The Food Show Tastes Pure Artistry From Palate New Orleans

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Tuesday, December 5th
Tom finds out whats happening in the catering world from Chef and Owner Glenn Vatshell of Palate New Orleans.

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But. This is the carefully created voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we. Set our goal on to the studio. We walked in we plopped down and popping as an art you know you there's hero demonstrated tea everyone everyone except for our guests. Imagine my doing this is a chair to rolling chair. It has no. No arms on it for you just seeing them getting getting you all. Visually oriented here OK am I'm standing up now. And now I'm going to walk up to be the same chair and I'm going to plop down. Just like that you did you see that did you see that on the radio. Those that. Those good Doug. These dogs are guy who's running all the real creative part of the show is in there we just sit around filth on a I have a guy in the studio whose name is Glenn vet shell. Is that right that's correct bullets or you pull that thing a little closer here that are. I'll pull it a lot closer Diego area there you go that's what we're raft race. That's an interesting name where do with that companies are region. Norwegian yeah I've ever been on slow many times yeah. At times ago back try to go back every year I actually have a cousin coming in from Norway this. On the seventeenth noticed and Chris is with me and so I take every opportunity I can go back to Norway. You know we've been there a couple of times you and for some for some reason the only thing I ever think of this something that pick Brandon seniors said about it once. He was on a cruise. That way and he was telling me what happened on the cruise. And do you did you ever meet him. Dick Brennan yeah Dick Brennan senior Dickie Brennan is his son now I'm a Dick Brennan senior. Just head let's say a very strange. Sense of humor but he really if we but he was also one of the best restrictor is in the history in his sights and Texas and the kind of a mentor for me in a way really. But anyway he he had just come back from from Scandinavia in general. And said so we went to law whose slow and that's how he announced that. And I said while what's what was the deal basis I'd tell you I'd tell ya. What was there but first she gonna have to tell me what's there. I the only thing I remember about it is that we were in the general area by the castle in Gainesville the deep not I don't know if that's got canceled but it's where all the four California you're gonna bring affecting me as right there. And so you know little's. Little places you could stop and get an espresso in the light and sought to do that but this is perfect it's just it's just what I feel like a little in the back of express. So we walk up. And then I discovered something that would not be on Gaines said in the whole time we spent there which was only two days. And that was kind of expensive it's very experts on electricity use or hear you say that because I was I was wondering if it was just me. No no it's it's not to issue it's it's a very expensive countries of your country an amazing Connally and it actually has a higher standard of living in the world I mean it's it's pretty incredible. Well yeah might seem that way to me while we were there I I jumped on no one of news those who have bus lines and a half by staff trained them. They go everywhere and kitchen there and about three seconds. That's pretty amazed it's better beats anything we've got to. Here the other very big on mass strands and you know try to get people around and trying to reduce the amount of cars that are going and now the city's. Imaging amass renovation inside of also itself and you're there really a lot of traffic underneath city so it's. Becoming mostly pedestrian walking up the city of it's beautiful. Yeah I mean I it's it's a place I'd like to take another look at there's also Bergen Bergen is another beautiful so that's a little bit further south on the coast. As for my family is from Bob Byrd. And they it's they have an amazing fish market I grew up you know are going to the fish market when my grandmother you know picking out salmon out these big tanks and McDermott Lisa say you know what the fresh so let's it was still weakling by the atomic. The announcement many in many a wonderful mornings and evenings of my grandmother's kitchen watching her you know prepare meals for a custom. Well you know there's that part of the world is famous for salmon sure I mean that's a Norwegian salmon and that's of legends it's great quality. And it's it's it's of an interesting place to lead to an agency that the cuisine is it's not like anything else I've ever hey dad. Well it's changed tremendously over the years mean it used to be when I first are going Arum you know might when I was you know just a young young kid and you couldn't get chick in I mean we ate mostly finished. Sometimes we rid you know he a lot of shrimp really crap. A lot of times we've gotten actually you know brought a much my