Garden Show with Dan Gill

Dan Gill, The Garden Show
Saturday, July 21st
Dan Gill helps callers with questions about palm trees, tomatoes, cucumbers, and saving a dying lawn. 

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Am entered joining me on the court shall will. Talk about Arlen mentioned. Towers and power and searchable and murder entries in our congressmen or plant and all I'm figuring things out there they were not trying to make grow. And I'll shoot like I'm appliance take care of him. Properly managed in check and you we wish. Is that we hear a lot of burnt out. And lots of things that were jubilant despite. So yes. That. Trickle miserable we are on there are things we have to continues to through the summer and and that you have done early on Mo. Is a constant. Needed during the summer theories on how much languages you probably. Upon current or faster on front blower. Among launches are regular people were saying if you want. Re right because. Well credit moving grow as Kramer from a week to week. Drier weather slows it down. Essentially and well regular rainfall. Of up ball whole lot shall. Oh watcher at all on that one and that the most early and travel too much try and build between. A year polling though you not about trying. Clipping below our panel of clipping. A year bubble in law. When you're going to light on the groupings or shall at all. They've they've filtered out law. Not very knowledgeable. Clipping a bunching up on that your you know you're waiting too long between your. And urged them to shoot low Ingraham. And of course our our most pundits and Purdue. In extreme heat and we need. Just something like. Squatting down and should and should eat. The firm beating now view the tripping in your eyes and burdening your. Retreat hoping feed that we. At that you trying to pull them on the view in your higher body. Is draped in where fabric from Kirk. And we debate this time of the year. And really excellent little. Determination fortitude. To figure out work in the Andy but again trying to keep up with what churches and especially when it comes. Forward try to control world. And that we be and Eritrean. Mowing all along. Wanting to control crew lock room. And you need to gain you'll. And effort along to all of your friends because they. Wanna know this is well and having of the sugar ration demand is. Or reaching critical point when I'm pruning. Which we do every July. And what we're looking at is we're looking at client. It shook their floor by. The trouble before. And they belong there those are both out in the of the next year. Well virtually all our spring flowering trees and trump. Shut deplorable. This time of the year they're beginning to appear flour. And a year now. I now. From later flowering trumps a tight ranges are being. Are monitoring your agenda Matt well. That we start our long arming or lenient. Also strip or lower by. In the latter part of July actually need to do. Pruning all of spring flowering trees ropes. And it Schering pack your trying to control. They get a couple fraud. From under control. You each get it done. We care him. If you can't rule made only July. Off. Recruitment kind of credentials you later July you view the torture more than one true abort all your. You're really push it prudent. All care and remove flower but aren't shouldn't fret about the crawl. So keep in mind that. In their. I'd need to be true but again all the spring flowering trees a popular and what you're saying. And the union hall orange all means to focus on right now. Because this year. Your lap window of opportunity we may lose 00 and they balloon. In March and April. With a married in June. Now under wrap and upping your up and down. At the a moral line up all of them or four. According. The morning and hear me look at. I can you just. Right. But the cute photographed several weeks ago does not calling in now hold them by burnhams. It believes are kind of are ready rusty color. For example were real helpful Bachmann I hit it great trophy you know bureau system. A beat two pretty good job described corporately but ultimately. Album that I be typical and it was great if you those photos. That sentence in the cage dressed. That the disappointing. Sort of diagnosis because of the character like the other Apatow and we are at or call for a but that doesn't help that much in this inference that the cause stroke appliance and need to be looked at. In the case in the harbor. If you knew that might be or year or move them to a year. Well one thing the use of a burden. It's drainage and so. You're remember which strain they're getting from natural rain a complete role to fail on the side for a period. They'll work as well try to plant. And call them. Well Bob well or people should have some of the agency in the in the league so underwater it's actually. Well there there and date the only area so I think he drainage is pretty good however. I made them over watered the home. Belt every time it gets dry does turn in the art world in a letter run for day. Talk with a mobile watered possibly but like the Iranian news. But good at least at the drainage hip op with the drainage and not been the Buick field. A couple. Over the fact that you watered them frequently. In jail for real why are applying water for an entire day it is more could be applies. Com that means that the major lament the trees survive the bomb plot. Moderate water I'll make sure when you go out there. But as a result opt Egypt want watering ago that little Ronald. Bigger around I'm on the road and street took how are aware of what is before you make a commitment to your date. When you hear me you'd won here literally you want war and entry ever heard of fort fiction in the oil. But it should accomplish quietly in the spring Ron for maybe a couple of hours. I also went on for treatment hours bubble flawed theory keep a picture of leeway and that money strike and you think you need to water is more severe here at war on it. And that's stroked them. Keep view. My creature watering from. You'll feel that perk out with them a matter of weeks or couple months but that is a good talk for a one of the best edge that we have. Ally and an equal to about anything you elaborate except for water. Bright enough file court you know most plants but look helping although the Colbert funny. But. I do want they're a group of men now want them to accommodate many are going it and trim them back here yet they're a bit of a commoner. A