The Food Show Sunday Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Sunday, February 11th
Tom and callers discuss their favorite last meal before beginning their Lenten diet. 

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Welcome back this is the hot dog voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris coming to you from the U world of Mardi Gras. We're just thinking about it we're not in Marty roll world I don't that's a different thing. We're just talking about it here on the radio. And we love to hear from you but. You're carnival experiences but the one that I'm most interested in because this is the food show after all. Is stake and that might does that strike some people as strange as a topic that they or two days before Mardi Gras but it isn't because. The stake. Is the essential element that makes all Mardi Gras swing into action. Could see you this is the end of eating beef for awhile if you follow the traditions. So anyway we've been taking. Ideas from people about who. What that they think are the best steak house is in town what's your favorite cut him before you know how do you like to cook it would you like it medium rare any of that. And we've been covering that. This is going to be two days in a row because we have so many people calling yesterday. And it was still getting him theories re welcome. Expect it to ignore. That the money. I don't coddling. Without hope you have reached we view. Art and. If somebody year old. But they are undergoing changes right now I know that because they told me that they work. On so why I've the last few times have been there there's been some on. A few changes in their menu but I would say that the what have been eating there has been pretty it much as good as it has been all along what he's what are your thoughts. A we try. Not a local rapper and we give it. A world we we. Ran on in city and well on North Shore and now on Camelot others on the. You aren't. All well I haven't read. Yeah I really do its say it's a terrific restaurant. And if you if you look at up on my website you give him that review is up there you have to dig around a little bit. Odd if we had more time I'd offered just email it to you but so I don't know if we do the but it definitely get a reservation it's quite popular they have a very good wine list they have an open grill that they do. Among other things that you pizzas every day that are just just like for appetizers. And the most of the menu is is pretty adventuresome the chefs there's a good guy and the man who actually owns the restaurant is a very sharp drop player he's he's he's pretty good so I think you'll have a good meal there. Yeah we got reservations and we you know we're. You know we'll take a chance. On good column current restaurant and I don't think you'll we have worked out yeah I think he'll look very much like. You. Upper left. Thank you Libby no after you go what you thought here is Brett. Brett welcome. A camera or in my having a swell day what about you. It really is this apart from other college yeah allowed. And thank you. Taylor and I just jumped in much in and added to the store. And I'd love gala. And this the first some of it or tried to hit them on my. Partially one you know mama because we knew permanent restaurant. Yea you know it's almost thirty dollars and you might get courier me before scale you're lucky. You go I was kind of looking for a little bit more and almonds on the in the kitchen so. Okay well unfortunately you have stumbled into addition it is very simple of course and in the more complicated you try to make it the worse it comes out so is go with simple on this. What I like to deuce first of all. Make sure. That they did the big points you know you can get those little things and about the size of marshmallows and a new they have kind of an in between size. But from my money go for the biggest ones you can get your hands and where you buy in this from. Oh. And it'll seafood would have some pretty good when it's. They at least have you know I think everything changes every day when it comes to seafood. Well anyhow. The and the best starting point is we have a black iron skillet or something heavy yen but he heated up. Put a little bit of oil in the air I would use olive oil particularly it's something that you can get good in hot or besting the ball. What happened there. The best thing of all is the is ought to use some clarified butter 'cause you can get that really hot. And you season and up the way you like it and then you put it right on top of that little puddle. Of of slump. Above. A little puddle of club butter. Granulated that regulated but boy that was why am I trying to think of that word it doesn't matter anymore. Irish turn this year the that's right. You put that down and and you see Europe on one side in the it'll get nice and brown and crunchy than you flip it over to the other side in two it only a little bit I know some ships that don't do it at all they do one side in the they send out. This does not have to be called the death in. Also before putting them in before even starting cooking I would rinse them under some cold running water because it's only one problem that findings. Comes fairly often when you get scallop is that obese from like residual sand and grit and stuff and and that's that. Doesn't add anything to a to just give but it commit a quick little rinse with. With cold water that should take care of that. I doubt here's an odd question. He met there by letters that something