Gov Jon Bel Edwards has initiated the 6th Special Session

Newell Normand
Friday, May 25th
Governor Jon Bel Edwards talks to Newell about funding the hospitals and keeping the commitment to TOPS recipients. 

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I believe we're in a six special session trying to deal with the fiscal cliff and as the governor referred to it this is the end of the road we are no look no longer looking across the landscape to see the clip. We are on the clip were hanging over the cleft. And join us to talked about this is the governor of the state Louisiana John Bell Edwards welcome to the show governor. All of that more and it'll and and it could be viewed your listeners in and of I think he's got that right you know June 30 different pork. We know that one point four billion dollars in revenue falls off the table my plan is to keep 648 million of that. Which is saying their tax reduction in the 400 million dollars but it's still had that new level. There will be some cuts but we won't be cutting hospitals and medical schools are cops program to our education institutions. I mean we can have been very responsible budget. And give it four billion dollar tax cut and I think it's. Critical that we do that and and now I'm hopeful. That this time the legislature will will get it right and and Alastair Reid said. And continue the momentum that we have across state in the weeks and you know for example. We have more people working statement before. There was not a statement nations whose department appointment exceeded our last year. I was just in new warns him that day to cut the ribbon on the biggest economic development plan. Get our State's history. So so week we've got some good things going well but we really need to fix is cliff I'm that we can I just I just prayed that this is that time. That the legislature. Just summons the courage to do what is necessary. Well governor first let me applaud you for V trolling the pretends. Budget bill. You know I just when when we start using terminology like that in the legislative process. One begins to ask questions and as long as I've been around government. It completely mystified as me that we would even engage in process yeah. In Zimbabwe that wasn't label output or McDonnell a Republican legislators. Themselves. And Leo for example. 88 million dollar cut out the tops. 96 million dollars apparently education. He we would not on the department of corrections at a level that they required. We would be the only state and which. Did did did have a food stamp program under the budget. And and so many other country in eighteen normal recently that the clothes on in the national bargain. And and it is just. We can do better and still be able for a million dollar tax cut which is why I'm hopeful. That we can get it done this time. While hopes so too I know that there seems to be some discontent within the Republican quarters that they represented a drop shadow and said that just the other day said you know we're looking at smokescreen to rhetoric. Let's stop. Let's start let's do what's in the best interest of the people of the state Louisiana as opposed to what's in the best interest of our political leanings. You know I think that's exactly right and you know there are a lot of good people and and I think they wanna do the right thing but it's it's for whatever reason it just seemed to be. So org but but again I'm Google I'm gonna keep work and everyday him. And and and I'm no this is this is difficult deal it's a challenge. What a distinct with a tremendous opportunities for our statement as we can finally fixed that problem. Not have a looming over a year after year to year get the stability that we need and now revenue to grow our economy and our economy is poised to continue. To grow and then then we can we can do better here instantly. And and and Newell I'm gonna do everything that I can't to work with the house and senate. Two to make that happen com. You know it's it's just more challenging I think did it ought to be I think that partisanship. Creeps and that. Main my best guess is for member of the house Republicans is if Powell Republican governor ask him to do exactly what a mask and did today. They would they would say absolutely. We're gonna put four million dollars in taxes this year and next we're gonna cut state general on global fund for parties including tops. You know we can do that you know but but but for some reason because one has to import. They're they're a part time getting there. They swallowed elixir is that were much nastier under the Jindal in minutes. Well and they do you advocate that last budget they passed and an 800 million dollars of one time money and actually said the a output this class model. It was all the one time money in that that was in that last budget and the fact that all of the trust funds have been rated and swept in spent. And just leftist when they passed but the put it is in the foot and we're doing better. Did deficit my team and I'll just exceeded two billion dollars we're down now trying to find 648. Million. And and everything that they do. Almost without exception was temporary and fall off the books on June 30. And so because of the cuts we've already made because of the road because of the same things we've been able to achieved over 300 million dollar home Medicaid national. We're getting much much better place were talking about smaller numbers which is why we can't get that fourth in dollar tax cut. And still on their priorities and am hopeful. That we're gonna find a way there. Meeting with speaker this morning and and I'm not gonna say that it was overly productive but but we did exchange information and and hopefully it will lead to something. Is this gonna primarily fallen tobacco sales taxes. Well but you know that the main brought in measures did that was passed two years ago was secure and sales tax and so. The question now is the big question before the legislators how much of it if any do we keep. Meant the debate is between the third and a half and that makes a big difference because it. You get much closer to the 648. That would talk about 648 million dollars and you do it better. And and so I think it's it's sort of foregone conclusion that some portion of the sales tax is going to be required. To fix this problem. But from here to Europe there's going to be production and sales tax for sure. And I want that reduction to be half panic. Because I believe we we can fix our problems. At that level I don't think we can do it and have a Fuller and again it was Dubya reduction and and the sales tactics and look I don't particularly likes sales taxes because I'm good to be aggressive. But we have the lead to work since that accident nations could be exempt grow trees residency utility pharmaceuticals. And and a over half of the sales taxes in the bill would actually be paid by businesses not by individuals and so. To those reasons I think it's sort of strikes a decent now. And I'm certain will do it to get the stability that we need in Louisiana. Just totally wrong commitments that we have an obligation to pay for tops. Not not to cut 88 million dollars cops which in but it didn't need to. And and not pay for scholarships for kids to go to university did doesn't have the funding necessary to liberal quality education for automatic six million dollar cut pirated. Misha goal weight to because. Didn't know sometimes people forget this in the years before it became governor the next education and wheezing with the deepest in the country. And so we can get back on that because that's how education that expand opportunity and makes. The chief technology for example possible. That would not happen but for the fact. That we commuted to turn our education and so to continue to have opportunities. Investment and job growth. We don't have to make sure that we protect our educations. And that's an investment in our future it's the same thing with the teachers blew through K through twelve high school as world tyrant. Mean at some of the best investments that we can make looking into the future. Yeah I'll petition to question about that if it comes down to business education has some problems for the opportunity that we want opportunity for the people are stake. To have good paying jobs and a good life right here that we can. We have to stabilize our support for education and it'll that support to grow as our revenue grows with the economy. But we cannot just keep cutting education. It's gonna require an investment and strategic investment that's the path we're all it's a much better that we were all. Before I became governor I am absolutely convinced of it so I'm actually excited about this opportunity that we have to stabilize. And continued involvement that we got bill. Looking at the very near future governor unfortunately. That Alberto looming yes or. If yet again. And you know that's gonna be a distraction to the special session obviously because you know a lot of folks have to go on the batten down matches depend on the presented. Absolutely and we're asking people really pay attention this is just listen to beat that DO watched bemused and and do what they're asked to do about local. Officials you know our our governor result of Homeland Security has been talking to all the parish level waltzes including those set up right there towards. I'll will be at a phone call with the mayor a little later this afternoon. So we can goal for the posture of New Orleans in terms of its preparedness for. This rain but we really don't know what to expect that's that's that's the hard part we don't know we know we're gonna get a brain we don't know how much. And and so we have to be prepared and and I just want the people of new warms to to know that we're working with them. And I'm an encouragement to get ready for hurricane season and now a good time to do it and get to go to get the game and work. And and and get prepared. Governor thanks so much you spend a little time with the senate we response to have you on yes that I am because the L issued game and thanks for accommodating our schedule your schedule and every one schedule on quite frankly. No problem thank you so much cute and good luck with the special session and look at our fingers crossed about this weekend as well. Thank you all right that's governor John bella Edwards. Made Tom force that we really appreciate that.