The Food Show With Special Guest Arthur Schwartz

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Friday, December 1st
The Gormet Cellist Daniel Lelchuk has a great conversation with Arthur Schwartz about Jewish and Southern Italian food.  Chef Andrea also poped in for a short visit.

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That window hello hello hello and welcome back to. Our two the second hour of the foods are one WW LF MHD two and remember it's the highest quality audio known to mankind and also streaming. All over the world where over the Internet it's available. Via the website of WWL. The great behemoth of a radio stations located in downtown New Orleans with the use of the Mississippi River. This is not the usual post it's a feeling host. But a proud Phelan it's the gourmet cellist it's Daniel outset. And we had an incredible. A time that really flew by last hour talking with Dan Davis the sommelier of command as panelists. We called a wine guy I'm talking about wine and how to buy wine and everything like that and please go back in the in the podcast if you missed it. Now joining us he is a very interesting guests to one or on a to have this is Arthur Schwartz. No one of the world over as the food made the mr. Roth distorts a most welcome to the food Joseph the gourmet cellist. And look at this that there's a lot to save that you dozens of cookbooks do at a good great radio show on WOR for. Oh at twelve years at least in New York City. Yes you know I'm still. The radio. On and in your field that broadcast from here in Connecticut. We've been called by the New York Times to court he would NPR affiliate in the country. Who couldn't. Which which I went pretty quirky it is what it awkward is that he can actually watch. So we radio show the FaceBook. App. So is so it's a TV show as well I I actually did discovered Q because that was Google and brisket recipes about two years ago and and you know your brisket recipe is probably the most popular brisket recipe in the world. I'm not I heard that cutter that. And I'm by the way it's also the simplest brisket recipe of the world. We'll tell us how to do it now that we got on the topic of its a simple. Well I. Tidy. I had a mother who like to be experimental. That we would have to be any different brisket recipes to pitch. But till like I was a teenager. And he cheated then but that would did audience and brisket. The period we had Harvey's Bristol cream. Horror and mystical and Harvey's Bristol cream but did she reverted back to view regional average to let my great grandmother. Which booked into. If you want to get as. From slight Barrett. But it's a little or nothing against you. It's literally all you do is stick it in the oven covered it either in the bottom of the station has discovered roster which and so now lost abuse. But you know it in a roasting pan with little bit of oil and depicted group three hours or brisket to get tender. But when it's just that and there. You incorporated. You take me out these slices. And that you put added he's gonna have a lot of uses that have resulted from meat itself. And the and by the way but it was seven bring you want to return of displaced a lot of it. While while an idea as salt pepper of course some they put a couple being in there. And at the end to put the brisket active and Wimbledon in the U. And beauty it's even good to do as the day ahead. Businesses. To reality of the Euro was at times that there is the day of the deal is that. But it's and it's got the next day and did it stay put that in the open but this time. And cook it until hail Mary and as the meat will Barreto. Annual all of these wonderful. BP or to have sort of saw me we always had this discussion. With the book he goes. So the Europeans were a couple of the juices and each is little cup and the Buckley grows. We will without both. I doubt that that was a traditional way right with Russia. The vote a yes. But passion parties incident. The boat can possibly do with passion and the that's the big in the post that the Jewish of their active. Of Russia shall lose Jewish new year everybody needs to brisket. For a passover. Is not supposed to have roasted meat of this so we're still. This is Brees needs to talk to me so. One of the Libyan government Thursday. At brisket potato operation. Now look I I've if you if for everybody on who's not and probably most of the list is because it's a very seriously devoted food audience here. In new ones as you might demands are met. I have mentioned very much. About the best that the so does indeed. Yeah exactly so it's a most people probably know but I just wanted comments that you fear. I'm books well while we're on the topic of because you mentioned something about to do with bookings I wanna say for its goal Mike my favorite of all. Of your books as to southern Italian table authentic taste of its kitchens and I I just. Let my lines. That they that's a long story would've been a beautiful pictures. He has great pictures and has great and even the coverage has sees me I'm looking Utica with these meatballs but. Another one of your books at that I think it's wonderful a soup supper is it's