'Go For Two' NFL Podcast - Week 2

Seth Dunlap
Tuesday, September 19th
The 'Go For Two' NFL podcast returns this week as Kristian Garic & Seth Dunlap look bad at some teams we thought would be good that just flat out stink (we're looking at you Saints & Giants).  We recap week two in the NFL and then break down the best week three matchups.

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Welcome to the go for too little podcast with the Christian Gehrig and south Dunlap. But a bit of it about. We number three coming up in the NFL Seth and Christian here. It is our don't you podcaster we take a look across the entire NFL. A more kind of over arching. View of the league rather than just laser focus on the saints like we do on our show double coverage each week nights. Eight to 11 PM on WW yo what's up man well hey the first legal grip yet but he's over Chris is still recovered from that so lacking of the saints took on Sunday. Oliver covers is that that a game went final the Gaza yeah I mean is I act Allison here and say all last week on double coverage that. This game would you be close I was comfortable saying it was going to be ten point spread out of the house will allay some money on that so. No I'm not I'm not at all surprised and I'm not at all. Disappointed because I kind of solace with Cummins a rare moment where I actually saw gone. Yes no you did I think most people did as well like me I was trying to be Hampshire and say you know on Twitter at force that something was tickle in the back of my neck apparently it was Tom Brady's touchdown pass up that I've no idea. We're gonna take a look at our studs of the week or reveal last week pre some big games through this week. And also take a look at some of the NFL alliance sucker lines lock the week that kind of stuff that we started every week. With our story line. Of the week. Story why. Second that grow by ten got to have that tools and equipment obvious storyline you powered socket briefly here for the show started. And it's just the the teams always thought would be good all the sudden we found out these distinct they're not just mediocre. It is stink but we we've got the saints here Christian we've got Cincinnati Bengals who I didn't call the saints being bad I called. I called the Bengals being horrible their bad they'll lose on Thursday night thirteen to nine can't score a touchdown at home. Authors that are supposed to have that huge advantage over visiting team our short week and got the New York Giants who for the first time. In over sixty years I think they have failed to put up. Over Tony my points in the first two games of the season three last week thirteen this week and just getting shelled by the Detroit Lions. And it's yeah just some teams we thought would be good bid that just. Managed art had to do its target. Q did agree they are we thought they were known to Korea and particular originally when it comes at a Cincinnati Bengals now but I'll walk back off my original thought. So he's been 79 going attorneys and I started to drink a little bit the Coolidge but based on what we saw on defense. And with the giants outlets all apologized and is because. Of last year's defense Alec over all that. And an offense is not very good but I'll think of double that and you're not being completely one option healthy as it has impact that office that those drinking that particular. I'm ready to say like at the bagels are bad that's a bashful. I'm read is say the saints is the saints are bad football. I'm ready to say that the giants. Are not bad but did just not pity. So this is Italy for overreaction threat that's honor we always sit here week two and I always keep that in mind when it was must rely heavily who I'm talking about it as well. I always relatives they had they'd worse there is my chair talking about that cheer for as well maybe edged in some way and that scared me. Well odds carries much is this team anyways. Like we look at these teams after two weeks at least we pronounced dead. Now 12% of seems to leak that's going to be one year one of these teams is on to users and playoffs so notice. At least that's the historical average. I do think the giants are terrible I do think the good angles are terrible. I. Well before the seasonally our predictions were telling me in my game for the saints. I think most of us had the saints lose must first strip. I had a big win in the opener did you may not make losing in this fashion yet but we thought that that like one and three was probably the likely outcome after the first where threat. Yeah I was that's fair weather the wind came in week one and you open or perhaps we for. In Miami are against Miami in London. Look I don't think this is an overreaction because I thought about this is something we'll be talking about double coverage later on. The saints have gone 024 straight years have been in the playoffs and in three of those no I and this 02 start looks too much worse than the previous three. 02 starts if there is such a thing I mean it like that. This team there's guys that can't lineup there's guys that. Had to me you know two guys on the field. That they're looking toward the sideline. To get coached up on where a lot. I it missed defies me is how that can still be going on. In particular year to a Dennis Allen scheme and then at some point through mini camp OTA training camp. Pre season games how that still happens is mind boggling. Yeah I mean I'll get that splits of this interview here but that's the biggest misfire here I use that word for me it's not that they. Got beat by the patriots ever once on it coming it's the way visual loss you know not not getting beat by better players by elite guys just. Just completely looking loss of by the way publicized school or talk to defense in week one I thought. Some of the guys office receivers running Iran while out running backs. Knots again cutting back to open holes is plowing forward straight into the TV that defense. Guys even like Adrian Peterson is as it dismissive eyes. But that's our biggest storyline is teams such as saints but across the league that we thought would be at least competitive just not looking like it. At all it's due to our studs the week. Carlos dogs of the week. Look at god I gotta go back to go a game here in New Orleans that nobody here you and I estimated right radio off. But you still have the whispers of it saying oh man useless old violated they'd cut up to four years old bit. 3039 for 4473. Touchdowns he throws for almost 300 the first half you what you look like Tom Brady. Al cared saints he's been absolutely make a lot of quarterbacks look good. But you look like the same old Brady and I think that offenses. Things are gonna be as good as they wore and passage dull but the B five BW enough when the Super Bowl. They'll be good so it's to make a playoff run in in Foxboro at home feel evangelize goes typically for for the pages look. He's my stud to Hamid. I mean just because there's everything that thought it was going to be. He eat he had a very pissed off patriots team coming here and beat down very very defenseless. Saints team and in a lot of categories that metaphorically but