The Food Show Visits Brown Butter

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tom reveals his Brown Butter experience.


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And dom about a bum bum but opera. It's still the icy cold voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we sit down and we talk about eating. And everything that that comes with the eating. I'd be eating in eating out recipes. Recipes more recipes. Drinks. Will liquids to add to whatever it is you're cooking. There's so it's an endless world and there's so many things that you could possibly make up. A great me a lot of that we have been able to keep this program. Approximately. Three hours a day before coming up on thirty years. Just answering that question are looking into it or numbers 26063. 682606368. And at this moment I will ask our producer Doug if you wouldn't mind shoving something into the machine there that will give me a but. 45 seconds of music. Will which will allow me to do something that needs to be done and it's not widget thing. I think that that you have it. Or I Norris Hall. Well why oh why oh why would anyone do that. Are because they couldn't think of anything else ha ha ha ha ha okay let's let's see what that is. Did I. Did I hear my name in there. Puts you certainly did I'd. I know I did that was that was a bizarre thing to it to hear. This it's not like as common as like John Smith there's. I know the of behind of that. That a song it was written by a guy whose name is. The same as my waiter and and ones Charles Carter. And at this guys say obviously I'm a musician and a recorder and and them the maker of about records. And he made one that had my name and it and he's he because he's been listening to what's on. On the stream. So. What you just never know what's out there do you. So thank you a thank you very much Charles Carter I appreciate that with more than you can possibly imagine. 260636826063. Days 68 we get going here let's see what do we have in lieu of a program today. It's so what's today Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday okay Wednesday. It is so what do we do on Wednesdays we have soup on Wednesday. I don't know why I remember that but back in the days. Back in the days of a Captain Kangaroo. I remember they had a a song that named just about everything that you might eat on a regular basis. Here in America and one of what suppan it was served on Wednesday and an alliance still remember that it was a song. Captain Kangaroo took part in it. And knowing you know so next time we get hungry for soup it's his fault. At 260. 6368. To chilly chilly day out there another chilly day this is today is the third. With they say to. Left to go I mean they're the ones that it will come in a couple of days we'll still be pretty cold but nothing like what we've had the last few days. I've been running in and out in a note making each Earl might pipes are taken care of hope you're doing the same thing. 2606368. 2606360. Last night I went to for dinner. At the brown. Butter. Restaurant. It's one B and bill street right off. Carrollton avenue. Which puts it just block away from canal street. And I've been there a couple of times before and we've actually had the owner of the place on this and the chef Mike has an effect pretty sure he's the same guy. On the program and a lot of interesting things over there it's. More interest thing I thought then then I was expecting frankly because they got in there. And set down and I remembered the with a look at the place. I I will say this they were sensitive. To something that a lot of restaurants are not sensitive to and that is. Every time somebody opened up the front the war. The wind and cold being what it is it's sort of disrupted the whole dining room. And or at least you would make you uncomfortable for a minute. This problem is handled in restaurants across America mostly. By one simple thing and that is they have double doors they have first one set of Dorset usually pokes out into the sidewalk a little bit. And then you walk through that when and then you allow that when to close and then you open up the second set of doors. And this lets you get into the dining room without having a window of really cold air rushed through the place. And hit by everybody who's was having a great to a mile to that point. Revolving. Doors is another way of handling the same problem here in New Orleans by that if whoever they are any restaurant that hearing this right now insist you know that is something we ought to take care of are they will be now thinking about. How to go about that when they can do it you know they obviously want to do this at a time when it's least disruptive for the for the customers so usually the summertime it's that time that such things get done. And they're thinking about it and checking out seeing how much like that would cause they knew where they would put it. Because it is very uncomfortable in the wintertime. But then they gets around to be march. And it's not it's called. And they've gotten some bids on it and the bids are higher than they thought and they say well you know look