The Food Show Visits Trenasse

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, September 20th

Stan Meadows, operating partner of the restaurants in the Intercontinental Hotel, stopped by for an indepth look at that operation.


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This is the sprinkling of a voice of local announcer Tom Fitzmorris that's me and it's time now for the food show every afternoon. We you sit down and we talk about food we talk about restaurants cooking wine and anything you want it's it's on our mind. And we are always looking for new ways to play it. And most recently. Of the restaurants and I've been excited about the last few years. The one that has made the biggest impact on me because obviously you hope you don't get offended by this. I when I go to a hotel restaurant. And it's not. Hotel restaurant run by some superstar chef from somewhere in the same. Area. But it's just from on a nowhere. Idea might might walk over the years has not been particularly good at places like that. So I walked in the true enough us and it's a world that the menu looks intriguing they certainly have all the bases covered. And knives. Had a dinner and started off with a bunch of different kinds oysters which is my favorite food. And every one of whom was fantastic. And then I had a fish. That I've never seen anywhere except on a cruise ship actually under cruise ship points this called. Bootsy king good clip. Have you ever heard of a fish called clip. It's a new one on BI they say it's from the gulf though so and I'll buy it and though we. Just study guide the into that dinner. And I decided we would we better do we need club dinner here and we did one and then we did another and I think this was our third and wasn't. And oh by the way in case you're winning who in the hell is he talking to withstand meadows. I stand. I kind of thought that Henry ought to introduce you at some point time images that we're in real effort every editor's idea on know the feeling that. Anyway you're the you're the chief and head boss man over the it would no way to what makes is exactly your title. Well I am glued to achieve something over there she sounds like a dishwasher. My admired formal title would read director of operations manager partner. For those who announced some sort of melt restaurant and that's fun for the whole bunch of yes we five male five dia. Oh I know you just opened one of them in Baton Rouge I think just reopened as stinky fish camp fence and entered yeah I'm a married out or draw. Via ham and Forney three days prior to that we opened up one and Auburn Alabama that should be a good when Korea. Is that also a stink he's just have to stay fish camp. Whose idea was that name. That's the big boss showed Jim Rashard yeah. And yet been named stinky these. Here is censorship for commander's palace follow leaders yeah you know I now that you say that I remember has this telling me that very American very he man was the boundaries commission was working with and human error could remember anybody's names because people were coming going to commanders kitchen. So images colder by stinky ha. And if so amendment restaurant off of I can program. Well it's certainly stands in the in the back your mind and sort of forget. I guess the hotel. Was. Not crazy about it or was there anything you what what why isn't this one called stinky stooped. Well I think that you know I think the hotel would have been good with whatever we wanted to do with you know I think we wanted to try something different and make it. More local. You know with the name true Nazi reflects the southwest Louisiana bearded. And we were burned some. Bring to third in a good match editor did you think that's why true suppose. Was all a bit red murder with a now. And and and that you that was I wanna see three of four years ago now it's moving fast yes we're gonna read in our fourth year of this hall or year round red before Thanksgiving to reopen. Two great location really I mean if you if you worked downtown or as a lot more people do every day. But more people living down my daughter has an apartment. In the Steve Beatty and Scioscia. Noah and everybody else I know who who goes and they that this is kind of like in no way a neighborhood restaurant for some people anyway. It is we've been growing or local brew was every year of twofold almost an hour luncheon there also heard it was a bit of those people out of that so we don't get affected as much by the by the summer is a lot of restaurants and as opposed not. What. It's seafood is the of the mainstay of the menu it seems to me anyway although you'd have quite a lot of this stuff. What is Syria there were injured images here or wishers and fresh gulf fish were you we do where do you choices by the way we get our orasure victim of rumors and or children have known him for murder one. I'm David Cameron very nice and claim. Or gulf official Allred comes from around just from Florida area where shipman over every shipped over. While there comes from around here. We don't put fish by name aldermen you because it changes every day notes for