Herb Tyler Previews LSU vs Mississippi State

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

Former LSU QB Herb Tyler joins Double Coverage to talk about LSU's performance through two games this season. Plus, gives us a preview of what to expect against the Bulldogs.


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Herb Tyler former LSU quarterback co host the tire tailgate show on Saturdays with the Soviet joined right now on the radio model enough herb. You know other Twitter comment. Yeah a book a good man but I'd been hit with 200. Turn Parlow for so it hurt our local guys who argue that it Natalie you're. It's we might this bottle and read up on that comment fumble fumbles same animal what Hugo you know. But that music. Don't they say that herb don't feed into this guy's old line all line don't feed and assess. The deal of if your past 33 year old come on I'm 39 a year younger than you. Well you know I'd I'd just became old I've been you know a work out pretty often in a woke up this morning and in my left me was kind of herds are kind of blamed it on the forty years old thing. It might want to many he would student you would think I would vote for. Here's the thing fellas it's a moving target for me I'm 33 years old so by the time I'm 4040 is not going to be old courthouse Camille Little are in maximizing resuming its assessment has set logic I harvest time it. Their territory in and you know if like you believe are important. Africa. Her buzz died in analogy mr. B state first SEC contest for the tigers. This weekend on the road and they're seven and a half point favorites I wanna say and he played in star probe for how obnoxious are those cal bills. You know that the top. Operatives are not to be armed with did not before the game during the game and after the it and if it was the I don't predict the state when in this particular game. Note that they can be distracting. If you're not tuned into the games which I don't believe it's gonna really pretty clear the important to me and what I think. It was you Google totally completely focused on pit and they are not gonna. Did back in and anticipate just go unemployment to be stayed out if you will. What they're going to be peaceful and the first SEC game codes or on those that already. The playoff between the effectively express opinion that they did but I think in keeping them deter them away and it. Yeah oh you said you don't expect him to win this one Mississippi stable one we ever expect to beat LSU only won once since 1999. I don't not a machine call us or rivalry anymore of that kind of lopsided success for the tigers serve. Absolutely that opera the newspaper indexes that year and he had been a year ago you know. It you know what you know pick Obama if they though is that going to be compared to that and we are there and put itself. On at that you know is this we had they known for some reason and what that means they would is just you know it's modeled. That means that have been our. Is just you know quote our committees or between David being close. To each other once they leave you real. Armed and you know it is an item to be that you guys act means monopoly it became you know okay they would came from a piece so they knew a lot of guys. That we permit to be they in fact he went to project Ichiro. On ought to have the disappointments mean you guys do in with the MB Utecht camp. In the according at the time is typically Vietnam name dispute means that it coach these are on the court. All parents zaireans. Well according and he did a room by the united you know option turned down there. Are. Condoleezza we are just given variance process maybe the best play caller in the NFL a signal for Oregon civilian buildings and they split occurred here. Women vote. Great coaches coaches as well it according mopping up. Nigeria preside done this year like he's Sony people think he might be after this year talking to herb Tyler here on double coverage former LSU quarterback in cohost of the tiger tailgate show with. Deke Bellavia fascinating matchup for me in this one I heard is that it's defensive front for LSU who's going to be. I have ardent key back the past pressure on the outside against a really good to great offensive line from Mississippi State that has not allow it to. And a sack all season long but only other side Ella she only 339 total yards allowed their first two games C going to be great to watch entrances this week. The beloved figure in the first it and what you say only be. You know you've eaten at these people. They're real culprit I have. One of the best offensive line than the in you see the protective accord. It's you know in in that you you know it opens old. Obama the delegate vote to downgrade don't want to be on the games so thank. In my in my opinion. On Japanese aren't you going to be back in that moment that that be for the partly even bird. On the they're gonna do it they're completely better calm in what we've seen in the in the past two games now. What that also means it's about that but I'm back to step up neatly well that you. But a different perspective definitely. On you know overall we'd DB Hewitt who goes so inaudible a lot of personal you know what it would have been. Committed to a fourth time this particular game. In the global economy could top one of these news and it impressive credit card game. Herb Tyler former LSU quarterback co host the tire Terry in show on Saturdays. With the B chief Deke Bellavia herb a rethink USC Mac candidate can't take the wraps a little bit off of this offense and who will see a little bit more than we saw the last couple weeks. No I think I think Tutsis it is it is we took the U would've. Meant to be aged between the defensively. It would have been if they demanded offensively is what we're going to see now how does he accomplish that immediate more meat is a little bit different. You know emotion. On you know what we all that we would you know we went deep in the epic real portly and connect it really well please. In reconvened at that. Available at that moment so I think what you think things out of there in question. You know can threaten. I'm about me on the ball you know and ignited by an it. In the book the book that he was in one that they about ten offensive as you can formation. With Seagram dictate the defense that saved a lot of thank you. In Lima and nine and about how he did you. You know my back that come from knew that going emotional currently. Now if not if you want it gonna put you know Nikola packets out at the moment the ball a little bit long. Where we need to when the ball within twenty that we can put you guys on the part. In the diet that we need to do it. Darwin. Herb Tyler and herb Tyler for on Twitter. Former LSU what I can co host of the entire daily show with the ability yourself we appreciate the time now to show on Saturday. The problem thank you guys they'll keep doing well man in the low with you guys don't know I have. Enhance appreciation are. Yet they're part Robert Howard and Ricky sit tight.