we ought to do it anyway. But they do with a less force. And then a day and then they forget about it completely until the next winter when it all happens all over again in the hole. Whole system. Pulls together. And it just doesn't get done. One of these days it will gets enough other cities. And I realized in our climates different so everything else is different but. I I think that's some restaurant could take up a stronger look at than they usually do. You know it's funny that the old arrest until the ones that have the most taken care of the Brendan restaurants in general. Have revolving door city head they've always had those. And you and I appreciated I really Bewkes I'm I'm a sensitive weenie I mean is it let's bullets of call a spade a spade that's that's what I am. And idea. I wish more restaurants would would make that little more comfortable. You know what that I've noticed though and I don't know if this is true or not but it seems to me. Judging by the the two women who are frequently with me my wife and my daughter. They don't seem to mind so much I would think it would be. The ladies who would get worked apple for the you know the cold blast of air blowing through the dining room but it's usually the guys or is that just. My observation Oreo or my guess on that what you think. Talk to me 2606368. We would want to talk review but food and wine in restaurants and cooking in wine and all that. I have. Some distressing news but not very distressing our website today appears to be down on it isn't really down but it's. There is a little thing that I put in there every day that judge gives the date when the that's today's page comes out. And there it is. And today I forgot to fill that in and because of that it's showing that there is an anything at all if you get your newsletter for me. By email. No problem let's say you're gonna get that normally. All let's see we have abide. 8000 people who get that so and that the rest of you I'm I'm sorry Al cases they get home I'll fix it was trying to fix it from here that was really the were. That was really the reason we played that music with my name and it. They selected check that Pacifica fix it from here but I'm not that good on computers to 6063. 68 so wait a minute of stray very far away from what I started out to telling you I went to the brown on Blatter. On B Angel street right off. Madoff. Carrollton. And I have been there before I've liked it pretty well. It's a little puzzling though because when you put those two. Expressions together browned butter. What comes to mind. Are at. Things like Troutman year or Trout on Indian gala tours where it is basically the sauce is a browned butter and that's exactly what it is you. He takes hold but he putted in a pan you cook it down. Some of it it's floats to the top some of it sinks to the bottom some of it just boils away that's the that's the the part of the butter that is just nothing but water. You'd be surprised how much water there is in butter and I once wandered into. The kitchen at admiral's no kitten this this has happened a long time ago and Emeril was back there cooking. And I was ice looked at a pay and he had on the stove. That was filled with a butter and it was boiling away with a tremendous amount of bubbling and I said. What what is and is that flight thank all of water a little bit of butter and he laughed and he said this is how others sticking it to is these days if it never thought of it that way. But anyway. How to get on that yeah oh yeah when I hear those words browned butter I think of a fish dish. Like sought paid or or actually even cooked in the butter in a panned. Truck nominee being shrugged Trout. Truck nominee dean is one of troubling years the other win and they're both very common very classical New Orleans types of things you find amid Broussard soon enough and clients in gallon torrents of course. But. There it is so I try to ignore that and look at the rest of the menu which is really. They have a fair amount of seafood on their but they really to me have a little more in the way. Of meets. They have fought garage they have full. They have thought a lot of meets that were made in there. The shop where they they do things like per shoot toe in the you know that kind of thing. They do a certain amount of that Ando last night my entire meal started off with the rather vast number. I'm gonna guess at around maybe. Two and a half dozen muscles muscles. Right now are really good if you like muscles. You know a few things about a first of all there are a mess. To to play with because. There's no easy way. To eat them without splashing some butter all over yourself and so you know if you get it asking if they have any bibs. Or you can get another napkin and Kenneth tuck it in right underneath your collar guys will the girls I don't know what you do. In more ways than one is that true but. So. Oh went ahead the muscles and a comeback after the have to take a break but after that. A comeback with more about the muscles specifically want to have last night but also all over the place right now. You fund want to muscles. I will be back for