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That that the this is day it's really cold out there voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food Cho here we are. Once again beginning another year. We started back in 1988. And here we are in 2018 and just roll in right along. With the food show and with U2 I hope you have a minute to call us NTELOS. What your New Year's Eve was like if you what went to a restaurant or if you went to a friends house and they were cooking something interest and our whatever it is that. Made you. Sit down and give grab a fort in. And a napkin and they enjoy yourself. Where that might have been call us and tell us about it it may seem like a strange thing to do and maybe it is but. It's what this program is entirely made of not that that's any of your business I mean if you want it to be can be. But we love hearing from you will but the respite you've been to in the dishes you found and when the British you may have cook yourself we're pretty good bit of cooking going on at our house my wife just started cooking stuff she had a bunch of Italian. Spicy Italian sausage. Which is one of her favorite things to mess around with Scioscia. Got some of that and some cheeses and kind of put together on one of baking sheet in all came out good appetizer. Really really nice pace. And then she made a batch of something that it was between a crab meat rabbit got and a crab meat. What would you call this crabmeat salad against. That was pretty good taste in a bunch of that and get either one of I didn't get enough of either one of those. And I realized today. That I since last week. Idea. Is to know just the last two days they haven't had anything he'd. Putted death happened. I believe me I didn't do it on purpose it's a food show we have our first caller of the year over here. And it's Greg the first caller of the day the week the hour. The minute. The the eternity. And well and all that welcome to our show you you are number one. I guess my nickname great McCormick first caller the other you go that the did you happen. There. A good new year he'll see what we did know we wound up. Doing meth and we were yeah we were at home and we were cleaning up the house. Oh man. And well not so sure. Andy. And we kind of hung around and we were awaiting outfit thanks for for New Year's who officially happen. With a bottle of of of champagne. Yeah I detective. With with Patrick from the bar event. He was on this last week and he brought a bottle of the same ups exact champion it was just by stupid luck had already bought it myself. Pretty nice. Well and good yeah Elena she I just saw an article that two per route and square root. Now I saw that two. You know I I wrote an article. I'm gonna say it's a maybe about. Three of four years ago now. About route and especially about. Square root. These are run by the same. Same shift. You know now it's rattling around in my head for refusing to name himself. But anyway. Terrific chef I up I thought the place itself was wonderful. It had the most un usual menu it was of a million write little appetizers have things you've never heard of before. Area and I wrote an article saying this is either going to go down as the best new restaurant of the year. Or it's going to be eight an extremely dismal failure. And I I think it was both you know it kept going back and forth people would call me up. We didn't eat club dinner there one night it was really outstanding in an unusual. Oil but for Joseph average at a 150. Dollars a plate. That didn't have a real real long shot but dubbed let's go to you know it it might be. Unusual enough that it would in fact. Become kind of a phenomenon but it didn't. When you act exactly I totally agree I wonder what their endeavors in. All of it is saying I think so armed and speak at a party in order to buy this fresh urged. Probably code for you're Nawaz and a year both ordered bet. I forget the name of it at that it was a real. Did and they use them. 000 yeah yea know what that was that was the rebirth. Of a respite that had been further up veterans highway. Near green acres road and yeah yeah and it weighs or actually it was next to the supermarket there's arouses supermarket but two blocks from there. And the I'm trying to remember his name hit he knew there was an association with mr. Ed. At first although mr. Ed sold his piece of it and it went to. To these guys what happened is that the supermarkets said we want to take over this whole mall. And and you know as that and they got you know of course so. So I'm trying to remember once again the man's name who all that I thought he did a really great job over at the inveterate truth is. And it just beautiful presentations even but his his food waste was terrific. I spoke to him up a few months ago because people were calling me asking the same question and he said. He's gonna take a break from the restaurant business for awhile and come back to it at some point maybe. He seemed to be pretty genuine and genuine about he said it's just not a good location which is absolutely true. There were yet they've had a bye do over the years 678. Restaurants in and out of there and all of them were pretty good but not many of them did any kind of business at all because it's behind a burger. One more thing last question. Have you been city's youth unity it took over as. I have not been there yet I've been to ms. Otto bunch of times and Z they're running the same menu that they do with the others as