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Saturday, February 24th

Paul talks with callers about their different questions about how to improve their homes.


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Welcome to an extended version of the home at prudential were on between now and 1230 have a little bit of extra time to keep tees some questions so. Let me get straight to work installer to a net let's go to phones and speak at Austin but Austin good morning welcome to the show. Thanks to a crawl. The question actually it is on exterior front dual. 82. Gorge. Would do listen. Which firm plant lights on. Both a man it just a panel at the but you know on the like it did vote on an anomaly. One or top and bottom. Do you and Z dual is in it most Etan you're open. Starts war in. Toward. Okay hot start in place and so. Which saying. At least. 84 now. Yeah boy that's tough with well what doers like that. When you could have been our war. When you have a outdoors if it becomes problematic in India they double their war. It becomes even a greater problem. Because sometimes to lose in different directions as witches presume it's the whether it's operable. That is warped I think you may have some movement of the other doors well. Home. There are some some adjustments you can make to the hinges. There's some adjustments you can make tuned the strike plate where at the locked in the doubles sliding to. But but that you can only do so much of that because you could beat the point where you can move it and often to report the properly work. And you can move both doors you can lose inches of both the opt out or in the stationery to make things lineup. The other challenging could have his Energy Star playing with these things that the make the locks. On up. Used and then you have in a difficulty in what you do with. The Dorset. In this matter at that natural touch with the stripping sequence he daylight you have. Here and ingrained courtroom yeah this problem. That's the problem and only place where it's Walton in the very bottom we have Abdul jaw and the dual. OK and only other thing I was honestly about don't and we don't use. The front door of the Ali it is just put enough. Well put it did bow inside to go to him and ratio to press against. You know Churchill to push towards back out. That would folks in the what you want the folks in Austin my concern about doing that his life safety. If I ever hit it out. Yeah it date me and it it's a panicked the man I knew it looked at his slide out out. You know metro would do that for for my house it is because it's a means of emergency egress. Hum let's talk about what because that that bombed the warp I suspect you may have Wear them the edge. Unity the the side and two of the bottom edges not sealed. Or stained pursued a pain in. Very well let's keep moisture and it's so I think we need to do is at least taken off the hinges nature things sealed or painted on the trip at saint opinion to work. Prevent any further movement into I think you need you can boost the bottom. If it's just the bottom of this war moved the bottom inches on both the stationary dork. In the operable door a little bit. In order to get better contact and hopefully will move anymore because now and sealed it won't keep exposed to moisture is much. In their horrible habits and Steve walking. All right Errol great. Yes are you bet thank you appreciate you calling hurry let's go to the next call and speak with. You know what I mean we. That's got to go to commercial break Arlene Europe Nextel in which it'll hold on will be good to real quick commercial. Date potter produces the press plate right l.'s top players commercials soon get back tees since Campbell replica that is welcome back to the show must go straight to phone lines and speak with Eileen Eileen good morning welcome to the show. Good morning thank you it's not part time Colin anybody on the radio. You do a deal. Abner acting. And they halted on how can we help you are. Single in the front and Eric a lot of firm. And I like a half men leaned out over that we now. And it doubled in India the gasket in the in that happened in its starting cheap troop. So I don't know what to do replace the whole mean I do like it looks like cap room or I don't know what's possible. Okay this but know what you did do which you to take a couple photographs of where conceit which take on far away and they want a closeup look and see exactly. Which you're talking about what she email it to me and unite and discusses the email cause them to maturity you. Describing may be different from what I'm envisioning. An old argument the right advice. But eat in general that half circle window above. Separate from the rectangular window below. So if accused of what we have to replace the when duke last insert you can be a part you know after you vote. I'll read Sidney I don't you can get and I'm an actor like when we announced. She can at that early I'll pick it up I'm not act stupid people and it definitely welcome it is when in doubt. Like I would ask him well Lou Lou. It's a small job and ended humanity patient but if he can certainly happen. Actually so. If you go to Paul's house dot com. And there's a company called windows solutions Richie waksal windows solutions. But simmons' picture first let me look at that make surety in his group please before you go that far. So I only go to our our our view is it strictly as Paul at LaGrange consulting dot com all one word what grandma vote consulting. That. Correct and so now. Grasping. Nicole thanks for call and I'm glad you took that leap of faith and called. It. Excellent that you did this why do this every seven to help her buddies listening in also have a connection with our communities appreciate that so. The deal right. Let's do looked at a couple of text as haven't gotten everyone's texts yet it's. As