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Saturday, February 24th

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To let everybody know in the year. There is Kirby eagle on today in the unit of the year herb society of America. Is having a really wonderful available all activities and ability to learn. And if you are stripping growing error if you are. Beginning herb gardener or even more one flopped and a talks people alert a couple of breaks prosecution rate because it bought some. Our plants and have a great climate trip today at 8 o'clock o'clock 8 o'clock in the morning and it took the ocean actually a kindergarten. Other on western. I am battlers as strict as to make it turn towards early Google hospital. And you'll see the panic Garten Burton signed into turn and right there can kicks off today but as you continue on for. All the warnings throw you in the show there at the brief time learn about error but well off calling in from Kenner. Bob good morning. It hey Bob I'm doing great euphoria. And put bill on. And our credit he stop it guys bought about the critic think but I am not a guy that they'll do. Our hospital in anymore. What's available and that put them neo. Well first off. Timing is important and if you would be illegal work. A long Bob in the act of her career. A needle and you want to try to serve. Other couple things to keep in mind. You wanna feel when the answers in active growth. And that these few delays feeling until you're modeling wrecked. And the grass is growing nicely. It would juveniles were willing to some prominent people even in the may. The one that left yet to the drawing to a control. Little. As quickly as possible wrestling under bill. It out. So we need to come out to the little as quickly as possible out the other is that there. Com where you shall be written in two inches the grass form while we recover so that from lower areas that you have to fill them deeper. And then maybe the rest of the argument Arctic to a range. Or two models. In order to. That perhaps group true. Do have deeper areas that full four bought it in the the grant will likely not route through which you know in the peca thoughts from LP Aries if you're implying in that area or part of Ellie and autonomous area a where you have to Jules beeper argent or Egypt will. An inch or two other perhaps will come up in those areas. It's far what you want to use you won using shall be little reason for this is that profane and will shift back among the grant Waite and rebel. Underneath them. Better then. Clay place built or are going to be MB uploading a clause of well oiled and them and not be that Mike's our uniform even stop W the chain beat little. Everything he'll order from the Mississippi River. Witnesses say a formal mobile oil. That has brought down on the river. It's a very fine Gilo on the church and calculate let me agreement are. Bob Mueller about the message got good fertility chew it. Well where we get from makes you prepare for. Where the the bill deposited in the body carriers beltway when the river flood. One of river reaching can lead and that settlement on it is rapidly televised while wild plant growing out of body clears the way. And possible or worse we including poppy program. And so obtaining built from the spillway. Is more much more like you do in a news we each in your landscape. So we don't recommend using bill waste and in. Look for something called pump and or reverse them. And those products rock in the river that shell and there are going to be cleaner from we she did not cost them much issue. Public directory you late topsoil or garden swirled lynch. Yeah usually have a lot of work in that matter in the and the idea's not to struggle here manner oh we're long metal pole way. You want in life and be built in the spill in the area and stay nuclear. I'm not it away like so organic matter worked so don't use that pops over our counsel William. A final gimmick matter. Reshape that and odd on mine that tree (%expletive) Well like crazy. Bob is a bit of that election well what should. One other thing now they'll be doing. On the portraits of compute severe coal and so there recently struggling they've been such a hole. But many miniature it on the actual work. Of aren't even though Libya or believes and even be in the branches may have been killed coal most of the minister and this is apparently in the year but this year and a new broke in alone so open. Surprised that there are certain they're new road speakers are part are you and flowers popping out with another era recliner. Really don't think peace registries argument that property shouldn't wall they're old they've been damaged. They're able to recover from Andy and resources in the recovery. Rather than production not most of them realize that so. I don't think we're gonna feel a lot from that you have that we've made few flowers. March. Call appreciated. Our our particular quick like it or three trillion coat you know of course and important to me ambled back. Wanted to guard show stay tuned. Good morning thank you audio which. Are being quick and I'll be your answer for it is that old and number tribal 4260. 