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I got any plans for the New Year's simian won the one only questions that constantly comes up on this very program at this very time. Is what has been yours New Year's revolution as regards the food you eat. IE I don't have one at at the moment because I apparently. Seemed to be in a lucky point in a mine dining habits. And it was a reunion. Party you know last week. And everybody. Who was there walked up to me and says that I looked great which union unite both though it's not true. I can get away with a chasm on the radio. But they they kept telling me that's so I just assume it's okay in the when I go to the doctor all the numbers are good so whatever it is is working. I'd I'd I'd do a book about it except there'd be nothing to write Doherty can tell you what the whole die it is eat half of everything that's. I'm finished 2606368. I am looking for. Some human beings. Or just a nice person. To call us up and Telus oh where you've been meeting. And that what you're taste is in food these days what have you changed I think people have changed a lot in just the last. Five years or so I've really seeing more and more this and if you were listening earlier about an hour ago there was a caller. Who told me that. The square. When Matt what's the name of that place. I square root yes square and and then there's another route and in this square root that's it's they were originally to completely separate restaurants run by the same. And then they decided. A couple of years ago to merge the two of them. Which they did it's on magazine street looks really terrific great wine lists unbelievable food really and usual everything that they do is. Brilliant experience you'll always hear and you better because they charge you about a hundred and a half four. Word came down. That's one and a half a 150 dollars a person. Over the last week or so it came out that they have decided to close the restaurant. Both locations. And that's it. I had a feeling that was gonna happen not that animal that Smart but it. When I was writing kind of the year and review of three of four years ago I sit here is a place that either is going to did you define. Fine dining in New Orleans for the next. Dictators so all are it's gonna vanish off the face of the earth. And people will be laughing about it. For a long time he genuinely was good but it was a little far wrote to meet some of the some of what you saw there. Was really yeah kind of crazy every human being in a restaurant where that happens. Remember particularly. I who went to. Though the restaurants Stella. On. Charter street right just half a block a couple of blocks really off of Jackson square. On and it was just just a fantastically. Greek dinner which was all that guy Everett did put out. And any suddenly came to an end because he made a bad based institution decisions somewhere along the way but anyway. So here is this wonderful food and there are ways a table of about six guys. Gore well dressed. They seemed to be polite enough. And they also seemed who have come from pretty far out of town which is okay menial that we do. People who curse tourists for their tourist tastes are cursing the wrong people this is. Visiting this this is what New Orleans lives and we wouldn't be what we are without that. So anyway I'm I'm kind of tuned into these guys that because Imus knew. But because I didn't have anything better to do so I was listening to this and the waiter would come over and describe. The food that the ship was making him one by one and as he did so. These. Four or five or six guys from out of town were actually laughing. To one another. And how preposterous that no one's seen it just never had anything quite like that before I think this world that boys to a they seem to be nice enough. But sometimes you you get that you know you you go to harassment in and there are some menu that is just full. Really and usual food. Almost outlandish holy. Funny but. You know this is where a lot of the good dishes come from. 26063. 68 the number I just gave you with so we're telephone number. I could not possibly be more elated than if you were to call and tell me about any food thought you have in your mind. Or. Really about taxes that is the great dishes that you run into. Somewhere what you like to cook at home. Earlier I a brought up the subject of me believes because someone called in and was. And always set thinking of going to eat at the what do they call it it's sees something on walk on its walk ons restaurant. And the building that walk Collins is in at least part of it. Is the old me les restaurant MA YRLIE. Apostrophe S. And it weighs. It was a wonderful old restaurant from a completely different. Age of everything. The style of cooking that they did that way the place was set up. It was it was like nothing else nothing else since then neither. Of these symptoms for a the restaurant to undertake to to kind of read capitulate to what. They did over it may Elise in its in its. Payday there really was so fun place to go by although every now and then you would go they are on on a night when they work. Believe. In gear. And it could be really awful but not very often I didn't have that happen to be very much any any anybody out there at all. Somebody has ever been to me Elise in your whole life be release is long gone they could they closed in the early 1990s. I remember right so was around that. And that was that. I've I can remember it vividly. 