Geaux Blue NOLA Day with Chief Harrison

Wednesday, September 13th

It’s Geaux Blue NOLA Day, a day for citizens to show their support for the NOPD by wearing blue.  Are you wearing blue today?  We’ll talk to NOPD police Chief Michael Harrison about the NOPD and what he thinks is the most misunderstood thing about being a police officer.  Do you think NOPD officers get the recognition and praise they deserve?


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Today is gold gold blue Nolan day it's a day to recognize the work of an OPD and I guess we've recognized a workable law enforcement on a day like today I'm wearing a blue shirt. Even if you're not wearing blue you can certainly have recognize the work of police officers. How we're expecting a phone call just any moment now from NO PD chief Michael Harrison and one of the things that I wanna ask him. Is what's the most misunderstood thing about being a police officer. Here's a Texas says I'm wearing a black T shirt in observance instead of blow. Well there are bad police officers. Just like there are. And talk show host to their bad whatever is a you do they've kind of bad people in your industry as well. And it's really sad when. The bad gives a whole. A bad name. And a bad image. It shouldn't be that way. But sadly it is good but we allow it to be that we believe we should recognize that that there are a few bad bad cops. Compared to the goats. And I do think he's a port for police officers to always to all they can't. To. Turn over information. About the bad cups. Because that only helps. Their entire force. You know PD chief Michael Harrison joins us alive and every WL chief welcome to the show. Chief what what is the most misunderstood thing about being a police officer. The multi misunderstood thing about being political it is. People take for granted that we actually live normal and people feel ocean animals. And you make. They're all the media that sacrifice our own family. I won't go that we can beat him bowl the fit. For me. That would that movement that. He actually on normal people who real. Global group why the issue that was used to like in the other person. Or go blue know what day what would you like people to be thinking about it. I'd like to. I'm like beat what are the critical buyout. The police officer who is walking. And perhaps he would be at home here at our family. And that we all. Taking in the concerns Novo community and help people call problem and tried to make the billion people's lives better. Well while the main party. You know had resolved children and be currents and all of them are companion. And I like the you know people who are being able to appreciate the sacrifices that we made by the bank. City. Important entity because we've also make it out of that. Idled. Musical performances. Actually get a because of 24 hour industry. When Mo industries are now industry were forced out industry and seven this week industry we really. Our have to be that more often than not in unit. In the kind of caught up on. That challenge at home and all hustle and it's always good to just say thank you but as you make it especially. Putting up opened. For. Four other people on their sometimes well enough all wait and as you know turn out to be detrimental. It but we we paid the ultimate. If we do well I think a lot of people out of him Obama but think about it. All that because it sure. Chief Harrison where you're saying is that it's it's not easy being married to a police officer. It is not because it is not just the sacrifices we make it to the are ago that we actually. Got the big picture here and that suck. May very of the ones. Seriously about not knowing we are going to come back because of the buffalo new article. We're constantly hearing about what we call it the more important national. Open the outlook articulate in the line of duty. So they want about. Coming. Out of the road. To it is not see the being the chill out of the political. That sibling are our on our spot. In boat people picked up technical. And so. It good or that it is the pinnacle moment like this ankle and that because you give up a lot to make sure everybody it. Chief when you when you leave home if it is true artists it's always sad that you don't you don't know what you're coming back home or not because of the nature of your work and due to some degree everybody who might think about that because you never know what's gonna happen to you but in particular with police officers. You're involved in situations that average citizens are not involved it. Do you does it does it become routine over time or do you consciously. Think about every time you leave you might not come home. I. It never really be content you'd think about it in use. Me but because you develop patrol but still every day you become more confident. In your ability but. Sometime we did complain. And then we we are thinking about it as much. And I think it is important at all it will always never get complacent. But to be confident. They're always keep this in social but they sure we're compassionate. Dealing with the people who need to deal with them and help every day. But certainly you think about that and epic optimistic about it or more than we do because we we go about the war and we know from the personal. That was probably the more I'm thinking about that we. Today is go blue Nolan dais today to recognize and appreciate their police in New Orleans and and law enforcement are everywhere. Of which are two to achieve Harrison if you're just tuning into. I chief there are bad cops say do get a disproportionate amount of attention in the media so. What's the best way to good cops can counter the bad cops. Every interaction important and it's like auditioning form. I doubt all the role in the will be insurrection important and we changed some of mine who we all. In direction. And how great all this just meant to always. Remember that when we come in contact with people because we can certainly. Make people not think about. React in the pew cop when you know great interaction with equipment. It would be calm me in the top that it like you repeat the right page or. Whatever. That doesn't that the interaction with the back in action. We can certainly change people's mind. Shall and a positive interactions. And do regret the certain well a couple of service and and eclectic crowd. And immediately go. YouTube great cotton or we can. Certainly we can deal with all all poorly. And duke in the takes strong action a little bit we can change people's mind one correction and I'm just with the cotton. What's the difference and it is their set of circumstances there which lead to a police officer giving somebody a warning rather than detective once again pulled over. Well that's within our discretion. Certain sort. That mandated to do right stationed there are certain serve the ala. The Google warning is actually going to be with the interaction. That room. Maybe the warm hello what's happening at that time and that need to give them that extreme emergency. And so. We want them all I'm a patient is based on all of discretion in the ring go into. You like that discretion in terms of when it's appropriate. Or political occasion when it's appropriate corner route all report to the war. Just sometime it depend on un reduce human being you talked about police officers being a human beings. This is sometimes have to do with the Cavuto I'm a human being is in the date that they've that their work. Well it's never been about personality and that should be O com. Whether or implement good move forward. Is a good teacher should be all a point when it really appropriately. When it's appropriate practical. So if there are merging these are happening that we should respond to. More practical. Doable warning them that they aren't like ancient. Maybe more. Com went on in multiple and and we're trying to change. A certain driving B model the driving behavior. Certainly we may have used the car went back into my eight or are they built that that decision. Well and we just want more and compassion when it. Our chief has so NO PD being brought into the squirrels are attacking in lake Christiane. We have not been broadened the the original story. And I couldn't be more cleaned. Up good portions of the knew what they can now. About two to arrogant aggressive. Oral forward acting pretty. Yes that's somewhat that much. People. Well you know like I you know some people say they were born that way some people say they were raised a certain way for whatever reason to use of scrolls are checking people in lake Vista. A chief thank you for your time and British and the rest of this hour talking about. I and a treaty in law enforcement in general and I know the police officers get a bad rap I liked him a positive thought Tom offer Cherie wherever I can appreciate being with us this afternoon. Limited systemic thank you and thank all of people who supported us with a little bit and every respect you'll go. Chiefs are excellent and how to CBS news.