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Thursday, September 21st

The Fried Chicken Festival is this weekend at Woldenberg Park, on the river everything you need to know about it his here.


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Stone. Bum bum. Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump up. This is the dark meat choice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we sit down in our. Assigned little studio here and push all the junk aside and and we have all our bottles of what by the way you ladies and gentlemen. We have. We have water here too perfect we give the perfect number a water. This you know ways to the water in the city via I'm sure you know 'cause you've got to run a restaurant around that. But the we the it's over by the way and in case you had heard. Made that they let that go seek and actually drink water again but we have actual bottled water for. Please. We have low blows. A lady here who is very much. Renowned and very much liked. By people who love to eat well and food. Celestine Dunbar. It does get right that time you guys write very OK good. And she. I've probably tell you this story before about who knows if you remember I mean you know being as an important of the things I am. I I remember going in their for the first time it was a Monday. Was on for Rhett street the old place. And I sit down and the deal was people were telling me on this show it was saying you go in there you know it's all you can Mino and on Monday. I mean really all you can mean that's what what the chicken to mean the red beans I understand but the chicken to and they Somalia chicken. So I go the chickens great but the one thing that got me. Was my first bite of the repeats. My mother was a pretty good cook she cook just about everything she was real. She was a true creole really be she spoke French with all of our Brothers and sisters she cooked all the old time stuff yet. Sheet called things by French names when everybody you know I'd bank it should too as you sit on the bank gets. As opposed to the curb he picks it likely would get so while my mother was it was really one of those people. And she was a wonderful cook guided know that until after I left home. And follow found out how hard it was to get a good mobile home cooked like that. And I took anyway back two to the red beans and take a bite or two or three. And nice the only thought I could think of is. These beings taste exactly. Like. My mother's red beams that she cooks every single Monday no matter wise. I mean unit that sounds like a cliche. And you know one of those things we make up to make a sound special but not in that case I mean you could. You could have but made a bet on on things like the sun won't rise tomorrow. Had back then my mother would be sure with the case she'd say well there's gonna be read me. Specifically. So there were always work and it went over there are several times. And I was always the same it was always this great taste just like my mother's it's like call my little sister. And I said he won't believe this but this place over for a street that cooks red beans rice exactly like mama. And she said okay let's go this so we went over there. Had the big blade of them again. And she said you're right I'd go that taste anywhere and here it is the a so why you know you gotta be some than if you're as good as my mother or who you know whoever's monitoring as we all have mothers need to be remembered by them. But so it's went in my mind. You are forever associated with the the ideal place red beans and rice oh god bless you for that I think acute. Yeah. But you're you're in we're talking about fried chicken today right what's gone on it's it's this is something relatively no I don't think it's been here it's your. Four as the fried chicken festival this. Anna I can't remember whether there was one flashier and what you know is. What we you would know could you won last year and yeah that's exactly right the other guy here it is Kelly Fiorello. And he he you won the contest we certainly didn't really was that the first one like she's fabulous it myself okay. So I mean you know likes or beaten up on each analysis we'll pick at this like a heavyweight prize thought that are you all are you entering it in again this year. Yes and Celestine is as well yes. And a and well I think the thing to do is to explores the two recipes and malicious sensitive. Is this something that should be kept secret it is Thea. I mean we can't. We can talk about it we talk around we could skirt. Yes subject yeah you know which in. In a news way targeted tax if it. Yeah if there's a lawyer ask your question is did you very poorly at. Do you favor a move that microphone over just all like a little bit right it yeah okay that's good yeah we can hear about it we wanna hear everything news. So. What it would you have to do what is the what is the bar that needs to be reached you what do you what do they're telling you okay you need to do. I have the chicken or what what's the story we need to be prepared memories yeah oh