he has and I get to Zia a little more often and I'll do. I think so I want to make sure that they are selling its its the right of each restaurant and being in terms with many. Yeah it's. It's good they've got their usual specialties. I I think Zia could. Would do good in May be spreading out a little bit to tell you the truth. I get I get Indy in a pattern of eating the same things over there all the time and it's location. And the environment in there is so. Perfect for our needs that we wind up going Mir really more often again after you've been been that I ought to be put off. So well anyway. They're not going anywhere. Thank you thank you for being the first caller you'll Tia. Well now that the first Kyle collared him call white collar dumb. Has been awarded. We would we are wide open to the second in the third and all wrote all the. So those if you got a minute. What you umi call the c'mon you know this would be the the could be a thrill for me to talk to you it really would and that night kidding about that it's always something I've enjoyed. You never know who's gonna call what they're gonna say. And that's why we're here to 60. 63. 68260. Menu is another way to remember it if you need one. 2606368. And you just might because I must say that. 300 times in a day and I still forget that sometimes so. It's weird enough to 606368. Split C over the weekend over the weekend. We were involved. Just constantly with with cleaning up the house. And we were all kind of like hesitant to even go outside because it is soul cold out there and I just. I if we've ever had worse than this in mind memory. A job well I can't think of it but the only one elected because there was a quality in 1988. Going into 89. I remember we had a few snow falls then one them was really deep. And it was pretty cold but I don't think it was as cold as this we got another three days of this by the way. In case you haven't heard. Sorry to tell you that. So there's there's that going on. Is a perfect time though tool don't go to the store. Get some interesting ingredients and spend the evening or the afternoon. Cooking you know you could do we or are always talking about recipes here. And if you'd like to. Two do some cooking on your own. And you're not exactly sure of what you wanna do you if you think about you said okay I'm thinking of like a a state with some kind of brown sauce and mom. Mushrooms and side order of low wide no. How but some asparagus or broccoli. Called me up. And I'll give you some ideas on how to do that if you don't actually know how to cook any of it I can help you with that too. But the if you. YouTube you might walk away with something very interesting that you will turn into your own personal. Specialties so call us up and and and share your favorite recipes. Or your least favorite one so for whatever that's worth 260636. Let me start this off. All all I dug our producer is about to start off our power get go here that a Friday I want some soup soup. It's very very it would be very very nice old. I was soup pilot. Yeah there was no Campbell's Lil Campbell's left the Rodman was all gone. Not that nuts and I was in there but I was going to have soup so yeah I looked. Here there and got five in greetings from iPhone 5 ingredients. That you would never snarl when togetherness. OK. I had some. I had some. Some of vegetable broth and a feeling of Bynum vegetable broth as some and vegetable broth as it is it's taste like. Nothing yet media interest there is just there has some salt. I had some saw also. All. I says there's an interesting yes and I had some I had a one. One. Taco left over. All right one flat you know toggle Wachovia right so I put the guests also in with the at the aids is soup and get a little bit assault. In there two trees and hot so it takes to buck up a little bit. Really did not hit this but know. Him he needs something it needed. Something to. Put it on the tongue shall assaults which stays there for awhile so that you could taste it today and and tasted. You know that you don't live to eat fast that way you are. What does that cream does that well I didn't have a very. OK but I had some coffee Kremer. Well this and you know I've I've often thought about that what can be done with this granulated stuff. And it worked wonderfully well thought into it and it ended up a little bit. But you know the soup didn't have any bulk. At all but it wasn't it was like the first course of something instead of I'm a meal you have. When it needed was some rules will I didn't heaven angels but I did have that taco. Sort cut that taco. In strips now. And cutters against that you had a bunch of little things like you haven't Campbell's chicken soup. Stuck that in their heated up not boiling just to center. Simmer moon who you know and to. Polite. The snow hitting that's very interesting they know how much how much of this Kremer did you use our blog though I would say the six tablespoons. OK so that's pretty substantial that's about took cup and a quarter to be exact is that what that is about that yeah. Maybe maybe a little bit atlas but it isn't cup a third what what I well went went right. Did this whole thing is any big coffee cup about three cups of golf. And and two so it might put that in there so that's that that was mixing bowl. And taste good it was is seeing two men with this also. There was. A bit of nice base with the with that with the fashionable. Broth I was the tenor though I'd attend. Or you know. This. Witness is not