Home Improvement - Hour 1

Paul talks to callers about proper sizing of HVAC systems, a noisy power vent, and proper rates for contractors.

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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to you so glad and honored you're here. This into the home from shall we here at WL. That's what you every Saturday between male and 12 o'clock we get a chance and and have some fun talk about the project she adapting to house or maybe it's your fishing camp or to condors apartment so we can homework may be sure office. And it doesn't matter it's it's all open for discussion with a chance to talk about repairs you may be making to you. Electrical plumbing may be exploring wraps this call entry. Perhaps you looking at saying hey I'm sure if I can do this project and he's coaching. War you may saying listen I know what you do this project cuddle have the Tom with the resources or maybe don't have that the skill set. And you look for professional. And it doesn't matter any that is all open for discussion. Love to hear from here and talk about your project you go on this weekend. And that number is 50426. Or 1870. Ricans and the attacks at 87870. Maybe it's it has nothing do with. Project may be saying man I hired Libyan hot miles. And paying these high bills don't know how that saves a mention how can improve comfort. Or maybe you have an indoor air quality concerns you know maybe some new at least release suffering from allergies are. Respiratory problems like you know like asthma and cement I ain't ready to do something. What my options with all that is well. You know could be a moisture problems in the N wood floors separate styles what was cup every summer I don't know why. Wore a two story house my second floors always hotter. In my first Foreman at conditions ruins in ruins in ruins and doesn't keep up. Now again give us a buzz of the load the talk about it. The numbers from 0426. Or 1870. It's 260187. When he gets in the attack that eats at me he seventy. And other vices record now at 12 o'clock so please don't went to the end of the show. We always have folks holding on in the show that it can keep to his own time I'm curt called an early don't commonly. Or semi textile attract as many text as possible. You may be at work you can call or sent a text in and that's fun to. You encourage you if you can reach out mail and send me a message on FaceBook and I'll be happy to nurture. Your question via FaceBook so hot how do you do that. Well probably the easiest and simplest way to navigate which FaceBook is due to our home page it's Paul's house dot com. That's Paul's house dot com which give the home page opera inside you can click on the FaceBook icon. And you'll see our FaceBook site for Paul's house you can send him message here. If you never seen Paul's house before but let me encourage you to you've spent some homeowners. It's free to consumers a resource not put together. That allows you the listener and local region. You funding that flow professionals that provide products and different services for all's home program projects or maybe supplied. The products for those home improvements. And you know you're looking to use they hate who would you recommend Paul. The come to my place of business come tomorrow home practicing yeah. Will those folks the list and Paul cells. If you know you've ever spent some time there I hear testimonies all tumbled use atlas Aylwin. And what Paul's house and a Mecca this this for a recommendation from you vote in local. Contra. Commission. Or Florie. There are all great folks in hence the name Paul's house these the folks over use in my home. Files aren't someone to do this type of work at my house. You know if if you're business and you wanna be listened polls sells well. Matter but it that what's gonna Paul's house is there. Did not this exclusive I'm not saying that but what I'm saying is it. You really need to be a legitimate business. And and wanting to do actual work and willing to. Work with customers are agents and meet their needs in the you know. If you're looking for additional marking strategy or some consulting want Hulk to increased exposure your business and in your in the home improvement industry. That by all means you go to Paul's house as well and there is a but there for you to click as well at the home page. Force on the pure business and I'll be happy to discuss with you there is a review process. In order to keep that picture there. It. You or legitimate business that you have the proper licensing in the insurance and you can trade recommendations in consumer recommendations. In yours yours they're providing service. That I would want to recommend here and local region. Our lives were overdue holed a good to see you a commercial break Wilma come back from start inching some questions. A C a couple folks are on line holding so thank you for calling Judy you could be up next literacy all that on hold please. Turn the falling down on your radio and listen to the show live while you hold will be right back up this folks welcome back to the home improvement so let's go to