. Can we see and talk to kind of talk whether it will be more you know what would concern. When Amy keen. You know I don't know. What about installation. I product. Could it could. Could create a toxic to your house. So. Pol it would products you insulate and how you sleep in the home insert different into our climate that is all the places in the country mostly to close vote. The Amal wearing fault the model watched in the year and also connected to you. How much we operate our emissions systems you know it's not uncommon for a were either be opera conditions are not the months of the year. And gushed additional what do you probably operated. You know most of the winters well what you need to operate from them tribute shall all the others connected. Or in making sure that our wars in actually such a matter. But he keeps them warm in the winter and keeps them draw in the summer. So good referred to beat posting we did on our web site a number of months back at the website as Paul Howell dot com. That whole house dot com. When you due to the web site that every top of the home page to negotiate better or cross. Quick on the all the blog button. And what she's capable walks you can search for insulating. Rate homes. And it's study that was done by oh you shortly after Hurricane Katrina in it. Really details what works and go to work how to insulate. On the same rate structure structure sure. So that's probably the first wish one stork. And you can find that or what should we did study the two products that they record then. We're insulating in the neatly rate structure is either going to be 82 which is sick of closed cell spray polyurethane foam. War. Two inch thick rigid insulation board Polly ice those are unique insulation board. If you beat the making do either one of those connections that would be continuous. On the your your house wouldn't rate that could be an air barrier. It could be adding water to air missiles being Albert so that keeps will warm in the work that. Aren't so. Out of those products from may chemical this break your ankle were on board. This may put chemicals and I don't think it's going to be issues were were. Your concerns are contradictions. Are what have that. It should be in by all accepted a miniature house the likelihood of you're having some challenges with indoor all of these are very little. I am an op a little over there that it could end it. You know critters that wanna live between manipulation. Or gore. Sure Obama and weaken the party might be the bad. In the and that that sometimes a lot of folks concerned about it you ought to be turned about to lose. Your annual termite inspections and will that influence such a manner toward your annual money. Extra minute increment in in India reduce annual inspections they can look it appears they can look. At the civil. They won't loose it would Joyce and so will agree that will be. You know concealed with the new insulation. But they can look at probable ports were from it could be one that courtroom and you're home. And I'm not a question for you reckons two year. You're insulation. And you should you're great pocket of the ground what's happening at the outlook for a murder of your house isn't. As a lot of work is that open peers or closed off what would there. It's what makes a lot of on capitol but you know the markets open. On the now being urged to call our sister company its energy and corporate solutions. They haven't come out pickle and and they'll give you some options on what you eat later on how to properly inflate that. That crawl space without having any more problems in the future. Well I really appreciate your explanation. You that they need you can reach them on that same look like also on the search installation. And you see problem. You'll see that Contra and reaching a solution appreciate your vocal. Like it or not. Thank you have a great price if you have a question you can get to call 26017. Arson attacks at 87 you'd certainly. When we continue down in actions of additional questions you speak on eight comparable book and to Asia. Public technical. I'm an air conditioning business and incompetency and war. And the customer that is. Based and the plate is two story house. What Sam emblem goes up like fourteen feet. And from about B 74 lines are. They're a good feeling. Is putting grew. Wood and behind that is an attic. And I'm saying that the cunning groove. It's separating the point where when the light on fanatic I conceit true that on and move. And he'll handle black you can even see the legal woodland edge. I don't follow the other thing is it's only supported. Buy some name being so I would. About eight feet apart it is nothing between each seat could come Luke supportable. I don't know why move. And I don't know what to do to rectify my my only thought about why. We get behind it in put in some regions or two to see them afraid it like tried carpet. The would then move someplace else but for whatever reason boo in the is gonna. Please call happen although. It. Objections. So Tom your Europe's correct which should've gotten regions. That a group should put an air their first Indian. Put it on August and they could insulated on yet. But there for a on Saturday and. I didn't get the beautiful thing there is. Back in relation behind. But in some places the insulation. It's not really down against the wood in and someplace I guess for more appropriate running cable wise whatever it will commence relational way. But if you can see right through it but even in the pocket as the insulation behind. I imagine