California so we can get high are. You know but but it added the ads that little sort not really will help benefit if they win and does so the whole thing Roland that was wonderful. And I planned to do it again sometime and if I ever written order a video write it down next time yeah and and measure everything to while you do and it is and you have an accurate. Picture what shoot your risk of later going I mean you know I knew you can buy one of those just oh. 01 foot ruler mean docket that's my store yeah I know I'm sure there are thousands in the yet. In the day in this city XE US. And maybe somebody else has something they've done off the honor. Yeah well it's it's certainly possible. I like Ian you know what you you did in there that's really natural and people don't think about this too much but putting impostor in. The past of releases a fair amount of of gluten. And of the same stuff that makes pasta stand up in one piece anyway. And it'll thicken up something it it really well without hardly doing anything on your end. Well that was the idea Hartley doing anything in my head well yeah. Well thank you very much for that that's that's got all kinds of possibilities and it. Let you know you have to you have to work or what you got out that's right you gotta you gotta go for the gusto. Or some like I didn't have a beer though it via that's always the interfering issue. Well with thanks or share that with us that's quite well that's pretty good. Sounds good to me yell but OK now we've got something to do with granulated. Sweeten their nets NetSuite area it's. Coffee cream coffee Kremer yeah yeah I've I've used coffee Cree were up if you if you corporate machine you've noticed in the Britain on. Recipes for for. If they ask for. Of powdered milk. Powdered milk and I've used coffee tree where instead of Pollard milk and it worked out and that I would think so yeah as a little quite a bit richer in fact. And it's wonderful and a with a thought. Well thank you thanks four this year. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris is fun to be here with you talking about food and restaurants and cooking and wine and and all that. Our program will resume in just a moment after first if you will. And up but done done that in the DD. Hi you're listening to the food show on this chilly chilly day when I make a bullet Chile Y night. Whatever you know warms it up by I put out a recipe for red beans and rice in my newsletter today not because. Everybody doesn't know how to make red beans and rice but because I think it's a pretty good thing the eve on a cold day. At least that its made the right way abuses two ways generally speaking. From Macon red beans one of them. Is still make the sauce and the beams kind of come together in very very very thick. Concoction that you could probably eat with a fork. This may affect you certainly east should be able either with a fork as opposed to some versions of read being too unique you really need to spoon. I don't like the thick thick Wentz I am and most of the recent that is that when I was growing up my mother made it. So that the beans were kind of discrete. Individual beans in just part of the a lighter sauce and I we sought that was good nose so big fan in my mother's cooking anyway especially that. And it is sub. It's still that way so. About that for a day like today this is today for a soup that's for sure whatever you can get your hands on. And it's I've been noticing lately that soups are on the decline or at least I thought they were up until. May be about two weeks ago and then now it seems to me that it's a seasonal thing in and we're seeing more soups. In more restaurants and we had been so I guess it's might just be a function of the time of year it is. 20606368. Nothing could please me more than to talk to you about though where you've been eating lately how did you celebrate. New Year's Eve that's something I'm. Always. In interest in hearing about because. It is the busiest day of the year for the restaurant business. And people ask me about it a lot you know they called the year they won a no win is. When he when he got to do your list of New Year's Eve places. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. But we put it up there and here's here's my problem. The only. Way I can check out individual restaurants for a for New Year's Eve is actually go there. On New Year's Eve NC what goes on well obviously. You're rolling and I do that at most two places and probably not even that. The probably just be one. And that's all you'll learn and you know that's not enough to commute good database but so I ask you if you went out somewhere if you went out to a restaurant. Called me and tell me where he went and how it once they really love to know and so what everybody else out there. They might not remember it next year but I'm writing all this down and keep it until next year and then now. It's an it'll be easier to find. 260636826. So 6368. Caller right now get right in. We don't want to talk with you but that or anything else that's the way our program works if you got something on your mind about food any kind of food at all. Crackers. To stakes to bananas to. Danish is by the way did you know and I just learned this a couple of days ago. That'd Danish pastry. Which looks like kind of a whirlwind from the top and it has a little blob of some usually some kind of fruit compost in the middle. Is actually. Not from Denmark but it's from Sweden. And now that you know that and you can really waste of time. Thinking about other things. Or may be night. Here is frank. Welcome to the food show. College and go. Prepared New Year's yeah I'd love to know what happened. Traditional or. And and now what is traditional pork roast or you can set could be a Boston but that could be tenderloin neural loin. Moreover our Iraq ribs. And Boston by the way to go and it's really good. If you pin I hit the timing perfect. Refuted. Credited agencies and outside. A well bird. Back there. And up next. Much. Yeah pork in garlic go pretty low league. But I. Would Edmund. At 1. O'clock. 