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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Friday, December 1st
Daniel LelchukThe Gormet Cellist talks wine and in particular Rose` with the Sommelier of Commander's Palace Dan Davis The Wine Guy.

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Well hello there and welcome to food the food show. The food show that's all it is on. WW LF MHD two the highest quality. Audio radio known to mankind and this is Daniel I'll check the gourmet cellist. Sitting in the top let's Morris who's gonna vote returns as soon as he can and meanwhile we wanna talk to about anything at all having to do with food. And everything that goes along with it. Dining and dining out cocktails lying recipes cooked books. But about some food memories I'd love to hear what you're doing ten years ago. For Thanksgiving what happened that really sticks in your mind what worked what didn't work anyway just pick up the phone call me it's very easy to do. All you do is you dial. 5042606368. I would love to hear from you about anything at all having to do with food and that's it right off the debt. In Toms stead. He would be saying this but he's not here there's a very special east club. Going on it is titled eat club goes to Carnegie hall and we all know where that is it's in midtown Manhattan. And here's what's on this website I think you should hear this because it's it's beautifully written by time acts that actually at Carnegie Hall as the hub of American musical excellence. Although the brightest lights glowed different decades few people so much as have met in musician privileged enough to have performed in this Athens center of artistry. But we do we meaning they eat club. Which as you everybody by the ways a member of the it's not formalized all you do is you say I wanna go with you guys wanna go to dinner with you guys and Tom organizes these wonderful dinners all over the country. All over New Orleans all over the world and this is a special trip. But we do. On February 27 they eat global travel to New York City to hear that Louisiana philharmonic orchestra in a one night only performance at Carnegie Hall. And we do know a few members of the Tokyo notably my friend and second tier Telus Daniel Meltzer. And that happens to be meets at all points Tom has organized an eat club tour. To go along. The size de Louisiana philharmonic orchestra while they go to New York to play Carnegie Hall in February. And this is an all inclusive deal and I really think you should look into it it seems to be very very popular already. And the whole point is Ugoh. You hear the concert. If your flight in New York to hang out with Tom and Harry and you're paying out. Other the clippers. And so what is an. It's very simple there's no exclusivity and there's no. A snooty Nissen of off at all it's simply. If you like to eat. I'd get on board the strip. You have to do is email. Round trip transfers from the airport the hotel four nights at the viceroy hotel that we all know that Tom's wife Marianne. He has a real hotel. Group and she's found it great. Brand new hotel steps from chronic you all the viceroy hotel. And number four tickets to the LP of performance at Carnegie Hall. Tuesday February 27. 2018. In the park case section lists so this is really going to be something. Very special. So I hope you call. For more information email Tom at Tom gnome and you dot com on eleven that he sent up. In any case this is says Daniel not to the Gorman Telus diameter analyst. I hope to be gourmet one date Tom came up with the name actually nice and OK fine it that sticks it rolls right off the tongue and now. I'll keep rolling with that myself. I'm aspiring gore made its lesser of gore month. Indicates pick up the phone call want to call please and the sitting here alone in the studio its final four. 2606368. And talked me about anything at all having to do with your holiday cooking. Now if you remember yesterday we had a fascinating discussion in the second hour with Martha Lorton who is a cook book reviewer of publishers weekly. And we've really delved in deep into the world of shut the and conserve and preserve and jam. And everything else. Debt falls under that category of installations protect call. And she was giving great ideas about. Dressing up your standing group grows dressing up your who's your Turkey. Or your lamb or whatever it is you plan to make during the holiday season. And so when you go back. On to the website of WW Alan listen to yesterday's conversation because I think you'll learn a lot I certainly did two and a hell of a lot about the end. Gammon all the rest. In any case would love to know what you cooking. For the holidays we've done Thanksgiving. But we haven't had a full recap although actually yesterday. You'd be surprised or tons and tons of calls from people. A talking about the Thanksgiving stories com and I remember one of my favorite Thanksgiving stories happen along time ago. And M I'd. Brother and my father meaning half my immediate famine war. In Budapest for the year of all places. And so left me in my mom Malone and Thanksgiving we yeah we went out went to local restaurant