more than a hundred Miller hoops. And death for anybody who wants to know more about food New York it's Arthur Schwartz his New York City food. And opinionated history. More and on trade but food institutions so. It was it was a hundred legendary recipes. That's the whole you know does this mean there's so many recipes. That the region needed in New York restaurants hotels and homes. Then as leader became. National commissions. The eggs Benedict. There's one. Really what would it should be out eggs Benedict and let it while he himself it was just. Rob everybody thinks it's in New York is that named Rockefeller. But it baptists in the world. It. That that's right at three over yesterday we just have people romance ones are we had a weight of manned ones are that this was invented has been awaited their more than 550. Years. And death and he was talking all about the key ceremony was fifteen is something he's talking about. But the resources Rockefeller but now I wanna tell everybody efforts hole Arthur Schwartz also known as the food mavens. The world over is an expert but I tip particularly and that creek beef I miss them. Miss it describing you're an expert in in both Jewish food and southern Italian food of all things that wouldn't be etc. To me it's notable thing because look in the immunity Britain. Where everybody and I really mean just about everybody. Which he's Jewish Italian. So. Of my neighbors were Italians I'd look at. First six usable light I was in the house is. Two families in the of that new policy. So it was but the same experts followed the could well have been spaghetti with it grew with that group. So and to be southern Italian food as interpreted by. Mostly Italian Americans not necessarily all those Italian. Is Michael who is you have sides conscience or excuse but need to have let's begin. So. In in nineties in the 1990s and realize that. This is cruising they've got no respect even though as being too. But in it was well deserves the respect because. Some of those popular fooled in the world. Come from Naples and surrounding areas. Like spaghetti. Peep. Lasagna. I mean even need pizza enshrine these days so that maybe the most news this that bullies. It is some. And possibly foods in America. So in the nineteen. In those back to what Italy since it was a it was when he. And I love this ultimately is that more than. Central doors in part because in the cells people who are very war differently in the kitchen wiz. So I could become president of people in the south Indian Biden told lunch and dinner. Might be introduced to the family. So and I love that aspect of the journalists. By training and so by nature means. A dosing. And so if he. I like poking into people's pot in the kitchen and went back to in Naples and. And cook that many meetings many people and bootable called maple table. Which is that by and meet those deceptive acknowledged as the definitive cookbook on the Apollo is seen which it and it is crazy. Because for a was seen as you rule that would fuel. You need to have. But that an aristocracy. Rich people but it. Is the effect of who or at least people who could afford to. The patriot. Ships. And restaurants. And appreciate. Of the finest in. And it people they have the royalties 21861. Holes out of Italy was. Brought by among key global bootable civil. And today tied everything together we've got to say if it is those such things really and this is another. As doors in the town in disease. But there is such in this subject to disease. That it will rule bound together by the abilities. And did that the same ingredients which interestingly. I think. It's such an Italian who is based on world. Peppers. Tomatoes. Potatoes. Chocolate bill. Chile. Will be kept visible signs were not introduced to Europe until the 15100. From the world. Because of the poverty and so in some other political. Geographical. Climate reasons. The self immediately became a place where all these things grew very well and we used. By the people is that who. So anyway people's table. Is I guess it was childish and but they looked it was too little since of the display that's so. Did that is wonderful not you know mr. Arthur shorts we have them. Clerical instantly and totally unexpected call from very well known Italian chef here and in New Orleans so I'm I'm in I'm condemn words to call briefly and see if he has anything interesting to say it's a hundred it was from copy by the way. Really yes and you know very well. It's easy here it's at Andrea. Hi how are you it's. It solid and down went. Won't Armitage. And it was. That's one of it's good to know is that. An extra what's going on wonderfully historical places you have. There in there's it's yeah this from the in this wonderful. Of course great Scioscia. So testing. Period. He's seen it people that I can find it region. Which is a wonderful wonderful cuisine and some name mean danger of course you mentioning you know so much about it. I was. It is indeed but on I think. The most important thing I grow up in need to grow up interpret. Yeah factory I graduated from people throughout schools in maple graduated. And and a activity in Switzerland