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This is the cotton candy voice of your local announcer Tom puts more us. And it's time now for another edition of the food show and if you listen to the program you know we do know editing whatsoever. Editing implies that you are improving the product. And I know well have to let somebody else be the judge that but it's iffy it's fear us. It's Lundy grow off Lindy gras. Fat Monday. Doesn't just roll off the tongue does. But it has become you know in a major part of the carnival season so here we are talking about that. And talking about everything else having to do with food restaurants cooking in wine. And all that all of that's. And I have. As good an idea today. That I would like to talk about it. And I'm not sure what exactly I'm hoping to get back from anybody else or if we even get anybody. Who's you know. Our program is being listened to by a lot of people what we don't have a lot of them who call and the reason that they don't. And this might be. Just another fantasy in my part. Is that I we have always found that the bit of bigger and better the audience the fewer people call. The people who really have something to say rarely call us. So if you think you are so what if anything you would have to say. With us though would be kind of trivial or sillier anything like that we are relying on you for our program. It weak and it. Sounds like a put down but in fact we have on the the better such calls are. You know the more I usually crazier the sillier whatever you call it. The better the call actually is so it we'd love to hear from view by that 260. 6368. Is our telephone number. Are now onto the serious pardons Lindy gras. Will in my mind before ever connected. With a mishap. That a bad. On Lindy grow is it to about five years ago. And here was the scenario. My wife's family. Which is pretty via. And also my Sundays in my son's. Family well less big but still insistent. Are we were having kind of like a family reunion sort of thing with a Windsor court hotel. And we were going back and forth watching the operates that we're passing in front it was you know classic family style. New Orleans Dave before Mardi Gras kind of an event. And I got to talking with one group of these people and it seemed like every time I turn around somebody was handing me a martini. And it fact that it was about like that. And as the evening went on. Mice started showing the very well known. After effects of drinking. A lot of Martinis Martinis are pretty strong wind it down to it and because everybody was handing these to me. And it wasn't a party by me at this I was I guess one of the guys that they didn't see too much. That's on Friday well as of always put it I head the team mini mart Tuesday's. And I. Had a feeling that this was coming on so I decided I'd better go upstairs to the room and then just take a nap profiled chief like get over this. What it actually happened is that I become kind of dehydrated from it. And on the elevator. I passed out. Hit my head on the side of the elevator. There was no harm done there of course there was nothing to be harmed. Then he gets up to the rule and up to that level. But it didn't get up. And on the way down a fell down again and remember just the last few seconds of this. And I cannot imagine what might have been the reaction of the people. Who opens. That elevator door and found me sprawled out on the floor of the yellow. Well whoever it was news thank goodness for them. And then almost immediately I was on in hospital on my way yeah in an ambulance on Beirut hospital. And this was. Not good to put it mildly. And it is something it changed my lifestyle whole lot idea. It would save that I've given up drinking. But I might limit is 11. Per day. And I never want that to happen to me again and fortunately I was in driving or anything we were in a hotel and he knows there's nothing nothing more than that. But that's an embarrassing thing for me to report on it is true. I've told it many times him earlier today it was on no Noual show and I've told this story again. And I guess that's keeping us my toe on my toes so I don't do anything even remotely like that again and so forth so good. Well anyway I guess what I'm leading up to here. Is. Finding out from you if you ever had. Something like that happened to you in what happened afterwards and how did you fix it. And if you don't want to talk about that I can certainly understand why opus it's a somber kind of a silly. Is that silly about it it was a somber very much a son per thing. That could have been avoided and could have been much worse to. So they if you have a story like that or if you could tell that by a friend who viewers suit fits. Whatever. And share that with us we'd love to hear by that we are certainly into the to date period. When there is more drinking. Going on in New Orleans then probably just like any other place in the world and we are really indulging in a big time. And I'm certainly not saying that we ought to. Quit drinking. But I think maybe we ought to rethink it a little bit. Other than that. And that we can just let that fade away if you want. We would also. Like to talk Cuba. Food about restaurants but cooking wine and on you know whatever else you got. And if you've been to the parades. Reports on the on the street food you found anything having to do with food or drink. And we're gonna take that all the way until 2 Louis 5 o'clock Cuba toll to 5 o'clock. The number is 26063. 682606368. In the caller right now you'll get right in. And a little study to tell you before we dive in the news oh my goodness I don't know. But. Anyway it's great to be here with you talking about the eating seen around town. 2606368. Haven't been getting many reports about the food scene at the at the parade routes. What mainly heard about it is that it it's been raining while I was talking to a friend. Just yesterday who had been to be in gimme and parade and everything looked fine. And then all of a sudden from out of nowhere came this massive storm. Dumping huge amount of rain on them and how they kept going after that I don't know but the those in the mean guys are pretty good. Who the guy who lives created it and who's kind of stability. The standard behind it he's an old radio. So that maybe that might explain it to 60. 63. Sexy let's see what else do we want. Could be just but anything as of oh aces. But instead of nothing or anything. I have this report tomorrow. Our I have what started out as a of personal tradition of which I am my life as she is riddled with such things like it I can tell you about the occasions in the past that I remember every year at that time until you fall asleep and then maybe dive board. But the but who it is that's. 11 year. I'd been you know Marty going around and I at that time I was I've lived in the French Quarter. Which will really put another another. Sharp edge on all of this so. I decided to get out of the French Quarter to go have dinner by the time Mitt all of the all of the other places that close. So I went up to broad street and on this this streak Goran I was in the street Korea and it was just a regular boss and went over to the Crescent City steak house. And I and I walked all the way that was ten blocks from canal street to to get there should've taken that it's too. So anyway I. Went over to the Crescent City steak house which is. Venerable institution and art talent. Whether it's the