also. Realities so. That to put up those numbers after not playing well it was vintage Tom Brady he's had games similar to that in the past where he doesn't play well and come out we've seen Drew Brees is the same thing. Those numbers are eye popping for any quarterback regardless of what's defense your plane you get it done like that in the NFL then he that's why you're Tom terrific. So let's get and so are we can reviewed here most are off put that saints as saints patriots game was skidded out of the way. And I think it's so frustrating for me out and watching mr. missing its perspective. Is that there are flashes where you can see the talent they brought in I thought Alex Okafor played really well. Again for the sec no better than he did the first regatta played OK in the first we got to put it really law that secondly camp Jordan is who we values is a client offers much that rode him in week one I thought he played pretty well. Here in this week to Drew Brees Drew Brees. But you're it's. Not to just looked beat a dead horse here but the correct it just looked lost and missed it buys me and I cameras and governor Phil is somebody else who wrote and stats are can take credit for this but paraphrasing what they wrote is that for. For as impressed as we all are at Sean Payton for turning. Then offense that's missing bolt their tackles and some key pieces here into a viable units. It mystify me as to why he just can never on the other side of the football whether whoever yet whether it's. It's Rob Ryan whether it's Dennis Allen whether it's towards the end of Gregg williams' tenure he just cannot put a competitive you know on the field just completely. Perplexed as me I just don't get it and I am what I thought they'd be owned two likelier one on one. But it's worse than I thought. Much worse com and look. There's a certain part of me that that was the thing that OK because is his area of expertise is on the offensive side of the football. Can you evaluate kitty communicate. What he wants the value waiters to look for for defense of players effectively. I mean we we've we've seen a lot of guys on that side of the ball that they did that they've had more misses on defense. Whether free agency are the draft the net they've had on offense and this offense isn't great anymore not right now not that the two weeks it's good average. Right and there are a lot of things that are involved in that factored that the O line being banged up. I think the new pieces of news new receivers at setter Iran backs and does not on the same page doesn't they'll get on the same page eventually was with Drew Brees but. Getting he had it in Gregg Williams but Gregg Williams had too much of an album personality. OK and I'll think that that that that fits with what's on pay anyone adjustment it was guys yet any idea totally cute. Fiji I mean you were here for I was here during detail and vivid I think they couldn't justify keeping him around Gregg Williams was need. As the scapegoat in the okay that's as allies how I view and I think yeah so I'm not I disagree with yeah I'm just saying after all that played out somebody had ago. Yes I did anyone know be Sean Payton yeah what's the common denominator now. What's the common denominator right now through three years of no playoffs 02 starts. And a fourth season startled to what's the common denominator they changed that they've changed that the coaching staff. Overall that they've changed the scouting department. Talent evaluation. What's coming anonymous Sean Payton the head coach. Don't know look I I have been a defender's shot patent split I'd look I am quickly. Quickly falling off that's that train here is I don't think there's any more waste to stand on you can't keep standing on. Yeah we've got two Super Bowl and won one when it's what seven years 99. Years past and niners passed. Spent seven years since. That NFC title on man. Tony yeah well when it then they'll Austin divisional round and your vote you get the point yeah I mean it's this it's been seven years. Since the saints have had an opportunity. To a symbol on a limited wells' point thirteenth and and that Michael might relate with that team is Super Bowl contender. At least if you are looking at from a very objectively. It's I I adopted by the way this is a little pet peeve of mine saying. Almost up there would be CEO. I mean I know you're with any points that I game alien was close that's no that's a classic game of that the scoreboard doesn't indicate how. How much control the Seahawks had a target come out agreeing with the Christian as it's been awhile since you had a legitimate. Wait too long wait to law I mean look right now. There's fans you'll against I don't know coverage this week fans call for Sean Paige had a right now and and and last year up I would push back on. Curiosity because of that equity built up. And yet he won you assemble an enemy of the art of legally give us better here's the thing is not very good right now and you know Sean Payton was going to be this good. Alleged to take a long time ago they trust the process got to trust analysts on the Salem the trust. Do your general manager whomever you might be it was ridiculous so I also find the next quote unquote Sean Payton. Look. I think that there's a certain part. Organizations that can they can begin to get stale. Do you think it's do you think it's like. The Eagles with Andy is I think we all agreed Andy Reid he was going to land somewhere else I think we all agree shopping and going to last them or else I think. Miami Beach stale maybe it's time. That was the seed all time NFL the only person has been able to avoid that is the about it. I mean Bill Parcells danced around so much because it got stale so it if he didn't ever want to get fired eleven a lot of his own terms. Yeah no I mean bills and a he's in a different class it is a different class he's really the only one he's might be not maybe bit. I mean he hasn't hands on as long as Austin was been it's been eight years since they were possible. What is saying level it did pitchers like ten years straight so but yeah they were there were consistently bear market ever hear an eagle four straight years coming up well yeah our car for a for a five on three straight years to be in sub 500 I'm out here at the patriots weren't a title contender ever seen here who is ten years this kind of surprised him the you have an all time catch. And another all time performance by quarterback to beat the Ministry's rules there's one juxtaposed Bill Belichick say say he with his resonant. He has at a stretch where they go 7933 years he is the only coach I could say yeah you gotta constantly he's earned that right. Yes these are not right I would be okay with yeah well and up 8%. As long as he doesn't go one on fifteen. You know for for a stretch of time I think he he's built up enough good equity that he has couple of lousy years eight I'm not far. I'm not mean it is Boston I guess yeah let's go let's move on Christian to it seemed it speaking of teams that. Looked like disaster were staring it in the face. The Arizona Cardinals almost lost to a I think is either the worst of the second worst team