Home Improvement - Hour 2

Paul hels with HVAC, Attic Insulation, and proper attic venting.

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Welcome back to the second hour of the home improvement show here on the big it's having so glad and honored you're listening to us today. This show is one of the highlights of my weekend Atticus and Tom dispense some some Tom which you folks talk about. Energy efficiency moisture problems improvements to your house so. Futures tinian and this is when we talk about. Home improvement and it's and sometimes it's a do it yourself project and sometimes you're Har professional. And you sort of use means sounding board saying hey what do boat this procedure. What about that product. Would step comes first which one comes second. You know what's your experience with this so by all means paint to fight this root canal a 12 o'clock you use and abuse it that's what we do here. He's where we're we're here to give you information so do you make a community informed choice. A poacher home proved W bush problems or comfort or injured efficiency it's it's there. In the you know if you can't get to meet this Saturday he's in human send a message you can certainly do that through Paul's house. FaceBook site and you can communicate to me that way. So more time tax. 87870. Or phone call fumble four to six so 170. Let the beat somebody attacks because they had put all the text to day. Here resided next tax. It says c'mon Paul let me show thanks. Problem I love doing the show if you're building a new home or in the nor shall we huge traditional insulation we use spray foam insulation. And also would you have done in the attic also. Lou let me say this if I was building new home and in this is a house house to spend some time it. And when any kind of define what I mean by spending some time. You know. Probably four years or longer. Than I was certainly consider using. Higher performance installation. Better lighting. Better air conditioning equipment better doc work then builders great. Better windows than it does all the things up most of the will be looking for. And hypocrite because those type of improvements. Insulation air conditioned windows lighting. I'll ward heeding those all help and we're about a three to five year payback. In addition that any personal look at the by house. That's just a few years old is expecting those energy efficient features are you being polluted. And if your house has it in the other house it's about the same size and same neighborhood the same price doesn't have it. They keep you competitive edge when you're selling enlisting your home. So yes I'll I would definitely consider that. It if when you're looking in improving insulation. Your first place to do would be in the attic where the ceiling. Like fashion in the walls so if you can only afford foam insulation in one location. Mean you know walls or the roof line then installing your roof on what you view more bang for your balk. By installing it the blue floor roof on vs foam in the walls so that kind of help she puts on these things in priority. And a properly installed spray foam insulation job. Will far outperform when coupled with a properly saws design air condition system. As well is your dock work. In other indoor air quality improvements. And they can actually insulated eventually each fact systems installed so. Hope it helps you use some better and better choices win specified which you won which you look for for you know. Right next tax says hey it just bought a house that has power vents. Apartments were never connected so should I leave them in that way or use precedents or should I. Connect them so welcome to electricity. So public Vick had a pass offense put the first step I would do. Is I would go on line use your favorite search engines search for attic ventilation calculator. And you determine if her how she does bought has the proper amount of free square inches of air coming in at the south it's. And being exhausted UPQ refute the top of the regenerate. If it's properly sides spoke intake and exhaust that I think I would take those apartments I would change those two passes that like a winter. If if the nonprofits such humid and it's an additional backing it's it's too small that we have this is not enough I'm not a big fan of power panel hitters if you have these apart little edit and I was just you would use a solar. At a exhausting as those actually work a lot better than the typical. Rome high voltage EC voters for X announcements. All right listen won't let me go to commercial break welcome back how continuing -- questions that'll on the phone as well as some techs who keep a common. 