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Tuesday, November 7th

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105 point three FM HD two. This is time the Taurus with the second course of the food show it's a program. About eating drinking and restaurants cooking and wine and all the rest of it. Anything that's delicious is good enough for me what's your favorite. Water how do you work if you were asked what kind of water do you want what he would please say. 260. 6368. Or anything else on your mind is always good to police that take my word and listen to my word again. If you have something you wanna talk about and we're talking about something also on the show. Forget or even there let's go to your topic I'm always says that usually is the best way to go anyway. So I don't worry about it breaking them. The Mel. What's the word I'm looking for here in the momentum momentum or check my iPhone is my pockets. Steve is over here on the blue phone. For residential and cave without hardship Andre it was in the mile and very. Oh warrior yeah I know he's he's got that kind of appeal. I'm Blake you. Let it nova all of my favorite water fire water. Fire water rule that's good. Well which kind of fire water is your favorite. Birdman. But you know now be in legal. It's nothing and okay. I'd drink sparkling water or really do like you know soda water. Yeah me too and drinks. But you know break in the kind of funny because I had a brilliant field of the little over twenty years and I just bombing in field there Monday. And I must would know it probably zero plug it took it to debris and. But I'm not so convinced that I can taste the difference. Well I can believe that. Yes you know lack of you know they did you know the age with it when you. Would divide and to tell you you know between that I've tested two different ones and hero is better. Willie Lehman clearly home loans that if you put on which with a poor little puppy in the background. And it it. No oh always that it is that that that that's all that was okay is he sounded like he was in great remorse there should Watson at Wrigley. My. Greek Greek. And it's a Golden Retriever I think right at it and now. I love I'll get back to back. Work they way they held home. And when that might be a decent question do you get and did at. I didn't see this question and I think if the wedeman in four you know the water if you water filter what can be. You know and you can do people when they say it would you know well what do you look at one. If you ask for a period weren't allowed about it when you look. At it and. And and it would be richly deserve to. But but if I were to do that and then they pulled a fast one on me like that to make be feel stupid I would to stay at it'll. I'd still be laughing in the and so this money it was worth every nickel. Anything that'll get me a laugh I'm telling you that's I agree my whole quest in life is to get. I totally agree that moment of it. In you know and I am depended on what. Net cheap either of you here crying now all know again that this blow rotten thing. Well and I. You know I I I had over the years who I had to. A Golden Retriever is and one of them it's this is with I always thought him a masterpiece in the art of naming. That the dog's name was in the wants it done yo mes on tour. All the more and she was it she you know was she she was. That that name was the name of addition and ones you're no longer no longer there. Who was that Daniel meaning little garlic. No no no it's not made with dog you can. We saw. So it was it was. Who wants it done you this is like a little nugget kind of like a fully of vote rack of lamb. And it was a Sanyo and then mace on door it was the name of the restaurant to the translates as hosts. Gold. Ten and that was the dog's name it did she was that makes sense. You know great. The minute I love name it and you know all of my dad's been named after song. Oh yeah. We did beat up pollution bought which in the Cyndi Lauper song. Sham eliminating don't. About cool water by the sound of the. No news that we. And Gregory yeah yeah and DGE. And Asia. Almost so you'll like all of this creel and stuff or don't but certainly. Well it sure makes perfect sense to me. And the next dog went by the name is going to be. It is an underdog a Golden Retriever that dominant such dedicate. Cuckoo you. Could look at. I love it that's good steak and I well what would thank you is always worry arson deleting comment. See you later it's the food Schoen Tom that's Morris. L Etsy Michael's 75 was stuck here for a while and now I have to wait but you know they are Michael. Arab bedouins in the ought to oppose. Any. That's about right okay. Way out. Hunt. Did you leave your own zone act opera I bet. He is gone. Anywhere I want to get an awful I have what this bill late. Delicious but it is not don't narrow and it and in the church to haul. Concrete here a good bye bye to make it don't. Want to currency your opponent Barbara. It was bad. On what we're talking about here is I. Is it rice dish with squid ink. And correct. You know and anyways prob it would restore to be a department but he left. I don't like rob you don't get dark and you will be in serious trouble as your one out to you again. The yen at. He is gonna get you want to do. Is little cushion. Against that he writes what. Would you like to. Do a lot. Mom they got right by me. But I'm glad we I'm glad that it didn't leave any permanent scars that sets that's the main thing we know. Right so. The I have Yemen had been eagle talon. Which but at that level Tokyo spectacular. Thought no but I could easily believe that it would be good because -- that place puts a pretty good food to begin with than being based seemed to be unafraid of doing too thanks. Yeah at one of my top ten. Along