Handicapping Saints-Vikings and the NFL weekend

Deuce & Kristian take calls on the Saints-Vikings game, and Kristian takes a look at the view from Vegas with Ralph Michaels.


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For the final hour here of the fans in the pro on saint radio. Nice crowd on hand here that Manning's on Fulton deuces Bob in his hand we'll make it into the food that music. Phone lines are open at 504260187. The saints and vikings at 340 on Sunday our pregame coverage starts at 11 AM first 64. And myself and it forced to Kate cannon Bobby Hebert in BT he built via. For the but like captain to pick off than the guy to my right to health and Jim Anderson. At the call for yet US bank stadium grew up there earlier and we want hopefully we'll be back and look there in the big return trip two weeks later for. The Super Bowl seats vikings the black gold five point underdogs. Wind moving a little bit this week. And it's Minnesota Vikings do some talk about. During the break there. No team that's posted this it will host its principal has it out of the divisional round. Routines are one and five in the last three years it was a round matchups. But more importantly I think that you know watch NFL game passing Telecom all sadly watched T. Look at a case keep him the seat and had their opportunities that and think you know on ground because he holds the football. Yeah I think what's important to be able to get middle course we have to get pushed up the middle I think will be critical. You know so you talk about children right could you talk about they've done much even talk about how they've. All those guys gonna have to get close up of inside. You know when when cam Gordon moves inside he's gonna have to get what you know when they run that. TE to apple in game he's gonna have to get what's the only thing that you know you've seen case team and do it to be able to move in the pocket. He has been a he's done a really good job of mid late in the pocket and even when there's pressure off of VH he's he's stepping up or he's moving away from that for future. And one place where is are always it's it's downfield until I think that's the job he has done the best as far as. You know you that they're off to live with the movement with him been banged up offered to blog lives that's probably been the most impressive job he's done. And the vikings have had their fair share of injuries well there's a war on the office of football then. Where the seats on the defense yet I would agree but I mean only problem there also we've we've had been got blown into reserve. You know they're guys have been able to come back as far as this season is concerned. How big of a factor is the bye week and it in this situation like this where. And 09 have a talk assemble your former teammates and they felt like connect in its Arizona in the divisional round that. They could tell that. They were a little until about the cardinals were a little slower growth because they wanted to rest. But it is it plays a factor I mean but at the same time you're talking about a young team. Having knee started the youngest secondary. At the beginning of this year I mean so. This young team that have any any excuse to say they're tired. You. You've got tired. I don't have any any excuse to say that you know they they didn't have the energy to get up and matched intensity. As far as what they have to do to be able road against the vikings than it. If you're older team and yes I think that may be something. That has a valid point but this team they're too young where about not have a mayor's you meant to team's intensity. Otis in new wrote what's going on notice here on WWL. Do. You guys. No no more. All this is not. If she voted to create content. All I heard that. Dudley who. Through. That. The vikings hold the typical I'm not is that it is in the region but you'd think yeah it it's one thing. Thank you know what to. No it has no validity of the city your team. That would lose that facility and a team the city and state that we'll lose that type money would be Minnesota. If the vikings know and they are represented in the NFC in the Super Bowl. The city of Minnesota would lose that because the fans would necessarily be coming in and spending money in the restaurant they would become any input for five days. And going to. Staying in those hotels so it's not necessarily in that they'll. The NFL is locked in I mean that game is already pretty much sold out. It's it's the some votes corporate. You know you may have. 10%. Regular fans that and I could go overseas particulars diablo the season ticket holders let. The Super Bowl lately quote and that that's locked in already sold the NFL would lose the Minnesota what. That they would take up will be about a 15200. That's just the team correct so you'd you'd Bible apply that by. I don't know five. If it were another team that 200 plus their fan base you know seniors so nobody gonna tell you talk about a thousand hotel rooms. Embodiment that even a fan base that mean because