more of the food show after first if you will this. And and an antenna hello you're listening to the food show I'm Tom the Taurus. We'd love to have our first caller of the day be you wind died you know call me up and tell me which have been meeting. But let me get back to the dinner ahead last night because it was pretty interesting this is a rest and I think you'll enjoy. Because what it lacks in polish. It also has. It makes up for. With with for so low prices and pretty good sized portions and and they're very friendly and very easy going. Again attorneys on. On them be until street right off Carrollton avenue. Right in the middle mid city Seoul. Here come the muscles big bowl. Full of those things like accounted you know like it does in the mid two and a half does and that's what I think it was and there was some toasted. Kind of like multi. Multi grain bread. Sort of toasted the reason that's there is set to this comes out mussels come out in a sauce. That's usually buttery in this was not this was a kind of more on the citrus seaside but at some olive oil or something it'd it was a little bit of fat. I frankly like it with a little bit more buttery kind of maybe even a little bit of cream and there are not a lot. And so while. There that was. And my second course was a Korean style beef dish very spicy. Lot of different vegetables. In the some rice underneath that. It was not exactly what I had mine I'm not sure what exactly I had in mind on that. But it was good it was it was quite spicy and don't think it would be for everybody but I like I like things like that so it was a pretty good thing as the only Korean and dish on their whole menu. So I don't think they're making a big big statement with that but they were also in to some barbecued a they do a lot of smoked brisket is one of their specialties. And you know a few other things but getting back. To the muscles muscles. For the most part come from. Around Maine. In fact just north. North eastern part of the country. There are New England particularly. They have a lot of muscles there unfortunately. There having even colder weather than we have so weights I don't know how much of its gonna come out of that at that might even be good for the muscles for all I know. But I do no that at this time a year they tend to be better than they are and other parts of the year. And I've in the last oh month or two I've had. Muscles. Several times and really enjoyed it so that's something you can considered the open season right now. But they also come from Canada a lot of them come from Canada but that's even colder than new England's. So was there as you can waited out awhile. Later in the year. You'll start getting muscles. In which the shells. Are bigger than the ones you fine now and they're not very big debate to begin with. They're not quite that big. But when day when they get caught they sort of deflates into justice thin layer of something. Like skin and nothing else. And if especially if it's cooked over high temperature. Grill or whatever. And that's when muscles are getting for Baghdad. This is nothing to lament that point but now. You'll find them in in a variety of presentations. But they do it tastes good their price is really. Surprising and this big pile of muscles I had last night was. A wanna say fourteen box. And that was easily enough for an appetizer for more than one person. There was no other person at the table with me goes away animal. So a lot of good stuff that was that was a good thing and indium. Than the dish with the Korean beef and those of spices in the moment that was my second course and then for a third course. The dessert I had they cram brew lay. This very creamy very smooth. Little different from what I'm used to is in good show our I don't know if it was cook with the joint top on top. But. Wannabe and a nice meal and it again was not very expensive it'll I think it came to the table at about. 25 dollars or some don't hold me to that have been it was not a lot of money and it was a very enjoyable dinner. And got to talk to the ship for a minute that waitress was a fairly new so she had a lot of perspectives. U of a run into that. You go to a restaurant. The server comes over to the table and society do you have any questions and and you ask a legitimate question. And then she or he says. You know I I just started working your so I don't really know the answer to that but everybody does seem like you norv words to that effect. And that the waitress last night it was it was in fact saying almost exactly those words but. It didn't seem to be a problem for her because it's what I ordered it was exactly what I can in my head was going on in so. Well what I really hated you order something. And it's totally different from wife who quickly. Told you was coming out. So law but not not last night so this is a restaurant I would recommend to you. It it's. Called the brown butter. And it's in a little strip mall. On B until street right off Carrollton wanna warn you about something they have one of those classic New Orleans. Potholes. That if you hit it at anything like speed I don't think you