18 Saturday and I'll chat with people will then what you can do about it. Are that. And calling him from Algiers in good morning. Good morning. A couple questions than it is too early to fertilize rationing or blown. It is then I'll explain that they animate their bank. A bit and packed up on your friends and family because there's. A common issue of people want fertilized to soon the best. I prefer like fear and doubt I'll ever it's the end of mark the last week of march is the appropriate time. I want that it was 20 on the grant actually green a lot of people think Andrea if you regret screening that they need to put our throughout. We're encouraged that arena and for the rest of paper and that makes it important to our right. As a graft begin Katrina yet so restrict the real roots are accountable way and well well. And the grant street generate a whole new system that period in the summer. I would for all with a chicken and late February early march while growth is like now that inclusion of vegetative or. A week. Green leafy growth which looks fine but it took the experience of the root system which really should be developing an apartment that means that perhaps those. Into the summer with the weaker in the flow prepared. 24. A moisture more route alone and then the other issue. So. Why we like intro march we protest for Israel. Mean once the roots have established an appropriate are forcing. That popped up broke broke in north Louisiana and remotely and a and they were commitment we recommend for they beat down. And early to mid April but in south Louisiana last. We could march as a line. If you Campbell we problem now feel treaties that we killer out there for all we are that are out there. Do not use Wi fi we tweak the timing on the Wii and it is not based on what we do a problem. But probably not eaten feed because fertilizer that is based on the way armed fertilized. Chief happily putting Wheaton you out until the end of march and it's gonna frustrate people that we they're able to watch between groped for all other month. A before I'd do anything watchers know. We killer weed killing and for me are two different activities. Altogether so feel free to put a long week or actors seen as popular on the Wall Street and we've. But we free zone we beat on the law we ever a can be applied now help patrol we've and the machinery for it in the march. All bent thank you for another question in my mind. I have the white powdery mildew or on the leaves so socially abortions. I've displayed many moral numerous times underneath the lead whatever but just sort of an evil person having let them. And removing that problem. Yet that it's actually in and so it could be using you know something in the bubble properties in the oil. Budget doesn't control scale. In sector well at all. Or call for oil on the will do a better option for year round spree well he's. Well able well. And it's at the plant to be small amount where it really early in the lead of the oil or suffocating but if you in the upper unit in the lead. Of those two over your job controlling scale production. At him NG used as systemic insecticide trench. You'll quarter sure garden theater and look for a tree and trouble that trouble drench father the applaud the roots of the plant the root of orbit. It gets in the sampled the plant. And their scale and the server in guilt you on the apple the plan. They inject you sort of thought control them go and do. Post should treatment. As soon as you possibly pull them. And then want to watch and he broke the come out in the scoring game and the skill is an awful when they're there for the league that are currently. Intractable stable and not an improvement. Born in new growth comes out in the morning it should allow for additional help beat and that should stay you know chief Gil should not go on with. If you should try to control them so don't look at the whole intent to grow if you if you. Control them look at the new group will come out in the spring and summer in at that stage clean. They needed a good job. Well thank you remark and enjoy a common sense in the your extensive knowledge about it that well thanks appreciate it that it at all. Bob article by a ripple effect of state. Will run out of it. More work of art and questioned colon and songs right now I am calling from surgery and good morning. And he. And a well. There are from bill out there you Oreo. Not a problem. You. Last summer because the questions on the much swimming pool all kind of art and indicated it was probably group rock which was. And and where they're located around the pool pants Anders sort of slow. That actually brings a watered down ward where the bush are situated. So it's difficult to keep the oil. Tried there or B haven't recommendations. On what can replace that it might be more resistant to group. Sure I'll say it would be happier in parts of circumstances will be. And to prepare. A couple of come the mark are we aren't here on implications. Another called the yellow flag. And they like to work shaped leaves. Oh pounds or less attractive and our Barbara. Very great power. In areas very well. Our world but war fuel only. It is so low rolling horrible shape trouble. That solemn. All over potential conditions. Not prone route raw. That in email. Okay great. There and you look. In UA. Cheap it was a whole variety of play worried. Our air conditioned these extra remote like Al inaudible is partnered take a look at fuel available local groceries I'll look at. Look about all line out it looked kind of make up cylinders you're potential barrier but yet their plan general. Will it be fair amount portly trying to areas. And do quite a beautiful flowers. Are natives are bit. That huge huge beautiful flowers make a lovely trial with our rhetorical line that Louis area. They would really like you're leery all along. The eagle dormant in the wintertime so very kind of you know wouldn't be here during the winter and you want something they're perhaps. But she could dull that would lead in our great Mercury winner and they're Romans of our. But biscuits is brokering armor