yeah. Prepare which supplies because. They're expecting humongous score. Where's it going to be this going to be and Walden while river park all killer Allenby handy they don't run out of space over there and that too often and it's a two day event. Last year is only one day on Sunday so here's here's maybe Saturday ends Saturday and Sunday writing while. No emission up probably you know not as free admission for Libya pay for the chipped in newspapers and whatever else and oh yeah. But never to whatever beverage of choice maybe that's the way everybody seems to like you know. And or yeah like the jazz to amend the French Quarter festival I don't have that right we were in man you they told me this year. That they were million a hundred and when you know Wallace. It was like three quarters of a million people. While running for weather was beautiful way it was great for the first time and put them then you got all this food and insistence. Wonderful. Anyhow. So if I can't you want tell me what is the recipe is in which a little tree it is and hit I I well off I I will promise you that at the end of the show. Before you leave I'm gonna tell you two things that I was turned on to buy our listeners it was there was one guy who called me up like. One in five years ago when told me something there have been doing ever since and that really made a difference in my beads. And then another guy told me one other thing and then between those two my my rent just went from two initial mine red beam technique is appeared. And I still read my red beans every week every you know every Monday. You've got to do. So off anyway. Thome thome the story of the you're getting into the news the restaurant is in what moved you to do that and and maybe short story about. Hi you've got through after the hurricane and I know you bounced around here and there. But and everybody kept asking me all the time when his Dunbar is back when this Dunbar is coming back. Let them start in 1986. You know oak street. And oak street whereabouts. What what was the address. In 27 oaks 4927. Oak street so this was. Lee Anderson. Year you you know we know. You're getting you're getting. Prompts for your assistant here and if who don't want to come on over Angola almost also weaken Syria now okay. Off though OK so. It is this somebody else open that it was you know it was another Lou. Daily. And he's taken sick. You know and I told him never going to candidate this game who are so I've heard that before our living across the street. Yeah and it was pretty good time to ask him do you mind me in trying to you know and he said and he gave me it. Number accidents command line call digital media can hand it. I study cooking in my house. Which was across the street from the Kia and transported across and put it on topic I didn't even have a steel and three little table and account. Some harm and this asteroid. OK. And you Wear that that was in the eighties Houston 1986 OK so that's that's a long time ago. And is that rolled along. I think that the first time I was there would have been like in the 1990s. For a yeah. And it was a nice place you view muted and all you need something every day if I remember right. And is new famous for the beams and and real famous mention. And that the price on the chicken aside from the you know all you need aspect of it was. Ridiculously. To blow like it and it was itchy feet YouTube and you figure when. OK and my expectations of something I just donated dollars three hour. Is not going to be high but then. It was a really good. And though once it and whenever we had a show where it's okay called me up and tell me what your your best righteous. One afternoon I mean you what you were real close to the top of the list if not the top. So that you view it it was destiny that. Mind. OK so now get a win now Tennessee what's gonna happen and this is. A big festival starts off what time. Allen and 11 in the morning goes till 9 PM on Saturday eight hours of music and everything yes. Spirit used to music stages classic New Orleans and food and music combination via via really do. And is there anything more to it in the chicken and that's something you have any outside issues. All different types of guys stuff. All IC so it's it's not just for now okay. So when the when that when the competition goes on mrs. Ehrlich in oil rose. Cook's and then behind them are a bunch of jerky. I think judges by their judges care it's gonna be judges I think it's. Food writers. Local society don't just in front seat this year is national so this I'm not sure who. Who and religion is going to be this year no kidding yeah national who's organizing that. Dad I mean it's Cleveland spears a spears group deaths artists. Spearheading it off there off spearheading yourself thing what. I mean is this Scioscia restaurant from New York Houston also that come and go he carefully. And in our backyard. There. Well. It's a good dish to start where its privacy. Of people. I think that the whole image of fried chicken has been cooped up by the fast food places frankly. And the when. When