football. The Indianapolis Colts this week additional costs Carson Palmer played terribly in this one and rally them late senator in overtime they unit that get in the win sixteenth. To thirteen in overtime. Like colts are bad there'll into we knew they're going to be bad. Let's Arizona and that makes the teams that. I don't think you're going to be good I. I can't see this team in the playoffs I really can't in Carson Palmer yet he threw for 332 bit if you watched him play. He's missing throws he's not moving in the pocket well and of course now. There without David Johnson and current Williams Chris Johnson they're not the same guy. This is not a good football team in my view him and my objective view here really as a team. So lost David Johnson. The defense and always kind of carried them Carson Palmer at a Goodyear their throw don't want or stretch there. He's played a football but I think he's all unease is an old I think it has bodies broke down. So I can't see the cardinals did reveal amassed some deficiencies to Gary coaching Bruce there has been. What comes in December. And January if things that make the playoffs they'll get they'll be one and done they do make one on I think of this team's got. A host of issues that down a stretch to weeks six weeks seven and restarted exposed for what they or when yet. Hey just look across the NFC there are. They're ten different teams that are better than us on easing I mean really I think everybody's at the bears in the central I think all the FC east teams are better that. Indianapolis. Chuck fruit are gonna do first got to get fired the only fire that we pour I think so I mean. Oh god there's a real possibility that the saints go for that. At least internally had a discussion they have to merely doing. Whether it's COLT saints a bagels are whomever that's this is Carly 02. You be doing your organization disservice if he did not at least discussing internally. You ought to do it and I'm not a big fan of changing coaches and Eagles season. Unless it's train wreck and colts look like a train wreck a complete trader so. I think he will be a you'll be the first well as a sad I don't know and over classy guys are set for Andrew Luck and I was not there right now by the way how Alexander let's take that team every year used there they are released contending for division titles and went through games this year I a lot of their games. The CF their elective theoretically like I'd say by the way Agassi keep them out when I get healthy this year there's no sense to bring him back affable justices who fired coach and a now let's get to a good game here. Best game I think of the week is certainly one of them was that chiefs Eagles game Eagles rallied they had a chance to win it but. The Kansas City Chiefs we thought it would be their defense and defense is really good they're not as good when you take away all Farrow telling what happens Seahawks last year with her Earl Thomas music aired very they're not going to be as good as they were it is art they're gonna be okay. But not going to be a top flight defense this year but. They've managed to mitigate that and I really watch this O watches game. All of it. On replay and I kind of went in Washington Belmont. And what how we're gonna mitigate this is with with their rookie running back Corey putts he is a legitimate star key is he gives that offense gives Alex Smith. A versatile player making weapon on every single snap that they haven't had. I didn't really like the chiefs in the conference here even without Eric Berry I think they're gonna be right there at Pittsburgh and New England yet. I think they're benefits for our Reza they're better than they really ruined my news. Again goes back the equity and automatic respect you give you the bill develop secondary but. You're right on three month in particular probably how big a legal so I still am I'm really dial up on Carson once I love him as a player. But it seems like. Haven't clicked and for the for the chief state that it even though I lost Eric Berry is just one it states have what that look about like. This could be the year that they can finally leapfrogged a team like the patriots or a Steelers at their perennially in control of the AFC so. Alex Smith ever Osama pat almost no replacing by Wii two or three he get rid of that he would get that job. Oh don't know and here's here's the thing Christian if if Kansas City, Kansas city's winning these games that were toss ups right I think beginning of the year we said first two weeks man Alexei extras tough market to the defending champs. Got to play the Eagles ever really likes pursue east come 11. You be looking pretty yet Williams who would go now they have the tiebreaker over new England's biggest home playoff games they want most up to seasonal once it. That's where it's gonna come through and Alex Smiths for all his. Dissenters out there and the people that think he can't win a Super Bowl. This may be the year he proves them wrong I mean really I've not out of yet I know thing else I think Alex is a leak but all the way this team as constructed. He's a very good quarterback masses I hope so because it always like on xmas I'm always like to me how he got enough respect some at times. People are always trying to carry him down when he's got he's got ability he's got talent obviously. He's totally got but. The trend over to a possible. Then. Al Smith can agreed onboard with Lance he would Gooden and the real loss here is better rounds in nine different receivers the 35. You know what here with the with the dallas'. Controversy now they got this. This beef go between Garrett easy to Eliot I guess. And everything is going on there. I'm I may be with you here and that the Eagles as favorites in that division now at this present all this you want it to the giants it is awfully tough Ellicott. I did arrow is pointed up as a stale alt on the heels for awhile I think that the Eagles could be one of these teams it. In your three year for that regime we can be done about it they're going to be around for awhile like the Packers early on Aaron Rodgers era so. Yeah I think I I really like he's letting you know when divisional lot of the next. Carefully here us Steelers being up on the vikings 26 man I don't think any of but it was surprised by this especially with Sam Bradford out so. My view on this game as a gentleman by your team. I still think the Steelers over the top three teams are going to rule through that division yes I know Baltimore is there to I don't know but I think the Steelers roll through that division. And I think the vikings are fine I really do you wanna especially Bradford healthy I think that defense especially when they. Several what are you know at home they went through throughout games and playoffs. Goal he announced still on it I'm still on on a vikings looked. Is that how does it is on August of its pregame and he has created and they do it like in game two at least it. Is its led OK so on the Jumbotron right in these boards in the stadium are magnificent. There's. Fans they get selected to go bang a gong. And is it and it's got to be at least a ten foot radius spot gong you know