Giving a voice to victims

Have you, a relative or someone you know ever been a victim of a crime? Hear how the journey through the justice system has been for Don Dubuc and his family after the loss of his nephew, Ryan. Ryan's life was taken after helping someone at a gas station in St. Charles parish. Don was joined by Darlene Cusanza, Executive Director of Crimestoppers. Darlene talks us through everyday success stories in solving crimes in the Greater New Orleans area. 


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And good dusk Friday morning to you welcome aboard the Friday think tank lies ahead you will this send out will be talking about a number of topics this morning thinking the bottom talking texting whichever method you choose to communicate William calls about it noon now with. Probably the biggest story going on in the city the monuments. Asking you this question. You know mayor Mitch Landrieu will be remembered as frank Stewart junior who wrote an editorial in had it published in the advocate newspaper this week. Will he be remembered is a dictator. All will that be a statue honoring him for removing those controversial. Monuments will hear from frank Stewart. And he'll tell you what he thinks about the mayor will ask you about whether you think this was a wise decision and is has changed your opinion. A mayor Michelin Andrews that he is stake in this this ball and really run with. I also hobbled could be incriminated in the rush investigation of the big national story going on is a special counsel Robert Mueller. Investigates Russian hacking of our election now was a possible collusion obstruction of justice one of the implications for key players like trump pence wins sessions commissioner. Men and previous in the evenly ex FBI director combing. A lot of definitions will try to get on the impeachable. Offenses verses criminal offenses that took for a one of our. Analyst and legal analyst will be with us to discuss that little bit later on the dispersed now we're gonna talk about something we talk about lot on this program and I think that it deserves and that is. Crime mine in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and what are we doing about it just to update and a lot of you all know that mine. My nephew mind God's son was murdered earlier this year in January and basically have been tracking it from the the family of the victims in the friend's standpoint and I just we went back again to court this was like the third fourth time since the arrest was made of the suspect. And and saint Charles parish courthouse and it was kind of same same more of the same they waiting for more evidence waiting for disclosure of it has been Knoll for the please Arnold trial date set. Just another day for another hearing and that'll be in July on July 24 and all update to let you know in the meantime with wanna hear from some you victims of crime must now I think these people all below tremendously. There's an awful lot of from effort that goes into making sure that the accused delegate proper representation at every. I's dotted every T is crossed to make the case in and ensure that now we have not incarcerating finding innocent people guilty. Robin are often wonders enough been done. For the victims who is on there it's in. Now we have got goalie decides it's gonna join us Alina zone very familiar voice on this radio station seasoned executive director of an organization called. Crime stoppers. Darling so good to talk to you again bill law. That same year is that your cable it began. Ali Mohamed toaster. As far as crime stoppers so I think everyone knows the mission that it's always good to go over that again tell us about crime stoppers would you guys do you probably best known for years you'd tips program. Yes I think that's probably. Definitely accurately been around almost forty years so it's been there in the community and and you keep your board victims and I'm so pleased because that's really what we do. Our whole mission is to help people who become a victim of the crime and draw that need to felony crime. So we do take information over a hotline we have settled law enforcement. Calling it really make it clear that we take the information we pay capital and we don't do investigations mean that is not our mission where we work in partnership with the community in law enforcement. Collide you're not picking get pass on information anonymously. In and once that information passed on YouTube do you follow that with law enforcement didn't ensure that public looking at the information but again it's up to them to do that investigations. But always so important that people need to understand is if you become a victim. Can you know that you feel usually your Maryland you don't believe in you know popular people are paying attention and it's incredibly important and that's what you always hear that tag line for crime stopper after these stories you know in you know by law enforcement or in the media. They're pleased to make a phone call. Because you're not alone and that's really particularly when you mean you're calling out you give it would ever mentioned you made. You really sending a message that you know the entire community care. On the other programs that we do the people ordered aware it's we have a clergy program called project at the Meriden. On that was just launched with the incredible and steering committee of decree clergy members. On the in this city in do great in Bulgaria and that's important because a lot that we look for ways to find all the audiences for you to hear that message. And the kind of be in Greece to cure aids victim to that you know it goat how to use the resource and to you know without their help. And that we do other things with the