The Food Show With Martha Lorden On Cook Books

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, November 30th

Daniel Lelchuk, The Gormet Cellist, interviews Martha Lorden reviewer of cookbooks and a pretty good cook.


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Well hello and welcome back it's the food show power too and we have the great music of David groh is if can we hear a little louder for a sec while we've. There's no wonderful. It's holiday for us things and that makes sense because I'm a string player myself on the cellist it's Daniels the gourmet cellist. And it's great to have you here with me talking about. Food and wine and cocktails and going out and dining in and cookbooks and recipe says everything else related to food specifically your quality. Traditions and what you're doing. With your family or not with your family with your friends are with yourself to celebrate the holiday season what do you cook. But what you may differ year what do you lovemaking would you dread making. All you have to do was give us a call and weigh in it's 5042606368. 2606368. And on the lying is a special guest went on for a long time ms. Smart the lord and who is joining us via telephone from New Hampshire who. Is Citi chief reviewer for publishers weekly of cookbooks and she knows cookbooks. Better than anybody I know and here she is a most welcome to you Martha Lorton. Thank you Daniel pleasure to be here. A nice to have so let's let's jump right into the topic is right when I was thinking about on QA I mean there's so many things we have fun talking about it. But you had the idea talkback shot and I think that's great thing for the holidays so it does take its right in. Well I I know we are also focused on you know preparing a magnificent main dish. You know we've what are what is it going to be years and it's the centerpiece of any holiday meal but. We often forget that confidence then they can really make your holiday meal there national. And so I was thinking you know the Japanese and conserve. Pickles and relishes they can all provide a colorful. Haney and accompaniment and really set out that main dish like duck a Turkey in primary and and roast beef and all those really special quality. And at my quality table mean. Trying to add a variety of them that I prepared. At the end of the summer season and it's a real treat them pop open the canning jar and you know give it ala. Try is sort of like this sampling if not why it's not fear that its content. And it's really it's very gratifying. And this year I could it'll leak tests. Our summer squash red pepper pickle and it negates some of my sister it's a big hit and backed it's extremely addictive and I don't have that many or something you know and again everybody's company and but. If you are perfect here and made C ginger paired conserve that was usually and then. For average and making us think he relished which is really old recipe. And so good. Tell us about that Monica's who beat the king is a very common a brand New Orleans of course just estimates telling influenced Koran here. So walk us through that that's sounds like a winner. The that he relished well like. You know like all these countries Chinese and relatives in pickles they all have basic things. Components. But they've areas a little bit out of prepared at this in polish. There the vegetable is usually chopped up. Very fine. And combined with them they appear matter expertise in carrots celery onions in this case and then I doubt. With a very wonderful way too much sugar which is strictly. But Katie in baker and them permanent consult. And YouTube basically. Prepare kind of conserving Europe and you put the C. Is that you vegetable included and it they kind of masquerade and when they get into the jar you know you can't touch them for two week which is degrade. Test of will power. And them something back to campus in the may adjourn and particularly as it is always a winner and the thing about relishes in Japanese and pickles this that they particularly Chinese I think they are the bass also of making wonderful Fox's. So you can just. Pop open you're jar. You know. Apple cranberry scare conserve or something. And as a pro wouldn't say with the doctors and mix them together at this incredible fall. Ala is that. Dessens electric rate at the not so for the am for the people in the audience quit never mated homemade realist or tucked in up by the way is is here Adam. Linguistic difference between all these terms that were using entertained but I'm. No there there Erica culinary historian in me. The European or western style turned me in Great Britain a little bit and the strategy amber light beer food based. And it brought together in the pot with senators checker and and like the favor air like onions. And and cut down and com. And it's just as there there again. We all I think of her Chinese and Indian cuisine. They make these bad Chinese with spices and herbs and chili peppers along with fruit I think mango chutney or think major grade. And and may and also Indian Chinese often