with via salt you know Arabic Arab. Yeah yeah in touting that for awhile. Yeah everybody. Ago. At bat a little shock. At the other great pleasure and you need to call there. He they have a lot of good stuff they're the good that this is the oh gosh what's their name of the little Chinatown. Up and our lives just an incredible variety of dishes they are a lot of which you have never had in your life nothing won't nothing really really weird but does some very unusual tastes. Exactly. Mocked on street are packaging it. Adding he says chat app knows its place. I don't hear about like you. I'm not a bad deal. The only problem that you. Ask certain days and yeah. The pollution well and who knows. Yeah going at them tidbits of. Well that's thank you for both the bits and the kids whose you know article. It. It is the show and thank you Michael and Mary goes and Tom that's Morrison's we'd love to talk with you food about restaurants but cooking and wine. Floats the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you talking about eating drinking restaurants cooking wine and all the rest of those pleasures that we. A solo overrun wallets to 60636. It is our telephone number call right now you get right in we'd love to hear from you vote wherever it is you have been meeting there. Or where you wish you hadn't if that comes up ever 2606368. You do 220 and our ridiculous question of the day is. What kind of water do you you know you you get asked this every time you go to a restaurant. And the choices are sparkling water in a bottle no doubt. I'm not so sparkling water which is also in a bottle but you know and then you have filed. Display no water from under the tap. And every now and then I'll see an article about the U doom the quality of water in different cities around the country. It's it's funny it's not what you would guess for example. Though the water that they drink in New York City is some of the best water around anywhere it's just stay terrific. On thing because it comes down. These underground passage ways of solid rock deep underneath him. Comes through cold the only problem they have with a sometimes is that they can't shut it down as. It's they forgot where the where the pull away who the unity of the who's the little a check mark that you need to put on that to say that this is really what you wanted. The I don't know what that means 260636. All right now you get rated we have bunch of good guests coming on the program. Excuse me in the rest of the week. We responsive Kevin Dunn today from whole Lotta Nolan that's a very interesting place they. They too tortillas. New Orleans style but we. We had a little issue here today that prevented me from being here at the right time tomorrow though we have a guy of who is. On one of the best chefs around I think. And I've known him for a long long time. And he doesn't get a lot of press and I think the reason for that is that he doesn't really won a lot of press at the keep he plays it pretty low but Tommy di Geovany. Is the executive chef of Argo is in the French Quarter and he has done that for. Gosh I don't know how long it's at least twenty years and I think it's more than that so he's cut one jet but he. And as foods terrific too which is being part of it then on the nineteenth I'm sorry on the ninth. We will be visited by EO Robert liable. Who's with the New Orleans opera and we have now on created a tradition over here. Talking with him every time there's a new opera. And there's a lot of new stuff coming up in the so it would curious again and then finally on the the tenth. That would be the end of the week the end of the week. We will have Joey LaBella from a dollars and I'll tell you what that is when we get to. But we want to hear from you right now about anything well I'm not joking about that 2606368. 2606368. Call right now you'll get right in. And hope you hope you enjoy our programs such as it is so anything on your mind but the holidays coming up. I have today more than any other day so far a receives saw a lot. Of notes from people who want a no win are we going to have the what are we gonna have the the lists of all of the restaurants that are gonna be open for Thanksgiving Day. That's quite an undertaking more than you might imagine because since it changes from from year to year and I never know until the last minute sometimes restaurants don't decide what they're gonna do until. Towards the end but I should have that for you. Within the next day year to some of it anyway. And have been digging around in just the finding out we have a lot of restaurants open on Thanksgiving. And a lot of people go to restaurants these daisies. It used to be thought of that the only person who you would see in restaurants. But B you know loaner rule you know guys who don't have anybody Nolan. Fill in the blanks. That's not true anymore it just but everybody goes to eat. You know well a lot of people not I don't know but everybody put the to enjoyed. Thanksgiving Day are you one of them and if so where do you go do you go to the same place every year. You know what you might be. Upset about last few years. All the buffets. Disappeared. The only one I know for sure of is the crystal room at the root. Hotel. With the home what's there and Mitzi all the DeSoto hotel. It's on the corner of Voyager is and borrowed streets. And they. Have that that crystal ball crystal restaurant. And they've always done done a buffet in there especially on the holidays but all mostly Owens who not the the hotels. Not really. The a bomb on the young royal said that's the hotel. They've been doing it for a while and so it's kind of hard for them pull away from a cut that think that spotted though is that not very many buffets anymore. And you know when I say about that I say good riddance I never