terrible problem equipment that was good news is you want to call as possible. But if you look at what they call you achieve stability of the debate on and on. But after copper primes so absolutely. Not hearing to tolerate being cut them back to purge. Ole miss low because once and actually do that. You are very much. But here. And that you pollute our pitchers. Right. And or the so raw data from the national origin. Andy you're you know again you know should check on world known as a acute trauma. I'll remember and pop up to injure or OP whip battery you probably think about and have realized that you got a couple of caller ways it is Bible for 60187. The honorable war. Can picture 0187. B a doctor. Number like that might be in morning thanks. Calling and paid and good morning. I don't. Questions which he all bad guy damaged by the winter cold weather this year. On at this point. Do I continue always wanted to do. War and move this. This tree. Well we've been waiting until July. And bang bang him around march. But I was telling people at. It seemed like such a long ways off by date well you know you're familiar Paul looked at the dividend until July. If you could Brad thought that there had this up by grim end the growing point there it and and you couldn't take it down. Well the summary you move on and now it is July. All of of those greens although there that have bought it out yeah. Our power not want to get now you can think that they're out there. For his work where you were located if you are temperature went down I mean it's highly likely that mean all your old. If the temperatures did about it victory. But where you war. Then there's the chance to cream homes or law in New Orleans. Auditor that much when it came around for me or vote. But even in the area school where temperatures. Dipped below twenty McQueen Paul. I have taken it. Other things in the field we all these days. Well arrow. A liquid may be oozing out of the trunk or all of either of supreme Holmstrom greens. Are. There's regain it's the argument he these problem areas. Just a liquid oozing out there and running. Back. All game that was under the trunk of the tree. So in your case in my. Going to be bank and it's I'm crawling around giving it to match on having them removed. And and let them work evoke that problem of major law. Other queen halt or just a party. You all for. OK well back and question bank you're at. War and I'll. Similar signs as to the one. And to the full that they or. Starting to have nuclear. And try actual what are outlook that explosion. Mention that there should. Am population. In each of those polls is in the spiritual. And then you it's not a new rule the trump all next to each other one Almeida on all of their. Opponents are seeing around. And those are genetic differences. One all maybe urged party year then the Paul and next to it. Even they're both you and Paul they're genetically different individuals and so that's why I use he theories like that and look. You can leave them all in their figure culpable. Mark mean nobody gimmick animate you take him down. So what you're ultimately will call will convince. A problem go to mpeg amount. Okay thank your in my Treo. Children might appreciate all. Our media men were there any calling from them or for any more than. And more than. Very. Two years. Ago real law law. The plant out two who. And maybe. I'll vote basket. World. But it is balloon there and won under armour who hoopla blizzard breaks out while. It over not in and out there on the water. A war regularly but not to books. And keep the Bradley's career though but your old woman in there on I can do not do it. Or do more. Well I mean four or like range. Slower. I like reading your book wool will. Depend on. Of a larger in the bush. The more power unit and it's bigger and more big should shoot yet. More flour but you know last year then trying to bush shut them flowering plants so. Capital. And they'll bet that little doubt or. If boring or Iraq may you currently Gregory Fulmer. In the summer. Albeit over this month moving into your reportable. My dream is gonna all by now Lou well for you may exporting. Shall depend on the care received a normal war. Probably lower and they'll. So the for all of this summer keep the wrong rigorously. Lectured giving up a few hours. Butler on. I in the morning. Aren't going to like (%expletive) that they under their best so Oprah misspoke. A good front Morton and actually the and the middlemen workaday. And then again in the you can do and urge them vigorously and make healthier willing urged more slow and good. There's no there's no match Coca. Oh fertilizer or any again to make sure you're not doing pruning. On. In the poll went from worst running against our board is going to be. By the end of this month earlier on any property that. Human remove the move our broker who were born. It is an cardinal law. The glory upon signal. A big picnic table it is an issue tables some. But that will court should not to Troutman beat take an element on the planet. And and movement of arms in shape. Morsel of it. Or Cuba will let you know it was overdue. But the couple hours' warning that will be as great. As far as plant in the ground you can do that if you decide on the ground. Ego go as planned in the in the late November early beer great triumph. A graduate this league expanded. Wild planet up again so close to a supporter. That as well as it is three in. Boca law urgent. Quip that option in gear played all right. OK if you go market now or. Years they mark good morning. Hey mr. ban on the morning. I am great thank you for more. Yet the question. At march. It have Breyer and went and I eat crow and that amount that you did on her side burial you know. It would keep the it it would eradicate but not on the bullish. All kind of where are hotly and that hasn't caught in the world. Well mark the bad news though. Okay all right that is not in the opening some like that by. The problem is that there is brought we've been those winds ought. There's just not going into elective or what you can do what you big marquis is you can go under the for. All of just program level and treatment. At home with horrible cycle like appear. You and all. Of four combat. Because look what you beer. And that was first coming up whether that was the main. Good morning we were talking about our. News breaker as snuck up on there and trying to finish up today. That your to dealing. We need plant. Growing up