Former offensive lineman Steve Korte joins Kristian

Former Saints offensive lineman and co-host of First Take on WWL Saints gameday Steve Korte joins Kristian Garic to talk about SEC coaches and having a beer with them, who would be the best guy to have a drink with?

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One nothing in Florida on top of Texas of the college World Series middle innings Jackson co marketed for Florida and he is straight out deal. Bobby sit time gusty court comment on announce our impromptu guest obviously he was loosened the program and no we talk about having a beer with coach though are any SEC coach who'd be. And give a lot sex got a lot of action with a 87878. A lot of he'll say I'd like to have one with coach though to see RB is the coach of deceit. How long it would take me to understand them with that there be 100 to battle hard a time when he sober. Our afternoon out all honesty and Cotto Steve core forcing its office Alam was lament. Gutsy texted me and said she had Beers at all these guys are. That's why did you said that. Yeah over the years. You. You are not just particularly situation here all situations where you know that. So you said that Nixon even as funny ass will tell me a lot to me out because I don't see any comedy from him ever. No new year you missed that big guy is extremely engaging. He's very Smart he's very quick funny he's got a million stories. You know what sort of let it you know it's you know we got all field and there. So. Back Africa is that it. It's shell yeah he's a really. Ought to go. Story. So is telling Sean Payton if you get away from. The media and in and away from football you really he has to let his hair down a little bit. Well. You know this guy. Is arguably the best coach in history book which is something you think about it. He's a cheap at all and the fact that he is good news continues at the extremely high level. Com. Cursor. What any take very seriously and well very serious. Game in some aspects. On. But he also knows that winners on Sparta so. That's just part is not good. We pretty you know. He's got caught and audit and audit you know it's are still pull all be done but watchful all done yeah. You could have been buddies are taught her. Who's the fun a silly guys you've you've. Have a couple suds with. It. Chip was such that it doesn't really IDB's. These he's a guy that you know outlook. Dictates that were chattel the other. GG you know. A lot beat so. I'll I'll share sale that resemble spot and outlets that bell matchup the X really sort jury. So I'm used to guys. Store at all. Steve core forcing its office aligning our sports talk and Steve. The question we were talk about today also what's the biggest question you have about the saints headed in that. In a training camp and look it's hard to to find a hole on this team or have a question about it but. For me it's it's Alex Okafor Marcus Davenport how much of an impact there when half. Look out obsolete this believe that it pilot they played last year and not about those two guys we get our peace deal or was injured. And and Betancourt was here. That's because that is the defense. Look I think it's just. Isn't likely be. Back to new guys at oak or computer or Jamaica progress this circulate saying and and and data. Rookie year good solid year. It's just gonna. Sort of at the arsenal guys good to be display and which you have these this. All the linebackers are wide backers are just got to. Oh good linebackers in there that do linebackers. Secondary route. Checking here all the best year you know or why did you see any. Remember. Great well now. It will be the only hole I see all in his. And looked. Out the week out deal. We hope that we don't have to see that Steve that's it that's what so we're not talking about it. Understand that the whole what is our strongest you know. And then there are I want that. Opportunity and in that program. And I'm sure sure it. A lot but we see each year. Sure what it in. Situations. Like that. No one at that point there now. Starting at age and this great a so or eat a lot of talent opposite Wall Street. Well fact that it. Bode well as far as trade barriers like that that no player. Ones at the top eight. He. Can't imagine that but at saint army. And so morals as. It's via the leaders. Steve core forcing itself as a lineman Willie drama thanks for they should join us on short notice. I Bobby any list or what's going on Bobby you're on W him well. About a I'm here. On debit thanks. Puts our old Bobby. Saving didn't make it in pro coaching. Text or writes it's an eight and so why it. I'll tell you this I'll bet you. You need it had to do it secretly I'll bet you that if you asked LSU fans right now. Which techniques save him back. At LSU. Despite the alike hate him because he left. Narrative. They were taken back in a heartbeat. You'd be crazy not to feel all the sudden one's is just said you know what. I don't I don't coach Alabama Alabama anymore I wanna go coach baca oil issue. Despite what you think Obama as a human being or. How he left the program etc. You'd be a fool. To deny that they say that you wouldn't think of that you absolutely what a hundred times over. We got Bobby that cart Bobby was what about you on W built into combat. Our mandate you know consultation being patient. Yeah. Christian oriented that we are legitimate. And a bit and I agree I agree Medicare that they'll be market share at tight end position. Guarding KG in clean. Expensing from the from the get a permit to I'll ask it in perspective. Coming Ina and equipment. I think. But how are certain you have left it there there though. I take what I've seen in OTAs in in in mini camp. And he doesn't look 37 honestly do he's movement. They don't body it's a good point I grew vehicle that is a question mark but it's not dire straits there Jeanne you're gonna get. You know if you get 5600 yards from Ben Ben Watson the way they've constructed this office now without a Camara be a big part of it out of backfield as a receiver Mike Thomas. Guys they've added I'm Ted Ginn junior and cam Meredith along with trick once missed I mean there there they might attack you in different ways and usually like to beat. And I haven't haven't a tight end involved in that attack but I think today have so many weapons it's really not going to be as big an impact. And it's probably going to be a big impact its lawyer though their production at its herb but gap that. An expedited initiative mile stretch at church but feel a little bit nor seen. Just so that would ban the use of no event. They're well see if they are out on it will employ and me and integrate. And all the outrage not bring humanitarian air raid. Ernie a large damage grave manner it's you know. Outing totally agree and look. I had tea if you're you're writing pose that as a question but I don't think it's. As big of a deal what's your biggest questions surrounding the saints headed in a training camp 50426018. Semi tech's 87 beats everybody takes a phone call. 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