"Go For Two" NFL podcast w/ Kristian & Seth - Week 2

Seth Dunlap
Wednesday, September 13th
Kristian Garic and Seth Dunlap review the week 1 NFL action and get you set for week 2, incuding Saints vs. Patriots and an NFC title game rematch between the Packers and Falcons.

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Welcome to the go for too little podcast with Christian Gehrig and south Dunlap. That's just welcome into our show Seth and Christian with either go for two podcasts debuting here. 27 CN FL season week to coming up week one just completes. Hit us on Twitter if you do will answer your questions throughout the week on our mailbag use the hash tag Debbie to be all NFL podcast. An asset to lap checkers here at what's up man what's up first time on the go for two podcast only afford it yeah. And this is just upfront the people of listen to the show before you know this is more evade. An overall look at the NFL will obviously talk some saints here especially with the Monday night game talk sensor in the weeks ago. We like to look at all across the NFL some story lines of we don't talk about. Usually on our shadows and with that let's get to our biggest storyline of the week. Yeah story. There's no doubt about it let's go back to that Thursday night in person in my mind and that's the big storyline is the patriots finally looked a little. May be past their prime at least a certain number twelfth on that office again is as anything impressed about Drew Brees in the saints' offense that. What I worry about and we equal on his so Lofton and bases the media make too much of good things and too much of that but they're they're they're they're ready to jump to quickly. On a conclusion our hot week after week one performance is never as bad as it looks as never as good. As it looks either in particular from week one week to the real improvement is made week one week to what you really can't size of the team. Whether it's the patriots saints jets or whomever. He can't sigh he can't size them up really until the the quarter pulled. The full week five week mark gave us so funny Watson everybody on social media and Twitter just eviscerate the patriots like to have amnesia from what point fourteen. Went almost exact same scenario the chiefs went up there. Blew them out everybody thought Tom Brady was done and the patriots and let's forget about Tom Brady for a second give it if Tom Brady has aggressive and I do think he has gone backlash is playoffs they disarmed practices and there. Still to quarterback is that policy has regressed. They are way too talented ever where else to be anything but a contender in the AFC yet even if Brady has arrests have been. About Bill Belichick and congress anything bill Belichick's gonna allow this it pitino wanted I get it he can't as maids we have some magic wand and if you got problems problems I just don't think problems like you'd like he says settle in too much talent. Across the board even though they lost they lost two in animal I get that that hurts them but Islam really tell the office ago cow ski and trying to coax. And a defense looked a little a little shaky polarize it. But you know that's it cleaned up with the militants have put his signature all of that no effects yeah not like the worst thing that happened the saints not was not Monday night losing to the to the vikings. It was Thursday night when a chief beat them and embarrass them because that's to me one pissed off football team coming down Sunday. Episodes through on the other side of the full of ball game I know this is Canada storyline as the patriots obviously. Best team in football the last couple of decades. But. Every and I talked about this our show pass on celebrities immediately rats off the chiefs this is the number two seed in the conference last. This is regardless what you wanna say about Andy Reid in the playoffs regulars in Andy Reid. They're going to be good they have talent all over the place there including maybe the best rookie in football. That's eye opener for me and for me Christian and held that Eric Berry now they're very injury may change things but it's. They're still my favorites and more my favorites in the AFC west because there but they brought. Yes yes those are still at the raiders because. The talent that team on his chiefs are going to be that makes. Perhaps the Broncos are third division we know the charges stand. Any reason had a team Harmon even if Eric Berry's he's got he's going to be up for the year but. He's screwed up as a coach to hopefully have them. Overcome. Their deficiencies they're gonna have another area I mean. I've always been Andy Reid fan. Always thought that he got too much. Flat in Philadelphia and he ran out talent they're going through right now opposed to the success that he he's brought that she's got a flat out coach yeah allies agree. And so let's get to our our stead of the week because. Somebody in that game its plan probably not probably his plan for new contracts. Less than two. Heartless thugs of the week. And look I think it's it's Alex Smith's last year there with Patrick Holmes Bynum regardless of what he does I think he's going to be playing elsewhere next season. I he goes way at 35 through 65 and four touchdowns and she just torched that defense that is supposed to be elite didn't look at this was. In their building in new England's players in Foxborough so Alex Smith Christian my stat of the week. And again plan for big money he's still. In his drive her to forgets that this is he's been around for so long practices 41 year old now he's still in his prime he's got another good 56 years of football at the head of drank Alex Smith is an elite guy no. But I do think he's a guy can win playoff football games with. Yeah all the EST you can actually see that they keep you that's been proven he went playoff games he can win a Super Bowl with the right amount of talent. As chief can can surround him with the right mentality that he's capable of when visible this year. That would do a lot in terms of getting paid. Outside of the chiefs are with another team or witty even with the chief if he stays there now make it really difficult for the chiefs transition from him to Patrick Holmes. You know they got him at tenth overall sudden U quarterback that takes you to a civil war and perhaps with suitable as a should change your thought process that you may have an attempt. Yeah I know I guess you wouldn't be able soon. A peace plan for his Kansas City career but it is a land somewhere else and army air flight because of what what mapped Matt Stafford just made 120 you know here somewhere next you're somebody's gonna want him for them. I think that he'd probably be a tan overpay in dollars but imagine Denver without snow right now you and me and write really efficient I mean it he's physically he's like. The souped up version of Trent Dilfer I entered that was the ravens. Efficient not necessarily gray can't win games by himself although he did practically at the patriots. He was tremendous argument between 35360. That's that's. Eye popping numbers against that defense in particular are almost Sam Bradford numbers halt all is well Google must we got nobody you viral guys don't. They played a saint I know. I did that but Sam Bradford had a career night out he may be they've made it look like frank target. They made him look like Peyton Manning passed crazy it was it was disgusting to watch but at the same time you get a look at the numbers say yes him Bradford got it done. Yeah I mean that's their adjectives that one discussing Sam Bradford. 