the oldest steak house in town and couldn't tell you but it certainly one of the oldest is but the only competitors would be chris' steak house and then that that was what it was before it was Ruth's Chris. And also what Charlie steakhouse Charlie steakhouse was around a little bit longer than the Crescent City. Crescent City is they opened up in a one night in note thirteen. It's how many people win there. At the beginning it was. I'm 1936. Yeah 1930 six's when they opened for business and went there and there was nobody there but me. Me and the waiter. And that was it. And I don't want consciences. Depressing you at the end of Marty to Mardi Gras day and I finished up. Always did like the place of no problem there. And went home didn't think about it again until a year later when. I said to myself you know it really makes a lot of sense to go eat a steak. On. Mardi Gras because that's what it means it's carnival. Farewell to beef. And now we're going into the you know seafood rule on. Dominant. Lent. Soul I went there again and once again I was the only one there. Well I like that though the stakes were always good standstill or. Thirty year went there. And there are worse a few people. And then the year after that I remembered it really stuck out because. Chef on. Our. Chef Paul Prudhomme. Woods this year. And I didn't know that but he apparently really like the place and was fairly regular customer of and he was there and I said hello in his wife says hello and I think this was a writer on the tone when Greg around the time when. Maybe I was at number one on his list for whatever reason. Whatever that was I've I've apologized for it but anyhow. Says hello and let. And a few other people came in and then aegis to make a long story even longer. I kept on going. Every year. And the number of people who we're showing up was also increasing year by year and then when we first started doing this radio show and especially when we started the we got to a point where I would have by 4050 people in there just hanging out with me. So you know they must've had a really slim pickings in the rest of the world. So we we had a great dinner that year and we kept on doing it at what happened after that. Was that. Even more people kept showing up even though they had no connection with me use the club or any of that. Somehow or another they heard about it. And the Crescent City steakhouse on Mardi Gras day is a jam packed restaurant. Top to bottom they're using though rooms that didn't even exist back then. Up on the second floor. They've kept their standards to food it's always been very consistent there and bury it. And so why that's my long way around telling you that I will be at the Crescent City steak house tomorrow I guess around two in the afternoon. I will have. My own table. Oh and if the if there are any open spots at the table I invite you to join me. And if there are no. Spots I don't know whether I can do for you they save one seat for me. Now here that's that's very nice of them to do that. And I always look forward to it QB for a number reasons for small mistakes or deny seal these people that I know. Many of the people who came on that first time we did it with the OK I understand the problem. And so while that's how I spend my Mardi Gras every day that every year will with a one other thing at the beginning of the day. Our I get down to Dahlia hall that's where the mayor. Hosts. Rex and vice Versa. And that all the great parades past here's Hulu is there and then Rex comes by and milk truck parades and as soon as that's over idea head on over to the Crescent City. And I may well see you there if you show there and tell you this if you try to do this. Parking is not very easy in that neighborhood did he usually is. But. When this thing goes off they discover how many people are interest that in state. And it's really quite quite a crowd. So hope to see you tomorrow and that's where LB but. In the morning from eleven until two and it's a it's morning and afternoon. I will be broadcasting live from Gallagher home with no less than Angela hill. And that is just the ball we really enjoyed doing it every year I know I do. All right so so. 2601 dates and units 2606362606368. They call right now you get Reagan we'd love to hear from you about where you've been eating and anything else on your mind to 606368. Let's see we ought to win it's it's break time yeah it is and will be back but more of the food show after first polices. I'm hello hello it's the food show. On a 105 point three FM HD two radio. On kitchen self and HD two radio which is he going to be so happy you have it because it's just such an improvement. Over. On the kind of radio that you have now probably almost certainly unless you have a fairly new Clark have a fairly new car like to real years old. You probably already have HD radio in it just like built into the radio. Read the instruction manual for the car. Or go over to the dealer and ask him about this it but to ask him if they'll set it up so you can get the station. HD two. It's it's very simple that it's nothing you know really technical to do it's basically in most of the versions obscene. You get to the very close suit what a five point three at that we get there first and and you kind of nudged the Diallo for a little bit and you see that another radio station comes up right behind it except that sound. And that's where we are that's exactly where we are set that spot. And then you'll be able hear the best of our program all the time assuming that we do anything good so while we're working on that that's we can do. 26 hole. 636. It is a telephone number on I would very much like to hear any reports you have about food. On the parade routes. And hello or at the parties that you're having if you like for example my ego. I have Leo brother in law who has a house that's very close to the uptown parade route. And he is generous enough and hospitable enough that he just but every year as a party. For family mostly and friends. And everybody goes over there and they hang out they drink and eat and they do all the things you do at a party. And then they go to the parade and they watch the parade and the comeback with the kids and everything. And it's just a great day. If you have. Indulged in any in this call me and tell me about it. If you plan to do one of those on Mardi Gras itself call me and tell me about you know why I wanna know because everybody else does too. It's everybody who. Lives in New Orleans you know we have some kind of traditions having to do with the Mardi Gras. And they are all different and a lot of them are very creative. I have something for you. That is really ridiculously. Complicated. If you wanna do some cooking it's too late to start now I would say. Actually who might be able. I have my recipe. For fried chicken. Now this is thought of even in serious grooming circles. As an important to recipe. Infecting and I can tell you on at least two occasions in the cover of Gourmet Magazine depicted. I. A hot dog or you know I know you're back it up depicted. Exactly such an event and there's the fried chicken right in the middle oval. And soul. That there's a great deal of interest in this and that published every now and then fried chicken recipes and I've heard a bunch of them we talked about them. But people really seem to be interested. In how you make good fried chicken and who could blame them. So it if you are. If you have a respite for doing Euro and chipped it first of all congratulations for your bravery it's not the easiest thing in the world do and secondly tell Telus. Bit by bit. How do you do this and if you want a starting point are you when they have a real challenge. The recipe that I have on line I posted it today it's in today's newsletter. And it. We'll show what is. What I I think of is a really good portion of fried chicken. But I can't claim to be you a really great cook on something that I'm happy with that and often tell anybody else. 260. 