faithful hotline in our with our schools we do thinking leadership program we do routine congress shall we talk about these tough issues. And not just the fact that hey we have we're seeing it happening on the streets. Look people to be educated on OK let's get beyond that how economic differences in individual how can we as a group. Can what do we need to hold people accountable to and again go back to the fact that we need to be advocates for each other. Just a that a lot more than just the hotline and and people you know hopefully we'll see that if they get to know what better. All the get back hotline is incredible and that has been a mission that they actually international mission of crime stoppers here we're not the only one out there does. Double file would prompt a organizations. Only tell us some success stories of how you have helped solve crimes through people that have made anonymous phone calls. Happily we're not getting in on the that this specific case let's say the second but just because that this sensitivity of up almost matters that. I can tell you that for Stanley. You know when there is guess they get when it comes out they're pretty desperate because they Cilic you know the information is kind of close to offer no with paying attention. And what we're able to do is begin to back in the media thanks to our partners like you. And want that information that's flowing hand you know we have had obviously multiple people identified. Most recently one that would did come out menus with a young boy an and use that can be used as an example that election but it was young boy. Who was killed over allegedly killed over a gaming control. Can't get with the controller for gain immediate game he that the young high school student a promising student and would ever happen with that control that's what he was killed. In that feeling in that school system and you know those all his peers in that they did did they were not able to find the individual who was responsible for the murder over the person named. Com but he was on the you know on the run. In the through pits the cons are but they came to a they gave this information. Worked with an incredibly mean that the US marshals. And they were able to bring this person to justice is that the perfect example would take it takes a village. Many times to help bring people to justice and that in the the story behind that is now the Stanley has peace. Wonderful story it. Do you have to get people who will call in and and give the information and decline. Me. Absolutely and I've been here a long time. And I did tell you that has certainly changed over the year whereas the very beginning there was meaning more people collecting reward money that probably say you know 85 to 9%. On the they did but as the years have passed on you we hear a difference in our callers and you know I don't wanna remind people will be using crime stoppers anonymous. I don't know you are I don't want to know that you all we tell people that do to keep meaning information can identify you in that we have a privileged information program here. But on the you can tell in the voices into multiple you know different types of folks colony and and now we certainly have rewards want you on your information leaked to an arrest. And look at the homicide they pay hang up on breast enhancement indictment but all current Palin overestimate the once law enforcement tells that there is an arrest made. You that you need to call back. Indian you're eligible for that can't reward. And currently I can tell you did at least 30000 dollars just in 2016. I'll find that people have not called back to collect. But certainly people do not always do just for the money. That's refreshing to hear that Dolly and I have a very interesting question it was just texted me and and wanna buy deal with text and dates 7871. Enemy to ask you how do you work legally. This person thought that you have the you have the right to face your accuser face to face and call someone is bringing. Evidence or testimony. To you and then it's gotten to the prosecution. How does that person the defendant not get the right to know who that person is how does that work. That cropped up this process does not mean to bring a witness into the case. The primary concept process the use that information to corroborate whatever information. They need throughout the investigation that the investigating agency develops. But you cannot progress and rights and being convicted on all of anonymous sourced their obsolete correct where just a piece of the puzzle. And obviously you know they dared to do your investigation and they did they do due diligence with all materials gathered weathered the crime stoppers tip. Boy who witness statement whatever it may be. That's how that case is gonna go forward. Very good Colleen if you will stay when they were gonna take a break we come back I want you to explain about the anonymity is it being affected at all is is just defeat your perception. All but with what's gone on with an lawless district attorney in having people. In some cases incarcerated because they have information how does that affect what you do it crops as we'll be right back with only stands if you wanna call. 504260187. The or you can text is simply an 8787. And we also have a text board 8787. A year Tex comments and questions come directly in the studio please remember to text responsibly no driving and texting he's a designated driver. If you plan on texting going to stands as what the issues the director executive director of crime stoppers. And would we've taken some calls and Raman in jail until a few comic back or will get to you call we cannot do one of these story. I'm a Dolly you have got wow very obvious question just came