and able in the latter so gentle and email. And you can use the right either clear him somewhere. You can give it ample law but yeah. Also around here without you and or on Monday. Perfect perfect a forty year. Thanks. Ari deer and thank you Jamie. An emblem on the track like year. What you. Kind of non. I'm not real short and any quickly. I have cleaning and all meant that they agree is starting to turn red. It here pilgrim queen and Paul. That law degree we've seen the return re thinking look rare. I don't know wanted to reach were turned red. A troubling thing happened and hold on and they. My man drinks are joining me in the or of the art you're color. The first hour and we're talking fuel the second hour lull regarding questions. We've got. We call that have been holding on long break so Brandon any law it alone. Rightly or an effort in the Janie. A future when he. Are you calling from new Ngo and Gloria I try and yet beer at that Geary could double partner when you lose a lot. Tried to chip on but let you know on and we can feel normal route junior queen Paul should not sure on yet. Not that it's actually debate eventually about works Eden and turning like a rat Barnes. And I'll look like they're a little nap churn comment on the bad. And bar. We have a cold image Jeremy. Anything you do actor and it'll. Welcome by. China you know I'm. Ought to tell you that the damage during the trial. We we get it receive it damaged a number on NAND. If the growing pointers killed and killed a whole tree that you don't survive. So it grow and clinical IP and other than them payment on the trunk of the tree. The audible or bought. And growing point if you're going point. Home you'll become yet again we we we give them because you've been slow to recover feel pretty easily at all right now. I think going to nine and just be patient. And hopefully I'll why the early part of probably wearing out by government a year machine broke coming out. But we give the ball as July mean if you wanna give there ha you come out. You glad you're on Google on July. Before you make a final decision but here you do about the image on the trunk or restrict their. Hopefully it will start to be safe sometimes it's starred it will remote Peters is against it as much we can do about that that's just. Of all kind of have a queen Paul a war we get these really cool cooler temperatures. Thank you action at the bronze in debt and yet you know it here on. And keeping them. Thank you Gary appreciate scroll. Our idea is that I am calling in from matter Adrian and while some me because that they could get loose now I got. Uncut Connie and I have grown so much importance of Bermuda greens to exceed. Oh yeah. I mean it's beware of that now in the eighty's. How would really be consistent all way through the rest of February march and you know in early April trickle. Doubled cool down some Communists and usually wall breaking records shall this year the typical at the premiere gras float there. Outlet in the eighties and we'll wait until. We generally wait until April or even today that you are achieved warmup as well up before I perceived war treating her like Bermuda. Or and the OP. It it and knows who useful. Allianz. And and you want to come out Broadway in the view. If you put and then we chill. That much as that there longer in the ultimately Germany the better. And again the full. Warmup to we're going on right now but they'll determine cooker well so. I'd recommend waiting at least until we in the bar for people would be better. Okay I'm kicking the not a native video because rumpled well. I'm very frugal also wanted to go to the big bucks glow usually bottom ones and a pool Bob little plant to there little pot stay at a wanted to. I had. And I separated beat you bought easily already just keep and you just can't put nice. Are you should try to bury here we see them apart. And that in the three try to seedlings. Triple that by early eighties. The games are delicate them crushed them you do it. Probably the transplants that. And good news is that there is there room and that's still a little while copper but really. One tomato transport figure for. That early as a matter. A little bit that do it delicately here and then pop them back on the way. But the initiate for you to keep you that remove them up now in the on. I tell everybody. And bring him and that problem. Or those kind of questions like that for ten years or overall COLT from our. Oh tomatoes are PL that you actually recommend for home planting. And we have a whole list of a different intimate. From cherry chipmaker to Maryland terminator. The permanent Irvine. Indeterminate. Trying to push hard for mature line part so anybody out there thinking I'm getting rate plant tomatoes. And you know we try to get them in the ground around march. Other be cautious because we have like for you in the early part of next month. But he likely remain prepared to cover them. Ought to protect in Kenya and about for everybody and thank you know what what. Occult or should be looking this year two Indian bail out in your whole list of the various categories of tomatoes in the cult of hours. Other the only issue. Gonna recommend based on our trial and experiences. That helps college teacher that tomatoes. Of war area when he virtual than real commercial. Other two email reaches to mine you know Leo well. Click on the firstly we'll bring in my I was sure that your web page a demilitarized there. And go forward that it appeared in eternity. All the all the difficult or Victoria. Which you can that you can get their struggle were. And like a game you know mr. wondered I've used