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Wednesday, April 4th
Tom talks about Rizzuto's.

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This is the sunny voice of your local announcer. Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show here we are again. Doing something that they said could not be done program on the radio about nothing but food all the time. And keep it going for more than a couple of minutes well we have done that and with. All the effort that not just everybody who works over here does but also the people who call our show. I thank you very much for that because well we we don't have to like him milestone something today we do have one coming up. In a few months though it's you know but that. What we do here is we talk about food in any way you can imagine. And does he although I tell you that sometimes. Some of the stuff that I read. Kind of really pushes Europe credibility. Are you to the other to an extreme. And Doug gave me this our producer. And its. Excuse me. From an outfit called XE oaks AM have you any idea what that is this is something new you got off the web bright. No. And who will bonus second. Anyway they the point this is basically just to sum it up. That according to this study. A lot of people. And I'll betcha most of them on the West Coast I just have a feeling about that. They are so went to food. And so into restaurants and and all the rest of it. That even though they might have kids. Even if they're little kids they take them to dinner. And used to be I mean I certainly did my share that when our kids were little they were always with us on und whenever we went to restaurants they loved restaurants. But they they always got the same thing they were eating pasta with a butter you're basically that was it. And a couple of other little items a little salad little sandwich a little burger you know just the usual stuff. But according to this article. Again I tell you outsource I don't know exactly. There are arrests grunts. Where. That there were kids. Special menus for the kids and they are not like three dollars or something like that. They're talking about. Kids having their own seventy dollars a person prefix. There. By the way prefix in this case it's not PRE height in half by next it it's it's spelled it's the French you know way. PR IX. Second word FI exe which means fixed price that's all that beams. And up but so they have fixed the price at seventy dollars a person. Seventy dollars a person Loya. Seventy dollar hole though who even normal low like adults don't does spend that you have that much that often anyway. And so I'm looking down and then there are other examples of this. There are some. Ice television shafts now who pitch particularly to kids. I I I think that's a good idea actually I think if kids learn how to cook. They will learn many other things too so that seems all right I can put up with that. And then there's this other place. Where they could this this is truly unbelievable. There arrest grunt that is very high rated restaurant. That has a kids' menu. That includes beverage. Pairings now you know you've been to some of that says the we we have this menu that the chef puts together and then usually have wind. Who are up. Operator area retailer or sometimes wholesaler. Will come by and and led a sample of bunch of wine stay and who with the idea that the winds go with the food very well. But I just don't think of giving no winds to two kids now they don't and I don't think they are. No they're not there now no one is extensive but it's just the idea that there is sick kids. Beverage pairings so what you get is like fruit juices and have you read that type of fruit juices in it's kind kind of interesting. There is let's see. Slow plums. Posts. The humidity that's that's what you may slow gee I like my problems. Yeah but if it. And as a cocktail that you simply called the coup they number 25. And here's one that made with payers and currents. Served in the champagne glass for twelve dollars. Well again yeah predicted. Yeah well I'd imagine that's. They go exe mrs. Tia actually host yeah it does is it morning news yeah. On the web so well okay well I mean. Not that I have a real problem believing that this is going on because of polish team. Every time you say I can't imagine that something rather will happen like this it'll happen believe it I can see this happening on the extreme West Coast in the street east of yeah I think you're right. Let go right in the middle we don't go for any of that joke. No indeed it it did get it gets it back in cheese and is happy for. Yeah. Well on the other hand I must confess that I'm a little bit guilty to this and and you've probably heard me tell this story before but I always get a good laugh out of its on mentality again. This is a true story involves Mike my grandson. Jackson. Is his name. And we were all gathered together in my son's house if he lives in in Los Angeles so he's right in the middle of the dangers posed a cast. And they were just sitting around it's somebody said I won I'm hungry I want to burger and somebody says I want some spaghetti and somebody else that I want some pizza. And that this was going around the room and my grandson Jackson who. Let's say is a forceful. Young man for somebody who's who years old. And he just held his hand up and he said. Make reservation. That's my boy way. That's my why all right. Into I think all the