2601878. Text 8787 or hold. Hang on don't hang up and coming right back at the list. Welcome back to the home approved show let's go straight to the phone lines there actually are two Johns and polls so the more important to first because they called in cars. It's John that's on the North Shore. Page on in the most organ morning. The market pol great show back into our mid and interior and yet you perform a great service to the public. Thank you on Georgia myself please call and help people. I have been getting. Estimate zone granite countertop. As her vote Tuesday animator and Teresa animator. And I'm I'm say that they put reinforcement rods in front of an impact of this thing in the cooked up. Is that it is there with I'm leaning more towards recent animator. Yeah how big of a sinking cooktop you have. Rally it's going to be a standard debate gave. Thank you mimic an opportunity at thirtieth two. Yes so I think I would wanted to you know let me tell you the reason why is he's because those are weak links in those rods keeps Macs support. To help you with flexing for you reduce the risk. A feature cracking. OK so you would recommended Rath yes I would. Okay thank you sir I do look good luck with the current page and John make sure they seal a four year. And put it put Vermont and your calendar. Q us Selig every few years. Ever be career yup republic and I are distractions on the sale of the typically it's it's on every 34 years. Okay and that unit of big order spectrum from there it is not you do that the big box store. I thank you grow but you bet thank you have to deck you're right let's go to our next caller now this is other Jon Johnston matter hey John good morning. Mark in question. Relevant and on a starter house. Lot of small problems a couple of big ones. Limited funds. Now when current. Tactic here at the net. You're tying up a contractor. What chart in the book to read the charge to pay a contract when you're letting him out front you may not use him. Okay art art it I guess they're depends on you're. Request if you're asking him to come look at the job in you view an estimate for the repairs and you fewest repairs are you reading city. And mr. contractor you know give me a written quote for these repairs says one thing but if you're asking him to develop. A step a step scope for. For fog with products he's using and what steps that takes me it is repairs. And a breakdown of each individual cost of each line item. That's a whole another level of apparent request if you're asking to do that do you pay by the hour. And if it and because that's taking his time. And you're good to get everything done and also taking time away from all the work he could be doing this he made Hackett the job. But could take that information he provides to you or she provides to you and you could use it to visit other contractors so you'd pay import and you know an hourly rate is is not unreasonable in you know anywhere from 150 to two which of the box and I'll work for that person's expertise. And their knowledge is is not a reason why there. Oh you're born to. They would insulation with someone was and you calling going to be yellow pages or whatever. Define different. People who do the work is that the same thing you'd say it. But its currency mark. It's not the same thing because you're acting as the general contractor you're giving a very vendors to come in and you're telling him what your scope news. And they can keep your price for the ESCO. Our. Are prepared well thank you. You bet no thank you and of course with that second part John is your take responsibility for making sure your scope worked. And we're proxy using reception taking four is accurate that it's part of accept the responsibility is a contractor for your own so hopefully it's awfully. You bet but let's go to our next call in speak with Indy Indy thinks. Hold on good morning. You can call. They'll post-Katrina in I guess you normally would they'd like super construction. Concrete building 240 mount Irwin and our values and thirties. Sector after. Looking to sell it. And bill. And now they're looking to see you know who is from different construction techniques are out there as much. And there were eight to ten years ago. And leaning towards. Doing eight steel structured. And then using expanded deal looks at protector. And then closed cell inflation back didn't it work. Is there anything else because I don't see concrete construction. Really taking off for having a lot of options here in the world and in this region with that and keep changing eyes that looked online everywhere but I'm leaning more toward. Steele took calendars steel structure. And and bright moment election and convention with finishing inside the genetic. So if he hit you in your your candidate search can be cross of the reason how's LA house like house. Yet some notice. Maybe hat I haven't a look at up but I'm kind of an I mean narrowing my scope of you know just by what being built. And all but you know I'm an end. Opsound oral outside Tippett and certainly you know ecstatic the packet. It put steel box in the middle of the uptown neighborhood store within it that the only requires and such. So I'm you know I'll look at so you are saying what what was the level the national. Well how's LA house one house it's an LSU's campus in Baton Rouge. And is a free resource that's available to anyone in Maine back you have to be resonating you be a state income look at it. And it's designed in it was built. With a number of different building systems touched be able to showcase. What's available for high performance houses that relating to. For termites for a landscaping for wind. For energy efficiency indoor air. All T know. I think I've seen that nomadic question would be. Cannot get back at that I am leaning more toward the deal