63. Six say it is our telephone number we'd love to hear from you but anything going on and if you could than any party in and tell us some details about. Are you dated anybody out there. Anybody out there is. I'm doing something special in the your bar for example. Are all right Steve is joining us over here on the yellow full and Steve. Steve cook. Okay. Steve is coming up there somewhere I think. Or is. Steve Steve. Them. I don't know what happened to him to 60636. Or call us back would you. 2606368. It says here Steve. Crew KR EW of Rex WR EC KS will know what that means now and intrigue. But now pump the pump up. But a curious OK we'll fund finally on us. Here I I they're welcome. Derek has done but ultimately king breaks in the spill you are east though he took it seriously. Yeah and he took it's seriously that we are CK. Am Rick you know like an accident you know you don't. Together don't. I have a little little bit of a conflict that you were talking with writing. About the money now. Make throwing money immediately go. That would there was a controversy about that. Will be view here and many pounds of beads that hold out of this. Storm drains and five block area and symbolic. Can hardly imagine it it must be is a big enough to formally the the Hoover Dam. We'll have the they got out of a spot. On one area out of a five block area in my old and an. The gold 93000. Panels. A money grow up. On that's alive in that where where it was this just in the drainage system was up in trees. And I just just didn't have Borger. You know five school area. I think we need to you know make an eagle but it was an act within about how long way you know. And let it in twenty years or thirty years in India. And you know what people do with these these. I can tell you what and intrigue of the thing I would most remember abut we are where the beads went at our house. Was when our kids were little and it was the first Christmas after. And we had a we had a party. Or maybe we didn't even have we certainly didn't need a party to do this. The beads were really now that the more I think about it the more I've. I realize this is true that the beats were everywhere all over our house. If you step on beads while he liked the lake in the middle of the night you're going to get up to check on something you know. And you you get out of bed and you're what happens to land on. A ring of beads. What do we call those anyways then certainly that ring. A pair of beads I mean I structuring of beads. And you if you step on that you. On our fall already. And an ever hit your head yet but it's coming right. It only matchbox car. Pretty yeah yeah but. The problem is that in these 3000 pounds. In a five block area. You know we don't need that it this year but you know. Well all we what we need to do now is replace it with some. And they don't I'm I don't think it's at put up. That's what you know it'd been talking to bigger and I don't want to replace the B. My decision they have this and they've bought now that they didn't put in the gutters. You know in the brain. Dead is filled with pebbles and it's like. You know a blanket thing that it's built with pebbles. The war campaign through an abnormality wrong they can pull those things out. And keep stuff like that from going into the school entry. And that this city has bought. Bullets on them to try out this year so that might be you know you can solution to the problem. Off the you know it I hope that works on and it bled and I'm not. Much of those thinker on the east things anyway but I I and an immediate idea came in my mind. The year you know these are packing. The things they're peanuts that call right in the packing peanuts they usually mean. On styrofoam or something like that. According. Archuleta well. It varies you know that's what I was working up Tuesday there for long ago has been a version of these things that's kind of fluff up it seem. Characteristics fills up the to the box with the would have resume and it doesn't running around inside writer. But is soon as it gets it hits to water it dissolves and right disappears with may be the exception of the string. Right. And they they are kind of talk about a biodegradable. Mardi Gras beads but you know you go in there that we goes. I guess that these things that would just keep the beads was going down the drain. You know is his. Fought and being there are working well and that's the only reason to let you know nine to think about ninety that are 46 and a half tons. In a five and a half block stretch of saint Charles avenue in the storm drain. Who would've guessed it possible. Well. It. Will what thank you for sharing that witness. But yet seen bites of food show. You know just to prove that that was true I've remember getting in a box that had a million of those things and they looked all you know pretty clean so I popped one in my mount the seat what would happen. It's made out of cornstarch is some. And after about. Fifteen seconds who's gone is gonna could swallow it and didn't by the code of 260. 63. 626060. Threes sixty we will come back with more of the food show in just a moment after first if you will this. Well my goodness we welcome to our program a new sponsor you just heard it it's the food show. No no that's not the news into the food shows everlasting 26063. Six it is our telephone number that's where we do here routes we talk about food in restaurants and such. If you're in a New Orleans. For the news for Mardi Gras. I have votes if you good pieces of news one of them is looks like the weather tomorrow's going to be critique good. Little chilly but not too bad. And I'm safe from that because Angela he'll always brings a few extra pairs globes which she passes around to anybody. I'm fortunate enough not to have them. I have a pair of gloves but that can't find one of them. This and other women can't fine and then. Well just don't know what Apatow but so anyway. Oh that's that's this new sponsor and he has the Shaq I'll tell you buy them on the road we we were. Who went there but a month ago and we were talking about a lot that day who's. There was some of the people would also. All right 2606368. And a I'm indeed looking for any thing on your mind to putt which you're cooking for. The people coming over for more negro or were you going with which your favorite spot for more ordinance that is that's a secret it's. Where you hang out for morning. And noise. Any good food you found the way I'd love to know that. A crusade that's been going on for a number of years. Up against all the anywhere USA kind of food that you can find at the parade routes. I mean typically it's hot dogs it's cotton candy it's. You know a lot of joke. Off funnel call a funnel. What do they call those funnel cakes yeah funnel cakes. Funnel cakes I kinda liked because they remind me of being eighties they've very similar to being he's the what you do is you. Squirt in in that bug