I first started going to restaurants to eat. Fried chicken is usually like ideas that are arose before point break and that's that's what turn mile into the ditch. And but back then even. Even currently colonel Sanders services. Not well no but I remember it well because I used to go there every week. And think that was treating myself I'd have objected. And it they would cook it to order they it was not from under Heatley and it was near enough them like that. Right they actually we you can Acxiom do you and you have to wait about 25 deaths and so we do yeah it is right. Actually fifteen minutes to death is no hurry anyway. What's what's cool what's cool about this festival it's spotlights. The purpose of it is the spotlight rush. Hour now neighborhood. Fail Leo rash city you know Agassi KFC. Pop islets churches Soria violated that now please going to be real profession guys like us like you do everyday right yeah. Well that's wonderful. But he did that was the thing I remember seeing when I first started getting interested in this the upper levels of of cooking and eating. This would have been now you weighs probably still eighties. I would go to. I would go to restaurants and I would. I would get different. Preparations of chicken and aunts are thinking about well lies is good lies not so good. And then it was one that went to. I remember they had a stack of magazines. Gourmet magazines and was that it was actually the name of the magazine was gourmet. And it was very well known it was certainly the best known. Magazine about food in America. And when every now and then it seemed to me it was like more often than you'd think would Leo bow right but the thing maybe. Once a year or once every three fourths of a year or something. They would do cover story abut fried chicken. And it would just there would be on the cover of the thing. It's that you fried chicken America's favorite dish. And apparently. What was one on one is that nobody really cool too much and fried chicken at home. And if you wanted to get really good fried chicken you'd have to go to a restaurant or really be careful and actually learn how to do it right chain that hard right. You know not that. So army teach me and today and all web. Lysine and everything I know that mean you're an army all. Well they have a long running appreciation of fried chicken. Solo. Etsy and we give you some random fried chicken. Questions here a couple misses and got to tip your office to what you're doing okay how many pieces in the tonight on it well I see where I joint body a cut I do any pieces into eight pieces brightness so you have. Two wings to a drumstick two thighs and to breast. Get the as a piece of (%expletive) That's like it on the bird it's like right actually between the the two have said the a chicken breasts is kind of a misnomer it's just not really two of them there's only one team and explain and and it's split and then but this this like that simply call the tenderloin right in the middle you know I'm talking right. And so some you know some places they they serve that is like gave a seventh or a piece like Kentucky fried chicken used to they still do. And you okay assistant questions so yeah you're not you're cutting it so that you get to. Big pieces from the press right now and it's right and the rest of it just follows that comes in here right. You know where I got that from just hit me just now that's the way that. That day used to do it in my in my school cafeteria but got an and they went often mean to you you'd get this real nice clean. Nothing no open junkie and it kind of piece of chicken that was just beautiful it was fight that the that's one thing. When those through us Aaliyah. I have. It's funny we should be talking about the civics that was an even thinking about. Oh here's. Where lets somebody stole. And it it was here yesterday. I found a from. I was sick Eddie Becky but it's his son. About trends and all of a sudden slip and on his name. I've known him for a long time Wayne you know Wayne. A boxing backing and they they there's little they did a little cookbook. Which was sitting right here yesterday. And again and if they. Oh why did bring them up with the second what was they're working on. Stay where which are much again right yeah they had they had the they have their cookbook and I was reading yesterday what their recipe for fried chicken ones. And one of their they had to recipes for one of them said you always. Let the chicken. Get to be room temperature before you cook before you Friday and the other one the other book said. That you you get it pretty cold like almost ice cold. Which is right. Lackey mine and I skull right you do it ice cold and it right and you do Julia. Guys. This another person Austin Leisle was involved in this this. One he gave me over the years he gave me a lot of recipe but one he gave me one for fried chicken that said you always. You know put it in a bowl and let it get ice and ice cold than the next time I saw recipe from him he said you were warm and at room temperature and I don't know I think maybe that's what did I you know that crossed my mind except I know him well enough to know that he was too nice a guy pulls up like. What talk about a loss from Katrina. Frat guy logged in he is something close yeah really I'll never forget the first time I went to to shed Celine. And had dinner there and this was this was an adventure for me because bank of those days it was in this loose in the easiest it is now. And and it was just aghast you know that's the service was unbelievably slow but nobody cared everybody was that the partly thanks and now there. Reels off planes and the flu was always always. