Future of Mississippi St Baseball

Andy Cannizaro has been let go by the Mississippi State Bulldogs. What happens now for the MSU and what do we know about the situation?


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Well well well hello. Simplifies the Thursday edition back here on double coverage. Baseball last night that offer a little while sent a lot across emea Kristian garic Tim Zimmer a master control. Sure show phone lines are open we got a lot of topics a lot of things to get to. In particular some college basketball has March Madness is getting ready to heat up a little later on we'll preview LSU and Texas on the baseball diamond. Friday Saturday and Sunday. With James Moran also doctor David Chao but Seth hey Ben it's been awhile since we've shared a microphone. Yeah I know I've been great Ivins Telemar. Fine audience on Tuesday that we had these two shows this week so it's almost like a little mini vacation for us I sit do you it was a very rookie move on your part scheduling your vacation. While we were off anyways now so it was a rookie regardless I still have to come in the work. Beautifully on a show so I'm still rookie mode innovate now villages of India I come back for one day. And they go back for a three day weekend please because our sister passed the vet move. Look first of probably. Did jump off on a conversation that the you've been diner have. Really that centers around College Baseball and. And he can as arrow from Mississippi State Nepali penned an article about the transparency or lack thereof. For missing you stay in the wake of the indicate as aero scandal in now subsequent resigning it shocked the baseball world back on Monday night when. When when the news came out that he was going to resign in the schools and let's accept his resignation. And he came out later today in reports earlier today that reports. Had that he had enough extra marital affair with a mr. B state staffer and I know the premise of your analyst who youth under the premise of your. Your take is that that you'll concerned about the lack of transparency and miss and miss to be state. Yeah I'm not just a little bit concerned to be honest I am very concerned about the lack of transparency there first full disclosure I was. Getting texts and calls from people in and around Mississippi State's when this was breaking actually broke on our show. The wonders Parcells overall attacks on here on my personal phone that this is exactly. What happened this view is involves in an extramarital affair. And the university found out about that and he was let go I wanna be very clear here that I don't have a problem with Andy cannon zero being fired and that's what the university does that don't technically he resigned but let's be honest here. He was forced out as idol etc. and that's not raise the fees would resign and you'll have a firing for cause by on your record. I am completely perplexed here. By EV complete lack of transparency. By the university by Mississippi State University. Oh we have still. To this day to this minutes right here being given no official reason for the abrupt resignation. By Andy cannon zero nothing from eighty Jon Cohen not a peep from MSU president mark ETM. And to me it's an unacceptable and disgraceful lack of transparency. And a public university. And there perhaps word nondisclosure agreements signed here. When he resignation happens but frankly Christian I don't care this is a public employee. Who made 533000. Dollars a year compare that to the governor over there or who makes about a 125000. Dollars a year. He is not only did he make a lot of money is a public employee he is one of dean. Biggest. Bigger heads and spokespeople for that State's and for that university heading a baseball program as one of the better baseball programs and trending that way in the entire country. So. While we have the reports here from ESPN and others and I've confirmed this on my ailments is exactly what happened that's fine. But still we have nothing official from the university and it just leads to all sorts of speculation. And I guess that's what the university wants us to do. Did they are really fire Andy. Can zero for just one affair with somebody was in the athletic department that's I suppose we don't really know. Was there more to its was there abuse was there miss treatments was it multiple affairs. How deep does this go and you brought it up off the idol is still your thunder here but the NCAA is going to be inside of investigating this now and right. In that their noses in all of MSU athletics Elise for the pretty you know a little bit here once they start investigating this. And be complete silence here from the university. Again I'm just gonna say it I think it's stupid. I think it's disgraceful. And I think that the fans the alumni. The public deserves an official response and really a press conference. With keen them with Cohen with those guys it doesn't have to be don't have to be naming the woman even if you don't want of the man who was a man doesn't want well at this point. But they deserve some answers I think the public deserves some answers and a question and answer press conference session with those guys. That's my problem with this I don't have a problem with the resignation. I don't have a problem with him being let go let me just say I guess we'll get into the slicker Christian but by the way. Was kind of stuff. Happens all the time. You know this. In big time positions coaching positions across