used pickled vegetables as the base for the intensity. Our concern. Is similar to which Utley techniques that. More similar to undercooked jammed because. Japan is cooked. Much more than concerns to the point that being credible. While I consider is more. I'm I'm kinda misusing the term but I think it's appropriate conservatory and today. And I as a mention of me I Emeka care ginger conserve that is just. It's great I mean heated up and put it right greet me and it is still active. And it's a great idea that is great. Now it would it would have for the people were afraid of doing this for the first time because it's you know lot of people that that of all the Stephanie collateral in the group of friends as but when it comes down to brass tax. You know Peyton never made one of these. Distillation so use that term to all of them at at how afraid should people be or how one of eight at the people. Not that it. It's it can. Process. They'd get involved. Water and a glass jars they are evil they're all there. On the subject there there's a wonderful book that we you know. Teach people explain all the basics like a wonderful primer on how to can preserve. Nicole and everything and it's called the all new ball book of canning and preserving. And it's produced by. Viable companies they have a number of different books and canning and preserving. I would like this one has over 200 recipes in it. And it's this explains the different methods and they're all sorts of charts and I had utilized ingredients. You know for the home Canner it that and it goes from recipes like they're just classic. Obviously apple or strawberry again. All the way to recipes such as. Curry yellow and data that's unbelievable and another one is that other orange state Kurt and prisoner any. Recipe for it pickled panel and it. And with a sense great. It is so good and as you can imagine how these just happier holiday dish you know it takes them met the data in the Turkey or there. You know that roasted potato in the green beans you know and the speed and it China suddenly you've got like these little. Colorful Christmas ornaments on your plate and Ian thingy and that you can. And here on top of the meat and all things it's really wonderful. That is a great idea for everybody now at this wanna take a quick plus remind. Listening audience this is Angela typical comic talents. Talking with them Martha Lorton said the girl friend of mine climate many years. By telephone she's in New Hampshire and she's. Noted cookbook. Reviewer for publishers weekly and I would say she knows cookbooks better than. Anybody I know and that's sang like an all a lot of food people around. It's great to have you now. In a few minutes gonna have to take a quick commercial break but I hope we will hang on through the brakes who can keep talking the chasm that there's a lot I wanna get too. So if you have a few extra minutes but that's not that's that aren't exactly so I wanted to go beckoned to say. What do we do we if we're feeling the crops you know if you Europe good plan or you don't get overwhelmed you know get. Frazzled in the kitchen may be dubious choice but if we're feeling the crunch. We we need some advice I am we have all these people who for all these dishes everybody likes different things. And we just take a step back and take a goal in and plan and come to town. Well you know. I think I think a lot of this is the timing factor and and balancing that would be essentially. Then. And everybody into the kitchen no matter how hard you tried in total appetizers and on the copy table and I'll let them. And actually. Finally giving in to. Serving about face style. And that way people to if you if people bring things if you can tell you expect. There's a place to put their dish and celebrated with features and everybody and I'll walk through and visit and grabbed. There. The view of China that you'd once a year and block your line and serve themselves and it doesn't take a lot of pressure in a lot of ways and entertaining. Doesn't apathy. Something that's overwhelming. Excitement the service aspect but it's something and are fairly fairly easily. In preparation. There's plenty of but it depends it depends what kind of where you are because. If you want to prepare everything yourself. Then you're right it does take a lot of planning and timing Catholic and choreographed in of that in the don't let that be something that we view from inside. A crew of people over. A beautiful meals and can be put together I think every case. And if someone else trucks and and I think I really believe in that. I think inviting. People to bring things to the table the defeat is always up there option and you know not impolite in Belize. Yeah you know it's it's it is because I know a lot of people who love to go to dinner parties and coated. Restaurants with friends the Americans and people ultimately they really want to but their test. Afraid that the kind of miss something happen and I was telling that. On you know whats the worse and you know right. I'm I mean how how bad can really turn