France Germany and around the world and he would have been in the matter is the capital Mon ami. Quite a bit on my intent. God bless America. Moment intentionally union on in his state. I was at two years an inning to you know I'm content and sent it to a list oh yes and seriousness. If you sign. At Andy's serve Gupta is it food. Serve a little bit of a bit and what we have put that company is the vote today is the two most famous fish is from property market. The Olympic opening days in which is. Of black out or is it regional. Flowers it was stroke the K I'll sit through it yeah it is it is it a involvement in it chocolate milk bill. Now the other sort of courses change so that companies today that is made today some. What about lament micro adjustment. Nine and wonderful man aside just. Of the about from the mozzarella is by Soviet that we needed vocal. And we usually important occurred from the heat our hope they do. Yeah and then make it myself here. And made it my. I used to have they yeah. A cooking schools intestinal. That was the Lenovo which I I I could see topic for Mike kitchen and Indy is it best. And of what apple blow all my friends. Evidence but Judy you've been saying and has two sons. Has the largest water bowl will orbit the south as Italy yet and so what people everyday. Yeah I say. And what have you seen as you know lights. Especially at the club bountiful seafood. And abound if a lot of the things we do brave Reese sort of volcanic soil and she noticed that it wonderful and we do. That demand blushed and it is like. Just so sales force is little in Louisiana we create ultimatum that is similar to that. But it limits the distinguish different because Sicily and you know as the court. It's a way that would make some great wine. One area certainly in my little house in Italy and Floyd excellent and that would make eye yet Nikko. And finding so well of course they elect enough to make my own line and the import in America. So. Like in the excellent in the world. And that would love to have you basis that would into an agreement we have pre service that was seen most of time if you stayed downtown or at least they. If you call we have been killed the complementary. Bring him back. The services. Wonderful in the intensive and comedy. We do that being from cross linking the from this separately Sony four miles. The pick up I guess since sucks but it is so wonderful great apartheid to QB this you know so much about cocaine. And PC and blood to lowly toilet what you're. Native cuisine at one place in it that it did was seen by the way it speaks to. Americans these days because. It's very well disease. I don't know what we use the world light necessarily but it is helpful because they don't vegetables. Yeah ignorant read an article ish way and achieve. Not much meat. Yeah an extra virgin olive oil correct and they are in fact what was in the directive. Who lived in a little OP. On the basis for. Yet of who is that call that the admitted to observe the people living to Oprah on here. And indeed it equaled its misery Mediterranean diets you know by the way. This is a man in Wimbledon you're David entity he's the same in wounded and erections and military. And then after the war when he moved to be shown. He wrote about this. And we don't know course that this is the most helpful. Ways of eating. In the world and do is witnessed my friends is to achieve the ultimately her. Her hands and mother and an old guys. Very badly very very vigorous commitment to bury it in the field at least nine. I'll so I always remember. See allow they have more is yet ninetieth birthday parties she was born younger. There are and in another sister who was the date yet. Who loses about to turn 99. Not only wore high stability is that they are the trust to lead to good system vote. A little. A gentleman I don't. I must I must into Dick very briefly because that the producer here through the glasses is turning the screws on the big time it to come to this break so. Now Arthur Schwartz please and a hang on and if you don't mind you know commercial rate I don't. I have to let you might only be done in okay well so we don't have that much besides that we had to talk about the quality. Yes but I and I must come I must final quickly but but stay on W and it's up under you just let's say on please and and what are you going to comment at a power. Six say well in case we can't it's a quick word now about entrees because it is one of my favorite restaurants and all of New Orleans and tell us about the fresh feature him your great this. We have some great great deal of respect about that put the local spectrum of course must finish comfortable I think the I think I think the ills and we saw them finish. When Mueller vastly Campbell all fish cooked. And be able to you people respect of when it was yes cessation of the American respect them. That's with Colin patient goes so which is sad that they yet. Amid Iranian. This flies in America is larger than the idea is moving trees yeah that's the islamists cessation parliamentary assembly decreased due out upon itself. Just like in April and the abated maple. Did you want to flaunt that