Geaux Blue NOLA Day with Newell Normand

Wednesday, September 13th

It’s Geaux Blue NOLA Day, a day for citizens to show their support for the NOPD by wearing blue.  We’ll talk to WWL radio host and former Jefferosn Parish Sheriff Newell Normand about life as a police chief  and officers receiving the recognition they deserve.


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One of my favorites thinly as he saw or to guys who did the boys are back. Call the police as these kind of events on if you think about it here's. An update on a pretty general opinion poll. Has a police officer ever stopped chewing giving you warning instead of a tickets as 84% say yes and 16% say no give a show opinion by going to be if you don't I can't. So I realized that a former a former Jefferson Parish sheriff known Norman is in our building it was on here right before our show we sorted now tend to want here on every WL. On and so we share an office of civil skull back Darren and get the get to your former sheriff appear to know welcome to the show. Thank you good to be here now you're doing a great job thank you so much appreciated per share at all help to not so today on one. Our goal blue color today I think we also think about all law enforcement. And and we get an image of police officers from a dues from movies and TV shows. What's something that. Is really misunderstood about being a police officer. You know the thing that comes. To the forefront for me is we're not perfect. We're not robots. And me we try the best that we can. In this situation that presents itself. We go in many cases from a very sedentary state. To an adrenaline pumping. Crazy environment in a matter of seconds and when you think about it they're not many occupations that that actually curse. So I think you know when we judge and we Monday Morning Quarterback would police do day in and day out. I think you need to let the entire story Connor reveal itself. And often times it doesn't week recounted. Rushed to this judgment. About what actually happened in the social networks have actually mated and horrible. To deal with and to manage. So when the public has this image state police officers protect each other to the point we're. If somebody does something wrong or if somebody is senate. A breaking policy you're doing something illegal that there is there's a cover up is that culture changing. I'm not I don't think the culture has been as prevalent. As one might. Think. You know in Hollywood is kind of portrayed. Are there cases of the past absolutely in fact their cases of that in every realm of occupation turn. We're that is done I mean you look at Wall Street in the cases that have come out of there look at what's going on right now with investigations in DC. You know Equifax. All kinds of different things that that are going on and if it's present in every. Occupation as I said we're not perfect. Now the fact of the matter is is says the leaders of these organizations. Their obligation is to root mediate and investigate as quickly as possible when there is the allegation of an impropriety. That's done because it's hard you know I had an organization of 15100 employees it's very difficult. To predict what they're human behavior is going to be 24 hours a day seven days a week. You know as well as I just in the short period of time that I've been here. The gosh awful tax that we can and have to cut you see I'm not lying about that when I talk about ten on the air it out at like. You talk about me he hit yet here you know I'm entitled to an opinion like everyone else but but the fact of the matter is is that for the most part. The vast majority of people come to work trying to make a difference and given a damn are they perfect every day no. And it's why we kind of spent a lot of time. In my later years as sheriff. Educating our workforce about emotional intelligence the ability to manage one's own emotions and the emotions that bothers. Typically when you see. A police action news or. Somebody has lost. Their emotional control. And you gotta keep that in check. And the best stories and I can tell us a leader in the organization is when I read dailies where another police officer went. To someone else. And tapped him on the shoulder and said honey it's time for you to tap out. And you know and that we helped one another in that regard. Because you know we can't. To the job may be with conflict at home conflict with children in conflict with this or that. And sometimes it's hard to strip yourself of all that and go into the realm of conflict. And not let it influence. Really good thoughts. I'm sheriff I I've heard that these squirrels in lake Vista that they wouldn't effort here commit this crime and Jefferson Parish because of the reputation of Jefferson Parish sheriff's office. It you know we've been known to hunt down and shoot at about every living creature that's out that it creates damage find it doesn't help when you like you know start talking about once in awhile you are shooting the neutrino along the under the canals nutria hogs and the I'm sure yeah. Thanks for Vivus thank you I attorney Neil Norman the new Norman show he's new here on WWL distorted this week and it's on it's it's a great show a lot of great insight and gas and former Jefferson Parish are no Norman is on. Ten to one right before our show I'm screwed and we'll be right back on WL.