out I mean Bemis appointees or something but I mean I mean is does the wine and good friends and. Yeah I'd be my philosophy is. Never complain never explain. Now and I think I thought that would Julia Child said that she has a similar philosophy is. If you'd say Africa that this doesn't happen Alter would you like. People have the that they are so enjoy the fact that your serve them something that you made with your hands. I mean. Sure about something being completely inevitable because it was the ingredients where you know had turned something. Suppose Beckett and by usually. I think everybody enjoys eating food that someone else as prepared for them it's always good. I believe. Did that's right now Tom when we come back and I'd love to talk to about it a specific item crispy this says this team to repair. Sounds terrific and also am I ask you about 12 cookbooks. That you want it. Talk about that are oppressed and then germane to the at that time right now which is a very busy time for those of us who like to cook and actually even have fourth victory for those who don't like to cook they they find themselves under the crunch. I hope of the season so glad to have you here it says Daniel I'll check the or may tell us. Day one as if to I'm going to be here and at the time is this really flying by so if you wanna talk to me. Which I OP do it's very easy to do just pick up the phone and I'll fly evo 42606368. That's. Five not full life but 55042606368. To excel menu and we left the talked about anything at all having to do with. Holiday traditions and what you cooking what you want to cook and dining and dining out and all the rest it. You could talk about ants who sees Christmas dinner from 1942. Or he could talk about what you hope to make four at the tri Centennial celebrations of the city of New Orleans anything like that it doesn't really matter. We're open here open forum and on the line we are. Returning back to. Martha Lorton who is joining us by telephone from New England. Reviewer for publishers weekly of cookbooks and she has a lot of them and that she's gonna tell us about a few for favorites right now. Well like get to know it's hard questions are. Sometimes that. I know about books that happens in public yet and I'm you know I can't talk about them you know the answer is and yet. Talk about trends and cookbook trends I this is probably not news but you're going to. Bookstore that finding one you know you are your favorites is right we will update now. And if you go into the cup books section it is you know it would order Egan. Be a couple of the impact and it's really pretty. Standard now well books. Earlier cookbooks on that teacher is being looking ahead. Ingredient that you wondered how you might or pretty much now. The ingredients that are standard and accessible to any cook. And there are a lot of people doing some basic things we see in I think it might be hard pressed. To even know that they were in aid them so there you know that's a big trend and he might wanna sit around in the B inspection a little bit. Com. Alex it's not so much alike it's just another quickly you know. That's very interesting and you know I I I you you're not Regan but that you sell it much better than and you feet and I know. Because when you sell it as a cuisine and and you say you know it's it's about the staff and great food that happens to be classified as beacons. Ideologue willing to dispel that they are being a beacon but when it's rammed down throw it is a lifestyle. And moralistic issue them is when he gets a little tough but dumb I bet right to present these cookbooks some odd habits of them have absolutely terrific food in them that. Eyes disgrace food regardless of it being deacons. Well I. I mean I've I've kind of come around as well as that I think it's. It's very. It there change. It's not surprised that these satellite. Diet and I don't mean dieting. I don't I don't mean diving for loose swayed or something like that but. Food choices become very political politicized. And for many people the idea Egan. Is so wonderful political. Statement it is so lifestyle that it's bad but on the other hand if you take it for what it's worth in terms of food preparation and what we have available to make. Delicious food. Begin it's more than a trend that is what it that way it is here to stay and really think. How old how wolf did you have any idea how old defeat in them movement to a horrid thought. Is is this as has been going you know long as it's as long as humans have been eating I mean. I actually. Have reviewed. Recently for have a cookbook that was written and Italian chef. In about that in eighteenth century and he was. It is about. They can. Pretty. Incredible it's it's it's quite a book and the per I can't remember who wrote this you know the introduction and brought this. Two to the forefront and predictable guy. I can't remember I suppose I can go look at nationals but anyway he really recognize this the philosophy behind this. Great chip. Best of people and it was. Wild and for a long time and. Do you think