thought both days were good like the. So for what that's worth do you. I offer you the opportunity give us a call. Not much of an opportunity but that we'd love to hear from you but that we've been eating our program today is sponsored by torture and Luke. Which haven't for dinner tonight Porter and Luke. Know that it's getting darker. Earlier or whatever the heck it is that it's doing now that we're past. The the time of daylight saving time. People. It hardly know what to do with themselves sometimes it's it's so dark so early the restaurant's really love it though you know. Let restaurants don't like it when it goes to the early sunset because nobody wants to go out until after. After the the lights have gone blow. What was I trouble and we I was I had a target in mind with all of that but I feel one way. Let's see what else do we have here you know I do not believe we have made any use today out of our food almanac of the day. So receiver and pull it up front immune and we can. Maybe it's somewhere with this. The culinary the sorry the food almanac of the day he says. That today. He is national bittersweet chocolate with on Wednesday. Yet that all those elements that participated this. So national well who knows but that bittersweet chocolate that's what my wife likes where commons that she likes that too. My wife is tuned in to that in fact a all of that is terrific. Today is also. Then on. National. International infect bare knee solace. From my money Pyrenees sauce is the best safer we saw us in the world. And about the only thing comes closer to it although it's nothing like it is morally from. From Mexico that's that's way up there but. Bear in a sauce you want to know how to make Verdi's sauce. But ask me and I will tell you right I make it fairly often it's not that hard really is just couple little technique she needs. 2606368. All right let's let's talk to who was here Johnny Johnny welcome to the future. Eight McCoy. Doing great you bet. Eat up you know quarter. All urgency we talk about. Oh did you get used to and I'm just now you know real while yeah it's only. Up first going Naia. Like that orbit the at which Allah excellent. You know water Prada I mean. Well Etsy they do a lot of really good fish with some interest in sausage Italy cream sauces with crawfish and mushrooms that kind of thing to get in the battle ought. But they also do pretty straightforward fried or broiled or grilled seafood that's not bad if kind of famous for their off fried chicken believe it or not. That's that's a big thing. Well an eagle all the way down to where they start all the way up to. Or voice of just you know all the usual kind sits on a new and does so it's got him got a neighborhood quality to it. Wouldn't end debate it. It's not like we're pretty big men you know you know like the choices no please. And you'll like it tellem I said hello get there early and I have a good. Have a good deal with the era. With they're happy I'll. The current follow where report right now yeah pleased to see why. 260636. So anyway. Pyrenees so laws. Never understood you know where's it come from problem obviously the placement pews French town called Bayer nine held on it but have never been there ever heard it. Here's how you make. First you make holidays Holland based sauce is considered to be one of the mothers sauces of cooking. And Oden that's what you start with you make of the on holidays. And then you. Swirl into it. The the following things. Paragon. Sure bull. Partially. Those of the main ones. And you you cook though is. Down and if you're starting off with dry. Herbs which is okay it would be better to use fresh herbs but if that's all you guys. Are you chop it up and you put in in a small saucepan and you had some some wind like let's say about a fourth of a couple of line. Very low in terms of heat and you just star at every now and then until the herbs have soaked up all of the wind and what's left of the is this kind of like they are or on its way to evaporate. And you start that into the holidays sauce and basically that's you've got it you'd didn't and then you can put it on your state. You put it on let's see what else is Pyrenees so it's really good with. A lot of lot of delicious things on how we saw at that sentiment in and Pyrenees went very well together. This blog on the wind and it's just eludes me at the moment steak is probably the best. And then I'll pick one and a minute what do you like to do it Pyrenees so sending any parenting saws lovers out there. When those two we have we are an hour or food almanac here. And the next thing we learned. Is that pop in fresh remember pop and fresh little animal that kind of guy. I hope what was the moment I couldn't quite tell. The Pillsbury Doughboy maybe you remember that he was born today. And in 1965. And he is still alive despite the obituary that you may have seen about a hundred times. On the Internet if you haven't heard. Disco dig around for it's easy enough the fine it's very funny. Military Christopher Columbus return to Spain today in 1504 that was the end of his fourth and final. Voyage to America when a different team need. Not all of that good either. In in the new world. 2606368. Or we need somebody to talk to some medical we've got a twenty minutes here and we'd love to have. Bring up whatever is on your mind whatever you've been cooking lately. 