genetics are are just right on that one. Our power number is 2606368. And in case you've never been here with us before. I welcome you number one but we talk about food in every imaginable way so if it is there is. Something you've always wondered about you know why is it that. When you go and have let's say a Manhattan cocktail. Why is it that the the cherry pits in there almost always so dark in color that it is pretty close to being black. They're pretty good I'm not complaining about them but it's just like a funny thing in it is seemed. It does seem to be very in uniform no matter where you go everybody uses that kind of cherry when they make gave. A Manhattan. Which is lately becoming one of my favorite tricks. So I don't know the answer to that but who knew we that we at least consider this stuff you know and also those the little goofy things that everybody likes. 26063. Six it is our telephone number call us and tell us or ask us anything you want about the food scene if you had a good meal somewhere lately. I do your other fellow diners. 88. A for a favor. Tell us what restaurant that was that that had that really great to salad. Or that really fine no version of baked oysters. Or shrimp from a lot Torre even if it's something that's kind of sold off the beaten track that you. You've never heard of it before. We we are looking for that. Mostly we were interested in good stuff but if you have bad stuff. Tell us about it you know but just do me one favor don't say the name of the restaurant until I ask you other than that you can say whatever you. You know within the reason of of being a nice person to 60636. It is our telephone numbers. 2606368. Last night and I wrote an extensive. Piece of work about this. It's on my website no menu dot com. And so also on the WWO website most of what I put on no menu dot com usually winds up in WW dot com assisted deal we have. But last night I've had a hunger for the last. Oh couple of months or so. We went to resume toes several times not long after it opened. I mean within like two or three months after the open. But we haven't been there a lot since it but I've been it's been on my mind because so it's quite a restaurant they they do two things in on one menu. But I think number one is they serve prime beef steaks they are not kid around about it it's dry age I think some of it is anyway. And they. To do a beautiful job of roasting them and that's that's one half of their menu the other half of their menu straight down the middle. Italian food done in the New Orleans styled moralists. The people who wanted to would very much new oil unions and they you know they know what people like round here. Seoul I've been hesitating to go to resume toes and the time lately. Mainly because my wife and my daughter. But both love the place and if I were to go there by myself as I did last night I would be incurring perhaps their wrath but I don't think so. Now this case. So a but I went over there. And they had something happen to me that this happened lately in the last year or two. Over and over and over and over again and it's a good thing in one sense in in another sense I'm not sure what to say about it. Last night. After I landed at a table and joked around with the Mitt is the waiter animator Dee and a couple of the people in the dining room. I sat down who's looking over the menu. They decided not to get a cocktail but to get a glass of of wind all month people Schiavo. Who is the one I had it always delicious it was only ten bucks for a glass and it was a generous glance at that it was a dark. The lack really nice glass of wine soda that was that was a nice touch. But. I hesitated in fact I didn't get an appetizer. Because they went through a fairly good bit of their bread they pay him make a really nice bread over there they bake it in house I'm pretty sure. I don't know of another restaurant that has anything quite like this it it's kind of dark in color of but it's soft it's not crusty on the outside if the whole thing is sort of uniformly sauce to a soft rather. And you don't get into some. Some. Extra virgin olive oil with you know whatever added if you wanna add to that. And it's assist you wind up beating a lot of it and it becomes your appetizers so we need to who needs another one especially. With my figure. So. I didn't get anything I didn't get an appetizer I didn't get a salad or. A I didn't get paid. A super either although that sounded good. And a way to straight to the country now the entree. You okay you have told you it's Italian food most of the time. And that. If it's not Italian food and it's it's going to be at stake. Pretty much that's what they do it too brilliant job opened in the no question about that. But I didn't get any of that one I got. Because my luck lately has been like I'm about to tell yeah I got a pork shop they had a twelve ounce pork shop on the menu. The they left the ball and as long as you can possibly do without really. Pushing off the side of the plate but it was about I'd say that. The of the bone in the middle of this thing was about maybe. Nine inches long. And then lead them though Bob. The part of it that is the that is the actual meat and they. Roast part of it. Was totally clean there was no Jon Cohen ended all the might have been one little nub and of kind of tough. Meet but it just. Went away quickly and in the. Ressam was tender his could be. And it was brought out sort of semi