a strong companies right or beat picture is like a drop early the big a drum and drum via. That's the bet that's the best way to describe it and then. They just can demonic and eight they played music based on a plane it's got very much a pirates seem like very much parsing dip for the Tampa Bay as a like vikings are loyal ignores and bang editor rob yeah so an eight Dumont on a big screen and they bang that drum and I'll fans a stand up stand up all time. And it net elk clap their hands together at that you have the band's drummer Al duets in time and its call. Thank you go school I think that the skull. School still so it keeps going it it is its antiviral vendors like everybody. If I want more intimidating. Collective chance that you put together a stadium in the national football. I'm glad it lived up to its billing because being a team out and I went through some videos of last year really excited about it on the spot cast that he kind of fizzled out what they sort of lose yet so glad to hear that it woke back up Pittsburgh in this game isn't worried about this team like. Met office burgers age his health that there's no defense the secondary is health their secondary is a bit iffy. But. As Big Ben and if he stays healthy he's a final waste to get them but they had a very messed it very tried and true method of battling games. An organization they stick to a prime better than. Any team aside from the patriots so. I have to worry about yourself that's it it can stay healthy as an elderly as a stay healthy and he's played one complete year yeah I was gonna look that up and that is a step like is that two out of the last ten years shoot too well it was only two out of the last. Eight seasons prior to this one he's whales that yes. Now that surprised no not at all. Let's move on here to another game on our dockets and the titans of the Jackson turned into what we thought would be paid battle for first place there. And AFC south. Titans like we thought you know our on this bandwagon and 37 to sixteen that would fine art home loss against. A good team in Oakland we wanted to respect and asked him at all times now it's not disable tightens the group. Held Oakland Raiders our team has not get enough love I think any any AFC I mean tell a team that can. That could possibly be problem some in the division AFC west for the chiefs it would be the raiders via the titans gonna win that division. Annika and look they can go late may when a division that that the divisions awful it is an awful but hats off to Jacksonville though. Doesn't Jacksonville's a better team that the volume give him credit for the murder or open and there week one victory was pretty impressive. Doug world's gonna know he's gonna have he's gonna have them play well Heidi he did in buffalo. He's he's he's an outstanding coach so I think the jaguars. For their fan base of big and go 8897. I think that's that's it. Had to offer season yeah and referred for Tennessee here's the reason they re so good even away. From Nashville is that running that's let's say it's the coliseum crossing and the NFL you've got to be able to run the football to win consistently with Paul and one of the Japanese. Now two point nine record as analysts to mean and to two weeks two point nine yards care. Bullet that was lavender Packers as we can lanigan not on the football that's why they got Shelby and celebrities at any NFL. Gross of all worlds of how the game changes in involves into more passively. He can't run the football effectively you're not gonna you're not you know panic no it's it's Howell consistently when you go play in arrowhead. In Baltimore in Seattle the teams that are winning there they run the football to take the crowd that's neat. I think everybody overlooks that like how do you take that crowd take the home field advantage weights running football killing the clock. Taken out of it look Tennessee goes for 179 yards. Mario that was fine tooth it's seen. And touched down here Jacksonville talked about her own thing they got months and maybe they can't move on now for public school students don't have anybody but this this project is over Blake portals is. A career backup now and honestly via outlook he is clearly not gonna happen for him in Jacksonville but always trying to do is is just on put. Bending over a dam right now on an Intel make it work the best he can because Iran any other better options that says it is down there. The public morals in the jury's out for commitment juries in actions say the verdict is in and yeah. He's not gonna he's not gonna be that in the draft a quarterback next year. It's move on to the Broncos and count four is talk about eye opener. Maybe I was overlooking Denver shouldn't have from the pre season with that defense 42 to seventy and again. Over Dallas here deck press got finally looks. Q&A like a second year guy that when he doesn't have a running game looks cool little flustered and kind of like quarterback we can't really move the football consistently through the air with his arm. And we all know about Ezekiel he was just. Bad isn't the right word uninspiring. And everybody you ever saw the play now when he stopped after an interception I think that was a little overblown Sony could caught anyways. You don't do that understands. But end because bad anyways and I carries three yards. I think did the easy kill it off the field drama caught up till this week. I and that's a that's a real thing you compartmentalized for awhile but eventually is gonna come crashing down to where he gets to you mentally gets your preparation all those appeals all those things are coming down. It had to weigh on you on on on his ability to prepare for their volume but. Give credit where credit is due. A Broncos defense is still very legit. Very legit I can't remember another time that I've seen regardless of how it was win or lose. There offensive line chested man yeah like that yes or less that that's a credit that fraught in Denver and look. Two Iverson is not the guy and endeavor either hassles don't hold them back ultimately because they're gonna in the games where. That's scored thirty points and that he's not capable of open that come bogon ball in together against another really good offense like in other words. They scored 42 but I think the if they'd gotten into a bit of a shoot out. I don't know it I don't know that the Trevor some newbies who will be equipped enough to analyze no. And it's against what I think him I said this in the pre season I think is one of the worst defenses. And the National Football League now mentality he's somehow kept together which I think is. Speaking about underrated that's where he's he's one of them yes but you know Dallas Dallas in the semifinal and a division will be there I think just be you know we have a Eagles. Not Austin as the wheels come off but I think that there's. Hey there's a bit of a well access everywhere it's been let down for for for cal was there was come out you know Super Bowl contenders I never saw this thing just. Jason Garrison coach in Jerry Jones is a general manager at any time you have that accommodation. Some is gonna happen some that I have