and answer. And we had a wonderful time the restaurant doesn't existing Mars calls scenes CIN apostrophe S disease at Andover in. And New Hampshire. And it was a wonderful meals to food was excellent of course but besides that it was a the smallest Thanksgiving I've ever had. And it was very memorable and do what is unexpected. We're going to croak of course we have friends invited us in everything we. Decided to collect this the two of us and it was a very special memorable. Emotional. Thanksgiving and we just had a great time I was very young and that's a kind remembered I'd love to hear that from you. If you simply pick up the phone and dialed who's 606368. By the way 6368. Spells afterward. Menu and so we'd love to hear about you Thanksgiving and what can do for Christmas Chanukah Kwanzaa or anything else to celebrate. Andy religious or non religious holiday or any non quality is completely acceptable on this show with an open forum. And you can tell us about Thanksgiving in 1948. That he celebrated in Koppel or you can tell us about their Christmas 2017 that you plan to celebrate. Right here in New Orleans. It's going to be good. Very busy holiday season. And I particularly like to hear from you. How do you balance. With the stress of having people over it your house and it's this is a lie a lot of people really go in knots during the holiday season they've they feel the current. They field a holiday pressure and the screws turning and what do I do if I messed this up when we're going to find this and other people and electric cooked and everything like that. And it's time to just take a deep breath. And sit back with a glass of wine and I don't know if you remember last year when I interviewed have struck Japan. And that's it's Jeff pat pat you're such an expert. What do you do with few feeling overwhelmed of course he never feels overwhelmed a lot of us. Do in the kitchen exit Daniel. Pour a glass of wine and and relax and put on some beautiful classical music by the way. He's a big fan of the rope please accept the prize is go back and find podcasts from last year that talked him really grilled them about its taste in music. He loves I'll be known the awful people witnesses say a northern Italian baroque composer. By the way. We'll know within the food and music go along very well together. Everybody loves food loves music everybody who loves music loves food. And vice Versa. Now which leads me back to the Adam topic and infinite beacon of the show would be Louisiana philharmonic going on tour at Carnegie hall and Tom Fitzmorris the normal. Host of this show organizing and eat club. Tour to go along the sides of Louisiana philharmonic and it includes lots and lots of great restaurants effect they have the mystery here. He use. Breakfast at the event. Sunday printed out this are. Dinners at scar patina and del Monaco. And Chinese tuxedo which is one of the most exciting Chinese restaurant. In all of Manhattan right now. T at the palm court. At the Plaza Hotel by the way which if you haven't been as one of the most. Extraordinary hotels in the entire world and of course. Easily EAT ale light utility and if you're not familiar with that this is a joint venture of Mike Vitale in the via bus down and it's and it's incredible. Palace it's a real temple to all things Italian. And all food Italian it's incredible facility I think that when the New York blows weren't Chicago out of the water but I'd. A partial to New York anyway for Chicago. In any case it's a great thing to do to just go along with Tom and of course Marianne albeit with his picked wonderful hotel device towards brand new steps away from Carnegie Hall. And all you have to do is dial. The travel agent of the club which is. Deputies and deputies reached at 50445608. Fourth sixth and much more important than at phone number is my phone number which is through six or 63686368. Spells at Norton and you. Which is a very germane down to the top of this Euro. And as we. As we talked about food in the holidays and everything up reminded that there is no rules on the sole you have to do is pick up the phone and call. And shortly we going to be joined by Perry. Very special guest who is getting all of his tools set up now. And he says rather familiar voice on the WWL. Airways it stand Davis who is the chief Somalia at commander's palace. Oh wins all the biggest awards in the wine world every year. And that's because the rest on the laurels because they've really. Update things they really search out. The best. And the brightest and the things you haven't heard of from all over the world and I think it. It's a real testament to the expertise. And the curiosity. A stand Davis that he continues to win these awards because frankly winning one it's one thing but when you continue to get them. It shows a dedication. And professionalism. That's that's quite impressive. And of course. Starting two days of Evian season. At commander's palace and many other restaurants in the war and so will be talking battle that soon as soon as medium. Get set up here I also want to say that. When you're feeling overwhelmed. The best thing to do. It is sit down and put on some music