could possibly avoid blowing out at least two tires. It was really terrible I mean they ought to get out there and and put something on top of the of the board who knows what but. Why this mussel shells there's an idea. Yes a bunch of the day at the end of the day. 2606368. What's cooking over at your house call call me and talked to what you have for dinner last night. That's where I wound up. And let's see I don't know where I'm going to now probably wind of just going straight home and fixing the website. That's that's that's a big deal to me 2606368. We are a clash with two days away from the beginning of the carnival season. I have not yet been asked by the powers that be as to whether I will be broadcasting. From Gallagher hole as I have been for the last twenty years or so but I hope I am with Angela hill. Angela hill and I have been doing it together for the for quite awhile yet. We we've seen them at least five or six times. When she became available. To do that she was in on channel four anymore Scioscia if you just joined us over at Kelly home which is always. Fun place to be and she says she's a foreign person that talked to about morning growth. Or anything else for that matter. 2606368. I am waiting for our first call of the day. No one has called me yet if if you. You know this is is kind of like calling up somebody for a date when you're a teenager. He get this idea in your mind. I you know I don't know if if if I call her she probably think it's kind of I don't know who does he think he is kind of kind of a response. On the other hand. If I ask her for a date she says no that I may think that. She's just showing off. Or it could be that she does that she would love to go out on a date with me or you or whoever is involved in this fantasy. And say well if she doesn't have a date. Vote then why would I wanna go out with someone. So unpopular. You know you get those crazy ideas in here. I got plenty of them. Where those came from 260636820. I'm waiting for the first caller and the first caller is refraining from calling. Because he or she. Is thinking well if he doesn't have anybody to talk to. Why should I bother you know I'm gonna just ask and you know just just asking what have you what you've been eating. He could here's here's why I keep asking that question. It's because. On the restaurants that you go to. Our restaurants that perhaps a lot of other people know but maybe that. You may think that everybody. Eats that that. Of food from that restaurant and there's no point in talking about it on the radio. And I tell you. That that's not so it all most of the people who looked like the same restaurants that you do. They have completely different ideas. But all of that and and which dished wish that which dish they like best and all that and it is it's not something you'd just. You know hope matches Horry gory you. He also might get the idea that. You know here's a here's a dish that can't possibly be any good because you know or else everybody would know about you know all these crazy mental things. We'll call us anyway and sooner or later we will get the first caller of the day it always happens somebody does it. And we'd love you if you were the 12606368260. Menu is another way of looking at it. And tell me what you've been needing to weakness where you usually eat in the dishes that you usually. Have a lot of enjoyment of you're you may well be the only one and you will be introducing this dish to everybody else. Who's listening to us now you tell you they are quite a few. People. Who are listening to us right now we have lots of people listening to us we just don't have enough people who call us that's that's it. And just and is here. And I won't bother and ask if he pronounces his name usually Stan and he's just in time never used that joke just. You know skirted there are a million times that's. One what did very well what thanks for calling in being number one. On abrupt just a quick questions or order in the united recommendations. Of corporate if you aren't ready and Caribbean and now. Wondered if you have a recommendation first five that would you know veteran you know on. Underweights that's a good question now what part of town do you. Lake view let's see where an ice and you for a legs view. You know. Okay. Well right off the top of my head brands or voice has an everyday. And and they do a nice job Dick Cook they do a new batch every single day they make a big amount of noise about that. And they have real good hot sausage over the air which not every restaurant hands. So that's one if you happen to be putt wait a minute I got a better one than that. Right on the the lake front in buck talent. The New Orleans food in sports. They make really great red beans there. And I think they do have a most of the time if not all the time. And yet that's that's so winners right like couple doors away from our nose in fact it's it's in the building where our nose used to be. Of Lewis yeah they do that so yeah they really do. Got some pretty good luck a year being oyster and it's pretty sure that there there oysters and I'll bet you'd. Yeah I'd say you know