260636. Or what's your favorite kind of of of water. You like it water is on my mind because for the last three days. My house was essentially without water. Which is one of those moments. When that happens to you. And you realize. Just. How critical certain things are to your normal life. And if you're missing some of them. It's like you're lost I mean just what does this this particularly was terrible it had been you know really awful mental spot. Well if you could go for a trodden and it. You can call anything about me essential. Anyway. What's your favorite water on the until 260636. That it too cute and. And so you have been experiencing a nice and dry water. But drywall and yet that's that that one of the best. Well I was looking up -- Yeah yeah oh and there you have nothing to do with bear which is swell of course. Falcon just like holidays has nothing to do with Holland Holland that's right and done it's it's totally French. And by. A chef. An 1836 was the first it was all right the Manila. And I did know that what eighteen want. 36. Is that all the plug on its it was a it was invented by the same guy who. Who invented puffed potatoes. All. Let's see and know that guy. His name wise. Color and out shot Colorado right he was he was the chef for the goose Louis the fourteenth. And Louis the fourteenth favorite. Food was French Fries basically. And so. Colin that was there and he was about to you know make a batch of French Fries but then. Of the train so all by the weight of the the king was on inaugural trip on a train. And he would never ridden the train before but this is according to say the article here it was so it was intended for. The opening of look how real or only the fourth. There you go. Oh Henry the fourth. All the may be so. Where now we're totally lost yet where. I've never got that with those could be if they don't you didn't put up baseball cards I was never into. You know that's kind of a shame to what you believe though that someone actually did do what it amounted to our packs of shafts instead of ball players. He was a guy who was so arrest went right or around here I don't know where he is these days he was in Houston I think for quite awhile. And he would he would come back and gone back from New Orleans a few times. Haven't haven't heard about him lately it really was this what's gore made bubble gum. Unknown lately I don't think you got bubble gum with that you just got. You get the photographs of of chefs and restaurateurs. It was it was actually pretty impressive and opponents a good idea. Could you give them an eight licks them and get it taste issue quits. Brian and that that would that would be a great idea though of what it smelled like a scratch and sniff for something. Yeah. Ha. Everytime I hear that expression and the whole joke pops into my mind and it's one you'll never hear on its. And no one of the eclipse tonight. 2606368. Millennia of sponsors like ignore it we don't know I think it may have done well. We're good. 260636. It is or telephone number. On Emeril is doing a 150 dollar truffle dinner. Not on Thanksgiving he's closed on Thanksgiving but in the days right before Thanksgiving he's doing his dinner. With truffles and if you ever wondered. What do truffles all about it or the as good as everybody says they are they could they possibly be worth this much money is they. As is charged for truffles the answer is who the heck knows I remember. Years ago I was attending a private. Will agree mini society. That invited me to go to one of their dinners. And I AM. And I was very flattered to be there but they said you know we censored not a member. You have to eat in the kitchen. With a blown up. So I had actually the best evening of everybody else in terms of the interest level of everything because it was his very interest quite in the evening. And it was a just of a great time. That we had and and what what was I talking about there there was that it was it was headed somewhere that. Okay well I went whenever it comes back it'll come back. Emeril oh yeah admirals that area so I'm I'm back there it was that this dinner was in the in a brand in the old residence of royal street not the one that is there now what difference would it make anyway the chef said. And them back here eating the food is it's coming up the grill so really I was getting the best food of any. And including all the gourmets out there in the dining. And the chef said. I feel like truffles and I said you know I can't tell you I know much about and he said. Well try one and he hands me a whole truffles. Which was about though who and incher cross Christmas the year black. And I look at it and he said just pop it in about Hewitt. And I did. And I chewed up and basis okay. What does it taste like T. And they said. I know this is gonna make me sound stupid. But to tell you the truth I didn't get much of a flavor rather than at all. And he said exactly. The only reason it's here. Is that these grooming societies. That it's got to be there in order to be real grenade. And that's stuck in my mind ever since. And the only time it's ever been shoved out of my mind. Was. Oh win for a a a few years we started getting white truffles from split up from a Italy from northern Italy. And white truffles. Truly and really. Have something. Major League going on in terms of flavor in terms of Roma. And most. Of the things that have been read. Or written. About. Truffles white truffles. On hand as almost a sexy connotation to it and again it's one of those things that they anticipate that felony here but ask me. If you're receiving tell me what that flavor and Roma the news. From. From white truffles and I will tell. And then this it has since been. Agreed with by a whole bunch of other ships and that should it through its own you know and that's that's money at all right. 