he was one of the earliest or what was a precedent before him. It's hard to know aren't you know certainly one of the first interest in and that's. That often you know like it history anything else before that would be considered prehistoric because of record it's not quite alien record isn't very. Hot topic right now in Boca. On him was. Vegetarians. He was that the parent. Now and it do you do you know anything about that it was it was his forum because he thought was healthier he'd he'd like the taste better or era. I remember I just I mean I think it was. Yeah and it's like to I think I think he delighted vegetables I think based. He felt better with by eating them Adam. It was is that it is very devoted to. It's fascinating and and also on. The AM that goalie via beacon group books yet or are simply present today it's as helping him make good food as a yes. You know as opposed to a a philosophical decision means a lot of my favorite is just happened to be beat in this because. Their beacon. I'm I'm the last person to jump on board a political man where. But but take for example the the artichoke in the Roman style. You know I'm a boiled it took with lemon and olive oil com or org with the Jewish Roman artichoke which has deep fried I mean these are beautiful. Food items. It does our feet in and I couldn't careless that they are wrong but there and greater that. That's. The kind of think of other. There's some hot books out there and now. We do a quick check out to my New Orleans friend and colleague at wal boots. Great series on classic New Orleans cooking is is continues. To delight ever in any way it's ever collected those books. She is incredible yen at her looks are all over the place and and it wall is it an institution in New Orleans that it. That tell us a little how how you met her and and and about about that you're mr. their season series food tighten. It is well be your friend my sister and my sister entered through a mutual friend. Well I go to that but anyway. Like this here is. Regular and you know she she doesn't work if it. And anyway we connected I connected in New England. And a few days is sitting there. In New Orleans but this time with her. I guess we talk all the time via pew Internet and he'd been getting some great things finishing. Doing a lot of things sister my power right now while. Yet everybody and it has syndicate it. TSE he has terrific now lightning in the last few minutes if you if you don't mind just talked to us about this you're intrigued me before with this two in Japan there. Is it it's saddening or jam or what. There. When how that page things that if you cooked long enough long enough it would become a jam but it's it's so it's. Wonderful. It has lot of lemon in it and crystallized ginger as well ground ginger. And it uses. Payers but the first time I'm made. It was wonderful because my sister who has the pear tree in. The church here in Massachusetts. Brought on her little French payers. And we use them for the conserve and it was that in this world is it just does so as I said. Defense fine process and if it freshen naturally as anything could ever be history and and to say and the terms. The thing you can do we see the Chinese think it's Serbs and and it involved. And appetite. So I can't get anything quite. As pollution and appetizer he kick or be achieved or. Well cheese. Course. I've stated on a cracker. Or you just take a large cheese wedge and you dump some of our favorites. Chutney or conserve on top of it and you've got that instant order. And the combinations are really endless Thursday when you think that. It that is that great idea and dumped. And is it is it difficult to disinfect the jars Terry and I know that's that's. How what you can now now you just needed a large. Like even the big pot oh. But Japan's ya that's fine but you know they have. Very expensive canning. Pot and you feel about the news just throw the dirt in there if you you can also violently operatic Atlanta the balance from America. And you just well why you're doing the shopping and the and the syrup making an all that. You boil these jars. And when you're done eating. Ingredients appropriately. You'd take the dirt and water and gave them they're good time and people are. Appropriation into it and stick on the lip prototype. I turned it upside down for a minute and they're nickel back in the water for another ten minutes and it's it's really easy. It's easy so so is ons people follow the directions an you have to be worried about and our nation or anything. No but you know I I would I I hit his stick with things that have vinegar sugar. Because the citizenship or natural preservative anyway and then tomatoes of course again block high in massive they're not gonna boil you know you know I've. I do carry their green beans or any of that stuff by I I think there are fresh. Or you could. A they can't. Mean it is just not pretty to me now it's you know. But that's so it's very old method of eating all winter is throughout the world. And you know it's up. But I I did on that speech yet