uncle's fishing boats and you know official you know efficient. And throughout nets and put on a crab traps and such and there against our our big you know catch Embree back to the shore and you know depending on how much we had remake you know fist of all I witches you know sort of it felt a fitness Obama Disco ball received fish balls and it's I didn't know that fish Ono and I'm that is such an old joke my dad used outside sorry yeah well. You know if you're looking for an idea that the oldest most beat up jokes but ultimately it comes to the right place absolutely absolutely. But yeah I mean just amazing fish you know I'm in Norway is a fraction beautiful and you'll secure a lot of clutch you know they if they fed the world over the competition they would. You know fish for in the northern part in this is like cod. Pardon this is my ties to Chicago as fast as as another Hitler and if you're allowed collection. Bock go out there you see. You know when you've got to laugh at them which is in the northern part of Norway's about the Arctic Circle. You see a lot of them. Looks like fishing line. Closed lines where they hang the fish to draw. And in the process there they also process long of a cause oil. And he's a Japanese ship that you know that that but allow all problem and it is it's. You remember there will always. Cat a crab that way it wasn't craft those kind of and this was big during lent. And everybody to this day he did the product is now unavailable there's no such thing you cannot buy cod fish and can anymore. But people still ask me about it at that time here all the time and I just can't imagine why anyone would like it but everybody. In Europe. From Spain to Russia to back across all of Scandinavia everybody eats it and loves it. We also sell a lot of it down to. Africa as well so they sell every part of the fish goes to somewhere you know. I don't our dividends go to market but it does. You know they have the road again it's a caviar and again that's you know that's a cosmonaut caught room that are which is now and that's different crime that really see that it comes at like two like. You know days. And of course oil that is shipped all over the world as well and that of course the -- on its and then heads in the votes that they send them to. You know different countries used for stalks and down leisure suit and things like that as well. I my my main connection with the any of that part of the world usage in nineteen ought to an 88 I think it was back and I. I made a trip. To Finland and went all over Finland and they have a lot in common it's not exactly the same the language is different for one thing. But it was so really some deceit and what are we remember about that. Was they were talking about the fact that the trend. In restaurants. At that time in Scandinavia Jen you generally but swift. In Finland specifically. That the cuisine. Had lately moved over from being French and German and all the other because there was no. Particular restaurant that was doing the local stuff but they started doing and and it was becoming a huge hit nobody could figure it out you know this is what we've been. Paying no attention to whatsoever now. Now people are actually eating Finnish food in and Norwegian food idea I imagine and all the rest. Well anyway. Yeah your out fiscal palate and New Orleans that's correct that's correct. And off you are I gather he cater. To hurt our site catering yup yup. No this is becoming a big thing for a lot of people. Yes yeah and yet this is a business it's a lot bigger than it was let's say ten years ago this chain from one idea of one I've seen me now. Well you know New Orleans is really. In the same place because it's on the top wedding destination cities in the country. And you know it's I mean of course we know why no remorse come here because it's such a beautiful city. But just is very congenial and easy to get around so as a place at a wedding get a large group of people and it's on everybody's bucket list so you know normally you say in about 30% of your guests on arrive here now if you're from out of town usually about 10% I guess all because everywhere what's come to north. Oh sure. I mean it's but Newton whenever people get a fix on what we are all about here very venue you odd that you see him all the time that's so but that's that's a wonderful thing. But. You are here doing it to give me an idea of fewer. Target. Custom or I or maybe even better. One of note that you just did fairly recently. We recently had a job you did. We recently did as seated dinner for the foundation which was really amazing and in an amazing and you American opera house which is located down answering Ferdinand street. It's a beautiful beautiful decommissioned church. And that was you know when those most recent. You know the parties that we had done it was beautiful which is serve them. We serve for them we had we added a dual Montrae. Filet mignon and also fish what we do drum for that is about to our event. Siphon tight and it's a fair guess to get all are on terror yeah we've also done parties or do you know famine solace and coming