and kind of music you want with a glass of one remember the words of the pack. And the holidays they really shouldn't be a time to feel. Like the screws are turning in new. Everything will be okay remember what Martha Lorton said yesterday the publisher's weekly. Don't explain don't complain and it's a great rule and awaits Daniel now technical limits Ellis sitting in for Don Fitzmorris. It is one of five point three WWL FM HD two and I will take a break very briefly. And though we will come back with Dan Davis. Head sommelier at commander's palace who's here to talk wines and how do we buy quality wines says you wanna budget will also died and at that also if you wanna splurge a little bit. A will go up market two weeks the gourmet cellist on WWL back in a class. And hello hello hello and welcome back to. The food to go on and won a five point three FM WWL. A 62 at the highest quality radio. Known to mankind and Waltz are streaming. All over the world any where the Internet exists and I'm very happy that come in a minute or two going to be talking to. Dan Davis whose great friend of mine and one of the most knowledgeable people about wine. And he's had some Leo for commander's palace and believe me he's going to give us great education is even. Brought a few things along to the studio this is why it would be good to great overhead of video stream because she could see the sold said if that we have going on here. I'm but in any case I am. Here we are anti remind you that if you have any questions from the you'd understand Davis. All you do is pick up the phone it's five before. 2606368. And that we'd love to have you call in and ask anything at all even if it's quote off topic is really nothing that's off topic here. Don't worry that we're doing an interview and you can interrupt that we'd be happy to take your calls and indicates it's 26 or 63. 68 and I think we have pulled the things that appeared Dan welcome it's great to have you straight to see Daniel has always Gloria I'm doing well we're all feeling the depth crunching of the holiday C I Indo in this frigid December knowing him yeah I I I took out my you know my my mink coat to. I am. So look Tellme nom we have a lot of people listen this show who love wine and go out level when they go to friends s.'s. I call that job security. But then they go to host a dinner party. And the collapse in despair because there's no clue how to approach fine line for themselves or their friends. It's common problem. You know there's so many many many winds up there to choose from. My biggest advice to anyone who's getting nervous first of all as you said earlier. You know it it's not supposed to be you know the thumb screws on us in the holiday season. Do the things that you know do the things that you love and generally most of the people around you're gonna love the same sorts of things are just be happy to be spending time with you. Don't obsessive or having exactly the perfect wine with a exactly the perfect pairing with exactly the perfect flowed through the evening. Just plenty of wine that's the most important thing capped at the so. Give me go to a reputable shops or are for this for that matter I mean you know almost every Rouse is now has a wine expert on staff. So you go to a go to the place talked to the person who works there don't be afraid to tell them what you want to spend. To me I love it when a customer tells me they're their budget ago wines from it 25 dollars well. At a few zeros but I'm happy to help me find a wine in any price range because my job is to make you happy. And I think it's myth and the wind world but maybe it's not but I think it is that am and more expensive wine is absolutely as a rule the better it is. I'm and a lot of people are are confused by. Wind pricing and it. Help us dispelled the myth and and explained that. The relationship between price and quality which is always on a direct correlation. Well there are a lot of factors that go into the pricing of winds the age of the wind is certainly important if you. Cellar wine for decades there expenses associated with holding on to that line and certainly as. The most remarkable. And special and age were the ones on the planet. Age they become more valuable because people are willing to buy them on the auction market of people were looking for in the didn't have the opportunity to buy them when they were first released. Other things include production level. The readings and scores that particular vintage indoor. Weiner producer have received all of those factors is kind of like realistic with location location location. You know with the winds. As you get to smaller and smaller and smaller production wines. In general they can become more expensive but that's not necessarily the case and the things that. Those of us in the wide world love in the those of us that's been our. Time in careers focused on this amazing. Gift from the great. What we love this finding this ones that really over deliver for the money things that drink well beyond their. Or the punch above their opponents of of their weight as you would say. That's right now and sisters that they were gonna delves into the wind