Emma. I'll edge. I like ramble. Important music and climb actually at the edge and and grow the pop in escrow account while mr. from problems. Problem is that market is huge group were Alia that we you sign that we are. All children. And oh so you have used our urban that will kill. You give him on and so the idea is to not get. The Huntley deductible ultimately get him on just who we felt when you went to great market for it. And then you look on. And we're be. Range bulls are growing up ground where the organize your whatever. Irwin ground. There are all due in the global fuel line open image. And then. It treatments on the purpose but acutely if you don't back. Again. I don't think we should there and beat the user has called it what year and that's built our. Should you know oh. He walked all our. And if so under. I tried appear in them. And it's tedious in new in the on culpable crawl under there a that you are really doing a good job in Europe. I just pulling them on watching it again you're totally wiping them out trees of the option would be to carpet sport and be going to be very cute couple but the other options to pool B outline. Out of the stroke when that option if you rebel. And pull them now a late in the piece of plastic and then spray them with the truck appear. Then builds or the urban. Like in the foliage and in the doubting the law their own room and that's another way of killing the hole on the root systems. And a pop as well and again this is going to be an on going. Offensive. And considerable amount of time. But if you will at some time off and go all want to we can do something about a for a few months. And I think you'll achieve something that you that you Wear. Okay gadget while appreciated mr. Antony is there anything entry there in front and back though which you are Medicaid. Not if you're saying what ultimately it was important to. Where were these are grow. But yeah. It if you put a program point Herbert and here. Well you're having probable and marketer of early will be yet. Are right now what do you market and rural route. And we keep our orchids as small company and if you put. Four and sleep on straw under those edges that rule long wait she knows she's germinating. Okay all right. Well Sam beautiful good luck I thank you Japan. Equipment market going to be we can do it at it all right we are telling him from matter I may ultimately created day. Yet and I had trouble with grass and I am a realist is planted in Gordon. And I handle landscape come out in these we did everything. But. Yes so that's boots on the grass. And I wanted to know puppet sprays some been. All underground. You know they don't won't kill gamble real. Now does the offspring on the ground and OK. You know. Yen it's like a gallon mark. There are urban that are active in the oil. And I powerful voice that want to show that we were clear amenable to being held so few politically Booker both sides meant to be applied the Russell little. To make the flow proctor then it scored two. Or the victory and moral structure. I injured so and that they are elective. Correct killers Mickey is that Jermaine pitch was grassy weeds and the flow or bad. There are herbicides which you can use to spray you know the whole bit we will selectively kill the if you reach. But not killed non brand lecture and a realist. How many you'll find you'll find them or break. Grant's killer Amman. Mark over the top. I'll. Try to figure from of the brain name but again these are selective. Herbert and he killed grant. But not non current and cheap in June that it. You want Ausprey if you are correct in each. Returning and a bit and that will you know it will like. Tom that's what you spray. Are you have to go there and green vegetation. Us sticking up mantra you spray and keep the oil from the emerald that art which is double. Check the label of the proper picture using you should find and reluctance on the label. Or. And that means you can spray the you'll need to get on the general. It wore them. Okay net and on the by remote sedate them most of like I like how much more should output. You know that rules note I don't know when it come. Cannot cut the green. You know down to the ball and it just mulch you know put a lot you know what to three inches tomorrow but would bad. During bowl. On those greens are good but if Nicole would like we. Last January. But it didn't call Opel a Jeep and took you'll foal was animal over the can apply. But to the Korean slayer mulch. Around those admiral but it will help out what we'd do well up on raptors. From growing back from his own little shook up well we brought you. OK so about two or three inches remote. Absolutely. And know what type vote would you recommend you know which it back at me like. You admit you Don and year. Others are better or worse small. Animals that are close together. And throat art we've been between the bull so. Argument. Are you on the ground pork mixture. Would go in there easily. Again it's you know you're you're what the what you think looks a bet ought to be able poll what that Obama Kool. It's up you'll. Okay alright thank you so much there really appreciate it all right Micky appreciate call. Right and folks over here appreciate our parents ought. And take a quick break here but don't rule will be right. Marvin build a program called getting your probation you need. Make your plants grow is good along and beat up on colon and if you guarding question or problem. With. Articles for an extra one of the Bible work. 6018. Shoving the outlook about game. I hope you're paying attention because the deadline. As far as providing engines our dream. Being. We need to finish up wearing those I had an extra few weeks and you're going to be cutting them. During the plan after they have been very popular a spring flowering shrub. Again we have you're turning on your areas. In the next week or two. I'll let you you've been to the time when they're trying to abide. And you interfere with their but that is what we're. Our kind of exception in the the wonderful. Up multi fees and looming on core areas. They've been red balloon more than just been pouring. Other ultimately well in the fall the album that are men Leo the winter. A little bit and then it display. In the mornings so because they'll begin to bloom as early as July are all here. And while but sure at this point shall it be encore. As is because there multi fees and blooming Abbott. Arthur bishop there floor and a boring right