2606368. Come on. Give me a buzz tell me where he went on. On a New Year's Eve this is something I'm always begging for because. At the very best I can go to one New Year's Eve. Celebration. I guess a year it's possible to go to to you go to one restaurant. And what they'll be serving his kind of like a normal. Menu. And then after they finish with that that means 9 o'clock or thereabouts. They they put on. A new menu usually more expensive there is. Bandit. There is I champagne pay being Castro so it's a much more expensive proposition. That second. Seating of the new year receive. In in some restaurants. But then you know that also brings in the whole matter of what what what happens when you get to the end of the meals you've thrown out of the restaurant. That's come up on the issue a few times actually that very issue. And here is David David welcome to the food show. I'm gone so well glad you called. Well I'm calling a report from western North Carolina or right now. Audio that's a beautiful area around there I've really enjoyed. I've made a trip there a couple of I know about a year ago and it was really great. Yeah you know lived just north of natural. And Shirley you're talking about. Taste or changed. And power and our club or repaired. In Normandy street had been here for years. There are. Casey here or Italy this should. Who turn round. India and not all real Korean here is. In in. In north of Carolina. And it sounds like I'd been Asheville before it's been a long time but I don't remember any of that I'm sure you're right. Yeah it's it's it's Middle Eastern Lebanese. Then interest. Kerkorian places and would switch shocked me the most crime computer. Is the barbecue which is expected to see here is certainly not. Big deal I mean it's it's. The best barbecue or where you are brought this all about. The best part that this year it was a successful barbecue here and there church social and that's the best pulled Portillo on yeah. But in the cities so it's all group folks. And two and people out here and it's also portable Pittsburgh in the church of. How interesting I mean that's I would never have guessed that is just around. Let's see is Enron Charlotte. Now we're in the hours where still. Okay and Iraq are sure occasionally but not much. And but here it is so you know I try to achieve their truck to get. Certain things you cannot get any although each packet could go. Or Louisiana Costa appeared you know closer or ten hours things. But he can't get in iTunes articles we recipes cooked. Stuff like that you know because it's stitched see him. That's acceptable like query Padilla case the most errors. That's interesting. You know. I remember when I went to Asheville that everything seemed to be very southern in American and not much of anything else and really nothing like it Portland's. Not to panic. They're trying to aspire to be in its current ambitious and try to be and they want to be and they don't really. Get that to a certain. Dog that is for sure I say I think once you leave town. Even in the Mississippi Gulf Coast in anywhere else. They they they throw food action I mean all they they they just don't have a sense for it at all. Now and in the idea that ever wonder you have four people stable. That every country gets to triple a percent aren't as would be on their ability. To do about what you yourself one comes humorous. That. Sure. Its territory and I appreciate. Obama are this is at least. You know. I just thought thank you for the report that's very interest nice here and there are from Mexico once. First let's get to struggles because of the. Well you don't haiku yeah how can you possibly. Not one that. Well what they stuck and you. Feel it by its support chip will come back in just a second here lately meat that can check in with pat here for a second hey pat. Can put you on hold for a minute won't be long a promise you. Okay great thank you hang on he'll be back and I will too after first if you will this. Hello it's the food show on one of five point three FM HD two. A pact was waiting for us and I think he still is pat welcome. Going fine welcome. Benji I. Went to idiots. Now a new unity it was all. Like thirty. And and I'm not happy about the best. All right that's delicious yeah. Oh my goodness do great and we also went about a week ago mile wide strategy out. Now. Or what do brick. The brick ovens yeah like the one here. One non. And on on winning and Williams bill funded then yeah. Really no. Well this facility and she thought. She. Yeah it is you know the people who are bill that originally. Were hooked in with. Not that closely but with. Oh gosh oh what's her name. And you always it always a family that has had restaurants around New Orleans Italian restaurants for oil like decades. And they they who have really have always done wonderful eating. I don't Internet. 2110. But yet that that's the family. And also. Cash and Richard a thinker than this lady's name she it's at this lady who has it's on. On. Saint in true then I'm not seen entry. On this I'm gonna coal total blank on this and it's one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the city somebody you weigh in on me in the second. Now what. No no no this is. This is right there in the middle of the quarter. Oh I. Know Tony is long gone. Yeah. And then then it'll come the mile is like five minutes after you hang. Out. Yeah. That's that's about how it goes. Anyway. But the those people. Over over at Fausto Fausto and his brother. And and they swapped back and forth from six month period to six month period its interest in how they do that their food's wonderful though. And then the this some family connection with a brick oven. And then the other one. Yeah I'm sure we're now also. I don't know you don't. Again. The Alabama. Haven't been there and AG's. Did struggle. It's. Pop news yet tread on. And. Oh. Yeah. Ha. In. You know we're not sure it is just. You know. Seed and yeah. Well good at so we're looking for is in it. And people happy. Now. All right what do. Thank you thanks for calling see the food show. Somebody call me and tell me the name of that restaurant police it's. On. Saint fill up that it saint Philip right off the between charters and Decatur. And it's named for a lady who's been in the business for a long long time she still and it. And it's a great place to eat and it's. Related to Faust knows and the brick up and and they have always said that kind of pretty distinctive. A style of cooking over there always liked it to 60. 