Head trauma in combat sports and Trump disinvites the Eagles

Bobby & Kristian talk with New York lawyer Paul Edelstein about legislation he wants to get passed involving protections for fighters who suffer head trauma, then react to President Donald Trump's decision to disinvite the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House.

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Moving right along our three year sports talk Bobby Christian Marc Bernardin master control of your phone calls. At 5042601870. Text 87870. LSU eliminated but talk CE CTE a little bit a few moments of Paul and hosting. Palestine I should say New York City attorney wanna change combat sports terms of the some of the rules and pick his brain visited duke on top would Georgia right now in the Athens regional. Five to three top of the sixth inning. Parties seem to topping nationals he's you know emanated two more are on the ropes Georgia Ole miss. Could be wild but Bobby give it back to look I am with the text you wanna get too. Yes outlook kinda late considering his ability in the chances that that you'll get you know no matter what the sport whether it's football basketball. Baseball whatever if if you can play you can be given opportunities and chances. Is that fair are not fair. I mean that he looked the other way and sweep things in the garage. Who got a couple of tags that I dig is kind of appropriate that a situation. A win Luke timely outstanding pitcher Florida Oregon State Beavers. This is from. C 1065. Because we also talk about handicap is Errol. That and we gonna get to that bed at all before that one element to get to the previous 16766. It doesn't matter how well he pitches. It is disgusting. That they'll that Oregon has a sex offender pitching. Knowing things they care about is winning. It took him 65. This is dealing with. Like any Canas Errol vs blue Heimlich. Is that an actual marrow fairest way Devern and sexual molestation of a six year old. And the mother of little girls said they went off for two years. So basically from four to six years of age. And it doesn't matter of that. Goes on boy and would choose for it yes yes yes and then a big difference even though he was fifteen that's terrible. And now like having sex when another contending. Adult although married. So it is it is different novel moral standpoint. Is obviously. I don't line not the right thing to do and I think I would think sexual molestation. Of the kids. There is a lot worse than actual marrow a fair pro moral standpoint nibbled the wrong Monica there is delivering significant. When you think about when Manny Canas arrows dealing with the Mississippi State. Now vs Luke Luke Heimlich the pitcher or against the. Jay in Metairie was going on Jay Iran WL. That's about this jerk look kindly. All of it is that he paid his debt to society he has done is that when this little girl on the law has baggage. She does this is going to be weigh in on our minds whether a child psychologist to talk edgy dialogue as Eddie it's Eddie's status debt. Well we never going to be never you'll be back always. You always have a scar from the. Exactly the power of the victim. And he's gonna cry he's been dead. Hopefully that you drafted you know that you probably will. At some point semis doing right leasing out. Which eat the as a problem that you concern is that as far as. That consenting adults between it is quite yet. I've been a child what. And so it. Which he is. Dead baby. 100% as the law says he paid his debt that's laxative but do I think that the debt was enough and answer would be no. More poorly though. My beer my bigger focuses on Morgan State University. Not necessarily. Mean I don't sell it Luke Luc I'm. You. Know. That. Speechless and so what does arms these. He got some kind of mental flaw to do this in the first place but it can look at logo but probably. If you and that's Conceptus of that Puget you know. Yeah Jane another part of this that's frustrating is aside from you know. Well in the family it is is the fact that he admitted to it in a court of law are at an out and written in a document. And then in an interview to get ready for the NFL for the MB the Major League Baseball got excuse me more worked up he then goes. To a Sports Illustrated says I didn't do it. I'm not guilty. Total denial and that's that had at anti hours. For the victim they think it's puzzling to me. There's you could have Tom Ellis the molestation. All around the world. Are any parts of the country and our the last. You know west closed the northeast the deep south whatever. And the good stereo tied. What is like. You know we obviously have gotten this against us in the and the whole thing and you would think. That you look at the northwest's. And the majority not everybody but the way of thinking. That there's no way they would put a witness. That is not just something that like for instance. The movie deliverance when I came about. And you Google would occur and inches. If you backwoods you can have backwoods anywhere you gonna molestation doesn't matter what part of the country your from. The point being I'm surprised. That an inaugural west and that in that area of the country. That. That he was still pitch and Oregon State. You remove Luke Heimlich from the from the equation. He can be canned my point is or estate is where my frustration lies with more than than climate meals. Dessert given this guy a platform told we go out there to showcase his talents what he's going to get millions form because they're gonna they wanna make money off of back. The back of Luke Heimlich. We'll step way come back Paul little