Hidden bestiality community focus of new book

Wednesday, April 25th
Scoot talks to Carreen Maloney, author of the new book "Uniquely Dangerous: A True Story" which pulls back the curtain on hidden bestiality communities in the American south

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Last night president trump held his first state dinner at the White House and apparently a Maloney a takes a lot of credit for I'm not seeking outside help in in organizing all of this. Senator John Kennedy Republican from Louisiana was at the dinner last night. He'll take us inside the final what happens. But was there to eat what is it like going to a state dinner at the White House is gonna join us in the next hour. If you're just tuning in we've been talking about a guy Jesse Hernandez who has made the top fifty finalist. In a hit in the the attempt to find the sensations for the new season. And he says he's a guy I mean if you had named Jesse you can be a girl or Oregon I mean it's it's it's a guy. And so this raises the question is it sexist to say that the sensations should be all women. Or is the guy can do it should he be able to do it. How will continue that conversation it in a few minutes but I want to add something to the conversation that is it is really disturbing. You don't to. You don't necessarily reflects. The attitude the mentality of the state in which she lived. Louisiana is a very backward state. I don't consider myself to be backwards even though I live here. Hi there are people in New Orleans and there are people really all over the state were not backwards thinking people. But JP Burrell. Say senator from New Orleans. Is trying to strengthen the anti obesity law bestiality law. And he's getting some opposition from lawmakers who see it as an underhanded move to. To affect the State's unconstitutional ban on sodomy so I mean we'll let the latest California very quickly. We have an anti sodomy law on the books in Louisiana. Sodomy is against the law in Louisiana. Which it's really not. The Supreme Court ruled in 2003. In the case of Lawrence hearses the state of Texas. That banning sodomy. Is simply unconstitutional. We are so stupid it. That we had a chance to a couple of years ago to get rid of the sodomy law we did not get rid of it. So there are still people clinging to this ridiculous idea. That if we bans sodomy we somehow have a recent are a good way to go after days. Maybe sometimes it's used as an extra charge against prostitutes. But this is the backwards thinking of Louisiana. So fear. Is that. The anti sodomy law. Might be in jeopardy. There are people who don't wanna strengthening anti beastie Tony law. And one of the things that judge JP morale wants to do. Is he wants to change to be steal any law because he says it needs to include things like mental evaluations. And penalties for trafficking. Animals for sex. Trafficking. Animals. For sex. This is a story when aren't Associated Press yesterday. Nationwide. And it says in the past three years six states have updated their laws on BC out. Opponents. Say the current law in Louisiana is fine. I think this is this is a national. Embarrassment. And I think it's people like me and use it needed to speak out because it's important for us to let everybody know that everybody in the state of Louisiana doesn't think this way. And there are people who pick up to show on line from around the country and certainly throughout this this this region. I mentioned that this was a pending problem in the legislature a couple of days ago. And a listener called the show and then she ended up dropping off her new book she just finished a book on based reality. Her name is Korean Mallory and Korean welcome to our show asserts create careened right. Or Korea increased book is titled uniquely dangerous. A true story. And obviously I don't wanna get into. Details. But. I wanna read just this. I haven't read the book yet. But I want to read something in the very very beginning of the book. That refers to. Zoo file. Tech directors who filed. Actually pronounce it to a final. Xenophile. As you file. The first of all this relates to pursue. Which is an an outspoken member of a mostly covenant. A mostly Covert. Community of people worldwide. Who form their primary social and sexual Barnes. With animals. So when I read something about a zoo or at tech and go to the the dedication the bookie said this book is dedicated to the animals. Who are killed by humans. When their secret lives with Suze. Are discovered. And a zoo is. A secret community Europe. Someone of a Covert community. Of people who bond primarily socially and sexually. With animals this is true. Yet they believed to be there for sure he and Andy I'd dearly she's. We in the right under the US constitution for sexual orientation. That struggle. You know I'm a really open minded guy I mean I've I've been grew up here on. Hang out a French Quarter. A little of the country. I'm I've always been open minded my entire life. This kinda shocks me. It shocked me to only be. Rated in the small world community where I was living packing twenty and at this. Really. Thought it was a chill key here steep Carter. I had no idea it was an actual being started and he will it entry while. That each people believe that it's an gene pool they turned out and I miss seeing perhaps it was actually some kind of childhood trauma. A lack of charts for people. I didn't practice and actually the case. And it is not. Common but there you will know people who is secretly. They're your friends and neighbors. DR. I mean I. 35. And it wasn't. Is there a stereotype. No