that I can buyers and I have to. You can but. You can make it very easily yourself what you what you do if you give uses in any kind of frequencies you put by the stick of butter into applause of on a pan. A saucepan small saucepan. And you let it just over very low heat you let it melt and then what's gonna happen then is said. All of the milk solids are gonna either float to the top or they'll sink to the bottom and when you can spoon off the top stuff. And then you pours the rest of it away from the they've. The milk fat. And then what you have there is pretty much clarified butter meeting that it's clear all the all the op. But. All all of the early none other brought no other proteins very much still in there and the Fed is really an heir but though what what remains. There is. A lot of the water this a lot of water and butter more than you can possibly imagine and in this process will take them out so your body will actually get a little more intense. But I think this is not a a butter sauce or anything this is just the media mall for having. A really hot temperature that will completely. Cover. That those exposed sides of the of the scallop itself. Now would it out of talks to go with this Al. Well to tell you the truth I think this is one of those things it is actually better all by itself. I just so yeah it's if you have a nice big ones their good and fresh and you hit him with a real blast of heat. Top and bottom and then just go for it you know one when it to a little lemon butter with that some of the residual. Clarified butter that sounds good a little bit it was this year as sauce that sounds good a little wine. A you can play with that little but let the split the east scallop. Play the game mostly because that's where the action news out you know where you know or god let me know how that comes out. Well what do you have any restaurants on that. That Serbs scalp that maybe your year paper. Yeah mister b.'s is certainly one of them. Our policy who else on them commanders always seems to have them to court. Coach rose. I am in the middle of the news of up talent they they do a nice job and I'm pretty sure. That they do the animal also over at. This road daisy on magazine street that's who could win if my memory is not blowing my brains out again. Bellamy know how it goes. YouTube CIA it's the food show. Now coming to us from the blue phone is David. I argued today on. And so well when are you happy anniversary make it like. Well so far we've made reservations. And we need. We did we did Sunday brunch over at the aux Lou I can never remember how this exactly ghost. It's the box slot in the box slot nine this is our own restaurant in old downtown Covington. It's a little place and they do well on a fantastic. Job with that of their broached this Sunday brunch is this terrific. And there are correct or congressionally. Don't know about stake them. I would editor and two. Which I'd go a lot of viewers probably 90% earning no they're granite. Bloomberg better do a lot about ten to be right absolutely enemy carrier. I do not caucus state. Anymore without union for the should be and I. And what's really on what you take a piece around. Are around the role. You put Internet should be for three days. New Orleans. At what temperature. 130. 130. One's it would be the best wrote you ever see yeah and it's under an. Achieve peace in me but yeah I. Chose to keep at it and be sure because. It's a remarkable. Out where I'm. Julia Child picked. Ala. But they haven't they've got to be and then put you know are either on the Stover but if you and there. Yeah it is certainly been adopted by a lot of chefs in the last few years it took a while the first time I ever heard of them was at a food writers conference in early 1980s. And and and I never heard about it again for another five years or so but now it's it's all over the place. And yeah. Yeah yeah that's. Amazing. What you they are get a get a your HD radio gizmo to. Yeah my blog or thanks for the call. See. I'm going to. Very quickly outlined what he meant by this to be thing imagine this you take a pretty good size one of beef and you put it in two. Of plastic container. Oral kind of a bag and it's the kind that you used for storage so you you taking. Almost all of the all of our. All of the you'll live what is the word for what I'm trying to say anyway. You you have everything that it needs to be caught here and it's in this poach now. Under vacuum. So there's no air coming in. And you put it into a pot of boiling water but it's just barely boiling and you get exactly they'd tell you exact temperatures like he'd just said a 131 degrees. They can adjusted that finally. And then you let it cook for X amount of time than you take it out and then that's when you see here the outside at the state. And so you get the best of both worlds she gets is very very tender beef that has cooked very slowly and not on a very high temperature. And that is then finished off by a little crusty searing kind of job at the variant and it's. It has a lot of a lot of adherents in Italian I get excited about it. But I will say this whenever I've run into it in a restaurant it was really good so. What it's worth. Our program is sponsored by. Torres or boys brands for boys started back in 1975. I knew it was going to be of interest to me because the first or boy I ever had was from the hand of my horror. It's just of weird coincidence but. It's convinced me to go in there and try it. And then I walk in there and what I saw was