directory finished looming. Richard the plot but actually don't have to replenish blooming so. Would be on court. You're really limited to away and spring anchored sometime in the late may or June it's an agency and finish up there lowering. That's kind of meeting major shape pruning. That you need in the on court that their point if you add the problem keep the to a minimum. Because patient out but nor should belong there. Carty that oppose. Calling in from better shape good morning. The more and then the requirement. No but anyway yeah I. Thought our formula. Yeah articulate. Without being. What were used throughout the well. Particular ground copper. Pretty resistant. Articles straight which the herbicide problem right. Chilled bowl. A racer Russian chiller has very little that even if you make sure that extra strong. As a them. It been like a cycle for cycle appear I was mentioning earlier. One of the Kohler who in fact appear was really designed shall would be plant and in the Asian. Actually be fine. Oh over crimes so you have been so. The shuttle would try to appear in the hope you are all right you know. He wire are now exactly. Be Asian and waxy coating on the les and that's our best of sensors. Other key trigger the thought from penetrating. In the tissue so when your book. Traffic appeared in the shrubbery like a brush killer brush it on poison ivy killer. Brighter picture. Along with an order at a point chew up to disperse the differences are there. In double make that when added to be. Herbicides solution it makes for a solution it. To the ball better and will hopefully in the Al. Bill that more than one application. Of course want to he's still a big you're now. But the good news is that there's not a really deep root for them. And today and has won it they're noble or on low ground of a major target figure out that when that time comes. Thank digging out. There is certain that your. And it will want to. You can try to mauling in low. Just just you know give them the break double there. That by via the dismal year and they want to. Oca a couple of did that much. Chirping about Persian gulf nick and out quick break. But don't go away we got more partnership coming up call log and hope for. 26 so one of the it is number one back or the short run and good morning and Tibet as I am in the year with the intention. Of summer. A few crop charming and in their power shall do pretty well by applying long view on the some local. Plant talked and I'm property as well actually. Plant. There are rolling blooming dropping their hours and frustrating you. Well keep your spirits up the plant probably won't slip much until. The weather cools down and work well month away from. The key player intention to pick a group particularly for them. I'll bet it will produce a gorge at 1240 political couple fall. One night Clark robot plane that you bring in through the farmer Joerg production. Opened your eggplant and they property is quiet from danger and feed it they do. Why are you find these plants are relatively small which are being. Com remember we don't artistic achievement award battle them on the line are they went to meetings which were stage. And what we're watching for on the public should be shiny that the the skin and when the plant is going to be. This game has brought. And shiny. Leather and we can they pointed of serenity. If you hear form you can beat me like Alicia. Or you're on the which is great but watch this game that this can be can turn bowl. But we meet that goal but it means that a plane has reached full line if you can go from there to local bought the they'll buckle by me tingle at the clock treatment or shining for the skin and they'll got you properly other. Under these call from cops Ali the protects the Clinton called the meat plant on ground and before their that we mile Harvard. If you do boats well around the area the right area shall Erie plant. Properly remove and dispose of the union that they plan I get rid of them are wearing your bush regularly with the pundits like for Allendale. And a common goal back and they'll be ratio. In L. And do that rightly or temperature and days. Through the rest of fees and other Tibetans attacked Indian magic anymore group. On that we elbow calling in from gingerly on good morning. Good morning you're needed and yeah. Some banana tree line in the core monologue. These big Wallenberg topic notebook Chinese on the two. To back up the channel on but anyway it was I wanna go back in the mountain. And then but I was wondering. Better to. Wait till wintertime and just hit the approach. You know that Batman. The production by an overture or. Could there possibly it would now you know. Actually being tropical chicken and transplant match now if they're going to be the move. You know let them. I am this column from the room and bill and start trimming their animals impossible that you open economic. Sure yeah did it because of that tropical plants you can transplanted during the summer. You know open now on the well most of lead. Them. In the way into. Other yet crackle of making sure it anyway in the elbow and can you believe in Cologne. In the lead to come out of the trunk went for example yeah. Okay and so puppet also saint than those were talking. Absolutely. Can of hundred of them this over the years well. Okay thank you. Shortening your column. A in the calling it a whole lot of good morning. Colin can find out about signal columns I have a yield little bit. And half of them have come back from being cut back from the trees. But they don't have known. And they still held and we have seen eventually it'll speed control. But no problems knees now now. And I didn't open wrong. View art and hipster. Is it that big Q now. Were entering it reproductive phase did not fit them groping and he'll crawl or accent that football shape email call. And the candidate who. Purdue in the wall in the mail around the ball straight content of the female. It's been their reproductive. Before in their new pro league demo they're going to be when Rachel and feel that new broad come out and in the meantime we're. Which is loan anyway. And they been able to BER. We shall you may be in Oakland and it may be in Cuba Egypt be patient there are you pick out. What about artists and the respect and commitment. Well they're important for joining me I can or should go we or dateline at first or looking for he'll look in calming him. I'm here at an hour and giving him or