sign New York City attorney CT expert. Coming up next here on W grew up. I walked back to sports talk. Paul L -- New York City attorney CT expert. On apologize and I pronounce your last name wrong. Now that's all right. You're not the first human you won't be the last but that doesn't that the object okay is it feels unreal Steve we handled it better and many people would set it up on us including many judges so I don't correct path opposite sort of like an apology from I appreciate. Yeah Paul Aysu mangoes law. Macros or very simply it is we wanna see combat. Sports participants treated like emergency room patients where in the fight is over which essentially what they'll. So if you were an emergency room after a tropical one of two things would happen to you either. He did it KeySpan if if an emergency room physicians felt there was a need for or if you weren't given it can. You would be held for observation for at least an hour. To rule out and neurological signs and after an hour something's changed that you would be given to him and so you know you're Eric eve of care so. We think he's got to be treated like that and it doesn't even mean sending them necessarily to the hospital proceed to just keep the arena if you don't have a he initiated the arena it's still just keep them after the hour have them check back in with one of the positions before they immediately. Any way to do that is to hold their taxes they conceded the you know after an hour of the shower. And the get a get a reassessment that cold cereal so and so we kind of think it's. Just pretty silly it is to think that guys can come one of these fights. And not having suspicions that a trauma that the idea of the sports are treated treat them. Like what are witches try traumatic victims of you know of of a trial. And make sure that nothing happens like what happened matchup as his his case is completely credible and throw truck. Now Paul when you look at contact sport simulate the league's obviously this is the innate demeanor trying to address that. And take care of the players. But is it complicated as far as the amount of damage or what can you prove as far as. Where do you dealing with demand she. He's dealing with a AL as god forbid nor alzheimer's it's at different categories and global what is your take it out yeah what do you take right now with the NFL's and it as far as navy. Trying to. All stifle players as far. Getting things done. I think the NFL's doing as good a job as they can do but the comics that it's kind of like rearranging the chairs you know deck chairs on the Titanic right I mean. Blocked still you know the ships they'll make it down. These guys all getting repetitive head trauma so. With the and it felt really trying to do it lessen the impact of concussions in. And don't put them back in if it signs of caution but what we're seeing in the medicine with CP. Is that this is a byproduct of repetitive head trauma not necessarily can cautions so you can get that comma in practice. You get in the game and it is is it the the dividing line. The caution so. You know that's the big problem. For any of the contact sports and and what did everybody wants to put they had this you know it's big moneymakers too and everybody enjoys it and I watched you play local ports Dubai. You know there was a period of time roll world you know my parents. You know smoked cigarettes like crazy because they note it was a problem it and you know this this is this may be the tip of the iceberg with what we're seeing with traumatic brain injury insert contact sports if years and now. We knew we may have looked practice like we are with cigarettes and our yard in hockey in another sport you know once on the it would it was unheard of but I think these guys Wear helmets right it would ruin this sport we can't see Robby guy's hair flowing on the ice. Well been in this sport because so. Change comes with education with advancement and you know I think would be did. Grudgingly concede that in that column and I'm glad you are. Now Paula that being said. When you look at. Like whether NFL is that with the individual players and is it may be in the future. That from a legal standpoint do you sign some kind of released that you know we just signing up for sure and Andy and being going from there. That when you look at the players that the beat order have a problem with it and then I'll look at it might come about with the knicks CB with the collective barring agreement. That it's a limited number of players to look at the resource to NFL has. Then how did the united have health care. Our long term health care. That when you and you look at the numbers now now what you in his playing you five years to take care of me being on your own. And you have a preexisting condition. That you came be insured. So one there'd be a case employees table in the NFL you don't take care players and not maybe on an interstate. Crazy I mean if you think about it we my callers perspective you know every state has workers' compensation. Insurance if you're injured on the job and it's connected to eat you getting hurt while you're at work. And edits or medically documented you you have coverage from light. How can that not indicate. In the NFL if you are injured on the job in the dispute spin. Whether you suffered debris dangerous duty on the job at the NFL but. I think that chip it out it think it's pretty conclusive now that this this is happening to enough players where you should basically just. Assume that it but it's an exceptional players knowing any of the signs of traumatic brain injury throughout the rest of the light my