sizzling not exactly like you would get a Ruth's Chris but it was it had too little fish. Going on. And it also had a butter sauce. That had not just butter in it but a bunch of different kinds of herbs and a little bit a lemon juice in it. You know I every time I've ever remembered to put a little bit of lemon juice in a sauce that's destined. For a state Cora chop of any kind I know I try to remember to put that on their cause I think it really makes a difference it doesn't sound right I know. To put up a a lemon sauce on a state it just doesn't sound right but it is right try it next time. And I did last night it was great great great the best pork chop I think I've ever had. The boy gets and that's saints have because we have a lot of good wins around town. And that the without a doubt the best meal I've had at res photos. And that's saying something tube because struck our luck there's been very very good. And I it was a stunt taken aback at how good that's why it's. And I I have made this resolution a few times in I haven't even more convinced of it now. I'm not eating a lot of steaks anymore I have nothing against stakes but I think the pork chops are better. That they'll do what I had last night. That was absolutely. True and it beautiful. (%expletive) it look good it smelled good and tasted good. The only other thing on the table was some fettuccine Alfredo. Which is a pretty good match for something like a. And that was my dinner last night all by myself boy but what I'm glad I was there because. I I ran into a guy one of the most influential respite tourists in the city although nobody knows who years I know we use but that. Bold talk about him in a minute what will come back to do so after first if you will this. It's the food show we are waiting for our first caller today. This increased due every day in a long conversation. With one of the engineers a little while ago. And you know you might. One of myself to 26063. 682606368. Caller right now you'll get right in. And will talk about anything you want what have you ever had your life that's really good what's better than the state. He normal and that's the reason that there are so many steak house is out there. In recent years you probably can't help but have have noticed this. The most recent one was the Fleming's steakhouse and opened up the will. What about three months ago some Micah. And they made a big splash it's a beautiful restaurant this their food is good it's not the best I've ever had but it is very good. And though we have had one after another steak house continue to open. I remember we were saying this same thing back around nineteen. Aviator 89 around and who received only hit one thing's for sure and it can't possibly be another spot. For another steak house but we were wrong if we thought that because. They seem to get more and more of them all the time. But despite that I really mean it I I'm not eating a lot of steaks anymore. Of already long since cut back but I just like pork chops better they just are much better in the wanna have last night was a killer winner wonderful Fay could have been better. Let's see Gregory is over here on the greens fallen although it's kind of a bluish green and very dark and caller. Cheney had an aura or. In this little single one on a ball. Looking soreness halfway up the halfway down. Very strange. Who's. Who's been in here lately. Via. I. In eight. All all all. And I'm media study brand you know there's still business I saw us but there are blocked. About a few it's. If you. IShares doc million since I have I've of 4040. This year isn't stuff. Bet on in that regard there are and how did the read plate your area today and it's been with had been tensions. Would be spoken to Kevin and apparently prank. And all act and think more agree more on the back frank Creighton and it was you know. Both Kevin and Kevin is just that a great kick because. You mentioned. You we need to opt in in the door on school meant it you would but the way. And joke. Right that's right and Brent but it took awhile. Do they couldn't believe. How many how many hot sauce is do you have in your kitchen. I buy you twenty profit thirty like well you know you're wrong I have well over a hundred. And to my tomb the great chagrin of my wife my wife for some reason. Thinks that having all those bottles of hot sauce hanging around is somehow. A real problem but you know I guess said. Well I don't know what you need to guacamole you'd like to do with twelve pack boxes so that with a lap record at thank you want to drop heavy. All that's what that's ridiculous mic and mixing hot sauces. Or. Well what had happened was that my recipe for guacamole which I must say and this is maybe a little. Lula. Anyway I might rest before you guacamole I think he's just great in my wife. And my daughter to who are very very picky about what alma. Yeah because you know I know it's okay it's your your wife and your daughter one are important. Of course they're gonna say good things about a whole yes and brother exists. So far from true but anyhow. One day at one of the ingredients was chili peppers of various kinds and go to the store and I'd see what they had fresh chili peppers. And no way take him up but chop them up and throw him in there is part of the guacamole USB one day and I forgot to do that. Or left them in the store or something dumb like that. And when I got home by I didn't have anything to fill that gap