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris is wonderful to be here were you talking about food restaurant and stuff. A few words about. Other kinds of neighborhood restaurants would be a if you ask people in general what's your favorite kind of New Orleans restaurant fire in unity meant to we've had no stake in the while and so. What's your favorite. Kind of restaurant and I think most people would say I like the New Orleans style neighborhood restaurant week it would get a poor avoidable gumbo they've daily specials every day. You know stuff bell peppers. Fried chicken and the all fried catfish the whole range of it. And so we have quite a few of those. And one that I have always had a soft spot for four is Frankie and Johnny's Frankie and Johnny is uptown. They are on a just auction up to a street on our belt law. And they have been around since 1942. Of their program that really of World War II. Because they were building ships on the river in the guys who worked on the ships they have to eat somewhere so they've won you know walked a couple of blocks went over there had to weather for the wanted to eat. And after the war ended it just kept on going and going and going it is now owned by a guy in the name of David McKelvey I know him real well he was. Like in April 2 in command of all of this restaurants around the country. As sharp guy who really knew what he was two when he he developed the menu for Nolan deals that did the menu for the del Monaco when they took that over. When you decide to get the corporate side of things and now he's running this neighborhood restaurant Frankie and Johnny's. He has a lot of tradition he doesn't have to make it all up as he goes along what they do there's four boys red beans and rice. They have some. Some really great oysters on the half shell or however you want your oysters. And seafood platters and when they are in season all of the boiled seafood French the the from from the chicken. Who. Crawfish. In everything else that we like to boil in season of course you know wanna do crawfish season. And always always has been really good and that's in the stimulus. So try not if you haven't been there it's been around long enough. And after a couple of renovations they there are now trying to turn and into some spiffy too small kind of look at place it's it's got the feeling. And there are ready to serve you seven days a week lunch and dinner. We'll 321. Arab Ellis street right off shop but tool lists a town it's. Frankie in Johnny's we'll come back with more of the food show are you ready for this would probably running a minute late or we. Will be back but more the food show after first please this. What is your vote on this by the way you can call us up and tell us we'd we'd love to hear from you 2606368. Do when you're getting ready to Fries and chicken do you bring the chicken up to room temperature of first or do you like keep it high school. And that it doesn't seem to be any agreement on this among anybody but well except YouTube both said yes I I think case of health departments of well they know that I ninety yeah. Kelly feel rally is here and he is the shelf. I think in an owner OR REM a broader and I hope our donor right brother and and you okay. A restaurant. That I remember you don't feel Ellis was the first place I remember is so it was basically in the French. Atlas talisman dad's old right oh gosh color how far back does that goodness my dad's. Bought that place in 1985. And all similar exodus story. The Celsius. My fairly sort of Hershey store right over here on asylum offer Clio. Yeah fearless they'll ask Osman says. Great applause and a rash. Person. So much and would go to market in vipers. So he got to be friends with the guys at home marketplace rushed for 451. Place. Well mr. Anthony. Approach and when they say hasty genuine Irish. I don't know if Taylor Rashard so he did it so leave the face it took a leap of faith and I use just didn't you know in Europe cook. You know learn how to code from a grandmother program called. What is happening. It's something you said in it if there's not been a book written about it I think as somebody ought to write a book about it. The Italian grocer vision in a new in New Orleans right. Every neighborhood in town they can if they every other business could have been irishman knew it could have been anybody. But when you had a grocery store price chances were very very strong that that is run by an Italian guy. Right