3463. Touchdowns and with him we all knew what is wasted Sam Bradford and I am not necessarily hater but I have never been. On board is Sam Bradford is gonna be great train from the day he was strapped that I just didn't see it but he's always been. A super accurate passer right one of those guys that you point to me and say one of the most accurate in the entire league you give him protection. And you give him those easy throws that he was getting across the middle field he is when you eat you up and that's repeated his slice and I salukis had a record last year for a single game. Accuracy record revenues like 82% one point inaudible in last year in. But that's his deal that's. How many times in my it was bought on the field. To ultimately yet well not that Obama was anti authority of shots out of the you know forty yard bombs that now he's all caught crossing rout over routes that. They should deal analysts note issue look down on IS and not feel like okay does anybody cover and at all you know this. They didn't like the report opera in a big play on the Oprah I mean. And over roses across yes it is that deep cross the mode it's of that game with PJ Williamson could cover the broad side bar. Our studs the week. Address this internal week in review. Man and we went over that Thursday night game there are a lot of this when I'm right for our power rankings segment that's going to be out there are reckless and got a W to build a common. The apple didn't waste any time and giving some. Believe matchups. Throughout the league Alice start in the NFC and we'll start with one that everybody had their eyes on as possible NFC championship preview. And it looked it looked like it a heavyweight bout between the Packers the Seahawks that turn into a defensive tractor pull. I could see it again I could see that game being played late January at Lambeau Field to things that I saw in this game. I saw the Packers defense looked good run up against a terrible offensive line maybe the worst in the league. But they look this president asset on our program last week dollars and sold count me at least partially sold now that pass rush with Kerry in Matthews. The back ends with Clinton Dixon everybody looks good. Press at their defense now the other side for Seattle the saints out of the balled their defense. Whenever you let's say about their offense and I to have issues there that defense is going to be all time goods. They hate you were scary. And they were a you know of that or talk about the ejection a minute but they were like some weird stuff happening from laughable him. Yet look. I kind of had this take I thought because Seattle's defense was better than the day that then attackers that was going to give an edge look whenever you come out the window road venue. Whoever Steve this is better typically winds at all and I thought the sales just had a better defense and Packers need act still think they do Alison. Maybe didn't count the fact that eight. But error rot that number twelve they're pretty good and anything he can slice a lot of defense is up now he didn't in slice in the pieces they may just enough plays against them in and look now I think it. My two takeaways really simply from nagging is that piggybacked off the yours the Packers defense is better than I thought. And in particular and they got to get Ross Wilson some help along office alive and he's going to be scrambled for a light at there's one thing. And we saw that last year there's one thing is and keep this team from making a suitable or maybe even a deep well on itself as a line in particular they don't if you get home field advantage Seahawks coach. Yeah and look only seventeen points hawks allowed to the Packers and Lambeau wasn't enough like you said because offense is terrible did you see did you really an injection. And not it was horrendous. We had. Mike Pereira is deemed land deal though everybody jump on and say they don't know what in the world happened. Became a John Terry was refereed. Said that they injected Jerry millions of the first drive of the game this saints are suited to the Seahawks. Number two quarterback off satirist Richard Sherman said he threw a punch that's Randall Cobb no punches thrown on the on the replays. I don't understand why apple is not arguable that completely changed the complexion laughable and you're talking about thrown at a guy first series of the game that. Could determine home filled managed the NFC and that plays are valuable and what what morals go on. Yeah it should be you think so it is much is at stake in games like that in particular we talk about the implications what this could mean for both squads. You know in December winter home field advantage in January in playoff picture etc. and I think that if there's. That's of the top just we just look at about glacial pace in his apartment on this main town. I would imagine he Pete Carroll talked. And on these coaches have talked with two shopping announcement things that you liked the view it like to see and pushed through that should be one problem I mean. We've got an injection what does it hurt you to stop the game for a second. And say hey let's make sure he's always all we thought we saw before you want a player out of a game that could change the outcome of the game. And out feet that they review the play any let up on them get a absolutely final that it about you all the technology at your disposal you review every scoring play. But you illegal you'll review whether actually throw a punch or not an apple I actually would you saw. I would actually be be OK with retroactive rejection silly they can't look everywhere you see got thrown a punch on a replay somewhere. Or cheap shot the guy and get him out of it the stands for or I mean if if they see if there. Review a play for a score and they see in the scrum that so might an apology news. A part of a player I by the way the score stands and number twenty he's out he's he's got. Gavel if you haven't seen it yet I was suggest she's still Google Jeremy Elaine injection you'll see some nonsense. There's