that was fairly recently that they started even doing oysters but maybe two years ago. And they what they went crazy was it for awhile you know the first they were doing. Only. The raw oysters and then they started doing grilled voice is like three different ways and then they started doing. Our oyster pizzas. Which frankly I don't think. I don't think they cut the mustard. That talks that something maybe you ought to rethink. Think you know there accountability to a question another question that's be united you broke oysters yeah. What what is it I mean are up into yup I'd probably. Go anywhere that he can get pretty much probably is now. Well what's true I don't know what it is maybe you can cover what what is that what is it that truck goes goes there's that different than agencies differ. Yeah they do they have a technique. Of of roasting these things that I know. But I hesitate to put it out actually you know what. This would be so difficult for for anybody else to do that I don't think there's any danger that's anybody's gonna copy. If you if you ever go back there the one in Metairie in particular. Their kitchen is moralists wide open so you could you could just walk more or less right up to it you know within reason and watched the guys. Roast the oysters on the shell. And you'll see that every now and then they'll be this huge steam column rising up she you know going right through that. Right through the oysters on there on the U on the rack on top. And desist big billowing steam goes up to the ceiling gets sucked out by the exhaust system. When they do that they have just subjected to those that subject to those oysters to a really big blast of heat. And that's what brings the heat up very quickly but then it drops down pretty pretty immediately to but in the process. It winds up getting that flavor. Because it's got its little touch of smoke to it in there in Syria. And I I suspect that that's what they do I mean you can just stand there and watch him do it didn't get the technique sound. Yeah you know they're all on the ball on line that claimed to be easily you know Robby is right at the bit you and aren't duplicated. It's hard to. Well what Tommy Suton bitch over a Drago says always said he says you know. I'll give you the recipe either read the recipe is is everywhere you look it's all over the place. But he says but what you can't have all my oysters as he really does get them from. From special places that is his family going back several generations. And know all these other Croatian people living in Saint Bernard sentencing plaque commencement seat pack plaque commence parish. And you know that's all part of the story to. Right up. Thank you. Thank you very much for the call we will return with more of the food show after first if you will this. Don't bump bump bump hi it's the food show we talk about anything culinary. You know what my wife all of a sudden. Has decided to clean out our house. And two sorted it's semi renovated. Not exactly. And she was going through a bunch of stuff that was in her room and she. Had a I mean you won pile of it. Had about fifteen. Gourmet magazines from about ten years ago. And you know Gourmet Magazine is out of out of operation. These days I don't know if they ever will come back they are online they they still have a pretty big presence on line but the that magazine used to publish with all the beautiful photography and it. It just it died. Seen people that owned the times Picayune. Just blue note there. Anyway let's see waited I bring that. I'm asking about. About the oak Gourmet Magazine yeah. No that was something totally unrelated to that I wanted to break and just occurred to me but so odd. I was going through these magazines and Koch. I'd forgotten how good that magazine wise. I was and I remember watching. I just hit me why it was that this is on my mind. I get a lot of magazine. Reading done in the bath or. And it was just the guy on telling you how to paean to outlets and I'm sorry you have to listen that it. But. Anyway that's that's why it was amendment. And is that gross but I saw I was reading. Reading over the magazine but that was a lot of great stuff there. And now I'm gonna go through one by one she wanted to just throw mall way I think I gotta flip the rule men and see what's there this I will tell you. All of the wood just about all of the main line shafts. That you would be talking about now it would if you know somebody did some big. Production in someplace on the West Coast and all the great chefs of the city would come in. And make a big fuss over it. You would do read over it. The chefs who were in these old gourmet magazine's. And say I never heard of any of these guys they come up they go. Really it's true I hate to admit it but it's true. I remember. In the early days. Oh my writing about restaurants for us what we did have very many ships we have a lot of cooks. That's the first thing that Shas would tell you oh we don't have any shift here we have a lot of cooks. Whatsoever to do an article in the shifted gallon towards went to a two went to the management and I. I said I can vote can