opinion is huge because. Right is that you would be it would be on the job as you grow you know labor and so off. You know building or it would work site. And broken away or or had a spinal fusion we have a lot of guys that I happened to guess what they get corporate support they'll like workers' compensation. No question that I felt. That's not right. Paul Goldstein New York City attorney CT expert mangoes law here on sports talk and Paul real quickly note mean it won't won't won't be. Your argument to the idea that oh all baby is a self motivational deal for Paul. What is that are proposing a law. I don't I had I don't know army and that there had been convicted of boxes called me up with cases these are impossible. Cases I think that if these guys are gonna put their neck on the line for the entertainment of others and people profit from it. That I have an obligation that you know as a lawyer now we know about my client but I have anybody else that gets out there. To make it sees as possible for them every lawyer like me every person when you're. Our start to that premise that one rappers and and we wanna effectuate change in industry we can't edit the pieces of civil. Of somebody what the self promotion that's fine you know but when my my family's been here. That's not a bad thing. Just wanna give it up to lay that out yet part of it that now Paul when you look at when I ran right now leniency. Different opinion. You know progressive society wherein it but I think the human instinct that we always love gladiator sports. Wearing again octagon and whenever you play in. Professional football you play hockey whatever. We like contact we like aggressive sports you can look even the world cubs get ready to start. I mean you have hit injuries there it too well what could it be a good balance. Where you could still enjoyed this border. The din of that also take care individual athletes as it is it jazz. Maybe paying attention to detail RA and and and I'd been. Overwhelming. Protective and also has been ordered C flag football who piracy tackle oval what did you take him on sixty seconds because police are. We have so if we had the idea gonna tolerate compact sports world a contact sport like football. And we got to make it as it is possible. For the people participated if that's the society we get to the point we say hey this is no longer tolerable and we we need to outlaw boxing report something else. Then that that that'll be the push right now it's it's it's legal it it's like I'm most people would not push to change these things so. Will we as a society have to do with the people can profit from it make it if it's possible for the got quite. That's going to be. Paul thanks and good soft. They thought LC CT expert New York City attorney ma'am we got some significant news headed your way after the news headlines. I'll drop banning the Philadelphia Eagles from their White House visit also Dwight Clark former 49ers tight in the has passed where he's just a 61 years of me to catch it. Well we'll talk about that next here after a CBS local news headlines this sports talk on W good well. Do get another run 63 down on top Georgia and the Athens regional. Georgia face elimination welcome back to sports talk here on WL I anathema dot com. This is breaking a few minutes ago president Donald Trump issued a statement. Canceling the trip of the Philadelphia Eagles using the National Anthem as the reason. The Philadelphia the statement says. The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House was their full team to be clear to be celebrated tomorrow. They disagree with the president because he insist that they. Proudly stands for the National Anthem hand on the heart an honor. Other great men and women of our country the Eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation. But the 1000 fans planning to attend the event deserve better these fans are still invited to the White House to be a part of a different type of ceremony. One that will honor our great country pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect and loudly and proudly to play the National Anthem. Well be there at 3 PM with the United States marine band. United states army chorus to celebrate America. I think they both Euro. If you don't wanna go don't go the then does because the whole team that has shown if you wanna go Donald Trump should not stop those Eagles players that want to show. All we have a listen what he said there he said the fans is there though 1000 fans in attendance deserve better than just. Just to meet five or six Eagles players. Well. What was so wide whoever wants to go. I mean. I mean you show up when you go so why would you do is stop them why you trying to this is never happened before but why you trying to provoke. The situation. And to make you bigger what it could be. He does not want all of a sudden the summit of players show up innocently oh most of the team with the Eagles showing up. Because Donald Trump was present. Me why not honor the players that would show up no matter what it. So we just gonna. You know I look at Jeffrey Loria what did Jeff wood on whether the owner of the Eagles okay he he opted to send a smaller continued to avoid putting. His players Brian tough spot. Yes exactly so he's got to so social likened trump ideal that. Because he wants a bigger stage once the whole team there caught that the Eagles got a bunch of black militants and is going to be honest with you. Not the guy you get out white militant violence it's so be without a push an envelope. The Eagles a wanted to themes. Now you might say I'm crazy whatever object I've