brought some wonderful points unit Adam I'm looking at a ruling and then dug the producer seemed ruling will have to give that a court. But down. The court and but I am and second in your rates and there it is that semantical sound and he's just opened tell us what the open. I just open a bottle of domain Kern narrows rose. Actually wrote a piece for Nolan dot com the times Picayune they wanted to chat about pink bubbles. Kind of a fun thing in a rosy winds are really really. In right now and all over the market I think a lot of people forget that there are some amazing ruse a bubble we winds out there. This is one of my favorites it's California property owned by the attack and your family. We're very very famous champagne family in France. That decades ago bought a lovely property right on our nearest highway between Napa and Sonoma and are producing some amazing sparkling wines from America. That is great now before we we get into that as one of freedom to just a little excerpt from your article which was was very enlightening and exactly so so here goes this is a quote from Dan Davis the prosaic craze is at full maturity these days. Many years ago all the pink wines are likely to encounter an America where sweets and relatively boring. Quote unquote basic. The wind premise that hadn't had the Europeans always knew that sweet pink wines or an aberration. And that the past and years every one else has figured out. American tastes have thankfully evolve towards drier wines and now America can't get enough drivers say with celebrity Rosie wines rose one festivals. And given in to Graham and Twitter celebrating involves the role was by the way that's put on immediate Pia and was in the levee although it's about absolutely gross and it the other great evening so. So tell us why you liked it's that's one in particular and that one may view in Dorset and through. Well and I see it in writing that article I actually went to some friends. I like what went right about wines. I want people to find them. You know I'm very very fortunate and most of snow just fortunate fielded tried rare things what we've Michael unicorn wines and and older vintages in and special things like that. And it's great to write about them for people in the business. If you write about them for people. As far as you know giving suggestions about what to go on him by two into are for the holidays. It's pretty frustrating to read about it rewind enough view by not you'll find it anymore. You know it's very similar to come to the music business where you know there are a lot of wonderful instrument. That are not the most expensive necessarily because I'm obviously most people can't afford to buy extra periods Chela for. Fifteen million dollars I'm so for a fraction of that car that's how many do you have Daniel now. The so brawl that cost. You can get an incredible talent but obviously if you're not an investor haven't multi million dollar bucks to spend on an instrument you can get wonderful instruments out. For fractions of the cost. And they sound great they look great and dumb you really you are punching above your weight class. As you well and and resisted to go back to your earlier question in answer actually let's address that very quickly. Good to me when you're looking at winds to purchase it at retail and the pricing that all talk about a three so pressing and we all know that restaurant person can be different for a lot of reasons and hole so pressing is different but basically when you're walking into wine shop grocery store. Looking to buy about one. If you have winds everywhere from six or seven dollars but you generally. A hundred fish depending on the shop in the and the store. The biggest jump in quality occurs between that twelve and eighteen dollar mark. I would say that in general. If you buy eighteen dollar bottle winery till shop it's generally twice the whine of a nine dollar bottle yeah. Sometimes it can be three or four or five times the wind wow. While in terms of quality excitement on the palate. Flexibility with food depth and complexity which are things that we really look for is beginning to higher quality wines. Presentation of acid iron in just the way it it it the way drinks. When you go from the nineteen dollar bottle of wine to a twenty dollar 29 dollar bottle of wine or 38 dollar bottle one. You Jarrett you're very seldom gonna get twice the one. You're getting into much more specific. That dude and depress quality re shoot just isn't there. That isn't to say that you don't wanna buy a thirty dollar bottle winery to shop there are a lot of reasons to do that but for me. You get your biggest if you're buying bottles in the ten to twelve dollar range splurge five or six more books and I think you're gonna find you're giving them much much better wine IC so. Oh for all this the thing that maybe the best piece of advice. For the date because I think a lot of us really York. Confused and Nikko and look for wine and a lot of people thank. That they may be no difference there they may need to spend fifty dollars and above or 25 and above but where you're saying there's there's this crucial. Tipping point it happens between