and that's not that's not on Hilton be sustained and and build upon I think the cowboys are proven that. Sunday night game falcons redo of the NFC title game 3423. To play it out. Almost exactly the same way Packers could not on the football they couldn't take the air out of Clark and Matt Ryan Julio Jones an entire offense just. Absolutely Hatfield and it's turning into one of the the best home field advantages I know it's the new place right now shall see how it plays out the last few years. At home in Atlanta they've been simply fantastic. Am Atlanta the dude I know they struggle against Chicago and I thought they would take a step back this year alone idea and none of. They're clearly the best unit and it in the division in the NFC south and Tom saw this as best team in the conference. Seattle has some major offensive issues yeah remake cannot went away from Green Day. And I'm not ready to call anybody in the east plays in a saints are plus in the contest no. I love my saints fan ever had a hot today thank goodness my saints saints has NFC title and panacea. I can't disagree it is. They're loophole you're such a falcons I mean I think a part of it wanted to see him have a collapse because those who wall collapses ever and we can't take that wrong. So yeah. I'd be find out if you if you told me yes that the Wii to. Who you Evans who boy Nancy it Beilein it's just that if it is still very fast very fast very very. Mirrored our great defense they're very underrated their play making defense that kind of like when the saints have those. The defense is that relied on turnovers get their offense the ball back that's what they have an office. Office is so bad habit I mean it's not urge us Julio Jones those two running backs. It's so much now I am is being all right like that we we I think we put a little early in that pulls. Little bit to us and Steve's are legion on out. Wait is this is going to be like Steve sort fusion rehabilitation project area head coach in the NFL not the NFL I can't see that happen I cannot. Bread after his way to these applications like way too. And you start making a come on that he's ever coached or make him at a limit on college. I can't I can't see that and pop. Yeah follow that makes me like cringe you know turn into a target wide receiver added see it coming as moments ago. After his days in Cincinnati is a great numbers are not as good as a great number two ops that Julio. Yes oh and I think a lot of it is assistant to in the quarterback but he I think is not a nice compliment what's up with. It was Rogers never being able to win away from and I've never slept a little but hyperbolic there but he really troublesome is that football team. Yeah that we forget though that. Wouldn't point to end didn't they didn't have to do all rooms and have them get the symbol through Chicago's end to all of on the road and it allows awhile ago and why do you know what a couple of years ago they had to elect their last five it was last year five or six games two years ago an animal like the last Iverson stands in doing that three of those on the road obviously can't win. When it counts way concealed from me on the screen dates you know I still think they're there with them the falcons Seahawks the three best games. In the NFC one of the scenes that not the assays is got a fifth round pick for stuff on his fifth rounder as highway robbery. As a racetrack I'm sorry yes no no that's evident was that just happens. So unhappy for a fifth round he was a first round pick. First round pick any guilt Jimmy Graham an up and trade that it that that bullet the trade involved immigrant well yes you got Max Unger. But you get value then I thought then that he couldn't they kind of got a higher pick on the 31 overall pick. And and a sinner like Max Unger. But then it the way it just worked out now I can fifth round draft pick for guy he picked in the first round no book not with the way you frame that yes if you look at the whole basically over his career area hasn't worked out it's bad guy I'm just saying now on the field and getting a fifth rounder for this guy. It seems. Did you feel proud of his apartment I thought they figure they begin a three or four. Really yeah for guys who doesn't players and bad yeah Abbott and but he's still got the first round draft pick mine is behind this name in particular he's not damaged goods. I knew I knew that this is gonna have a sense you know I talk about this prospect this possibility. That it training camp they were just waiting for his high ankle sprain heal. And soon he'll he's gone Susie passed physical. He easily gone. On the fifth round that patent. I think the saints this goes cities and another. Another admittance that they made a mistake and and they can't make mistakes that's good that was the first year Jeff. No well look that's a big mistake in the first down button. I talked about I'm just I'm glad that they're willing to move on shirt and I haven't been previously but there's been way too many of those I got way too many of those we like. The pages do it's not a time Steelers to a packed good. On Seahawks. But they're not doing at the frequency that we've seen from the saints so that's life to serving I give it NEA should admit admit a mistake but it's to frequency of what you have and admit mistakes. That's alarming. We'll talk about tonight at 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock on though covers going to be interest and there's maybe some more moves in the works as well. Finally our money night game man. This helped me sort giants. I'm sorry I kinda this is my eighth sadistic side I love. When these over heights New York team's web whatever sport it is just crumble when you can kind of see it coming. Am I have heard for the past three weeks how the giants are supposed abuse who ruled contender it's. How O'Dell Beckham junior is the best player in the here that won recently some guys in O'Dell Beckham is the best player in the NFL regardless opposition that's. A lot of those that you're in zero van and drove down on the right the right take. This the New York bias and your height and and that could do it is how often told this team. And in particular with this is politicizing they've gotten beat on national stage two weeks tomorrow Sunday night and we want. Monday night and we too. And I was Canada alas I don't like. Did the did networks decide is because new York and some big market or it does Ali really that. In on the giants. And I think a lot after watching the game is really about it being the giants and big market not so much about what that him and I think. Now is there of that man I mean and the worst at right now bussing isn't gonna continue to battle on the I Washington is also bad that they're the worst team and that and that division I think losses works. Cool other part of this New York team and I thanks good right now even that defense who chose to be great they got shredded got cut to pieces. I know what they advertise and live. Cindy can be said about the saints'. Chances and it articles. But it's two games and that we've seen teams make these miraculous turnarounds I don't see it from the giants I