Roche. But we're also a lot of you know we got a great stake that treasury my favorite dish as and when you served us that night. Other lowers alerted and I was special Ireland do it one time is for you and I thought oh well well what was it. A dub I'm trying to remember what I remember it being great. Yeah let I can't remember what else about it state kind of bland it was very simple news broke a bone and bone and realize it was just a very simple burial on top of it enough. Very very we keep our rule McKiver third as simple as we him a seat and they suffered. Well lately I've I've been having a problem even in the best steak houses. Of finding. Half. Meet. And this is clearly not good I mean the whole reason your buying prime beats or you know whatever it is that you're getting is two. To make it a pleasure to eaten instead of you know real shore which it has been lately. And I'm always. Wary about that this time around I took one bite and it was it just went down smooth it was good to. The whole state was like that night heard everybody else in the room was saying the same things so what I hit. And any new seafood. You know. Now waited in this show's over his magic in his fingers she coach who's who's who's been if you wouldn't there out of there was so police chief from France where she from she's from the Czech Republic. Oh no kidding and show original and Air France. No no word issues well traveled who's been around for withdrawal she's very nice every time I've been in there she always comes over. And we shoot the breeze for awhile and she tells me just follow. A much fun she's having I mean really she's seems like a great gal. Or should she closes in and she's very nice to have notices sometimes the fuse these people walking in America smiling. Sure give Romo made Turkey hunt americorps wealth. Well that get me started that it makes New York's fairway parameters are issued as a cook these I'm router what emerges. But we're also turn us we have a great short room was very short rooms and you would never ever a problem with some real my my wife. That's her favorite kind of she's real high on shore rapes. They they've always been around. A short ribs you go back in the cookbooks from the thirties and Taiwanese indices there it is. But is really caught fire again name every rest and I go to as an on the menu now. I don't know what that's about the U. They're probably trying to cooperative who treated trust was short route all our world famous are there in New Hampshire review Hello World travelers of them and we're also of those posting these fish camp. Mint news we'll tell me more about it than. That you know if it's bone and that's a good start if there's a bone in reviving and we. Smoke at mid within rideau smoker orbiter which at first you know four years ago or Tammy concern of people of downtown New Orleans Walken bars smoker underway at work and they get used to it or or smoke it and his brazen. And shift Jim reassures seeker raising all of several hours. And always finish it off with some agree it's rigor or beverage here groups remake of the groups from small form and Milton Florida. H and Noam forms. Yeah that we've been groomed as those of them for years dissident and of course. Ground sort of thing that's going it's like it is a course program. Course program group. I don't know why anybody. Uses the kind of greats that most of us grew up with where it's kind of a semi puddle in the place. And soft as it no flavor at all whenever a restaurant started serving. The coarse ground grits sometimes the yellow grits you know other variations on the theme. It's incomparable Willie better I mean you one guy highlighted what are these other guys get their success from it doesn't make any sense. True or false. No it's true. And aggressively altar of you know live to grips with her failure to Basinger have breakfast group through what you're talking about them for warriors people started. Putting Poland to a gallon and men and we see these women are consistent with arm and a very creamy peppery there are groups. Value to a lot worse than that. We we could do now so that there was stake. And everything else in between I remember just it's it's almost a blurred now but it was a great evening. And again I tell you 101 of the things some. I'm always pleased and surprised by is when the staff has put together so well everybody was kind of moving around the replacing the know what they would do when. It's like that pretty much every night to a bit it's. Good place to start in the bar that bar it does pretty well for you I would imagine. The board those little a lot of those those you know it's a huge part of were those from people walk and I I can't speak enough for dollars fair enough. More whenever we came here and started hiring staff we didn't know anybody in New Orleans. And we we kind of take a different approach or are counted. Looks that we wanna be an employer of choice. No matter what market wean him you know we've we've got policies employees suit. No one can razor wars in her ouster you know we we traders stay afloat prevail or their maker