the NCAA doesn't make it rights but this wasn't a pitino situation this was an eight Paterno situation. It was wrong he got fired okay that's what they wanna do I just don't like the secrecy I don't like. The lack of transparency here. You know I. Onassis who can you laid out what you wanted released about a global appoints you you talk about. They accept his resignation so that would at the fire with cause right. That comes with hey look if you do that and obviously if you resign that we're not going to have to it then becomes your business and no longer comes and I'm missy state. University issue about that they have to address they feel like now I think out of this it's a public university. So somebody's some reporters gonna get a whole Lou you know I'll records request it's gonna come that's not an Haston its freedom Freedom of Information Act now I. My stance on this changed a little bit his original house like OK I understand it. To a degree I'm not condone what he did some lumps and I understand I understand that. In a missy state didn't go in the gray DTL. And the sordid details of this affair or the incident because he didn't allude to it and say we did when he issued a statement. At that point ousting OK if it was just an average. That's hate to see that lord who was somebody outside the program of age consensual. That's been an issue between he. Canas aero and his wife and his family they were the biggest argument I come up with though. As to why this beast they would not. Come out there and have a press commerce and give all the sordid details is because when I'll invite you think about here is. The impacted already and I know you're gonna say any kid has dealt with that family at risk but the impact Imus to be state university shouldn't be. The one. Outing in putting pressure in in in putting things out there that. Could impact. His family darting ought. During that kid's got a wife got a pregnant wife at that look. This is shameful I understand it like that there's no way am I gonna make a case and make it a good case for for apologizing for. Any Canas or he's got to live this. It's gonna follow his his coaching career if there ever is one against the rest of his life. Mock what I have a hard time with his yes I wanna know because some. I'm soap opera esque I wanna hear the gossip. But I don't necessarily think that it's mr. B states' stance. Or their position to out there and give the sordid details win ultimately let the process play out because somebody's going to request a public records. And it's gonna come all come out it's all about. What concerns me though is that. Who scene I'll go back to is something you mentioned. There were some on off the air what concerns me is whenever you're seeing. The ferries behavior going on and in programs like this. Sometimes most of the time and I'm not let's say it's going to have a moment to be state. But there's other nefarious things are going on in other programs at the university we've seen it time and time again. Over a Penn State miscue mr. B state Hershey Michigan State other programs you see it over and over and Rick Pitino and global. So I think that's what I would be concerned with now is in the is is the NCAA to become dig in there are they going to. Ultimately. Uncover something else or is it just gonna be when we will we know now as as a report that he had an affair with him is to be state. Staffer yes and how ought to be very clear on a couple of things here if you Christian on our audience out there I am not sitting here high on this moral crusade train. And a zero through reports are accurate he's an adulterer. Countless other guys amassing amassing its rights. But countless other men in his position college sports coaches. Eighties out there. Have been caught doing this it's not appropriate but it's also relatively common unfortunately again this isn't Joseph Paterno or Rick Pitino here right. It's it's different levels I'm not ready could to condemn the guy for the rest of his life. For messing up and she a year again if if that's what idiots. But we'd we don't know and on also I wanna be clear about this I'm not looking for sordid details here. I don't need to know the woman's name I don't need need thirty minutes dive into it's let's get all the details on numbers times when it happened. All I would like. From the university. Is an acknowledgment that this happened and this is why your 500000 dollar a year coach. Who's one of the most visible guys in your university paid more than a year university president paid more than your governor. Just tell the public this is why we parting ways will have no further comment on that they have not even done message you on the have a first comes a question answers I mean I just that when I say question and answers they can say we're not gonna go into the personal details of this all I want them to do is sit down and say. I understand you want to know why anti Canas there was like go here's the reasons why vamp it BDP don't want to talk about the woman who was involved here you don't wanna bring up anything else that's fine. Let's just admit that this is what it was about. That's my point Christian we still do not have an official answer from the university saying yes this is why he was like a lot of it has all speculation allied I'm sure I know why they haven't done it yet. Because there's still investigations going on behind the scenes and they don't want to wrap their tail around themselves and get the mean caught