Hahnville QB Robison suspension upheld

Kristian Garic and Allen Waddell discuss the LHSAA's decision to uphold the suspension of Hahnville quarterback Andrew Robison.

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Paid out simplify welcome into the Thursday edition of sports talk here on WW LI MF and in dot com live at looters on bets a Metairie. Our special guest tonight. Six players show will lots saints kicker. Live on location here from six to 7 PM looters on bets in the Metairie lots to get to. Around the SEC in the 7 o'clock hour also are fantasy frenzy with Kevin Payne it sevens in her Tyler. Preview LSU and Auburn Saturday on the plains of Auburn former LSU quarterback but. You to a couple of different things first off our blue and foods. People on my we at W moloch on the saints are once again be favorites to win Sunday at home against the browns does that make you nervous. Cash or vote online at W it will not come more calls at 504. 2601870. Text 870. 87 but the guys that saw the list just came out a little while ago in a fell releasing the modern era. Paul being candidates Tony Gonzales and reed lead the first time Paul being candidates. We're down here for quarterback Randall Cunningham deep Kregg Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb and Steve McNair. It's to think about two Eagles quarterbacks and their. Nobody that jumps out at you screaming hate you have to let this guy it. About those quarterback Randall Cunningham the Craig Jeff Garcia Donovan McNabb Steve McNair I think of those guys that just rattle off. And Stephen there has the better shot of all of we'll see them running back Shaun Alexander Tiki Barber artist miner Larry sinners Corey Dylan. Eddie George see any of Eddie George was the pick the seats today hatton who they take Alex molten. Member Alex more than yet could Hannity George Edgerrin James. Dale Johnson the group's Eric Metcalf. As a wide receiver punt returner and kick return Clinton Portis Fred Taylor Herschel Walker. As a kick return. Chris Warren and out Ricky waters. And with the effects of the 49ers also Seattle Seahawks really good right about at receiver that. Halting candidates are Isaac Bruce Gary Clark Hillary Eller. Torry Holt Chad Ochocinco. That your guess maverick he's the one that broke out the the gold jacket during a game hall and hall of fame class. Twenty question mark question mark question mark. While he was still playing he's his career kind of fizzled quickly that I did more but borrow a love more borrower. Will monster he wasn't the giants Brent Jones at. On the offer to line Tony the selling Willie Anderson Lomas brown ray Donaldson. Alan Faneca like if malice you Chris Hinton. Can't call Steve Hutchinson regard with the Minnesota Vikings for a long and I think he's got a really good shot at getting it. Phone lines are open at 504260187. Bodily Olin Kreutz remember him Olin Kreutz short. Small short couple coffee with the the world seats a few years ago Kevin why. Also that makes Ellis you could see his name in defensive lineman La'Roi Glover why this guy I think should be it. I mean. Look at it without Dominic he was that you're returning with the saints seventeen and a half sacks on the interior quality that's a want undrafted player by the raiders. Picked up actually by Mike Ditka with the saints ended up being a big big time player. Into Walt or Jim has the first guy here and get the playoffs and won their first playoff game seventeen and a half sacks from the interior of that season it's incredibly difficult to do. Carl banks at linebacker Cornelius Bennett Tedy Bruschi a caddy Bruce he's going to be in too because of the success he had with doing the patriots. Seth Joyner will pour more shall Clay Matthews. Willie McGinest Carl Mecklenburg Sam bills. Samuel should be Ian. Knowing he's a lot I don't know why he has. But Sam mills that shook my ass Bobby intro class city champ Ricky Jackson pat swilling they'd tell you he absolutely deserves to be in all things. We'll run them was little more also coming up at 435 Alan what dealt Oprah news that is pretty disturbing I think. Involving bond villain their appeal quarterback into Robison. He lost that appeal they will read a statement also talk about that did the Alex SAI think ultimately need to be. Disband its need to rip it down I don't trust the only to say to do anything right with high school sports. Polite to open a 504260187. Text 870. Eight having the sports talk live from looters on vets of Metairie here on W did well. I blew our food to people online at WW well like on the seats are once again big favorites to win Sunday at home against the grounds does that make you nervous. Cast your vote online at W remote dot com calls the Bible for. Through 6018788. And half points some books have the saints fevered antsy favorite nine and half points last week. Lost to him they partners that make you nervous. Notably finer who dat yes big time cash or vote online at W to Mo dot com back out. To garden wall and studios we find seats island reporter Stephen go for today's practice report Steve good. Steve stick around here so humor me for a minute so the saints have traditionally been slow starters on a shopping here and we would it's kind of been well documented. Would give a serious to wide. The saints got off to slow starts last few years. You know it's really hard to put a finger on and I know a lot of people will complain about. Maybe them not being as physical in training camp as maybe some other teams but I know we've talked about this. And die hearing from a guy like Zach Strief who knows. I'll what's going on in these practices and elsewhere around the lead at the saints have one of the tougher training camps in all the NFL. So it's not from a lack of practicing hard against one another I know I've I was really surprised going into that first pre season game. Against Jacksonville to how to hear. How many life periods they had to with full tackling well this seems really didn't have