four months to speak with GD hate Utica morning welcome to the show. Good morning I'm kind I have an attic and that's circulate the hot there. You know to help cool the second floor now and about six weeks ago it started screening. So I'll wanna call it service account and he will be going on it. We re placed around Katrina hit about twelve years ago. And when the men came in went up into the attic it. Stop making non admitted he laps it started. At at at which it typical right. You know what this circuit breaker and turned and saw what you're it would rocket fire or you know what the situation might be. Well I thought I had these hundred planes. Maybe he'd go out he had input on now. And that might eliminate the problem he. Could see you at 500 dollars. To replace the then. Which I thought it was expensive when I checked prices that the difference in this story. Still want to put them on out there. Making you know like completely the attitude and eight or. Could they possibly need on. I need to expand on. Most of the most of the power motor exhaust fans have sealed bearings when you can't all of them. Unlike Al hunt dirt ceiling fan that that's so that's that. Apparent that does require rule but most most what you modes like this the the parents are not open to all that they're sealed. Com. So here's what I would think I would be Judy's how would monitor the silent. It certainly is a concern. So that if it starts making noise again or it's five parading that Albert turn off that record and they can get to exhaust him replaced. Okay. Yeah it's every yeah in a little easier it in the year. It's allowed but I'd it to put on and it. It hasn't made knowing that now Gibbons at the top fuel. I'm sorry we are exactly that you please fuel. I just. Got a boxed up in the attic that a on the box and but it all around and just kind of squeeze it OK to say specifically where. Agents. Right there and then in the blades. Yeah I listened for now it's it's working ended its located so. I just would monitor Crissy what's the starts making noise again or so as far breading it's the start heating company can be a hazard. Right. That's violent in the garage and turned out circuit breaker and it only goes wrong when it gets really ha I get it on the condition to do a program. That's correct yes yeah that the controls that goes off depending on temperature. Okay 500 down at a price our house highs and off off I mean you got to standing on a box that can be that high off the floor act right and decide one. So I need to get up at. More than we'd sit and that seems a little hog farms those those in Ohio and replace them. You know fuse replacement housing advocate on the on the roof. In these flash things singles then than now there's not a lot but it's just replace the motor in re used in the housing we use in the boat the blades. There are urged fob originals will. When they also say it doesn't have the switch. That in this particular then doesn't have to switch to turn on and off I have to go to the garage and turned off that way. Does it when you switch I mean it's a requirement code have a disconnect or switched. I mean the thermostat. Oh controller on and off the pace and temperature in Europe for the record business have switched. Most of it is the most most most of those things you have switches so it's not a bad idea to have war. It's a record. Thank you I appreciate. You bet thank you for. Right let's go to the next call and speak with Chad hey Chad good morning welcome to the show. Hey good morning levee so. I now but nobody else or score wondered if there were. More. Or you can exit. And others ours is but it is. To build. No well look let's not do look at the draw some hope for the best I think in your interview process. What what you have a a set of a blue prints you probably should develop a set of specifications. Specifically for. Building performance that's relating to. Wanna control water vapor control. Insulation. Air conditioning equipment doc work lighting water heaters. Indoor air quality concerns I think he start really developing good set of specifications so that when you're. Your interview builders number one there the row beating to the same set of specs and blueprints. And and that we can help you compare apples to apples and secondly he started interviewing these builders and asking okay what is your experience with this product. War what kind of feedback he got from customers in reference to this topic. Of comfort energy efficiency more should patrol. If you're looking for actually names and contact information you can call the office a month you know keep some us. You bet. Good luck with the with the crotch you got lots of choices that you have to make a reference to you. Building a home to see it the more you knock out and provide those answers early on. You know and and started to knocking out that list of questions easier it is for you builder the faster this for the project. And also the smoother your project will go so. All right well hey Chad thanks for calling the question. I was more folks would take a proactive stance before they go home because what she got