beautiful around them. Salmon yell into the wonderful champion now not so inclined lumps subpoena the classic so we're calling it you know possibly at this. Which seamlessly connect that to today. And ambassador today news. Sending that maybe it would then again Valium is one of talent or months of the com. December we have wonderful vicious Mecca against them deal on me fresh which mushroomed and the only. That's some ammonia in a way to deal for our voting rights import from him on the and we do that boy it would go what took from munchies that wonderful great dish. Kim and me and that he has denied that on the French frigate Tony you'll be friends here. On the countryside in India's child politely yet. With some beautiful. Prospect clean. I agree one it would. And in the US shops massive offensive and of course much more. And if they wind come by name and if you let the wind that we can sort of languid. So bill for meals gusts of 4950. It all and months of this and the to celebrate. We have a lot of amply and briefly talking about a lot of rooms or a special. This down the Africa Israel and if you will not he. Great and gives at this in the phone number on Drake on the issue of how exactly 83485. They'd trade Chela Amaechi. I dividend jet to a page 083485. Patriot Andrea John Molly you know. Though is Jeff entree on and I missed Arthur Schwartz we've we've retool things a little bit so we don't have to. Going to break immediately so we can we can keep it in the wee we wanna keep grilling you before you lose. Our phones so. The total while we do too so okay so we we talked a little about brisket at and and the little there is historical but look let's let's say that that behalf people who were at a loss system. What the hell they can do for the holidays and they don't wanna do the same thing exactly may be in fact you know here we have a huge Italian population mainly from Sicily and it's definitely. The sentence so so what do we do with we we don't wanna make exactly how great great great grandmother from now 200 years ago did that when after. Give us some ideas from may be something really exciting from some southern Italian colony. Really exciting. I try to stay away and that worries need to you know. You're going to be disappointed. That you helped isn't really pretty yes and traditional. That I'm I'm trying to bring back because that'll pick a lot of people remember it was some. Deities for so. It's not that the Bentley Italian presentation viewed. I I lived in Rome in high schools so like I was welcome ego no matter musicians that. Little I try to listen via listen well. Anyway you know it's not that easy for and so. Is a triple put the name is triple Poland because for some reason for it. But in this case it could mean. This wouldn't serve no matter who it's an additional. Word to table. War is holed up days and to be supplement and so that's for and so. Also in the figuratively for it to be picked up so it's he can we have but what is is it possible. And fresh call or an intentional. Arranged in such a cult all the beautiful way that it could stand in the declaration. On the post say on the Christmas table. So you boil and of probably four hour. Just as by the way people are surprised in the quality flows is extremely popular vegetable in the south of Italy and Sicily. That wild for all flat and they called flo be any different ways. What's your favorite one of two ways to prepare Cawley flower now vehement and it. Oh well to the ultimate favorite with my grandmother who is how dare you did which was to blow the call flower. Had been fried with bread crumbs and Butler. But I also do this actually this is the recipes that I did today he's in Sicily and. Bird out of may I was. It's it's cost of the day. You'd take a cauliflower. Would that tends. Cost the call La pieces. In in in they impede this salt pepper and some of Jun oh. And that you Fries that I do this and well. And you try that until the age code and indeed that there would be an Oprah hole at a college playing music for re. And they'll be a little extreme pour that over and with the date. Coding with the cheese in it it's a little bit round stone. And it's so been sprinkled with full Serb that they could be a vegetable but. It's it's abridged these conservative super sports and other vegetable for a sport as a saying. So it only means it is based on vegetables so you restart deal and you add in meet with you being at several alleged doubles. It's a fallacy that Italians just sit there will be able pops and popped it reads which is there actually meet. Date. I mean a marvelous sort of diet lately so that it every day but I do we a lot of this is true we. But a small lead to a three ounces. And not sit failed to look at their gamble pots. But it's very difficult I have to say it's it's very emotionally difficult to stop beating Costa when it's wonderful I'm not by. Well I mean that you will be made by IB ads began April and today. And we're two years and I meets its sales is the top of the Rio we just say that's three ounces oops again the reasons. Because of macaroni will feel. A possible. Over the program. And if you independent public