many of those sessions. I don't and I know that. They talked about this year and you know over and over and over again how they knew how crucial was. To get off to this this fast start to a season because they wanna fall into a hole and dig out of it like it did last year. Right now there oh when one and I know it seems like maybe the sky is falling because it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in your house. But definitely this week you don't wanna call it a must win scenario. But I think the team has definitely hum we focus their their whole attitude. And maybe their outlook on things. And are now geared in to this match up against the Cleveland Browns which to meet. It is no gimme either you look at the weapons that they have not only on the defensive side of the football but this offense looks really retooled. And you hate the heat it's almost like a similar situation at quarterback. We you have a guy who's a veteran who looking to commit to rose when you and not make many mistakes he's not gonna throw interceptions in Tyrod Taylor. And he's also a mobile guy that can scramble which is very dangerous for this team as well. So I just I think it really gives you an answer as to why they're slow starters but it's definitely been I think the last five seasons where they haven't won the season opener so there's definitely an issue there. Well there's no no doubt about it look. Of you and lock from yesterday in the locker today I don't know that I totally agree that. It's similar scenario meet Ryan Fitzpatrick is wave and a quarterback in Tyrod Taylor. You're right in pointing out that he's kind of risk averse right he would rather hold the ball he took seven sacks last week. The Cleveland Browns won the turnover battle. 5215. When they were plus five in the game and he scored 21 points and eight they tied the ballgame. Eight years if you get if you collect five total I don't the saint Stephen's ever collected five turnovers in a game. They've scored sixty points. So. I'm not it not as concerned about this. Perhaps lingering from week one. Too weak to you would have seen from. Just from talking to the players well they clearly put this game behind him and they go I don't know whether this anyway they are there actually pretty experienced that the last five years they've lost their opener they know how to handle. We want setbacks in. I just think that. It is right with 88 and a half this in in you about what happened last week. I kind of feel like this into my here and rule and I and I I think it is a must win. I grew Bobby Steve it is a must win because. Of the disappointment last week and you are expected to win this game with a schedule came out in April. The head the first two games circled as went in the absolute. And and you look at that any government in Evernote saints and falcons she's never know in terms of where if it's on the road arts and all of the just you don't know you look at that go all right if you split there you're good. But the point being is that this is a must win. This is a must win pressure would you say is the mood of that team here on Thursday after that week one loss. You know I I think they remain confident and relieved mom. Sure of themselves. Especially I thought it was really interesting when we got to talk to Marshall Lattimore yesterday. He basically was saying you know what. You can't win all the time you're gonna lose it's how you handle yourself after that loss it's not a big deal they've got their confidence but he did say. Didn't have any swagger last name Damon in the they got to get that swagger back. And some meat though I just wanna know. Who's gonna cover Josh Morgan and who's covering Jarvis Landry I would imagine that. Lattimore is going to be young gor him and then that leaves a issue it's a from ten Crowley on Jarvis went dream those those two match ups are definitely scary to watch especially after watching what those Buccaneers receivers. Did last week and then in the backfield for the browns I mean they got Carlos Hyde who's no slouch. And I really don't know what when we commit Tyrod Taylor was fifteen at fort. Always a bad weather game those can be inside have done fine but he's. I don't know I mean I'm just not with the browns are proved no doubt about race right but I am not. I don't feel like this is a team that you look at immediately go wool they could cause some real problems that would've been welcomes him. Bet. While hey didn't. Vineyard you know who notes that you think you face a rookie because it felt that you all bets are off at that point Steve Geller saint silent reporter here on they'll be double thanks for the time thank you to know. You bet you that. I come back that there are CBS a local news headlines but now what dealt. Really I think. The terrible ruling from the helix SA today on Congo quarterback Andrew Robinson. Man. He got. A total raw deal thought about that next hour our necks or CBS will lose atlas polite to open at 504. 260187 XX 870. 87 I didn't want that to matter this is Debbie get well. Give it a real high school football here on a Thursday. On sports talk live at hooters on veterinary. Will lots will be by 6 o'clock the saints players shall not hang out with the saints kicker he's been outstanding last year you're apt. Socially guys might not be familiar look so we might not even loosely over the store them by today's point. And some are you trying to say well we got we deserve that spot. But the young man's. Next five years while on the line today. Any Alex as a committee hearing after being suspended. For the entire season. About four days roughly my time's right 44 that chronicle tiger opened their season. Coach nick Selz my fields in the four games. So this is the crux of it basically the issues whether. Roberson. Represented himself to be a member of the tiger football team on a tiger football team before its release was given from his former school critical Catholic. Before he was in rolled onto his father. That appeared