acting talent finishing out that direction each what you take. Sprayed foam. Either close elegant indelible room service or something along the line. It at the open or closed now and yet the question is is it worth the running three page for all of my age back. And or considering using my current split as opposed to conventional H ax at. So. Like the idea mister structure optical when that's when rated and now would do something so 15006. Tomorrow when rated. Because you can get that he's would seal. A lot the idea of David Keating a completely airtight continuous insulated. Thermal barrier with a spray polyurethane foam if it's if you spreading gets metal and I think close cellphone would before. I've got you well Belichick opened so you Canada thinks close sell in this scenario probably better. I'm home now for as far as mechanical system is concerned. You know. I don't know if you a how would go straight face enormity wide and logical electric heat electric the only. And an apostle depending on the size and structure three phase equipment it's expensive to install. And and when you keep repairs and you have replacement used on the road it's it's also problematic. Not that you can have because there's lots of houses residential houses in the wars with three face equipment. Put in in today's technology. You don't have to go before she can certainly go to single face piece of equipment. Haven't properly designed. You'd award a source air force people work really well. If you don't use awards were shares which he popped in your next option would be terrible refrigerant flow. Meaning split system in and that and that turns. We unity to a traditional. DX system or or many split system depends on the moment areas your heating and cooling. Small areas in small structures. Then the diminished what's worked better as oppose the traditional systems. What I tortured information publicly taken an accountant I appreciate your shelf. Though you well welcome good luck the project. A sells a project to do so it looked at utilities are you bet. Thank you advocate questions right listen. Though we you know with John and Andy Bean off of the phone system week heavily spot available for you. The numbers five through four to six or 1870. 26 or ways that don't curtsy to Colin L. We're concerned some tax at 877. Speaking attacks will meet cute back to reading a few of these to have any chance to get to all of these yet. Our our next step says AC section on his ice build up at the outside unit in in the attic. A season cooling unit and all it runs constantly. Well. More than likely you've got one or two problems either you gotta refrigerant problem or you haven't air flow problem may dilute the votes. You knock elect the next step for the next up is from the current offer recognition system. Let it completely defrost. And that's knowledgeable mindset that needs to be. New York he operative coal inside the addict needs to defrost as well. And and you can turn your system back on. And you can put on the senate gauges for growth and also mr. temperatures measure air flow measure for a drink. If for no where your problems are but any if you do this repair yourself. Or here barring any licensed insured he's effectively come to your home and looked system. They can't do anything until all that ice is is nice to opus completely going. In order for them to actually do any diagnostic systems are diagnostic test to see what's wrong with your system so this could be your your first step. Our next acts. Says or their solar panel systems that don't tie in to the grid and booed worthy but it worked the cost my electric bill is minimum. Yeah update there or our solar photovoltaic PV systems. That don't tie in to political great and yes they are Coke employee it. Home work that cost well but that depends on what you're uses in which your expectations are. If your left who uses minimum then you may choose not to go solar put you would keep completely independent. But the crit system or also being able to to have some level power when the grid is dale. Then so patent system PP system is actually not a bad choice. It's it's actually very good choice of the need to double to manage your expectations of what you want to have power. By the solar PV system. Or if you want you do solar thermal farm water those work really well. In addition to having PC PV systems. So you do combination of vote if your electric uses burden I don't need you may not be good for return investment but if you need czars. Electricity or have power when you're off the grid in the greatest dale. It's probably not a bad choice so. Are the questions keep on coming taxed 878 Seve call it 2601878. We'll be right back after the CBS news break to talk more home improvement welcome back to the home improvements so here in the negate seventy. Let's go straight alliances entering some questions. I'm so Thomas good morning welcome to the show. Deadline and thank you still debate what type of to get back or call out to you on the net and Alec particularly quick and first time. But anyway. Aluminum. Chain link lahood brought communities he the example. That. But they're that that. And this. Can be seen. And of mine and and a PPC. And it was the same thing. There are their