only in your view your ship I don't think I've ever seen an article about the chef that count toward and he said. Well I'll tell you what he'll say. He'll say yeah I can talk to me about it but I ain't no shelf. I'm out cook that's it that's in fact what he did tell me what I went idea ask to see him. And so you know there's. Ed and they would live in the same restaurant for a long long time that we had some. Shifts here that started out as. His boss boy days and and dishwashers and all of those kinds of things. Those menial jobs and they would learn how to do everything else. Over a period of time. And those so we had a number of shots here who had been in whatever restaurant they work for for something like 4050 years. That was not uncommon. And though some of them are still around not very many but. It does that's a big change in the business the chefs. Our everything now and the food. And the customers. A thinker not. Being given this much consideration as they were one time but. Who knows if that's gonna last things are different these days. But if you want a big difference in listening to all this stuff about food enough but cooking in restaurants and wine and all that. You will get yourself. A radio mobile one installed. HD radio this is the newest. And best. Style of them of stylist and upward for this technology. All of radio in the history of radio now I came in. When all the radio stations in in New Orleans in just about everywhere else to work AM radio stations. Which were nice and powerful some of the more anyway it's about you could hardly hear. And all of them had terrible terrible. Fidelity. And then in the mid 1960s. Every member this well because I went to. A a store to buy myself a lawnmower. I was twelve years old. I wanted to cut grass during the summer and make a few dollars. So why I went to the western auto store on in old Jefferson. And that's where I was in the and I Seau went this motorcycle. And they said sure okay well we'll make up the ticket moved will put it together for. That's an okay great and they said well why he went shall we just have a seat there. And it was right next to this. Pretty good size. Combination. Phonograph and and radio. A receiver and you know just playing music but it didn't sound like. It didn't sound like the radio was too good it's it's sounded like TV really just the quality of the sound. And I ask the man you know how does this place such. You know great sound nice oh that's at Emory. As if that. Where the future of everything and it was for a long time but not anymore because HD radios got to beat it goes farther. It sounds better and you ought to get one. Go to get one for your kitchen table you ought to get one for your nightstand. Go to get one for your living room. And you ought to have one in your car. If you don't have thought HD in your car I would like to give you a free. HD radio sent. You don't have to do anything you go to you go to mobile one. And tell them you want the WWL. Radio. HD radio. Stuff. And what they do is stay install it for you they do not charge you for the radio it's a very nice piece of equipment by the way. It's not joke. And they install it for free and about the only. Thing that this in terms of the payment that this would involve. Is if a you wanted to give the guy who dated a tip he it's optional or. If you had some problem. Connecting the intent from this. Piece of machinery to that one. If you. You sometimes that's necessary it cost about thirty dollars. That's for the road that's for the one in your caller and then you've got this thing and it's gonna last you'll long long time unless you get into Rackers. So odd. This is. HD radio you ought to get it and once you get used to it you'll thank me. In and out with a lot of well how Louise or anything but you'll thank me for telling you about it because it really history. I hope you get one because you could hear at our show even better and we're gonna have more and more stuff on this HD frequency in the future. Although we will come back with more of the food show after first please this. That doesn't. Don't test me I won't dance madam with you Ohio it's the food show. About two hours ago I made out the form for the united way. To give my annual. Donation coming in Syria comes out of my my idea paycheck. Automatically. Every couple weeks. And I recommend that to you but you probably you're too classy person you went to the fact that you're even listening to the show tells me that that you almost certainly have already. Major donation to united way and if you haven't to what you know that you wouldn't believe how many different agencies. Round the New Orleans area are made possible. By the united way it's really so. You know what they you know what else they have that I hardly ever mentioned to you. But is on their web site go I don't know we'll have to look this. During the during the news breaks at the top of the hour I'm gonna find out if it's a pretty sure it's still. There some years ago. The company that once boys. The New Orleans. No that was until. The the power company. That that had gas and if they had not in Nazi thank you