the guys who really know how to do have special equipment fitness. Who put it into the hot oil and it comes out. And it's kind of all week Lian and everything put its and puts upon true on an and that the experience is a lot like having. A having been in the eighties with the camp Felix definitely. But why don't we have any booed. On I knew that might be a couple of places that do habit but that it's not widespread seems to me. Then him I don't think you can have a law like this but if if you could. If that every operator had to have one distinctly New Orleans ditch on its menu no matter what. I think that would improve its we have too much good food to be eating cut outs over and over and over a cute little kids yeah okay sure. But you and me. 2606368. We have had one of the Stevens Jackie and and now we have the other way and here. Stephen welcome to the food. All I did it again. Gosh it's just you know I'm sorry I'm just. It's like an automatic reflex and quote what's happening is that there's a button I poorest but the person on the here and Doug. Reaches of the same button that I do and it depends who got their first as to who. And I usually goof it up and here's Steve and. Pretty tightly dinner. Good you. All right I'm just got back. Sure enough. Detonate and lower. And glorious and Delaware book yeah our mind him the football. More now from all the stuff from me equals. Yeah we want to fill the bill ET's. You know it's just great thing but one thing the food trucks locally. It's all come from else where they're the oval track should Wear a cardinals could go from city this city for a United States. Give them do the winners' cup new warily so these guys are for bargain so locals. Well wouldn't hurt him too much edit I mean you can you can get on the phone and have a a guy with a delivery truck bring you know like a load of funds frozen stuff and you you know you. Would be and much more complicated than what they're doing already. Yeah I don't in my opinion that little line. It will be anyway and equipment orders to all our means. Play it happened on two Xia. But it still littered cooks in the kids can. Better not you know 100000 dollars ships. There in you know and Coke. Regular roast beef and Turkey dinners and and that sort of stuff but yeah an adult and Super Bowl. Are being occupy almost on every area I'm usually like chicken and dump plunges and one day we expect shall. But aren't normal probably and need ticketed on every night there's one. It's different night to different roster so I have one of my favorite food anyway. And and and still cheap by Mina the outlook to. Broiled nights at all big ones you know would we don't want them are preserved. Those are that's where they come from his right there. Yeah a little farther north you. But thirteen dollars. Over Torre dinner with. So now it and cheeks Sweden. You know that sort of stuff so I mean it's lose though he used he had been there for 898. That would fill you up. So in comparison to thirty dollars here. Because you pay to ship in the kitchen you know. Well that group. Collecting just the thought of thirty dollars for eating hot dogs. Where are particularly in dumb plants here that lets up yet to grow up with epic that last item. Particularly in almost well it's just southern new oil and the New Orleans stuff and I haven't achieved over the Mississippi you go forward Alabama you can. Yeah solid steps that it's not in the new war and quality targets and wasn't. Creole and yet that's it. Well anywhere it lives I've never gone wrongdoing. Wherever it lives. Eat that eat the food the region. And then you know Lotta people go out need. Really every night in that in the area because you know for ten dollars 111215. Doubt for donors. It's who like it would be in the war. Then yeah I guess so. There would be. Pick a side I suspect I'm I'm not positive but this but I'll betcha the permit charges to have vote. A foot truck sitting permanently you'll still semi permanently during the during the whole Mardi Gras thing. One place yet you ought to pay for and then they do it's not it's not something trivial. Well really one I'm always really wondered rest what they should. I have to pay the city and also how closely our own pain there sales and acts. And that's our guys are good thought you. You know and also or is out about the the potential vote Monday comedians. You know think. Let's say eight years was coming over from the door should. And for that date Marty grove says he. You know word to be here. And you know words buys debt crisis the beard. Yeah sure sure does that could go without spending. In this new war. And we you know. We had a secret. And you know. And we'll let you know not in 65000. Euros to some really good city a lot of times. Considers how much money is spent well you know also limit promote reform isn't it the green beer for Mississippi. And and you want and so. Our as some longer really because after Martin grove city and yet we still need money. We know where is that oh. I don't know but something about this story reminds me of another story. A friend of mine. Was invited to and event that I do he his wife didn't wanna go so yes we have five wanted to go with him it was put on by. Is that the county in Alabama just north of mobile. You remember the name of it anyway. Thought they had a grim a dinner of Koon. And on. And to love. And it's am armadillo believe it and and you know bunch of other things along those lines. And they put a big dinner of this on every year it's expensive to attend all the money goes to. Help young kids today. Can finish a life of crime early instead. Keeping on doing it. And and they were really serious and I got to talking with these guys. And they said well you know. A lot of it gets thrown off because sometimes will pull off somebody who's too little bit of speeding and we ask him open up their trunk. And if we find anything in the air like beer or anything else we we take it. Ando we keep it and we serve it at our dinner which. Jackson County that's where and the to a that in its that's that's pretty good in any glitches in and he said well yep sometimes we. We opened up opened up their trunk and here is like cases and cases. On hold the Milwaukee. And it's well. All right and then we we just tell him we got enough of that next. Year. Yeah so that would at least selective. It's the food show I'm think Selig. I employ we're letting them know about that when art. But that's 260. 6368. Is our telephone number I'm looking for people to talk with right now. And the blow to hear from you with 2606368. The rule of what you can talk about on our program is very simple anything anything anything within the realm of PO decency. We have a problem that the begin with so on we thought we'd love to hear from you with its a place you have dying lately that you thought was really good. Call me and tell me. If there is a place you've been wondering about. Chris it looks good then. Maybe you've heard some things about it. Called me and if I haven't been there yet and I try to get every restaurant in town that is becoming impossible you just have too many of them. But we do have all these other people listening to us and we passed that along to you. Through their lips and then you. You know more about the New Orleans dining scene and maybe you think you need to. But if you're gonna go out to eve and everybody does just about everybody does. It is. A good idea to know what it is that you're gonna run into. And what what are the best dishes in the restaurant you know I I do that myself whenever I travel anywhere. I always go to the bookstore. Let's say you were heading off in fact this fall we are going to. While Boston and then through new England and then into Canada. And having a lot of fun we've done that cruise several times before it really is great. But through while we are there. I I go by a guide book from from his tour boat Doris of one of those. And they're the information they have is so good because they actually do go out to the restaurants and by dealt with couldn't put that. Out for your use which is exactly what we do here. When I tell you about arrest unless they say well I've never been there but. I have been there. Just the bottle it's so we'll let you know 260. 