back a little island senator and you know do along traders are an entree and then turn. Tenement decides to go along with its complement you know on tray just gotta get you're gas a little bit of a chance to try a few different things. So it we're not talking about seeded dining here although not sure yet it won't be seated these are okay yeah I yell I figured as much. But then you have the return of the dread it. Of buffet on by and for those who aren't up to speed on this stated there has been an official pronouncement on this subject. A a buffet. Is where you have all the food kind of laid out in an attractive way and you just can't help yourself. But he will face it is a really bad of today. So just remember that if someone says yeah and you'll put. A pool fail but there. Give it all away from those people whoever that may be and where you know find somebody else. It's it's funny you know because I'm down here from new York and in New York as very traditional you know wedding scene when you do that pass orders person and need to receive an air. And then you have your desserts and dancing after in other seated dinner. Several kind of gets up and I really like give the north's way of of entertaining and having weddings where you know people are much more on. A social you know the big move around going from the fate of the Fey and now meet each other angry each other and change tables analysts are thing and I was summit to be some more relaxing analysts Duffy and as a felt more like assess. That brought the bigger restaurants especially that hotel restaurant. Have really pulled away from the whole book faith thing and you don't see a lot of these and I am if I had to give you five boom right off the top of my head I'd be struggling. But I think that's a good thing I never was a big fan base. I mean who needs to eat more of what you were already I mean everybody in the city is Leo overweight so. Which I think catering is sort of you know it's a show and I think it's you know sometimes there's this good you know buffets to be releasing when you watch we have an action stationing them. The site actions Jeff actually preparing to threw behind. On the buffet and serving it to the gas and I think that you know people really like seem particularly now and sister warriors six society where he only got you know shot shows and you know watching when do their thing and you know this is just a little small part of that but you know Angelina. Yup those of you who was haven't picked up on this restaurant gore could jargon. It's called an action station and it's about faith that movements of sullen a accord. Like this (%expletive) just walks around and in that that. Anyway. So this how many people were at this event you just told me about this heated words for about 300 people. 300. People that would scare though live and I don't know I mean it's IE back. Bet when I could still do it. Who I decided that there was a need for me to do some kind of charitable event I mean you know if you're not doing it and here. You're missing out on something. And I talked or the old del Monaco is where was I said listen I'd like to do a dinner here. And just use your facility and but it it would be a 150 dollars a person bring me the check and tell me who it's for not send it for you in that time we it was very loosen. And and at that time I was. I was just like I would call myself an apprentice. Best shall. And I was faced with a ten course dinner that I dreamed up for myself. And once getting in the middle of that. I just. Had a new appreciation for what. How people who do what you do would do it because it's the orchestration of everything is as much more. Directed than it's than it looks like time everything. Timing is everything absolutely true and very difficult to get it all the time. So let 300 in what may well. The greens but you know I've done seated dinners for sixteen under cruel and now he's in other Bloomingdale's in New York City on fifteen times in Lexington avenues. And yeah we use they clear out the store on several different floors and sat on the tables and that I would work out the employee dining room. And you know we used to do recent openings of Bloomingdale's and you know one leader that we did we were preposterous yet and so torturers and everything from the Jersey restaurant actually went there and worked with a shot and you know came up with the how we were going to actually prism through in such. I think my bill for that we just smoked salmon I could go on sept 25000 dollars just for smoked salmon investigator. And we served caviar and smoked salmon and fought abroad and you know just went on and on and on but it was such an amazing it always. Now I mean you know that's an achievement for the rest of your life. