Gen. Honore on getting justice for victims of the BP oil spill

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, April 20th
Tommy talks with Lieutenant General Russel Honore about the 8th anniversary of the BP oil spill and how victims still haven't gotten justice.

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General honorary new joins us right now he can boy it's amazing how general on all of if you when you said that did you realize you gonna. And a phrase of the American lexicon was to be when this forever. They're in our career but it did turn in that in elementary fact he's got a book out that says don't get stuck on stupid rules to leadership and actually talk about the that's a little bit but David as you an hour talking about it was eight years ago this very morning that I was sock and Billy none guests are about this explosion that has happened in the gulf and where are you about. People in rescues. The boats and who are missing and who wasn't. And at that time we had no idea what this is about to turn into and that's what general honoree is here to talk about morning service for herself it's a pleasure to meet in person earliest. Your markets are making good morning to all of them happy tri Centennial 1010. Lead kids to be a back in the city. And removable on this video voters said they were eleven. People died on minutes ago but has turned out to be an historic. Oil spill in the gulf by BP. And values laid him we're still addressing gaffe the Mets. Because. If you watch somebody advertisers should take is all over is out O will put thousands of people participated in the cleanup. And have not seen Jesse ship and that's what we're trying to bring light on all of this be your memorial of those who died in. Trying to get justice bonus of obvious coming. I think you know again new retirement this off the air to a lot of us it is something that happened eight years ago on site idea remember that but for the people. That have yet to be made whole that is like it happened yesterday or it may be even worse because. It might be in twenty years is seems like an M they've been suffering and explain if you will. Who got paid who didn't. And the effect it's having on those that didn't. Well of the show first Rowell. Of payments. A lot of it went to businesses that took losses. They got the majority of their money. So moments for away is Florida. But effective what are Florida people of Florida mall Monday people lose era. And no there's not proportionate bizarre proportion. Because we were able to follow Koreans. Because we lost restaurant business already lost. A bit charm share. You'd come. On the other hand deport people who won't give up the tar balls they give up the debris. Many though not haven't probably uniform or should read that buys BP you do need to be protective. Uniforms that was not provide an all time. And bear the consequences of that is that many double overtime that got become fuel. Some have dived wading home. They did be in court. Because a way to process is set up. In the first round a sub people opted out of the suit. They admitted goes go to one's really tried to. A dress now because it min wait many years. We did backe court. And charm for the eastern. Ambition drove a loser and a full report. Under judge bar Reid who's below proceeded over the first round. To bring this suggests is Sudanese people commanded the court because many don't now are relying. All public assistance for health care. Because. These don't care. Doesn't address women have organ failures. They can get told leftist Satan didn't have to go far and don't care. Via the song keywords into more acuity care to fairways as there is certain pieces. Be breadwinner of the family husband died Lehman espouse in five children take hero. The people and opted out they were not looking to win the lottery or giant payday I'm guessing they thought that after everybody else got paid at the top. There was no way there was enough to it to take care whatever legitimate problems or have I. Conservative people who got paid in the first round job as realistic to 200 dollars. Bet. Every game we didn't know what we didn't know at the time because somebody's. The effects of these chemicals. Have effect over time on organs. It all happened in the first six months and all happen in the first year it's subs are two to three years. There in master group but the class that we're talking about. That's been waiting for this next round of judgments. From judge barred read in the lawyers that are involved. And the law is in the first round did very well be gotten in excess of 500. Billion dollars. Are represented. Bit bit victims who started did this state back to court. Dude back on schedule we don't want. BP to use you'll Exxon playbook. From exile about news. Where do waited for years where most soon could be. Played it many people died because we'd norm judgment when we can't allow that to happen you know. This whole BP settlement. Didn't settle well would meet army are an Ohio settle review when BP was allowed. Behalf of defined. That the federal government could charge him. Bend. I hole. Representatives. DB of fifteen years have paid off the fine. And they will be able to write that fire and all. Bought in federal tax losses. For Perry and us for doing damage to us is site. They've got the best of all abused a beer out the bad judgment happened BP stocks went up. So they've gone about their business. When a lot of local advertisements. In papers in. Owned cable Syrian problem edited duo would safety regret via. But let us not forget. The poor people many of American people and their families their remain that have not had did the court. In that must happen and needs to happen now we cannot let this great job the last administration. Led BP off the hook. There maybe about local. Government official congressman. And the administrative involved wall clap and that this was a good deal it wasn't a good deal to Louisiana it was a good deal follow people. There and we see the results of it today. Is this a function of people not been able prove that they were adversely impacted or is it just tied up in the courts right now. Well it's took a common issue bold above. BB BB. Dairy cases have been set aside. Waiting for court date. And it's time what we