actually just thinking the only thing it's finding common. Which all 35 pretty much across the board was that when he reached puberty. Even before. They felt that they were attracted. You ski seat where they're. So it there is actually their their. Just really physically attracted to an animal not using an animal to just. To just physically and utilize the animal for sex and they're they're attracted to the animal. Well yes maybe. Beer repulsed by the idea sacks which human being that low key struggle being in Iraq to see that he actually. Our shield saintly. Actually humans as. Do you feel with having sex when aren't. Wow I mean this is like. This is eye opening to me. It was to meet you I had no idea it was shocking in the has never been trying to. Written in English this subject need be in Europe but not here and except for a Ph.D. dissertation and then out there aren't that more. Or memoir it's out of Trenton that was it. And this is if this is a global phenomenon. It's all over it or communicate using the angels and don't even know each other is just serve our security reasons. The party scene trips in the back. On Internet form. It's. And they said it was surprisingly rare and started to do the story people. Act. Experience they are actual apple iPad crock. Eighteen line I mean I have been out for each and stress of being that it happened in childhood or. Very things are. I mean I went to buy a printer. From one of the box office stars and when that killed in inquired. As to what it was four and I talk about my birch said that his uncle and follow their lot with the Stanley thought. Which are a lot of problems for the obviously. The guy fell in love with the family dog. The guy who attended the dismay and falls in love with the family dog and so this affects a relationship with his wife. I mean I know I would laugh well yeah I mean I would laugh but this is like so. Seriously it's not even funny. Out of all the stories I've done. In that thirty years Brendan journalists. It wasn't the most surprising thing I've ever arch. Can you continue the conversation. Okay I'm gonna take a break from Obama should come back. All right hold on. I doubt we'll put he'd put to occurring on on old train Lowry is her name she's the author of the book that is just come out call is uniquely dangerous. A true story. It's about BC LD. And there is this. Group of people around the world. Can refer to as the zoo. And they have formed their primary social and sexual bonds. With animals. I know right. Exactly and that's what I'm thinking I did. I've heard some wild stories. But I didn't necessarily. Think that they were really. Really true. And this has come up because there are some people in our legislature. There are trying to protect the anti beastie Audi law and not make it stronger. To also protect. The unconstitutional. Ban on sodomy in the state. And I guess somewhere in here there are people who know people in Louisiana and maybe there representing them on on. They need to in the legislature. Did are having. Intimate relationships with animals. If you wanna join us in the coming our numbers 2601 A semi tech states every Saturday as it does it's fascinating to me. We're coming back and our conversation. I'm scooped under interview room. And this is so wrong there is kind of funny. Let me tell you if your and is to a final. I'm but those animals are asking for you. I think he was really supposed to be saying ask but he just kind of what pets are a little bit. Careened Mallory is is our our guests on the phone and I've achieved or dropped a book off the station that coincides with fists on attempt to strengthen the anti beastie only law in Louisiana with the legislature. Her new book is titled dangerously unique a true story. It's about the zoo files. People who formed their primary social and sexual bond. With animals. And it's in their genes. According to them to develop the sexual relationship with an animal and their grossed out thoughts. Of having sex with a human. I'm getting a couple of text here from from the audience and and look I get the audience it's it's it's fun when they. Talk about you know you I my last girlfriend was a real animals you know I mean I understand that that part of it. But this is. This is serious and when what is disturbing to me is that there's an attempt in the legislature by some. To not strengthening anti beastie Ali law because it would do something to maybe weakened the ban on sodomy law. In Louisiana. Which is it's unconstitutional. Banning sodomy is Artest already been to determine to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Here's are pretty much opinion poll do you support strengthening. The State's anti beastie Audi law. 70%. Say yes but 30% say no. Leadership team by going to our web site WW realm. Dot com. Karine I wanna go back to. This idea that people feel like they are born this way. And I mean I'm not even sure how to ask these these questions. I do wanna cover one thing though that in the state of Louisiana as in many states. There's animal host entry. There there are ways to help animals breed and end. Race horses and and and things like that so anything involving animal husbandry. Is not going to be are covered by this correct. That's my understanding in been. Laws that are treated removed. And there ought to be very difficult. Farm lobby. Things like that however. It means even excluded it should be seen as we go where an older line of the injured and straighter. Directly. Perhaps there might he thought he could lead to more restrictive laws in terms of demons from horses in our on men