yeah. Now. Have a little chemical waste so keep your ears open for those well but now. McCorkle and would be popular corporate. And let oh ought to enter. It from Slidell or good morning. Thanks for giving reader. Com. We then I call that the question on make you might be cheaper and more productive and I appreciate your work with them on the Asian and. This week that the courts in regarding green plant. But on how to say that the that apparently. Being packed. Her weeks believed that the plan net net. They're small hole but none of the marker. Time but it wasn't horrible in the plant would very healthy in. What little that are reading it is that the perhaps the evidence that the leaf beetle but I don't know what now that the he is the bird bird that's both have been active well there's a couple of small ball movement respectable. And yes. Side note this. A small caterpillar war we're looking it up that would be an arm more. But I'm not who worked out that. At about. The good thing about the control there is. And we control virtually all the way and so it. Gently enough to get to caterpillar and the pin and I would accounts both control and on their face and and don't start off what that oppose such a unity in the apartment and then. Of the campers and scream and I've yet to be again. The Olympic pager and start seeing them. Small coal production the larger coal. And start you know more urgent action can't lose scrolling up and becoming more declaration. I. It happens quickly but has been developed. At the Euro hit a couple weeks Jabil grow at. But what can do mean for one point tractors in picking. And that is go out labor camp for like you did look for the caterpillar would not believe a everywhere everywhere. Guerrero on the ground. It by Armenian hiding in the ground herbal. And in front and could oldham one Plame if you didn't like you need. I used. And rectify them the other is a good outlook toxic fuel in a ritual called BT. That the bacterium can caterpillars of the disease about an attacker her in the war in children ought to be in April the other. Up beneficial insects and birds and butterflies and everything else look for okay. Go forward but no more earth. But again the initial hour on the brink you'll you'll corner should I am looking for being in that beside. A vacancy what they. Okay where he appreciate them. And again keep. Him out. It's war yet for your putting into it now because you can but you're a plant. All that plan until November of two aggregate law and for what. Am looking for here. Are here and so call. Abide oh earlier. Share our. Colin McQueen Paul and unfortunately. We were talking about the fact in the queens home. Haven't sprouted out by this point it's highly unlikely that they will the indication of the growing points and killed. I've ever inspired by the way in July so. Obama would be a follow up question of them and into it. A win and we replace all real time. Now. We let palms during the summertime. So proud of it appalled by entered. Up by the end of August at the latest injury replacement ball law. Do keep in mind that it has to plant them in the heat of summer or ground as warm. Sure the report click begin to grow and the cut off date of the end of August. It will allow the print upon the senate living it'll open published before that first winter comes it will be able. A better able over the cold so. You can put mine all are gorgeous landscape now. Argument goes quick simple man you know people ordered to. Hello left poverty here and you may not being on Q and I would gambling Ascot and Eritrea four or your all on little party. Are you. Fifteen degrees like the Wendell Allman cab which well. And you want that issue though it's been dying for aria that he got more Kohler coming in here. That proper break out in for coal and make good morning. And change fairly large got straightened out semi flat feet apart there you know maybe fifteen feet tall. I'm one of them in very simply looking over the line at six months Italy. Some only. The outrage helped the man my car which yet which side what Dutch currently. Into treated. I chemical. Column back in which. Direction you treat it did I am yesterday. You're sure why shouldn't wait to her soul and she didn't work sports. Well don't our. It didn't inspection. Or at least bought at least bought you can be attacked the new growth but the most important industry to control the disease. It's a little guy who has been out of Newt growth. That's boring is that this new group comes out to protracted. Court so well that certainly purer. Police spot as the promptly ordered that the current active and the other side and it changed that but the budget and protect. Nuke opus that comes out. Usually the he doesn't. Alaska. They're relatively LB. Offer me like there's the issue other lowering the bigger public goes. It could be an age issue using our being Ole. Actor at the three decades. Other targeting on the cool side. Totally making it the actor I'll root issues we become more open a factor of age and the rootkit to get. Well lo and they've written technically in it translates to about a clear upper part. But it or we bought those expletive not labeled. So that looked like it but trying again is probably. Well you know on all. As far as the or keep the in the in the years sitting out new broad strain that new growth the protective. In the yen don't expect to looking better. Any time soon. MO for oil to stimulate new group outrage. To bomb if you can't give them. But the bigger back up in general purpose for like her old at the corrections. It's and fertilizers you're and well the color. And it a bit darker green. A live. And yet the trigger like in ray. Those are. The whole year old. Eric. Local and Butler. But it has little bit more that lead on this range is there any view on living. Unabated and cause the brain should. And all those Rangers structure an array of the real problem in percentage. No matter what you do that children can and decode down it'll so if that's what happened you know you don't the other line of work. Right and I'm sure thing brigade at all. All right that's a bit in their Arnold. And if you need to call with your question viable for 10601. Of the is an out call and we'll back right after the break. Your more open the program and now without him that information you need to. To make Japan growth that you want them to and that number call it Bible for two weeks ago. 18. And he. And popping up yet regarding questions