so now. In a year ago. And then yeah. That'll launch to me it's it's about the excellent cities and reduces there. Well liked early as well because we made it then and I are in the better. Rather in there. With. All the way. Our. I have several blight Barry Bonds element tribe she. Evoked violent succeed loan problem that the nation so they did it stopped. The data in about half gallon Kane and it on the Internet to put him in the launch in wood about. That he gallons below you know the year it off plant in the ground. I don't know where I'd put on. Well. I mean you can try earlier in containers. Birdie on the future in that would certainly accommodate. Or Blackberry plants are yeah if you have more room in the album. Containers Internet that they'll war. And awaited the early Guerrero and suited this you virtually have seen news the wall. That's sort of the incident merely. I mean in a duel and in this. I don't know Dan that somebody read that the term version but really what that's done you need to change the name. Something else. I'm not sure cheer for the the Herb Alpert could you repeat standard war so. On me you haven't seen that. But I'm like Q impatient and do something you know. The boat upon some bills would use to Omaha gave musical. Outlook or hear them into care. Of the party folks that character and their fear and take a quick break the total stake to and will be back. Good morning where are you regarding where that's what I'm year war few critical on your beat. That phone number called the final four. 260187. B is like in Tokyo for information and we've got married on the line calling from Metairie where morning. And I think. And as. They re here with. National. I played really inspired by tree. Mayor in line what do very using roast money yet and that OK I've had hit orange changes are. On the road or street. Well after. A W. Entry in the past. Our best defense in therapies such as front line all the oracle fool or like your rounds spray oral. All fees and oil not generally speaking three or four application in the summer will do a good job of greatly reducing or evil emanating. A payment from coaches look Smart. The timing. I recommend is June July. August and early September or early June early July early August and early December. That pictured doing that you don't have you seen at this point there. OK. Well like Indiana. Yet so we can do the control will run march. Final built in some blemishes. On the nude pictures cosmetic. On the current in the but the quality of the fruit eating all of the group. What should the Jews it is the color and on the house side. So it may appear on the give you your for friends and that and that will little. It'll. It is strictly. I don't let it here at your sparring among liter armor better better prepare a pair that we can marry. As. I'll make your first application. And have the first week of June. In the first leaker to law. The Berkeley law. And the first week of September. OK I think I was spraying them to. I started in the mobile. Oh yeah they're on double when you are really warm and waited until June. Well I'll. Thank you sound. All right here that it's important. Abide. A lot of a lot of pictures are beginning to. And now they're new growth at this point and and you oh (%expletive) true. There have been in much on the cold. You're watching for work that new group come out on the tree. Almost four it's very likely. It'll lead out. Just about the end of their branches or low. Lately and there are some of branch is state this year. Those have been killed by the colts to win the tree broke out in the branches during part treat them route out the crime. I've been killed by the cold and and you can be alive and sprouting. And look there and not sprouting and then distort their proof at all bowl of the debt strapped in the yen that mayor. Via a lot to do on the shelf for. But on the nor for. Of the situation has certainly been a frozen back to some degree so you and there's over improving import from the start a turning out new growth. When the vehicle if you whether it borderline. And improved accordingly. Now worst case scenarios the searchers street. Figure frozen all laid down to the wrong fall way down to the ground. I'll don't forget the pictures or perhaps it. And that it may be 68 inches from the ground version here brass union. And everything below that there's two groups stock at orchard mobile searchers. Filmmaker to which is oranges are salute all referred that's well I'll root stock. That's never been intended to be allowed to grow other and to provide the base of the trunk of literature about the tree all the apart is what produces a true for you. If the whole reason tree Specter about the background and it oh loan program union. It almost gonna come back at the root stock you're good treacherous. That law so if you didn't see the only issues he knew broke coming in from what were part of strong ground level. And they get to lean on growth. Our report looked like overly. Re low street. Then the group bought browsing your pictures simple thing call on. So odd that people aren't on here all and oh look for a while you're with sprout from a very. And Hillary girl. And a few years later you know you're like giving Rudolph and so be aware of that. It opened in Chile a lot of euphoria. Good morning and a few hours ago you mentioned proud of four. Controlled and leave since I think the thing that's been on a content he'd be when Libya open. We freeze. And trading HER any. Z I NE. Actually seen it all been applied here probably because it has that puberty against the over the proper cool and we like we. For instance