this game didn't change my opinion about either of these in just reaffirmed it played I had Packers won. Seahawks to that conference I still think you're gonna see that vehemently and I'll vote on loves the main. I get I want the saints in the playoffs but if I could pick two teams that I kind of policy pull for but I I wanna see do well. I guess at a school for its Seattle and Green Day in particular Green Day. And they've always been a team that if the saints are doing it in green Bay's won the atlas like I'd like Iran like the Packers like back in the city owns the team. Yeah we don't go over all the games here we kind of jump around justice and once the jumped out who has got talked about Baltimore. A bloody TV is Cincinnati Bengals. In Cincinnati. I was money to nothing may shut him out I was never believer in Baltimore I said your mass at Cincinnati's going to be terrible and I did just that actually has since that went this game. But maybe Baltimore's just. Maybe they're actually not even not bad David there. Playoff contenders this year which I didn't say it's yet and to go back to my philosophy not thoughts from week one week to. Never is doing now is that etc. but this is Addie. Tee shot out today is now the shutout and a national global in a game we won it shows you they got big time problems if I'm Mark Lewis. Sort update has mailed it does it ended well any dog had a historically bad yeah I setter record for lowest supporter decorating and games with over thirty attempts is QBR. Was zero. Points heaven. No touchdowns or pick he's injured ones yeah I know you can read you wouldn't even turn the ball fourth and handed off quicker snapped their hand the ball off gonna do better yeah I mean. What's the other rocket and it's that it's like the red firecracker I rocket. We are right it's on those duds you feel like moves that's it looks like that idea it's. Yeah I don't know man I mean. I. I kind of thought that the Eagles would have. And up and down eight me kind of year. But that maybe they might do worsening enough that I thought and again I'm not trying to go all out on The Beatles because it and it's about loss. And again I guess in a mean mean to be repetitive it. You can make. Drastic improvements from week one to address Etsy we've seen teams to look after watching most of that game and also watching some of the film are the tape on film really but the the replay of the browns Steelers game off of them the browns have had the better football team in the ankles I mean yeah. I never thought that yeah I mean look what they did and I would Pittsburgh with them which is a it's a feather in the cap it's it's a moral victory until I hateful moral victories and that's globally before the browns here that this has taken more victories at this point out miles Garrett. And a ball game for the for the job browns and young closed with a divisional rival at the Steelers who have owns you in the past. Now let's talk about that games when he won eighteen Steelers had to hang on on the road Kaiser looks like a capable and Ethel quarterback. And is an issue Tony is 3222. Touchdown and a pick. That's what that team needs and they're not playoff contenders this year I'm not. On my get a ride the seesaw of that. I think they're better. But give me your given two years with that defense that I think's going to be it'll leaks may may already believe by the way they're going to be really good especially in a couple years are gonna need a Maxi is confidence. Steady quarterback are you in Italy yeah a lot to Sean Kaiser can potentially grow in tune up an elite player and he's got the tools to do so now I'm this is so much for many years Morse and then and tools. On a court acts that partly it's at the tools crossovers re able. An approach I don't know what about that skill with the Hawkeyes haven't been around enough to to definitively answer that it. I like I liked him when he played against the saints in the in a pre season opener army gets you could tell he had the ability it'll over the moxie about a little bit of swagger as well. I just wonder you know defense going to be because why. Because Gregg Williams is running high he doesn't put his signature on to be defense is that are bad he just doesn't author of bad defenses so. And in time I think they're going to be that they'll get where they're gonna goes all the way they wanna go I just think that this year you know little lose a lot of games like that totally team Antonio branch is silly growth did you get money offensive teams don't draft him you know partly your fancy team unity is our. How either number one overall pick in the coverage tacitly can lose hope either I'll play unless they yeah and hey I won by point two points so I got the win a week one I government isn't trying to. Now. Well all week was not a bad weeks and do that let's get a need dolphins there are books and yeah I mean. And Timothy Brown. Eleven catches for a 182. Yards and got brown I was that let them pick as you know aggregate Muster your hey I'd aggregate. I may have had some input but I'd I was the one for the traders. There its move on from that game let's talk about all image in this and we don't usually talk about Jacksonville. Or Texans games on the podcast as they're terrible I don't care of Texas made the playoffs. But the Texans were especially terrible. This last week and I look awful yes placed 49 to seven at Jacksonville goes to Houston after hurricane party. And whips the Texans in their building. I kid parking Harvey I've had an impact you might have been play on these are on the preparations for the textbooks only players got distracted a little bit I understand. But. I can't stand in the coaching standpoint of you name Tom savage your starter real early in the pre season. And give half. One half and even if he was that close if it if that shot Watson was that close to Tom savage. Which you obviously he's are stating by pulling them in one half and inserting. The rookie you're basically saying that he was the competition was close so one I just started shot Watson in general like why not because. You mean he'd what is what is still vital he did this week is. Will Brian Hoyer and Ryan mallet a couple years ago where you're seesaw back and forth you know and I mean I don't know it's just it just looks like that'll be done doing other Texans and him. Yeah and they're court that has been that's not going to be it has been in doing it that Texans in the final do yeah and in the his entire ten year. I do not understand how you coach this team for a handful years now and you've never. Got a competent quarterback play you just have a with an elite defense not only that you know he got in a rebuild mode here. You're in your window Christian you're you're still here if they if they we talked about Smith early you Alex Smith this