you might have that. Over troop on Cuba and tell them on the line you know and. Good morning and thanks to take in the cop and a victory now. It's been in the ground maybe about five years. I don't recall doing it before but that mark is like peeling off. In under normal. Don't know if you should Olympia. That that is the most terrifying thing. If you treat clothing will call speaker. Further on overwhelming majority trees have bark coming all. It's really the beginning and the end that means all kind of in trouble on inspections and all kinds of terrible things going on. A year. Not in the case of the Chinese are Drake home which is would violate our home. Now the light sport ailment but common thing Drake used a variety. Of late or they'll. And the term or cultural factor the street and actually Yule ball out earlier that sparked. They can be great revealing in inner pork which is often I'm sort of a rusty color orange UST color. And contrast can be Roche. Sparking between the Q if you look at the trunk of that probably only scored all mantra of this. It'll probably matter at all the wrong. Again that's Portland Maine comes from so there should be older more of a holy Asian it's called elder Bart. It's perfectly natural to the and Drake hill. And it considered the desirable characteristic well once you realize it's okay exit because it is insisting goofy that the extra bark. The different colors of the bark now other trees that are purely an airport that summer quite rebels are. Doing a massive fueling this summer like real critical syndicate together. And feel they're being on the year but I've relative though it in the locker bark peeling off your current moral. That's also mobile other trees sycamore. And the upper upper also network. It meant repeal all of the tree so those trees peeling pork is OK anything else that the problem. And abetting you're selling your home for it perfectly well. Check that lead the disputed by itself which can help the wrong. Woke up. Here in the bar off a bit better if you go out there you get some spare moments. That you'd you blow one. Can detach. Any of the bark that resorting to but just be careful not start in on and pull it. So that you'd circle and attached for all college peaking at the cab. On that they will soon so. Human. That Greek and rake up the bark at the base of the treaty keeping looking meter titles. Though Britain not able we broke for. Okay now what about as solid and leave it look like these BP. That I should pretend right he and kill or something and I don't know what. Opt Bloomberg now I. Don't really bother. I answer forcing all kinds of other things so others partly ever control. One and that. If the bow of the boat certain pin in the. He had like is that the banditry. Hand and we outplayed the Rupert and perhaps I'm used to damage it. Here to do great article I'm used to it and she but I don't recall that happening on history. It hasn't because it doesn't is too old enough. Good tree and a young popular sport either but I can call people all the time. The first year when these trees start spewing their or try your own rights check on the if you need to worry Brooke thanks so much you put my mind these. All right take care now you people can buy. Our idea went on to re calling from Vanderbilt. Morning good morning then compound have an issue with some dwarf papyrus better recently putting in. Into a container. That. The plants are in the original pots. And they are submerged in this container. And they get adequate Sloan and the environment that I think is appropriate for it. But I'm. Almost immediately began having trouble with them of the tops began to turn brown. Within probably a ten day isn't so. But the stocks remain a bright green. But now it's the issue has advanced to the point where the stalks bill still. Very green has just collapsed at the base. That just all over and you know the plan essentially is dead. There are couple factors that may be in play here in this really wanted to ask you about. And in order to prevent. You know algae is grown in. In the container I dropped in a tablet. And help decide tablet. Which seems to be working very well. Also to look to prevent you know mosquitoes. Laying eggs in the water and the mosquitoes don't to the container. To control that. Other than. I've done nothing else. And the lancet just not responded at all I was wondered if he had any ideas about what's going on there. Wouldn't you drop in the house. Probably the same day up with a container in. Come and go back in and look carefully at. Directions and should be. Well volume of water. It's possible that if and you've got these and how is the quality. Barton. How law that the container. It is about I would say a couple of feet tall and maybe eighteen inches across. And that well water yet again that you caught. Piracy. That is correct it is it possible. Rate that you. The Algiers side to strong. For the size container. Ot that the only thing and go until he decides what Cox spoke very highly toxic. Fuel quality plants. But people in the leader in strong enough of the level that would kill algae they know they bother quality plants under their plight strong. What that. That's the only thing that could possibly think of there's no reason Carter then optical signal walker would be. You mentioned as a kind of situation and they love and there are no major incident at a level where. That it. Characters. And attack the power so buy it again about the direction I would look in maybe. Maybe you're one of I'll decide the field after Brinker. Right I mean. I agree with that public the thing again responses that. The containers is alive in the sense that you know fall camp out on the edgy container holding it wrong. Bentley and now as well it's apples and it'll be very healthy. They LT OJ the planet right yes. So that we your putting something here in your water actual plan. So that so out that the network that on. They would. Oh the best buy yes right. Okay. All right we'll check into that in dance thank you very much all right try try try it possible partners right but don't use out of all right. Are you. A site. A paper that. Oh. It is great year. That eloquently. A real question a lot we can so right now. Instead we. Mean and would debit appeal for news and I'll be right back with more guarding information. Good morning during a convenient and well. We have written yet calling in Metairie. Good morning remained. And how I don't like and I do any