Former Saints QB Archie Manning

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, January 2nd

Former Saints QB Archie Manning joins Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia on the Saints Coaches show to talk about the Saints in the playoffs, how far does Archie think they will go?


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And welcome back. Happy new year your yo Somalis here at this age radio network at the black and go punch that ticket and win the division that. And they will host the Carolina spent the Sunday at 3:40 PM right here on the New Orleans Saints radio network while call weekend of course the final two games on Sunday. First game will be bringing you cover it's about like out there on the kick off outside against any in B don't Bobby Graham myself in my Terry is agreed to sit for the big game and then at 340 kick off followed by the locker room show and the point after. With the cage in the canyon Bobby a bit when news over the weekend of course signing at the twelfth pitcher. Also seeing the finding last week of the regular season we know future opponents and the draft all. Now the New Orleans Saints this year the two divisions at the saints will pair up against the NFC east. And the AFC no. The saints like you do every year will play home games against Atlanta Carolina and Tampa and those three teams on the road Bubba. Home games include the saints will play host to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Washington Redskins. The Cleveland Browns the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the champions of the NFC west Los Angeles rams because the saints had that first place schedule. Away games again the three divisional teams Atlanta Carolina and Tampa it's the saints play at the Dallas Cowboys got the New York Giants. They were hit the road to go to Baltimore Ravens the Cincinnati Bengals. And the NFC north champion Minnesota Vikings so. Those are the future opponents for the New Orleans Saints want to amend Edmund talk about Perez president all future always remembered. As one of the all time greats number eight Archie Manning joins us now on the same tree and there were ought to happy new year to year. And has blackened go team up really from start to finish kind of it's consistent throughout the season particularly when you think about. Factoring in who the saints' first two opponents were. Pretty consistent I think it was a little dismal at first from a this going in the output that they other teams got against the saints. But those are two very good teams and apology note two of the best teams right now that Las Vegas considered the favorites and he today covers the pages. And the vikings with the saints when the south pretty consistent throughout the season you'll also with the dragon go did gone into the postings that. Oh absolutely. I didn't. I don't think so. 020. Goodman also turning quotient removed always so. Notion that. Good support. You can actually you ought to war. That's probably bush better. Central ball playing will be virtually and then of course ago rule. On the good football thing this year. All of Jewish we Elmo yeah. So good at it can be improvement of these players bash to. Vast improvement won't be split up the bill proportionality on the now appears the problem is what needed especially. If you do there's quite a better. It always Elmo. No matter. What happens in football and and it changes and kind of goes in cycles and you know this. Oh god should top screwing around colleges and shoot people uproar has so much more but it still at the end of the day. Playing defense and run the football oh win football game forms placed a pretty good job. And obviously I think you would agree with this. That quarterback experience. You know quarterbacks that. Have played in high pressure gains come playoff time. That's well look at the NFC and a mistake and NFC. That when you look where the Eagles Iraq even though needed noble wants to be you look at them fight it but their and I think you have a complete team he's keen than an outstanding job. But I think it's wide open I mean I'll get to experience a Matt Ryan and Atlanta. Beat this exceed. In BP. You know type players. You look at Drew Brees winningest removal that you look even the can you need within it BP. So. To me out of a top to bottom in of C would you agree maybe that it's wide open no matter how wet thinking instantly. All the actual the so you you know it's losing and you visionary art. Count on. Go home game you while always applause. Well although option you know well. Absentee whom long did mention below so. Quarterback in. Watched the ball game no bones about it. Weird for you. Washington we. It's pretty cool he won't bore you more. Don't like they're all about naked boys partnered. We see these people ball won't they won't be. Your quarterback. Awkward all those. All. That. They can you can you can. We're. Now the ones that were born in the heat. Is on the mall and you. And so forth. Would be a monkey. Quote news but you go along. The war on wall. Then came the we missed the should be that should be good foil and. Now you know Archie when you look at expectations. You and you Rao. And a look at Eric bar look it. You know yours. Eli. And look at expect the eighth with the raiders have been looking at giants where their. And I'll ask you is because. I don't know high you know Libya handle it and I guess you might well he lives a mature adult but it's the case. You look at the struggle that it giants but he put me at thirteen he's fighting out there. And you'd think about all the football that you witnessed