into the export it wants to know how does one stay anonymous if they gonna collect money. Maybe this is why that 30000 dollars has not been collected. Tell us the procedure for an informant collecting their money in maintaining their anonymity. I'm great at great question appreciate the current president and Teddy and get burst up the crime stoppers and you hear it all the time we do remain anonymous because we don't take anything down in the information we do not use caller ID we don't even re used recording. You have according to take your information like a voice mail system this volley July person that can speak to. But when you get the information the only thing that they do with the hand is give you something call our tip number Patricia just a chronological number from our system generated out of a computer. Mom which is how we identify you to that tip. In throughout the entire process you gonna be using that same tip number put that particular entity your reporting on. I'm from start to finish when he goes to law enforcement in this is very important to go to law enforce. Portman. That's not gonna say darling gave the tip in Carolina you know with so and so and it is not mature relationship to that collar. It's critical because we always gonna make sure that we're protect in the process of protecting that person that anonymity. If you have to call backs a lot of times people say like an across interpret call we don't call you have your number to call you I don't wanna know who you are. You need to call expecting me check back with those are in you know. You do it an email message which yes we actually do it encryption on the way that it's come through to a on the email server. But out to be a check back to keep your information and action to it in action brought means leads to an arrest. The law enforcement determine that your tip led to an arrest which helped cooperated case police to arrest. And then we actually set at the time to a bank by bank drive up. And that's all done discreetly between being an actual bank which we choose with the caller and it's all gone by a number of the date to receive your cage to the bank drive on the only thing you're doing is giving the tip number. You're getting cash you're never signing your name and never show your ID everything is strictly gone through that tip number. And I can tell you have been a long time there's never did anyone that I am aware of that and retaliated against didn't get to reward money headed issue. It is work like clockwork and listen you know process that it's been vetted through a national organization. Is Aaron 1099 in that bag with the cash. And everybody. Doesn't need to. Very good answer economist at a better myself. Darlene is panic of one particular case it's kind of in the media on wanna get in the specifics of it is a still has gone on going investigation against several text messages and asking the question. You know now if someone is attempt to through your program mob was the VA get this information and require them to lose and anonymity back on the Nicole. Anna and I respected group on Libya and they questioned them to talk about are standard process testing under procedures. On nothing obviously related to this specific case the opera takes information from you again regulatory and on the process. We will always inform a collar because the information in Google into the law enforcement agency that would sending it to. The agency has the ability of the camp certainly is the right because they're trying to solve the case to post question back it if we would if they call it would be willing to speak to someone directly through us. Start procedure is if we're allowing it detected to have questioned did make concocted an email message that will oppose that it dispersant called back we didn't. And the question directly and a lot of information back over to board portrait. But we also have the opportunity to the caller to the tipster that in you if you would like to speak to the detectives we can patch you through. Our own line that the relay call. That means that my coordinator if it's because you know beyond that called. Being part of that call. We're all telling the tipster in advance if you agree to do this you're not going to be given appear anonymity to not Portuguese contained. United can't be any questions it was very clear on the fact that you're gonna become and to our process in your not to be identified. He did not acting at any questions that you feel comfortable where. But that we take it one step further and we teller kept it. If you choose to go directly in a work of law enforcement. In because obviously some people make that decision. Obviously we need witnesses in the system the crime package is not about making witnesses. We're very clear that if you go she if you go beyond that step of our anonymity processed. You're no longer going to be we cannot guarantee your protection you know log me in Vietnam. In Buick now moved to a whole different novel and that's our standard procedure. Yeah you work or advisement that comes along with that taking at a tournament very good golly you know we got to break the news been great talking to you one last question I did get a text and Saudi wants to know when you next fund raiser is police tell. Well we have not had against crime coming up the refinery during October. Love to hit everybody be part of that that's all about being part of routine and working you know which are neighbors. So collar office we need help volunteers whatever but you know god loves everybody have a safe weekend. Do the same always good to talk to doling. They are coming back go take a arraignments call a promise for him in the right now is time for the CBS news update in WWL's first news.