little bit different which are simple plastic that both common variety of colors. Yeah but there are different. And you don't miss the Toms I don't know which would be cheap thing PDC and final I would suspect vital. But in my pod system that that has to be requires researching your part. Which one. Well. Like those two because they're not a right yeah they're they're they're they're not going to you a home besides the termites. But. From the you know I've talked in the past you yet the couple challenges most loop with the wind but I think a couple of offensive on the mail from wind. So yeah the type offenses that could be subject to wind. I've had to refinance has put up a bit. In this house 32 years. And at my age I don't want to have to put. Wild things so they'll we have. Yeah well listen the final PV CU can wash with the pressure washing it keeps its collar it's not a rocked. But it is subject to win and it gives you the privacy you won because that's when the things we talked about last is that a political with the hurricane. Page said because it it doesn't give me prophecy but but but as grateful when resistance and it's also it's not right either. So. He's in that post and in galvanize. Eight points but you know listen this point they're they're it's Rubin beat out the personal preference and in your budget. If you want you want yes sir okay are not back there you're quite welcome thank you receive a college where. Well let's go to our next caller and speak with Floyd and Floyd good morning. It mark all year yes or can't talk about it. I have a pool with about forty to 45 years old in the Shia. And I spoke by Hollywood who each pitch and it's been showing that agent in each group you sure that's. And I know that I reach our Russian government that's gonna be fairly expensive proposition. All I saw poor. At the hotel. That was covered with why it. And I was wondering if you don't. Final merchants can't hide the essential for our I would suspect the final which cheaper. I haven't done any research on that yet. Yes at the bottom waters are cheaper. However you get to keep a month that the useful life of a lot of water is very different than a gun rights surface but as you mentioned your your pools 45 years old. In a well maintained gonna it will last for. Long time. The Harlem 100 journal yeah. You know of bottled waters depending Orrin how which used how well it's installed. And you're chemical balance everything else and exposure to this on. And you know you're you're talking five maybe seven years tops. Now what. You what part to difference. Oh it's my coolness of Linux down surely march. Pool. What you call. It cheap what he should yeah. Yeah so the funnel arms could substantially less however you could have figured. Some of you prize because I'm on the prices but I do notes is lasting government processor. All right thank you all. Occupant thank you advocate that. Right listen to go to commercial brick home come back Jim icu were on hold and launch it would come back to you right after this break. And look at him more of your tax keep them coming folks 878 setting the text. And the phone is 2601. Days and it would be right back after this. Welcome back to the home improvement sue. Them take a look at some of these text. Send some audit rates texting incidents and keep them at 878 settling. He sources are removed insulation inside my peppered unit. The cause you had mold on it went years without the insulation but fell water in the return doc. By the filter because of heparin was sweating inside and I think because of the climate change but the output bubble tight insulation inside and out. But the peppered units and Edison for it on and fix my problem. How to unit in cool weather. Well listen if dubbed bubble wrap when installation on the inside and outside that metal cabinet but he rapper Coles stopped. The the metal from reaching two point condensing it and sweating and instead we could do it cool weather because it does not do an eight in in Europe. You're August and September is certainly do and any of the Tom a year. Unless something takes is with the installation so. Good job with the he also comments a spot away I have never had an easy technician at free and to my unit correctly. No temperature management return doc and also the condensing unit. Yeah you know listen it's it's difficult. Problem. It's a science and that's a certain it's it's a XX that when you or measurement for drinks. And also charging for referred him to make things happen right. So if things that's like he certainly in which doing reference to your air condition systems so good job. Now the tax is Paul good morning are heavy boulders from a pop my garage roughly public square feet. It's new construction how's the only install pink insulation for the picture walls doesn't seem like near enough insulation. Which should I do war and it. All right so bullish from above garages or problematic in heating Kuhn its bisexual cooling heating never promise cooling its mission. Most times. Because the insulation that the use. Underneath the floor which is your garage ceiling. Your your walls your roots healing combination it's got to Wasilla commission and the flat part of the ceiling as well. A really are