most most of the fans are going to be local. You may have a couple of men coming in for two or three days let you know united we get the week long like you normally wouldn't you know guys on the you know on. Thursday at an intensely and through Monday this is not gonna happen. Do secrecy here all the fans and welcome back we'll talk to Ryan Harrell general manager here mandates which are in gruel Harris the world as were act till eight. PM talk to thinks football here. On saint radio want to read it well enough dot com. A great environment out here meaning it's on a Friday night. I don't Fulton street in place of sure will be jam packed on Sunday at 340. Saints and vikings again. Flat screen lore. Great meet you pets and not to answer those with solid locally now Ryan Harrell. General manager meetings with mark rule harassment laws of my first off and it takes so much for that's been we've got a lot of lot of fun here we've been here a few times but tonight's I was it a good time thing. So much wrapped you know man thank you for coming down it's been it's been fun and I know I guess love it. It's a great stadium he gets theater seating it was a big the big flat screen behind this the projection screen you also let you receive something that you got to upstairs to. War yes we have decliners we have. Large screen LEE street in the courtyard for our guests in the you know nineteen days Saturdays and Sundays we open up we call profanity. There's there are second floor so we have a again thirteen. Foot projection screen up there we have TDs against the law. Personalized bartender there so we make sure we. We get everybody fed and service. If you if you're offended they have to sit like a reservation and was a first come first serve what time do you guys open in what time you expect him. To get things kicked off. Well we so. Game days of tough so we don't take table reservations we're we we do that it think the reservations for the decliners. Course were already booked up for us things sounded. But we do that when your room elsewhere in his first come first serve and we opened at eleven so they use a line about. 6065 people wait for us on like that sort. Posted you'll want your purse. That I. Should I have the nachos and prayer there classless and let those things don't wanna you one of our classic Manning murders were. Archie was a little pork belly and round Sunday morning and Cooper bird that was yeah. That is allocated go to I was to go that seems a little heavy tie me. It's get yeah I'm sure it's good that you you fill up on me try to PG officer Alan looked it looked outstanding. So how you look dual use utility bordering holocaust all the confidence. Because I've salaam what's your take on this team and seat by. So it is its road games for us and the I think we're going to we're going to pump proponents motivation. Like what we've done you know in the past. Years with them but it. I think we're gonna come in stronger focus on it and I think we're gonna sneak you know what's the scene scheme they environment road or walk home plate here in the hands. Not felony we we we get to me that's nations out here. Weight gains we did we get our locals come years that the the dome in the in on that. On those long games there either here before and they walk down come in after celebrated. We feel like Johnson. It's going to be nights I mean we've number of people already coming in. David you're here for that first game right they they gonna get it for the first business day we've we've got to arching his friend's phone itself already. Everybody wants to see if they can get a seat in the house. Ryan Harrell general manager Manny sports bar and grill errors in new worlds. Bryant. Couple of the united that you would you point outside the bird isn't it like coming here maybe. Have been enemies yet what will tell me try this story that's. It's sold one Archie is favorite to start out as a big game pretzels and large. Pretzels comes out it's super and got a couple steps forward and then. Was the week. So that that's always a Q and it and you know the our I dictate barbecue portion which is a top seller you know do we slow roast it is but it house. And I Carolina style barbecue and chemicals on it. The nachos mantown you know people love in the matches even. Is even on my Harrison leaves they come home from lunch known what does that say that it's particularly. What about the extent. Drink specials gonna have a lot of the things we do some buckets specials we're also going to be doing. For our playoff games for Saturday and Sunday this week. If you order one of those burgers we're gonna throw in a no light draft more so we don't kind of a burger Peters special for our guys. And then we'll just have some of our others specialty cocktails. Going we've got an all star bloody Mary. Loaded up with bacon. In will shrimp. That we have tailgate sifford who we Colin. It's much different cocktail menus and all that but that burger and beer specials where we're pushing this week. Yeah until some us a bit of luck to. Like even written the patio area. Maybe now for a game what would they need to do outs out of just call is that something that you guys do. Absolutely do do some private parties for the courtyard all that we also have for the smaller groups. You know you ten to twelve groups we have our chief private room right here off the courtyard. Then you can read the courtyard of the balcony upstairs and we have that this stadium club pinky areas you can win has mama my draws comments on me. More to address some of the groups comment. He's got a lot of people you wanna celebrate you can do different things in the courtyard for you put your whole crew and then catered. Absolutely to a lot of different catering looking. 