business. Yeah. Well that's that's a good way to look at it. You Bob. You'll use pretty big you do it wouldn't happen to a brawl one which is I did not bring him in you know while. Tell my wife to tell people to do that so we can. Beat up on a few items there well what. Other than the obvious things what has been a big hit over there and well fraud Lloyd's of trial or ambulatory. At least the big ones little little the big ones that big win like that like about this one. Yes yeah about about four violence along and we buffalo knows widows and children Agile and she's on and honeycomb. Now. Frog legs you'll go American are covered. Pretty good ways start out just reassured. There is his family's from Los theater him and his his grandfather was very instrumental in bringing him. From rain numbering in the frauds from France you know producers so there a difference they brought us. The Laura Reeder an ambassador for. Off Laura reporters from his servers are ripped by a certain amount of suffering from an American for a walk from one. I don't know why is has nothing to do we viewer meteor or anything else going on right now but it's. It was story I heard a few years ago actually was commander's palace with trying to get somebody. In Mississippi. To raise frogs won. So they they underwrote the cost of digging the the blue lagoon and all the rest of it. And they had an all dugout just the right size ready goes greatest stock and up and then. They. With the water source in there too you know make an old little lake. And oh what happened was as soon as the water entered it went straight down into the ground and was never to be seen again. And they never could get the thing false so this whole thing got canceled. What a shame. Yeah there there were dressed things of you know of the things. Farming for all of this news first has been our tenure is very challenging. And I I believe his older basically old school ways and there's not a lot of new technology out oh and then there's multi generational. Billion isms. I'm sure ha ha ha. I in that I keep hearing that amphibians and frogs and and toads and all that there of their kind of fading away you'd never know what to look around in my house of I've got this some of these guys have got to be the size of dogs that put out such a bark you know when they started yep and match. Pretty amazing I lived there until new worlds about three large arrears so I don't know yet I don't show up the world no no federal sear your love for always. Sometimes I wonder if you're for or something here well why you never know. This is the food show on 105. Hello you're listening. I think you are yes you are you're listening. And this is Tom Fitzmorris and I'm talking but I like listening to. We love to hear from you about which have been eating lately and what's the what's cooking. What you're looking for anything like that or being visited by stand meadows who is the chief general managing operate. And and he is not the person who is stinky by the way if in case anyone. But I had that idea that if somebody on the staff is in fact stinky I mean what will name but then I've never been able to tell that. A what is a trend us anyway. The trim losses could cut through and through march. Phidget somebody to have better fishing hole or having hiring area. If you're flying an airplane you're down a swamp curve by you're in looks little roads cut through it. That's interesting a must have taken years and years and used to pull together. Well I guess they don't make no where results are more live mail about heroes he particular about the size of zero X review go to zoos and do. You see. True announced bigger is one of golden Floyd and don't vote with. Propellers on it and they pushed through a swamp. Well that is it is had to be puzzled for awhile and then somebody says that's a cajun thing and then it just everything all fell into place. Now I know what they're talking about it because communities took him to dedicated people. Because they bring home the goods. What is. You you're doing you know a lot of seafood and we've talked about also the stakes and stuff what's in between so family friendly restaurant I know it's. We have a burger on the menu I think to what you. It's a very friendly fun friendly restaurant we went over room in your Frontline trip awards for lunch. We also have a stake in the menus for launch. But just what would be him between Newt Tuesday some new jobs news chief there would be. Reverend you we never never for Chrissie Ruth house made peppers deli Austin this at a certain day of the week. No that's on amend your return all the time locating. Him and of a crawfish pie is or has been hit. Actually Wednesday's two hours crawfish Friday after 495. Tuesday's report stalker Tuesday we were in top vote Tuesday we were and know what those are critical factors they retire from. I don't think I've had a what's what is being taco size. We we have a full menu of taco congress to brief talk ourselves with. Fed. Veggie vegetarian taco sells real chicken tacos well. We have street talk those. We may cows made two key goes moved courses are Ruth all the