not installed properly or you don't have enough insulation. So let's start broke proper insulation of insulation. The insulation he's been full contact with the surface to insulin which means the bottom before. You hurt your short walls you re excellent combination and your flex him. In these be fulfilled in nets that cavity that rafter cavity. No compression no voids in these have an air barrier. And its other than horizontal needs have an air there in the attic side and that's as that's a typical point where most builders even bring new homes. Don't installed. They're fibrous insulation correct that's why spray foam works better than five its installation because spray foam is an Arab barrier as well as a thermal barrier. Fibers installation such as the pink stuff you mentioned is not in their barriers so women installation is in a position other than horizontal. Meaning other than your ceiling. A flat ceiling it's got to have an air barrier on the opposite side of it typically the at a site does not. So there for your intents and keeps gonna go through that harbors insulation skip future. Europe bone from hot the other reasons why a bonus rooms or difficult schools because. Most times the air conditioning duct work in the return is that size to some properly for that space. And it's this week it's challenging so hopefully that helped she'd give you some some directions on with a look for. And if you need some additional solutions which it gathers information circle back with me and I'll try to rescue the right path. I listened to go to a commercial break and come back. I see there's a couple folks on hold and you get those somewhere techs look at to more applicable provincial right after his brief break. Welcome back welcome back about the wrap up the sober and let me sit and get a couple more calls and text him before we do. Our next caller today is Gayle hey Gil good morning welcome to show. I. Help you. And we don't have an addict can't continent they're in. We have. The group then I'm. Iran would not have an addict. So Gayle when you go up yak you're looking up at the top of your group at the peak you don't have any venting to let that out. No. Okay well in order to have proper penalties for you both you need air coming into its profits and you need air exhausting top. If you don't have air SARS thing with the that the peak or the ridge at the top U Ruth. And there's no we are committed at this office so you need to have a boat. I'll read that right. You do it depending on the shape and Stahl and geometry your roof depends on what type of exhaust that use. If we get very short rich or short peak in use and rich parents not to be for you. You need a like a wind turbine or eight get over that or something. Along those lines. And that's gonna ago OK well how much ventilation you need so I'm to suggest you use your your favorite Internet search engine and search for attic. Ventilation calculator. And you put extra few questions is gonna tell you how many free. Square inches of attic ventilation you need at the socket as well as the peak. And and and that would help you body and choose what exhaust that you need at the very top. Great. Cut. All right thank you yep good luck with that person to call bill. Let's move on and speak with Shelley shall I am hoping we can give it your question in before we lose Tom good morning. Admirable. All of my. I think he caught the ball in nineteen. Errands one. Yes all. Column one is that we could not ready. We do. You know that it won't you know. Yeah. He I'm on will be now confessed to each other they'll be confused about that because BCG does. Prepared drop lays the foundations both commercial and residential. Analysts changed their policy on which I'm not aware of which I can't product today because it's it's Saturday but a certain book into it to in the week but my understanding is they do both residential and commercial. Repairs to drop way sidewalks and foundations. Building. And then maybe they certainly didn't know when you see how much do you have enough for them will be. I'd be wrong number. You have no hope once secondly look at you because I've got it right here it right it is area code 985. 85169498. -- 16949. That's Erica and I thought depending where you partially met but one in front then nominate five. It. Yes I am of lockup appreciate Colin Peek at the dropper repairs to relieve. Us. Have a great day journey because our athletic back tees some of the east Texas. And often a great job and sent in some tests Tuesday. Here's an excellent. This is what you prefer radiate soffit point you're building a round when your boxing around your house. Yeah so you know there's there's a difference between bottles off it and radiates off it. And it's rated for the weekend it's a win race off it in also knows the product critic but also how it's installed. News is rated as well in the framing behind it so yes if opposite to go with Al's office that day. Is as well as ought reports often aware of the problems all the pictures were rated. Engineered and raided in installed. For the win rating IE I need depend on what your house is located at your home when your building is located close to gulf Mexico. I'll see you win rated requirement is higher is