because she definitely needs some some pepper at essence in there. So I just grabbed the bottle of Tabasco green hot sauce which is a lot less spicy than their red and the class right. It's a good product that really is but I gave it a you know good extra little shake. It was terrific I've made it with that instead of the fresh product ever since. You know what that's not a bad idea that's. A little chilly in mind you tonight. You'd a couple of drops. It may god that bet that opinion thought from the basket it's actually appropriate that it that read when. You. Red. Police. Are all I had you know. Elected to recipes. On the table where public crystals on the table. In the sense. Well it does but day you know we all have we all have an opinion about this mine yes. What's a long time ago we had though it's should remember his name while Ballmer. Bomber foods but I'm trying to remember a bomber's first name I can't think of an act. I can't remember and it. And it mr. Oh ya ya no question about that. But. I know who I was interviewing him. And I said so why you know this is your product what do you foresee its use. Is is specifically for and why what I get this instead of this and he said. Well I think if you're talking about red beans and rice. Gumbo. Any named a couple of other things. He said then. That's perfect for crystal hot sauce that's a perfect match and you wanna screw with that. And but top I use of both they're both on my kitchen top and I you're a use them all the time both of them. A pretty neat. I. A raw raw oysters on the half shell. But which ones. Go meet soon meet to one little. One little. You know. With a crystal it and you. If you go by. I'm glad we were able cover all this ground. After. A call and you know. In all else. The eight yep and now going to be very very very good yeah. Colonel are considering it's also a hundred and perjury or wrong to think that going to be. That. But on me now would be you know being on the port mapping. It's going to be really special they've yet to throw it to you that we wanted to date that the grand tasting. Why not quite yet that there should be. Stroll. Think it's I think if you have the right. I've been backing away from that recent years we want to be. Well thought well it it could use a little help. I've I've I'm sure I I'll probably stop in I think we're doing a show from there we always directly into the program for years. I am OK. And nobody's asked me yet but on the other hand no one has asked me to do. You can talk to now I mean now. Mr. and so. You can crop. And it. All right well that you thought my pleasure you would that rank in Mack avenue and it was all good. And the whole time. All good lag that's what I'm trying to do more than anything is scandal. Are right but thanks for call NC it's the food show. I'm Tom Fitzmorris. Let's see Europe program today is sponsored by Henry Harrison in on Porter and Luc is right here in fact. Porter and Luke check out their menu right off the bat and give yourself a lot of time for it because it's a very big menu. And it starts off with the very simplest kind of things like I this hot blue crab dip they make it's loaded with crabmeat. And it's kind of in the direction of doing. Boy something along the lines of vote. Cred veto gras and accept that it's just warm and you. It's of crusty knees and even together really good starters mean I have a glass of water cock kills them with that. But they of the tuna stack in this is kind of the same idea except it's mostly marinated and has to zing to it that. Really used perks appear hunger at least it does for me. We have shrimp realm a lot of done very well parmesan crusted eggplant which is irresistible. If you like. Pollinate egg plant. Our eggplant parmesan these essentially the same things. Try that I think that'll move you and there were also doing their own home it's there and I'm always on the look out for that because I do a pretty mean job of that myself at home. But does Dayne Dayne and in good about it. And then know a bunch of different salads and cold appetizers and then they have all the pour voice in which is that you could possibly want. And then where the real action news on the right hand side of this big big one page menu. You have fried chicken to have grilled gulf fish you have pecan crusted catfish which is great. Egg plant Vincent shrimp the crawfish and of butter sauce. Cowboy area by this is a monster steak you know really ready to roll. And if you gonna get anything like that that would be good cut because it's it's the kind of naturally very. Very tender. Rosemary chicken and vegetables that's a nice little dish there it's. Inexpensive at that meatballs and spaghetti. And eggplant parmesan and few of the things for the kids. And you have a menu that is just about got something for everybody that you can imagine it's Porter and Luke they are at 1517 Metairie road. But so little shopping mall that has though leaves of hamburgers. They have. Walgreens they have let's see what else. The Middle Eastern restaurant you right over there and Harry's ace hardware on who hold this in one shopping center. Send Conseco and really good grocery store. And there they are in Metairie road or open a seven days a week that Porter and loop. While a variety over there boy. 2606368. We coming to line from the great nether beyond. This is HD radio it's the next stage of radio listening. It's zones in incredibly better. Then the