a guy with a high school with and a figure well if he likes it it should be pretty good so away we went with it and breads or voices been that way ever since. They have a location. At the 2929. Veterans highway that's just passed. Cleary. And they have a new location that is really handsome restaurant to a muted even though this is a neighborhood place were talking about. On their location. In Kenner. It's actually sort of half in Metairie Kenner but it's on west esplanade just off of Williams bowler but three blocks and they are open now. Not every day except Sunday for lunch and dinner and they keep serving all the way through the afternoon so you could get in Greece we enjoy. A handmade. To order. Port boy a viewer choice over yet though sprints for points. Who would have the Pope Pope let's we need to break okay will be back but more of the food showed a moment after first please us. Due due to be VPT. Hello it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris well look who's here it's. Reformer. Of men in the saddle. I'm happy new year do you I assume they you were still with the food bank. Am I handled communications and media and the web site and also by an order business or from London so they're all looking at this school that day. They wanted to passed along and as always thanks to you and you know your vote or support of the food bank. We were recently went through not exactly you know local disaster who will throw on a watery emergency with a freeze. With no water notices and several parishes. And we distributed. Nearly nearly about a 100000 pounds of water a couple of days. Band. We were able to do so because people have donated to a stroke. But basically wanted to counter and out there people are thinking of well we get to question a lot what is the perfect thing to donate to go through bank. You know particularly we actually also needs. Disaster likes because we them you know we spirited being year round disaster responder. Not just during the hurricane season but we've had tornadoes and of course New Orleans east. And applause. A couple of February and wrote and in massive massive flooding with a marked slopes and what Katrina tweaks extreme on the North Shore. So you know folks are thinking about helping the food bank entering in addition to the regular. Food donations we always your round except. Disaster supplies cleaning supplies water of course. And just you know the type of clean amateur action would need. For many natural disaster throw but never really mention that I would show one group want to throw it out there especially if anybody a lot of you know they went out bought a whole lot of all water recently from the so emergency we can't and don't want to protect offered and it certainly eclectic. Well thanks for share that witness and you know that would I've often tell people that that this comes up all that often but if you. Our you know trying to figure out. We are descend. Your help for other people who would have heavies who left serious problems. Because of disasters and that sort of thing. Called the second harvest is food bank that's kind of might go to a charity. And with good reason because almost all stays in the New Orleans area in and takes hero real problems that really need a lot of addressing so. Thank you for reminding us again. We we appreciate and a serious and really really quick question to put your line about the disagree on what must have the great about it. Intuitively I just can't read my mind around keeping. You know you can keep a piece of meat in their four or five hours under the reason comes up perfect it doesn't. Over cook under the can be violated the law of physics social I don't know. Ha. Yeah I did it doesn't sound right to me but I've had enough times in the hands of people who know what they're doing student. Say OK all right well you hear it or. Right but I saw Craig. Senior. Editor yeah it's the food show. Let's see we have Ernie over here I'm calling from Canberra think Ernie you there. I. I did Ernie. My money you don't have to be happy morning and I director of IKEA effect of these non. Austen's right dale operatives are noon and looked up and made. Alike at all but it's that's mr. ads most. Fancy restaurant. And he does. He has a real good appetizers they are likely oyster dishes in the crabmeat and all of that that they do. But then they dig into the rest of the menu they're pretty strong and stakes state they have while all the major cuts. They buy it from a place that's good enough to stand out to me whenever I go there. They also have live music in the area in the bar and in the bar is big enough that you could you repeat in the bar if you wanted to and that's what I usually do. And it nice crowd of a lot of regular customers that they get there. On the there's only one thing that bugs me about an instant nothing that they can do anything about really and that is. They have. A little less parking and they probably on half. And I know other than that but once you can figure that out at you you've got. It. Right Mike right. You're right okay got. Nowhere no names no names also and it's not okay all right. Sir I'm very. Audit did it the old place I went and need a break. Willie. Queens. Don't go thump thump on. Hello it's a food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and let's see Ernie I'm sorry about that we we forgot about that little news thing we needed to get in but here is you're so there ha. Ernie. Ernie. Here here we are okay are you where or we started the beginning is that nobody will remember. Yet when are you talk about Austin's. Well yeah melted its arm and pulled him and where there. Directors is there room operative and he's you know book to 100. And we ought to program. Aaron. Looking for an eight. This loses out it was it was totally groundless he may be some carpet drive rubble only. Next figure that out there that would change so artistic. Yeah about. 