and clover. In the law on. That the other. So I mentioned you have a broad range of puberty and also useful control and believes that you see right now and it. Think about applying her side now. Here in late February. That we that are going on now were there in January. But they were younger and they were horrible horrible to her side. So if you decide esprit is part of the year this year market in your mind that next year auto war and a warm spell in January. I think that would be my treatment because they're younger that we thought when they're treated. But more effect from the Herbert sizes and who we are we go over in multiples are now at this point. And that that make it slightly proper other advantage of waiting at all in a late January. And making your application then ran the man. Now but now you'll hear it from. Other guitar from Herbert front Donald along unit that in the next few weeks you don't wanna be putting Herbert that out. It's regret that you re not been earnest moderate wing giving up or start this week in Burke you know. In the next next week or so. That came to me is that acceptable. Is. To use one. The. At one time in another purpose and another attack at that like Argentina and that was twice a year so I like is. Is needed one point could I used to like we'd be gone for the second half. Acacia. You Manning is that you let. But the actor. Much as points. Speaking to his ability you want but absolutely control yet seen what slightly Amylin and it'll do good jump or here. I'll look. It meant to break year Roland let it all mature thought yeah. Our party folks so that the Indians. Prominent or. And then donning. With the appeal first. And then Tibet with more than art show like that we shall all the latest breaking news on the here and around the world. Give more today were guarding guarding questioned. Of critical long and 04260187. B had no real. For calling from war and good morning bomb. That they. An arranged to integrate. Simpson took. But she hasn't learned to listen have been here is that and I've been here. That tree output port or is it that way here to like this side of the candles view but analysts say. No. Like. Was doing so that they hit it to do its fertilizer and why. Cities there's something arrivals were graphic and some of them weren't being in some of them were. Partly due Indian side and some of the boring it. So. Is it. I can't think he'll reap in the wind or Sri. Would make for the front of the hole. And yeah I just that's beyond me. We give them a condition called policy for a and that's merely a problem where. That humans rather oranges. And our young guys who produced and puffy from. Britain is abnormally our true only a portrait crimes. That part of the normal earth solo. The first their draw on. And the fuel poppy I mean this scanned there's error in the air I just don't feel more mobile in the active people that you were huge. But still could be. Indicate that this war and you know a policy for Ciurciu ration so maybe the tree just didn't produces any fruit you'd read. And it was able to more effort into the smaller crop and produced a larger. From the normal. But it would've been popping through given that. That they were. That they were the road to guard BP I'll vote for a year he and interest some I'm. Error the. The result of stink bug or at least for the folks feeding on the firm called low draw hatch. To show in the first. And again that's as in a large group of the for better that would pollute and short game. That line of them yeah doctors do Feinberg darker and it would you mind. It. And being darker would be pictures look like in the camp prom and the question is why it was the only large not sure. But they were good. That means that the bottom line but Philip. Think a lot of induced or urges people archer was a small crop when the tree was able to reward challenges as a result. Let it wouldn't look at it or the the problem I would look at pursuit of these organs that problem or some of these these fully four or. The treaty to be treated for at all the look at the satellite though. You were you'd be. Real everybody grows citrus country in the same. In all of them are just ordered three. Got and you live is going on here except for the you. They've been there. And some of them well. Vetted in. In the end that it might. And that's and that's typical with the troops are on the quality can vary a little bit. Again an issue but I would mind bakers are. Me. You know on these oranges remotely and you're describing. Our various minor problem that the that there Patricia I think our occasionally. Yeah. Without but it they. It is it would be easy look just tell. Congratulations. I hit my. I'm thinking. Thank you so much appreciate it well now. I'm on. That Brody. Next call from. I see where you're from. Doctor. Michael Moore or. Undertow record collection. Among whites we built a new optional out at all. And now with about six months. Or off. Pit spot. And I am very very. Meticulous about. You know them on. While they're down or current art insects are there are a lot. So at that spot please saw and on and on data and four. Months or so small little brown spot on Orton and with it. We work so law. Or around 00. It it's not it's not it's not yet to peel back or you and that I don't like. Earlier now and start broke back minor little. Now ordering war should be out there are now. Come back in. Iraq War. And other. Law why. I did. As. It's a few out breaker but web world but what were. A last year in the the web more. Only eat the blade did it just mowed through. Very rapidly hire a matter of days they promote through a wall