vegetable of the spot you're eating it is not just saw. They could be one possible school. So it's only made real state this city anymore and so today we have it maybe that was the tomatoes off. I quote does. But he is not going to be this close to being in people's money always has some other people's content as it. In my case today it was papers to this. Soviet there in two Venus. Williams garlic oregano. To. And it's so that substantial. And three ounces of spaghetti. Is more than enough. About 8 at 1 o'clock. Tyson a so so your your trick is to simply make less because I find the third. This it's that ultimately to eat let's open up. And yet that's what happens to me weekly it's it's our way it is written. But it a little. Half a while I I I don't like to them to talk about myself so of this that even that bad but I outrun a bit to the cost in its. But look come so there is there's a great idea the the and so not to use. So convenient port so you know I I did you know to this. Abuse will fresh call flower. I advise in the supermarket. And I know they use of what you have been ebony and jet skiing you know because nobody supported the war over. You'll local it is mixed pickled vegetables. Yet this is yet that's posted the names of my mind now but actually I have pretending you know here's swelled to at at some restaurants. Maybe he's gone. I think he's gone north distorts the food maven from New York is temporarily gone and we hope salaam return them but he's he's for the time being and no longer with us on. I'm reminding everybody this is them. Daniel mouth Erica at McCormick cellist is sitting in for Tom Fitzmorris. It's been a very eventful show it's actually been one of the most eventful shows that anybody. Can remember in recent history the food show I am. And to keep it being eventful I implore you to pick up your telephone and dialed the following if it's. 5042606368. It's 5042606368. And we look static on talk by anything at all having to do with food and going and dining union recipes. And cook books and food memories and food wishes. Also reminding everybody by the way that the each club which is a brain child of Tom Fitzmorris who. Is usually in this seat. Is going to a New York going to Carnegie Hall to hear the performance. At Carnegie Hall by the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra. And to each club has designed an incredible ten career all built in 21 price. And the whole point is you buy packaged deal. And you were able to get the following four items. Roundtrip airfare and New Orleans New York round trip transfers from airport to hotel. Four nights at the viceroy hotel with his brand new Marianne discovered at Mary and that's Mars wife Tom. Steps from Carnegie hall and tickets to the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra performance at Carnegie all of Tuesday February 27 2018 in the parquet left which is a darn good seat if you ask me. So Paulus and talk to us about it. Anything at all having to do with the holidays or not the holidays and what you're doing with your family where your friends are in the eighth when doing with yourself. I happened to a lot of cooking. From myself and it's wonderful. Does this mentality sometimes with some friends of mine some people might note that they don't want to. Cook really great things for themselves and nicely. Baloney. Not the way to cook baloney. Equipped country for as for. We don't like polonium to show. More to Della is something we can do upn not move baloney maybe a little less so. And it looks like come to the the radio guidance or whatever I have smiled upon us and we're able to regain contact all the way. To New York City with mr. author Schwartz the food maven. Well I'm here I'm sorry about that welcomed bad. It was done in the a different bones Welch college. Good and and I'll just remind everybody who's listening by the weakness while Ron with Arthur Schwartz who's Trulia eminent authority of food on. That you. Are able to call. And ask a question or give them comment so please don't let the fact that we your. Talking with a special guest by the telephone dissuade you from using your own telephone to dial 504266. Victory. 68 on and the fact we have a call coming in probably question for you. Ducked it is at its stock to torts are politically that Providence radio area. Deduct a so so we have Chris. That would do little did dawn that to a note it's it's great so. A question them there's. Like who grew up close you these true. Did dawn that is two and oh okay so. So we're going to hear now from Chris who's going to asked on that to a question and that Chris your your emerged on to the food through with McCormick callous and. Hello hello on how long. I am doing pretty anomaly by distracting. To the house view are there any reply. And Obama called com. Talk him and ask him or. And I don't do a proper whereby I think that the country it whereby it based on what I typically do. Always looking to try to change it yeah you know this is that we try to make it your labor. It'll and it. It's a lot garlic but that kind of given current. Stay on Leno wondered if any you guys have any kind of wish you guys