twelve and eighteen dollars. For me for you yes and so that means we should believe and I caught up. Everything's relative I mean I don't know where. You're pilot might get excited. But for me and I'll just frankly when that'll once I seldom spend more than 25 dollars one. I'm looking for something to treat tonight idols are want it might have. Over 30000 bottles that I afterward commander's palace I don't have to worry about so why all her. I have what I'm gonna drink for that week or for any answer for having friends over for dinner for Thanksgiving. Annan's. I'd generally buy wine to drink right now and I seldom spend above that price. If I'm going to some ones twos. Dinner with a different buying gift for someone certainly will learn something they may want to seller for awhile generally like that. Eighteen to 26. In the ears kind words and it's icy do you like bubbles that this can be a little more expensive IC an is that a general rule. It is it is. An outcome. Well the process of making way for me in what's called him them at the chip and laws of the champagne method. And remember that champagne is the place is the region in France sparkling wine from anywhere other than championships vehicles sparkling wine. Champagne is a very specific type of sparkling one renders specific place. So the method champ and laws within the champagne method. Which was devised. Centuries ago in Champaign is a very labor intensive. Very expensive way to make wine and you have it is the bottles through injury theory in Lieber to to process it's expensive. To me it's expensive to separate these ones don't release them for years and years. After they've already been made into wine as part of that method and sue. It cost more icy outward to color come from it that's a stupid question but when. I hope it is just only won one it's not a stupid question at all so the ones that we're looking at and you can see these if you squint at your radio. The winds that we have here all roses. And the that rose or pink color that you get in a grizzly wine. Comes from red wine grapes there are white wine grapes and really you would see white and black grapes that creeps looked black on the line. So to make red one you use black grapes to make pink wine suit to get the color of those great Q do what's called mastery should. He crushed grapes and all of the juice comes a degree. And the skins. Stay in the Jews if you're making red ones sometimes for days or even longer than a week. To make pink wine. UT did did the skins and you crush you let them have a few hours of contact. Seated just a little bit of color out of that line. That's the and the enormous that there are a couple of other methods where you can blue and white and red wine but we're really gonna talk about that but unless we do but for now. So you want a taste is what you probably takes I don't think I've reports have but before we do it but does that tell us what we should be expecting an immense all the people on the sitting back and decapitated. And you have to create an image. Well. This is dooming coroner's. My attack injured this is there could be due upon the door which is there are crews say. It's a multi vintage. Or non vintage they do use some reserve point in this so that makes it what I refer to as a multi vantage they're taking some of this year's production. Blending it with some wind and they've held over from previous years. To give a consistency over many many years and keep their wind consistently. The same flavor profile. It gives a little more complexity on the one as well well here we go but I heard I think when you give it a good snippy sniff. You get immediately you get like lovely rose petals and its payroll strawberry may be to make a strawberry blossom. It's very floral on the nose. Little bit of like a lemon Kurd lemon peel. All sorts of things that you really would want to smell that's just very involved in invigorating. And are we on time well where would we were doing all right so let's let's taste this and tears and cheers as it. Two is that everybody in the everybody listening happy holidays. Well hello and welcome back to itself food show on on a five point three WWL FM HD to remember it's the highest quality audio. Available to mankind and we're also being heard all of the world via the worldwide. Web and it's very easy to stream the program and also content isn't the podcast later on. This is Daniel now to the Kwame cellist. Sitting in here with. I'm my dear friend and a friend of all the New Orleans. Culinary scene it's mr. Dan Davis and we're having a great. Time talking about holiday wines and you shop for holiday wines and what he'd do if you really feeling the crunch so what I'd love you to do is pick up the phone call. 5042606368. And that just because we're talking summoned the studio doesn't mean that there. You can't call in and both still pick up the phone it's 26 or 63. 