trimmings are bigger ago guacamole. Ribbing sunrise. Frozen. Artery you. Well but that's that's sounds like you can't. A pretty. Pretty well put together every pass there. There's suit earlier Kenneth years the company doing talk characters in there and we're gonna end up. You know it's it's great to see all this stuff spread out from where they had originally landed in now. You know it's everywhere it's everywhere Mexican food certainly is that way. Anyway all this is so over a tree in knots. And so on saint Charles avenue right off of follow pointers. And they are there. Every night joint seven days a week seven days a week three or 65 days the year. You do and Sunday brunch reduce Sunday brunch where Bo was my emotions via. Anything really insisting on that means the most embarrassing thing in our most popular thing is sort of a Benny Benny bending. Benny Benny oh this is three different kinds of depended Bennett thanks bro. 10 would be good traditional Benedict you know where I am very am I'm married and holidays off. They were eager crib Kerry Benedict that's going to be good and and we do agree out Bender. Really what colors the sauce on that materialism dark brown. Programs flaws we got a right that's my my mother would approve that. We saw a lot of agree dosing groups and brunch somebody ought to it's it's an old classic New Orleans dishes scale is. That is good credential to that is gumbo and jambalaya do and I do think pitcher does lose it it's. Basically the B fifty is better today if you couldn't afford mistakes or good code be feud may agree it's and you know. Don't know what else. It's not the end of the world I agree for that I've I've always felt anyway. EU. Gosh it was woody one other thing that it just popped into my mind and pop right back out again. He did to the U who have been doing here. I just I would get back to the bar. This I'm always fascinated now that bars have become hip again it used to be they they were there for the few people who were still drinking Martinis back in 1970s. Now everybody's strength and all that stuff. And you have fairly decent selection of beer back there as if they if I remember right. We do return you know local Beers and there's great bloke builders with government member in knoller route normally rent buy out plumber and mentioned via the remains were have been debt Boeing makes it 60% over lists all really. No Dick seaspan. Dixie beer I just bought Dixie beer promo unload food entry stand him. And embed there should exclaimed bidders were using Dixie beer to maker wishers shooters. Volume of we've talked a bit severe portal to a house may bode very mixed in with that. Forester and a show. And people low home. You know or bars we never considered our board of beer craft bar that determine craft or. We we do have one Chris Clark though we moved coasting Jews. It's about what is that fans Sousa wrote I wanna know what are you know of it. It's a frozen during. And it tastes like gave push up or push are nothing or bruised go over there were clear. Appear and now. Oh no no no last time I had some of that who's in Atlanta no and it was in Austin. And I at the end of the evening I said never again it. That's that's going to this is going to be my undoing if I must say I never touched the stuff. We will make a lot of the classic New Orleans drinks whose shares are rare. The French 75. Al. Old freshen of course and we really don't put much of this has spent on those who won't be classic we of course ever featured. Featured during closest senate for parents for ago through four bolt. You know on the bubble was for featured drinks. And about a 120 label warrantless. Look at. Yes that that takes a couple of minutes ago through. It doesn't matter grey wind river wind director Tom Redmond it's very familiar with your morals don't you know was with. Though it's seems like 'cause these the ladies who or working in the dining room they seemed feel pretty much up to speed on to Kazaa had conversations with them. And their fun you know I love it when boy and servers. When you've thrown a curve ball they they throw used to curve balls back you know it's and it keeps the evening entertaining. Administered through their nuclear work whatever great place to go to work for and we provide ongoing training or on any thing you know and carries through a lot. We make them show just exactly what they are very important to us and we also have to sour news on and stare so don't feel one analyst to. Dose. Wants to enslave them worthless both both over two years. Probably had a good third start of our sheriff has been with those for. So shortly after the beginning three years that's pretty good. To be able to maintain that. But. It's always pretty popular I've been there are a couple of times when I could not get a table. It too is I'm not complaining and I'm not trying to. You know swing any waiter or anything what way to have this to swing but they. It is well put together you have a happy hour I guess that's what it is because whenever I've been there it's. There's been. Of some live music usually a couple of guys who were a couple