around her. Wrote that a lot of other stuff come out of any kind of more or they don't want they don't want compromise an investigation or. They don't want to think they have all the details and more stuff comes out and how impressed ounces every day. Not to mention I think that they've they've. Take the stance with which his. Like it or not. That the states that they can that is pay it's going to come out it's not our place that two acknowledges it's just not mean it companies do this corporations do this all time I understand the public university these details are going to come out yeah I just think that win you or. And it's not just public vs private. EA you know here. If your a you know public employee you're the bus driver transit driver ran like a good level of need to know for the public for the that person is obviously different. Van V head of Mississippi State baseball here I'm not looking for a long year I really. I think the failed ensor is at mounting the Stanley here is. Hugely important consider OK but is it more fair to them slow all the speculation now and now it's all over social media what exactly did any due was there more as an abuser. Anything like that like a if it started to save this is happen you read this happened just put something official out there. And do your I don't understand it it's just gonna end up eight patent for meat. As sort of the PR nightmare for them if they just Lewis said yes he did this and let him go because I don't think it's right period and a story let's move on a surprise of. I.s and all agree on that. No worries though double covered rolls on here on W to do well enough in the dugout. We'll college basketball on him. Bargains -- bulldogs distraction parliament Oregon's valuable dogs yes we've officially adopted 1711 right now over San Diego and March Madness in the kick off. Here shortly and brackets into brackets ready to go and we're gonna have challenges here on double coverage once that kicks off what do you to a text here 878 semi. I only can cause a 5042601. A semi do you wanna know. I is there an obligation from a public university. To release or knowledge. The story. Of any Canas Errol and why he was. Why was it asked to and they accepted his resignation as their head baseball coach because of a reported. Affair with a MSU staffer final four to 6018 semi tech's 878 semi sort XS here and says. Why would you risk building up your entire career. Getting to a job like this to be stage. And have an affair. It's simple it happens all the time. I eat we've seen these these cases looked. Any any Canas arrow was a rock star and star milk because of the success they had last year go to the super regional. Write down a road Baton Rouge against his former his former mentor if you will at some bad blood there and getting at that they got their tails kicked pretty good but as a baseball program. Imus to restate its that's pretty legendary and they felt like they found their guy that's going to be there for the next 101215. Years. And he'd sort of buy into his press club is the the public. I've been guilty of it you get to you get to a certain. Level notoriety is success and he started he started. To buy some of the things that people say about ten. They all tell you how great you are then you start to buy into believing in. You feel like you get away with somebody filling Tet test the waters a little bit it it's it's it's not like it's they don't think rush slimmest of they think irrationally because they feel like. I'm head baseball coach and as a restate. Below the start to look like a rat me out and president but to take advantage of me you know and it's not the first time it's happens and it is although I do win yet known what that won't be the last but when year. When you're in a position of power like that Chris you just held to a different standard that you are not. Fair but it's it's what our society the standards of morals and ethics that our society is set and I'm so confused. I really am here's Greg confused it confused by all of the people. Texting calling tweeting saying. Well none of the should ever be public knowledge shank you let him keep it private keep it personal and I get the sentiment behind that. But I think that it's. Thought here with Canas there was mainly because we likely. Because he's a former LSU guy went to blame local kid and we liked the guy and won his family. And rightfully so actually to be kept up limelight on misses and about his family this is about him but I never heard to delete who about that. Win it was my price of Alabama. Frequent seeing. Anti sex club I never heard about that with Quin Snyder. When he was having an affair with a student I never heard that missed last year with Rich Rodriguez who was having an affair with his assistant I never that would Brian Cashman a couple years ago. When he filed divorce the general manager of the Yankees. It we never heard anything that should be kept private in fact three of those guys the college coaches that I just mentioned. The entire thing. Was made public by the universities. Where they're athletic directors and sometimes the president's there. Had to come out and make statements on this and yes it knowledge of this actually happens. So the double standard here I'm not bringing up anything new everybody's acting like. I am just making up some standard here that nobody else has had to live by this is the standard the public universities have had to live by. In modern her you know television and