I remember that one. I'm an old. A bold enough to remember a lot of this stuff I grew up in true made believe and I'd I'd I'd love to live there again it could only I could find a house that. And art or awarded kind of border now well I don't like tonight when we were living there it was kind of low rent. Lou anymore. But we had a little grocery store right across the street from us directly on the corner personal line and Marie with his right across the street. And today. That they were. The way you almost wish things were now my mother would go over there every morning and she'd tell mr. Mueller it was his it was new ways and UN permanent. Mule lacy in she would say listen I want some support jobs. And once. Some grits. And she wasn't talking about it you know this was pulling cans of stuff and also fresh cut meets in and vegetables she's one a bunch of celery. And the next day she would go there and get all that stuff and then she told them what she wanted for the next day so that I only had like one day's worth of food in there. Of which made everything fresher and better and and and mr. Buehrle was himself a butcher so he knew all of that and and then there of the supermarkets came along just write that way it's really kind of shape is this still little store and turn over us to point out as well yeah that's based did I mean I don't know about the neighborhood anymore of an arm alliance eleven neighborhood. On an elderly folks we would call in their orders they're still they're all other gas good sets up bowl great place to get a lot of things my my wife who is a real big fan of Paula did she's on my way she says that is the best strike have. Really good and and they do that Italian sausage right they make all that it helps mere minutes it seriously Gooden. So. That's a winner OK so you that you were in the grocery business then you're in the restaurant is right solace and right is actually good dad my bed now with the senior high school what all. From Morton brother Martin yet tail and it will accept it right this is officially adjust with Lucic. I don't know like I leave. At the top. Yeah but you know I had no idea. How would be in this business out in NL with a you know. Vizio geography measure as you and geography aunt's daughter working in a pressure on campus solo it. You know and you know quit school in the back burner or I don't know I've been there who. His school still are back for next fifty years. Just a slot here and my dad my dad and that's element in 1999 my mom got really sick. And now he sold it. I remember. That. That the the buzz about the place that place always had a certain clientele. That were really regular customers. I was not one of them for no particular reason I don't know why I lived in the quarter for a while Frey but just never got in the habit of going there for some reason I really sorry about that OK so I mean feel like a weakness on Lotto a lot of people live. Lot of people that worked. Like in the flea market. Hotels. And a lot of restaurants in the area I mean it's a visa via maximum lose. Places like that they would servers to come in and eat. Their meal pre shift. In you know and letting go off to work here except always a clientele and my dad was in an awful you know you're an everyday guy. And that's kind of witness stand and name is Johnny debuts for. So Dallas is the recipe for his success missed it to take care at a local local folks and and its source would come. After him like a single mom got sick. And they got out of business I stated a business mood floored I was when Outback Steakhouse pro while you saw learned. Different ways of doing things and work I still worker that he runs. And we're due for a stake out some manager oh yeah yeah I was I was assistant GM it tableau. I hope we opened up behind this this is kind of got a really good transition into the they're the new restaurant or home. When Alice we're gonna tableau. Russell a lot of regulars from from from the restaurant that we and a quarter and everyone else would say god I wish he'll still own it. Because we would go back and it got the wheels turn them. And then. I it deflected in erupt we would be the buzz about the place in that time you're talking about. X I I used to mentally keep track of just about every restaurant in town whether it could go there and not you know. When there are a thousand restaurants in town one guy can't cover all right so there was some things I just never made it to do which is probably glad to get there but the but people war always call me up it's. It's been sold again or why can't there and Angela chase and an what do we can what can we do but this way I can't live with that place if I don't really strong follow right well this is the form for that scenario where we are and that's what we call ourselves the original hero Oscars with your original fail then you're not in the French market anymore now you're out gentility and silly Franken in film. Okay that's right around and you'll Tatis got things exactly the bill and Hillary and I we used it was another place here called