team with that defense. And I don't understand melody over and a front office and yet it would be prohibitive favorite to win that division that's Fisher talked about the titans favorite to win that division right now about how bad the colts the colts arts had. Hitter of all may not be the worst team in football fan Andrew Luck. It is those impressed with the team that just beat them like used. He called it an eagle on the chargers I'll let me recognizes the ran like he did he recognized he was trying to recognize the seventeen I was shocked for Ghana still have a job. I have no idea I have no idea but I mean Jimmer is a mess of this medical service in general follicles spam probably. Imus and while 46 and nine and they elusive Los Angeles rams my sleeper pick Chris antley NFC LA or have you intent in making fun of me. Well a one game it's one game against again maybe the worst team in football right now that Andrew Luck but. So. And I do don't they are ways. To. Jets patriots codes have. Had to play well they're at home against the aliens Washington yet. Bad. Graham should go to own still take a lead in that division. Other games to get sued here at Dallas and the giants on Sunday Night Football this kind of played out how I expected to with. With out O'Dell Beckham of the giants' offense looked absolutely and apps and Dallas playing with Ezekiel well even getting the news that. A federal judge had issued an injunction to allow as he toilet probably play for the entire season to a season but certainly for the next few weeks at least give. That article or rather parakeets you may have beef a federal judge in Texas BB most important person in the National Football League this year. Yeah I mean really I think that the Dallas Cowboys. Our aid truce in rural contender with Ezekiel Elliott I think they're good but not true contender without him I think it's that David. Outlook that difference. Well. I don't know violence is possible and and his chances. Their defense though is improved that's where you might be one Willis in the NFC and they can content for a spot. That to represent the AFC personable because the defense hasn't whom you know through in this rob Merritt Elliot yeah I mean. I don't know I don't know how to feel about this the well itself in particular. It's a litigious I mean I get it exhaust all appeals and soft on illegal options I would. I'll do the same thing on the Brady did or aggregate out here yeah I mean but that it you. They don't give him. There's no doubt at the sassy go to the Supreme Court which you will be I mean I could see it and there there's no way that in with what's in the CBS percent of the injunction that. We'll whispered into the weeds here but yeah I mean I'm not a model lawyer never never wanted to be one while the guys like. I know this may not a factor in decision I don't want to throw his judge under the bus he's a federal judge but he is account was Stan in its yes so. Oh you know aids is a tough spot he's recused himself. That's weird spot yet or excuse yourself because your sports fan of yeah I mean I think he's been getting an idea on the flip side that you can make the argue well. We'll get a judge it's like giant it and I yes ready to New York which is what it is at the end of all of that held in New York exactly so it. Mean c'mon everybody's affable man in this country what are gonna go find somebody is not a sports fans there should be weird judge and with the judge reliant. United on a football fan c'mon it's weird guy gal. Now I'll lastly here it's the Monday night games such it's this and what's that. It's weird if you know what but you know it's weird I don't think I've met people I heard you but I admit it now wants. I want while I don't know yet. When you different and if you're not like a die hard and I feel like it's just a communal thing in this country right now why here's the money in particular for guys here look this does sound to it noble over. For guys and watch football. How can go. You should. I like the ads that Mac clause that's obvious to us I got my judgment that on whatever object to people yeah we needed judgment over the judgment eloquently point. If you play always there's actually it was a you know at Gandalf was kind of judgmental about you know Olivia he was. Ever heaven wasn't married that day is always judgment it would be easily it would definitely be also has some classes right yet in because here's the thing. You were at a judgment that it it doesn't last that you can like put down and pushed back I you'd always like when you have classes and they they do this at the bit. They they took their chin and looked through like. It's a lot of passes by it airs here that the video resisted Madonna's last amused to elect him of that triple chin thing heavy earth at. They are seeing Bobby like pushes glass up. No it's painful look at what you like jams it into his forehead there's no finance and I know it's like a violent show I'm like Bobby easy. Innocuous as that one month concussion and yet they the they have in your life where I am not a bit and in football. We have a huddle about it got a little Bobby Gibson the last expertise. Saints and Minnesota. It's terrible man so I later and I know you're you're off this year get back into town. I literally came in here the office at about 2 PM. I'm not exaggerating process I locked the two or her close the door turn off my social media put on film in Austin to wanted to know. Objectively. Won Wentz on here we're gonna get into this and our show here tonight on double coverage on WW all. The defense looked absolutely. Lost picked Kenny for Carl looked lost. The I know you're gonna think I'm being some kind of hater on AJ Klein watch the film age decline little lost with that pursuits. And it's the office while these less silent offensive line just terrible it was it was a rules result that I didn't see coming here to the vikings their second bullets were saints market. Bad day bad day that we Vince is with initiative announced a lot of. Over obviously not there's a lot of things I look back on ago how is this still happening okay houses still happening how many defensive backs up pointed out during the broadcast legitimate news. How I look at defensive backs and I'll go on the there shrugging their shoulders. That was that what's non verbal shots like you you know that's kind of how I I I you have no useful to have needs to think. And I'll go on your week one if you do that week one of training camp that's fine OK I get that. The urine. The regular season in Yemen that kind of missed that kind of miscommunication. And breakdowns that should not happen that's been the issue of this defense the last three years and TJ Williams is still insist that. This is not going to be the defense we've seen the last two or three years it might not might