78. By it would the spit out a partner. What did they do when you you when you told. That's where you went wrong. If you tell tellem could say you know that these that the guy wants a place he's a very nice guy he runs very good restaurants generally speaking. But things happened like for example I know of harassment that. About a week ago everybody on the entire staff cuts flew at the same time they caught it from each other. What do you duel but that same month she can do. And it and it just happens now and then but you do if you ask them or you tell on you've got a problem then they consultant. And even if you call if you write him a letter. A couple of weeks after it happened that's not going to be as effective as telling them right here on the spot. But you ought to do that because then they'll fix it and we wouldn't be complaining we beat. Talking about how. There. Are you know it is news. Well it happens you know only if the if they were away to make this a perfect thing everybody we get our rights and right right there are right. Well for it don't write them off my my luck there has been very consistently good prove practically Islam have been opened so when you can get over the first time given additional shot. I really do think it's one of this assessments in Metairie. Hi I'm great thank you. See the food show them product line by 260. Boy one late seventies or telephone number if you wondering why are we talking about stakes so much but think about Mardi Gras. The whole idea of carnival goodbye to meet good bye to beat specifically. There's afloat in the Rex parade that shows a big Cowell blowing smoke through his nose. And he is the both rot he's the fattened Cowell. We're talking let eating cow this is the time of year for this is this is it. And so. I figure what's let's talk about stakes because. Personal everybody loves him well not everybody but just about every. And everybody has different ideas about it you know what kind of stick with kind of cut the light how do you how much you want it cooked. Would you prefer stole revise or do you prefer full laser whatever. What your favorite rest on forest. How do you cook it when you coComment home with two what's your technique all of that you know it anyway you wanna put it. We'd love to hear from you we have a few minutes the show wrap this up. Yesterday we had one piece of information. That emerged from a doing well Etsy we have a three hour show yesterday. And the number one. Piece of news just judging by what the people who called me yesterday told is that. The best west women among those people in the hell is the Crescent City steakhouse on broad street which is an old place we go back to eighteen no sorry. 1936. US TA prime beef they dry aged in house. I go there every year on Marty as soon as they get off the year with Angela hill. A WW on this station right now will be there day after tomorrow. From eleven until two. Giving you Bo blow by blow on Mardi Gras. Are but then as soon as that's over a mile high tail it over to the crescent city's he collected find a parking spaces it's not easy Mardi Gras. And then I will park and the place will be jam packed with people. And a lot of people will be standing out on the parking lot waiting to get a table that's how popular it's become I remember when they had nobody. So. And Macy were there and if you see me sitting at a table that has some empty seats and you would like to who joined me at my table. All you need do is ask and I won't tell you know. Well it's my quit when it's 260636. What do we have over here to do we have time for job at the moment. I think we do. John welcome to the Puccio. And eight on today. Thanks well you. I'm pretty on a question I recently closed too much Ngo where I've been here in the north and Hulu were meat glue. Food glue or meat glue what is that year. What he'd do. There's restaurant on which they nickname from like implied. From the animal can be and they accumulate. Pieces and parts of me to go in to me and apparently put it make it look like a perfectly good state but it hopes will pieces and parts of the balloon again. I hope this. I hope there's a rule that says that you have to let people know that that's what's going on and. I only letters and I was when you heard anything about it. I've never heard of that before and it doesn't sound all that good but you never can tell who knows I'd try it yeah. This I I would if it came my way I would try it and those just to see what is you know the time is gonna come. Would this not gonna appeal this animal protein around anymore. Yeah they mostly restaurants on the use because they can get away with because you're staying out who you're not going to turn your own meat you know so they. Where I know I know two restaurants have a lot more. Lot more things to hit in in what thing in their set standards. So I don't. I think if that -- ever gets in the commercial. It will be questioned right away and let you know again I tell you who knows there's all kinds of things we eat that are. Incomprehensible. Yeah but I you know I wouldn't worry about it. Here