6368. Call right now you get right in 260. 262. Point 2606368. There it is. I start getting confused about this time. Let up but up but up but I but where did you go over the weekend though what do you have planned for tonight to what's which have been meeting lately. Call me and tell me 2606368. All right now you get radiant. And we. We'll see what else do we have to it to share with you. Anything coming up this is going William you know I'm sure it by now that the six that is this Saturday. His king day also the feast of the epiphany. Has a few other names but it is officially and his New Orleans is concerned it's the it's the the the end. Of the Christmas season and the beginning of the carnival season and it's the night that the twelfth night revelers. Do their big ball that's. Old old old club that's been. Part of big part of Marty grove for a long long time. So that's that's all coming up pretty soon Valentine's Day in and Irene sock thank goodness somebody finally gave it to me it's Irene is cuisine. It's. In an old bay paper. Shipping. Building I know that because my father used to be the bookkeeping of this to the bookkeeper of it along time ago. So that's good that now we got it all figured out it's Irene squeezing which has always been great. But by the cup but but but but Diane. Now what do we do it's half past the hour. And we love talking about food and restaurants and everything what's what's going on over at your house. Cool and early speaking. If you. Let's say it's about eight this happened to me last night that's what's amendment it's let's say it's about 815. And you're hungry. And you could she didn't really have much of a suffer horrible lunch. You did have something in the are not gonna starve to death but. There you are. And you wonder what what can I possibly eat here in new. You look for your refrigerator you find that there are some leftovers but they're the kind of have left overs it need a certain amount of jerk and around I guess maybe is the best way to put it. And you can't quite find it what do you what do you do. What would you what would you slept together remember a time when my favorites such thing was to get an English muffin. And cut it in half across and included in the toaster until it was. Really good not then you would put. Enough butter on it that it would kind of like. Rolled onto your hand and then down your arm and and a pastor elbow and and future when the in the growing. It's no other way to put it I guess I could have thought of one but I like that one better so it sub. What do you do in a situation like that what you likely to eat like right now. Let's say you're hungry and you haven't really eaten all day and he'll take a lot of time out to eat what he's going to be eating right now. If if that your situation. 260. 6368. Call right now you get Reagan we'd love to talk with the about anything and remember always. That no matter what I bring up. As this suggestion. Of topic we could get into it and satisfying. Conversational way. Please know that I'm not stuck to any of those and if you had any idea at all but something else. Please bring it up because I'd. I'd much rather talk about what's on your mind I know it's on my mind already saw I don't need to rehash it again. Call us. Which yeah. I mean we we we have a lot of people listening to this show. We just don't have enough callers to make it really. Just think of how good it would be and you could be part of this. And eight you will be able to make claims of how you you help. One of five point three FM to really get off the ground and turned into something else to 606362606368. You know I. I do this every day I didn't look over an hour almanac our food almanac of the day. And is under no position to do it right now so. You don't need a break soon to you know that'll 2606. I could tell you buy a Holler at me all you had a holiday meal Hoya all while you guys we have to sell me all but at the same thing every year what is its effort. New Year's its course the holiday gruel. But. That's terrific along with some big dollar out of the on of dickens'. Yeah. That's it that's what we buy it. As Dickens. Anyway. It went along with of course the usual. Cabbage smoothie. The cabbage smooth Nikkei average salute you treat it like are you serious my serious. You actually have I am I serious no. And if you are serious and I'm Roebuck who's minding the store from bomb man but a bowling bank. Who's alive okay. Let's not lose our minds here okay. I think it might be able to play so. So. You make the grew ruled that one out. It actually at my house we have the most interesting crooked world you do you. An appeal one. And a well I guess that lately that believes that Nicole. Are oh yeah I I I've been wanting to bring this back up again since I mentioned it at the very beginning. Probably the last thing you need is so recipe for making red beans and rice red beans and rice are not all that hard to make. And the Arab and not a lot of ways that you could screwed up so badly that she but throw it away immediately. But because. This is the time a year when the warmth of a bowl of red beans and rice just seems very appealing at