be worse we don't know but. Here's here's the thing. Today. Can't cover simple routes they were running very simple basic crouched over route is one of the first place you work on defending. In day one of training camp and they didn't get that done and I am now it's you wonder is it. Too complex form is it. Guys not studying enough. Is it lack of communication chemistry is that youth I think it's a little bit of of all that but. A defense was just grossed a lot it was disgusting and it was really fool's gold. It was fool's gold because we thought they approve as we saw especially in in increases and it proved our point. It is just the priest because what we sought a priest is didn't resemble anything close to what we saw. On Monday night he made Sam Bradford looked like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or drew Greece and that's just. It's disgusting it is pretty well. Today I know it is really discussing on the other side of the football for Libyan objective here and listen what do I told Tim Zimmer our producer when I I step back. Path and I have the saints when he in this game and I'm thinking to myself managed went full homer on that case because. That defense. In that building in primetime on Monday night you factor in the Adrian Peterson coming back from the crowd's going to be fired up. That there if everybody I don't care if it's New England or Green Bay whoever's coming into that building is gonna have problems and I should've seen it coming. This team if if Stephon digs is improved I think he's a budding star yup. A rookie of the year candidate I think and Alvin took on an authentic completely retool office of Lima looks better. Look man I hated on the vikings. I don't usually change my pin and after one week. I think that they're going to be around come December maybe January as well. Well arm that sort out final last year fizzle Booth with a three and a finish but. Calm that's that's for some scary yell if it's really good look. I've been a lot of helping you is almost every single one of them I any Kirby talked about the ones yeah both him and all that now I such as messages video like that I missed that it must like him through via hostility anyway. So that in and of itself is a thing of be a thing of beauty electors if forget that would ever be able to its Christian your State's all of where you can admire SI can't of course yes I can't. I getting mired in a great experience and that is unbelievable. That place is by far Barnes Juan. The most intimidating environment any info via bar not even Seattle activity more so than than Arrowhead Stadium I'm lucky it went up place with rocket. I'm looking at Wednesday's don't want my goodness and it weights bill now you you'd appreciate this. So it's like greenhouse looks a degree and Brad with the glass windows just was at last it's there's a part is that where they can roll up glassy get into the outside field. But I don't saints based on the visiting bench. On that side there's no class there's acoustic tiles so all I know he's it's raining down on the day well done is funny it's a thing of beauty it's a cathedral it's gigantic it's not like Jerry's world. Jerry's palace in Dallas but. My goodness. I went there and I'm. And just like on it I've been some great venues I was like well this one might have top Seattle market and because of that reason. When you dig it up please rocket in there women. I'd have a hard time finding any let's not beat him in this kind of sand that's that's and it moves shame on. Me for thinking that somehow this for Boston is gonna be bad with that defense seriously that was just me being a complete homer last week at the saints. This team is if if they're better on offense and they look better on offense. This is a nine a seven Tennessee seemed to star. That's that's what they look like Samie yet its latest saints' defense is not very good we know that much but and no offense evens out I thought LT my words beat and I still. Attest there's still agree it is now say all week last week. This is not the explosive offense that you do they effectively deal with their deacon don't and they weren't big and a columnist. They have a big big big plays and vertical passing plays an awesome they're happy with those over routes and and they can move the chains but and saints defense was. Getting gassed but. I don't know offensively I'm ready go all in on them yet but the offensively. Men I mean. There up there was Seattle. Series there up there was Seattle. And here SC no they really especially in that building the united edit edit this is why yesterday had a. Talk people little bit off off the rails. About the saints offense that was the toughest spots and I asserted a little bit off topic we assistant minister showed it. The stand this Christian that was probably the toughest. Spot the saints office is gonna have lawyer on. Didn't on the road in that building name atop the spot they're gonna face and is not I may be the rams on the road late November and maybe that perhaps. Awful non Nelson before is that elements but. I don't know the got out of your but there's there's some things we concerned about with the saints offense there there are some things we concern about I thought I never thought I would say that play. There's things that worry. Finally the nightcap Monday night game gets to Monday night games. On the opening week like you have the last few seasons you have to the L eight chargers go on to Denver. At Denver didn't really impressed me in the swim man they have to hole held on blew a big lead Trevor cement yen hash tag not impressed. Give them. Oh exits Michaela. Moroni. Gifts that I put up last week. And the blocked kick to save them from going into overtime win filter programs with accuse him Amorim all the way back other chargers that is so it kind of an uninspiring win for the Broncos and Al. Yeah I missed that Gail flying back. Selling it to see it saw a couple of highlights obviously read about it. But what's not what what happened that the devil last year great defense. No Portland play another recurring theme in Denver animosity they'll have a quarterback that can. Truly win games like OK you don't beat the chargers but it. When you face and other teams in the AFC that have a better quarterback they're gonna build with the ball on and you get we'll keep up what they get machine nothing at issue other done there's no there's no chance any blown out so. The Broncos are team that I. Always like their defense but I look at the office I meant that a struggle. Struggle and they struggled in the second half a football game we expect them to struggle a lot more going for that's gonna do it for our week in review let's get. To the weekly prevail. Oh weekly preview. So we've to the NFL season getting under way out tomorrow with Houston. At Cincinnati a