confidence and it is virtual kind of an explosion in non. In out there right now yesterday how people can. You know so is it holidays in you know in issues of preparation everything. Just get everything of course we all that hot spot shill but it. It's just couple laps to go condiment shopping. It's it's. And it's like a rainbow of choices that there. I think you're absolutely right now in in in the last few seconds are you able to tell us a little about your new venture or YouTube cancer. Well it would be official public announcement and there really a little close friends get crime now the owner. And prepare and proprietor of a great orange thing he missed food truck is I've named it marked as honorable and wonderful. Venture I can't wait so yeah. I calculate. Who go to New England though all the time you know on December in the fall so so they have to look after this truck. And and we'll get more information and a out there as as it becomes available but it but I I I can't think that's going to be great offense to what is something too gonna have available. Well I like to think international and which is in court may melt season. Bought the building labels and salads. I'm not doing the burgers and Fries. I'm. Been lots of pennies the things. In a waffle. You know kind of comfort food you know more high in these stroke and I hope I hope people will enjoy it jury for people's feedback as well. Well I it will work out great that we we have no debt and to thank you so much. For having come on the food show it's been great having him. And I love your show and I love your musical choices as well it's a good day date. Stimulate the appetite and I did a great job. Thank you so much happy holidays. Doctor it's soon I. Hear there's two goes that was Martha Lorton that the dear friend of mine. Calling out by the telephone from doing tendency refused cookbooks all the time publishes weekly and knows the business really well. This is Daniel I'll take the gore made cellist sitting in for Tom Tom is gone by the way and they'll be back. In a few days but I'm here with here. Today and tomorrow and we just have while about eighteen and half minutes left so I wish you pick up the phone and call and sitting here all alone in the studio. Pick up the phone and dial the following numbers fire before. 2606368. And we'd love to talk about really anything at all having to do with Thanksgiving. Christmas. Out whenever. Other holiday you want to talk about the even have to be a holiday but it does happen to be what's called the holiday season which commences. Around the time with Thanksgiving and goes for awhile after that especially in New Orleans with as Mardi Gras. It's a great time of festivity and eating and food and I'd love to talk about your traditions what did you do with Thanksgiving. This year that. Bombed and so when you do that really soared and Irvin he was crazy about. IE I really wanna Knowles so. What you can do for Christmas this year. And well whatever other holiday you to have remind our you can it. Duke who say doing lamb I actually didn't do the goose that I usually do. We just didn't have time this hearing and that seemed to be even more Turkey leftovers than usual. Because usually I circle up and I spent Thanksgiving. In Hampshire where I'm from. And there are only two with a Pham a whole lot of friends you always have a huge international cantor of people which I'll talk about it. In a minute and our Thanksgiving recess ferry international and and we were all about introducing Thanksgiving to people who may not have a place to go from another country. We've been doing this as long as I can remember. Com but the point is going make fourth set. We yeah we get together and everybody sort of rainstorms. Few people brainstorm. Core kind of cooking people on the family and we just have a great time great time doing it and says. Anyway the day after Thanksgiving. Which is a Friday. In the past them my breath tonight with a series score a long time. My brother is a we've roasted goats and we didn't do with the serum that's your wife but he it was so. Little sandwich driving to the airport we looked at each other and we said you know what. The acoustic happened this year and you know with its U proverbial. Tear running and the tree. Because they don't have the group's. The but I tell yet. A huge Turkey on Thursday. Followed by he would and lard or not you it's good news is it's lighter. Lighter weight but it certainly richer flavor that that was a shame to not have that it is a little much but the whole point ism. The coast has become. Power. Friday. After Thanksgiving tradition. If you miss one year I think you can still be at this and so we'll go back and next here. I'm expected to miss it. By the it's it's a great tradition because we're not able to get together. My eyes feel as often. And I don't know about you but you know what when you're with people who are really into it being around. Who you love spending time with I'd want to have sort thinkers in the food world so to schools has become. One of my personal anchors