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris where is the other guy who's talking here is Glen bat shell VA TS PH ELL. And he is the owner executive chef and creative directors got all of the bases covered so nobody can move in on him. And I'm kidding about all this of course there uptown and out we'll tell you more vitamin let him talks more in a minute to. It's the food show and will be back after first please this here with a suit Glenn back channel in my saying it right that's correct okay. And he has oh fiscal Pallet to new laws PA LE TE. And he does private parties and catered affairs in way and as I'm sure a lot of those events. My daughter is sort of in the waiting business a little bit it's not our main thing but she does cakes and stuff she's she's pretty good. When that chilly here. Where where we worry anywhere. Or now hit equity REI business that seated dinners this is it's a big time a year you Lima yes yes very big time. You know we just we went through really busy November with a lot of you know weddings incorporate a man says now orbiting into holiday parties and there were doing a couple of your friends actually all Valerie. Volume Richard known for her you know stimulus funds. Well that's that's plenty of fun to be had there's plenty of this city if you come to New Orleans and you're not having fun you're doing something something's wrong yes that's Fisher asked. Do you have a feeling on where the a local cuisine is headed these days and no that's kind of the high flown sort of question asked by that I may have been very intrigued by I think it's changing more now than I ever remember in all the years that have been writing about this stuff. I would agree I think it's really camping up a lot I mean you know we're getting so many I think influences in that we have not had before. You know that's been coming and probably for the last you know after Katrina you know who had a lot more about. You know finding that there's a lot of you know I think it's. It's a shots are coming up now they're experiencing all these different I think with scenes and gives them you know it's opening up their pantries and giving him more. Resource is to work we have been without their learning new flavors and putting them together in unique ways and you know of course we're always trying to do something that's a little bit stands out from there which you see him you know every restaurant around you are trying to distinguish ourselves and its really CC with the opportunities are out there you know with. The availability of different cuts approach do some spices and things like that that were in and out and find some money available before. You know you know. Well you know pets is that an end there's a lot of chefs feel that it's part of what they need to do yeah that's news to. To have this. Kind of exotic cuisine in some cases well I didn't get into this this is distaste at. Well yeah and on and get a lot of you know everyone at that same thing you know when you love something you wanna learn as much as you can about it and you know looking for different influences. So I think that you know and it's really fun to see me you remember. You know and a you know early. Early part of 2000 and you go to stores you have these you know opportunities by spices things that. We sat there forever you know and didn't have any flavor when you're up in Rome so you know now whether it is a much bigger turnover and you know Asian markets are becoming. Much worse often you know more. While more opportunity there. Now by yet said definitely easier to get the ingredients then and and oval of but I wonder. If the chef and side of things is in May be getting a little ahead of customer. Face him and it. I I'm I'm of two minds about that I can't make up my mind. Well I think if you patsy relatable. You know you have to have some sort of connection it has a common color exactly and if you don't. If you don't you know if you're not connected to it and you don't have the experience you're not going to be able necessarily to preaches and there has been something there that you're going to connect where. And of course in the holidays I mean you know everyone is looking for some in this kind of you know reminds me of home a little bit of comfort judo you know you're having your loving friends around and loving through to go out to them you know so here. The others there's a connection that you're looking for adult dogs. Yeah you know that's they're detonated more than their share of that I think he's expect. And and the environments that being used to ours sometimes. Kind of interest you know what there's a lot of really into. Seeing places that are you know opening up now farm to table sort of you know experiences they were seeing you know like in city park and on Anderson you know different organizations are that are setting up pop up restaurants that are down there the by water in the Marion such that are doing amazing things you know it's just a really going in there and working. Together and coming up with new ideas this relief fund to see us you know this mixture of different backgrounds coming together and creating you know these these dinners now. Well. And I just see that growing and growing and coming to us please. They did it we have been talking to a lot of restruct tourist lately and everybody seems to be complaining about what's going on you know it. Where the cut where these people going and that too many new restaurants. But then