just can't I can't tumble because you're struggle offensively. And defensively you're not in agony and easily means it's your I didn't that you're aware of that identity for the rest of the year kind designs where. So while I love Matthew Stafford the first two weeks ago I'm like fool you mad brilliant OG on everybody or an act contracts and the lions. The same thing native like last year man when everybody just wrote him off. The wrote in the playoffs and it's Bill Caldwell who we all. Think is terrible for summaries and isn't terrible it's dramatic yes that's right it. The lions in the vikings they kind of the vikings red teams that are going to be Redknapp playoff lives win we should have on it than yesterday. Yell at the lions and and and Jim Caldwell house like nor a couple years millions on the verge of getting fired. And says that really does that when the saints were up there is when when he was on the hot see assays up there in Detroit I think it will need fifteen. And they had. Related daily assays that was the Sean Payton. You know give not to sell Alitalia after the game yeah. So. Since then they've been they've got a really good team and look. I think you do call up and I always thought he's not he shouldn't be echoes those eyes that go to the coals to Tony Dungy and pick and etc. but he's proven it aunt and look. Matt Stafford what does it feel as if like a 185 yards without an. Great but he did what he'd do against that you know let's not forget that's what point is that. That's a maturation I think of of his career is. Now when he was first internally he would try to force and things now stands really pay act I got defense to like it I can play this game not. Whenever game W oak cliff I don't yard game I'll do that you'll play two are pretty tight. Tight ballgame and excellent win so yeah the alliance on for 32 times and I said great you are defense to do it it's supposed to be great I don't think they're great but your fifteen it's only one. But toys due to touchdowns no picks by averages but I mean by by his standard it's an average night. As an average night you get wins when he won the point where it's at any quarterback at least take I mean anyone Drew Brees would take that here. Against by turning it himself and a star three sects and tribes that he did a couple years ago he had a bad deal last year but I know the saints really liked him. There are rumors of him yes assays were like him coming out out of BYU and he was injured a lot last year. So later I always thought that went after his rookie year. He used by one of the one of the premier pass rusher either that or that was emerging. As a week in review of week two in the National Football League let's gets to industry. It's time for the weekly previews. Didn't do you know. Back games on the docket man grabs 49ers. This. Ravens jags. Steelers bears Broncos bills a lot of great games here's one. Noon central kick off time between 22 without teams and here is where Atlanta finally gets tested I think there on the road. In Detroit traditionally pretty tough place to play. And it's a does that suit too though it seems. Brilliant should it this see this while have to watch on replay. But. No matter like this that I if I'm gonna put my Myron mouth is on the sale analysts football. Helmets hazardous of that. The Matt Stafford linesmen and they went. And I said that last week that the giants would win this pretty is legal land around it is really a high scoring game I think and a three point favorites here yeah I Arnold over his. 49 a good idea fairly high scoring as as guys in Vegas here I. I don't want to give Matt Stafford and analyze but I really don't want to against the team that I just that we just said is the best team in the conference and that's Atlanta Falcons so. They'll find a way to get to getting that done up there in a tough place to play in in in Detroit. Then the pieces don't they with that pass rush to try to disrupt Matt ran and a lot of lot of places like teams in this and it's huge don't have given it all comes out so quickly when crime that's that's the real issues that they would convert the saints saw that's when a pass rush was and didn't have triggered. Com or. As the ball coming out early quickly also. They need to have the equipment ultimately put pressure on the right now obviously enough and offices is too difficult to defend. Look up about instant of Austria what about excess spread three. Oh victory and a push it sounds. Push announcer hey let's break down the browns in the colts Norway is 82 militants and Israel does not do that. Must draw down here at giants at New York Philadelphia Eagles this is when at all. Log it was a hell for the dance that they are courses and this is the game it's like we threes you don't quite know yeah I always like to waits a week in week for likely to about Wi five or six for it we truly know. How things play out at Tennessee when a team made of this is this the game it feels like oh man the giants are gonna it's got a lot and then half the data hah hah moment in enemy where it's like well you pronounces totally bad Eagles six point favorite. I like in my home defense is of the guys who talk about. Not quite the same as they were a year ago I think that. Carson wins is made a progression in year two now as a starter that you would look for an in and make it is his progression towards he leads status I really believe that. I like the little out like that point spread them yeah I'm Sam and take Eagles triple take the giants against the spread saints and Panthers and other six point game here. My good description I I'm just a little looks like that in donkeys they keep taking the saints in college like. It's cute thank you man that's actually a compliment from you know. I can't take the saints are against the spread this week after week and I guess I'm never gonna learn my lesson. I am not salaam Panthers they are too though but that is a deceptive. Yes to handle. Bills we deal with the bill last week matters 49ers. It is bad football teams it is deceptively devils' defense is pretty good Cam Newton is not a 100% healthy alternative figure out exactly out of work increase McCaffery that office yet there's some. Some issues I think that. They're still trying to work through isn't this egg when he. Look at the tape and say okay. Even with this past sixty it's what kind of offense would be matchup well again this has it been well against the run I've pretty effective against the run. Terrible it's passes the team can't throw the ball down field. Who likes to use the right games the offense I think what am I guess any offense matches up. You know poorly against the saints that this is an excellent arrangement that you can handle. Now. I was on the road. And look there's did their desperate scenes are really really desperate they don't want the little on the military because it starent prospect of 04 in the worst nightmare. In the face of this this may be. A games they've champion's career here. You know at least at least at least at least for the season and you know that the Fed is out the season let's to go on. They win this game and in need to rip off six or seven