radio that you've been listening to in this if you've been listening to AM radio mostly. You were really you know that. Because. That that's a hundred year old technology one and we still using it well the Clinton you could almost say the same thing about FM these it was the states. But if you ever decide to make the plunge it's not gonna cost you a lot of money and for goodness sake most people I've talked to who had to pay anything at all for it. For their car. Told me that it was thirty dollars or less this is for caught for a a radio that last to a long long time and the sound of this soak it. And that's where radio is going and other important thing to know about it is that as you know if you sign up. Two was to get some sort of music services something on the web that's all wonderful I mean a couple of them myself. But it's radio as you know if like what you're listening to right now. Is. On. A free. Is this does no charge to listen to this show you you by Europe to radio do you mind I didn't have to pay for that because. If you talk to the guys over at mobile one. They actually have some HD radios. I think they still have some don't hold me to that because we've been going giving them away for awhile now but. And at some point they're gonna run out but. When you get that done you will see a huge improvement in your radio listening in you'll like it a lot better in a bunch of ways. HD radio that's us rate over here 2606368. Quarter to four. Physical always go for dinner tonight he needs some ideas. Too obvious to me about something that you really love to eat. Which almost never heeded anymore because. Nobody. Is cooking that dish whatever it is. I I keep running into that. Although none is not as bad as it used to be. Yeah that was a time. When all of those baked wasted issues that we love so much I mean they're if you go to places like our nose in restaurant. Or. Off our nose in. Gala Taurus Antawn and certainly in you know about a half dozen others. You have all these wonderful baked wasted dishes with the sauce very complex sitting on top of the shell it goes into the oven and comes out. Steaming and sometimes even bubbling I I think that's really create food that's something that we do better than anybody in the world. And I love getting it and it is. Ashamed when I go on to some restaurants and they don't have anything along those lines but I guess this particular reason why they should. But I wish IE I give an extra little boost to and resentment that that does those kind of oyster dishes these days and I remembered it was back in the 1970s do when all of a sudden a lot of restaurants that we're gonna make these anymore that too much work. Ball boy Roy that's. That's where. That's where the end is located right down there to 60. 2606368. But be my friend. Call me on the air right now. If you have nothing to say you'll find out very quickly that you do have something this say. And it if it's something as simple as my favorite food is fill in the blank I'd love to hear that. And he can you just knowing that tells us a lot about what people eating these days and no where's it going in the future. I'm I'm in Sri didn't lately I've been I've given a number of interviews to. Writers and broadcasters around the country. Who wonder why it seems at them the restaurant business. Is changing the why I think the reason is is that. It's being run more and more by young people who are in their twenties mid to late twenties. And their taste in dining is really really different from the one that as a baby boomer I still have. I'm not saying they're wrong and I'm right or anything like that or even the reverse. But I think we've lost some there NA and if it's I I detect a certain amount of enthusiasm. That is. Lacking lately but people going out to eat it used to be that you would you would you couldn't wait until you got there. And then did have a glass of wine and then you have an appetizer that was so much fun and now everybody's just like. No one we just kept Pete's. Let's see there's somebody we hear on the green phone and I think let's find out it's Greg another important to. Calls for the whole show so far both named Greg. Eight are higher welcome to our show. Thank you calling it sort of onto it. Asian but not me believe that the yeah. In the city and refused. Bill I've. I'd been there it's a Vietnamese restaurant hence the name that's that's where the name comes from. And the the and when they open that place their idea wise. That they wanted to keep the Vietnamese. Cut cooking trans cooking. Flavors. And in your audience they wanted to to keep that going. Nice and strong but they also. Are from the generation. After the original. Influx of Vietnamese people back in the 1970s. When they came over in very large numbers from Vietnam that everything going on over there. So. But is it and they they served it and it was great everybody loves good Vietnamese food but these the guys that own that they say okay. We've been making this stuff. For a long time now and now we won't we wanna do Vietnamese restaurant that really does taste like Vietnamese food. But it's different in new and full of surprises. Air that's basically what they're doing in that harassment I think it's real good I took it well worth your time. It. By. 00. As far as I know I haven't been over there lately I must say. But I'm pretty sure they're still there at the hotel restaurants. Go down very hard to you've