the pool boy bakery right. And ray were the ones that did the whole thing that's Kostis yet guys in you know what kinds. That's. It's it's his nickname the you know it it's a nickname for natural. Common currency without an airplane. Or cop kamikaze with no airplane had a cots. But bill that I was listening to what he started working over there as a delivery boy with a bicycle in the would bring. Poor boys to Leo people ordered. That's what that's how we've got so it when he was but fifteen years old there's. He's a character. Always did a good job right via. Any hope you know that this this business really brings. The most personable people and all a lot of time just as it. I'm Tom Fitzmorris you mentioned just a minute ago can't face visa. Just by coincidence they are one of our sponsors today. Kept based visa is back open again. As about a year now they were closed a long time after Katrina they have all kind of building problems that that's a very very old building. It was part of the Ursula line. Track there and so they. You know have their problems. But we can forget about all that now because they picked up where they left off Al. Alfred Singleton who is them who ship over there he worked there for a long time before it closed. And he's back and he knows all those recipes in those with the restaurant is about. I find it a romantic restaurant to the lighting is just right it's not qualities can be in there the menu. Doesn't take you have for now sort of read through let alone try to figure out what it gave to his. And it's just a lovely place to go I've remember the early days when doctor Larry hill first opened it. That it was cutting interest and it was the first restaurant in what once it had ever done grilled. Fish. Over charcoal or wood no one has done that except I guess may be back in the seventeen hundreds rate but the it just. Managed to fire at all seem ideal all over town everybody was doing well this. And it is it does have that feeling now always see it happen and kind of place with a lot of interest in art. And you never know you're gonna run into there room always running in the people from the arts community people in theater music. Writers you know that I know it's just a great place to go kept face piece of 1011 Decatur street in the French market they would what they've come in Wednesday through Saturday. Maybe even Sunday and they are they are also for Sunday brunch or have to go each fried chicken over the fried chicken fast was he goes there and maybe before equipment to. We will come back Whitmore the food show you need a break to unite. We'll come back Whitmore the food show in a moment but first please us. If he had no one at a dish is supposed to taste like. You can figure out the way there. And that's how come we have so many good. Chefs here cooks you know when did they all become chefs you know it's it's. We had so many of them that just look that way and it works. Believe me there is news via the owed no kidding. I was nineteen. Yeah and it's 51 well he had a chance to pick it up talking about it and Whitney Houston after this new carafe. What goes in Houston. Boy that's kind of in years I was opening. Count me on the phone since early this them. Can come back to. Me this option. Hopefully I'll bet yes. I'll bet so. Well that's good. By the way it since. We knew we may as well keep this going this one more places that you bring up other people that you work with because you can't do it he always felt I mean this is safe. If you think you gonna do a one man restaurant in fact it is. But the when you when you've got into this. What else what else do you did you put on the menu or did you decide to be very. Focused. When I first got started via well enough first I had I was cooking up a mile day. Yesterday something different every global idea we thought doing four boys. And down a street was a school of hair. A school of there was days that taught you gotta be here I'd be headdresses and stuff all. They haven't obviously. Sixty students predate. And they would end up at the restaurant where it was known that they can pull victory mean it's really early yet to. Me and told my daughters need was in mr. hunt you Rhode. Well you can't beat that now and so if you're not in competition with this would tell me how you make the roast beef for your roast beef will ever speak to you don't have roast beef. I would do it for boys for you to do that via we didn't read it all types support via but I don't simple rules no okay when government. Is there anything else on the menu though where you would specialize in me now yeah well our read. We specialize in dumbo and what I to a figure Leah Gibbs would come. Israel. Is it chicken gumbo or receipt list this it's a combination of seafood and chicken in all I'm Julianne. Google's. Yeah are you thinking you're going both ways whether it blew my mother would've said. And I'll book that my mother. Did to combos and it just about every week's Sunday she would skip that especially the seafood noble but she made. Chicken undoing gumbo. On Tuesdays and and she