14 PM. Part of our community getting out there as well and you know Archie love from where we're in the community showing up to do is catering events for people. Ryan Harrell general manager Manny sports bar grill Harris towards. Ryan it deceit is pleased to look crazy we've read this on earlier made some other they love them. I know when you do much its anchor they love. Of bluntly that your crew back there and the good guys the back and outs of times and always get the recognition and that's where your heart and soul is as pretty much. Prime interest and excitement that you think happens thank you gentlemen appreciate the either goes Ryan Harrell general manager many sports bar. In real Harris new world to. Who's whichever other. The can't is nuggets and in the gumbo which was outstanding. It looked good news is it good in golf development of a who's grown man when it comes the menu isn't well you know that's round easily go right to his hotel room tomorrow we arrive in it in Minneapolis. You can rate the elements too much like there like the room put on the TV watch the AFC's elite they have in the divisional games out. What are the rewards them five star room service Mohammed calmly. If I can get delivered outs out of a hole Theo would have fatal act right because of the weather go where his or room service. Fuller to open at 504260. When he simply that he 7870. I mean that's on the north sort joint body buried Deke Bellavia tomorrow. At new fraud W it will divisional well pep rally at Ralph's market and bill. Where you black schools stop by talks in football at you with your bets on the day it loosened by the way. If you missed it check out body there it's all me. On our FaceBook page me and him sat down on Tuesday it are marks on me to support what does one do with so but I look you know. And negative. Media hate he do this. If the saints make it to the simple I would support it and give the go review I'm in the caps the gold caps that they were in the symbol. Drive now trying. Noticed a new roads Scott now this year's Arctic Skinner shot and added bill after our CBS news headlines. You're up next phase of the pro here on C radio on WW well. The super great way to start your playoffs Sunday joined Bobby there. Anti he'll be a Sunday morning at 9 AM for The Who that total live from the blind pelicans on saint Charles avenue kick off black Eagles Sunday. At best watering hole in the Garden District with no book inspired both from the po boys and gourmet burgers deuce and I'll be. Reason up there I'll refrain. It was not a bad time probably freeze. Do still do things that people know just learned that it is not too cold but no it's not his deal no. So how you manage your man musical here now man triple layer right now triple later. Campbell hit triple a look. Yes I am so we triple layered up and a Minnesotan you don't like the Michelin Man. Long slump I will be probably warm. I go back to the phone calls mostly mark in camp rock what's going on mark you're on W two well. They're dealing in year. I hear how you doing. Doing great I love this year lifetime. Partner or color me and my brother reindeer on why. I just won the Likud maybe and I love the fact that we're in the underdog position with it rather I would 1 of the evening here. Couple things hopefully if we talked about the first game would need different team but we ran ran five times what we won lock us down at the end. You know against the that he and his lead. If you put that thing but it opportunity in front of your grief and our thing is it arm around workable where a lot more touchdown when he died out America. Lead and in markets for Ingram book would think about the gravity of it when when when the call. And even if we don't when it bought on our part today we know Sean Payton has beaten perfectly. What we have a monopoly of walking. When you know I'm down. And Barnum ERT. In the that they were up more. But at the top form has that go around we think. Well I mean island both opened up the game do what it but I wouldn't be surprised to see them. Use a area often to me in that defense is Smart you know as far as memory anyway though so they'll it was just. But I think it's late in coming Joseph is the one that you wanna slow down the beef that apple. If you can make him a little tired and make him have to run it's not it's not so you know look for the screen game look for the drawl to look for him. The outside runs you wanna make him run and then coming back you can hit him with some audience that power game but. I would be surprised to see them in and and Seaver. 