0:1 o'clock. It. You know. But make him brought. Peace and but that also do little. Little certain. Brokered oil up. You know argue that the current course. Or a pull them. Now I've got a lot more planet. And smashed him. It was a olive oil. See now then that sounds really good in India it almost sounds like a variation on mashed potatoes but it's not it's. Yeah but what that was good matchup but farmers and the partners on anything. A good put it on the and then and brutal quote I don't stop yet. I'm I'm telling you. I'll say this very often than not Tomo you know look this is still. Did she make it. No you made it okay so you will bragging on yourself and you expected her to say good things about you. But I OK. Mart person and you want to Mac has them. And why now. Oh yeah but I area yesterday. You might doubt outwardly. So. Wonderful I'm always I'm always happy to hear that. So how how long was it oh and and by the way where did you cook this week I don't think that came up if that that I forgot. Yeah OS it was in any other annoy them back to the barbecue Petr what. Yeah not put it the oven. About. Luke. Perfect if you have that kind of time but you'll you'll get wonderful. Things out of those Boston bites. They've reorganized. Of course and some of the were taken down that. You literally have alternative idea yeah. Yeah you've got until Saturday to do that. There. I'll love it it sounds great congratulations. See you buy food show lines Tom Fitzmorris. Little busy here for for a Tuesday here is calling in on the green phone it's. Justin or perhaps Jew stands but we'll know in a moment. Welcome. By the air component. Up and just an okay yeah. Had to quit food review update up for you are pressure on. Ever occurred on the show a couple times I don't one TV that they result who went to chop house. The chop house on magazine street yes sir yeah see what you think. Our. I think it's it's an underrated gem and in the recent that is set I don't think it was very good at the beginning. Really while I was actually wondering because of a been there before and this was about the this is the second time my dog. And really really good arm compared to use of a bit of Brandon lately and that was. Not as good shopper surprisingly I was wondering you know is it just because it's not. I it'd be you know not want the old line steak houses and that's why doesn't really get. Name wrecking. Well I I think mainly it's a couple of things first of all. There it's it's a chain out of South Carolina I think south or North Carolina. Although the guy who owns it why is a graduate of Tulane and he lived here for a quite awhile and when he got to the restaurant business it was a natural for him than maybe opened up one here. He also they do one little thing there that you it's hard enough to get any rest and to do it. But they do it without even being asked they think they steer their stakes Pittsburgh style which is to say in case you numbers. Heard this before seen it. It's a thick steak. And it goes on our real hot grill and the outside gets. Really nicely rusty without getting dried out and then it's still really nice and juicy in the middle so it also known as a black and Blue States. Four you know black in the you know really under cooking in the middle this kind of the classic way to do that. But. That the only thing that holds them back is I think their side dishes are not too good and and other than that you know I I think they're stakes are pretty terrific we've but I had a lot of good luck there. Yeah it was it was really really get I now if you say that I kind of agree with that side they're they're good. They're really good just not I mean it is as far as their product political bland yet another inspection of great I mean onion rings or are pretty standard unifil it for a new war on state characters got these sump and you know something else there you know. Probably feel very good overall sort Wanda. Now. If you know that that's that's great big Eric is we don't. Hear a lot of but that restaurant but it's in a great location they have ballet parking. Service step Israel good they have a musician playing just about every night if not every night. Gets right on its own right across the street from the bond tonne in fact the building it's in it used to be the on time. Yeah. Really really good look at him. Arm. To. Thank you very much for that I appreciated. Yeah. The rest of you sucking by the is called the the the the something house note the chop house yeah I can see it from where I'm sitting. Hi it's on magazine street first block off the pointers towards. Towards canal street again I tell you right across the street from the bond Tom. Good location. Palin when me and make sure like it's. Sure can and it ran over there. Good looking place really good. Lobster disk chorus and so wants to discuss something else it's it's some kind of biscuits really rich