The Fresh Water Fishing Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 19th

Jeff Bruhl with all fresh water.


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Good morning listener is this is outdoor writer Linda cuts and we're welcoming Jeff to rule our and bass fishing expert to the showed Jeff tell us what's going on with the bass fishing world. The Dayton but this weekend that the river dam and there's reports are good reports about there. Everything from paint this but did not and quite certain properly to. That's pretty good spot is we can't. I presume they have this destructive crickets in the goat crickets and two under court that's that's on and equipment to clean water. Who put it would cover you think our combat since Japan is pretty bad droughts and crop this invitation. What about great and he's good enough it was plastic. And debate about the little caucus states over the of the bat and got topics and again a lot of typically those he's in the same thing. Just that explains why us also many votes there one across last week on the way to an activist Tommy knew it was loaded there at the launch. The other reports about a week or so ago started the third football. Started to level where the bishop to come out of the woods and convenient thing with transitions to the rivers and so that. And really had chances on and conservative done them as primitive they already you know and to respond patterns. And it's it's been kind of wiped out of there for the for the pain and punishment. How about the rivers on the North Shore up onto train. The dollar and even heaven as it's pretty much saw everything money. I was put his it actually if you got to do is take this term emotional like that. You'll attention to yourself. Current amount of the bodies have a plate along the late supposed coup of that system here. He just thought were very early in that you like crank baits that. And what about a hour shifts and mentor area by U Mihm a new Della crow complex. There's a good report and attitude you know tested today. You want tenant. It's just look at places where it Dominican border around my island. So you of these you know basically that this is not in order another official by. The Disco rock is still there he has the potential disparate units got in the news. And Doug could you look at those ponds and spot its vPro and you get out there in the hotel or electorate in order you might come across spot we support for the war. This what he's at the W returns content. How to get the break from our border you know as the bush bought AT and he just hit and visitors and drug it is appalled. The bottom operatives of the great war. There that was the without a way instead of its current crisis by political aspect is not on the did you buy. Linda gently him knocking on the grass I have never and I got here I'm I'm interested what is not economic grass. Only to have it is these marchers we got tickets was bought an isolated act in the correct and which you what to do that you particularly contact with a pleased with term means you wanna take its innovators open and carpet that you go power he's got a weighted. Plastic tribute inside of it but you women can't that was addressed to get more action. It's just like by the would cover you when you have this in the rivers stepped. Really the hardest thing you learn and now it has struggled with it is when you don't that waited base like a straight to a world. Problem is in the he put up that stalker. You know and it just stop. It is that this story is the threat and and I just got away and discuss stop don't move don't do that and if you think it's this. And also in a lot of start moving target to a total written you know biscuits. Meantime up over that that this is now after the conducted between Democrats and petitioner. That cover. Soul looks at some free. Now I'm. Doing you know I don't just talk about some tournament events coming up on this month while next must look and it. Yeah that over the everything in this market and which is split that program. Stated the nick of these more of that there were sixteenth the borrow and also the second annual revel classic at the lake Anderson. And then you go to rebel positions CNET dot dot com more information there there's some bit of events coming up next. Just thought you have any thoughts on BA SS is decision not to allow Louisiana to become part of this fishing territory when they hold a terminal event Texas. There was the beautiful anglers and it's just been mighty thing we've had some. Tournament trail here tally got as some trouble because you know it's going to that would open the public and it doesn't know not just the big gray area. I think the one thing would be it was a brought attention to an issue we have a language here is that if some time you don't know you don't. Proper proper public property and you sit in order to catch a fish that live in and out of the same places. So this tall orders say he was probably went public in the and somebody there that thought a lot from down in price tickets and when people law it's a big issue and I'm so excited it's a little publicity. Well he really can't blame them I mean you know put in there aren't there contestants at risk in getting sighted in the Namibia have been disqualified them and it's such a gray area not known what's provident was public and we don't even know he can you expect someone from out of town I think and in doing the right thing that. Just gives us more motivation to get that off finally straightened out and give clear designation and delineation what is prime and what is pub has got to be done. Yes it's it's hard to mean a lot of towns places like Billick I don't know there's no mud on your position. Basically the quarter of the land proceeded to your position. Since about his property inundated detonated added up to where. It's a title ordered to have it there certain counties this year. Permanent conduct under point they don't want but this destination whether. You know try to look at some of that but. Did that this didn't he's in the public so it's kind of hard to not go after him in Ketchum Nevada where they are. Exactly just thanks so much for Paul we appreciate dissolved its. All right see you next week I want my new reports with Jeff abroad to my Berkeley division of pure fishing and they've got that new real evil acts in their lineup of the fourth generation. Our real goal low profile re missiles got a Dora clutch designed. Meg tracks braking system provides smooth casting in a reliable drank the fighting bass in all types of cover. And literally have coming up next. We have Blake resell inning grand isle so we're gonna get that report we also have a couple of text messages do we have a minute. I'll ask them on a one way back okay sounds good all right you're listening to the outdoors was done to be you can radio network.