it's fun it can get them between insulation and the cunning move. But my only concern is he. I'm trying to help the instead of south Lebanon and I'm trying to find someone who can come in and that he pulled the insulation install the the duck would between the you know. Against the amount. The tongue and groove and in the end we installed insulation and at another question on. Value. On that Internet and dot border to a dot board. What field value of that compared to say the typical bat insulation which is trying to. OK so eight to which it partly I'd so bored. Is a program or thirteen. And you can you can find that's typical Bob insulation. That's around all of our. You know you do you view depends on the did you do you'd Serena which are just. I don't duplicate it but it does or read an app for each. Where. You know you're import air on the topic at a southern oil groups. So than I and that is installed and full board meeting or board an airtight manner needed eight include write speeds. In the writers and I just would. So the problems are obvious why he'd go to a news break. Put if you all want or as small as there's some complex he's. To install on this that they broke in the future of this whole aspect he'd welcome back to all the credentials ripe for the news report awkward. Introduced in and hurt and specifically about in the and root feeling. Combinations that they did and she rocked the human but actually it on crew ward. And on the attic side was a problem essentially sitting on top of it and Tom mentioned that. Someplace we can actually see through. Become bored and Claude has been working at a looking down and delight on the conceit like through the gaps. That congress which is not uncommon. Beat them the more Easter level that addict and house changes. That wouldn't boo expanding and also construct and government and probably open because running the leader and look as tempers cool. So you probably in pretty big dips and so Tom discrepancies that. Bob glass insulation on their side. What was wrong pop pop without prayer because Bob atlas insulation. By itself. Any fiber insulation not just article that you are what was so you did it. It's not in the year. So in the report to work needs to be in connection in conjunction with continuous. On into the air bury it in a town group board has not. It was here when you talk about that will be a different story in this case it's not. So you remove that while chancellors and the cheapest seat on the insulation wherever there's a gap or on going group portion of the ceiling you you don't want. We're error in Webster in heat in an engine has been moving you know now that we've worked for many years. So what. We really need to do you remove. All the problems. Even installed the potted the poly a society where that Ali and so board. Again the on the group on the side. You can make your sights and scenes are in full board on board needs tape like domestic take so you're you're an mechanism does that you used mark. Or at. Met you know I'm packing. Sticky tape like domestic guy that got him in bed now that went on border than that but will it. If need be clock like with you there mastic in the two World Cup probably your things feel even went right. Would work well. Well an argument problems. Is I'll ask you have to have been doing that if I have to ensure. Where there is and that's certain to he's probably at its inflation back with a would be sufficient insulation. The debt on them. Not only thirteen to go to Somalia so bored so you know one thing you can at least an hour thirty. Citigroup one of them back on top of that. And I would wanna put oil. Would against the content that. Back in a matter but it Chicago if you if you want to it is about the reasons that the matter occurs. Did you grow one probably. So in the youth of our properties. But fool the law. Exists nowhere. So you that you don't think it's it's it's a horrendous thing. Given condition this kind of separated much. That it probably is move back to work and when they change. Yes sir and that some groups to expand and contract is back it's been contracted much needed under its current conditions. The new site yeah actually you disconnecting from from the attic so right. You know it's really the more it could be connected to him moving we wish that ability to below which. Great swings. Which are content like our at a steep so that would be slow moving is not as much as fast. I appreciate it time and with the right way but it needed some experience and odd situation really appreciate you should. Well thank you so much appreciate you look at. It oh yeah. Thank you to. Right with it go to will come back changed it Oakland where. A unit questioned agree on the goal in each model for two it's only seventy. Semi tech city Sydney and you know some text. In just a little so will be at its welcome back to the home and so on and all our. He could change aging and want to mention. Thanks ball. So my wife and I. Plan extensive renovations. To a forty Euro you name scheer. I think shears sometime. June of this year and we know they got home and garden shows coming out and I think we're in the past they would run. Specials if you bowed their services there in partnership. Are you really get the. A lot on your yet there are so. I think you know that he'd. Depends on the physical to conform to our local audiences because. This is apt to be you to see a lot of different ideas. A lot of new products all the one location. So and they did offer great specials in fact. I have failed in a mature about probably