68 and them before I was telling you bet them. Great Thanksgiving I had many years ago. I was just mean my mom and the rest of the families out of the country there in Budapest where exit they had one of the worst Thanksgiving say ever had they were surrounded by Dallas Cowboys and and pants and really had a terrible time at the American Consulate in Hungary. Com but I mean my mom back in New Hampshire we had such a great Thanksgiving. And though we'd look at Colin talked by your memories the good the bad. Theoretically be in between that the brilliant. And your aspirations for the coming holiday season. We're just at the beginning of December and it's rapping on season here in New Orleans it's a great time to be going out to restaurants. It's speaking of restaurants we have. One of the most important thinkers from very important restaurants here. Commander's palace and it's mr. Dan Davis the chief Somalia if commander's palace we just say wind come on how active is bill strongly that what he's still wine guy and I'm we got it. He'd WG the wine guys. And have by the William. Commander's palace. Listen to this. At commander's palace we have jingle bells that lions started today. It's harder today with. And we have Carol is for these states commanders as a new cocktail menu for the season including a seeds and pair martini. Which is really fabulous rules doing Hollande the wind from for the first time ever. To your company luncheon a wind from this December and Dan tell us a little about the one American and it's because I know it's really it's as. Place it was a lot of fun I give me used to actually when I. Started at commanders twelve years ago was storage room we had. Where wine cellar down the mean demean hallway that actually leads to what is now the winery and we had a few wind inspect their and we had some bulk storage and there's an old office that we use is a looker room and it didn't take me long to start. Shall we say negotiating. For more space why not happen but. So we think that the reason we had. Maybe. 800 selections on the lists. Wing T finally set me loose on the place. And within. A year two we had doubled that and we've since. Quadrupled it. They've now asked me to stop buying wine. I haven't yet. And I cannot and I thought I can never stop buying one just as as we drink it and remember folks the more you drink the more I get to buys at least from the commanders and drink some wine. Right and and it is it actually use one of the most unrest which Obama has great food and everything but I always have a great time ago there. And even if you're an herbal mood and all your friends and terrible mood to go in their. And by the time believe you'll be restored. My goodness right now you walk him for election but it jingle bells around ever wins neck and we have. 25 cent Martinis and wine in. Wind specials during lunch and we have cocktail specials. Doing a wonderful false angrier right now that is rather addictive. Shift Torre always has amazing. Two in three course specials on the menu. You can actually you can go to commuters munch. Our river long before it worked there I thought well Anders my goodness must be I can afford their commanders for lunch and you can actually have. Emil and three Martinis for under thirty dollars an instance and and many chain restaurants Q could. Not spend that and yet tenth of the quality food oh absolute and there's many here especially likely not so many new ones but many in the surrounding areas where. Chain restaurants and half of things you're going to get terrible food terrible things terrible serves and you paid twice adjustment and so commands crowds it's always a great option now. I'm let's let's talk about one of these other wines abroad because we've only color I wanted to open up right Simon it's yours yours you're staring at the other bottle. Well I brought it an actual champagne so we just had aid and Americans are cooler from a champion producer. I'm going to port for you and the you don't see this did Daniel's trying to quickly empties there last not realizing that and the class for him. The empting has stocked up and toss out its so so as he forces I'll remind the listening audience by the way this is stand out tucked. The gourmet cellist and I'm here with very special to stand Davis though wine guy he WT II like LLO Alec that acronym he WG though wine guys really simplifies it. A from commander's palace and I expect you to have T shirts made for. That's our. And we're talking about about lines and and how not to be intimidated by the wine world in the purchasing of one incident and I really think it damn effort dancer before. That is all about out what you like and if you find something you like Francisco Ford. And by the way it's the same thing with them classical music a lot of people come out to me all the time and say you know I've always wanted to go to the symphony I've always wanted to go to dale Kiel. Louisiana philharmonic but I felt intimidated or I didn't grow up with it I don't know anything at that I see it doesn't matter if all you have to do was come and sit down. And I promised eleventh because remember the old Montreal they always say everybody loves classical music just not everybody necessarily knows this yet. Okay. Well and I can attest as someone who knows absolutely nothing about music except that I liked it which I think it's kind of the most important to know. I have been to the symphony. Many times