and it's into enemy. Might thanks for Collins C. And a Mary. Says enter. My welcome to our show. Thank you happen to know you'd get an issue I think I'll talk about that they could absolutely yeah firewood. Quick quick quick but being bombarded. All on the days. Greens and iPod pitch and and and all which it gold yeah and then rule put Cuban. Actual image you like to upgrade and can't find it. People can think I'm like let them you can put whatever you want the victim leave Washington now. And it was an accommodation you know. That sounds great if you have the purple green and gold and now I know that that's a wonderful idea. As you know and and the second thing I want it done it's all about getting to. In his life but. Think I don't know it doesn't matter that they meet the Pope like you've been an advertising on radio line is put into a special. A bit too important. But during dollars and. Out there it that was going on during his and a verse here at. No that though that's okay you know if you were to walking there and tell the leader. Chef and don't know I'm absolutely serious and I really I'm not make it decides it's not a joke. So anyway go to Andre news. Asks has talked to chef Andre himself he is a very nice guy he's very eager to talk to any of his customers about anything you wanna ask him about. And say. I I heard that you're doing a three course dinner to celebrate your anniversary. And I was wondering if that was still on and you know what I don't know whether he officially has that going or not. But if you would ask him for I wouldn't I'd be astonished if he said now that you can't. I think in amendment go to like she can even go to come into its. Two courses for tornado all of and a you know like this it awarded them enough up on that there was bad. And it did more that would be aid down and more you know mum. And front amputee entwined don't get that special privilege to a. They do it it's that twenty dollars ligament and its twenty dollars and eighteen cent. Yeah. And he's at and that that is that is very definitely still there and they change what's in it and have Obama once a month or once every couple months since. Some way and I. Think it's a technical mind and it developed. Other places and now. Don't know yet apple one apple but so well and jumble mom all the content but again as much information might be damned if you can talent and connect. And in my. Yeah I knew I intend and it works that should deal with them kind of that it would tip and the timing in the eighth inning ending. So would that be don't you remember him. Whitman. A way this was a certain kind of beef. Africa yeah I mean. At that time and the time. I'm. And this date it was you talked about it Monday on National. Anthem blue. Sea bed in the morning place. All right that. That could be a million different things. Well it met Amma that it would payment for that one thing Egypt and that one particular moment in the name entirely intact and on the day. I come. I'm sorry that doesn't ring a bell. But there again I tell you a lot of lot of research does not. Know that it could be but you know we've been doing this show for thirty years now and if there's a lot of stuff I've forgotten twenty times already. How fun now and now that. Call us if you find out let us know. Well well and and what does that don't do it didn't make it more and didn't make it more and. What you mean the stakes. Yet quiet on the don't do it. Well you you only add as much as you want to OK but it. Stakes will definitely turn out better in a bunch of different ways in flavor and texture and a whole bunch of the different ways. If you add a little salt to it. And but most people don't little little salt on it they put eight clean he saw. A batch of salt and they don't have nearly enough now on the other hand. If you and I share this problem would blood pressure which show him so much as I do then and then you just have to put up you just have to give it up you know and I don't put salt on anything anymore. No no no way you can it helps the flavor. And prop. Up. Well and you can't heated before you go to so I don't know little humming it at that. Yeah yes absolutely yeah. They okay and I'm not under and about. They two to fourteen days were active. Fourteen days now late you're talking about each beef now and it's a totally different thing. And and what you do is you put in the right. You know they describe all that. But and then and then what is the purpose of doing and only you know battle ready and make it more Kendall what does that do they have an age. When you aged beef. There's home if it's dry aged beef there's also wet age before which is just in a package for you know weeks and weeks in the refrigerator with nothing done to it other than that. Dry aged beef is actually drive in a refrigerator that's open here. And there is. A certain amount of mold that starts growing on the outside. And it changes the flavor and some people say it tastes like it's spoiled. And other people say that's the most delicious steak in the world our offense under what Europe preferences. And mine is definitely on the dry age size but it's not for everybody there are some people who are gonna take a taste out of this may say this is gone over the hill this is a fez on day. As it. And and oh but it is since. To my Pallet I love I don't think in the office the restaurants have try HP. That's at the end and oh yeah. My it was nice talking thank you very much. You know you bet. All right C a we will return was more of