Has the weather changed your plans for the weekend?

Friday, May 25th
Has the bad weather expected this weekend changed your Memorial Day weekend plans? Full 3 pm hour.

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It is Friday afternoon we're not only heading into the weekend we are heading in to Memorial Day weekend long we can for many have you the a staff here at the station now while the essential program excesses still here. Probably Entercom stations for a DS sales staff and in. Everybody else is his error out of the admin people there they're all out their their Gardner when it is Lester 2 o'clock so. We're here basically an empty building you may be among those as well. It's the beginning of a long holiday weekend and I hope we take some time this weekend which is what we've done on the show. To at least think of ballots what this holiday weekend is about and that is about remembering those who. Gave their lives. His service to our country and that includes those who died. A training missions are those who died in in any way serving our country in this country or. Or overseas. We've got a lot to talk about I really wanna have fun to this last this last hour. Now all day we have not talked about to present drop. We don't talk to bouts. The Russian investigation. We got talked about any of that stuff Portland let all had little like going to be time to talk about that next week there was nothing pressing enough that we had to talk about it so we did we took out a break we've got a brilliant basically a political free zone here. Up with the exception of talking about of what it means to be patriotic. And end this with something that really started on the show yesterday. The idea that you know you eat you could I have a different opinion from somebody else and that somebody might think you're not patriotic. Not because you're not patriotic. But just because you don't agree with them a severely definition patriotic as if you agree with me. And that is not. The definition of a being patriotic. And for those who literally and figuratively wrap themselves in the American flag. I just to make you patriotic. That's that's a simple wrapping yourself in a flight putting up the fly putting on a flag an American flag lapel pins. Those are very superficial patriotic things to do now hopefully the people who do those things hopefully they're actually patriotic people. But some of them might not be as patriotic as they think they are and and that's not signed up that's not the only sign of being a patriot. So anyway we've tuchman talked about destined. It receives talk about that this afternoon so if you do want to contribute to that what it means to be patriotic. I'd look do you like to hear from you now to religiously you know. That I wanna try to find the sour. We have a pretty must opinion poll I think reflects that mentality. Here's the pinnacle. Is it unpatriotic. To dual line dance. During the national aren't. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for the nor short Tom welcome to the show. Outlined in the third and at collier who we would we like they're not good. Our sport back here there we had a conversation. It's noble. Yeah there are viewed more really. You're based on what I virtual halt its. It's guy who succumbed food and paper out both back in the fifties though. That got big got better over the years to. But. Only if you think zone. It's well while we know take crystal clear whole block are looked like yes. Okay start with com wrote right bill on pickup truck. He had a lot actually in this little scraper thing like oh were playing him yeah I can picture that. It's ancient age are often. Eight ordered into hero. Paper. Ole. So it was it was there was very very thin. Very fine. All. The blocks are exceptional ball out of now they are not clear their clout they're full of prayer. You're seeing. Well I have seen them and I don't I guess I don't remember the absolute clear when I certainly don't remember anybody was coming through in shaving high soft don't to topple one of those those blocks. But I remember I remember some of the early snow balls at. And for some reason the Audubon Zoo comes to mind a we've regarded as Jewish is kisser I remember that. This almost and that the ice was kinda chunky and it's it's always the ones today are better than notes. Not alone on. You've got one should be with the plane bearing on air fare worse though at liberty to go. How scared if you wanted to cursor it was successful. Pretty at all Arnold on the forums I don't look at route forward for Oprah. Air on the chart the Iraq cheat and all the bottles that serve at all improved battery say no we didn't oh with cream. Yeah where spear there oh who'll go. Well strawberry. Orange orange is one of the big your original snow bolster. The good ones do yeah. I would like you. Spearmint it's better job. Now what Tom looks I appreciate the call and Tom I don't remember I just don't remember those early and still balls were from lists from a shading of of the ice and I guess that would be really really fine. Five nice but I remember a more by jar chunky guy sitting in the very beginning I right now let's go live to Kevin who's at the pink pony. On Gulf Shores in Alabama and Kevin welcome to the show. Thank thank tablet a look your placement whenever I'm in the area I go to the pink pony and it's not it's it's fun it's one of the iconic places on on Gulf Shores. I hear some like music their planned. We actually that we do have karaoke and I thought. Oh OK Kevin did this storm seems to be heading in that direction so what's the mood. In and around the pink pony. Let them right now it is. People on the beach. And we'll also tell me how the weather is right now as you look at to be. Whether it was a great it was raining heavily early without but