of girls they think Aso once let us. Yes we've zero. Revere their beer and musicians are real and they're they're great we do we have two very different unusual kind of stuff that they they're repertory not weird but that just things you all here very often. That we you know we don't from her from the Millwood jitterbug Hughes user group division come from Kia. I'm. And they've played a lot of really old school New Orleans it is news. Have there is seven days a week. Can I don't wanna discriminate at all you know certainly now and missed from three to six Rio fired we have five children menu. There risks are great wines and terrorism. And mixed drinks for five dollars. And there we have five dollar. Plates of third you know are you in terms small plates good there are good across fish by overdose of fraud Reuters British ambles over classics and new additions on. So. Let's see you gut. It is this is of it's foggy recollection of mine. There's there's this stuff you bring out at the beginning of the meal all it's cracked ones cracked Clinton's. And this something else in there crackles with red being voter. Red beans butter portrait being imperial amendment as a hitter insist this is red beams like as in New Orleans style red beans yes OK. Mean anyway and you take that and you add butter to it. Well we take it to crash closed and we are from and we put them in and declaring effective the same. Plastic edition crab meat comes and we waited up otter or belly paper on that China forgot you know. Just to read only go to waste pretty much like the way it looks. I'm never Bridgeport crackling and Democrat who's fresh and put some as grouper red beam Boehner aside. Read Jean Nevada and they victims out of Britney voter comes out of the the old gas stations Bo ward shops in Mississippi. When you sit ban the Visio view crackers which read being butter. Read in wanna be right there Mississippi's so report correct Washington's food. And stuff. But cracked on this sort of crackers but that's basically your broad service of the beginning of the mill. But of course if you warm bread with you know we've got fresh light and I wrote to we have. Guided its but it's an interest in little appetizer. Yes people people enjoy a victim and ask forward for what when a camera we don't we don't do it draw automatically for launch it is for banner yeah. Where we get a lot of people requesting it for launching that means of their daughter dinner guests of. So now it's nice that they're better works our great all bad. Visiting with us today. Is stand meadows from. Stinky cheese fish camp they said it stinky fish camp fit and original location in destined to detailing its android center of the beach follow through glow in Walton counting you know it's very close sort of it's before you go over the bridge in not after. I think. Don't ask me have been lower reviewer can yeah I guess I haven't been I haven't been that way in ages we used to go there pretty often when kids were little. You should visited as a low agree and some of blah and I hear is that a lot of those great restaurants are eternally. Packed to the rafters with a long waiting list instance that continuing to be true. Very ministers stinky zoos and ignores them. Bennett destination for for people who have come manners of you know live in the long wait for stages or give Alba we're learn how to entertain people. Or wonders what else you gonna do when you're out there I mean it's not where where there's a drive in theater and you and attack. Anyhow so that's. That's it it's true or not here in New Orleans same restaurant basically is that the same manual but what percentage. Probably. As stinky Zumaya be at 20% same menu with the rivers are fish programs such percent fresh fish program. MM with some of them some of the other items are obviously unique to us a very unique. Local inspired menu. Well it it's certainly impresses me and I just love gone over there especially since your only two blocks away from where I'm sitting here at the radio station. But whenever I go in the I load up on the oysters in the NC would el Sheikh and it's always been good. But thanks for drop in and again yeah I knew you were jealous. You wasted another hour part time I mean to we will wait another hour of your time. When you were over there are getting ready for the dinner that we did. A few weeks ago which was just a tremendous hit and night people are already asking and we didn't do the next so. Sorry you know it's it's coming your way. That while I appreciate June aerosol and Ireland has Stoller stored yeah well it's it's quite story. Thanks for being here thank you you are listening to the food show. And if you're in a hurry you can just bolt and the feud if you wanna hang out to us I might ask you something else for all I know that that that's all like big deal. I'm Tom Fitzmorris 260636. Say it is our telephone number. I I want you to know. This is the most important thing in my a my life at least in terms of broadcasting. This and getting this word out and so far so good but I'm actually trying to revolutionize. Radio listening in New Orleans by