everywhere I go whether it's in the whole place for a new place or catered event or anything everybody seems to be doing pretty well I think this. And a obviously you're in the middle of its abuse. He probably knows. Yeah I really you know I I'm really excited about. The growth from you know the rest are there enough food industry mean they're just what we're doing and the availability and is also having the clients that appreciate that to mean that's well also closings at an opportunity you know to be able to it. Do something different says that they rules you know appreciate and like. Here's something different. And I'm definitely I don't know how deftly I'm doing it but I'm skating into a commercial. Our show is sponsored by a ranch for voice in the have a poor boy over there that if you've never tried it before in the air or the very few other places that have ever I've. Can't because too many restaurants have tried to do this. But the name of the dishes the Italian port and what should they do is they start off with the usual length you know 91011. Inches worth of French bread credit and to end. Lay down some mozzarella cheese. And and coming back with some bread sauce and in some sliced Italian sausage and sliced. Cooked meat balls. And then a little more parmesan cheese and then top goes over the over the wholesale which they stick it in the oven for a minute to get a little toasty on the outside. And it is C a substantial. Lunged to make it. Even an understatement. But it's it's really good if you've never tried a one of these if you run into it in any restaurant and their I could probably name Mueller. At least a dozen places that do these things. But no one to go to is and it though. A ranch for boys either in Metairie or in Kenner and the reason I say so is not that there one of our sponsors but because. They have always since day one back in 1975. They have been. In bold and to always put out good fresh local stuff they don't do. Anything you know pretty sliced like Leo lot of poor boy shops you know they do know cooking at all. Show formal Ruth once said I'd hate these guys here they're selling everything. But Adam. To go Marco. Or a restaurant markup that was it. Anyway. You'll you'll fall in love with this it'll probably. Rivaled the rose before Voyager has there which are pretty going into this is so parades for voice here at 3939 veterans highway that's in. In Metairie. Europe. Near hello. Retro and trans con no no that's the other place that would set near Cleary is where I was foolish reaching for. And Cleary. And they also have a new location in Kenner on west esplanade it's just. A pilot told 34 blocks away from Williams boulevard Kenner brands for voice is open every day except on Sunday they. Are now open all all all the rest of the day is Monday through Saturday. The straight through all afternoon and they have a a big big many buicks menu to exports not just go for points and it's up prints or. The food show this Tom Fitzmorris with this today when conventional. And you know I imagine in putting together some of these parties that you be telling us about especially the one with the company theory 350 people 300. 300 this was like two days ago. There and a couple weeks couple weeks ago it's close enough. You. You've got that in your pocket. And that that was something else and and and humans just vanished from my brain. What do you do you hate when that happens on a foot eight but you know you have a show and tell here for us. You have a plate in front of you. Which from my vantage point about five. Feet away looks like. A heap of hybrid. Between a muffle Adam and costs and a king K well. Oil mice away at a high I was this would be in a Joker there but it it really is Soro. What it is is of course you know it's to regain the holiday season and so want to bring some things are reminded us of the holidays and you know mark across her on the corner and this really triage. There's going to be I think it's it's late this year is it's early it's early on. But this is savory king cake and you know when I first moved here to New Orleans you know of course I did not really experienced monogram before and you know going to all of cocktail parties and you know go from rob mentioned yours at this week king cakes which of course loft. And down I thought you know be really nice if I'm entering the popular sesame savory so I came up these savory king case of this is. French bread and it's stuff with a crawfish achieve stuffing. And it has roasted golden peppers and green onions and red onions that are sought Tate and red lines again agreeing gold. In denial of Moscow Kabul. Able to basketball's is that being said. You can now don't get absolutely what a great idea a lot of fun it's easy you know about those you talk about those little tiny ones slightly whenever we go on a cruise anywhere else will we we do some group cruises with our listeners. And I I bring a buyout. You know how like 36 of the purse size hand yet and I give everybody. Everybody who's traveling with me I give one of these at the beginning I sit here you're gonna need to input especially when