the bit at the feeder road. That we think the word we've got a lot. As a lot of people on the deep in the kind of ran off the narrative style than they came back out though but we've beaten them dot they're on it though. I mean it's come you know but you know people people like storms especially if they're not too serious and and since the pink pony directly face is the beach and and I mean that's the only thing that you see when you're at the pink pony. You seem to be how we think that that would be a really hot spot to watch a Borough come ashore. I'd have thought about that hurricane parties that we got injury got very came originally yacht in the course. It would be ready and we'll be ready. Are you and you'll serve food and you'll serve drinks during the storm. Right yeah alert you know rent the run from 11 in the morning news 9 o'clock at night and flora and lookup children families and everybody. We have them during the goalie that though it is a very. So do you expect to be crowded when Ellsbury comes ashore. As in a decision mean. Memorial weakened as a which could have a great idea for aerial vehicles though. Kevin you don't you don't get the impression that got a lot of people have canceled their plans because of the possibility the storm. At the moment that the spark ignited all of them in traffic was pretty heavy. So that maybe they're not big unit that he has yet until maybe later on that it is even hard tomorrow. So you know both are being kind of normal. And and and Kevin it it is clear this up for their you know their there're a lot of simple minded people in the world. And when I say I'd like to go to the pink pony in Gulf Shores there are people that think that's a gay bar. Yet but it's not lived or art this boat as well yeah that we would be to the Bowen at vote. Not sure about that is that rip currents and are on the PI literate I sit there. Tell me if anything you lean toward being a country bar. That it was in the stable more so it kind of changed replicate his drop music now. Satellite radio. That the folks love it. Hi Kevin thanks for spending time is here and WWL now whenever I'm in the area I don't do stuff like that it Tony. I'll have already up even the military ought to think about vitamin. No I don't think so vitriolic jealous you do it to you would want to ruin their demoted to crouched. Kevin and had ever have a great time and enjoy Memorial Day weekend even with Alberta coming ashore. All the venom distinctive about they're just these days than it be careful in the drive ability to have the put over the Bloomberg. Just be fit to be here. And good sound safety driving advice from Kevin at the pink pony on the shores of our Gulf Shores, Alabama. Kevin thanks for thanks agreements. Yeah really is it's a fun place. So you heard that Harvey Weinstein turned himself in. Facing charges of rape and sexual assaults. Ya Harvey lark. You're giving loves. A bad name okay it is now what I know some of these girls went there and they were trying to advance their careers starred in our. Man come on that everybody needs to act the way they're supposed to act. But you know let's see is he in trouble yeah I probably used. I'm Skoda hang on this Memorial Day weekend at the beginning of -- come on back on WL. Yeah we're expecting some of that today in this area. Over the return. It sounds like they're prepared though with the pink pony parking party already planned. I'm that's a fun spot that's that the pink pony Gulf Shores of Florida drama. I don't know whether it's still like this both who nobody sustain those anymore I remember years ago if the flora drama you know and that this is a bar that is on the Florida Alabama line. And part of it's in the state of Alabama the other part is in the state of Florida. And so on one side of the bar there was a pay phone because the the the pay phone was. More exposed rush to get which state. But there was a different cost for the pay phone. In Alabama or or Florida so you went to one side of the bar and you had to pay that debt rate. Where you go to the other side of the bar and death and and make a call for a little cheaper. So I thought there was interest and their cushion they have the famous. Mullet toss. And I guess that happens in the spring or does it happen in the summer I don't anyway it's who can toss Somalis the farthest and Kenny stabler grew up lived in the area. I can savor used to be the the emcee of the floor drama mullet toss it had nothing to do it here by the way here's an update on a pretty a must opinion poll. Is it unpatriotic and I watch you take this seriously all the controversy concerning. I've concerning that the star spangled banner and honoring it. Is it unpatriotic. To dual line dance during the National Anthem. 80% say yes. 20% saying no give us your opinion by going to our web sites tentative drill it's not count our Q year under VW good afternoon. They give us out here and not Hancock county. Right and enjoyed a Memorial Day weekend anchor ballot help our program on Memorial Day. I stood up I mean have you already started celebrating Q. Now and get ready to you didn't hear don't want it they gobble up all the veterans and it's so hard you know that we can enjoy this weekend and bought. Well I and then we also meant it in particular this week Demi we should always say you know god bless our veterans credit this weekend we in particular remembers those and are those who died his service to our country. Correct and it's hard. The national and debate. Out of proportion. In the sense that patriotism is. Subjective so. We can sit here and argue back and forth and back and forth about what patriotic and what and at the end of the day you and I'll have a different definition. That it does it and it doesn't and doesn't mean that neither of us are patriotic. Correct