made seafood gumbo on Fridays right in the two things could not have been more different one this when tasted that way this went tasted outweighed it was no mistaking it. And they've even look different we own it and do all seafood capital doing man. And for the Gumbel festival. All you do and that town from him I do and doings and sausage got. Is to be here. Ever do look on both there both. Not. And that's I don't know I many people would know what is justice are themselves. Well anyway so Euro. You feel like you're ready for this competition and you hit that. And and what about you Kelly yeah I mean we're still in the yeah in the process. Well what you need to process process what a guy's point get the check in his right. Always. And I've been working on all we look yeah statistics economic this just brings up an interest in question here. You can you can buy this kind of chicken you can buy that kind of chicken. It in the store. Are you allowed to to pick whatever kind of chicken you want you re under Joel's idea and who is there anything but what what about it is that these special. We'll wait. The wait to hear you wanna do at least we knew we want something that's like three and a half. Three. You know anything under three pounds unanimous corny the race three and an ambulance for the whole chicken very. It dries out it uses less then yeah yeah yeah yeah and his doesn't you know an eyebrow I'm sure that's true but it seems that meego. When that winner have been in most stores lately obscene chickens that like five pounds it's Linux it took so big guns like gosh trees here. I don't I can't tell ya like that down right closest to it to me it doesn't cook right that doesn't taste right you. Some of Mao's legacy with that second look like when it was alive if I would go near it and yeah that's right have a god you know Danica acrylic. That's so thought. Yeah OK yeah I mean I remember one big one into a supermarket somewhere and it if the chickens weren't four pounds apiece they were five pounds rights which is access to my mother my mother used to buy hands you re right on the right hand they'd be abide it's you know six bones and and she said no that's what you're making gumbo right. Do you cook it along time and all falls off right and you get about where he's doomed him. Yeah that's good that's really always love that that used to be something you'd find on restaurant menus as a special mean we do this question. And its. And I don't see it too much anymore what they do. What day of the week. Don't do it on Sunday brunch all connected to a Sunday brunch. No kid not a failure anything you know it's no I don't either. I ditch and are believed everything gets cold. Who wants that. Means. You put that to yeah well. So it's we have we have gotten to the end of your menu you have. More on that. And you will tell us some more we feel like fresh cabbage and fresh yams on Tuesday. Barbecued chicken and we have on. Activate yet still Turk an extra mustard greens and candy yams and Condrey. Come for different things in different days yeah and on on Friday and smothered awkward shrimp. You know it comes to catfish and stuff and how's my stuff bell pepper was known on Saturday. The boost. This is something you always have to say because. They're. There are some felt that stuff bell peppers and stuff with beef and things. Seafood gets the way to us safer toys. Wonderful you know a little tomato in the air even knew Lou no not really bouquet one vacations would approve. Now you met really meaning in cajun country and if you put tomato in something where they're not expecting to meant to me you know makes it what is this program the really. And an engaging country everything's Brown's office and everything's. Coming comes out that way well people are different are also right. Yeah. So what what else is on your arm. Well we do moments I mean very similar. We do daily specials Monday's red bean the rice of course. Tuesday's we do meatloaf. With green means. Wednesday's we do how we do our own Italian sausage and how to make it and you know so that's our Brothers my brother's baby off. He does the Italian sausage we serve that over shell macaroni. With cabbage we do cabbage. Thursday today we did but beings. Not a lot of people do about it and so little statements that they would save Wednesday what did you. I do that would studio. And and tomorrow we have usher for real. Shrimp creole and movable. Like corn corn Mike Hsu I'm I'm permanently. Brain damaged when it comes to. Trip real gas. I at all like the idea. But I know exactly why. Because one of the first times I ever aided my life was from the cafeteria at Palo I was going to with a time which will remain nameless. And virtually the entire school. Got food poisoning double and this. Screwed up completely the football game that night because of football players had caught it threw rocks at that was. And I just can't get it out of my head you know I just learned. But that's my problem a program that is sponsored by care restaurant supplies have been achieved buys things from them