11 running backs three receivers and I mean it wouldn't be surprised whatsoever. Who is the strongest there that vikings' defense of the words that Harrison Smith Harry Smith yet. Parents Smith ability to be played Abbas and it is this ability to do club. I mean if he can play come before he can play tunes. You know he can go and help you and me and under coverages well governor receivers come three so his dues movies these so personal. I mean out of corners hill. Of course definitely help. And all three of those now the first round down the hill now. But I think it's Harrison. Yes and look the other part of that news. He's he's tell a better version of came down. That's a little player. With a bit of it very very very similar I mean I got it. You know is not always be around volleys he's a really good tackler you know like the city completes who can play for you completed medical. Gaffe for you so I mean he's he's a really very very good good football player. My phone lines are open at 504260187. XX 878 cities got an altitude what's going on Scott you're on W and Wilkins tells. Oh yeah Amazon aggressive. Love and it. Means. Column. Do. You would see court. Good citizens and those who. I didn't. Jeanne. She gave me taking. Don't go away mostly mental. Way. Didn't. Know. Yeah I would want my network map out how she policy that the Eagles in the use and now Google. As. You while saying game she's. You needn't. Number it's. But. I had a good angle is he atlas. If there. Is. About. As close. In the news to see. No sorry to order towards ACL he'll run in there he's running he's right straightforward but he's not good news. Scott thanks to the phone call nick in Minnesota viking fan perspective. Let's do it make you on W it will. I guess I love that he's in and out but I can't I know we don't look into the court backed up there are many apples all the time but what a playoff game it's like. Point eight million figure the other side. I like it now let's call them looking before you you see any else PSA Minnesota forming. Minnesota. They are. Yeah I'm actually going to be in the game. And not in the game I mean at the game on Sunday. Mom appeasement bite that began quantity of media outlet that bar them from public view you'd need. It didn't stop Minneapolis and afterward and it only do they delivered. I don't know they don't delivered. And and small ticket to get out of the game. And do it could I have right now it BO and when you that he thought ma hi folks to be like do. That's outstanding and I got to relive the week. It for the game is Minnesota that the number one ranked defense in the league for a reason. There's no problem is ugly human outfield that the monster. Anthony Barr Kendrick behavior road closing grows. I love it and it Drew Brees who I am confident that Mike Zimmer does seem against the saint. And I'll I got it we dad we GAAP these are the ones that are going to be damn thing. I'd make putts on good fun look I get it you should have confidence that defense they're outstanding there. The public defensively for a reason. And look you should feuds and reach that's legitimate and ulcer you shouldn't be confident Mike Zimmer won the best defense of mines. In the game and I think Sean Payton would say that he has said that. So it's gonna be it's not so much those due sometime and haven't played might have a template. Zero mocha exactly and hit that took us up into. Sean Payton it in might have both we'll tell you. Hey it's all great we can draw the plays always want to genetics do we know that they'll both those guys can can defend each other our our our beat each other offensively and steam. With the best up. But who's gonna make you play this somebody's gonna have to go out and excuse and I mean I think that's what's key critical and so. Yeah it's a good matchup it wanted to look forward to its one if you play you wanna play the best. They're number one for reasons you'd put up points against him once before so trust me is is that there's no. Skiers in his as far as the site through our are concerned they look for this opportunity. They they are disappointed that the first time that they play them that they didn't put in the end zone four of the top instead of just one time though. You know when you talk about you confident. There's a there's a reason that you confident that the same time there is somewhere there naked missile thank you. Much jock and having he'll come back we'll visit. I caught up with Ralph Michaels and wait to talk dot com. Yesterday our trip out to Vegas next here on the fence broke. On W if you only an ethnic dot com. That Ralph Michaels at cal sports LB handicap or for wager talked dot com set though at this off for the next couple of days. God knows do one Ralph what's going on in our. Christine