the things that are eaten. And he lie winning mobile. All of us you have it a year and a alt field filled with B. And did you question. Where you there are gonna have to move on a hot and you Olivia handle that you can involve. Ago while office. All of that to me you know as a parent you gotta be it's. Well. Long two would you you you gotta you gotta pick that would be prudent this football class what options throughout the year. You know one thing we're all guilty off. And Paul to cable give me who's in April we virtually all month gosh you're you know a little change in virtually. You know racial or their room and also what they're. All the code that is all the cool it that he bought it bought. There's little it will. All right. Devastated by. Actually in Sudan. Never actually semi polite boy. On the rich games. Although I'll do one guy is on super. Strong. They're able arms. Every. They want more and more. And we've talked about. Bags in the state as I've heard about it he can't accurately a lot of them intact. And war. In. Yeah the year. They wore out their practice squad that you know is sticking to. Is rooted nostalgic video and it's real change. You've. They're very worried about the other be shunning them like administrator. About main topic. What one payment toward one moment or what. Also people all you need or shall we wish bill. You know we also talked about sin thing global mobile that would actually get there before. And hang in there no option football game in union that called I think it would somehow Cogent and can can handle that. And slash more competitive and limited to. Well yeah shall. Obama. Bobbie they've extortion. I want to thank you market ploy Kabul a quarterback. Or AB LT important laws changed. We need to know. You we know it happens in football coach and and in Cordoba golf in Asia and north of thirty. Oh. Actions should sport so. Immoral or. Also it is good news these. Actually August of this year footballers. And staple. Beer game. Certain. Acted like do we look at years here just like. Neatest. But I. And talked Indy. I've never complain never. Actually been ruled out thing. Didn't vote usually. Oh. Tendency signaled and that record lose the streak was broken and that what works worse thing. Is that you go to jail. And that's never she never condition. Didn't. It would seriously out there would be the fourth time you're my career. Their coach fired there actually asked the workshop full ball that the war and not sure looked up to a year. Biden is about food terribly. Well you still do so. I will admit this I'm Angel. Found found on on that always thought you were you I don't know authors of you just talked about don't think anyone was surprised the way Eli handled the entire situation. As they always handled things well but. Or you may be thrown all four or suppress them from upper tier from Mac to do Reese the mayor famine how all of that happened. Well you know. Bobby Bobby contained stereo. One most probably here. Wounds and bikes everything. Can go for it just like everything. Carol. I'll say the whole bill was just a I'm not pay attention. At all. The finish everybody. One thing I got a great reputation around surely did. All through the years being. There will be in good. Yeah you can DC area and well for and what does work paying attention the way this thing was communicated. And it was unfortunate. Unfortunately nobody. (%expletive) out. You don't change the way. Again and it's football this happens in mediation. They would. Come iMac and we'll get all it's his thoughts on the on the saints as far as this weekend's game against the Panthers and what how fall in the black and gold gold this post season winding down with. The great ones. Ought to Manningham special edition of the coach's show New Orleans and Carolina Sunday while car week in on the saints radio network. Winding down quickly here with almost saying great all one of the all time greats of the NFL. Ought to man a lot of families saints open of the post season the first time they'll play Carolina in the play also here in the NFC south with three very good teams and attempt a team that. Lost five of their last game so for their last five about four points or less and each of those so wrist out division but. Your thoughts on this match apology and how Faulk in the saints go in the postings. Well. Google is four up like this place guys shot by their Capel plan really good defense of football right now. Opted to football I'll I'll physical ball. Help there's a big issue out here you're shooters on. Who what and well stay in jail Israel. But. I don't know groups and more you'd you'd hate to. Somebody three time. And our group as the years ago you shouldn't show but. Update. I think you're better as a team. That. You play that would volunteer. A lot of respects you know political team entailed a different type of player but we know. We know. We know that we're not so well this little bit this will eventually arranged things now that ignores. As well as in the so. What does Angel wanted as a bit of physical. Airline being removed welcome back. Ought to man ought to always a pleasure thank you thank you so much you're Bolivia's family appreciate it happy new year to you. OK happy new year. All right ought to many when we return a would get a chance to visit with one of us. Other up all the time saint greats of course apart and made big plays the none bigger than a syllable which he was a big point of and the saints defeat beat Indianapolis coach Lance Moore. But first let's posted seconds the station identification this is the New Orleans saint radio network.