great opportunity for our guys some pop problems what mount Saint Augustine grass. Head. We're gonna. Plan to give grass. What Diane. Pope. And local. Yet Dan. Did. I have problems what mount Saint Augustine grass. Head on head. Of may have planted you know put progressed down. And took one he'd die is it died and they come back and has now as it is. Diet again it's getting brown although. In in the place as he put it down is due. Is. But not you know it's it's. OK and that along with the long ago remain. Made my this year from now. OK for their that it the current and well it. And what happened what should they that there are in the line earlier and now part of look bad right. It's diet. What we're going on. Cemetery were and probably were they read it let me let me say a line so long problems. Globally like here it is almost impossible. Because so many problems caused or similar. The main thing is the one sure you have an active problem and that is you have in the areas of your lawn looked beautiful. In June. And now this court to be some issues raptors darling here matches it's getting worse from week to week you want. Is developing and amnesia in the active problem literature of uncle issue within the problem. In a problem like change bugs are out right now. You have a problem. And so what you need to do is contact your local or coal. They'll be able to wrap up by. Look for example you bring new and or even why. In the picture lawn and help you diagnose. What maybe one moment that something really couldn't do during world war yeah. I just took what the verbal discussion here well on the own. So I'll call her. LSU sooner extension all. My and they will. Approaching conflict the political trust and the New Orleans area are and that temperament. And she and then a joke. Fortunately. Joseph Willett. Dele that are Andrew Willis. So in an Angel or you'll goal in oracle first. And with these long issues the local agents level oracle is really better. Template to Michael ware. Yes. Outset so sample to LSU. In. And I thought I tried I tried it a credible sample but as well simpler and Ghana. Ghana really helped you in this situation right now. If you wanna in the mail and be email addresses gene you know Covert. GMO gardening. Analyst shoot and shoot me action enter. But Ellis dot edu. Is already in. You can get your computer Genesco a job for certain extension ball do a search for the academic venture off. And there are a boom year this year. Okay. That I thought were I had to call in. And and are great. I nobody get a call back wallet no hospital and in you know are cheaper that little people. Bill real interest is that you know there are a lot of call and email. Up from people over the year so if you are trying to get in contact and the better off beat persistent contract again. Okay fine I'll Buddha. Are you may think it and if you call. Product that he would go abroad and calling from Metairie and good morning. Again. A question. They're traveling a lot United States and everything we we like trees and that the photographers like Chris mysteries and I'll and I know. The New Orleans area along west Kendall or in. Canal boulevard pre Katrina at idea Darcy users. And since the blood that means is Katrina happened girls gone. And I know locally the local nurseries. I can't seem to find it and either one of inertia so while we don't area and oh OK but it. And you can buy on line cut during from different nursery instructive what do they do well they say they do well and in zone non by and we ourselves nine. You'd pay a fine in the war only grown Vietnam or feeder and organs for generations. Oh and I do a play at fault and uber over the years and again in an attempt to put that figure wiped out by. There may have been no real out people didn't all familiar with them. In Edmonton. Or in another person is familiar with the ago period but there's no reason in the while local or tree shouldn't cherry bugler users may animal. I'll be enough that they landmark climate. Yup so he did indeed you do that you that are. That the batteries so we have. On the average that we got pretty chords and oil. And back style. Do they do well in the patch of soil that we have here or do we have to. You look at it and if you're a bit well well and it wouldn't be suitable for growing your. Okay. We have because treatment is so huge. We can't change the oil or have to be able Irwin and Russell threw a lot way beyond their branch so correct you imagine you got virtually the well. So any tree we can grow successfully. Here that the gore or an apparently good fielder feeder beat or older Ehrlich. Oh I just you don't see anymore and until October and you can. OJ could throw them spot right now we know that the president can sit at. And let it. Go. I didn't. Spotlight. Statement from more art and should devoting we're talking guard and in the end is. Calling from you and good morning. Morning. And we had time. Getting she. I am sitting in back to arm. As a direct. They're prone to look at the pill called the act of hypocrite looper. And achieved while he goal on the you know with a syndicate of and they are also. And I'm. They can outgrow the image in coaching. Art and you look at it looks fine holes don't really well all that much in the line keeps growing. But you're looking at closely in the hole there a major issue practically making out planting will go blow for track. And you what you it and control it's gonna take regular and that of other applications. On the all animals all so you wanna keep them controllable but you can display about it recently in today. Through the rest of the summer street in or kind of if you wanted that could be more. Meted which you get to accept more mature on the circumstances. A good deal. Perpich inspectors. Appropriate for an. Well workflow by it and ran out crummy is currently available. You are. In yeah. She age are on hand. Immaculate I'd like Cuba in there I'm sure you get on Google will be well. And a a pillar party on Google alert against or about one. And today. Or action until Libya bought. It. And and I am wondering it is the thing color is saying that I I don't know the name of that effort is that the NC park are. One day and it's large skillet and Durham leaf long. Kind of and make it and hollered at Richard Green. And panel water. That chartreuse leaves him attainment of vote in the ninth. And beat them. It became popular. I've been a breeders' started reading for sure true foliage and look