Euro. Graduate from New Orleans from New Orleans yes so law. Well that's that's terrific. Yeah so they keep you up in the oven and how it happened servant and is delicious ago and I didn't telling others what you get too drunk yeah can you look cut that into a manageable piece tonight here's what I'm gonna do. We're gonna put the word out to the news department. Which will cause a small stampede. Over here to. This amp a lot any and the Ella are. Edible food that might have arrived. And they are that we would take a look at this. How look at this so. These are the peppers right yes and then what we have some as a red line red onions you know we breathe in slowly and current line. Isn't that nice yeah purple color and then get on green onions I've never heard of that being done before but it's so obvious that no wonder why. I don't know you know we've been doing it for years I'm also make one that is a vegetarian has mushrooms and in a duo. Alligator sausage won as well and we ship men you know we send them off as gifts and you know they're great during the holidays. All bad yeah yeah active where there are a lot of people who come today especially the ones who come from out of town. Who get king cakes way out of season I mean you know here in New Orleans nobody would actually make it oh I see what I mean you know the lifers start coming in and and everybody says the next thing you know that's gone but con. And that it fits that there. I don't get up you know you can easily see you know 20/20 five people amenities and you know it's now Stan delightful treat but that is that my favorite part of it is the baby. Is in the 11 of those little tiny bottles of Tabasco do not swallow please do not follow that about yeah and then on he would wanna do that. Your assistant here yes my beautiful as this case all you know that it it. I'm of course there are brought them you know holidays we serve a lot during that Christmas season and again we are talking about what makes you feel you know cozy and home life and such and suing me Coca man yep and we're serving that we while rescue off and I'm also grow asparagus where's the coComment the government is incensed. There's yup I think it's. I see a lot of beans is there beings and said yeah that's what it looks like from here and that's that that's the pearl onions are seeing. That's thirty rice or something that's the walrus the law on that is all the script and ethnic and we get to a disorderly. The corn wheat did you see Cornish tanner who was something like that when. And I think the Coca man called America Coca Citic commanded as pearl onions and Jake and and and mushrooms in it and it's just really nice you know party meals during the holly Cole the holidays yes there is jury yet when it's winter outside cult golf bag is the most wonderful thing in the so it's really delicious. They make everyone feel cozy and war you know that's George during the holidays yeah absolutely so you have that. And what was it looks like green beans are as America's pencils there. Potentially spend the mercy asparagus on a bush now. You know I I it was over at. Oh gosh what's standing shown on. It's it's the a maker of of bubbly wine to nap and when this issue on the main chunk done I think that is engine down yet. Anyway so I was attending. And event over there some years ago. And their. The camp is this kind of a campus is what it looks like they had numerous. All abortions. Of asparagus. Bushes and I get no point to secure but this pick with you let them grow out of oil they look almost like firms. That that's right but if you pick them off and you look at he's so well I'll be damned that really if that is an asparagus. I was brought him about it aren't you know their their fairly easy to grow you just takes a couple of years ago he started immediately and stalks the eight he I've given to understand although America challenge you can you've done and I haven't but the but the problem would be here. That we we have a little too much moisture that is the answer yet they could actually desert out there are pretty much. And it was the wildest thing to see you a bush of of asparagus. It it. It was it was amazing so this is. It this is the king cake a thing here I'm gonna hold on until we take a break and it to get a bit of that and this is the Coca Avaya here with yet. As it should kind of falls apart it just the touch. Pulls away from the bones and whatever else human and then I going to do anything that you can say for a that will take about. 