I think the most patriotic thing that we can sit here on the radio Sherlund. Pat there are ideas that crop each other and be able to. I really cute that's such a brilliant point MS support that I've tried to make when we've discussed this is that this is something that his loss in America today because of political tribalism. People or so wind of their tribe in protecting their political tried that they don't understand that what is truly American is the fact that we disagree. And and to say this somebody's not patriotic because they disagree with your opinion is is very un American. You nailed it on the head there can enjoy your weekend. All right Q you still have a great time here's a Texas says that pink pony is my jam. A lot of great memories are made there from what I told I don't remember. That's all it did that would be by relationship with the pink pony I mean I think I had fun there. I think I I think at that point in my life over drinking water when I series. Need I say marked no. Here is a text big gallon heavyweights will be at the flora bam a Sunday at the mullet toss. On the most houses and April all right big L on the heavyweights and I know has some of those guys listen to this show on a regular basis W at the floor mammoth Sunday. And the mullet toss was in April. I'm sorry I missed it. And what is it about that mullet I mean that's not a relief. Delectable fish. I mean it's kind of a shock to me they don't even by doing. My little brother and I used to go out to what talked to train. And we still patrol our troubles looks into a school mullet and we were trying to snag him. If you collect caught him in the backer caught him somewhere you can you can snag a Marcus I don't think they actually bite on on hooks and don't bite on they did. And it really is kind of a trash fish but I you know there are places like I feel about Sri. Alabama outside mobile there are some places that do a great job on with very thinly fried mullet too. But it is kind of it's kind of the fish that you kinda have to cook really really properly. All right are coming up out of our news little big town's going to be at the bigger country by U festive super fast in a Mercedes-Benz superdome their controversial song. Girl crush coming up on editors. This song was totally misunderstood this is little big town they're going to be part of the Arab by U country superfast and Mercedes-Benz superdome this weekend. Soreness call girl crush and this is not about being a lesbian. It's about a girl. Who is really talking about the girl that her ex boyfriend is now list. And she so wishes that she could be bad girl she wants to be she wants to tell it to taste for her lipstick she wants to. They did her perfume she wants to be that girl because that girl now has her ax so that was the whole thing but you know of people freaked out evidence I got a song about lesbians on the air. If you don't have it yet get a it's the app radio dot com go to the App Store download radio dot com. And you can now find a show and other shows here and every WL anytime anywhere on your phone and a few favorites Debian dwell thing you can find us on FaceBook. And on Twitter. So I'm before I get back to some of your text the National Rifle Association says that it hopes that a restaurant shooting in Oklahoma City. In which it alleged shooter ways shot dead by two armed citizens. Source as a wake up call for the state of Oklahoma Republican governor. The NRA sent our retreat earlier today that the shootings last night were an example of how the best way to stop a bad guy when they're gone. Is a good guy with a guy. The NRA has been critical of Oklahoma City governor Mary fallen. She has so vetoed a so called constitutional carry bill that would allow adults to carry firearms without a license or without any training. And Oklahoma City a police say that two armed citizens shot and killed the alleged gunman after he emerged from rush strawberry shot at least three people. On who were injured by by the gunfire. So you know I mean this is this is a good story in a way. On Mozilla there may be some some questions but look this is an example of good citizens with a gun to let's remember this was outside of the restaurant. And he didn't the other the the the citizens with the gun didn't stop that from happening. By day. They got the guys he came out of of the Russia Dominic idea what you want to do and the rest shorter than believing he was so shocked by these people but I think in some ways this does explained that there are cases where. Good people with guns do stop bad things from happening. Here is our party must opinion poll and and this is just an indication of I wanna treat this last hour of the show. You know it has so much controversy this week with feed the NFL a new policy concerning a standing there in the National Anthem. I'll ask this question. Is it unpatriotic. To dual line dance during the National Anthem. 75%. Say yes it is unpatriotic 20% say no give us your opinion by going to Barbara sites WWL. Dot com. For. For those sob who are. Talking about Alberto five while what you hear this I'm president trump heard that Alberto was going to try to enter the US along the of the border between Alabama and Mississippi calls out I stations to try to stop it so I don't know where that's going to will have to keep up later on that. Also apparently the talks are back on the North Korea so who knows you know maybe that two maybe that is scheduled demeaning is gonna take place as scheduled. If you do it joining us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. And I text is say 787. Since it is Memorial Day weekend the beginning of it. And we're talking about patriotism. You know one of the things to me that is very unpatriotic about this this country is the lack of respect for. People who