seeing to it that everybody who even comes down here. He quickly glom on to. HD radio. The sound quality is better than anything on the air it's better than FM it's better than listening to your own CD's believing that it's really true. Blind. Samplings of this have proven that. Also. They. Have been. Instrumental the giving guys who have. Developed this HD. Program. To make it go farther this this is like our old station on thirteen fifty and AM. We launched fuel you know like as soon as the sun goes down and this is terrible and its its is so frustrating me doing the best weekend. And then he can't be heard well. We do not have that problem with the HD radio it goes and goes and you go along of that. And here is may be the most astonishing part of this program to begin with. You will give you a radio for free. Now this is not some little cheap promotional gadget. It's not a fake radio it's a real radio it runs on the digital technology that also is a bit is behind the scenes in your computer. And you can get one for Europe. Your kitchen table you can get one for your bedroom mucus and I have four problem at my office and couple other places and it just sounds so much better. Here's what you do. Call you don't even have to call just go over there. Two. The Mobil one there are several locations of it around town. They specialize in have been for a long long time in installing. Radios and stereo equipment in cars and all it. So you go there and you say I want that WWL. It's HD whatever it is. And they'll say oh yeah sure pull right over here it takes about an hour. But the radio is free. Really free. The installation. Is also free this is amazing so far isn't it. Now there is the possibility you might have the pace something at this point. If you're in Tenet is the wrong kind of where this some kind of electrical connection that is unfavorable. They might need to buy you know assembled his motive to pull that altogether. A lot of the people of that most of them have told me that they did need to do any of that and it was free totally down on the line. The once it's a day at the pay a little bit it was thirty dollars. I mean once the last time you had a radio bought or radios specially now with that kind of quality you'll love it. HD radio it's where we are the pioneers here this show this very show the food show they they threw the task to cost. And I'm ready to take it and runway that and so far so it. Though it's the food show and it's Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here. To talk about eating and drinking in all of those delicious things that we do around New Orleans to. Keep us from falling asleep in the middle of the day how are numbers 260. 63. 68 call us right now you'll get right in if you wait a little longer. He'll probably still get right in but and might be a little more if feet. Why would you need to call me anyway well if you have some friends coming in the town. And you wanna take from the someplace special. And you realize that the place that you like to go that special is one that might not appeal to everybody that certainly happens all the time to meet. But we cover the entire range of it from hamburgers all the way up to the really really great food. And police looking for little buds who Wear. Coming up out of the ground Oreo out of loop out of a flower or something. Are. These. Dishes that suddenly. Appear. That we haven't heard of before. And I just I just ran into a whole book of these things. Seed when this came out I I don't remember ever 2009. All that's not too long ago. It is. A book called the box cave family cookbook. Suze written by Wayne black tea and who I know very well. He owned a restaurant. In uptown first it was on. On oak street to. And we knew he might have had another place to even before that. But where he wound up is where he is now it's on esplanade avenue not the far from. Claiborne between saint Claude Claiborne. That's my old neighborhood I always like go and I mean really from when I was a little baby that's where I lived as soon in the true may section. We shouldn't live there again. The only reason I can't is that the real estate values have been really going up there anyhow crisis flipping through this book. And it's it's a cookbook pretty much although there's a lot of us there are a lot of stories of vote. The Bok K family which over the years as. Churned out more than a couple restaurants it was. Two for a lot of people the number one soul food or African American food or whatever you wanna call it. Place in town it's certainly was authentic and always was that and the family goes back a long way and have all these good. Recipes. And sit here and they've they're repeating. Articles that appeared in magazines Wellington New York Times through and a wrote a piece that's in the book. And then in the back glitzy glitzy with him oh yet here here's one of their best issues they call it the seventh ward. Pork shop. Now you know. And there. There are more ways. Than just one to come up with a good pork shop. And oh we also are mystified to a certain extent anyway about just how. How many. Dishes