The Grand Isle Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Grand Isle is looking good.


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I'd still economic looking for a spot to dump on them ages and hopefully we call on Wednesday afternoon it's coming up on opening day Saturday September 2 which sneaking up details on the talks with visions pointless one down and now. Bring in captain like Brazil look real scream out Catholics like water Louis or at least near. Line now which. One and it didn't distort elect win broke. Which can figure out early. You know conditions are a little a little dog but I I've got to figure out on the on the spotlight like that I don't like the let. I'm excited about more of politics. That's good news now without giving your spotter way tell us that the nature of that spot what do you think makes it a good spot so somebody can look for conditions rather the GPS court. We outlaw it like it you know about Warren I was glad early on job as we look at what you look at or regulatory or speed channel. That ball toward. I'll bet the war in GP and murderer. All the urban terrain a little bit the bait them. And hopefully get better there. You know earlier in week. Everything in city. Or. Area. And blocked off route we got a trip this week. I. Liked it. You might not our played it should everything you know. In Atlantic. We. Get it should be. I'd very good on the as far as red fish we got ride the bulls sneaking up on a CO those big bulls showing up in the passes. Should. That they're in it like you know. The probable that Sunday and made their gear but actually we were a little bit nor marsh mr. you know at bat let's went on that. And get a politician just banquet the banks and we caught where you know are seven birdies and it was an account topical comic in the Cutler had you know I played on the bench goes what is now. A correct it why I can't right now. What are you. But they showed up in the bigger pay and ship and I have you know. The year you know at the election be a good bit it would get fed up early it not been advocate stroke like art at the I happened department that it do it in it will be you people out and and one out there did you. Blake if you go out this at a critical problem light tackle and you try to take two equitable rate you may get a broken heart tell me how you really got a fish bowl Ritz. Allred and apparently. It. Oh. You start off with little wait it out but there is Beckett be like the bit about it record around wait. Barrel moderate about it you're frequent later. I used to do. But I later. And like you let down on a second point about art there is real and that at all about the bullet if you have a broken arm and broke. You know the other side of that too is it's really not fair of the fish is most people don't even keep the one that July although the 27 is better release in prison not the best. Eating and they all the breeders'. But if you Wear that fished down on light tackle to the point of no return then becomes a wasted dead fish to connect tackle heavy you get that feeds into the ball quicker. And live longer and other data button. You are out there that the is now being hungry short but like that it. I. Can't except for the White House offshoot guys leave and I. But yesterday we not been planned out. Being a party ought a lot of anger. Which. We get back on them relevant warming. Up. Are what keep your moral and personal. Matter that they out there it's not impossible not to Ketchum. But but that we really hurt the needle coming up the ramp it like that though. Couple more weeks and open and grant them back and they'll buy. And get back to the us Beckel Trout argued noticing any signs of that transition that normally starts now or middle bit later into the late summer. Yeah me that yesterday when it was our well. It's me we're gonna what kind of a late by that ball movement but the transition in the. It isn't where it should be you know on the court you know that's where they. I guess that it every army but it's gonna look at Egypt in which appointment. And yeah. And Blake who's the lucky customs today was. Odd that the milk our buddy. You're right about that that. In opt out there are going to be I'm saying that but I. Now not yesterday but the upper. Right guys. Now what are you don't like that. And what aren't efficient and oh at that point. You know operate the picture and make sure they got addicted to. Yeah they you were runner up like that we are there's we're gonna go out there at the what you know if they're gonna give it. It after the strike or would like the moment there's I would just that would be on a day. All right real scream as dot com is the way to find out Blake the book at trip and you talked to Darrell capped property is now taking phone calls or Zito and all the so what do you for a lot. Now I don't think about golf and it would. It up again. About. He. It is in the end he has entered rehab. By. Night lights that. War yeah the idea. It's not met what it did not. A real straighten them in that spirit. Or your well he. We haven't. Big deal headache. I'd like have a great day we'll talk and it yeah. And he goes captain Blake who sells real screams that countersuit by not a grand all. Now between the sandal Marino and briefs on the other in the via. All right coming back after the associate we get a hold captain Kirk he's got a whole big crowd over that hacked Berry run and gun. We'll talk to him later in the it's always got plenty to talk about a semi attacks 87 B 870 we'd love to hear from this morning who you are aware you are what you're doing on this Saturday morning in August. While you're listening to the outdoors would Don Dubuque radio network.