this fall there Andrew senior was released from Vanderbilt. As a coach last year. And it soon was clear that younger robes and likely would not play his senior season with the terriers so. The junior season was outstanding robes and 2007 yards thirty touchdowns and I'm sure I'll a lot of schools would love to pat. And a quarterback so to become eligible. At a different school. His family will have to move the district first. That he intended it you know the school he intended to go to and in his release would have to be granted by on the school as he's been. But what happened before. Any of that was rob Robeson was asked to be on the cover of Louisiana football magazine. And it's a great honor right for any athlete. So. It's typically. You're considered one as well as states you know top sixty seniors if you're asked him a cover. So. When you on the cover players Wear their schools' respective jerseys for photo. And it's shot soon after the spring football. Has ended a long before some practices again. At a time of the photo shoot Robert Roberson was a player without a team. He wouldn't go back to Vanderbilt. He was not enrolled. In Huntsville. And so close for that is Dequan Jackson. Upon they'll huddle the popular got them tigers Jersey to Wear for the photo shoot with the permission of head coach nick Saltalamacchia. And look. All those all those folks that you know basically. Deny any wrong doing. Al what Dell at algae would go on Twitter. Joining us now part of our front coverage and the Alex SA executive committee. Upholding the original. Suspension. Roberson for the year. And Alan. You call a case like this high school football history in this state where a guy gets a quarter that click to since suspended for the tiger his senior season for wearing a Jersey. I've built partly and the commission. Bill be accurate time equal force to. All but there's even after the fact American of that you know army I think back two years ago. I was in a major player that I remember Katie and I got an ruled ineligible and in the kind of it. So many game and they as a European number one team that spotted him like 31. They snuck in the oil and there he would draw them in the first round was. It's important weaker outlook really high. That they upheld today I was I think Eleanor Mondale the record out by tighter and not gain any compact. But they held it up and I really it. Eyes future right here. I mean Lipton has that the that the status portal for me and and forget about the future makers in the at the back there. The only senior high school one and you know you only get so many towns around the tunnel Friday night and party unity. And you know he brought an opportunity in. And I mean. Debate is on the wrong. I don't know I don't know what really made in Iraq yet judges and many honorable acts. All right now and again I don't know out of all the back on eight it I didn't go to very important situation. I want the State's top players in Egypt and legal field machinery. I'm a written statement on behalf of the hunt high school and is from. Stevie who better. Today's not only eight disappoint Dave on the high school football and who Robison an entire Condo community but it's a sad day for high school sports across the state Louisiana. The school was dismayed at the only to say executive committee's decision to uphold the executive directors original ruling that. Resulted in penalties against Andrew Coates Saltalamacchia in the school. The fact presented to the Alec to say executive committee at today's appeal showed the ruling was based on assumption without fact or merit. This has left a senior student athlete distraught and heartbroken without the hope of playing football during his senior season. This is an injustice and goes against everything the Alec just a claims it stands for in its constitution which states that the militants say is vitally interested. Welfare of every boy and girl participating in its athletic contest. This committee is overturn or reduce penalties. For actions far more egregious. Than him conduct at issue in this case we are disappointed. By today's decision in our considering all options available to us including arbitration. Al when you hear that how do you react. Later that date for our state and and her right well water stayed in and not like I. Oh there's so many. Years where. You know the Election Day not. Consistent message. And you'd think back to a couple of years ago where. You know eighty he'd kicked out of the plea deal there in the semi finals don't advocate going. And it is they gave it to know not. What the decade. Others bring. Win in baseball. These situations where. Delicately put it a pitch count low. To protect players and they get cute gain or add them up on the goal is basically more and and nothing was done under eighteen and they can't think it's good. I borrowers are wearing a Jersey Allan it would violate those rules far worse than that in a player wearing the Jersey. On up on cover a football magazine nice problem. I don't know like they've got to beat them by the consistency. And that at that point. Up there like each and every Kate cute like the court you know the political point there and it's gonna do it. I don't know that it's a tough situation for on ball because I don't think by any remembered that he Ayers sitting there. Wanting to penalize kids but on the other hand they do and they are confident player. You're a young man and ballplayer. That his father got let go goalie coach Mack. Beat Lou you're going to go to any school. And right before that he can't play it is your rock on it. Right now that the compliment but it changed. Evidently development league the police and I applaud you amber. I a look at you won't you may not believe agree with this our argument might not wanna say it to you your your very close the high school football in general. I think the only TSA should be dismantled. Because it's train wreck it it just is you use to you talk about it pointed out. All