are different. For Egyptian exchange students. Say they were threatened by a man outside a Florida McDonald's outside of San Augustine. They were yelling get out of my country. You do not deserve to eat here. Shares deputies arrested. A sixty year old John. The students were between eighteen. And 23. And they told deputies that they were eating at the Saint Augustine McDonald's during the parking lot. When this sixty year old man of appears. And they say that he flashed a pocket knife and threatened them with a stun gun. Before they fled in their cars. Deputy said Smith told them that one. He told I told the police that his son was a marine killed in Afghanistan. But that could not be confirmed. Smith was released on bond. On the did not immediately return any messages for further conversations. You know what I can certainly understand how old somebody would feel if their son or a relative or loved one died in in in contact. But to look at exchange students. And to see that they are probably from the Middle East. And a passing judgment on them is is the general judgment that we quite often talk about on the show that data is unfair. And it's in my opinion is very un American. And so it you can't. You can't put everybody in the same category there's also another story I've got to you're somewhere in an African finds it in time to Rio weirdest. There's another story about an authorities say an Alabama man has been indicted on the more than 6500. Counts of child pornography. Fifty year old Jeffrey dale hunt of Cherokee Alabama. Is being held on without he's being held without bail set at ten million dollars. Police say this includes 4000. 378 counts of possession of child pornography 20102169. Counts of producing child porn. Now if this guy fits the stereotype. Of those who were arrested for child pornography. It's a middle aged like. This is this guy fits the profile as it so like. So again if we're gonna stereotypes. If we're gonna look at all. All those who appear to be from the Middle East in addition never know for sure but if they appear to be from the Middle East and you tell them to get out of this country you don't deserve to eat here. If we're gonna judge all of them. By what you perceive from the news. If you get a judge all young black males by what you perceive in the news then let's start judging all white middle aged managed child pornographers. And I bring this up occasionally to just point out how. Unfair it is for us to judge based on stereotypes that we see on the news. If you wanna join us 26018 semi tech State's 787. All right are you ready it's going to be some stormy weather this weekend particularly in Mississippi Alabama and over the Florida Panhandle. We don't know exactly how much we're gonna get here in New Orleans but we will get some let's hope not too much and let's hope it works out for everybody. But we certainly don't need any flooding in New Orleans Sony flooding anywhere but we're just so pro choice. But you know let's get ready Ford get prepared and we'll keep you up to David everything. It's going on an overture right here whatever your own. I think it's fair to say that strong. A great number of country. Music fans. And performers. Are conservative Americans. And there's nothing wrong when that. Think about all the songs like this in from Chris Stapleton. My eyes or get stoned that are about getting stoned. So this idea that if you are for the legalization of pot Euro liberals. Is totally flawed by the actual facts that. Peoples are getting stoned. Now here's. A point from Mattel Manassas are sure producer says are too many country fans are getting stoned. Oh to many country of fans getting stoned he's getting drunk. But look when when people like Willie Nelson talk of getting stone we're talking about hitting the pipe. Maybe I'm wrong there anyway Chris Singleton will be part of the by U countries superfast and Mercedes-Benz superdome on Sunday. And doctor Sharon welcome to WWL. Hello good you. Didn't. Activated OK. You on whether the weather station is predicting that other storm. Landfall is going to be. Debbie yes you predict he'd been hit golf. Debbie get the Allen is predicting it's going to a couple of non Ari could actually. And nobody agree. I believe we need to get on the same page without kimbo the cars go to. Our core. Hello I have where you now. That they okay lady for a visitor. Yeah I mean and you know you you I guess I know there doesn't seem to be any consistency yet I guess we'll know more earned record tomorrow broad. You know I I know it's I know it's frustrating when you know nor generous aren't gonna go right. Yeah I think they try to do the best they can but that doesn't yeah it's it's interesting how they're so set on exactly where is gonna go but you know I have to admit they really don't know. Not because it's an air pocket and can't come. Yeah it's a long way there is now a tropical underground which I usually am am glued to on. On the computer. And had it going more toward mobile so there according the national weather. You know. Well and if that happens then if you're on the Mississippi Gulf Coast you're gonna get to were civic as the worst of it if it did he would mobile are closer to the Mississippi Alabama line then. The worst of it up toward Alabama and you know most agree Alabama and and a Florida. On the war. How will get one more have to car. You know what I just did it just be careful intentional. I will doctor Sharon appreciate the call. If you wanna join us 2601 a seventy here is attacks that says so I have never seen a man attack. Or should I say a white man attacked. White people the way they'd I think I'm not even sure what that means am I gonna get into anything his racist at this this point to show. I mean it's time to get the party started right will be back on WL.