1520 seconds and what you're eating that yeah you know I've moved in and I did give yourself of plug. So you know we were you know we are talking earlier about doorway in the government's lunatic which is usually very popular thing Mary you know the other and as the other Specter you know that's pot that is you know is cured that law. And that's coming up you know that's a big holiday tradition here in Horry in Norway you know to serve advancement of these gimmick. Estimated that Swedish style which is with the lights off. And it's very you know the media center for many many would lie you're right yeah as your ally to the attacks are sort of like intense public. And it's it's an acquired taste and it is so like smokey. So Latin is it should. If you can you know think about how delicious that sounds and it's are usually traditionally we've double potatoes carrots which you know to be almost. Every meal. And amendment that would make it would you know with a white sauce over the top of witches. You know there's you can't go up against. Jews but we always have another mile well that was Lan it's all gonna let it. Not very many duplicates of it believe it is. Overall I guess that's struggling so you need to grow. Up to this aside this is so tender. And and you can you can really tell that all the main ingredients anyway of cocoa that aren't here because. These like this is a piece of chicken here. But if you were looking at that you would say I never had no chicken that was purple that it is is an excesses like purple brown and you've got that mullah. And it's it's because it does in fact cook in the wind. For quite awhile and it will be marinated you know overnight red line. And it we cook at the next and of course you want in the salt and a second one was better than the first I think it takes a little to maybe got you now them. But judge it's a want people going I'm so. And does so we you know these pearl onions and mushrooms and bacon you know honor and I smoked bacon that we. You know numbering and and it was a big seller during the holiday season I think it's you know because again and you connect with that is something that's warms up. In on the couples of your heart and Italy we all love warm cup yes so thoughtful daily column. I remember when I first started writing about food. You could practically. Pick out. The bad restaurants that we trying to be cave French they didn't know what they were doing particularly but they would cut. They would try to recreate everything that they knew about it. And one of them was Coco ban that you'd see this all over the place and it was never edible and then it disappeared. For about forty years ago and I'm not making this up. But lately whenever whenever I see it on the menu and it gets you know a second look for me because I know it's not going to be whatever that was that they would do went for put for a forty years. It's now being done pretty well anybody that would even try it we only had one place and it's closed now the of the flaming torch they were doing it pretty regular. And editor of my other favorite is cast away. Love all my you know he's got all kinds of parties stuff in there that's of talk about cold weather you know that certainly is it. You know while this is. They're actual beams and here they look like teams and I'm as I just kind of ultimately through this. You're looking at there's not since there's not price close enough so we added you know a little bit texture there I think it goes nicely with you know over the com boom boom boom. Take a young. On the Internet. My mom's from Enron and serve the profit on the long David Kincaid first needed a couple of men after. I mean you got corroborates parliament. Now dark Alley architect that's good. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris fooling around here. And in case you're wondering you know is this just something you can do again. They'll do it again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that where every bit as silly from one dated nexus. This is that is this isn't new but serious stuff food is. Enjoyment enjoyment and if you're not enjoying yourself you're doing something wrong. It's the food Schoen Tom that's more a 260636. You don't need it yet to your Julia. You don't know it did do I give it to you in like one minute and 22. Okay. Are you gotta be exacting around here they see why the workings. Yeah well we've pulled another one. It. You know as long as I'm here. Who Italy when he backed away from this and then go back to you. Ingredients. What what do you do when black bitch at this comes up talent it. You are planning. An event for somebody it's gonna all go down in about three weeks and I probably would be a fairly short period of time if you usually via. And suddenly as it has had a history of doing. The price of beef. Triples although it probably doesn't go that above all locked. And this has got to try if you want your mind how do you handle it. Well I mean there's nothing much we can do if we can't guess I'm quite surprised him and Anderson you know we're you know we have to honor that and you know I don't let anything slide because the price has gone up and warming to do mean now it's that's like frustrated customers happy and so that's the most important thing and oftentimes you know we have weddings that are books you know a year two years in advance yes and yes we can't we can't it's you know you just got it prices we just have to get some hope that optimistic close. Well look for your sake I hope it does it mean to you. Having been through two weddings recently. Management you know you think that. I have two kids so that must be it and that they're both well anyway. It was it was really something that it to just