do that. And I can pull out and. Arthur Schwartz can can you help towards into our. Two days a. Below the lever of the really good piece of meat so its ultimate bridge steak or rib rose would benefit and to. Robert. And a state illegally inside and outside the real war and I'd. Good to me to be solved is in need to make agree with I'd take on the grill. You can just saying. Typical and Greek. Stake in most of bar. Kind of a kind of needed needed to be so you know it rates because the ground uncle and liquid to make and. I'll however. It is the reasons he can they compete so that we need to stay in which case she just. But what I I have the opportunity. To grow it is important book. What I do what I taking his stated in the that the very sick of these dimension. And I fear it you're on both sides. Three in its asylum or it's possible he. It is black iron skillet. As he preceded fruitless school try and so the second stage it's dependent you've got cooking. And then they have to re in its own side intrusion Wilbur. A great pick it up and did it because there is six and they've taken those into brow of the side that holder was. Oh. Will that. Do talk. Do. And adult content and programs so that it couldn't have 102 degree usually Tibetan that it takes me about. If you do it just came. Quote eight this should that you take to stake that well. And while witch that state. You can make. Is in the opinion that you cook did or that the it's in the opinion because of mobile equipment to be in the back. And in the in the jeweler can keep so I'll always do that. But from chopped canned tomatoes that fresh tomatoes you want to. Of the good Italian government two days. And I never forward chopped to me as a whole you know about people who committed as. And I tropical. In the chopped garlic. And it's an outrage in the if you sit there. For you know that wouldn't buy it it's been OK. And that you put this state back in and just turn it a couple of oh but here is provided. For. Media could be a bit of greed need and what. Seasons except the open Pep Boys heated. Would you were at stake as is has been cooking all of that edge about a piece school. It'll. As I'll Eric two we want an actual quote. Chopped grow. And that just that around the camp for literally it. About three quarters of the group would be stake three quarters of a cop. Well it wa. Party won by the injury to the states. And it about a quarter as at a quarter of a couple of her I'd much a lot. And and let that cook for just a few minutes of local there and do its syrupy. Before and actually get your. But you diluted dashed up to a couple tablespoons of water and that's it that your little pins saw red line. But so garlic pedal. Got hot pepper. Our whole area and it did it change. Red wine book would blow civil hot pepper and a little bit its tomato paste who blow thickening unique. It's important that we use stake in the vote. And and X the beautiful by alien and Qatar to instantly that's right back into the food through it's the warm it's Ellis cute and I'll check. On the with. So food maven mr. Arthur Schwartz calling by telephone from Brooklyn now welcome back to user. And if you think he is and and we we we have a call for you are coming in from Davis says on the screen and nobody is actually. He's known as the gore met bassist. Principled double bass in the film Titanic here in New Orleans but he has a question for Dave yet there. Okay so here. I want. 000. Preacher out there. They're here. 000. Or. I'm having trouble hearing Daniel. He said he says he's asking and and the answer is yes he citi's here. Is your NPR's Joseph also podcast today and. Absolutely yes it is it's it's it's brought it would radio dot. It will farm the endlessly because of the archives global. What is group we don't want is Sharon Connecticut which is support for a quarter of Connecticut oh. Sure and so in the radio. It will spark what looked at. Should serve which. Is sure they're. Sorry what. Labor and cheap crude rush. In threes. Yeah. Didn't finish in its top. That is in power and fish and fish it's called a lot. Which means crazy and water. And you your crazy water. By boiling. Well partly. Hot pepper. Garlic. That you want you could edit tomato product that they cherry tomatoes that it up today. Anyway you YouTube and so apprehension about using. Red hot pepper is similar to those gathered for committed and they knew that your fear fish. And basically. Coached and finish in the creepy border. And you hit by the way in the pool that you could blow into the into the court what should doubt they'll labored with the fish. Pollution. In a simple. Principle. Or. I would say that usually this is me with this whole. Our which of course is that the vote for. But. He just. BBQ oh two aboard it was so that the visuals or. Just keep. Big tree there are sure. Ago. Oh. Because they want to talk to holiday tradition that's been muted the this 2 piece of the central Asian Italian Americans that we spoke. Chris well he did that are being piece of this simple and efficient. Well nobody in Italy talked to a vote everybody. Read about this. Has ever heard of the book will be attached to the number