least to me. No edits of the cross my mind just now. Making a red beans soup. Is really a great idea I have always loved that it and it's. A wonder really that that hasn't taken over the whole red beans businesses making soup it. But day anyhow I have a recipe. This is the the one that I use myself on veterans say that a mine is better than yours or anything like that but if you go to no menu dot com. I have that recipe here for you wait and and it's. Is made in the way that I like beans to be which is to be still on the firm aside so that their discreet beans instead of just turning it to a much. I don't really like that do you you agree or disagree with that. Well what are a mile. Over. All the it's that if and then. The classic. Meat that is usually worked in two played a red beans and rice is smoked sausage but I think it's better. With hot sausage and to me that's the that's the peak of that dish. So. There we go ahead those two things and then I have the whole recipe for it. With two ingredients that I have never heard of before I started listening willow started doing the show. There was a guy who called me one day. This this can't have been more than about three or four months after the show went on the air back in nineteen in 1988. And he said. He asked me how much. Celery do you put in the pot with you beams I said just once stick I mean. He said next time you do it used three hold stalks its. Okay how bad could that be so. I did the next time I did it it was so much better than what I was used to getting and I am used to getting my mother's. Red beans and rice which were quick be doing good. And here was this whole thing entirely new way to do and red beans and it was great and then somebody else called me and said. You of course use the the the herb that is specifically. Raised to be really good. With. Red beans and senility talking he said it's savory. Or Summers savory as he sometimes he would. There was also such thing as winters savory you don't want that mainly because you won't be able find it but it's not even the same it's not even in the same family so forget about that you went summer savory. He can't find summer savory just gets plain old savory it's the same thing the exactly the same thing. And all that needs is about a teaspoon. In your pod and then you've got. As I mentioned before the use the shut the salary that goes in the new cup but three stakes of that. Really changes. The the taste of everything in the bowl and and you'll like red beans better than you've ever elect Emanuel. So I every every a year at the beginning of the new calendar year I always drag out these little things we found what play in Iran was red beans. But you have. Kawakami and tell me what's the what's on your mind and what you like to cook in which to which I hate to cook. Or anything in between. Bump by bump spot on a bump so. There always. A time. We tell you this whole anecdotes and sub got all kinds of time here and if the anecdote starts getting boring tell me which is you know. There always. A there was a time. When you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna put this on hold and come back to it later just occurs to me that this obese and I'm gonna get to this. At this time 2606368. Is our telephone number. If you ate out Owen. Christmas Eve or important or New Year's Eve especially New Year's Eve call me and tell me where you went how one's. This is about the only way I have of finding that information out and next year people are going to be calling. And saying we you know way to Waco for New Year's Eve. And if you or other people have called me. That'll least a few people and told me where they went and how good it was. Then we can spread that around a little bit then A make it better and B make the show better too along the way so. We always love here in that kind of stuff. And also one more thing if you think. That by calling you and you sound like a geek. Or is that DP what you have to say is too sillier to trivial. Or any of that forget about it we actually find that anybody who thinks they have it a silly question. Almost always is an effect I don't know. I wouldn't take the almost two. We we wind up. With the best duck call we have all night so I share that would switch it to 6063. Six it okay so back to my anecdote about. About what this way you'll see what it's about immediately once again we're we're back. At me Lee's a little bit or we could be. And it's a new restaurant of that age I went to. To share and I've said that two checks. Or knows I went to our nose. I remember it weighs on. Like the they'll likely that that that. It's quite the ninth of of December. And this was when this was before the present owners of our nose we there. And it was Jermaine wells who was our nose count our nose. Daughter and he she had been running it for a long time. And it'd deteriorated. Fantastically badly. And I went in there and the waiter came over and he said what which like shrimp from alive. You Trout nominee dean. Red bred boy and I said no you know what I was thinking you're getting a you have on the menu here. The rock Cornish game ten. Full on day a lot twelfth night. And he said well you know wouldn't get that FOU we don't have that really. As to go well. When do you haven't we do we really never I said no that's impossible. So few days later I came back. And there was still on the menu they had this huge menu would about 500 vicious on. And who is the rock Cornish game hen for Monday ala twelfth night there was all over again I said I want that. And they said we don't have that at all. A sit but tonight. Is. Is in fact twelfth night this is the night that they're talking about in the idea of the dish. And he said wryly