on eating the grass and lead the kind of home in the broader point the roots. So grant for it by about web or she'll recover its had been checked them early like him ought here. Of there and the issue we've recovered. Before goes in the letter but it. But late October. Even early November than it does have a chance to recover before coach in the winner and we can grant and re not as soon they'll be so. A the more time. A bill for oil until the end of march. Public do you regret the more and hopefully I'll bluntly marching and if she much more rainy out you made the areas of the brain and make it human need to do repair work. Public in the year and haven't Greenbelt well why on the people. Mentally like Norton and get those repaired. But but I'd be optimistic. That most of the rent is gonna recover. From well orbit that's what one app. That in the future and that they'll help people. In in the future Brody the trying to deal with these issues is as there. As a giant. Can tell you thought well warm be Specter but timing offense occurred all the ball public sometime people. Bought. And you know on the web app but here it is definitely. In the future whatever he something starting to the world that's what you need to be it'll be your obituary extension I'll. As we can diagnose the problem there. Whether to hear her. Agree or burn marks over. Of course appreciate ol' party bag or I felt that. But all will be for the partnership in. Good morning we're talking gardening that he got a guarding questioned. Do feel critical on. The phone. And actually at Greg calling from Slidell break it boredom. Martin. Okay. And I and a plan. October. Maybe late September and report fifteenth of October. Just won the nit pick news and maybe cause them as being. If it might then they might produce nominally. Other shippers normally. Allegro. Onions and garlic through the winter. Unknowing that cold weather's possible this is the proper street re growing and so I don't and there are very party Colbert news bought them. A much panic so I don't anticipate any issues or problems. I'm they'd come home has used patent and maybe your Dexter and Mike doesn't blow. I. Are you haven't seen it yet. I don't know I haven't seen bending Bennett. On the oh. Greg if he could cause the bowl there's been over a month. And the coal. It was gonna call comparable to probably would've done so by now. Okay. And they do it and and I don't Ghali and go on technical BO OK 820 yeah that they should be. Hoping onions in golf could be rated. Thank you. Pay project called it out man. It was one. Year. I ever thought as well more now on the cold in January. So they'll grow here until street kill them. Oh. All right Greg thank you appreciate. Quality out at you calling from individual your neck and euphoria. I've got to. At the opera not right it's a YE RS that's right. The Barkley. To institute showed bringing in flowers. As soon as the old trying to reach such it's looking good right now. The hires not. Only has a police and it's just in the way it's been work in the last couple years. They're grown rather tall but they're not really brought out why it. And what I've been noticing it looks like branches are crossing the center line and sometimes on really on top of each other. And when an operation prune these away. Menu is important on prayers are ardent. Control in the trains at the sheet by wall. There's very publication ideology in called the Louisiana poll worker. And that unit that you do a search for LSU action that we in apple orchard. And pull that book click on the link simple that the publication. It has information on trying payers. As far as they're either not performing. Well I'm sure why it's not blooming as well it cannot be used precursor. I am not rule or be or should grow here. Robert I don't think it's a variety April will orbit plant it's the same time. Yes that our. Whale. You can talk where we're at at that that was about a lot better record in the lower cross pollination between the two well. That. The look at that book at them broker for nation on pruning. General care here trees and a wide variety of other from trees that we earlier in the week and audio. Bucket you repeat that moment for me in it. We. Home orchard. Oh OK I think it. Are meant he should call our folks who get technically can be more shall rather than. George aren't sure they wobble we have. Error on the line calling in from out here a year and euphoria. It'll air in. We need to move on so limited and they are doing better and talk and I didn't do in public. View or who carried to parts. The stock web worm. We're into our art. Poisoning. Them. What went there and air and they shall until late summer. So you to and or. Signs of the mall that your first. Look at you know symptom that you be looking for. And they want you in the mall watching for the came over and you can pillars. That's when you treat. It's different views or will patrol vehicle or BA or the people so really it's Ketchum capital or stage. OK so what do these are. Get rid. Today also argued. You know our formal on. The actress side product of something like that granular. Is that were born workers now would feel a little bit of you know I'm not just put down on Monday morning. Yet we can't these are the work slowly on the plane while chemistry. On. Him at ten days two weeks. The and we feel that we don't stop there. But I'm not open until we maker affect commission following the label directions. Or use another follow particularly in addition to congress. A crowd out looking to move on. I'll talk with him and Coke in the outfield Saturday right here on the studio here now.