just been honest so that's why I think you could still. Have a ceremony where he's still honor in the eagles'. My biggest issue iso. Two teams for. So loud you have five or six of the job all team should join me because there or whatever you dealing with fifty plus Pope players. Monday that's why the owners know that Tony Tony comes around than you collective mourning agreement. Think auto strike thing no freaking out they know Wayne Hale big going good they won not agree. Met I've got bills to pay I got to do this and that Christian I'm just telling you never get everyone to agree. Timmy you honor who's a world champs and whoever shows are shows up who goal within that that's their decision. The so just coming down we think. Donald Trump. For some it's out of my knowledge where president as the president gets it never happened yet. A sitting president banning a team from coming. To the White House aware of the UN is who Ruble baby championship the World Series. Just acknowledge. The teams' boards that we recognize. Now you know eagle windows the women's World Cup BQ wind it truly pro professional standpoint. UT football basketball and baseball I don't think is ever happened. It just doesn't surprise shouldn't surprise you mean you saw how how vehemently. He feels trump feels about the flap about this today I am by this authority to. 82 it very hard ass hole. The Eagles of the one pick in the fight. As a player. And Malcolm Jenkins is a wanted to players that are leading the Eagles. So why why am I Nassau is telling you there troupe gave her all the truth that's your problem. When his authority 282. I wish I will tell you are big draw I argument yes I'm truly being objective. And I'm a look at both sides and I know it's occurring. I don't know but yet I guess I agree wit I agree with you know I agree with Jeffrey Lurie. All of the Eagles. Trying to do the the right thing they can say what you play both sides of defense but this day and age who doesn't try to play both sides benefits come on. Or gate because he be trying ounce on the that would try to piece fit inside. Constituents. Voice trying to you can't be rice UKB writer roll. I mean Psycho boy you can have peace soleil I think back truly represented team. You can do the right thing yet trophy does it. Play both sides the defense. And done our truck Donald Trump might get reelected. You know like you will. Because. People pulled their pocketbook. It the economy kicks ass dollar trim as a great chance to be reelected. But as far as appealing to them masses. As far as being a president for everyone come on. Give me a freak you bring all I know is people vote their pocketbook whether the men that are not you guide people. Who couldn't. You know look at it there's a conversation in public you won't say anything about Donald Trump. Positive or negative and somebody might say the keenly Madonna trumps doing and then go he. Kind of know he's back to empathy and a car a look he's got to always I think that they can of everyone when they go herded to vote. They pre can vote for Donald Trump and have it he can't be naive. But I'm not gonna play I'm not gonna play both sides here I am aka no because your trumps them all in the know like Alabama iron grip level of a principled guy. I have been that from day one I know that Chris though. I have no issue what he did none zero. He and he didn't trying to appease people. He's not trying to appease at the Philadelphia Eagles okay brings more Dean Acheson the entire team shows up for a thousand fans in the ceremony and they don't if he chooses who sent 568 players. And representatives not good enough it's not a team it's a team sports of team show. Okay why did Donald Donald Trump put his two cents in Alabama had a stupid pep rally. For his bases and those oh yeah. I don't play no matter what people don't acknowledged an island I don't think you know him and he is he incited that that whole deal distant drum. Trump as a manipulator. Trump those living hell he's doing. Listen I'm just tell you right now that if he has the economy a role and I give Donald Trump credit. Because you look at it illiteracy. Since World War II you look at African Americans who's unemployed who's employed. Is the least among unemployed. Now when you can question that are not mean that that's what's occurring right now in people can handle it when you light truck but don't like trot. Yet to give credit where credit is due but you also have to hold accountable he okay do that you got everybody's tribal. Okay are you end disk drive and are you in that try no it's unbelievable and that's a good the United States and that's not good for America. Donald Trump bans the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House UK with the decision 504260187. XX 88787. The sports thought here on WB well. And it's back and it smacked back moved president Donald Trump. On invites the Philadelphia eagles' entire team. To their White House visit welcome back to sports talk phone lines are open a final four. And zero erroneous Internet age 7870. Do you like that you grew the decision and look like judges that have no problem of the so it's a team invite the team in its entirety didn't show up then nobody shows up well our. I'm getting it from both sides had. Led the light down and trump are you can't stand Donald Trump. I mean I know home objective and you can't win for losing. But the whole playing when. Look out Eagles this drug to look at different NFL teams that are all the same. Some teams have more black militants in others. I would say the saints are one of those things. I'm not now not or right or