6368. Is our telephone number would love to hear from you but that or anything else. It is cute cute cute and you know what else we have we have our. Our food almanac of the day. I'm start with this I'm the number one item in today's a New Orleans menu daily newsletter. Is fried chicken I've a recipe for fried chicken. And I publish this every now and then and get mixed. Reactions to it I know it works for my taste. I can imagine that some people who try this will not like it but though. The period as you know I'm a I'm being honest with you in time. Politics of that it just takes on huge amount of this the newsletter today. We also want to note that today's international until soup day. Landfills. Weeks some people called Lynn cooled beans. I guess that's accurate to save him pretty much have been kind of small sum of a bit ago. And they have been in the diet of human beings. Since prehistoric. Times nobody's quite sure how long we've been eating lentils but it's a long time. And with good reason do we eat them now and it's because. They are highly nutritious they're very easy to grow. And they come in different colors and different sizes and but it did you seriously good for you and one of it comes laws. Love cooking at home. Take this went to heart. I have never in my life had a bad one to soup so if you if you work up a pot of little soup. Be proud of it because. It seems to be impossible to do it bad in the even if you just pulling in things. You know try it's a good good good dish to try out your cooking ski on proposal 105 point three FM. HD. Two. This is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show it's our program. Eating and drinking. Howard numbers 2606368. It is and Lindy gras they before Marty raw. We will be broadcasting live as I have been for. Of lost track really it's somewhere between twenty and 25 years we've been doing the program from Gallagher hall. Will be there again and by we I mean meat and you and you and you and you and Angela he'll. And that is a hoot I look forward to that every year. I'd never work wither before I knew everybody. Who ever talked about it just loved they're certainly she had great ratings when she was the news. Anchor on channel four. But here she is after all these years and somehow she's managed go back in time to look like she's about 23 years old. And I just hate it wonderful. Wonderfully fun person to do lower Mardi Gras coverage I really look forward to it every year. And that's tomorrow. Starting at 11 o'clock in the morning and going till two in the afternoon. Before that you got a lot of our other WWL. Reporters out on the street some of them and some of them and tell your hall in February and art and other places in the French Quarter for example. So full coverage as always of Marty raw. 2000. What is it 1908. Team. And I talked to tomorrow I hope to 6063. 68 what is cooking at your house what he would heeding these days. CI Hewlett. There seems to me there was another's it was a of restaurant I went to over the weekend that I had not been to tie you know it's slipping. We have this new excuse me something over here today that Doug do you remember my saying anything about that but the ground water. Southern kitchen. Is suffering a blow you all. Yeah. And. And a well I suspect insurer wasn't talking about the same stuff over and over and over again. I don't think I read I do this on. What I remember most about it at the brown butter is it's in mid city it's on BM bill street right off of write off of north Carroll. Yeah that would be north Carroll than them and oh win over the air. Oh home but a year ago I think was the first time and I hadn't had a nice lunch came another time fairly recently. Have a nice dinner went back again about a week ago and had another nice dinner that was really. What made it stand out once this porch that they brought it upon me pork shop. But it wasn't the kind of funny pork shop that you would expect to find you know that would be. Fairly thinly sliced you would be about maybe the width of the ball and if we even had a ball and and then coded with the bread crumbs garlic and all that this was more or less like that. Except that the pork chop instead of being. Three quarters of an inch stick was about two inches thick and it was. Really enormous and the fact that it was covered with the bread crumb coating that period you know cooked on opinion opinion in the kitchen. And it ways big enough to hang off both sides of the dish. And they had a few other things on it and just duel over an in cut off a wager this stuff. And popped it in my mouth and it was juicy it was delicious the seasoning was right. Really really great dish and it wasn't even expensive what's I'd love these. Receipts restaurants give you now that the show you of the price and what it wise what exactly dish which is very handy for a guy like me. It was eighteen dollars. For this mammoth pork shop. That is a deal and really enjoyed it. Well there when Nelson had a had their soup of the day which it can't remember and then they have a chicken liver pilot pay. Which I would sing needs a little more. A refinement. The main one being it meets the loosen up a little bit because it was on spread you couldn't spread it you couldn't cut out chunk of I guess you could that would make. So up but that that the flavor was good chicken though liver apartheid. Typically it who eats chicken chicken livers or create. A new kid me. 2606368. Anybody who wants to vote for chicken livers being good call me up until race. I'll betcha we get more people who like it that this like. And also we have to talk but today it's up to you our rule around here. Is we'll talk about any culinary matter at all that you have anything good you have had in any rest but tell me about it. If you've been to a restaurant that cuts and cuts something that you didn't think was so good. Let me know about that too on that trying to get even with him or anything don't tell me the name until I ask you for. And we'll see if we can make it better for most people don't realize this but if you go to a restaurant. If you order something that you don't like not all is lost all you have to do is one simple thing. And one of two things will happen either you'll get something that you do like to eat or they will give you your money back both of which are better. Then spending the rest of your life cursing the place. For being so awful. And if you ask them or tellem something. They are very likely to make good on the deal right then and here but that's when you have to do it right then and there don't wait. 260636. It is our telephone number. Always do is talk about food