and we do a lot of different ways but this is one way that's that's where my personal. Favorites it's a kind of in shock Japan and Julia Child combination by the way for anybody who missed it. I'm about a year ago I had to prepare on the food fuel and everybody was was just going wild event in interviews so. I hope Coco pick and line in and dig through the archives and find that it's that was some conversation time. And with that shift that there. But the yeah the coast method involves them. First pouring scalding hot boiling water right over top of the codes. Before you do anything else to it. Because it begins the process of getting this gain incredibly crisp so you have this beautiful bird a lying in your roasting pan. And at this galling hot water and you pour it over the top. And to concede that the skin. Changed it really taint is actually. And then you do whatever you want to. Goose is incredibly. Book's theories. Flavor. Nothing like Turkey. Nothing really like anything else guess it's. Sammy similar to dock in some ways I mean you certainly. One eat it medium at at the most its say and I think the game is good. Nom it rather rosy color. And of course when he rose Nicholas does it from and it's a man of fancy you have to. You really do have to do dump off. Fifth from the goose as. Answer cooking it. They'll come back to that moments like that want to remind you the phone lines remain open and it was a very busy hour last hour. So much you pick up the phone call me talk to me it's. 504260. 6368. That's 26 them and you. And that'll bring you to a telephone. Right in the room of the great producer. Who is through a window. And he also does the music and and all the rest it's mr. Christian. And this telephone connects directly to the radio studio. So it's very easy to do you pick up the phone to dial 50426. Or 6368. And you talk to me the Kwame cellist a bad anything you know having to do with food. Or music frankly because it take the two got together. So back to the groups them. While I'm sitting here alone. Roman dating about the pleasures of a Friday after Thanksgiving Kooks. You pour the boiling water for K. And I do this really wonderful stuffing from the two fit ladies remember that series on the BBC. I dug you remember that right. Yet at that if he does yet he's nodding and smiling at them with these two wonderful cooks. I'm BBC television and they hugely. Popular. Across the US. And they were called to fat ladies one was. A little older than the other probably twenty years older. And they meet to reflect food ultra hi fi at ultra high flavor and tight. Cuisine but also country food and so this roast goes. Was stuffed with a mixture of Peru and soaked in Earl grey TV and for move with. Now with this I mentioned that you have these great crohn's you brew with strong part of ruled great T here. You take a big bowl. If porn some sweet for moved to the Ural great team and you don't in the prunes and you just walk away for a couple of hours. I'm telling you when you come back to it. He has the most incredible flavor but there's a lot more to add today at two because the stuffing it's kind of over the top. Out that it's unbelievable. I feel like if you're cooking goose you really should stuff it with something written in a Weiner a poem. Because the whole nine yards will come back that's stuffing in 12 but first out this David who joins us now on the foods so David welcome. There ally yeah I'm I'm good you're doing an excellent job thank you. It's something. Are the content last week Tom talking bad judgments which he put somebody mentioned chuck will simply board began on the well but it last give asterisk it Aaliyah was net funds he was great. Yeah I didn't go but we're we're should arm. Well sees them. To your old friend of mine from from New England from New Hampshire and she says the chief cook book review for publishers weekly. I'm book reviewer yes so it's a few refuse two to four cookbooks every single month that the republic his weekly so if she's also great cooks so well. Says she's a great resource you know for all of this and I'm by the way I'm dissing you with the gore may organist yeah. It indeed yet it's all right I do I would never ever grow Grammy. Well at the can lead to male I'll do that for yeah. But. That musician Trent Lott and there was a Thanksgiving. Several years ago aren't happy with the thought. No family. And the only place open was in India struck. And a belief that most and so opinion. Excellent oh where people place and it struck me during that lol how similar. Certain types of Indians are to our American Thanksgiving. And what really made me. Realize that aren't. When I had to shut up like all the credit for it to church. And so this is very similar to look Kramer's and having it with you know the so this sweetened with savory and all of the steamed cream cream spinach and that there are soaking crops that are that are. Quite similar. That's at that is very interesting actually and and it it's funny because the am. Guess that previously on May tenth is also on May help