watched goods tickle like for instance the all of you almost on portions of them comes up. In in March and that maybe it will hurt you. Once you can consider and it's not a bad opportunity. News on the very last days debris inevitably lose it you can say you know was. What would you sum that we're all about you whereabouts in our multiple today and I'll pay cash for. That Megan and future pick up maybe. That's appliances war or which partner tools electronics. Did so much a home gorge and goes seat. Politics and victors in fact in your case. If you have blueprints and specifications are out of them on the you're you're on the issue walked from boot the boot in your pocket and it really. Connecting with and they are the service and are you want. Children playing and say hey I'm serious about that are at play and let's make an appointment to discuss this or that. You know out they can discuss which there occurs in the they'll work and shall are so at least right you know. Don't know that you you're not just kick in part your their shopping conditioners. Why that's that's very helpful where open number down. Break ground sometime in June. So. I'm pig in the time it might be about. Did today I have I have appreciated you know like all our bank will will combine payload banks we could be on the or should there. In the dvd exact date truth could could be marched. That watched it in the city's been superdome so c'mon in and check and say hello hello nature. So correct who could be great uncle. All right let's go to our next call in speak with JAJ. Good morning. So no. More I hear me. Hot water immediately our water water for. I have an old story home raised. It would low sort of low for the authorities act in the upper eighties it like down it would trickle. There and now with a hot war. The top of hyping. It out and lead the art are part of it. Oh. It'd well. Yeah so. He hears what happens with GAAP as pike. Is in the inner diameter inside. Just dual pedals. With contaminant that particulates. And that opening gets smaller and smaller and smaller. So I don't know well. There again. Are you know. It's now offering of the arteries of the putt that would great and now it's up shall. So what's happening is that do it worries. Me is if you use and so. Particularly built up it it's almost. You're here aren't that unit which all of that outbreak lose. And it went further downstream and credit clause. So you're you're hot war I'd have a heart attack right now where you're not enough blood flow you know what I am. You're about or. So. You need to you know a light picture compared to recruit those fortunes and reports. What are they can find out weird is and it didn't make it work like a lot. If you want what would run some. Wire personal injury. No they did a year. Ago or or. They've been removed they justified the group did you new type in the neck these governments. Will likely they'll probably use like a packs quite our cup apart. Four but it went in the what what are now in order them in get in the IQ moved in that. And again the hero and rock. There's a good probability because it's a two story home as a good probability. Of you sort of he's. It in the video were super market diameter pipe. Not that I've seen results such small art like that Nasser that a yeah. In the other. That it will blow it open now who you are old. No sir not that animal Euro couldn't quite put Ruger and there. All that bailed out there. Normally. A partner or. You're actually getting a pipe you bypassing their claws. And in and that's all we need to do. Okay and very. I live in the plumbers. That this would be a more that are. Oh. So I'll look for plumbers who. Specifically work oil and plumbing repairs of older old I would not sort of armor that does not in the new trucks. The could be music to different months. Not that the not a department goes to construction crossover. Well apparently just announced. It there on the vote. But it didn't sums it plumber is just focus on. New constructions of loses focus on repairs in an existing homes in and that allowed one would focus on in argument is that they are. All there. Right or wrong thing. You're sort of project. A year. Bourgeois plumbing is probably. One of the top botched prisoner. It. That we use them. Were. You know sort about in and speak of possible water and had a good look at. What they look in the sport stretcher and right now notes and that have a pretty good it would be done which does reference to sheet rock mobile. And only. Our. Well I don't I don't know that it cannot be cheap knock entry that. That the I look at the commercial break. You bet thank you started the call might be needed to work welcome back. We'll get some phone calls and your text as well a lot more provincial list goes and that. Welcome back and so those of Poland's secret Richard rate at which point did you question that. The top of the Ulbrich not followed you over to you the news and will continue to more. Good morning guard the department equip our Cory Lekkerkerker out art to go to summer arm and with no great degree and neglected to put climber art they're fine and great. In the recent cold yeah. Bob let me see some of these are with a great smoke alarm out what it will do turn their guy it was their way to remove their exit carry. Yet though Ricky I think you back and you strip is now a page carper. Or 41 or eat on independent off to a dance you better. Prep is chronic and inept at province in the hated so. Yeah that that could be a lot of work can be done and look great. Call that night after the.