stains from mice stop go for a walk on from my house without damaging the Stucco thanks Phil. OK Philip so compliment. Directs you to fill is some blog postings we did when we hit the flooding in its. The notes to a Baton Rouge area and I was given some advice on how to remove organic growth. From a flooded houses. And it's could be on our blogs so go to Paul's house dot com. The very top banner you see the blog click on it in the you can search organic growth normal old war. Remediation any of those keywords and you'll see the products we recommend Anderson direct links in the air to keep Steve back sealed in and see magic. And in that will help you. With washing your Stucco it's it's also leak a non chemical product it's what do based. So it's safe for work for you to use inside as well as outside and also say for your plants it is wells so. Hopefully that work for you. It's with a couple more text it's he's an expenses. In the woods in a very small area is staying on the floor. They can also be seen as looking different on the house uses something that we can wait a few months. Hum. To save up for repair. You know we're in a time if I presume its moisture related and that's quite stained you don't actually save them from hum. You know most cases that's the cause. We're heeding. We're in deep middle or the European apart trying season. If we get some more cool dry fronts when you complete a little longer to save up money for the repair you can certainly do that. How however that this weather we've been having the last two weeks that warm muggy weather were we actually start user conditional bit. If that can teams that happened for an extended period of time. Your window of opportunity to make this repair. I have to make before its worst it's shorter and shorter smaller and smaller. So you really depends on the weather if you question if it's more drive points you get a little bit longer if we keep this continue to have this warm muggy weather. And still use your recognition. Your time frame becomes very short in order to make the repair before that problem. Experiencing its worst presume it's more shall related. Our next steps. News OK Paul trying to figure out where to start as small backyard. Which is very portray its love my plants but they drowned when it rains and wanted to sits in many spots. Or is only forty by 75. And should drink to each side. Along with some of the house to the street. Pocket planned to vote thing but not working as heavy clay souls in the water to sits race what are even backs up on the patio. Our grace when you have that much water. And it's not draining fast enough you know need to concern about water affecting the foundation your house so. You're gonna have to direct the water with a greater pitch but there. Worked in the Clinton actually goat throw away from the hole towards the side teaches in conveying that war towards the front. Or you have to use some form of the sub surface drainage. In order to capture the water putting pipes and direct that water in the piping and it's up separate stretch towards. The fourth pitcher to your house. So. You know a company will be like trains plots. Or. You know that typical it's all the music you. So ups or for strange strange plus you can keep their content formation or Paul cells that com. Oh war QB if you have a relationship. With like sometimes landscaper students. But you don't want to have somebody says the act how to do it every now and then. In in and do this type project you read what somebody who's very proficient in very confident they can solve your problem. Because I have seen where landscaper who warned for me with. With drainage projects actually make things worse you whoever you are hard to mature the company in their abilities in order to use all fewer. Your current problems. Nova tech says. How deep should take my feelings storm shelter and how to keep the world from communion. OK you don't tell me where you wore. You know you know because. You know whether you nor shorts off shore if you Washington parish. You know further north at ten to buckle our unit taking your fairly show storm shelter will be different than if you're on the South Shore. So. If you're in the South Shore he. Gosh I don't know where you can dictate a storm shelter in the Grail and not at war problems. How would you may find those you may find that you be better to purchase. A pre fabricated FEMA. Approved and certified storm shelter and security on to a slab. Home in appeal above ground war. You may go once seamless website in in its specifications or how to do it yourself and goats and their specifications. For that team a storm shelter if you won the North Shore. In your your forward north. Where are unit in north of by twelve. You should be able to dig a in ground and we storm shelter without having what do mean that they could. Of a problem. Although you wanna make sure that you proactive. In putting in some on aggregate around the edges of the foundation. Teach direct the water out. So it wouldn't go to accurate and some catch basins and in we outward. And then also there are some product she can waterproof the picture wall with that's well put that water from coming in the ground Porsche from continent. Right folks may have we are out of town. And this show goes by quickly every Saturday at Connecticut their bodies questions. As quickly as I would like but if you have questioned during the week can you wanna send it to me email it. Go to Paul's. All immigrants consulting. Dot com you can email alleging go to our website of Paul's house dot com or our FaceBook site and send it to be there as well. We'll love to hear from you and if your questions or two weeks so keep from common. You'll have a great awesome day it's been a pleasure spending my Saturday morning with yet we'll be back next Saturday at 10 o'clock god bless and have a great day.