supposed to further away. So you know you check in public since he with the required when rating is injured designing and building home. Next step says Paul what you think about tax piping. I have in 1940 top house with alt galvanized pipes. All out of sod wall and he changed won't lines and there are currently only half inch male. Yeah up X piping is great. You know here's a few. I edit things but packs. There's no salvageable value to one like copper so you know what's gonna come sooner you expire things since the south which are the cause it's got value to. It's it's it's there's no value there now as opposed copperweld though you know that's a that's valuable so therefore your risk. Is greater for people steered copper piping. Also another great dimension X piping it is it is more freeze. Prone then copper piping will expand. As and not burst much like. It copper pipe however you still wanna protected. I seek protective axed by time. If we keep a really cold winter for an extended period of time even explain it conversed. Much like copper pipe galvanized pipe and so if it was my home we're protected from freezing. Even though has a much much better operating performance than traditional copper pipe work out despite. It stood at risk and occasionally we can get some really cold. Extended. Freezes. That it happens often but it does happen and listen. It tight insulation it's cheap it's easy to do while you're there installing your pipe Dolan in by talking about it. All right no other texts. LED. Crystal doors on sale. For the books was a commercial radio have but it can fund in the store name you have no I have no clue what that is. In reference to Italy the crystal awards and sales. So our book that. Another questions fence post is six foot apart a foot apart. A depends on the type of fencing. You use. And also the sole conditions that your your you have to put an offensive so day heavier defense. And the worse the conditions the conditions are the close the polls nudity and also how deeply opposed to ground. In an need to be as well so bombed building a heavy fence and back at the souls of the parties. Pretty war. I'm could use a MySpace things could be six but apart and also the way to defense makes a difference to. Put them six foot apart animal put at least three feet of that hole in the ground if not more. Depending on the quality of the souls. And then I'm surrounded with that country if let's say like magic a good source than a foot apart. It is also. But not a bad approach the number stringers make a difference Cecil or I'll boards. And where you'd lapped the seems insuring if you want all the that seems a lot up on the same poll. You wanna staggered the butt joints with a seems Fortier stringers as well so you can. Not put all Europe. Your week joins the but joint call one post you can stagger in the sense but so hopefully if you saw him. Some hints of what to do in reference to your fans posting our here's a Texas came and was the best attic insulation. Depends on what your goals or more of a fibers insulation when properly installed. Works okay. Presuming you're in his goodness not in that attic if you're recognition equipment and dock workers in the you see below the ceiling hinting conditions place. And you can use five assists laced with not a problem. But there's a few key steps here. We talked about attic ventilation a lot today so you would have achieved a proper attic ventilation if you show national pharmacy solutions at the ceiling. He also wanna make sure that you're ceiling. Is airtight. So any penetration come to ceiling for recess can't wait for a ceiling fan for regular light. And exhaust fan all passed the airtight. Also any warring that's penetrating your. You top plate if you Dexter an interior walls. Illogical warming your plumbing new low voltage although it's got be airtight as well you gusto with an airtight seal and and then you can put it out but at least an hour 38. Whatever that we're a proper message using you know typically you know. At least 1013 fourteen cystic. Of the right density. Is just loose fill fart isn't solutions it's installed on density is soccer TV are very you want so you wanna. Interest right density for Fargo solutions if you're air conditioning equipment and doc works in the attic. And that's the harshest Horace place to put Americans in good. You may what do strongly consider using a spray polyurethane foam with a roof line and creating a semi condition attic space. How's your conditioning equipment and your dock work. You want meter. Probably he don't use open atmosphere affect I would suggest you don't have an open atmosphere guess what heater desperate as you do you Epoch. Assume combustion units for you water heaters. Orton also for gas furnace and spray forms properly installed. Will work very very well our folks you hear the music. That means some dot com. But don't will be back next Saturday at 10 o'clock inching your questions. If you need a question answered in the meantime go to Paul's house FaceBook site. And send me a message don't get to you as well go join you beacon stay cool stay hydrated. God bless and it meant thanks for joining dubbed it the other they get seven who back next Saturday have a great awesome.