radio history. Modern full open information history here that if your again 500000 dollar a year coach does something like this. The fans the donors the public. The other employees of the university have a right to know exactly why it happened and they will I understand what you're saying I understand you're saying they will. I am saying and I understand we disagree on this point. I think it is the university's responsibility. To acknowledge what happens and knots anonymous sources to ESPN to us or whoever. I think they're now we came into force the the form of Haiti need to resign or safari I think. That's the now they did they heard about this act on it asked for his resignation that's the knowledge that and that and that's that at the senate that's all it needs be said. Got a text Judy 7870. Basically say that the person was a minor that the powers have yet to be. Care causality and that is not a minor solid right now it's not a minor it's a staffer it's a missy state staffer so you have to be above the age of eighteen to get that job now could she be a coed. Could could I don't know could she be she's very to attempt. OK hey. They go Devlin now about all that's again so that is written discussion but we don't well yeah I'll rent. Let's listen to seize on right now is that. I come back here. To do it's all about I think it's shocking story that unfolded earlier in the week it was Tony more and more information on any Canas arrow resigning as. The heavy folk go to this to be state that is a local guy says mentioned plated two lane but I school ball cross lake amended bill. It was got a lot of deep roots down here and you know talk about. The obligation of this to be state to come out and perhaps defuse some things we we said before. The break and pool recap of but apparently those things are being said. On Twitter it's being it's speculation that she was married as well and apparently though I think Tim does have confirmation. I don't know we'll find out about the links to now Florida we at that moment but I think is where you're talking about set that they could miss a mistake could come out. And they can refute some of these things and that therefore these rumors won't grow. That's one of my and that is the biggest points of this for me is the university idea I think has a responsibility just to acknowledge this and answer some questions about this. To defuse all of the crazy. Conspiracy theories speculation now that we just don't know what's right or what's wrong Tim brings up an amount taken on Tim here because it's all over Twitter and social media right now. I'm not can confirm it but debt this. The person that he had an affair with is a certain woman who has done this before with other people in Mississippi State University nobody knows if that's true. Nobody has confirmed that it's a credible source speed got stuff like that floating around now out there. Debt and to be frank because I like candy candy zero personally when I'm interacted with them. So maybe that's clouding me a little bit here but I think it's unfair to him and his family. For all dealt with all this all you gotta do obviously tells us how is that unfair to that this Stanley to. Talk about the woman no I'm saying the speculation here in the online the INS knows deal I am usually results than I understand that but what I'm saying here is if the university just came out and said. He had an affair. Whatever that again I'm just speculating as we don't know he had an affair with this woman. It was the brief affair but it was unacceptable inside our athletic departments and we decided to part ways form if they had just said that. And move Don. People would still be talking about it but it wouldn't be this big of a story that winning a leader. Like I don't understand the PRC had this either if I haven't read the PR office mr. be safe outgoing man we're really bungled this all had to do was come out beautiful was a statement. If there's usually some on paper that says this is what happened we're not gonna answer questions about this. You know for for all your questions and he can as early even I would set maybe now I get but I would accept it. I like he met those silly for over a year now and we we've been we we worked together for better part of what 567 years. But again I just hate to say like this but. There acknowledgment. Came in the form of him resign that's like it or not you can check and Osman Ottawa and it's. To the due to the to the affair. They have an acknowledge anything but what about there's no more now what about there's more and they sell come out I think they'll come out and if that does then. Then that's when you really honestly. That's when you really unload on on the submissive state that's what you can really tee off the Gaza hostage solar showed who shall Bolivia and do it if there's more of this stuff. Going on in their program are in there in athletic department in general then then I'll be exercised about it so right now I. I just I just feel like. They had to move on they had to protect any in a weird way. Protect any Cain is arrows now don't we wait in a Smart noble way to protect any Canas arrows failing that's already under. Probably two minutes not greet his wife was pregnant party has two children now has to hear about how their dad is an adulteress and how. The figure gravely no child in the world while he was out affair I think that's enough. Our family so there's so many prongs is this thread do you really trust anything coming