hover around you know and and knowing what I'd like to think it's a fair amount about this stuff. You realize how much you don't know men are out we will come back with more of the food show in a moment after first if you will this. And this has been a delightful day I. I. A mention let's see what you my wife probably got a hold yes yes my wife brings out these. Guests that and it I would never have. Guess that this would be his interest in this it has been talking about my wife is on top of those things in. I'm glad she she picked news and you've got to the name of it is up palate is the name of the business Pallet New Orleans. Catering special events and big caller who. All. Yeah and 8220 this must be where you do year assembly and and you go anywhere you use service anywhere yes okay. And 98220. Willow street uptown that's right off. Carrollton avenue. And thank you for coming by this is very interesting. Thank you so much and it is obvious if it used to have this fantasy that at some point I would. Retire from doing the most of what that I'm doing. That looks less and less likely with each passing day but another. Idea I've had. Is. To be an unknown invited guest at parties at. And just show up and what what always happens I've never actually done that on purpose but I've had friends who wind UK got a Convis it'll won't be a problem. And they walk in there and I'm well enough known. That I can sneak in and people sickle cell whose cousin and you I know who you are but I can't make the connection with a broad. That's a well you know I can never in its straight my mind either that I think I think it would make a good book you know just bounce around from one reception for the next year or all but there are up and tell to. All I've got a guy by the name of he goes by the name Michael 75 here he says that's his UAE mind if you. Hewlett stock to women you know you go have put that on our Michael Liu there. I asked about a great movie about what you gonna do our wedding Koresh. Oh yeah ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah wanna howling I could get away with that before yet but trouble. Well you need to. You know how to how to do it okay well good I'm glad to know. Does not I'll show up with my violin I don't know how to play it by you bring good team kicks a huge battle it's always good to me that out and stop you don't and it paying this go. You yup that's brought growth you you fade away into the into the hedge. Summary. Ladies great Arnold Porter you know well I that would be a failure you know from the front. Yeah yeah. And it anyway. I imagine Garko and quote wondered if there's any place that is no real. You know IA I'd. I don't know anybody who is doing Coco ban at all right now the only knew there was only one restaurant OC the flaming torch was doing it. And she told me that was it was a Coke. Yeah. And IE it's not long ago that I remember you can go to most supermarkets and get. He's the row a roost or hand was more common but you they would be you know. 67 Collins. Chickens in but they were they had some years on him and so they were. We're a little tough which is perfect for Macon something like this yeah. Right yeah I think they don't have had a lot of players you know one I'm sure you. Now about spotlight for art or to your favorite place Republican club off. They still Billy India rep. They guys they just started and there they have one add on to that they have begun this year to do is already on menu at lunch as well. So it's it would yet it's going to be there available now I in big there's a couple of days where they don't do it like that you know Christmas Eve they don't do it but. But they they keep it going. Every day for lunch and it's already on the luncheon. Anything. That those that combination of words. What brought about by it will be a good thing. Well it. We opened but watched. Normally known not. Normally no they just do dinner but apparently there are enough people who are where insisted that they did have a pretty good crowd last year so here it is again. I have a right out of oh ha ha let's see if I can do it now. But what you are about to sell another. But it won last upsurge in court is that the most fabulous. I think it was a voice does with an Asia and so all us all down while I gave Colorado an attic expand its. Yet it is seen all right well what they're after his big big oysters and they swear to me that they can only get the kind of voices they want only at a certain time of year. I love that too that's a great dish but they don't have an on all the time. My secretary. Akaka. What thank you CF. It's why am wind and I turned myself off that made a lot of sense. Thank you thanks for coming cause I don't see you again sometime I hope. And when you receptions who legitimately invited to affairs if anyone be welcome whenever I yeah. Stay tuned we have more of the food show to follow the news and we've got to hear from you during the second hour of the program telephone numbers 2606368260. 6368. And a state Dylan. CBS the Columbia broadcasting system brings you the news. Here at about 4 o'clock states and thank you.