straight losses than any aides to sound like. This is where all comes down like we we saw this we see in the schedule for months. And we said no matter how it happens they've got to get out here tenants rent if they want they wanna make the playoffs here's the thing. They've managed when in this game upset Carolina on the road. They're. Gonna be favorites are you know even money against the dolphins in London also and can be too into a sort of is like I don't see it. I must say it's likely got taken the Panthers here. I I'm not gonna take the saints after just didn't you know. You're seeing and what handed me on Twitter language you wouldn't be totally surprised is. All just just like the Panthers are. This one of the worst 020 football teams that I and out I would agree with yeah I mean if there's some at this and it's beings oversold. It's the Panthers but then again that's their that's kind of how they like to play it's kind of lose the game that they like the place so. I don't know I'm not sold on the cancer but I am definitely not in policies. Definitely now. CR tapestry and the justice Fred six no I concede that covered divisional game but I liked dances colon cancer which spread what do or degree. Great football this might be a game of the week Seahawks who have really strong offensively that is an understatement scoring. Nine points and then twelve points in the first two games. The defense is what it is there on the road at Tennessee Tennessee has the chance to make an absolute statement here owned by the way CX loses one all of a sudden their one and and they are staring and it's kind of a must win game the following week I think Seattle's a neutral here. The titans are known for a great pass rush the dolphins line for Seattle night. Is it's it's gonna cost. The Seahawks the same opportunity cost last year and perhaps Russell Wilson didn't injured. I just there's way too it's on him he's not a big quarterback is like two reasons you gotta mitigate it and build it and they'll solve their office while it was you know the Seahawks are on defense. You're comfortable that. The way this article in this game is a close close low scoring 1613 dialogue and I titans offense is good enough. To make a little higher scoring who. That's the stuff titans their jobs are rarely underdog I'm on the road and they're underdogs here in Tennessee two and a half points and belt line. Of bow writes here's the thing I'll look at this one from an x.'s standpoint you beat Seattle teams that are able to get them. By running the football Dijjer just you just ran with it staying with Iran that is exactly how that second half. That Green Bay was able to extend that lead and get Seattle arrival on time Montgomery. I think the tides of the offensive line great Russian football team one of the five best in the league I think be aware of that Seahawks defense down and like you said. That very good front seven for Tennessee against eight error of coal. Terrible offensive line and yeah opposite sides here street I really am I vaguely make a statement Jack schedule is really early soft middle part of season are going to be fine that. There's starent no one to swear him face yeah I mean again. I like the titans. I like the Seahawks. But I don't like our office and if they owe us all by its little list schedule works out it probably going to be like any one I'll football's him so ought to have as though they've simplest and I'll. I'd chiefs and charge charges early on that is still Percy and but once he now is the dolphins and all of best spot for them as the dolphins at that extended break coming off of the hurricanes and plainly one. Can Jason win on the road again as the question of the defense it's you know a division rival. The chargers. I've seen that I will scorn you. As we start to like maybe you think about how hard I might like this team they always laid of or away where they just they just disappointed in what. I think Philip Rivers has been abused by the organization for about a par five years to they have they have not given him a lot of support. Offensively and in and until recently. Necessarily not defensively secondary they're just yet on elevated added. May ML any earmarks into it boasts that the claim to fame and a defense that's not enough. How little it seeks to swimmers I think it wins going away Casey's he's going to be three you know. Well that. Without that with the with Bartoli who would have thought that. Hand it's going to be really fun to see that the three headed possible place yup throw chairs while right there and three you know I played Washington. C got the chiefs the raiders. But it pitchers now have a loss that's like my biscuits and we actually in the Steelers for those top two seasonal fuel to manage this going to be so critical Lotta who gets healthy advantage in the AFC is going to be coming out of luck. Well it's logical and it's logical than to go that way I still think though that. The page is a finally just like I think Seattle's gonna find their way into the foot and in the playoffs and you death going erode. Because they've done it's only times in the past that it did it take if that was the scenario where the pages go on the road and and and Seattle at all wrote in the playoffs. How would not be. Ready pronounced than debt that those two teams can can can pull off a playoff victory railroad. Monday night and man this is kind of I as an elimination bullet in the ever have that we three especially if teams battle we. But cowboys and cardinals two teams that have. Not risen to expectation so far this year this is in Arizona. And we just saw how bad the cowboys were on the road previously bit. I'm just hustled us I am I am really the cowboys cardinals Telecom bounced back in his ball it was described dallas' actually favored on the road here which is you don't see that in Arizona and adversaries. Was who was so I think the outlets say the only other time that they've been broad dogs to Seattle twice I don't think I don't know yeah home deisler. I don't like they've been home dogs. Otherwise our hatred of it at three items are patriots. That Leo. Was disposed. Cal was at three. I was comfortable with very comfortable. I think they've they've bounced back blew it depends though. But he does stacked press got follow up another shaky performance with another one or an Arizona dad do you faster no I mean they they can do some things to use offensively it can limit your running game and and certainly restrict your passing game so that our I just wanted to go to Dallas here's is how with the I think Arizona's gone like the wheels come off very since this thing. A I agree our assets our weekly preview it's gets to our soccer lives. Soccer line. So really this line every single week and we give Eli that we think looks. She it's a little bit it's a little bit off a little bit odd to me I know I took the falcons here. A mathematical album and revise the said. I do think that. Mobile is on this surface I don't like that the disrespect that Detroit's big show here. Their home dogs doing 20. Be into what we. A pretty good football teams. Three point dogs at home against Atlanta I don't like I