of fish position that you have as the active. Christmas Eve in the past day. And you know opposed the meat until it could be. So good the meal you have the privilege before going to church. Is. Who actually finished with a convicted Terry that in these you'd need to fish. But there were attacked. It is steep is that the is that it will XTT yeah. So conditions which fish dishes mostly does include. Speak and clips on what we. Didn't. But don't rise very popular slope caught. And it it'll be you could by default content already soaked so. He has taken over it or not. It's so good yeah. I don't know you in the in the won't or quality of salt content get it's a real volume didn't. He can't find it it's it's. Actually it sorted by. Or such earlier or. So we have a lot of you're searching equal shall. Recipes go way back there are still figure through old recipes. Are. Or are you unload unload. Oh probably. Peaked in potatoes and I'll. Well in blue today that would be and it's a great idea just happened that today. Days I was shall we yeah yours ago we there's been leery as to veto. And and a Berrian is to keep up. And I and I demonstrated on the program. All a big blow an attic studio on FaceBook today. Because the beauty just came up as one of those FaceBook memory what else. And an appeal in that might buy a little difficult decisions on FaceBook has these peaks. 0000. Yeah. All yet politically retreat that dentists say. So it's so for everybody who's listening by the way everybody's listening that's that's Arthur Schwartz on FaceBook so it's a go to his FaceBook page and them. And go watch that they don't know it. And but and want to be good. And that we have to go to break him at December at a much shorter treatment I'd Dave I hope you come back in the in the podcast and I. By the ball or keep yet and I listened to are the sorts of food maven from Robyn with radio religiously weekly in fact when I discovered him there was such a backlog. I don't think I'll listen to anything else for. We agree that this kept up with it can turn it yeah exactly and before we go to break on. I am Arthur shores please hang on. The garment tell steered. WWL. Eight. And the phone with us. Ought to Schwartz is known world over as the food made in many cookbooks name it was a restaurant critic for the New York Daily News for. A long time and and a wonderful show on W along with the big talk radius if New York City for more than twelve years. And now appears weekly on rampant with radio and NPR affiliate. Based in Connecticut house at for biography. I was sixty days and I don't think anything. So well. This. Now out in Wii does have about two and a half minutes or so give this some months it's recently we've already had great ideas for rebut with it created views appear. What have you heard what that was. One especially the sort of record as well which I obstacle. Anyway. You don't think I was there but particularly as the questions early. And do the Pentagon keep coming back to is being every victory. Simple dish that I'd make a lot during the winter and especially. Because it's. Political limbo and Whipple are you superstitious lead. This can be it is Sid department. Is that. Are being used today Italian. Court to sell Opel. Usually eat some crow liberals all that made with the cold Arctic Quito which is sort of big a lot of or did that bridge or lack there. And commute world colored. The ability to happen now they're. It's just cold principles of posh. They could be any different ways this is the most simple way. As we lead we did it was poor. It's cheap cheap finished debate were you feeling. But you'd need to peaceful conclusion bulge to do with quality. Is the perfect antidote to a Belgium. And also with great group community. He'd take. I would say. Frequent and a couple of political mill I don't news the better Q Apple's growth in addition to which it will disintegrate after the. No one minute are just letting you know one minute to. Pretty elite label you boil until all well and there and that you throw into the pot. A couple of blogs allow oil from hot pepper partially. Chopped garlic. Some tomato product could be tomato papal let's go with tomatoes lost. Ended did you cook that Google but with tidbits and that you did your pops I used pots than meets the a book of the that continued but he did good shape sort several of the Egyptian parts. And you put or you can use but I would give chilly too they're either in. Those spaghetti broken up and that it is in the cooked it in the. Eddie a little wonder if you wanna finger ready because they're a little bit you know so it's currently but it was a little bit at. Eddie that was hot pepper. And it's it's really it's brilliant and everybody if you wanna hear this again with I certainly do and it probably will soon. I'll all. Of we absolutely will when I'm back on the show with opens tonight absolutely will call you this has been a real treat and thank you so much for having joined us today. And Derek goes it was Arthur Schwartz the food maven. Find out more venom at the foot mavens dot com Arthur Schwartz this is Daniel Meltzer McCormick cellist wishing you Leo. Talked it's.