out of a public college university rap talent on its outlook dad yeah I'm not so. There is that in a that I need this is word text or comes in. And I think in the same thing to from the 504. Why would they fire him for just that pass to be more join a silly thing there is more no I could see them firing at they're having an affair with somebody inside that organization. But would it surprises Christian though if it's more than that no absolutely not. Now and look I think that yes without a doubt given how what happened in Oxford with Hugh freeze. Okay how Hugh freeze it is June you know. Ole miss didn't handle that they'd get out in front of that and I think there's a they're the tip of the cap here to miss a B state. Did to be they load in front of that yes OK they got ahead of this city big Boston on a story. About you know. 23 years of affair and sorted it all condom raunchy things going on like that like a global with the the sex parties with a coach etc. And it didn't come out that way but. From EE simply look at it and go all right payload they got in front of it com. It wouldn't surprise me but absolutely given today's climate and what's what we've seen in college programs across the country. Mr. B state said we have to act and act now and he violated. All a company a university policy what have you half aunt and had an had an affair with a staffer with. That's right now that your I guess and the other part of it is just me with my you know communication back around my broadcasting background. I just think they've bungled this so badly Indian today's 24/7 news cycle social media and everything they've handled this so poorly admit. Like you said stocks can get announced that knowledge and animal abuse or if they did cut it said this is what they knowledge and after its its reported was that would that. It would be OK I think it would I think they can handle it better if they FTS began early this morning the first ones to get to give credit where credits you read that wants the first confirm this officially and report it if they would come out with a statement afterwards that says the reports are true. I'm real problem beat Elena wrote that article in retirement and so they don't so I'm in the PR department mr. B stay I'd still think they bundled it here. 0686. Picks. Or they did not happen knowing that so that's what I know that's a fire funny way to put it and etc. Timmy got pictures dia. Just a far of course to a thin much she must be really look at supposedly tens. Taking time to print paper etc. but no look. The Pixar did not happen south. His I give it that's a high school approach it's a fraternal fraternity come dealers did did now bet there's no I'm not caught would pictured it I'm not guilty knowledge this has happened. This is a 39 year old man. They had two kids a pregnant wife resigned after three games into his second season and Mississippi State. There was obviously something nefarious going on the stones well they'll give me that and that might be a sarcastic responses I get it. But when they don't let him off the hook in the other thing about this too. Is it up I start to Texas and say how quickly do you think you'll get up that's not what is on top of my mind right now. On what's on top of my mind is. More about honestly it's about his family any impact on his Stanley and I and you're right. If he wants shout him down and tell. Hey you put yourself you put your family you should own 100% this you put your family and riskier and he absolutely did but I'm thinking about. While that's all well and good. It there's still little realistic. Whispers that school that those kids are gonna at the face. His wife who's a professional is going to have to go to war and hear hear those whispers about cast. Huge expects an athlete you know those kind of things that I I started about. I don't I don't think about right now at this point time with he's gonna get another job that's a discussion for a later day. Yeah I and I'm just thinking about this I certainly think about that obviously it's terrible for the fact only. Chris I don't mean to laugh at that that registers but I guess my the pragmatic side in my brain was working day. When I was thinking about this and wrote that article and that I just think it was bungled from the university side. And obviously is a terrible story for the Canas or a family but I was just thinking from the university sat I decided can be handled much better and I thought they completely botched this. Let's turn it over to the audience today botch it did they bungle it ought to get it right and not acknowledging. The exact parts of the details that and again as Errol had an affair. Within mr. B state staff for 504. 