lot of these Thursday night games distinct businesses once you know over there and they were gonna move on because we can't hear its podcast and suddenly games ago were Hamas and in time on the African Texans against bank side I have to think. Still affiliate KCA this is the and -- bull. Yeah great against his old seemed massive game here at KC I really wanna see. How Kansas City responsibly using Eric Berry they did a couple of years ago on the defense just wasn't the same yeah. It's kind of like the Seahawks and lost Earl Thomas last year and turned them for maybe the best defense in the leagues as an average one entity that happens the chiefs ands. There's not going to be the same football team I think without Eric Berry although here at home against Philadelphia hello I'm just not sure what to think about yet. Qaeda Kansas and yes. Yeah it's hard for me because. I got the Eagles won my surprise teams this year and if I love Carson once I think he's going to be a major major superstar quarterback position. Philadelphia on the road though it's asking a lot I go there early says Pozen not only in November and December and try to win at Kansas City was freezing cold and rainy wet Vietnam. I don't know com I'll probably go with the Eagles here is because I think that they've got a little songs on it in Philadelphia and again out like a like Carson where it's now also think there's. There's a factor of a real let down we go on the road on on Thursday night open against that that the patriots and get a win which he did. I think there's a little bit of a let down factor there because you put so much time energy and it sucked a lot of energy out of you but. The good thing is that you're coming off the longer week you've got a little bit of many by because you simply played last Thursday as that last Sunday but the Eagles did so he. He got a little bit of an and is there preparation but. I just somehow like obviously those billions relevant note go Philly. A five and a half point favorites of the chiefs cheered on not only against the spread the sand Philly wins about here's here's the thing Ali anybody. Except for diehard chiefs are Eagles fans head either of those two teams go into a nose at the and one on the going to be too well you know the chiefs of the Eagles. Give me I guess that give me Kansas City at home here in like you said one of the top 34 toughest places to play I think that's a factor. With the young quarterback with Carson once going to air it for the first time yeah yeah for sure but I'm just the sober about our excellence was a lot about our source. I really really like Anna as you should move on next game patriots. Bats this hands. Obviously it's been out here I call me absolutely crazy. Taken that not only taken the saints. Tougher here. I'm sick to say it straight up and here you got your hands on your head shaking your head here. These are two teams he's like teams that know each other. This is a New England offense did I think is not going to be able to exploits some of the things that New Orleans. Is deficient that defensively because. Element is out. Because Tom Brady's. Cannot throw the football down the field anymore as good as he is and I still think regardless of how do you think he's addresses the top ten top fifteen guy and the sleet all time greatest yes and talk about now. On the field if you put him out there. Call me crazy I think. I think they'll perhaps is that once you release the Boston media is just gonna burn at all down after this week exists and it's partially just like some kind of on check out so sums tickle on the back of my neck appeared on. Everybody wants everybody wants to everybody wants to bury the saints don't bear him yet. Why that don't yet but. Here's a thing. He just said that the pages don't have. What the saints are decision on defense yet mail Illinois explain this is the running game that I don't think. Is nearly as good or effective especially on the outside the stretch runs when AJ Klein just are pouring laughter pour Rangel. And I also don't think outside gronkowski they're gonna have that guy to stretch the deep crosses. This rhapsody just got exposed on I don't think it salmon Zola I don't think it's in sales that I had doubt me now. Branding cooks is going to be interest rate I've really and so answers to see what he does announcements here against the saints. Academy and we just governor Ryan Phelan Stephon. That to just annihilated the saints Ryan deal don't don't don't object now Ryan feelings about care so. The vikings didn't have the quote unquote tools equipment to unload and thrash and trash the saints defense and they did. This is Tom Brady would talk about this is Tom African Brady were talking about Al care FEMA out of losses ability a little bit. Are to the ball down a few little bit arm strength and oh by the way. This team is extremely pissed off the extremely pissed off they're not going to go oh it's it's just not happen the worst thing that's gonna happen. Two I think pessimists are right the worst that happened the saints was not as soon lose on Monday night is that she's beating them in the opener because if they wanted to know. Well they're not operate this is the skins operate simply. Who has the most desperation who has the most sense of urgency. In this ball game because both of the ego loyal to start to go into economic playoffs it's pretty simple math bears that out. No I mean I agree with that but the and I take it patriots clearly easily six and a half point road on the line now what you just the road favorite. ID. Well that's true you just a five and a half point road dog I know it's entirely different notes. Untallied not as big as you know I asked I don't I've consistently keep cut one big pass but didn't really look comfortable. And that offense yes I still think he's he's here Alley where is the so I mean I don't think that Brandon cooks is really. Gonna scare this this defense rented they know his strengths and his weaknesses. I think the same way that I think that the bypass fronts against who should scare well apart and oil there. I mean there. If you've seen you guys relied is trust and Abel didn't do it I did. It's more of a sudden sticking up on the back of my and accurately hairs sticking up Mellon. Baghdad dreamers. That told me to take the saints this you know that is the dreams you remember oh one's that don't come true that it yeah yeah the ones that the dreams you don't memorable one on. I don't quite remember how Clinton have a bad days of Booth that I I can't quite figure out automatically get ugly was ulcers is that your your hand your palm read by guitar part. Yeah I fully realizes could get ugly and Shantee may be fired during the bye week if we go and four were is distinct possibility but. I'll see that out now for. How's I don't sit fired at policy