into the building process and you start asking these questions. Some of those features you thinking or included are not included in net becomes a change order. Which becomes most times tunnel was most of some additional cost. So it could that your bankrupt of early in the process rather than later and to use the building. Processing at the site indoors. That the slowed openings and those complicated in you know also it's cost. Right so they've got a number one that's available since Chad does hold up to view the question numbers fob 0426. Or 187. Or semi tech's hit 87870. Let's go to our next call in speak with Mike and Mike good morning welcome to the show. Have a question or are they. How should your old. One that college. To the streets partially stopped there outfits or drawing line is concerned. We reflection. Sometimes it works most of you have to use the challenger to get get the water to go through the system. So my thought is that I go by. Drain all appear to run through there. But what I eat it straight talker or a six foot are there to clean that out. A Mike it depends where the obstructionists. Is the obstruction right by the pull it or is it actually. Into the line a few feet away from the close so it's good good it's good question. And that's can be there's no way for me to determine that if you need 34 or six would. It's you know something else you umi would consider instead of giving an order if you haven't done so yet. You can always put a garden hosed you pull it and stick it through the neck and turn it on C can remove that destruction that way and with a garden hose. Typically the short decision about there's 25 feet and unity MO 200 feet so that that would be. Maybe the first step I would do. And if you're on culpable taken the next step of getting an along. Auger that that's when you would call a professional licensed plumber a collective we. I. What are to Washington group there kind of sticking through and and turning 10. Possibly. On. Was too few things where you give you a chance that it opened applauded instructions not completely caught Ian depending what's there. And and the second thing it'll do you unite the hall wall. Ago with location obstructions in along a mistake you need because watchers what you feed that -- UV at a better. You know you can get better feel for how long office they need to keep team structure. You know Mike it listens well a partial structures like this war. Problematic. It really depends with the obstructionists if it's. A feminine products it may be very difficult to do with. India ought to do. So it's just you know depends but it is where it's. Our. You bet they'll thank you I appreciate phone called the call. Right let's go to our next caller and speak with Steve and Steve good morning welcome to the show. Say good morning. Built a new house two years ago North Shore and it was Alter wanted to build or elements in the name we got no issues were under electric great. And action saying that he flexible duct work for my age BA. Where conditioning system. Looks like on how good it looks like hanging on. As opposed to waiting here all the joy via attic joints. Is there benefit of the earth that can cause me problems with the doctor eventually quick thing. So. Steve first ball properly supporting your your doc war of yours plight dock workers were quark. The vast majority of builders. HVAC dealers don't do it don't do right. My my part for product is a dock subtle instead of that black webbing that black strapping you describe the legacy though. The reason like ducks knows because you're you're able to. If you you know. Get home and and it's yours yours your favorite surgeons and putting ducks' title would you get on a picture of the referenced Tuesday. A half men. Apps are cool so rattled the duck axis it's in two points in a while almost like it. On that regard. Yeah almost like. Are half a pike a tried its sheet metal stuck actually sits in two it's got to articles Spain and that supports and off the crowd. Get cute gentle. Transitions of doc work so for reflects that the work properly. He needs any supplied to work needs to be age eight the short traders one possible. With gentle transition. In the teens. I mean bending and extreme chalked earns in order the proper airflow so that was the purpose of the strapping was to do a few things law with the give better flow. And you need to have a strap it at a minimum of every five feet. And you can't have a greater than a quarter inch transition yet to once trapped in the other. If you have that 011. Ducks don't have that and certainly helped you with air flow and also help reduce condensation in the schools are so it's great epic. On this whole Vista on Wright's opinion restriction Steve are a moderate Hutus who dispute brick wall replica that is folks problem promotional year on. TWO. The gates at right back that is welcome back to the home approve and so you have a question now is a good time to call in lecture course and lot numbers 260187. Weakness in the attacks at 877. Is go to phone lines and speak with any any good morning mr. On the water. It. Well on its power