very good. 2606368. All the chop house on magazine. But bubble popped up but boy though those were a couple of good calls anybody got some more of them to six so. 6368260636826. So. The menu. This would be a good moment for me to. Try to turn you on. To. Having an HD radio. Either in your car. Or on you're your kitchen table at home or on your side table in your bed. Or any other place where you listened to things on the radio. And this. Is in HD radio this is the new technology for radio it's leagues. AM pitifully far behind its better than FM it's even better than listening to. CDs. It really news. But there are other advantages to it in one of them is that the signals get out a long way you know of if you've been listening of this program for a long time. When we won thirteen fifty it was really a bear to like get enough of the signal that you could hear me let's say half way across a cause. And used to drive me crazy because I am here I am doing my best. And nobody could hear well. This has fix that and you can now hero program very very well farther out than you've ever been able to do. So this a few reasons why you wanna get an HD radio with another win is that they're not very expensive. And we've got to an add on to that. Go to mobile one this is an outfit that installs. Automobile radios and such. And they will give you an HD radio for free. They will install it for free. And the only thing you might have to pay and it's not assured. Is the before it the intent though boys sometimes it there's some aspect. In your car that makes it hard to plug directly and so they'd have another little gizmo that they need to charger for it. It's only. But thirty box. And this is a radio that less sure very long time. And if you buy one for your for your countertop you won't need to even have that I mean it's Israeli role. HD radio. It is exclusively where this program is now found. HD radio. 105 point three FM HD two. We ought to give seminars and how to use. Let's see Johnny is calling us over here on the blue phone Johnny welcome. Hey ma am I doing so well happy new year do you carry. Start college CPU. Give cards to two. Walk on never know air being a pretty pretty damn good hamburger. Any any other things. He I'll I'll give you ma. The reports I've gotten from my my daughter. Who for a while lived across the street from there. Yeah and and and she's also my hamburger boss. Like my wife to him between the two of them their stick a hamburgers loves hamburgers. I'm I'm not real excited about hamburger solo would turn away from them. Anyway they certainly like those and there were four or five other things on the menu that they like to. I was unable to find anything that. And a couple of times and I was there. Two. Do it to turn me on. But the only thing I can get. Excited about frankly with the fact that Drew Brees owns a big chunk of and and you know I have a perfect record of saints a ten X. Right now that yeah. I can't do it there obviously because of that nature of the type restaurant is very easy to do it sit upstairs we can. Yeah and that's that's true. It is pretty loud but the the crowd their after. That's exactly which you have you what you put on the air for a four you know young people it's that's what they want so give it to one. Barack and you can be Pakistan again now. Abby are right at the table. Really. Yet. Blackberry did. You grow you own beer yet they accurate now what do. I know Bryant didn't it. That does sound like that kind of thing that the you do millennial would go after yeah yeah. Yeah. The wind got to meet could be you know it's and they are getting ready to open up another win. I forget where exactly it's. It's happening pretty soon I do know that. And I. You know what you know was there before by any chance. Com. They want to talk about the newest one. And yet this club. That they did it because we did area there. All Kayla wouldn't even when the one knows they could. Yeah that they want you know not sure that I'm. Europe and others. Yeah yeah it was sun. That was the old meal les restaurant. Yeah which was. Which went into business in 1876. And I had two generations. The the old man and the old old man. And nice seat there all the time when I was working for New Orleans magazine downtown I'd I'd be there like 23 a week. Now. No oil gone now everybody. Yeah. Thanks for the call Syria by anybody else remember me leaves MA YL like. That if it is the guy who ran it in the last years of its. Life which what you which went on for a long long time I've enough that I was able to make good friends some of them. They. They were from another era. Of the restaurant business. Going to wave that not just because it genuinely was an old. Restaurant but because the things that they were serving lower. Real hike from on another. Like a museum it was say it was an operating museum. They had. A special dinners they do this was an. All economy restaurant and and in a way that you don't see too much of anymore that not even to scheck's Tunisia was the other place that did this but they are about. Done with a they'll they'll still do it if you ask but anyway it it it's a terrible go to dinner table of the hostess with that means. And in its great years mail these would start you off with. Fail hard boiled egg with the rebel odds sauce on top of it. Then you would get a cup of the soup of the day whatever that wise they've made really good Gumbel they also did a good turtle soup. In fact my own turtle soup recipe is based on