buried with great difficult. Yep right on the ground floor it's a great looking place it's the former a show room of all of books furniture company that used to be the where everybody in New Orleans went to get furniture was that you that day like five block radius right around there. Error. Occurred I don't open a few years have always are looking quite never. You had a chance to get a. It's good it's mostly Italian really. Which you YouTube which doesn't you don't really notice that until you you're looking over the menu but that we like it blew we'd like a pretty well. One more question sure wind up. I did anything happen. Just read our. You know he elected they popped it's their ship it may be real time. I I haven't heard anything but I I think I heard like a war rumors about it that somebody had moved in there. And was doing something but I can't remember what exactly. It was. The the the saga of of the previous owner is just in the nobody's gonna ever catch up with what he used to do he he he was a terrific respiratory. There are I don't think I'm without any of the rest are coming of Jimmy Ellis or the war. You know moderated. Underrated crash location on the other irked that all leaves it terrible case. Yeah and it and it. Ways. Also they hit it date where it's at hamstrung by the fact that they had. A really tiny kitchen at least it would absurdly. Small. I and that and then alone in the you know keep you from doing anything. Well. Thank you and I stalking you it's the food show we will come back in just moment it after firstly since I think. Hello hello hello it's the food show. This is Tom the Taurus it's fun to be here we are you talking every day about food. And restaurants and cooking and wine and you know the whole range of all of it. Let's take a look at our food almanac for today's he does anything interest in in here for a change. Today in a long this is a pretty big thing. Today in 1812. The territory of Orleans was admitted to the union and became the state of Louisiana. OK we were at a territory when time. And it it looked just like the state of Louisiana Dallas of this method matchup but happy birthday to. To Louisiana today's the birthday of Louisiana. We have passed up. It was at 330 years from north or 300 years or are always this year. And it's it's this year you have to try. The event that gave the Napoleon hosts its name occurred. It was so. You probably heard about this before but Napoleon Bonaparte. Abdicated its emperor of France and he was exiled to the island of old boss. Nicholas joy ride. Gerard is really is name but Jerod. He has to a couple of streets named for him. He was the former mayor of New Orleans. Effect I think he was the very first mayor of New Orleans. And he offered Napoleon an apartment in his building on the corner of Saint Louis and charter is that it was and is. The Napoleon house one of the city's most famous watering holes that's for sure. You would you believe that that may be new this already but. That is that restaurant. The Napoleon house is in the Ralph Brandon. Collection of restaurants he has eight I think now. And the man who owned it this is less than was in the style though interestingly. He actually approach Ralph Brennan said listen I've I'd like to get out of business and retire. But I only want somebody who really knows what he's doing to take it over. And Ralph said I'll do it and a mystery of the stylus that wonderful and they admitted deal. And ever since every time I see Ralph Brennan. I ask of cellphone things going over at the Napoleon house he always tells me it's my favorite restaurant to deal with because. We don't do anything different there where you were keeping at the same as it always wise because that's what everybody wants. Oh boy I've many a time spent. Hours on end at the Napoleon house and in all those years I only had. One of him scoff if you if you go to the Napoleon how you're supposed that's the drink you're supposed to have a Kim's cup. I've had won the Kim's cup. And it was enough to tell me that that ate my drink it's just nothing to it I mean just nothing in any interest to you know to me. I know a lot of people level. But big tradition and you can't shoot down traditions so right away and he'll. Let's Segal you one more little odd ball item here in 1881. There was a centrifugal. Separate here if this is the gizmo. That was being patented. By a guy named Edwin. It also would sell a separate mud from water or use our GOP didn't get it confused much. A derivative of this ideas found in many homes it's called the juice extractor it's the same idea. And also in this state in 1828. In the Netherlands. Past Boris Von wooden. Pat did a chocolate powder that could be stirred into milk. Was this the forum runner of quick isn't funny it quick or drink or get you drink it right. Pleased to love it when I always a kid. Because. We had Nestle's quick actually my mother used to just use. But Hershey syrup right can. Who knows which one of those is better right seemed like the quick better but my mother. Really really love that stuff. And she. Was always. Serving it to his whenever she made grits my mother made wonderful grits. And but the only way I could tolerate grits is if they came to the table with a glass of ice cold chocolate milk. On the side. So I would burn my esophagus. State too and we have more of the food show coming after the news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.