greasy. Hot. Will we still don't have it. I went and got Troutman year again which was the only thing it seemed like they wanted to serve anybody. And it was miserable in terrible in the place itself was horrible in the waiters. Was shaking you know we have received that this is a cocktail glass on top Obama. Of a little plate and he's holding it one hand and it's. Good for that you can hear it coming. And it was only about a year later that our nose was purchased by or cheek as Berrian one of the great. Brilliant people in the history of New Orleans restaurant business. And he took it over and and did all the things that make or no such a great. Place to go now. But I've I'm kind of happy I had the experience of Eden in the old place at least once. Why it is here Clyde thank you very much for calling for what. Happy new year happy new year to you well you don't hear it. Ask me it is. Let the right. Box. Red beans box so I mentioned. Purveyor of the a half. Right yeah. Where it immediately. And chicken. And what can you. These two that. Are. Element in the name of the company that. Well if it were me. Then if it were me I would I would just. Splash a fairly good amount. Crystal hotspots. Yeah 'cause you know once I I I did an interview with. The guy who owns crystal. Yeah his family does anyway or he's really the boss now me. And he. Essentially it would be what do you like to see people putting crystal hot places I think. That crystal hot sauce on red beans is the best imaginable come just lower. And so I said I've never heard anybody you know it's that's almost a no brainer but I I said next time I have. Some red beans I'm going to separate them and meet some with Tabasco and some with crystal and he was right if the crystal is better and repeats. I don't have that addresses what yeah. That and that is important to. Read it right it's hard to do that in and that specific. Manufacturer's rep right yeah. You know on crop or whatever. So outside. Like achieve their crypto or via the what. All the not that much no I would guide just put the bottle on the table and let the eater splashing on there to his or her desire. 'cause it's so easy to do it's easy much easier to put too much on. Whereas if you're just adding it will abide by that time then you can get it exactly that way you want it. Well. You know you're being my day. Ready. I am yeah I'm not that big but I am yeah. How like. Well it opens you'd go. People you know where do you go for that the best red means rat in the book. The best red beans and rice into war Owens let's see. Some of these would include this who knows really the answer to that question. There is this is on the North Shore it's the a beat roast there. And Dave really. Make. Great version of red beans. The beans are still nice and firm. The sauce is wonderful they serve it with a pancake. But it's a corn pant K. So corn bread and and red beam sets and that now. Or. They absolutely going yeah yeah yeah it is now yeah. And that that's the first one accounts in my mind the second one I don't even think is around anymore is an open for dinner one know they'd be open on launch. Then I can say at the pepper mill makes great and I'd be great reviews via. Yep they do yep and then word you get your hot sausage if you didn't do it yourself. Yeah create them yourself word he gets your heart. If I can get my hands on it I like getting vote Chris on sausage which is not widely sold but it is in places like door and Jackson and places like door. Now. Via that's that that hot sausage that those guys make is superb. I really. Oh yeah. What thank you thanks for questions and answers yet to see. The food show. And up bump bump bump up I think we got somewhere that we love to hear from you but you know anything else on your mind. Can you see you know that the great thing about hot sauce. Is that you can just put like a little tiny bit of it on the little piece little tiny circles. Floating on the surface. And you take a bite. And the taste good you just keep on going and if it tastes like it's still a little too bland you can add a little bit more a few more drops. A CIO lot of recipe books. They talked about drops. Of Tabasco. Is being the measuring unit a drop Hamachi is that real. But you know it's not a whole whole law and he can always says more it's so easy. Advocates for a holiday girl. Yeah sure wind. You know at that. 2606368. The food show rules right along. This. This cold weather if it affects my appetite does it to you. I mean I don't I don't eat is my I don't want to eat as much. And even if you're in a nice warm room which we are not. That's what you know what it is this of this studio even as his as it has moved about five times over the years it's always still freezing here. I don't know why. Maybe to dulled down those hot imaginative coils in your brain maybe that it yet sure that it. Are called me would you would love to talk with you about what's what's on your eating plan. For tonight or yesterday or whenever it is that you figure on eating again. We always want to know because. Everybody is out there are also looking and we hope to find new things to try all the time. It's better than just. In the same stuff over and over again don't do that. 2606368. But it puff ball on bond bubble of what else we have coming up. All I am I didn't finish the story about the rock Cornish game and Islam bail out twelfth night over at the older. Our news. Years after. That has Barea and family took it over and redo it and made it beautiful and and and great. I was in there once. And IA this was pretty early on and I opened up the menu and I went straight. To the part of the menu where the Cornish game hen with have been. And to my great amazement. It was