Global warming a hoax?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, June 1st

Tommy talks to Dr. David Titley about the possibility of the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement.


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Irsay and Atlantic hurricane season I don't know that you know a lot of rain lately has anything to do it this is it's. His time in new loans weather but. The president today is set to announce this afternoon his. Decision on the terrorists. Climate accord. And the odds are that he's gonna pull United States out of it. Or maybe try to renegotiate. Ended on two countries that are not part of it now or Nicaragua in Syria and joining us who were joining us right now to discuss. Is a friend of buyers David typically a meteorologist. Wrecked professor of practice at Penn State and before you think he's one of these liberal professors he's a retired navy rear admiral good morning admiral. Good morning carmaker B what you're thanks thanks and coming back we appreciate it. Let's begin by talking about the terrorists climate accord but it was a call for. So the Paris climate accord is really kind of the first step on a pretty long road that the world gonna potentially go count here as we go through this century to. Basically remove the carbon from our energy sources so long term you'll be able to stabilize the climate. That's really what this what this agreement is all about it's the first step in in a long. For a long time but I have been the guy's name we know what it doesn't really matter because along as India and China and Brazil. Are not on with this the the CO2 emissions are gonna continue end. The years has no walls no boundaries and we're gonna wind up with. As much needed CO2 in the area as we have anywhere almost. But now India China Brazil all those countries are on board with this correct. Here you're right Tommy and and the US the still that number two. A emitter of carbon dioxide it's second only to China so kind of what we do I mean just in a direct effect counts as well of course apple. You know leadership if you want the United States to lead. Or we can two seed at leadership to China or somebody else. But is it likely that if the president pulls the United States out to that other countries also are dropping out or will they look at the United States is the pariah when it comes to. Tell me what phrase I should use that time it changes it. Global warming to Ireland there I honestly don't welcome it I mean I is either utterly interchange. They're they're basically I mean I think everybody understands. That the climate got kind of weirder. You know we're seeing these potters numbers we see when it rains I mean you guys know this break just you know down the road from you'd and I attended Baton Rouge last year you know when it rains it tends to rain. Really really hard to all this stuff happened this these are coming up. You know you need you know more more money from the army corps right just trying to keep the same level of protection that you got it not got a New Orleans from from the Lebanese. Sell all of this stuff is. He is happening and and we know what's happening and we say okay at some point here guys were gonna have to address and that's kind of what. Parents like him and as you mentioned at the beginning everybody except Syria which doesn't even really exist it is a record. You know whatever and let me tell you a solid. I don't think they enjoyed they're capable of generating any carbonneau. There's there's definitely at heart it seems like in the highest thing tallest standing structure in Syria right now and not being funny is about three feet. Yes about a pile of rubble in there whole tragic thing that's that's another topic of discussion. But you're watching it or other countries can leverage showing you know. The real answer is we don't know what we do know the public statements and it's come out of both China and India collapsed. You know weeks after couple months or so always take whatever the US does worry hand. China is doing this for their own domestic reasons I mean they've got they got some real pollution that it got. I mean you rusty but as he saw the Olympics you know yeah I mean it's it's so they're doing that now you could say are they doing it for the good of all mankind you know we could debate that but but the bottom line is does. They see it in their interest to be part of that. And if we drop out they may say hey here's an additional benefit we get to shake up this treaty and really that we're the technology of the 21. Century ago. The way we wanna do it in Beijing rather than what we would wanna do in the United States so. You know it's a place where the US can lead is leading and we just sort of take ourselves off the field and you know kind of what the other guy's offense run amok when we're not even planned. I wanna get as many of these in as I can. Are you gonna sub volcanoes also it's cold weather the agreement is about money not the climate. The media doesn't report. I guess it's all about the money and what do we promise these polluting nations like India and China in the Paris agreement. OK lot block that stuff there no it is not gonna stop volcanoes purple keynote. Honestly about the least of our problems right now we we know why the climate is changing its because. All the carbon dioxide we're putting into the atmosphere dispute too I mean the engines that fossil fuel economy things things that we able wonderful quality of life. We need to move on out just like we had a pretty good quality of like you know in the bronze age that we moved down. So that we need to move. And it is far as the money goes we're not transferring in this. Paris agreement were not transferring money to anybody basically everybody that hey what can you do. And we had a commitment China has a commitment India had a commitment. And that's kind of you know the animal law and that's what the agreement as it was it would of voluntary. Nature of their book were not like sending millions or billions of dollars to China under the Paris a quarter or to anybody. This is like everybody comes to pretend it's like hey what can you do kinda like church you know everybody kind of puts into the pot what they import it. And that and that's kind of how the pairs agreement works there now organism to say well we're gonna pray to walk out of church. Ladies Muslim money into the basket in church well. And they tell ya know I headed back court Idaho man I don't and that's that many times this is god given money has a great deal popular Burger King bread and I go to for more services into I liken the why yet let me ask you this. How did this all become so politicized Islamic common little speech here days or save Atlantic hurricane season. We didn't flood during Katrina because of a natural disaster Katrina a missed a sweet flooded because of the crappy engine levees at the end corps of engineers built. But it's not really their fault because they went to congress and said this is what we need congress and give you half of that. And I think my point is engineering or science. And politics do not mix student. Science should be informing the choices I mean that note scientists you know as a scientist thinks he or she is going to be like you know determining what America should or should not do we have elected officials and right that's kind of our that's kind of our government. We would like to think though that when those elected officials are making technical decisions whether their science or engineering. They talked to the people who actually it's studied stats and stuff and and can consider that and you don't just. Say well that doesn't tip my policy so I'm just gonna dismiss that out of hand it's like. You know I think as I've told people the act doesn't care who's in the White House yet doesn't care who control congress it's just gonna melt and that he's keep rising and you know that an issue for places like oral. Real quickly issuing more questions. How did this become so political. I think I mean that's into the tennis scene right. Yeah it needed and it's really really unfortunate I think what's happened is people kind of hear this and they heard. Like the environmental movement and they talked about government control and you know other a lot of people in our country you who were not excited about big government control. So people trying to that hey this is really just like. An issue in which people can get their government control and I don't like that or they think it's gonna ship jobs overseas we don't like that. Or they think it's just going to be away for the government to take a whole lot more money out of my pocket book. And no and there are a whole lot about it cup has is that this is a great like our talking real kind of question but I think we did and yet is allocated. People kind of pushed back and on those things that and it's it's kind of a tragedy that you know we don't have more conservative solutions out on the table. You know people from Republicans just you know conservatives are sinner sinner kinda people it's like hey we got an issue. You don't have lots of issues in our country we always well. So what are the conservative solutions that may not be just a big government kind of kind of directive. In hand and needs we need in a roundabout way to the Paris a court keep jobs from going to China and yeah Indian it's very possible I mean it's because they're ready on the same field that we Allen and it's. It it's very possible and the other thing would happen we don't know it will. All of those other countries except a Caracas and Syria could like impose sanctions on the US so I mean you know that's kind of what we're trying to think of rape were usually the ones imposing sanctions on somebody else. They could put it terrified all of our goods that it's not gonna help our exporting industry. Boys series amass some time by the another day that I feel so well like our people and Eritrea and it is just a catastrophe not to mention Afghanistan what are we gonna do because here admiral that the is that the suicide bombing now once and the Taliban now is a group from the east in part of the country yeah it's it's there it's a mass situation out there thank yet more appreciate your time okay I really appreciate it thank you sir have a good day admiral rear admiral David typically a meteorologist and professor practice and Penn State. Retired navy rear admiral.