don't like taking a road dogs. Against teams who were you don't immediately and don't bet against teams are good at it. In their own building years ago that as an hotline from analysts without answers the odd not outposts and Leland that's out there this is a sacrament from me. The only card yet countless cardinals under soccer been honestly is Carolina cover about six. If they let you think you think that Norton or Oscars. I think the United States cover that's noted that the suck on because everybody it would be tempted to go yes. He is six point all Dele Panthers at the what lasting in the saints in the first two weeks that. I just think that didn't do enough to cover the spread south into wind and nearly LB Masako W is and other weird ones that he occasionally change your mind you've got the ravens. Only by four against the jaguars. On the road you've got the Broncos only by three yes on the roads. Cleveland's by one over the colts. New England thirteen point favorites at home against the Texans that's main course he said that so masters well and ethnic. How it I think that thirteen points. A lot for. Its next day message double digit spread in the NFL I. I attending Oden has since been not I would venture a guess that or gotten a text office bad. And the fired brands on the rain and Boston should they lose this global. It's the X and John Watson. Let's get to our. It's laurel locks it. If I can. Lock of the week. I did not get my lock of the week last week you saw no TV shots. Sean Payton jarring at Adrian Peterson wrestlers this week so. While Wachovia was. But luckily those fields are whose own money has said that. They took cover. The cover big and hated it that's. I can do other for this we know and Elena I know I it was a just think that up my tweet for the would you do with three sites that ties as that is what this other record. Have a hunch. Say you win this game sullen prince tells them so I think it's probably a bit late on behalf whatever were you on the record and taking the beating that either. As the hours outside in you know a ticket I got a new that is it for slaughter whatever yeah. Yet your Goldman I think your vote. I don't know where to go with a slightly man I got up this I think I think cam throws two interceptions this week president. I think is that your I think that your your scenes sunglasses and been. And not been removed ya know yeah look I am like ourselves what are I have the eternal optimists. I don't have from being here is a little bit of power. Which is call you Drew Brees when he does hit it to the eternal off as a any so appropriate drew us out of me slumming it he's never gonna say anything negative ever ever ever ever so. Thinking might need to get on the bandwagon of being a little bit more negative about those things that are not due until October oh. And some of them OK I need a lot and the saints will fly to London after the Carolina game. Okay. If yardage book your tickets I'm fine with that with a yes that yeah did you book your honor away on the team play in Nokia. Heavier pass got that done today. Let's burial ends the next time today to get like a rush yes. He do say they turnaround the cost you know 190 box. That we look first on the king of grass snakes I'll admit. I guess saying going back straight underdog it done and of course you know you've been betrayed him you know you're scheduled it's a little hectic and you value sleep and sometimes you blow things off. And then I looked all through it. To my house recently moved and how Clinton can't I'm averse to any extent the boy first of Kiev had no Walgreens get that the passport photos. So couldn't find it so I spent most of my day today and vital records and a little bit of vinyl records and New Orleans seems terrible. Is the worst experience of that city are now it's run across its in the Benson tower. Actually work that I actions like that. But it's very tedious yet to go into a number we as a bureaucracy is like any big government yet taken a number sit down for 10 yeah and like called over there they're like. Yeah she's about twenty minutes game. Hour hour and a half. So. What I don't understand why us I'm glad Dulles because. There was at least thirty people and wait at least thirty and they decide to send everybody. The lunch hour everybody several one window on their launch what it's supposed to go on hate there's five windows. Will close two windows. Let you guys go to lunch and then let the other ones. Stay in when you guys come back will be able to shorthanded for another hour so two hours and general. However is I don't know with that you know the government job requires live starting on an hour. But I'm scenario Tom Watson and then I had to go. Yet the week fifteen minutes once you get your order process from the front the burst of it. So they're like able clay back up possible Monday about the run out. Could add up thirteen minutes millimeter is there a way we can just do this little faster just a slightly to a faster sought to walk two blocks and put it more money in the meter. And and I know it's going to be fifteen minutes on like really is good because. It Al you just risk it. No I know couldn't it's got a brand new car and wanted to happen to us so. A first of all I didn't on earlier in in the movie I haven't seen this yet its regrets and yes thanks in China it's. Ford Fusion six I really by the eyebrows. Yeah hybrid it's a fuel it slows you down of these act Telecom arm I am a moron when it comes technology like that. But when you step on it I we have on the break that aging kills for a little yes that's an eco I Diego and I'm out as well as but. I was surprised how. I memorable and corona Ford and I'm always been a foreign car owner and how surprised and it's got leather interior it's it's got. All the bills it was a lot like the navigation screen. And it is things I decided tonight that mess I I bought a car like eight or nine years. So. Yeah its ally is so far like a lot and a kind of I'm kind of baby. Olympics that's meant so that's you put that you're your card put it up for our like pick six Nobel Aetna now meld them off Olympic six beat Carlos again for. Another year. But who's Corliss Corliss Carlo car list yet car where it's Nichols carcasses of you lost it six last year. I want you shouted don't DeVon snow if he's listened. He's one little note of that car I want to plug the dealership discusses. Can do that put the car sales are likely to throw a pretty good for our group to podcast week to. You can hit us up on Twitter and accepts Dunlap he's. At Christian Jerry and Aussie connect used hash tag is built for two TWO. And he was wouldn't dive into the email bag this week that got sent an album will do that. And as a male delegates at next week and saints won zero classes. Poetry. I guess this. Normally go through it looked as do we have this done with it that's fine you know if I six I don't. If I'm wrong this week in not taking the saints. I love record we'll never takes its candidate hoping the only. Beulah Christian as he steps so long pass on double coverage week nights eight to eleven. On WW well we'll talk next week right here and. Just look at some.