and perhaps while a year ago error root problem our colleges. And unity and you know I know a lot to do about it I users are art. I had a dad knew it would vote bleach solution I've been a pretty good job redemption regards bank. And away got some stuff I'll. Orient that the and need to spray it down and use every camera trying Ametek to write (%expletive) and it ended up are you an almost complete. Clear clear sign Chinese repression Robert now they're. Re insert yeah yeah. I got it blows you just mentioned happened. Climb up irons right at it and yeah that ever ever ever lines and acknowledged you know what he mines the plane and a group. Now they that's very good I'm glad it worked out for a thank you can appreciate it. By this article looked at a couple. If Tex if you attempts by all means gives them something 87 needs to see our first. Text today says. What does it deserve your company do if you recommend you can do it yourself a couple of well listen. Mike companies based on consulting so if you have a building performs problem. It will common will tell you here's the cause of the problem in here to solutions. So you can you can execute those those solutions based on building sites yourself. Or you are professionals do for you if you're looking for profession works sometimes not always but sometimes crook recommend. A professional trade and also what products to use. In order to correct problems so a building performance problem would be. If you bills are very odd which got harsher house little warmer than others which you indoor air quality concerns and indeed it does is an issue. Or you have questions about more extra problems saying hey. I have you know more she issues and them growing bolder much you rock or pop out from ceiling or wood floors copped. Those are all this Tom Euro pretty common questions. Inspections we do. One. I what are called the building forensic investigation award and some people call it energy audit warm moisture audit where we're coming code book you building. Where there's a school boards and we we do hospitals would you commercial warehouses office buildings. On your home fishing camps. Now blows for you know inspections were calm in the books OK here's the bill performs problem. Here's the cause. In in here's solutions in this is a U fixes so. Yeah so we come to your place this is that that's the service we offer we don't physically do any improvements yourself by actually have a sister company. In Beijing conference solutions that actually does some improvements that'll improve treatment that. The tees arms such as moisture control and spray polyurethane foam insulation. So few if you know but there's lots and lots of other companies would recommend. Q other improvements that reaching solutions. To those task. Right next Texas. I have a whit soffit and it's time to think will can get bottles citing instead of being should remove the wood and put Fata which is leave it. OK so here's my thoughts about that column. You need to make sure that you if they amount of ventilation. From your sought the meeting in Europe. In the needs to be free obstructed an election. So if you're existing. Soffit vents or functioning well male. If you had a bottle soft and eat it does make sure where you're the openings for a year in your wits office now to put corporate files nodding there. The law here to move for a but you gotta put in the right amount of perforated soffit speakers. You need free air space. And if you look at the preparations that softened the majority of its block wood vinyl siding with an opening hole. And so. You know in most cases. Which are boats off the elation. You know every third panel. Every third soffit analyst perforated seeped through solace in preference to sell its own corporate. In in that lay out if that doesn't match out match up with your existing soft it's. He made the cut some holes existing would make that happen. Or to a techno all the plywood soft it in the lead just the framing their. And they can put files on their through you can certainly do that. And and that would also function well. So and keep those tax coming in the seventies and a look at some where your tax. In little wall in if you have a question gets a call 260187. In a CT folks hold males so we'd go to commercial Britain come back. Donald you'll be first on the phones and you're right after that so hang on folks don't hang up we'll come right back to the home prudential. You're in the bigots and welcome back to the home improvement show let's go to have alliances speak with Donald and Donald morning. Hello. Circuit more weapons this show. My ball. Have a problem with what if you knew it was who's proven to be somewhat difficult. I have. Only five ton unit. With the you know. Efficiencies at thirteen Mulder and the problem I'm having is that via. The hand of the media unit is collecting war and a trip about the emergency training those profit. And and then become become rather attractive. These. Clean drainage plan that forces during loans and balanced news. Certainly this slight sort of free zone. And that really didn't solve the problem I think it will call back. Because the opinion it was a collect water again and group Nokia. He emergency pipe on profit. And when they came back. We have a difficult to try and the diagnosis and Olympic came up with Potomac that landed him. I'm not return there. And also that the show. I think the support supply bill wasn't quite this. Who put the 452 and you knew would. I have 212 bucks one reform rules. Would that be enough return here. Reply to. Whom do recoup at least twelve. But 24. Runs to recruit you to a home. Two so this will come up for the 24 point one reform. That's right close no sir. So wait a 24 but 24. Return air and take only a lawless view. Approximately. 