crap and it is in the Indian cuisine. And that we are what's this restaurant you would document the city was and it would. Didn't Orlando Florida wow well who would want a buyout and and at a 100% vegetarian which sector about. So it was let's turn things can live I would like this is the most perfect. Thanksgiving favorites there. So reminiscent of what we think it was traditional American politics that's very funny and it pretty easy is that our vegetables that are. Pulverized on recognition. At. You know. And that that definitely sounds like a south Indian because states heavily favored the at the vegetarian has style and in the south of India. Vietnam and at the hoop in the last few seconds worth to go to break this Telus some. They have a good Thanksgiving at any memorable things happen and now what about the next few weeks holiday season what's going on with your. The move meant only memorable thing happened it was I was alone or excusable for the visit Stanley Brandstater work. One when I went to feed my cat on Thanksgiving Day. She was congress put the food honorable and force sheet date should be looked at me and me out and repeatedly in the states. As opposed to thank. So she news Thanksgiving. Yeah well but it's history that I don't think dogs of war. Oh speculator but. Well yeah but they need to know every every meal or whatever well I'm glad I'm glad that you can't have realized it was important polity and yet here they think it's their thanks are due at. I. It's so long and have a great. Theater. Thank you to go talk to serve and and and there's David the decorum may organist. The food so so dedicated to food and eating in line and drinking cocktails and going and fighting and recipes and cookbooks. And everything else goes along with it. It's not the usual voice today you may have noticed that says Tom Fitzmorris. He's gone he'll be back but today and tomorrow it's. Or may cellist it's Daniel Alter and I've really to play the cello and as I said before I hope one day to be a gourmet and that there yet but. It's to food Cho it's been on for many decades. On the radio waves in New Orleans on an Al HD radio. The highest quality audio radio format known to mankind. Also distributed all over the world wide Internet. Call me tell me what you been eating what you can eat it's 5042606368. 260. Menu and the and you and it just worked at really one depleted the on the prefer this radio station and this show correspond to keywords. Regarding the topic which is the menu what's on your man. What he can do this you for Thanksgiving and holidays. And Christmas and Chanukah and Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate we wanna hear bad and your food traditions so calm really it's the gore make cellist assistant and and he's. Really wanting to hear from you. Now before we were talking about Adam about this Kooks and I was in the middle of describing the stuffing that I do for is designed to fit ladies from the BBC television series as widely popular. In the United States and by the leader month many episodes and YouTube and they're really funny I tell you Tuesday that they are real hoot. So you know taken a cocktail of on line. And then put them on the big screen. And crank up the volume and and being entertained by the two Bentley is remember last year and asked them. Speaking appointments at destructive path as it's just that. Any advice for people look at overwhelmed with cooking and he said open a bottle of wine then to sit down and start drinking. Said OK with that at that sounds great venom. It's sick and help me practically. That when it. That's you know there at the goose you have fewer. Prunes. In suite from both and a dark strong girl great T. Take the magic during the probe into its optima you mix them with top chestnuts. You mix them with pot TI is a country apartheid. And you stifled this in two. The ghosts and I'm telling you was one of the great flavors you never had. 23 and fifty degrees pulling off the fan for 45 minutes you absolutely must pour off the fan I mean you look at probably for six cuts. I'm from a ten parent whose prom and you know keep the goose fat in your refrigerator and that's spread it on post in and use it as a treasure. Because there is one of really great. Flavor. The time as one down I'm afraid. It's been affixed to our it's been another great two hours on the food till. And I hope that tonight you go with the people that mean the most you. Or yourself whichever you prefer and you have wonderful dinner if it's at a restaurant. If it's home cooked. And as we start to hear in the sensitive. David grows and his orchestra by the way. In case you're wondering what that recording is its regional 1940s recording. Wait a minute it's not David rose nevermind it's that's a week we elect the ultra music anyway. This has been production of WWL. After an 852. On a five point three Ken in New Orleans the food show produced by mr. Douglas Christian. Who corrected me on the music which they duly except this is Daniel out to the gourmet cellist. I wish you good evening. To now.