26018 semi tech's 878 semi. Seven Christian on double coverage on WWL. How about double coverage here on. WWL eleven dot com. Q1 oh no he weigh now Altman from miss to be stayed on the reported. Affair from eighty Canas aero their former now former. Baseball coach I got a question Christian do you think eventually. Don't have to acknowledges some some yeah. I do I do. Yeah I know that I can promise you. It looked relatively speaking the papers in Mississippi. Are small and out of the name of the nationally recognized. And I promise you there's going to be some reporter oh that's gonna go this is my ticket via this is the way Alameda they've myself I'm gonna go to Tom -- out legally allowed to do. Mr. B stay I wanna public records request along all that stuff that you found out on any cameras are all investigation all that because he they're required to give its own. Or her. And whoever it is is gonna Boston wide open. Now point you know in my being. Student paper that's why there's been breaking a lot of these players and good thing about it I can put it's I do what I know obsessed element to. I'm a bit I guess that I'm a bit soap opera ish I'd I kind kind of limited Jerry Springer world I wanna hear some juicy details of it I do. Those kind of details will come out I don't think I hope I don't need yeah me personally I don't need out by the way it's the reflector is these two newspaper of mr. BC universe that would reflect ironically named right. And I didn't I get a couple text messages. And I'll leave my personal business out of for now. Put communicable text messages that wanna shout down any Canas arrow. In. It's it's on come on state uniform here. And this girl that supposedly. You know she was married as well. You know from from you know being. Derogatory you know just almost drugs we names that I think. Is just. A little unfair because. It's easy in no reason why we nobody is because there and a public guy. But I would be willing to bet that. The decent amount of people we interact with a lot we don't know it because we're not public when I'm in the public eye. But have had we have friends family members etc. that are now a battle something similar to now battle have done something similar to this. And it doesn't mean that they are. The word that people are describing any Canas Errol or this alleged mistress that's the that's where kind of it kind of gets a little. My crawled. Yet here's the texts from the 512 I don't agree with the picture you guys are portraying about cheating in particular your lack of layers of depth on the subject. And here's what I would say just to kind of echo you I have actually been on lately it was this. I think he say we don't have. We haven't been portraying a lack of depth on the subject of cheating which is kind of hard to over the radio here's. Here's what I would say to get a little deeper on the subject like you just it Christian I've been on both sides of that. In my lifetime. I have been the cheater and I have been that she. I don't it's think. That Andy cannon zero just is a blanket a terrible person for doing this duo does that make me condone. What he didn't know I think it was wrong I think it is something in his very common in our society may be way too common in our society. But I am very hesitant just because somebody had an affair or cheated in whatever capacity into that on both sides of it to just. Throw them out with the bath water rate and the person I just before an example here. The person that I was cheated on by. About 45 years ago. We've repaired enough were pretty darn good friends rate I I it took me a little bit to forgive him but I realized. That they were human. Right and everybody's saying. This about vehicle lady that I wanted to get into that I think it's a bunch of that's absolutely. It's a bunch of I just think rumor nonsense coming on line. And then some people Christian are going after me think him and I'm just trying to bag on any cameras there on Wallace leash details that could be further from the truth. Like I said to openness IE. Personally really like the guy like I thought weighed on the road he could have been the heir apparent a minute if you wanted to come back it's LSU and coach that big program over there. But what he did something wrong here I think universities handled it poorly and he's gonna need some time repairs on relationship. Full lines over a 504260. Whites having now that's what he should focus on. Repair your repair your marriage. There's a number of reasons and look how much on play. Now Dr. Phil earlier than the number of reasons why people go out there and seek the company of another individual. In their marriage are in relation there's something missing and any cans there needs to figure out what it was that caused in the step out and a marriage and try to ultimately mend fences if his wife. As will do so and you know what that once again is none of our business that part of it is none. Absolutely none of our business as to what goes on how if they reconcile our if they don't marriages and happens like this and there's all by my biggest point is that. I'd be willing to bet that. At least. Somebody within your family or close friends I'm talking not just to set them nonstop and Tim Donahue the audience. I guarantee you. Several people in audience either have a family member or friend. That have been in situations like this now and I'll think did their reaction and they would. Probably react adversely. To a friend or family member being called some of the words and names they indicate as arrow and is supposed mistress are being called long line. And on Twitter and on social media. I think that's just I think that's just a juvenile sophomore approach. To a bigger problem that. That that family in a university and that when that woman is ultimately going to have to face Brad only few what's going on Brad you're on W two well. They're both of them good that. Wonder and it. You know it would. You know need to move me on one arm. You know and a no way it goes both ways the we think it would be a possibility. You know she could've done this or tensions you know and especially you know how good this that the state did. Brad I'm not gonna climb into. This girl's head and internal project as to why. She might have and we