doing media arts and so on so many in what they do you. Get. Helped collect from are valuable valiant intent. They are debt. Out there and it's so I'm not sure it's meaning they were in that boat people being approached. The pro farm. And there were seven I just mentioned it a story they went out are Associated Press yesterday when our nationwide. And one of the things that senator JP Perot on wants to do is change the beastie Audi law in the state. So it includes things like mental evaluations and penalties. For trafficking animals for sex we talk about traffic in on the show often but it involves human beings. So you're telling me that there is. There's so there there there are people out there who have certain animals that they they traffic from one place to another for the purpose of having sex. But that was indeed screen and keep your. Overall. She it's was. Something that it would they're found a man who greeted he accused the commercial be out arm couldn't find any that there was a British court. Act at all times by. I didn't find that in fact she hears that extension. But didn't your people right now. While as one of the big concerns of our state senator and morale. Here's a Texas says are most zoo a files mail. 35 niners you'd 33 were male and you are seeing now. I don't know if they're male or just more vocal that they claim they're just anywhere. But I. I was only able to interview children and meat or meat come forward after this but crocodile. Now careened this discos beyond what I don't have to get seduced or just a moment I mean can you stay with us through news and we'll talk a moment. I can tell people. Is cheap. Stint in town he will. Not sure it is isn't handling on on Amazon. In. Line or go support your local store recurring. Corey say whether it's because they've got more questions we'll continue this conversation when we come back. Yeah I really obviously this was just such a silly thing to to to think about when your heard about you know old beast realities kind of stuff but now we're finding out that it's. It's uniquely dangerous and that is the title of the book it's a true story by Korean Mallory she joins on WWL and this is a legitimate topic because this is something that our Louisiana legislature is stealing it. There are some people who were up Posey. Strengthening the anti beastie Ali law in our state. Because they don't want to weaken the anti sodomy law cautious unconstitutional. I mean this just makes us look like a bunch of performance. I'm getting a lot of tax time like this when that says so I'm a young man and I have no problem with cougars. Which I dissent has loved us in this audience on the crane welcome back to the show for those who are just tuning in. There is something known as a zoo and its an outspoken. A member of a mostly Covert community of people worldwide who formed their primary social and sexual bonds with animals. And your research has shown your interviews with 35 different. Zoo files. That this is that the way they feel like come while they were born to it to be attracted to animals. Yet there were a couple of exceptions for example. One line was twenty and the error. He's legally blind. See is pretty living in the small town in the mid. And had been actually used by their children to school without getting any support administration's time. And she said she formed her record her effort and back. The only sexual relationship she feels comfortable. And particularly. Receptive. OK I do not want to you know get. Their crowd out anyway but I but I but II you know II wonder bring awareness to this because I'm getting text from people who are as shocked assign him. And luck and I I've let a great life hadn't seen a lot of things and done a lot of things but I tell you this is something that. This the idea that this exists in this way. And is is. It's not that it's prominent in terms of the percentage of people that do it but apparently it's. It's is some. It's a group. Is that shares a common denominator as opposed to. All the there was that scene in Jay and silent Bob strike back you know it was farm animal and so do this link to stupid stuff like that that you did you hear about. In certain snuff films and and things like that but. This is a lot more serious than that. It's a lot more complicated more common in fact back. Is he 1940 in the key swing out and see. The treatment sex researcher released and can you report. He spent 111000 people half women half men and found that approximately 80% of the men and 3.5 percent of the women. At pat at least one actual experience in our culture and their time now are not in year out but it means that they have crossed the teach their air. And back in Columbia. There's an entire. Region. On our code. Order to write a passenger all manner expected. I can't volume we now can listen zones that were hit it. It's hard you get their. Hitters should be the church do. Oh thank god it's there and and they're not here. I am I'm looking at the did the titles of some of the chapters of your books. And it says. I can't read all of a but I can read beastie Tony busting. Connecting dots. Selling secrecy. The heavy petting and I mean this this Disco song tell me what the chapters soup community is about it's about this group of to a files. Yeah that's the trap and it's bourbon over at the bottom. Which if you Google and you hurt you'll find that there has been. Probably millions of stories. Could on Internet about him and he's been mean character. Oh are sort of a wider view. Upping the community in general are and it. Interviewing other people in pop writing