several times with you performing. And it is never fails to delight it's absolutely amazing you guys even give a couple of concerts a year that are hurt are geared ward. I think is what we jeans and guns. Which is when I'm just for right now I thought oh is that what you're doing to absolutely it's Beethoven and blue Jay opening matches went Wendy they. Guys in penguin suits him with the details and the white tie and they don't seem like real people but in the Beethoven and pollutants series that the people become. At this Anthony and day in any case I am. We're gonna try this now this it's a lot of fun it is fun and if you and they have whiners. And if you have any doubts that this email or call Meehan and are protected. Today PO. And now practice real. Campaign. So here we have one of them motorists. Well regarded and Rosie champagnes around. This is from bill of course some on this is their brute rose there very old champagne house. Excuse me one of the moon. Benchmark receive champagnes so the two winds here are. Roughly the same grapes in composition. Roughly the same production method that there are big differences in the number of years of reserve winds they have for bill or Simonyi it's also. Three times the price and that's that's what happens with champagne he gets more expensive the more. The older the winds that go into your reserve when the longer that you have to let the one sitting goes through its what's called secondary fermentation. And rest on the on the use and age in your sellers it's an expensive process. It is out why the price point goes up because it's it's not like you you put it away and you forget about effort twenty years that you you'd have to actively being involved in the gate things that part of it well even just putting it a unit with any business when you have capitals signed up I mean the when you have. Property like that arsenal on the may have. Several 100000 bottles of each year's production that are just sitting in a cellar waiting. To be utilized. Eight years hence that's an expensive. Use of capital. It takes a long time and you've got to make sure that everything is perfect with this bottles while there. So. You'll notice we've gone to a different class. Source slightly larger class for this and why is that explain to us how how you chose and how important to shape the glasses well and I also you actually I want you to teach this. And then I'm gonna pour some in the smaller class and I wanna hear your comments. I want to see what you think I did this once with Tom was fine. It was fun to before I give you my impressions. We're chasing from this larger glass which is just a standard one glass of champagne is wine. But this is two regular one. And it was not a lot of fun listening on the radio to us just sipping wine. Well I think all going to be playing in the commander's palace tonight tipped by winds that. I don't have a problem that. Okay well this this is terrific for everybody listening in and by the way if you want to know exactly what it is all you have to do is go. Back and listen to. At a podcast or scandal reminders from time witnesses that were thinking this is built a court Simone suit for the its BI LO TC ART bill court. And then some on like salmon but those are your family names. Niko I've to a court and Elizabeth some moans family's joy means. And I think 1818. And they brought the chief him winning together into one and they actually it's an inching factoid for wandered split. There highest in the champagne champion has called the tip to convey. Or the head of the way and there Kardashian pains they do a rose and anon is a theirs is named for Elizabeth but she's a bruising but a and then congress is in for Nikko what congress says one thing well this this is absolutely accurate. And I want to remind everybody. That green with. And Davis the wine guy who like called the teeth some NBA from commander's palace and there were having a great time talking line and buying one and you only has actually. About and nine. Minutes and have to call and ask Dan any questions you have about. Wine and and when we do. When we need to buy wine for people of holiday season or just anything at all about wine and for me anything at all really about fruit in the entire food world this is as though hello hello and welcome back it's the food show on WWL FM HE two with a new home of the food show in. Higher quality audio than ever heard before. It's Daniel I'll take the gore may tell us sitting in for Tom was going and will return and we've had a really. And detaining grade hour with stand Davis the lying guy AT WGA from competence. It's from come I think it's gonna catch on I think so yes from a to get your card if they get global call restaurant that is out from commander's palace. And again I just want to ask you know we've been talking about wine and good going really into the trenches for the past 53 minutes tell us a little bit. That your background in the wind Rolla I know you worked in restaurants before you were directly aligned so you and Emeril guy and once again I brought you right here. Yeah I worked for referred many years it's 889 years for immoral. I came up through