Heating up and some rain on the way

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Thursday, September 14th

WWL's Dave Cohen and Dave Nussbaum look at the heat and humidity returning to Louisiana and increasing rain chances after really no rain at all so far this month.


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I never really got cold but it was cool pitch the word that mr. meteorologist Dave just bombs. Repeated over and over her camp but now we're getting back to hot. That's out of it is also because Katy Perry's here this morning at the convention center. Getting ready for American Idol auditions here in New Orleans. Good morning mr. meteorologist. Good morning how idea. I'm doing pretty happy Friday last Friday eve is here and they'd be floor Friday but the much easier back here I can definitely feel it when I stepped out this morning. And the temperatures are a little higher today as well. Yeah you can sort of feel this morning and not really something we want of course it was to have been had this nice treat for what a week. Yasser it's back to kind of reality force open a thing you know just again you know it's still summertime tech leads police this 21 to September. And and now like summer actually ends in New Orleans just completed the 21 of September. So yeah I was lucky and it's like now what 93% relative humidity there's dew points are definitely up a little bit yeah. And a temperatures are up a little bit this. It's just a bad morning out there up for this time of the year normally we should still have Lowe's in the seventies or restore the sixties I'll take that we have that start the day today. But that does change mean it would weaken those be back in the seventies highs we background and nineties. The only thing we have coming up weather wise of any kind of need is partly today 87 degrees and little to no rain 10% chance that as that. Tomorrow and Saturday there's action cannot lingering Taylor trough full pressure from Irma it's sitting over the northern Gulf of Mexico. That's gonna work its way northward not only bring back the humidity but also about 40% chance rain Friday Saturday so we will see some rain coming to play. Not a washout from activities this weekend but on and off showers coming through there yet and it what's so far the smoke for fourteen days in a only eight what hundredths of an inch of rain is that essentially no rain that's like no. The so is little bit to answer some your lawns and plants could easily and so we'll see that Bryant said he won't be awash self but the we'd start to drive back out Sunday to next week about a 20% chance for each day highs that we go on sale. Outlook can you know something just that would make up for few days it acted no rain today now but tomorrow on Saturday of 40% chance. And on Sunday just just on home another run a story about the tropics on. I was watching Jose out there Jose still barely holding on getting hurricanes with a lot of wind shear expected to weaken to a tropical storm. Later today but think every tenth event back in hurricane should curve up along the East Coast east he just topic who sent between their Bermuda going up. Eventually turning to the northeast so big waves you're going out to the Carolinas surged back in Georgia Florida to a science significance or. That's serves up DA wealthy. Attack early one given servers something to celebrate but now looking like it's gonna hit any land in the US anyway maybe Bermuda. They had that's and they want to couple waves and keep an eye coming off of Africa. Look at the extended forecast calls one of them is trying to develop something that works its way to the Caribbean. Maybe toward the Bahamas East Coast going into the end of September it like that far off of so like the 25 46 September so now we have to nor can hang it up once.