great to be earned thing Hewitt. They still aren't so I think. Oh yeah very much so especially these parts down here and have some fun. Ralph talked to the audience about. The Sunday obviously it's a that's a road game there's going to be a lot of parties down here lot of watch parties for the detonation. West of froehlich pet peeve stern a big watch party mine is that. The incessant talking guy that you know or that the play by play guy that wants to tell you everything that's going on do you have any watch party pet peeve do's and don'ts. Yeah and that in a year. Is you know running running out of here is and don't know but. You know high. I can agree with you you know commercial got made for talking so let's let the being played out. Ever conversation during the commercial so I I completely agree with Q and respect. I'm with you there are let's let's get to the action in a divisional round of the NFL playoffs. So today we saw a line ball. For the saints and vikings vikings favored at one point three and a half it's at its highest five why the movement this late week. Well is it's what a culture. Out here you know. The new saint actually at 81%. Of the padding it regardless of the a but that note that take in over 64%. Obama. So that our people for the people making eager readers. Are betting on the biking and you know the saints and it would be an expertise in Lebanon read on the stretcher after blue in the first to gain the concerning thing for me. The three options came in their laps he wrote. I went there rammed it went to the I'll gain each game. Alia the number one and it's. India now rushed it at all in one that allowed then use that you can appreciate how loud the superdome. Think they're able to Minnesota where you ticker at that probably were an extra letter to in the playoff. With an actor Paul start title here not being able mobilize the plate so. Armed eagle fighting going to be up for the saints to win that game I'm not even sure that go to. Robert games so although on the stand up and global that it ended and that and edit each apiece at ticket in my pocket. Com armed and actually had to open it Mike. This week sorry to stay at home. Ralph Michaels at cal sports LB handicap for waiter talked dot com look if you're honest you would make any money. Ralf ultimately would have some of the some of the profits this weekend that you the light. What you know. In the prop much. You know let people. Like. You know ports scoring play. Our our field goals in one place that biking the purse or amnesty. He'll sport sites are read one. He'll blow it scheme or you're get over one went straight to support the first. Bowl 08 stretched out at regal and a touchdown that read one. Like he peavy runs one. TV. TD one cheek to war and little you know while others want a lot of action games. I. Like. We're. Law. Where you Peter writer at the ball. Shortcuts and players scored touchdowns it at the underdog and her. And that marketing course where it. You know you'd expect then get on the Google did well pot. Well TD Roxy in the. Op you know all potential would receive it you he thirteen to exit the wall and Murray or Minnesota in the one. Mile per minute so that it needed to and are up in the one well aware. Again rarity five or erode. We hear which you're with your wire. Favored and scored first. Fascinating stuff route Michael's let's look ahead to the other games going on divisional. Round of the NFL playoffs fountains at Eagles lot of fuel. Forecasts that some the dirty work favor by three punch their ticket to the NFC title game. Obviously without without Carson was sick at quarterback for the Eagles is a pretty good point. You know I hit it to complete overreaction. You felt and getting six or in LA and you're playing at Philadelphia. We're healthy it would beginning about her important. Now because the falcons play late well. And and Philadelphia one plane. The line adjustment incredibly. Well thought this the first card and it L history that a number one C at an old dog. And you look at what they'll go yeah. I mean its first game in the full remembered at eight cart started dirty skiing in the you know now may be even more bad. What is it that jarring hit that 341 yard. And then look horrible in a one and that. All anyone remembers. The final being shut out in L at the opening the old old multiple weeks crap. Atlanta Butler wrote for the four current five game. Again and complete overreaction on the delicate item on the Eagles at home dog in the. Interest I's those who want the other games are huge spread tightened that patriots you go to Foxborough with a quarterback that's 24 years old face and a four year old. Quarterback Tom Brady the patriots are they about thirteen and a half points. The ability to say you're gonna double it and apply boxes that talks aimed at Dubai. When you look at New England it's really the only ago we go and Hewlett double digit favorite that you would only allow fourteen points per game the last twelve game. And health and well quoted at eighteen