admirals here in New Orleans and worked from busboy to general manager. Of admirals Miami Beach. And along the way I spent a few years at admiral's. As though the waiter in charge of their winery. Before except in the management and a in reflecting as I had had moved up through the ranks and a conviction whirlwind trip for Katrina and was general manager of one of the brands restaurants. And I just found that I missed. That daily contact with wine and you know it's it's it's a very rewarding career to be a restaurant general manager in suits. Foster so many people through their careers and and to build a thriving business but I really did miss selling it and talking about wine and after two and a half years that cafe Adelaide I met with she and Natalie. The management partners that admirals that have brought me down. Or I guess it would be. And just said you know I really miss doing the one thing incidents of what. Maybe we need to bring you were to commanders in and work toward that goal so it came over in the borrowers for a little while and then. Moved into the wind program sorted. Certain doing that and if you find it the world of wine more interesting inherently in the world of cocktails or it just fits you know I think not doing and in Hancock yet thank you it's it's difficult. You know there's there's so much history and so much mystique and so much joy. Around both and you know. We like to see that agreed Neil starts with a very cocktail and then you lose on the ones. And up for next time you have a couple of things details about what's going on commanders and command his family restaurants or give us around as exciting of yours be like yeah I know there's nothing going on in December in new world class. But we do have trivia on going on started tonight. And have a gorgeous gorgeous rupiah menus at commanders. Swing over tour website and take a look at that we have wonderful metres have Torre's group together. And I'm might have pared some amazing wines with love. A discipline things going on at our restaurant so who in the French Quarter in the W in the French Quarter on December 5 Tuesday's 6 PM. King a cocktail deal to Graf is gonna come down. And do what I eighties is absolutely amazing and I think he's gonna guide you through a history of gamblers whiskey and forces. Basically talk about a horse racing and whiskey from the universally accepted can cocktails Graf. The man who initiated ought to revival. Beginning in the season and moving day and just an amazing guy and so much fun to talk to and then over kept Adelaide. I cannot wait to see this on Thursday December 14 from 58. We have. We ask you to Bork your calendar for tacky sweater yet the hour so we do happy or where you can bring your dogs but it's in the most itself. Definitely it's in the lose on pointers. Dogs are out. And so we have a yeah happy hour where people can bring their dogs will this is going to be. Ugly sweater yet be. At the earliest what are you can on your your furry friend. And will have prices and specialty drinks invites for them via the furry for an is that it. Mark your calendar I go over it and it now does this one bottles sitting here and this is the mystery and what's going on with this. If the current this actually present for you I told you. I guess a year ago those were gonna project. With a nonprofit that this article the New Orleans one and spears education foundation well this is the one that we did to code benefit our foundation which provides. Career enhancement. Options for on the business in food and spirits industry. And the roots of music which does an amazing job. Giving musical training after school mister Shipp and nutrition to kids that are at risk here in the city. The one is called music duo of thing you know or music of the line. It surprise you that it would room with on of the pump on family in the south of France very very famous wine maker. And this through his day in conference that are coming in the spring he shared name in Anwar. Will be available reached across the city lots of restaurants. And proceeds forever that minute that nonprofits it's new world Wednesday here is a wonderful myth and a beautiful spirit and the one that we find him more. Go to in OW SC dot org notes dot org. And that line and Cyrano pursuant to which has also been wondered Ross's. Go to the website and will also posts along with the elected pockets here and WWL. As we go towards. The news I will remind you that you've been listening to the food show on one of five point three FM. And we've been talking with Dan Davis at the hour has flown by my eye that says as as I expected it would I I was afraid it would. This tentative really great conversation and I hope everybody goes back if you missed any of its armed to the WWL website and listen to the podcast because him. This has been extremely educational and we could see after the all night and only be touching the tip of the iceberg. You were listening to the food show with Daniel Meltzer the court made cellist. It's one of five point three WWL FM HD two. HD radio by the way candor in New Orleans stay tuned for the news and and more of so food show here on WWL. CS soon.