that happened in the old season not this ownership that this group proof. I must say it wouldn't be merited this analysis that. What else we got here we've got its. It's. On actually gets there it is Christian and a subordinate podcaster I can do this announcement as font we've guts to Dallas Denver. Give me Dallas there at Denver again at home signs an impressive I know it's the mile high notes Dallas not and that dome in the elements that. They've gotten the team that wins on the road with that ball control rushing style offense. I just think through that flat better football team. Yeah I had I had the Broncos I think in my Antarctica are Pigram segment a Dallas by the reader Christian they are road favorites to point Roberts yeah. Again. The defense for Denver's really gonna keep in ball games but that offense. If the cowboys defense that looks improved. Nicaragua football was all traits that you look at it on the road favorites. In winning on the road at that. The death apparently Denver really misses TCU wars I don't understand what happened there you saw the second half is that come back with food burgers just. Dissecting that defense they need that safety middle of the field inhabit I don't understand. Always thought there and and let him go. Sometimes it comes down to. You know money asp dot money aspect maybe they saw on film it he's he's lost a little step but obviously a defense is. Is missing him in and that's when they were so does add add him in the middle and a keen to leave and but lose in the markets where I think hurt that team he you know to delegate. And costly com for in his name pass rusher. Mono bomb audience. It was I was there are so many yet if somebody there yet so dare equals that obviously but. Yes they just never team. I don't out size them up totally just because I think it's November still wins because a defense that. Offensively their their master atrocious idea huge mess Green Bay Atlanta to offences anonymous well actually thought that back. I. This this'll office is price we saw that every season we saw that last week and a game best there's way too close against the bears lives could move the football. On that bears defense for a vast majority and if that game. I think this is one where we're Green Bay goes and and asserts themselves of the favorites in the conference you have. I I called quartet right now in the NFC with Atlanta. Green Bay Dallas and CEO I just think those four teams are scroll much better than everybody else in the conference I would be highly surprised in veils make it out of the NFC. Others those four teams this is one that if Atlanta wants these games at their place in January they've got to win this one this is on Sunday night. In you're building any game you want in the playoffs is building right in your new building yes yeah I read in the new building for the first time no chick filet. There this Sunday night for Atlanta. I am from Atlanta I'm worried because this office has to carry on the offense just is what's goods this free season restraining Campanelli one. They still allow the defense that we keep in ball games although. You face Aaron Rodgers is like that don't fall on that traveling I did little bit last week that with Seahawks only guy you know the defense is early on go with Seattle but. I think the Packers iron either one of the two or three teams that I look at and say alright there's your representative with in the NFC for forcible and so the falcons to a degree. SanDisk Christian like during that and a CB four SE Sodom last year and are saying this is Rodgers got the experience landed doesn't them at Roger's gonna go in there. Win this football game the more experienced you know on those who will allow us and they just app to be routes the Packers in their building. We see that again we just how it was completely overlooking them now know right now so demanding that there and he and I think you nailed it. How Shanahan. In San Cisco right now is a big big loss for that office there's been an adjustment period and those who lets hope it takes them awhile on saint committee get a victory against them. Later that seems really really odd to see Steve sorties and back on the sideline after his. Fiasco at USC this train wreck I mean it was an end. Well where was it that Alabama is Alabama last year he was like an assistant to link if Padilla quarterbacks coach and an assistant there. Yeah now his only offense for for the falcons look every deserves second chances. Nam as Communists are under Dennis our guys though and I this is Mike who hate coming to the coast Washington the Huskies up there for so long and so on for January of those cool glasses and minimize my BO making you look at this there's no oil are back there we actually beat him you know XP Chris Peterson. Saw some freaks are back how long Christi resident in the SEC. I want Mike Leach and Essex. That would be this island talking about aliens and Bill Clinton and everything else don't we started. Green Bay on the road but I really silly episode of silly and Allen now a primitive. Mother and that's that actually stood in its we are we think there's that match of your battle with time among that ones that always looks they don't have. But they're like forced down listing names are actually able to pick because the other networks its first dibs of them but he got this week. Detroit at New York the lions to we've underrated again and Matt Stafford looked every bit like you deserve that contract out. Last week in a dismantling of the Arizona Cardinals. I know they lost David Johnson last week and Allen and indigo or affable and by the way. But. Yup alliance just thrashed the cardinals. But they're at New York a place that is kind of underrated in and a very tough place to play up there in that building. These reduce interest I do not know what's that I had both these are my playoff fringe and arm pre season predictions ahead New York you end. Candidate in 97 season for the Detroit Lions don't want to go to an owner of this. Wanna on the road Eli Manning looked a little. And that and I'll Austin isn't dealt with via I'm like look at looked like a forty year old quarters. Like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli all those guys and a draft class Brees again that'll. It's a weird to me it's where to me makes me makes me a little creep down because all about haulers same ages some like dusty the by NFL standards they think their old you know like that is all by NFL standards but it life standards. 