don't even know if she's the woman blew the whistle on this to be you or whoever it was I'll answer your question this week Brad. I think a guarantee to movements may have allowed this person to come forward when they wouldn't have before and personal right. It has its space ride yet so I agree completely consensual and different but I still think. That may for what if she felt violated in whatever way or taken advantage of because of he was in a position of power. I think you're right maybe to meet tournament played in a factor in this bit me as a 35 year old man here and have a lot of power behind this might I think I'm fine but the meat to movement and into a lot of positive among trash that movement is because it. Got a coach Byron and I think I'll. Do you know you'd get where it would but I mean beat him you know meant. And then all the money all the women people comment that you all day every day. You know let's face it women voted no basically yeah I mean it and B artist. You know. CNET and you know. I don't know I'd be sure you know and yet life is good. You know. One thing that and then you know. Then you know you you're correct could be progressed he alive from one close to being. You know beat out. One area that I think any cans joke I think that you know he he always look look drug terminate an in deposit right. And I think that he could be a one at a poster child has is a young man that. Really had a bright future as a coach this is not a Rick Pitino that. That had a lot of success and was on the back half of our whatever of his career up. This is a guy that I in any can as Errol that a lot of you as you set pointed out. That could have been the potential potential heir apparent to pulmonary and LSU or another big program. But he's got he's got an opportunity now to I think turned. A negative into a positive and that is. I go out there are speaking to coaches and athletes about getting caught up in the big man on campus kind of mentality that the that that the pitfalls. And the trip wires are gonna be out there and every turn and about families that are so I think that's where he'll begin if he wants to rebuild his coaching image and rebuild his professional image where he can start. But again. First and foremost we're we're yes star is inside his home. When his wife and his kids. And that sometimes it's unfortunate. That it's collateral damage with those kids out I'll be willing to bet that indicate as there'll probably had the mindset of I'm I think it caught on the head baseball coach at and this to be state university in his gun rat me out. Mean to flawed dangerous way to think but. Men think that way. They didn't think that way successful men. Especially think that way it just happens it's. Plaudits wrong. Double coverage wrapping up to stop begin until you football discussion. Next hour as well said the Christian here on W him well enough maniacal. Hey we saw their five hour argument. The long day from the iPod so I took one into blood now you drank one is on drug. If they don't take it LL imagery shot that he taken it's it's. Nutritional supplements OK listen I it is not an energy drink Niger town in the company company line there Tim will take over undrawn. One day we'll walk in the sense office to our March Madness is gonna have about eight album. Just told them back in eighth what's the most five hour energy you've drank like consecutively. I've never before I'd consecutively yelling back back all ever done one have you done more I'm not like three here on Avaya there was times. Not too long ago. 56 years ago where. You know has body would put it in the U soar with the if you with the Al east over the Eagles etc. I'll stop partake in apple and at life and yeah I SR is used to do it to get me through eight hour work day I. I just saw really interest things we'd hear them and have to dive more into because it would mean and on my radar but Brad Evans who works for Yahoo!. Covers college hoops for them. Just weeded out this quote with Washington getting waxed at Stanford L issues on the verge of bouncing off the bubble. And into the field. Now I don't necessarily agree with him but the SEC Christian with their depth right now. It's not inconceivable to see Ella she makes this tournament even without winning the SEC conference title. Hey look will wade goes cheese and hand panties down it's been a working. The order for the tires that women series and it she's there were there battle outside the hash tag. And it's just a different a tournament team for the foreseeable future after this year are you more bullish on this tire. I was once but I've come around as that I always in C and so far you're one he's exceeded my expectations hopefully you don't. Be nice to get I mean why can't they huge university like that. There are no longer a football program. They're going to be a basketball for. Coming up next our youth football as we know being attacked because of concussions however are people taken part tack in football because they're trying to come back concussions. Or they simply not like the sport. A op Ed piece the legislator Loudon. California wanted to weigh in and they want a big and youth football. We'll talk about that next hour what is a data show. Doctor David show owl joins at football dock onto a former NFL team doctor. Seventy plus years or peace surgeon columnist for the city union Tribune school football dot dot com as well. Double covered rolls on said the Christian here on WL IMF and and dot com.