important July. You know so that he did with with the kingdom prep flat. We. Export three point in the first half. And an adjustment. And came out an. Arm that's an area. Yet we went after the game a lot and it out coached Reid and coach bill what you gotta eat. And they're week's schedule. Back to back road game. You know like bigger at that school that we're importing. Entry 26 or 28 I believe so. Rare for me it's that the double digit favorite in the playoffs. But it you're gonna. One quarterback Tom Brady. Jags at Steelers. Black and gold hitting seven points over the jags as the rematch from week five where Ben Roethlisberger threw five interceptions that ballgame I like this. I you know again I'm gonna like that they were in the agency objects in the played the week it's scheduled by. What brought LoJack bought dollar watching nineteen a game between RL. That we need taken football. He urged seven to pat your. You can't transport on the road problems are mean grant it a lot seeing your regular season and lost reed and the player that you don't need to. Think. Both Stan or so leading because we played the 32 schedule you don't. It 48 team in the league played forty schedule it was one of the week at the extremely well now we're going on the road. And it. Again Pittsburgh in the game. Who's the best road dog do you think. Had a chance to cover. Ought. It I think it's Drew Brees you know I like exit while while I'm not that any. The most potential you know the carpet out there. I'm at the robe off. And well yep it is yet able running game you know that Lee. Granted Minnesota is eight. That that rusty at the because they played from. Promote the key. It's in the couple touchdowns early. And then. Take it and believe it area that we and that. Intentional or late score odd that it picture agree so while he clearly believe their that etched. That stroke dog in the situation. Ralph Michaels at cal sports LB handicap for waiter talked dot com. Which game has been out most that it on saint vikings are patriots titans. Op leader. And they're more action and Atlanta and Philadelphia. More action that complete insult our and eight years and gain and other wreaking comply. So you know yet in the peca that Elkins returning the Super Bowl yup and number one seed in Philadelphia. I think a lot to do with the Philadelphia. I think all the Eagles and does that much at AT and you know New York in an eagle and our beat his backers. And make it out here and cute that term those scenes Philadelphia not normal play I mean. You know on the other side. Yeah Pittsburgh at New England they're always in the play culture and get their money. It blinds you you get a lot of mutual public people in those games so I think that unique. 01 on lips Atlanta returning there that. Marquee matchup I can understand that surprised it's taken that much money and the other the other regains complied. I'm who would get the road favorite. To next week if it goes Philadelphia audience title game Minnesota at a world. 00 yeah if you win. Ally in Portland and I think it's the way it works a little you know one or one. It's it's. Minnesota. I think Minnesota becomes eighty pickle or one point Aybar. You know really we look at two lines now. What they need. How much has its eight minutes so that matters then the New Orleans Saints. That's like three year that the war and torched the better coach at the fine. So bay some campers. At the salute three and a part four point favorite. Exactly all field advantage so they are out even. They go on the road. Again I mean it sold at a point or point out edit in Philadelphia. Because they're sure. They didn't at the plate that wild card we were. Pour in Europe and so basically it has ends at the pickled. We're going to look at the equipment well indeed one extra week spread. In the play the extra game. Al Michaels good stuff handicap overweight talk dot com now sports LB think that the Oakland. Opt in or. All right as rough Michael's that we could talk dot com and about the pushed out of here one I think the fine folks out here. At meetings sports bar and grill and also on behalf Paris had a great crowd out here I want think Todd Jacobs are on site. Engineers global Bernardin master control who's involved. 45 seconds if you thought man U final thoughts on saints and. Vikings Sunday. Looking forward to an outstanding game I mean you're playing a team that contrast and to me differently Nolan can't. It's going to be an outstanding talent you offensively that things don't go out looking forward to that decent. And given an option play with a team that in will enter earlier this year. So I think they're gonna look forward to an opportune special teams will be critical. Will play a key role in this game the New Yorkers should be excited should be fun. Please make you were vehicle whether you're gonna want to freeze it there where about five layers all right. I will do so no doubt about it saints' all time leader and leftist McAllister. Thank you so much meaning for evidence. I that goes six.