once in awhile. Guy here who care the care of them. Is it into the business. Of selling all the tools that ship needs. To do his job. They've been at that for three generations that family has. And it is open to the public so you don't have to be in the business it is to go there. And when you go. There are a million reasons why you might find yourself going back there are more often than you would have guessed. One of them is that if you know anybody who's getting married. These days you know a lot of younger people particularly. They are. Buying instead of like full sets of China and stuff like that. They're buying you know we're on a good set of knives and a nice big real wood cutting board that you know is gonna last you forever. Because a lot of people get into the kitchen and cooking and doing it for recreation and fun you know. So. Say they have all of that. And if you want if you are unsure about you know what kind of knife is the right one out I'll give you one quick piece of advice do not biased set of knives. By the ones you need. And that's what she got what you go get your best mileage. Care restaurant supply. Is there waiting for you every day again you get not only can you go there if you're not a restaurant tour but you are you get the restaurant wholesale. Discount too so that's. That's not bad. And they have everything from you know little forks. Plastic forks for serving oysters Rockefeller with all the way up. Two or stoves and they've got at all right there than nice makes people Peter care and his family run it. And they welcome you on Monday any day of the week on Saturdays are open half the day in the morning. And just stop and look around that's all right they they'll answer any questions you might have about whatever issue look at that care restaurant supply. They are on con tie street. Right off of that's right off of the end build right through mid city. It's like moralists around the corner from the old bugs for Oilers probably the best land or did write a there you go are right it's the food showed did you need another break. OK we will take that break and we will come back with more of the food show in a moment after first please this. After the hurricane after Katrina because urged her breast got went away. And at that time it was a hot place everybody was going there and get. The all you can eat fried chicken and red beans and all the rest of it and they were gone. For awhile you're what I remembered. With that you were over at loyal for awhile yet lost though. And you were in law school new school cafeteria all all YE a young icy and it was. That was. Was there for a while this was an in the Dominican RI they took goers. On pine street I remember correctly right. So that always says that seems to have done okay but then ended and it fizzled out couldn't find a parking was that in the customers. It was OK for the students who hasn't it the past and that makes sense you know demons to bed. And when did you open them the present shop. The one hand yeah five months ago. OK so that's should be Roland really nice to come in Iran via could the this is. The year you're on air hard Graham are there hard just off Carrollton avenue which side. The the giants arrow so I inherited to host a remember him on account so if I am from care IC okay. Did you I wine maybe you did. I'll be out Billy Barrow well who had catfish difference. What a guy well he. He we did a few of our own remote shows from over there and I'd just to quote one of my girlfriends went my girl friends listen that in life. Of my girlfriend of the time. She said you know. This is popcorn fish. You know high you can't stop eating popcorn. You can't stop eating this catfish. He was so good run and he was real nice guy it was really achieve what happened yet. To keep what what happened you run over by cars Rossi he gets its own review of how do you defend against that well. So. The two restaurants were talking about. Done bars for the exact addresses what Sammy 347834. Year Earhart okay. And though what we your and avenue Franklin at Philly terrorists it's 5325. Franklin avenue. It's right at the intersection of Fillmore or Franklin yeah right across from where that Millie voiced homeless you you know what is that now is that just sit there nor. Oh yeah ignored yet he redid those buildings that are having. That was in it this is interesting story behind them but it's not the right time please write. The what would I was going to UN no we used. I was either in the dorm or renting them house very close to campus. We went there all the time the place it was caddies for these earlier and the tunnel that was some. First place I. Ever had say a hand month. A barbecue ham right choice he dad and then as frisbee sandwich out. Celestine thank you very much for spending all the time good lob over. A win. And Cali I hope you win and pat pat pat pat Ellis senior vote that they wanna shake hands because I write them this is all that being being gobbled it. I want a five point three WW LF MHD two can our New Orleans will be back more of the food show.