39 like you still is still on your prime even though you disagree did you think Hamels is dirt. You are buzzer but I oil execs used by yes so he'll get here you here's when you get 3940 of Geithner announced but still in great shape and solidify my life but anyway the aid is to look at it and I'm. It would has the last season I know they made the playoffs and the class to defense wasn't Eli Manning led playoff charge by the giants last year he's he's definitely a game manager and I know that's a pejorative now a derogatory term but whatever that's what he has. Yeah I like how like alliance I can't be about Hussein is like Jim Caldwell is actually coaching can coach well. I never really thought highly of him as a coach. We noticed it was kind of the Peyton Manning yeah he won because of pain yeah and it took over Tony Dungy said obviously this goes back to Dorsey for Bill Walsh thing. Barry Switzer Jimmy Johnson thing. Abu whenever he's proven now that it's his team he's not taking over for somebody. He's he's rebuilding and rebuild that that line is team I think they're going to be a bit Tina Watson division as well that that'll be the team to threaten the Packers in that division. And I agree as you do it for our weekly. Preview by the way giants three and a half point favorites and that we both up the road dogs which that worries me a little bit. A let's get Hsu are sucker lions really this my favorite segment of the show Christian. Sucker line. All of that semi let's do it again sucker line. Thanks to Steve's day job it is so you like I don't know how this press doesn't assign felt bumper yes. So it's a look at him. Besides a lead in my soccer life here OK so you're usually all right I had lawyer and won that gold and exit in us our sports betting right so this is about putting like Alicea. Right I'm putting like a let's hear your list of things that you do and don't do an NFL betting this is number one OK if you'd never berg. Never bet against Seattle at home though they're the you just don't I'm talking about against the spread not just straight up against the spread you would have made. A crap ceremonial last decade plus since they've opened that building if you just put money on Seattle to cover at home. And have a look at this line and actually had a conversation with Brad Evans about this my good buddies to San Cisco 49ers and went to college yet they're. Andy he is right he says. Fourteen voice isn't nearly enough on mag game. After. The San Cisco offense just looks absolutely in apt in that one Seattle's coming off that humbling i.'s embarrassing bit humbling loss of that offense on the road I think Seattle goes hand in this one I do not see how staffs who scores on that defense. It's crazy you don't take a lot of fourteen point treatments in the NFL but my sucker line read we'll look at this by the way is kind of a line that stands out to is this is weird. That's what is law and is a big enough to should be like in 1920 point line gimme Seattle minus. Fourteen right now Seattle two touchdown favorites I don't think it's enough. On the road madness must separate. Must our lines here and oral patriots six and a half point favorites against the saints on the road. Look but tape that they put out last week on Monday night it should be higher. Ali it's a I can I get a good argument for us via 8910 point spread mean this is this is the New England Patriots and there's a lot of factors that. But my circle line six and a half and let's not huge design it's a touchdown. But men. Did you see what Sam Bradford did that defense what's Tom Brady and today I. Though Woolsey I hope I hope you're on camera I think you hope you wrong and I yeah absolutely outlook see Avastin the policy is like all right okay may we. We're startup bail water too quickly and the ships not necessarily sink in but. It's not much as B chicken little ones guys fall on it and it doesn't and it spreads out now from Al lock of the week. Lock of the week. This segment Christian we give and these can be really fun and outside the pox. But we were you we give a lock one thing that we're going to see. On the sidelines this next week you can it be something seriously you know Tom Brady throws for 500 yards and four touchdowns against this terrible defense which I do quite often. But aren't saints and patriots game and here's here's we have at least. At Belize. One shot again and Adrian Peterson yelling at Sean Payton on the sidelines which you know makes it happens to give me give it to get over. On Adrian Peterson look and in a pissed off that shot patent on the satellite give animal looks motions. And and probably some boards off the I don't know I guess I'll go I'll go with you on that but. Here's the thing about those that run back to if you watched the film wanna. Their reeds are off at their reads they were they were to eight computers in particular he was hit the hole so fast it's not this style of ways this offense. Runs the football there's own Arizona not a downhill rushing attack their zone rushing attack and it appears ability Amir because. His his reads were off that's just his Mark Ingram. Also outlook tomorrow and try to get to the hole not patient enough. And are to Mara and I think that that's does the singular thing you're gonna see the most is that you have to be a little more patient is honored but I also think that. AP's defense. He's a player that's not used to. Mean he doesn't get into a rhythm until I was about 78 carries them in a ball game so Andy you're only game seven touches. I think he did in my opinion team a little bit and and indict an injustice because you need to get him there is involved more and get him involved early. He they tried to that was the first play of the game late ironically Tillman. I don't know I just think it and you look at AP gotten 101215 touches and if he if he stays hot RP gets hot in the and that range as they would them. Wealth. I mean I can't argue with you there about Adrian Peterson he's. These values to be general player that was what is going to be promised him that he does he do you know I'm not saying I'm aggregate pirated. Now I just think you'll miss we have a lot I don't lock man we we keep track of these throughout the only to wanna hear a lock. Carson wins is gonna is gonna take advantage of and Eric perilous defense and I and companies that I don't we Glock in his numbers obligated. He's untouchable for 303. 300 its three touchdowns and that's I mean. Aren't I guess they can as if he's not doubt that that's. Look that's that's a heavy lock in the arrowhead against the Kansas City defense health care collection could kick arsenal is 303. I like it and its crazies might as I think I got about Russia might need to yeah. That's gonna do it for the gophers who podcast. For week two of the NFL's season hit a suffered our mailbag. On where you can use the hash tag go through its TWO. Or you can hit me up the mess at the lab and hello Twitter to try to interact. Whatever that means yet and yup question. And don't do podcast. We'll insert it next week and I had to be good for us. Have fun with the games this week we will talk yet next Wednesday.