the airs. And let's see then that then you got a salad. And then you got to fish course of some kind that this could be like a few fried oysters. They had this thing called red fish. Red finish what they call that. It did it was a misnomer anyway but it wastes fish serve cold full laid out but served cold. With kind of a mayonnaise based saw us. And then they would bring you boiled beef brisket with a with a vegetable. On the side. And finally. Bread put it. Guess how much let's see this would have been 1974. In 1975 around that. Would you believe for all what I just told you. Six dollars and fifty cents. It would no wonder I ate there as much aside it. Feel me Elise anybody remember that it's it's fading into the distant memory. That too many people know but that went. Why they love talking about this stuff do you call us up NTELOS. Where you've been meeting. Glad bump bump and I'm not done and done sentiment. Okay have the a cute little story about me as a means. That I will present to you in a moment it's the food show. And top the Taurus it's fun to be here talking about food about restaurants about cooking. Wine and all of that. OK so here's what happened. That when my son was about two or it tops three years old. We went to the Roosevelt hotel it was a bear month at that time. And they had in what is now the fountain lounge. The head restaurant they called just simply the Sasser rec room it was zero. Most upscale restaurant and in fact I think it may be though the most showy. And and what's the word went here. And an elaborate restaurants I've I've ever been to in my life and it was just terrific. And it might a couple of friends of mine. It started. A trio. It's a trip IA. A visit every year to the Sasser wrecked because they would do it so well and it was it was a beautiful room in the service was fantastic. And one a year. Came to these these two people who are good friends of mine Oliver and Caroline. There's such good friends that they are the grey and the godfather. And godmother of or two kids. And so I'll over a weeks it's he said I'll just take Jude for a little walk. And they went up and down in the hole in the in the lobby you know what that's like at the Roosevelt hotel to stunningly beautiful and then they got on the elevator because at that age my son really like riding elevators. And they came back after you know but ten minutes of this. And on my friend Oliver leaned over to me and he said you won't believe what he just told me and I said what did he tell you and he said. If you got a three years old ladies and gentlemen. And going to miss it means. He had to be there thanks to a 6063682606368. The food show. We have if you eat club dinners coming up in the coming during the month of of January and we may have some more. Coming right after that in February. The team Mardi Gras this year I want assays. Like the fourteenth of we patch right inland son. Atlanta on Valentine's Day this year. Valentine's Day in. That was when it always is February. 14. So I don't get it on my birthday this year but them a way that one out I have to live to be 84 years old. In order for my birthday to fall on Mardi Gras which is important to me because I was born on Mardi Gras and I. But I haven't had it fall on my birthday since. Some hope in the CO one last time before I check out and before I check out would you please pay that check grace and you know by the way I'm going. No you don't know about any of this 260. 63. Six. Pop up program today. Is sponsored by we already did it did it we yet we did so I don't have to do. Let's see. We what do we have coming up peers that's worth. Oh. This is is very simple enough told you a few times already but I'm just gonna say it again until it goes away. The rev Leon is over. This is that special promotion that the French Quarter festival does brings in a lot of restaurants actually restaurants come to the people you just. Go to the restaurant and you get these wonderful dinners. With these terrific. Assembled. Very traditional. Dinners and it just just terrific go to was many of them every year is I can. But there's been a trend lately for some of the restaurants taking part in this. To actually keep that going after the rebbe and officially is over and the best of those is the pelican club that pelican club. That really has a terrific menu going forward in the next month or so we've just I don't think it even has a name other than that. A lot of it came out of there have been they reveal on menus so. Next time it if it comes up anytime soon. We have people coming in to visit or whatever it is or business deal or Sutton. Remember them days that is a real sleeper of a restaurant I just love going there. But good mate of the maples I'm sorry via the it's on BM bill street I know that some of the Caribbean bill street and exchange Alley and it's pelican that's. And it got stopped for a second. We have. Only a few seconds here before we of the news coming up then we have the second hour of our program we've had a pretty busy. First hours today so maybe we'll get lucky in love another one yeah it could happen. In a stranger things have come along. Feels like there's something else and went to bring in bring up and put in front of you so you'd know about it. And I'll be doing if I can remember what it is but that sooner or later it'll turn up might stay tuned the food show. It takes a pause. And then it's news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. And then more of us thank you.