16100 C a film's air flow. In a five time is booked close to 2000 sequence of Lucy you're short. Yeah SARS that 16100 and it's it's it's 1150. So you were short. Home. 850 C a films that you are grossly undersized. It could why can't afford to have stalled. Won Wimbledon I mean it was and hopefully move part of two years going. What I have fought applies to banditry territory you know commit Fatah some definitely show on the return their open okay. So let me let me exit out when they changed from a four tough often that they also changed the supply dock worker upstairs. I don't think so that they also mention that. Sickness supplies don't wanna think India to Manuel looked up close look. Call for maybe 23 you. He boy that that that wall that wall soft fur that double greatly crippled your recognition system both oil and efficiency. And capacity. In some Toms does contribute to moisture problems like you're describing. With water you know just dripping into diversity plan. So you know it almost sounds like you need to address book to return side as relishes supply plenum supply doc work. In order to make this machine work well put a five to may be too big. And you know that that's the first step I always recommend. Is two and a manual chair of the calculation and that as the heat little calculation determine. What size you that you need to address the external heat company Curome as well as the internal heat in the moisture through that you have to remove. Hum. And and that helps you also issue first up deciding which sized dot quirky neat because when you do Rome or Rome heat load Norman mutate. Calculation. Is that it it helps you determine how many see if I'm Jeannie for each individual space heroes. And then it helps you determine what size duck quirky he'd. He took that air. As one of the steps in order to compete at the moment they are to that space to prop equal. For our Korea via. With the unions don't ordinary things installment of Politico problem and it appears also. Like a Long Island chains on everything you know. Yeah against things that the former Contra flow and flow. Morris a problem that's collected and payment of the children's fingerprint grossly bash is gonna Roscoe controversy and you have to. Donald its sales like and I'm out there on this on this woman information you give me over the over the phone it sounds like you have more than just abortion problem you have to contend with and you know I'm I don't know a breach in your pocket and norm spending some your money. But you could get better coffer and better energy efficiency that are into air quality loss. Reducing or eliminating his bush problem if you could you address as a whole list leeway so could the page feature on the need to tentative. So well what would be your suggestions forms of trophies from here. I think I would talk with your music companies RD in there this milieu equipment. And have them do a Emanuel. And determined. What size stop working people returning supply side. Make those changes and make apps with certain that you're you're drained for your property cadets who coal. Is properly slope to make sure that's his right sized piping in order to eliminate. Or reduce the risk of more problems. Oh you're so. I wanna miss this to the cities to Donald we could use it yet refrigerant. There's no possible way. That they can get a proper refrigerate draw us with on the size dog quirk in dark leaks. So they're guessing at that with perjury charge so what you group once you were. Replace shoot ducks you give him airtight you clean your inside machine you also need to verify. You referred in charge when you what you get proper air flow. We used to replace some reduction talking about the you know return ducks. And and possibly supply Dutch if you supplied duck who's on the article. Both returning supplied he's like doc was designed for fort a machine where there have been a lot of times. Right the supplies to accomplish well. Okay. When signal manually do well that's sort of the inspection. A bad day in American team okay looked on he web site for you recommend the contract is formula upon popular little ones. He recommend one that's correct yes there. Okay because when I'm not sure of what would go with Somalia also one of the news as far as like to vote. Clean and drink and 0212 though so it's an explosive currently funnel torture. Connoisseur compared. That compares well that's that's uniting. Ripped off that's on that's about