asked him for this to pick court Pete. Let's have several of them because we've got thousands of people. If you guys a thousand people coming here with claims. Data related to organ failure is. Based on the exposure that the head to these chemicals. And let's face starlet that's always a contested event when I told you tell you I got sick through from the new bid from me that's why we have the courts. This is why we would bid democracy work in a star could have been have bid the court so why the delay. That's a good question. Are imagined a valid the volume have sought to do waited there and also Rosie. Offshoot of PX our playbook wait. The longbow big weight the better off is this sort of company is thoughtful people to approve of their losses direct relationship. Two very exposure. And we noted exposure head impact and does not suggests. Civilians we have several while members of the military or National Guard as well as Coast Guard there were exposed. Out of now all affected by this. This is a crime damn shame. As I said the last administration under President Obama and hold of them did led BP off the hook the BP's CE Ole. Walk on the beach in Louisiana. And army and in Mississippi. Looked out of tar ball a city warrant his life back. Mr. Juno from Latvia the administrator who supposedly taking care about people. One declared it was over a 2016. He used that same lie there all want to live back they've got millions of dollars the CEO for BP had the TARP went all took another big job. Saw me he was saw sailing. In his yacht club the week out they're in in May go under Melvin after it and salute and I'm mr. Juno is Joseph addresses friends over at Lafayette. I do big money clubs and all the other things they got having received billions of dollars. Yet Al citizens people who can least a four. Two way. Four bit Decourt. Are still waiting and that's what we asked the judge Barbieri. To give these cases to court and let's help these people sold big in Leo. And security families and give proper Nokia. So what what can you do general what are you dual and is there any way to speed this process up. Well we're here today we made we figured this opportunity. Of the eight year memorial. Of that goes who lost their lives as well as the ones that remain the survivors who remain alive could be. And at 1015 degree we are going good news conference the raise public awareness. Beers and have a good time to talk about this this is tries its debut weekend a tall ships a year. In the bib pelicans are women are being in the middle of all of this. Oh we've got pain and suffering of our people. So what doesn't have a good time to talk about bad stuff. Among all look great theories that we celebrate 300 years survival of this. Event but Debbie is said. At 215 we do in a news conference in at 11 o'clock tomorrow. We'll be doing a rally there and this information over rally army we have some great do the venues there. All Duggan plaza 11 o'clock. That's right by City Hall. Right read by Syria all. Our new shadows in City Hall there and we set a petition out 25000. People signed a petition is supported b.'s suit. Survivors of the BP also it is not a mobile. It's long from mobile Ariana has a 20 yeah I'm still upset. All would be BP litigation. Were written the findings were so lol. Bat again the day after the court. Paulo. Was. Finish BP's stocks went up it didn't hurt them reduce toxic celery. Because people expect and a lot worse and they walked off nobody went to jail eleven people bid being lied. Did deceived to people who wouldn't even tell the government ran out while down here he was all over and try to get them to tell the truth. Medicare borrow on the bill on the spill for four days it would share that with the government the gum wasn't ready. The dumb I had no way to supervise. Bid up the bat well here when it happened everybody looked the other week. And did his foreign company British Petroleum. Able to amend their golf. Have a its end of this significance. Big people did. Went to court nobody went to jail yet we pick up people who knew all Owens. Fall are all traffic violation that they had paid it put him in jail. So the rally tomorrow. You expect a big crowd what. What needs to happen and it does a judge need to quit guy grinning continuance is still the to the defenses that was gone on the plaintiffs' attorneys on active enough. They need to get own schedule need to communicate with the people won the last suddenly saw sub them in the papal. All anybody from BD BB lawyers that's appointed to. Supervisors say come on let's say this is public information if you are a victim. This is where you need to goal this is to help you can give and that when a court date business a while we're using news date to highlight. Eight years is starting to get all would do is because these people continue to lose they'll be kit Menem came word it's a bomb have lost their lives this army did this in court. If somebody's listening that was part of the cleanup effort and has some. I guess health effects or didn't know that they still can file a claim it is sad what's gone on here and they can still do that is they haven't. Well potentially. Don't don't need to certainly contact a lawyer. But right now what we're asking people to Tearrius is to show up at the rally on Saturday. Come out you know make your your voice heard we have a FaceBook page page called justice for BP health victims. On FaceBook. And there you can find a lot of information. About the rally under some videos with some on testimonials. Of sick lean up workers haven't had their day in court. There's also a link to the on line pat care to petition. That we we now and just a few days have over 25000 signatures on so we're gonna keep that that growing. But to come out tomorrow there's. You know there will be in a red beans and rice available. You know for free while it a lot lasts we're gonna have some music. It's nor and so we cannot you know have a at a rally without that a brass bands and hot eight brass band will be playing. And you'll have a lot of clean up workers and other coastal residents that have been impacted I don't know it's. All Amaro was sorts 11 o'clock Duncan plaza general pleasure you book. Don't get stuck on stupid thank you mark Reid and maybe come back talk about it.