round here when you go back home if you are here in New Orleans. Visiting. The way he you know new record couple days ago what was it yesterday was yesterday. That the busy day. In at the airport. So you know what if there are people who are already leaving town after coming down for a while and see what they wanna see. But those certainly you know starting on Ash Wednesday in the day after the airport is going to be jam packed because they I heard a statistic that they're doing like 40%. More. Are people staying in town and visiting town than usual so cat huge crowd in town despite the weather and everything else. So if you have the fly out. Fix that flights so you know I caught in the worst parts of it. And I would. Arrive really really early Dmitry and I bumped but that's that's coming up but the big day in all of this the big Odyssey day. Is going to be next Friday. Friday. At the end of this week Friday and or Saturday adhere to that that the crowds at the reporting going to be pretty tough so. Work around that Andrea. All will be happy and you won't have New Orleans as a bad note on your memory of being here 260. 636. Somebody. Who's here. Norman is here at Norman welcome to food shale. It's shoot. It's rolling along you know it's if the weather's salute Chile for my taste but not too bad. You hear. They're listening in the last few days old Debbie Debbie Allen's use like you cheered up written show off the charities to follow. Well real high opinion you know I this is our cities such as Jim. I want everybody you know buy it don't you. Yeah sure you do and you're part date. You know that there is price so this. You know are out yet today that they were gonna place some non music they said what's your favorite morning on music and I said happy birthday. And play well. It's good for those who don't get that I was born and boy I'll get back. Get real quick off the to Utah. The mental frame of mind that Shaheen of New Orleans. Are on the news today that. It was legal group structure so much we know the cause. Who wouldn't work. Well we're real real Hillary over poverty it was record you're anyways so I hope for a vote in jail it's. We were related indefinitely and you know Jake here optional. It doesn't matter here. Geared to Serena. It's too big media Shalit now we all I yogurt. Yeah we all everything we are week in and it will receive tragedy we're always. We object here developers should you know about that chebaa outline. Often now well it's certainly was something we endorse around here. Cars and would that sit you might I add to this day. I cannot understand how it is that that book I wrote upon it cold hungry town. The end of my publisher wanted me to write that that wasn't my idea hadn't even been thinking about anything remotely like it. Are but she said you know really really am telling. Right and he who we set down and work and all I remember we did most of it over luncheon and one's. And and she said yep this is good. And next thing you know the book is how it's selling very well it's still selling pretty well and we were expecting it to be dead right now but it's. The week we really did something in this city after Katrina it really showed its office is competent people. You know it was it was like a figure through world job. VI machines are particularly from China. And what it was like us against the world and it had been. We we we are all problems and protect liked. The wrote. The laws were to offer themselves we look we we're glad. They're. And this is a this is our time for celebrating mass. Well topic is about static should operate that's been talked about two days ago but. The picture of courtroom while. Gaga for you. And that didn't interpret actually it hurt that the girls are part of them or not. It was during this and we'll share. You know it's important that we do we are bought and threw it in the microwave and you Jenny. Well. I've I don't remember I don't remember what the specific. Amount of meat was that can't be because that it depends a lot on what you're starting off with. Mike port you can't really you can't really microwave something it's frozen for example if it doesn't work. None out. We we slightly Bob that you let him. And am now one every year. All IC yeah. On just real low power you'd like 10% 20%. And checked at every check it every thirty seconds it's on no it's a pain in the butt but it's at it seems to be easier than putting it in the of and although I'm changing my mind about that. I. But 300. Grief 25 maybe. Oh I think even I would I would I would put it out on the co owner. To warm up to room temperature or art or just at least not real hard frozen. Or even real real cold. All right. Happy new year people are offering. Used to thank you very much for calling here is neck. Mac. Paula think we did it again. But. Yeah it's sorry I don't know ability to where I'm doing Gregory welcome to the food show. Happy on the well. You two K and that I thought of looking at Baghdad or not I mean I would like you could. Yeah yeah he's on he's on top of things he does a lot of interest in cooking. How important part of my subject. We're all in favor. In quote me on the net. I can't beat Gregory be an important. That. Yeah. One. That acted a little little. Hope you enjoy. Hello and pocketbook earned an appointment at the great weekend and last night got up the pocket and had to. I'll be able to go applies on Friday in which would probably be cool blowing out the ones packed house and ships and still is a great team and read game table and polygamy through everything with her uncle was. And then now. Become Waldman. A little while on the outside and add to catch. So I mean at that spot partly derived. And now and then and and it last night my straight victory the ball through its city built city with the oil. Oil well to remember when the parade down now on day. And it brings back memories what is quite sunny during Al afloat. They are really going to be greatly. You know oil gets a cut oil and pockets were terrific human. I'll. We had. Three rich agree in great app Libya but approximately and you know. There's something about that they expected me to be done in chipped it to be that would reveal is that due to there will. Well I I'm not a fan of veal. I don't I find it sort. It's. Not even sure about that it you know what not for my taste anyway I find it. Tough. Sometimes and I find it lacking in flavor personally. And who worry that if you if you get the same exact size pork shop which will. Cost you half as much as Nabil. They I think it's got a much better flavor. And in this one other thing too I'm subject to giving big out in one of the things I know that triggers it is feel. He's eating a like a possible go or something. Well. Got out Amman man you know ordering and wait for for camera. Should anchor bill. It's it's more than half hour trust me now how do you Biden doing now are now you logo for three hours. In order to combat that beat you good Andre. Not meant it when he sponsored it. It where it's kind of done and help prepare you America you know yeah that's that's pretty much acting on the street that was great job on Friday about. Arm and ideally would go argue beyond its traditional right tomorrow given publicly about the way. Absolutely I'll be here is starting 11 in the morning and going till two in the afternoon me and Angela hale. I'm gonna look forward to it like we always do and yeah. It's what we get chilly but no