it on. Our cooperation out. You sir you bet thank you don't thank you good luck with the with the improvements are folks we will go to commercial broken come back Ed Europe next and Bobby SER old don't go nowhere. And keep those checks come in 8787 it's your text as well we'll be right back after this welcome back keep those phone calls common that numbers 260187. Knee hurts and attacks at 87870. Let's go to phone lines and speak myth that he had good morning welcome to the show. The moment all thanks for taking my call you sir I'm in the planning stage it's. Building a new home getting more designed and everything. I'm gonna have a 500 square forward separate woodworking shop. And I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction. Is there a way to handle the potentially. That 500 square foot area where I do not need. And AC units in more content balloon. And it. So in winter. Well I was about to say yes you said the worst summer. I. Oh come on what if you you know. Stationary stance in total look worked in the. That does help a lot so yes that there are some ways that you can column. You could reduce the model for heat is coming into your shop and you can get pretty aggressive with it but when you keep that this Tom a year all Orleans still. Probably the end of September it's going to be pretty warm in there in here's my other concern about this too is that. You because external boat oysters will depends on which who should have an and that says we're workshop but mark my dad has won. And you know between delay and in the schools in the saws and the drill bit central presses and everything else. There are some Tommy years when he gets really moist in that space. And he does give ovals or trust and you gotta be real practice about it. So you may choose to selectively using the Mitt afar on and off throughout the year. When you're not used in the shop like overnight went after you've worked and at all day long and he got a clean up you can turn on YouTube that are close everything up and and remove some moisture that way. I concede that my dad's shop does not have a condition in the and we insulated the Dickens out of it every square inch. As spray foam insulation around it. It's a slap on grace as a concrete slab the walls the still root want above it is all insulated with its hope and so spray foam. And you can go in that shop with the fans with you know with an isolating fan or box and and and not be so unbearable but you need to be so electable with Thomas day. You work like this Tom a year. You know it's early in the morning league even type projects you're not gonna get there. At twelve and 2 and 3 o'clock in the end you could Steve could sway it if there's just not running at lesser adding some form of mechanical systems from moving to eat Lichen air conditioned. Okay. To have one of those little humble around basic units and I'm using right now in my garage. Would that. Would that cause any problems admitting there. My what my only concern is the foreign funds sought dust may clog that cut that that's moment concerned about that it. Will lift function with the help yes it will. But I don't know if you feel we use it what you actually and I'm sure what's up with pork products stupid you're dealing with any type of foreign dust rice could eat that machine up. Okay all right well thank you very much in the count. No no good locking and dumb hey I'm I'm hoping you give a really nice. Shot back not the meeting. Of the vacuums it doesn't put next to the tools in order to suck up some fun does it's it's Greta for indoor air quality in the sells them for you along so. Yes it is. All right thank you very much on it. They look at appreciate it thanks for phone call our lesson you've got a question give me a buzz 2601 point seven would love to hear from the US and attacks at 87870. I don't have enough time to keep the body because Bob could run out of time. So a Kindle pivot well spokesmen on the buy them a squeegee illicit could be. If I kit the finished that they achieve question will hold you over to the next our problem so Bobby could have to question good morning. The mormons would bring real quick two story home odd to raise the unit. Of course all of my heated up there. Com a look in tomorrow night insulation. Pop beat again up oriented that brilliantly in in there. Cannot applaud affords great moment a moment. I look in the they take in and more insulation. Between cancellation on city. Are they like nine inches. Thought that would put it like or 38 which is like and that there king into without Aziz. Cost efficient by about and the time and money whatnot it more rewards from it. Yes you will so in short the answers yes she will however bodies two things on a caution about nothing back and sweet he's in real quick. Make sure as you're heading not a tennis is elation no blocking your soccer revelation the outside walls. And secondly. You would do real well air sealing argue ceiling demonstrations. Before you add the new insulation so moved back your existing insulation. Make every silly penetration airtight and then at united ten inches out of Tom folks.