keeping mutations structures well typical. Plant available these are short on which leaders like the color or island. If you're right at the same thing on that is well on that plane. Infringing on middle and vegetables all parts. Okay thank you Amma. And thank you for the call appreciate it and that we're moving on now even call him from Yemen and even good morning. Adrian. Had appeared on buyer of imagery. What I ought died after the winter shooters so. Agreed although all the rates or whether it back eight lead to a one each week on the ground in the hopes that. But something what well. Been there and Greek Morales coming out of the side of the beat them tweet coming out of the ground at all they call of god took more he cried because of real forty. Would you agree. It is my tree coming back. Well. It is an even because of the he remained. Good fixed rate inches above ground level. So when you get out pulled ground level you're almost certainly looking at the spot sprouting. It was way too cold trigger him entry that you are. At this water even adult weight vehicle did. So you you know are rumored. The you can target now and church and planet you're a new and then. At this point marches that tertiary your mobile armor. Is settled in before their first winter in the ground and it allowed to plant them a while still cool. I don't think that your late in the trees and you won't play now essential. If you waited to block program that Nicole brown and that should put them very little crime. The settlement before winter arrives. So units copper try to protect it. So if you buy that one controller plant in all but be prepared. The winner and a cold lately if you'd wanna try to protect it or wait until next march and I'm. All righty folks are humble. That could even. Look good all right so we take a quick break to go. Will report card shall. Right after this morning thanks for certainty and an oracle of oil and look at. We'll go when they're calling from like they'll. Currently and I'll bet you today is about to witness and that. Here. But went out during euphoria. God they planted about six let that very. And it implement forever and have put an expert on reduce water wouldn't predict exactly do that kind of and not the elderly or program. As a coal plant. Some wondered if you know what our plan. They did bar. It'll produced really well. But that the if you keep the plants help me in good at what the cool down in early September. There are putting on. Warrior so. A in pill you know to remember but it's been. Reduced to go or where you're in the well. Then in new plant by plant so. What it is worth keeping away at but. Bill pretty cut them. To three feet at this point you know from. Patience is that it is. Okay great thank you reflect the particular joke. Country should call. Already knew ought. To be done on the morning. It quote. Harvey. Are used to witness. Am not walked a long way. Yeah I don't hear about Paula who bought and we've got a jump calling from Slidell up next week Jim good morning. Created more than. Our question is Obama archery and I have a dollar that has a contract on how upon. And did they did go home inspection. And a home inspector and we've noticed a law march tree grew. Adjacent to the slider it's coming from a while ago Korea while fifty feet on paper property. The Russo but he he recommends that the people who my question is. Is there any liability it's is treaty would. Something would happen to the tree and and secondly you know a route that size. Rude movie unit will that. While ago as well elect electorate. Well (%expletive) The kit and engine and Ernie. Yeah and it runs along the floor for a while to read feet. It's they cannot optic around it's pretty laundry probably. Six inches around one apple would be above the ground. And remained on the ground. Because I wonder why Randall. Like that. What is it what it is it's on and there are other. Right all the records of everything programs. Couldn't prevent the growing conditions return at all. It's very war of routes like a well oxygenated oil. They like even more extra conditions. And under your out Israel oxygen. Currently all regions that. So the conditions on the tablet out our very poor compared to the growing conditions that long so the oak tree's roots. Will proliferate in the law and new York and not proliferate on the lab. The panel so the chances appeared very cute substantial part of the oaks root system. Under the the tree rule of law law. This highly unlikely. Other you felt on the flat but you're just not the arriving groups are bitch if you are more or. So that we could be. Without probably sacrificing huge amount. The a trip to the tree now. Carpet well where it goes under the flag I would of humor goes under the lab. Oh right wing trapping it at the you know it the right angle. Oh mayor because there may be coming off. Growing out and our way from now coming off rebel group of growing a long while. And that you would ask for close. If you get it looked and somebody says we'll know he should cut the entire route including the part once you along. Then again that's going to be more damage to the treaty but the news that bring milk one room is ridiculed the tree the tree root system. Well theory for a girl corrections. Are probably not going to be taking. Not for answers to kill. So could there be. It in inside and team up that that had an association and the tension with the neighbors. And if that's the theory Ali they can bring the tree surgeon and if he I'll bet it should be done. So are certainly. There's reason for for an issue or a big group like. Or back to the lab and I agreed that need to be built. Okay just like curiosity if someone not that we would would that's good recommendation open. If forward is on your side of the property it'll actually. Caught it and we would talk about that last night in the kills the tree on the paper's side. Is there typo liability involved and that. The other man. Ability and all of the YouTube like to do some pruning them you know work like on your spot in your hour. I you don't public to kill a tree out of there could be repercussions. The other thing Israel and the root root from the oak tree a hurricane. And the more large roots are. People like you treat to goal for and I would have been keep that in mind as well it can be. But good luck would again bring them if you need to open integration of the appreciate it call them out in next Saturday on the board shall public now.