rain. You know that's what I hear I think we're safe for tomorrow great groups. I couldn't believe Bravo whether corporate. Just a little bit of vertical threat with pockets April it was so warm conflicts that are. I'd always I wish I took all I took one of my long walks yesterday because of the way. Limb here and brought it according to our the slightest. Hello hello welcome back it's the food show that stuck to Mac Mac welcome. Mick. Back. Where to go. This year. He has gone. I didn't touch at that time who threw 606. Or you probably wonder what that means that that's it's not. Telling 2606368. We want to talk if you buy food but restaurants cooking everything. Tell me what you've been eating lately if you are visiting. Of a you know trying to get this sentence out for the last hour and I'm only now getting to. On if if you are visiting New Orleans. Four Mardi Gras or for whatever reasons. Know there's a couple by the way who comes to our. Every year and they don't live here they have I think on the West Coast. And they but they fly you and I think they've beaten actually have a vote. An apartment tourist. And that true we have bullet that's really matter but nice folks. Who are in love with no New Orleans and I just love. Meeting. People who are from far away who just. Think our city is so much the bee's knees that they come here all the time on her own nickel. It's it it's great great thing to have to watch and we've got a lot of that this year I hear that the attendance at Mardi Gras is just off the charts is really huge numbers so. A great year to celebrate it. 260636. It is our number of program today's sponsored by the maple street cafe and canola. If you find yourself. I'm getting ready to go out to dinner maybe with some friends amid with some of those out of towners who are here. And you call around and you find out that either they're not open on Mardi Gras or. They are not open that time of morning grow or they don't open at all. And that they are completely. No help for you at all but it. I have a replacement. Maple street cafe is open for all the qualities. And they have a full menu it is not a special menu the kind that doubles in price nothing like that. They have a lot of variety that starts off with a numerous seafood specialties for appetizers it's a great way to begin. Then you move on to host of countries that range from the east and very straightforward. Lite style a lot of flavored pasta dishes. To some unusual proteins like in my in my own favorite there is the duck that they do with a big. And pepper corn glazed that is just great they have folk. A and also blue coat they feature once a week they're soups of that they are always great I order from every time I'm there. If the does Greeks Alan and Tony see what I mean they they have a lot of bases covered over there in the prices are very affordable. And it's a nice enough looking response so that when you go there with even with somebody really cherished. Everybody will feel that they've been out to dinner and it's been nice evening and made this the full it'll certainly give chip. And you'll like the place to. It's the maple street cafe 76 when he three maple street but midway between Broadway and Carrollton in the river bend section moralist. The food show he's here and Dave is here to. Dave welcome to the food show. Yeah it's there's Leo. A very interesting article in the times today about the war. On it and yeah and I don't know. In an accurate to murder weapon. You are you mentioned that they were listed more useless it was on the number one crisis to visit the church states you know and the down. Our efficacy or the writer's name for the New York Times which used to view has been sort of doubt in the war. To expand a monster and animal or you know. In the food. And the it she's apparently there. A worker or are so you know the story. That you talked about you know the arts and you know open to all the different things. But it's very interest and that. You know all the places you know I think it was in the world. You know in the world and and she said nor is number war and it's the first few weeks ago you know there are a tip your impressions from Japan. And her father lives in Mexico. It is always wanted to visit mormons but never did she feels. That was a great story in the. Yeah I I remembered actually came out about three weeks ago because you made it made the news here and you know I I read overrule her criteria and everything else I find nothing wrong with that reasoning this this is just you know we've been known knowing this for years. Why are they telling you stuff we already had no idea that's I think I think it's all true. Yeah this deal I think that's funny to me is that she's she's search and she should tell that in the story and here are felt like it's. This is Marco. Scoreboard our NATO hall of the people. Corporate peoples in those buttons and she also assess of people here in the war divert forgiven so. Well but didn't cheat sheet for whatever reason just it's a court. Well she probably went to those joint system doesn't do. We're out could be orgy or that was to sort and you can sort them quickly what do you. Just what without. Well thank you thank you for reminding so I appreciate the call seek out by you know that came out about two to three weeks ago it was. Talk of the town in. New York Times article. Best. City to visit. In the world New Orleans. Makes sense to me communion I just don't see any flaws in them reasoning. 260636. Chlorine now get right and we'd love to talk with you but food restaurants but cooking and all the rest of it. And now it's our program tonight is too soon. Okay. We'll do we'll do that. All kinds interest and information about. What are referring to and telling about just yet but we will let him. On our edible dictionary of the day debts and where we turn to to find out some cool and eerie term that may be you've never heard before but has some interest in meaning. And they useful meaning in some cases. But today it's actually came up in a conversation I had with somebody about two or three days ago who was telling me about this. Little. Kind of rim around. He slice he caught. Our USDA. Clinton to be prime but it's Leo. A real by state or anything like revised state which would include. Rib roast or a prime rib and they're all built the same they just cooked in different ways. But what has become really popular for a lot of people like I could name you probably about a dozen restaurants that have this. It they caught off the outer rim of the stake which is upon it may be. Three quarters of an inch thick and the credit all the way around this it's loaded with fat which is what they're interested in and there are little islands of lean in that. But if you cook at all by itself. It is. You know in a class by itself it yet just an amazing big big flavor by the daisy. Seriously. High fat items so this is not to be one either because. But there wasn't a name for it. In fact there are several names for it and I couldn't remember any of them because I can't remember anything anymore. And so. We've decided to make it the edible dictionary word of the day it's the analysts SP I N a L I yes. And if you just pick up boat of writ by state. You can go to the store and do this without even buying it I don't poke catering and just pick it up and look around the edge and you'll see this sort of almost like a coat around the rest of the of the stake there. And most