the inconsistencies involving an organization they don't get it right. Consistently enough you talk about high school football are high school sports where it's extremely important for the student athletes. To be protected and keep it the right do the right thing for them and they missed the swing and miss all the time in fact I think it this ruling that the the case in the past Alan I I would encourage high schools. To move away from the LA test day. Just don't you be affiliated with their wood there was talk of that would with a split happened right. Yeah. Why you hear that but if they're I'll make that there are they. I think you'll write a statement like that like it. I really neck because there was so much out or on any. Bad. He came out and an opus should be able. And for them. You know for them not now really really really surprised that apparently. Alan Waddell at algae would tell onto a part of our opera football coverage off fighting right field to Tubal roundup in Allan. It again and this is that this is an eighteen year old senior and in the end I don't see where he did anything walk in other words I don't think this is an intentional deal. You could see where his his. Dequan Jackson gave the Jersey he he just wanted to be on the cover its tremendous honor to put so hot the Jersey he knew he couldn't put on available Jersey so what he won on the duke. I don't know person I mean again it's kinda came out there today in. Outlook the cry me a bit and and it's certainly struck taken out of eight football and I was hit I hit it out on pack week not do it again whenever an airplane air and you know and you're on the hotline. That the most disturbing part to me an important thing came outwardly interviewed. And you're after. The number one act close what else that I have gone. And that if there was really no such appointment that in that from a report reported today on article I read. Alan Dell treatment recipients night no problem. Hi Alan mills to more like deals that bull but football roundup you lay it the only chance they get this right. A year suspension for me the ropes and simply Wear your Jersey. The only cover will be high school football magazine I've 042601. Except I know sports is extremely passionate in the sports. 5042601. Lights of the texts eats at me. Eight having this is sports talk here on the heated well enough in the dock. The LH SAA is tone death period tone death. Completely insensitive. Inconsistent needs to go away that's my feeling. Ultimately and look I'm a rules guy I'm all about rules and consequences I'm fine with that but it's my dose of the wrong based there should be a price to pay. This prices too steep rate robes period. Back to the phones we go to Georgia Lyn what's going on George drawn. A Christian. It take to protect my Crocker. That you know this is another example of guy that itty. Who call themselves educators there are all current. Well it has executed. These adults playing adult political game that he expected it go. And I'm gonna tell you and happy guy goes. On oh let's not gods and split. Only one guy who stood up in the form and that big war against the split. I who was on real elements of the Alex's. Yet know what. State state why all the school. Stood up and vote in and split. Back to our email when that doesn't start again on bill not in doubt and it will be I'll. The trap where they're done this young in anybody's ever met yet they know talk about. A night. George takes a phone call you you know what I know coach salt module really well and how venture a guess that. He would sacrifice his season. For years suspend him for the year. And let it drove a supply. I'm confident that coach salt would do that just because. Of the guy he has the look here's what bothers me OK and Alec you full disclosure will really Bosnia's. My kids go to. It RNC told our school system. Are you sit one on bill. All right so I know some detail Garrick communal home or that's not what is about Mikey didn't play at a sporting high school and on bill. On middle might. So I'm scared that mice on my middle son who has a little applicability. Is now going to be under the umbrella of the elect SA and I don't trust the Alley to say that disturbs me. Miles on a cellphone what's going on miles Iran W did well. An acre maker in the afternoon. The alleged hit 8 yesterday am reminded me of being a right to it they'll only see like they have eight our board the punishment they quote and the they go one you know one that didn't act that you're trying to put our that a making it to the ball. There you know argument I'm. Who competed in. It's its days as a method. Schools the breakaway vomit just like it just elegant and be brought down a completely rebuilt so I think they've gotten lost. Yeah law. How would you are corrupt is more better word ago the net and probably America. And Asian. I created by I'm miles we'll startling comeback for Kevin Poulsen cam and on bill. Actual loss marked rise in I don't get to you this hour. And around got the lead off next hour to geologists say it right or wrong. Against its rule was the quarterback on upholding his one year suspension. The wearing a Honda high school football Jersey on a high school magazine cover the high school magazine. Covered ice football unbelievable sports talk your own W. Live here at hooters. Kevin at Folsom Kandahar bill actually plots market Minneapolis Bryant matter in Santa matter sit tight I don't wanna anybody at its clock about to the top of the hour. But I'll pitch in next hour. And it's Roberson quarterback for high advice we'll spend the year it was upheld an A executive committee elect to say executive committee hearing today. He's out for the year his senior season gone not eligible intelligence they get it right or wrong. You are my thoughts on it there's no oversight for the Alex SA. Some states have. They're governing bodies report to the state legislators. On how to feel about that either but it exports thought rolls on here on WB well.