the food show after first if you will business. Pick yourself up just yourself off start all over again hi it's the food show. This is Tom Fitzmorris it's funded talk review but food and restaurants and all that we're having a big stake date today Steve welcome. In the end as soon you'll be here this. A long list Reitman. This amazing yeah it. I'm moving them old and I movements can be pulled out to rule Condo. Yeah I'm cleaning out a lot of rule menus. The book and it above thirty years old so. Do it through our it was that the name of the restaurant east. Today. Yeah well no it was crows EA's listening mode but too hard to grow CA was the man who won't. In two and to use in mobile. Anyway I just ordered to market and we keep a collection of cool menus. I don't kick too many of them but I just Corey and here's a deal I will make if you willing to do that. It if you give them to me I'm gonna go through them and I'm gonna pull a lot of interesting entry information out of it. And then I'm then I'm gonna take the whole batch of them and bring them over to the historic New Orleans collection which is. Sort of a museum and sort of an academic facility. Where you can go in and research all kinds of historical things have calmed down. And they did a menu collection. About five years ago that was just terrific and ever since they've been getting other venues that are of interest so. If you if if you would. Permit us doing that I would make it all happen in the eighties and you'll have done a nice thing for the news. New Orleans. Via well I'd be interest in him of at the very least. Send them to. Can you get downtown. You. Our our building is on the corner of magazine in waitress. And there's fairly easy parking they're parking lot but. You know bring it on up two wept on the eighth floor of the big black building used to be the Tenneco attempt at Texaco built on it. He had WW audiences that yeah it's it's that you'll find it decently it's it's easy to and just drop and I'll tell that's for me and they'll take care. 02. Little aren't used to. Yeah that's cute polar. And now. To. Well burglars. Well. I know that feeling parent CEO of the food show on Tom Fitzmorris. DD DD DD no there are. A lot of poor boy shops out there. And a lot of them as the fact most of them it's a really good. I would hope a good pork boy to me is hard to beat I've. In fact the first time I ever ate pork voice in which in my life it confirmed. In my mind. Something I did not know and that was that there is more to this food thing then greet CI. And it turned me on and I started looking for you know better versions of this is that elsewhere. And it's been a lot of fun for all these years both as a hobby and as a career. And I'm always thinking about that influences like that the parades or Boyce is certainly one of them. Because they have a very simple. Strategy and it is that they buy local products. They cook everything in house you know you'd be astonished by the number of or boy shops. That don't do any cooking and all the agents get taken opened up a container and take this stuff out. And it's already slice they don't have the do anything and they just salad at a restaurant price. Lot of that going around it's not very good you go to a place like. Koreans or boys they are cooking they are roasting their own beef they are making their gravy from scratch everything they do is that way. And the outcome. Excellent food at neighborhood Grossman prices which is what I think mainly makes people love for voices the fact that they're cheap and good at the saint. Sprint's four boys two locations 3939 veterans highway near Cleary. It's the original. And they have another one out in Kenner on west esplanade. About. 23 blocks from Williams boulevard in Kenner. And both of them are open every day except on Sunday they're closed all day Sunday but the rest of the week they do lunch and dinner straight through all afternoon long. And you can eat in or take home its brands for. Who who who put group I suppose I'll be talking to raw or you need to break. Okay we'll be back but more in a moment but first police this. Men that hello you're listening to the food show. Let's see who's on hold here Ross Ross welcome to the Puccio. Thanks to Obama. Or two ago and they way order referred true. All forced cobbler. A lot. Ought to Moscow it had to change the route that. Vietnam like spokes urged Moscow. That. (%expletive) out of their. Own Chapman. And a war that you know. Perhaps. I don't remember the dish so I'm I'm kind of crippled by not having that knowledge and share with you but I'll tell you a place that has. This is oysters right and you are you going for that wonderful. Our bread crumbs garlic olive oil herb kind of thing. That it. Delete all restore that they Phillippe know a year. It's it's a little rest and it doesn't look like anything throughout and Arquette. It would it looks like it would it be if you head towards town from the intersection with causeway boulevard. And you'll get to a spot where. The restaurant will sort of be in the neutral ground and you just got to make a pass surrounded and they are it is. But he has an oyster appetizers that I get every time I go there because it's just scrumptious but it's a lot like what you're describing and have run out of time. Call me again. That concludes our program for today I will be on tomorrow on one of five point three FM starting at three in the afternoon. Look big raw. Enjoy yourself this is the season for it have a good steak goodnight.