are there. From the seventh ward the seventh ward too is that's that's that neighborhood all right over around lesion fields in saint Claude. I was corrected on that once I said that. Martin's four board restaurant which was the originators of the poor voice and which is back in the 1920s. That that was it a genuine. Seventh boy of the Ninth Ward kind of a thing and I was corrected immediately they said it is not a Ninth Ward thing is. A seventh ward. And I and a new idea. Where the boundaries were so anyhow this this little book here. They've got the port chapel let's see what's on it. You'd you'd you'd pretty thick shops bone in I could see that from a photograph. Salt and pepper. If brown and on a couple of sizable vegetable oil in the pan. You take a moment to put him in a shallow baking pan and you bake get a 400 degree oven. Pretend at twelve minutes now what's all the other stuff though there's more to it than that is there. What seek. You can. Take the the same skillet that you just brown the meat on take them take the pork chops out and then at some water. In if it were me I would add a little wine in all war. Gosh if I had any beef stock or pork stock it would use that too but then you just keep it going and then what happens this at all of this the meat in the middle kind of he gets softer and that you hear in. And then better and better it's really good this photograph of it here that it makes it appear that there is a ton and half of garlic on this thing. Two toes of chopped garlic that's not too much. That's only that's not much at all actually. So there's something. Next time you're in the mood for report shop which is something I'm almost always in the mood for. Take a look at this recipes from. The buck KB AQUET. Family cookbook Wayne but Kate he's been on our show. 45 times hey Wayne you out there anywhere Collison come on the air with this we have talked to him along time to with so. That is Brit putting recipe here he's pretty famous for his. Sport is. Fried chicken. Let's see how he does that. I do OK we'll get to this in the minute. That's the food show. And that's some of the issue of this Wayne Cooley here and now but now I have it it's Bob Bob welcome to the food show. Well. Thank you all went and tried all the first time. Each. Time. Called law. And watch. It one. There shell. On the. All all all yeah that's had a bunch your restaurants in and out there four over the years. What what's the name of it don't tell me again. It's odd lot of walks and our CK yeah. ROC KE NS. His own. Maxwell also. All no kidding yeah all action and all of them didn't. It actually. And they are. Now. And I like I don't know why they all. You airline check. All that sludge that's restaurant industry expression and knew it it should never appear on menus there's nobody knows what it is. Basically what you get is the whole chicken breasts without the the part in the middle. And then you have the first. Major joint of the wing you have the of them the meaty part of the wing. And that that is an airline chicken breast. All right I like those of its. Airline but it's always she ought to know that border. Ha ha ha well but it is true that they at stake or. Lack. News. But a statement open. Some surprise. Why don't you that surprises me too I pass in front of that place every day. You know and and all the other were. A site as well as well throw that. You know by the short. All right I'll love it I will I will do that. Because I always I often find myself in that neighborhood I don't wanna drive forever to get lunch you know sometimes. BC navigating on their on the radio here but the but that's that's good to know I didn't know that I knew there was something coming here but it in know what it was to win. So but that the mex place that's pretty good little restaurant that you think oh era this no connection between the two right. Well. Below its same Mo it's close enough. I actually they're unsure. There. Or burger. Boxes of hamburger. As knack. So. Fill in some things. Yeah and and that location in what used to be the holiday in its inquiry on now. They they used to do a pretty good business on breakfast there for a long time. I don't know if that's open and neither is it. I don't know I'll check in doing so because I would just itself. Yeah you know has surged. We're back now and check or were there. A dollar off of line. Here and I got so. Out here election well. Well all that sounds good thank you for sharing that with this so I really appreciated. Idiot by. If you ever find a restaurant that either like or you hate stories somewhere in the middle please call us and tell us about it would you. We'd love to know. Always looking for new ways to. To do everything so anyway glitzy with Eddie buck case. As to say about. Wayne Puckett I'm sorry and he is somebody else Eddie. And Eddie was Eddie's restaurant. On law street. Boy what a place that once. Anyway. On gosh. And I actually do have his fried chicken recipe here what would when we come back will. Take a look at that or whatever else we can think of to talk about of a cool and every nature here on the food show.