Fricasee The Long and Slow Stew From Chef Folse

Chef Jon Folse discusses Fricasee or stewing meats as well as his culinary school at Nicholls State.


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the food show I am wrong the gourmet waiter guest host for Tom Fitzmorris. And I have with me today a special guest chef John falls. Jeff false we were talking earlier about black iron and you mentioned Africa say. Could you tell us little bit of Africa say yes. You talk about wanna start on wall are. And a new artist or cajun country talk about who makes the best records. Cricket of course that the French were still right amounts to robbery is that you ominous too and you know adult cast on pot absolutely perfect it's doing and we loves doing because. It'll houses that can arise. These. Dodi's difficult or tough Khatami. Normally where the U. We're killing the page. Where you had a little camp that you and harvest in the form or whether you use and while game in your accounts on pod. The fact that Q and Africa say it humans do it. Allowed you to duties long slow cooking like Russell breweries. Where you putting meat and the liquid with seasoning. Putting that leave it on the top of the pot. And allowing that. Me to record sales due in part that can arise in the laundry cooked. The battle at the flavored. Green just think about it if you vote. Nice. It's Africa sale. And has a lot of hotter than that out right in our our all want grow whatever. And you take it and you you you just deep ball that that lead into one inch cubes that you put in a bottle caps on pot would like to put -- Something. I'll just brown it beautifully and at a caramelized. Meet. And then smothering it with onions celery bell peppers garlic green on parts of traditional. Seasonings of Louisiana started into the meat that is and yes Kara caramel so nicely. And and remove it all to create a cast that that. Grew. Africa faking mental light room quite can have a dark brown to put that myself. Half cup of all have couple bring it to that we eyes dark caller. Added that the pot too much thickening agent. And then had little water stopped to talk when we talk about a freak thing and we and we can Africa say vegetables. We can pregnancy seemed to mean good crawfish yet to face. Is really yeah Africa say just excellent cook to Africa. But Dan where and when packages that rule the smothering the seasonings. Adding them beat the covering would vegetables or stock. And allow would put Utley and on target on mice will simmer. And let it cook until at meetings candor all of the it is they are all Andy do logged screen door. I would put rice in the middle of that bowl in just covering when dad dies. Africa sale mild across Africa say right off recklessly score. At fairway but we won't freak thing. But but again the good news all you know you know run that day Internet today is so Graham and cookbooks. But I am literally thousands of recipes on my website Jean Paul's dot com. Open that upon doesn't cost a dime and if you look in if you just type in the word for it costs it to pay offs to hear literally and a be just bearing recipes. Cooked for years and I encourage people to do that calls to nick but it. And you can get all my secrets and. Okay. On. High pressure type cooking. These these. Black iron Dutch ovens is what I like but you would be used CD's high pressure cookers right right I've always felt like with the heavy loaded on the black iron. Dutch oven and kind of get some of that built then am I correct and I think you're right Iran I think your right eye and I own one of the forest pressure cookers. That's made in my culinary collection pretty. I'm pretty law did you call their collection. Lou Collison is one of my grade. France. And they're always called when unique pieces coming. And I have a pressure cooker that was made an eighteen hundred's where there's no. There's no pressure gauges it just a little. Metal top that'll pop up and down pressure cooking now allows you to take. Very tough cuts would be it. And cook them in half the time that it would take you to fracas. Artists do these Thai dishes. At the same time I mean if you wanna cook something files and oppressed group camp as well. But I think people use pressure caucus today really much more fun times saving. A strategy to meet cook something real fast a lot of she also bringing. Pressure cooker synthetic kitchen now which you know assault before we never saw oppression cougar is accepted some fried chicken places. But a lot of shells to bring impression caucus and now. I would say that migrated hues of repression book going to be honest with you is now in canning vegetables. Canning vegetables making. Making different types of preserves in. A right now in fact I've beautiful Quinn's in my trees in my yard and loves to take quit in three weeks. And put them together and cannot put him in that pressure cooker. And go ahead and jar in tandem that's one of my best methods pressure Coke. But it cuts the time of cooking dramatically. And it its roots of sole purpose. Is to get to the table and half the time. Okay. You were talking about your culinary connection collection what else can you tell us about what we're assuming your favorite pieces. Where you know Patrick Dunne over and Tom Collins has been a great for. He's an authority on knobs on these these type a wonderful wonderful error little bodies and peaks of and cooking. And not only do I have magnificent serving pieces and I've been able to collect over the years. But I'm really in two things like to brazing parts Adobe is as we call assaulted out of folic collecting culinary. I went als or can I can now London many many years ago. I'll work and had to meridian hotel at Piccadilly. And right down the street was this beautiful old and Peekskill. And that I own another store and a country called bulls buyers and peaks and all of that and and he had these beautiful pieces from the 1718 hundreds. And I had I'm so I actually started buying my era started to alarm the bottom at that point. And then eventually came. In the new artist meant Patrick. And in my whole collection is destined for mock culinary institute at nickel state university I wanna make sure. That all of these priceless pieces. Of