steak houses just leave it alone and it's just part of the state. But there's some people who love that part so much that is the it has its own name stimulus. So you ever see that in the store that's what it is it's it is good my wife is crazy about cheated but she like anything to rib. River rose wrote primary ebony and that's her favorite food succeed Mac as rejoined it's Mac Colonia. Yeah or better. It might not my fault. No problem I have a question about that number. You are wrong. Make gumbo and now pole of the council on mate with a live in my own vote as accountable light around. Route to it but I thought past this young voter beware it's got the real door group yeah but how is that she. Well the thing about a rule is that. It gets really dark. In stages so you can. You know just put it in there and crank up the temperature of a long long way you have to kind of like hover over it let it happen over a period of time. And it'll get forty dark. But does it don't expect to do again I tell you don't no matter how much whisking away edit or with your wooden spoon. You still never quite get it to be that dark and once you do it at a lower temperature for a longer time like half file. I sure that's that's one thing they'll get it going some people just raw audience of kitchen bouquet could you really if you wanna a darker Gumbel kitchen bouquet is used by new island chips for generations. All it is is of who coloring. I yeah and I'll let this one more thing to be set up by dark room and that is. The darker it is the less. The less than that the it becomes thinner in texture and then if you left that. At that point earlier starring product. Oh it. So so yeah well being thicker than a real power or that's exactly right yeah. It's counter intuitive but it's true ball yet while there was so. Nothing else that they were heading. To make it dark he wasn't just there in the room. Yeah. That oh big time modern classic way to do that is of by. Bottle get this at any supermarket. Or kitchen who OK and you just a little bit of it in there and it brings the caller brings a collar down this way does. But it looks. Yeah. So good thank you very much for calling see the food show. But how much time left though way you know we do this program every single day by this time of year we literally Euro on seven days a week. So. And Saul alive well Munich's at the last two hours of the first. Anyway we'd love to hear from you will buy it where you have been eating no matter where that one's what do you do on your way to the what do we do on the way to the parades who what do you remember of but. Being a kid. And being at the parades with one rule that out once. My own family in my. Siblings. We have a few stories. To tell about when we were a little little little could be responsible for some of the things we said. There was this though one incident. And hug oh just tell you what the circumstances were noticed leave it to your imagination but. Are we lived. Only a couple of blocks away from the parade drive in those days the parade actually went up rampart street they went pretty far opera port street into the mall auditoriums where I think they ended up. That's right around where we lived and so we went to all of the parades all the time sometimes making the trek solely to. Canal street because for some reason we thought that was better than. One of us said something that won't ring on forever remembered ever and everybody blushes of that Ike. That's nowhere it. 2606368. Which that you can imagine you know little kids looking. Looking looking at that whole scene. 260636. Feet. How often did you know. One of these days I'm I'm gonna try and this is my new crusade I'm gonna talk a management and I hope hope hope like. Or beg the management either will do. To give us the ability to take text messages. Because the the hold technology behind. Having people call on to the show and go on the air and all that. Our I think we may have left. I've been left behind if we stick with that and I think though a lot of the people who would ordinarily call us. And share all kinds of good things and ask all sorts of interest in questions. They don't like calling on the phone anymore but they don't mind at all. Sending text messages my wife I think for every. Every phone call she make she makes ten or fifteen text messages to various people. And we have been all our other studio over WWL studio they have. A text messaging gizmo. And they you can instead of having to go on the air you can just ask your question that way in apparently a lot of people feel much more comfortable about it then but talk. So see if we can get that that would be soaking it in the meantime. You are welcome to send email messages to me my address is calm at no menu dot com I do. Answer emails. I do not answer emails immediately however so it is something you really need. And no home rejected duplicates of it anyway. And if if there's time in between else and you and at least my answer and some leads as to who might be more attentive enough to. Election. With the answers to whatever that is that your thinking about to a 606368260636. Feet. On over the weekend I can I just looking at the clock here have just enough time to tell you Obama. Something I had. And this is by the way not a commercial. I feel like sometimes I have to say because some of my commercials. A little too enthusiastic and some of them not enough but this one. My my wife and I. Oh what went to after she had revealed to me that it was our anniversary and I completely done nothing about that but. Knew we we were kind of mediation and thanks so. We went to. Restaurant in the middle of men of Covington. Called the croc slot nine this is the hotel restaurant in the southern hotel which is a very spiffy place. And we went there. And. We sat down and we ordered we were kind of in a hurry because it had to get over here into the showing WWL. And we were looking through the menu they had this thing that was called crab meat freak type a free taco is an Italian. Bob. Pain and K kind. Pancake you know it's an omelet it's. An Italian. That's the word for it anyway. And the way the chef made it at fox lot nine. Why is. That it came out. So fluffy that I I would think that you could actually float out of the plane out of the plane out of the other plane of the bottom of the a black iron skillet it was done in. If you've ever had to pick omelets over the Camellia grill you know a light that he or this was abut. Although that would have been about three times the weight of this special. Freaked hot and receding and it's crabmeat in its mushrooms. And a little bit of some kind of cheese kinda holding things together but the texture of the whole thing what is on an easy. Light I mean cloud the and won by eight and it just looked at the way it that Hoekstra. Was fantastic. And and the more I either but the better I liked it and I told the ship that he was really on this up there and hope that doesn't. Pick them along on the cook because I'm gonna get it again and again. That's over at the hot arcs lot nine in Covington. And they it's in their Sunday brunch menu that's the only time I do. Well I'll talk to you tomorrow I hope on the big 870 WWL. From eleven until two. And then maybe they'll see you over at the Crescent City steak house. In the afternoon and around it to Michigan so enjoy. Mardi Gras and anything else you can figure out to do in this wonderful time. WW WWW. To forget about.