their stories where. So that discusses from the community is. Where they are and how they communicate. And they use the Internet and social media to communicate well with each. They striking encryption and they go by nickname gain or protecting tea form and get busted the camera he'll clear in our. Is that you group of people that went up all around the world. Community on the he says that one pretty in India accepted because they don't get caught it is really themselves to their own up to. So so it's it's it's conceivable. That there are people that watch. The dog show that there watched destined showed that watch Steve's you know do the Westminster dog show with impure thoughts. Yes and I actually found out that nearly all the ones that I interviewed had all in your work she. In colonel rescue Molina who welfare. Fabrics census and so now we have to question those people who volunteer for those things. Well I mean it's not it's not so small percentage it's just a lot you figure that acted. It to her for the accurate and not huge. But it's much harder I think what people would expect. While I was shocked. By a just a few of the things are picked out in your book and I mean I started the year today in his condition and a chance to read the the entire book but I'm shocked I appreciate you spending time to discern Karine Mallory the authors are newly released uniquely changer is a true story and it's about. Pursue a files. Com you know I I I sought to fete. I had heard everything about the two free video of humanity but this just takes it another step further. And I guess for those who would say well and I you know I would during that same sex marriage debate aren't I got calls from these are well what look at what would next to me a guy wants to marry his dog. Well the difference is an animal cannot give consent. Yet there argument would be I suppose. And it is my argument at the argument that they keep me. Well as I see. Around them and it's about body. Well. It's a lot of these people are gifted with animals to have been started by society you know animals. That you. Not Orion by any now. Again I'm not eating that the heat ears burning bright in the book I. Tried very hard cheap child story without editorializing thing for weeks in Cairo as a narrator by taxpayer. Intention. Curry Mallory thanks for being with us on every WL. Cultural or. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260 point 870 I'm I'm almost two standard talk. Text numbers 87 EA severing I'm scooter. This was not the song that we had scheduled to assist. The upper song coming out of this break part I just and I deemed it inappropriate considering the seriousness of what we have been talking about. You know we're talking about the Louisiana legislature were talking about politicians and our state. They don't want to strengthen the beastie Audi law. What is that about what are these people doing. As so I find this legitimate book. A ballots. About this topic. And for those of you who say that this was inappropriate to talk about I understand that. You know they're people who think it's inappropriate if I say something negative about president trump. There were people who thought it was inappropriate to talk about. Being for same sex marriage so I mean I get that I've been in this business a long time there'll always be those who don't agree with bush talking about. By tight end in my defense were talking about something before the Louisiana legislature. And to take it seriously. I thought it was important for us to to understand that this is a serious problem. And some of these legislators may be protecting people who really are is to a files. I don't know about you bites ignorance. It's not an option. And it's important to know got to Texas says scooters as for yes this is. OK you know I sometimes I guess sarcastic and have fun on the show this is very very real. Tears me. In fact it's so real it's scary. From Metairie won't hear on Daria you well. Department of dignity. But the. And I'm not gonna go there and you know I mean. You know there's so there's a light hearted aspect is a sport but but honestly this is. Serious. It doesn't mean that there are a lot of these people out there but the fact that they exist the fact that this is not something. About a movie that. This is something that people feel like they have this genetic makeup that they. For understood their primary social and sexual relationship with an animal. Mean I think it's good to know that there are people like this. In the world. Because as I say when it comes to everything I don't consider dangerous to be an option. Here's our party must opinion poll do you support strengthening the State's anti B Sione law. 72%. Say yes. 28%. Say now. Why would 28% of the people responding endlessly just joking when this. Why would 28% of the people. Say that they don't support making the BCD anti VCR and a stronger. And again one of them the one of the series is that there are people who don't want to. They don't wanna they don't wanna weekend. The law that bans sodomy in the state. Which is unconstitutionally every day can do and our law is absolutely stupid it's ridiculous it doesn't make any sense it's not worth the paper. It's red not and yet there are people who still staple of this is what we have to do. This is how we stop gay man no that's not what you do. And again that that that word is. Is something that. Is not. Specific to. Gays and lesbians a tank so I think about the me again and sometimes the state is so backwards. I think it supports a talk about it I'm scooter movie back and every every realm.