culinary history goes into preservation month column school. But it it's it's a habit of mine and if policies something historic and cooking. I just have to I'm you. You bet thank you tell us a little bit about the culinary school at Nicholson. What was the inspiration to get the school started. You know. Nickel state university on with a nickel state has as a kid I went I went into Nickels and and 1966. And never dream that one day it'd be a school named after me on that. Campus needless to say. But it came about because doctor Donald on you know who's president of Nichols stated that time. Aided mare from feet slamming him Thomas and dale. And noticed that there was a group of shelves. Walking through a dining room and champs white sent anyway there Asian. And he asked me fit with the group of Asian chills through with a group from Hong Kong. That's coming over to study cajun and creole cooking this is an early eighties. Any civil how to begin the announcer will do its work and in Hong Kong and they wanted to know more about cajun so we invite me here Hilton international and and so it at all. That's how the institute started. By a doctor. I feel basically say in. Why are we doing that here on we built schools to teach weekend cooking here and that's only had to say rest is history. How did you choose to detail. But they chose me you know for Prada and I'm glad they did because if you think it given over 45 minutes on a new law. We're on my little foolish to launch a super walk away from the Gulf of Mexico tidbits that it would ever. The heart of cajun country. The heart of which are about to fall for pantry in began to write. Some notables historic was lead was done right there on that my foolish. So I think up to ultimately. Have the chef John Paul's comment institute a four year college degree by the way and cooking. You can get an associates but most of my students to think about 95% album. Are actually four year by trust science and called marathoner one of the United States if you're gonna get a college degree and cooking you and again Nichols had a John falls culinary institute some very proud of the state Louisiana forgiven men that honor. Even more prodded maimed and have to make cuts are memo they'll knees that are. Uncle John is a school named after him and he's not even dead. That can be hard to figure it out to both the names of them it's. It and government unless you're dead except I don't. Is the greatest honor in my life I mean I'll cook. But some of the greatest faces in the world but when I think of my greatest accomplishment it's that gift. Of the John Paul's culinary institute to students all over the world who now on campus and given and where. The fees for that school is not that thousands and thousands of dollars that. Come about from so amenities for profit schools where a state school. So you can accompany it appeared the same tuition so moms and I had to have in a paper this stuff. The State's school indicate is that kids can get a natural science and common relatives you know in the pleased to go but your house. I remember when President Reagan had president Gorbachev. From the Soviet Union comment. While that was sent him. You know I mean. You know when all of rankled my life in cooking and think. The opportunities. Given. It's mine. I mean it's almost impossible. To think of via the gifts and cooking up and given up. But certainly it was the Soviet Union and opening rash on in Moscow in 1988. But the Reagan Gorbachev summit. Sits at the top of the cooking opportunities. In the world. And to be able to. Except the task of going to Russia. The first foreign venture by far enough sensible should be revolution of 1918 and all the fun out and I'd be cooking for Reagan and Gorbachev in the entire world press eighty countries that was gonna see. Reagan and Gorbachev meet for the first time. And that think that I was given an opportunity in the store. But it's very complicated law. I've got to know that aren't good note that we did it was an incredible. I've got an easy question for it if you remember what what's for dinner. There are right in the garbage so yes there. Watch your story. I'm doors on a few but I'll tell you a story that on opening night a moderate from Moscow. We had a room of about 500. It's sitting right in front of me for the ribbon cutting was five cosmonauts. All of amid the star of land on on their shoulder. And one album was Urich a goner in the first manned space city right in front of me on a ribbon cutting. And in the center of each table that night was a platter of crawfish. I brought crawfish with me whole crop is the ball for that opening night and I'll never forget looking over at eureka god and and I'm thinking he's certainly an earth as the first man evident do it and he reaches all print and big platter borrow craw fish. In show and a handful of them into his mouth. Especially Eddie started Q did spitting out the elderly and look at it shook his head like good very good attitude that I thought to myself. While he is one animals famous men in the world b.'s bit outcrop all brought to Russia that I had spent a I. It's I've got wallet that you know the charges in off. June as we pan and cook and adjusts. Like I say it's a gift I mean I've been given a great great gift to be able to represent Louisiana. Stayed a bit about John Paul's been about our beautiful state and our people. I look at Paul Prudhomme and look at look at what he's done look at some ended early show look lead achieves what she's done look at look at how role god knows what he's done John bears. I mean these these these are people who devote life to do and what all of the do as well and that's promote. What's best about Louisiana its people culture its music its food. And we have that opportunity to do it enough I think to myself every day how blessed I am to be able to going do these things and now. And of course here you mention Monica. Why do wanna carry it still aware enough time after a break to be implicated in the story about it which is. To be able to do a Vatican State dinners and. Credible. OK you're listening to the food show armor on the gourmet waiter. We're 105 point three Debbie Debbie LF MHD two room with Jeff John false. It's like the.