wrong. Now you might instead of black militant and I say black progressive. Well whatever you call. So and then I'll look at dollar trouble also. And I till Crowe and Christian is. Donald Trump just saving faith. He you have the team wasn't gonna show was so he shouted down before lunch bag. And Chris and I guy getting knowledge. That that's one reason why Donald Trump cola did have the look battle might. Wanting to biggest reason is that again it's a TM ID a part of the reason I think the biggest reason is hey look. You guys that have expressed the you'll agree with my stance etc. Was my way of a fired back and ultimately say hey it's a team invite when the president he's the president but what I'm saying. He also may have bad enough but because it would look bad. Did this thought either the secondary reason. And it's the second and he goes hand in hand. I mean you've got to tell me the Eagles. Are very progressive team the world champs. Very progressive. That it they all initial that there'd be no conflict would Donald Trump. Well of course. He did it there wouldn't mean that there at the entire team showed up showed up with a B conflict in which way. So what if all of a Sunday show up and reduces some kind of protest at the ceremony. I think the value really bad thing okay well I'm not sane and I'd be a bad thing. But that would be a good thing so why not just invite who would still be there any knowledge that they've already done a produced a bit their protest is not. Oh wait no wait it's fine by us like when Donald Trump said the biggest inauguration in history book other people that there with my big youth. Look at the chemical markers and I don't know what president has been nominating. The inauguration and all that. I mean it is is like comical. Now all of a sudden you've got to try and exploit. That you have the biggest art operation in presidential history which is not true. Which is not true so if he doesn't he's not the only politics and as that is that is I'm not saying that but why oh why you have to exploited. Why do you have to make you better do what it really is. To just a just say like look at inauguration I'm glad. I'm excited I'm a static to be president why got a taste isn't this isn't the best ever so what that that's a falsehood. There's been plenty of falsehoods coming out of politician's mouth Daryn that tot since time memorial. What happens why do you have to save the biggest in advance -- when it I don't know much Donald Trump I don't know aside but I don't hang on now get a get upset by that though is there's not getting a sag did just have enough security Adobe so with security always got to defend his W 3 o'clock in the morning a Twitter. Again come on Bill Allen. Kamal hey as a platform using it help give elected yet Patrick him around what that does throw an American that feature sit tight Patrick George in Greta what's going on Georgia on WB well. My current love what president Donald how did. Should shut they'll old thing now. You'd you'd need to be Eric and you need to be patriotic respect the flag respect the military respect financially at them they can't do it. They don't shall. And who wins but it cry LeBron James or Golden State you wanna cry I don't shall be. It's a United States' problems are and Donald pulpit opera at the outlook and not only been out voted. All well and I'm not an everyday and you don't jarred the ball. And you would do far out and they'll join the party million jar jar and not let up in the party million. Human the party million. That will. Back up trump no matter what. Not to get reelected and I think that's a great chance you got twenty plus million. He'd be content is doing great he will get reelected thought agree would you there. Glad that George. Georgia there. I guess is not there so I'll look audio is put on hold. Didn't disconnect capital holds a silly yellow he was trying to do there trump commercial and how long is trying to tell you is that. It doesn't matter what the hell of Donald Trump does. There's forty million Americans now love them. And Christian just like governor would and it said Elwood Edwards. We meet again a troubled going to be called portable lie in bed arsenal. I mean it is like forty million no matter what Donald Trump does they back and I'm. Now there's like 21 lead that thirty million a populace. It depends how circumstances and and and boy they're back and from a selfish standpoint being a look at their bank account and will whether Iraq at subtle ridges and is he 22 when he if he does get reelected. John Marks afternoon host of WIP in Philadelphia come out at 710 sports talk here on W well. Catcher good Guerrero is going on Patrick you're on W well. But. They. That it. All. The way. It. It also. But. Now. It. Well Lou I know what we call. It's not. Now. They beat beat him at. It. Which. Now is it. Oh. We can move. That. Is that it. Black militant. Who. Well good Bobo looked at figures that could it may be said Patrick. Black progressive would that be better that I just know there's black cats pleases him and I'm just more about playing. I'm not getting involved a word about my family. I'm not a word about the bigger message does that make sense somebody is say by progressive instead of black militant. Joseph Jimenez will call on I twelve commit to you next hour. President Donald Trump on invites the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House for the championship tour and visit in Washington DC. Good move bad move 5042601. A semi tech's 870 eights having do you agree or disagree with the decision of Donald Trump. This is sports talk here on W him well.