not see you know they had a gas they had the electricity they have the buses and the streak. And that always Tuesday and everybody here he went to that all the time. And then when it it changed hands. They. Ot put out a book. Of all of the recipes. Or all of the ones worth printing I guess. That had ever been. At Nazi now if you ever went to it to the headquarters at Nazi on two key on Barone street. You know that they would have all these little these little. Advisories in little pamphlets and stuff that would tell you how to cook this and how to cook that. And a lot of people just collected them and they would put him in file folders in this and they would get all beat up but people would still use them because they were so good. A well all of those recipes. Are available for free. In a in a web site and I do I tell you once again I will try to find it during the news coming up. And it you it all you have to do so download it. And if you we want to print it out you could die I think that's a waste of paper on the ship a lot of waste paper and then you can use it for that. And you'll have all of these recipes that Nazi had done over the years and it's really cool that it's kind of old fashioned styles of cooking. But there are times when you need an old fashioned recipe and this is full of them and it doesn't cost anything. So while I'll find that four to six so as and come up in a while we used to been told it like crazy. Because it was part of the united united way they would if you would do. You could buy it for a far remembering it was a hundred dollars. And then they just sort of spun it off now it's it's still out there it's still on the line you can download it again for free it's worth getting. 2606368. In the third our second hour of the show I expect to hear from you. And have you tell me what's going on in new kitchen of your house. Has all this cold weather changed what you eat for breakfast in the morning. You know I hit a week we made a discovery. At my house. About a week ago this discovery is entirely. That of my wife. Here's what happened. We had to of this goofy. But it with the equipment was so old that it was about Todd. We have this goofy problem. With the circuit. Box that do you know when you blow a fuse or something you've reset it in there. It was old it was Russ the it was in bad shape and it hit caused the power to go out a couple of times. And so we have contracted to have somebody come in and fix it put a new one in you know is basically what we did. And so when they came in and they did all of that. Somehow or another one of news when the circuit breakers. Wasn't putting in quite right. And there was one outlet that just all it did was my microwave that's it everything else work fine. And so while I was this was upsetting as it turns out that Marion my wife. Doesn't use microwave ovens for anything she told me as signal that's impossible she said no I never do it I didn't even know how to work. Why use it all the time to warm up the milk for my coffee my cafe Ole. And I discussed and so I had to figure out another way to do it. And what I found was this little skillet made out of glass that is completely heat proof you can put it right on top of the burner. And it won't break it won't do anything so I put my milk and my cafe Ole my my age she Corey and and coffee. In to this little fish this little skillet. And to put it right on top of the the burger in this byways electric burner because we don't have gas ware rightly. And I could not believe. How good vehicle lights. It would is much better. Then the coffee and trickery that I've been drinking four years in nearly two decades really. And just from having this little skillet sit right on top of the burner which was set like five out attend. And with the coffee and the milk all mixed together. It would it just had a completely different flavor and now I think even after I get the microwave oven back in service again I think it would keep doing the coffee that way that was a real fine. Again set top people used to do coffee anyway if you went to the morning call. And you watch how they serve coffee there they have two big medal pitchers one of them is full coffee one of them is full of hot milk. You they pour them together you put it down and you take a sip you say this is that French market. Not the brand but the actual French market itself. This is what they do and this is why they taste so good this must be the way they do. So yeah try that sometime you'd get any old skill you don't want one that's got a lot of grease or anything imminent nice clean skillet that's well like about this little. Glass gizmo is that it it's very easy to clean completely. And you put. The way it works out for me about 5050. Milk and cafe a coffee and trickery. Albany Albany brood ready to go. And just. Bite let's see what am I doing during the news I'm gonna go tracked down. That not C cookbook see if it's still around here for download I think it is. Otherwise hang out you know we have another hour of the food show coming in and other after that and another after that believe it or not. Take it away a Debbie.