there. That this was a minor item on the old. Or knows menu. And yet they had bought enough of it to try to make it for one thing I don't know where they got the recipe but they. They made up of bad chip it. And they they said you know this this is not bad so they've they've put it on the menu permanently. A real over leapt from the old our nose. And then one day I went in there. On twelfth night remembering that whole Massa Cree from them very beginning of this story. And sure enough there was on the menu and I said well that's what I want and they serve it to me and it was actually quite good. Now I have more to this story. But first if you will this. Hello hello it's the food show. 105 point three FM HD. Two. Get that HD radio folks you'll really be happy you did and it's so easy to use one to get the hang of it. All you have to do is say you know like news. Radios in in cars forever. You know find the right button that puts your favorite station on that there it is it's only have to do what she got that fixed in there. And you'll love the way it sounds and you'll love the reliability. Of it then. And all that some great improvement. And it gives us a reason to live over here with the food showed 2606368. OK so. Bringing to a close the story of the rock Cornish game hand flew on bail at twelfth night over at or no respect in the late 1970s. And and it managed to. Live on to yet another generation. And the has Berrian Finley decided to put it on the menu kept on going for a long time and I thought you know what. I am going to see if I can. Start something where on twelfth night which is the sixth of January. We would go to our nose and we would have that dish along with the other stuff that seemed to have made sense. And we would put this together and it would become an annual thing. And it would he will be it would rival. The funny forty fellows that ride on the moon on the streetcar line on that night and then of course the the then. I'm drawing a blank on them to now when we were talking about him earlier to the the people who the hula have been doing them. That whole. Twelfth night via four years and years and years so. So there toys and I went there and I try to again and I told me you know this has been on the menu for a long time to really end that. The following year. Idea really made a big big push to get people to go on that night and you know what happened. You'll never believe this. Not a soul showed up except me. A it sounded good you know and and and though the restaurant that is a great idea and they it's done some special danced I'd decorations and and Cornish hens are are pretty interest. This their chickens you know then that's all there is to it that is you don't need to know any more a bottom they are chickens. And they come from. Do a couple of places in America on the East Coast. Where they raise some up and if you ever saw them you'd see a bunch of little chickens running around the nets you wouldn't get anything else out of it. Speak for they do yeah today over that that Cornish kind of you guys act that dial. And those so. The history of that in the witch and and they got behind it and they said this could be good you know something around and it just wouldn't do it ignore the problem is. The week after. New Year's. Is. Dead. Dead. Dead for big deal things in restaurants we we have tried to do eat club dinners. That week it's hopeless it's just nobody wants to do anything. Everybody still paying for mark for a Christmas Vegas. Well maybe you should do is tellem not to go there not to go now there is something debt that would yet due to please not go there no matter what you do. Not that and feel love art knows with then don't go there you go into their bar next door the and and get some oysters and and six glass of wine or something them but don't by any means go in there and sure as heck don't get that rock Cornish game and one bail at twelve tonight. By the way I never saw him one day and shot. I'm not sure if that was really don't do that by the tabled today. I did that right by the that they should because they I think they do the best. Table side kerosene on that you know. You can kerosene that's perfect do not do that ladies and gentlemen no matter what you do know. Kerosene ever to be close to food anything. You never know 2606368. Did you do to you Q2 due to. Well we're getting towards the end of the program here what do we do in a moment like this when we have nothing nothing to talk but nowhere to go. We get you to call in and tell me something that takes you may be. Twenty seconds to tell me whatever that is which have for lunch today which ship for a dinner over the weekend. You know what that nearly hell of a latent less than them and just little more than a minute. Who was set was set alive one or. No no. It had it happens every day we get to the end of the show and everybody gets tired and spindle it's been a long day. We still recovering from the. From the holidays and an innocent big carrot. And nine though it's hoped. Let up up but. But the Pope Pope but. Yeah. And that's funny he it would that that could conceivably have crossed over into something really great. Another cute little anecdote I'm just trying to fill times. I had an ice chest full of rock Cornish game hens I was gonna smoke them on my barbecue pit. And my daughter came she opened up the ice chest where all of these little pins were. And she looked inside and she looked back up at me laughing and she said. Baby Turkey's. How sweet little girl she was she still is sweet. Are gay I'm I'm done in I'm gonna go eat some dinner now hope you do so as well and have a great time doing so. It's the a food show on 105. Point three FM HD. Can our New Orleans.