2606368. Or edible dictionary today it is four dish called pilot yeah he you know PH GO YA. He. FIAEMO. Literally means. Straw and hay. Day. Literally almost I mean. I hear bits which again. On what you do here is you have white noodles and green noodles and you toss them together with the sauce. In this news straw and hay it's usually made on the spicy side. I don't know why that would be every version of would've ever had was kind of spicy. And also it's usually it's an action somewhere and and then you also will find. For sure NATO and ribbons of before morsels of Italian sausage and this and 2606368. Kelly talked about trouble as we struggle throughout the Savoy truffle that what is you know what does it trifle. A trifle. Can be almost anything. A truffle is something very distinctive or actually it's two very distinctive things one of what is. This mushroom. Thing it's gonna the meeting. Organ of the of the truffle they have dogs and hogs that brain volumes right that's right tea they prefer using the dogs because the hogs. Will smell them so intensely. That they are down there they've dug them up and they've eaten them before the the guy hunting them down. Had a chance that he could stop. Pigs aren't just. Mad about. About. Truffles that we know that pigs will be picked. It picks will be pace on the other hand you have a pastry sort of truffles that amounts to a thick moos. And then it's dusted with powdered sugar this some built in it too. And it's very elegant and very intensely chocolate but it has nothing in common with the real truffles. Other than the fact that they are about the same color and size so this is trifle say it's a trifle is something else Detroit police again I tell you almost anything. He could be a little pastry with. With some custard in Norris and chocolate can be you know so it is really massive food is that correct. It's a class of recipes and problem yeah. I'm a bit more about it since I've been doing here you know wanna try that Stuart Stuart K coming up. It's the whales who have to to bring them here or yeah on. However gourmet gets a tier of the day I guess teary knows a book that two lists only places. Likened likened encyclopedia but places. Okay today's it's chilly creek. It flows through the oak woods 3 miles in south central Oklahoma. But two thirds of the distance from Dallas Oklahoma City creek is a tributary of the buck Horne creek boy that sounds like cowboys and Indians that. It widens into the wake of the art buckles now one a place to live that must be late of the armed locals image. A reservoir that was built it and 1960s now although there all the all the burning stuff just will not knowing. Let's cedar creek is. It's loaded with fish sack away secondly live there large amount deaths bath. Otherwise it's a recreational area and that it is. There's a restaurant there called lick casual. Or application six miles north of Chile creek. Which is our place of the food places although its food show on pump that Morris they call me would you. Would want to talk review but whatever you have lately that was really really good whose Elena go get some of myself and I did you know. I got today earlier xmas tree right before the year ago at. The menu for Thanksgiving and the pelican club. Which I think that's for private events not private but the big events on the calendar. The ruby on. Cool in the area and all that and and then all the qualities they do really great special menus and the crisis. On our beach it's almost amazing they've won they are doing. Off for Thanksgiving. And make sure I have this right. But I think it you know 58 dollars. I start off with a choice of force hoops if turtles who trip that smoked duck gumbo. If a cream of oyster and Miller times they have a carrot ginger lines so they can go for the the you have a choice of appetizers. As cargo. Pelican club picked oysters which are just rate. He beat fifty news scallop stuff artichokes to beautiful dish it's nice. Scallops from. The best place to get scalps there. Canada. Seafood martini rabbit dot. Classic Jumbo lump crabmeat which will be shrimp and that wonderful mayonnaise base. Goat cheese salad mushroom ravioli. With the shrimp in Italian sausage. And wedge salad bowl of that stuff but enough to make in the eyes would mention roasted garlic cauliflower. Few of the things on Trace listen this disease. This is the one that got my attention. Slow roasted Turkey rule line. A rule lie that is could be just what any kind of food. But it winds up being rolled up one way or another that you cut across it in two slices him and you and you service. And that is one of the items on the Emanuel would slow roasted Turkey Rula mushroom gravy sausage dressing. All made orange cranberry relish. Berg and pick on sweet potatoes and are eco bear little green green beans. That sounds pretty good to me about trying to figure out how they get a rule line that Turkey that I want us. Also are doing half of adopt with Rahman's a couple of things. Roasted acorn squash they have quite a few items that are vegetarians. Let's see upon a gulf fish with blue crab meat whole flounder. Always that good that's that's stationed there house. A filet mignon rack of lamb. And the choice of a bunch of dessert for 58 dollars. That is of stealing up to Texans to tip is included I'm sure. But that's over at the pelican club which I think. You know I don't know little rest and that's a lot more generous than they or was everything but they do the best special menus. And just came in the mail today so that million. 26063. 68260. It's 6360. Call right now it rated. Odd to have I don't have Phnom we're done with all the hard work for today. Is so it could be called. Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute I was. Insisted that we had a we had a visit today from a priest. On our show. He had attended an. Kind of a failure but for reasons that aren't quite as ignominious does this makes itself. But anyway. He and I got to talking I didn't know he was a priest and he wasn't a priest until later he'd he'd pitted after he had kids. And wave very nice man and we had a thanks conversation over that that's what you meet at the club when he gonna do an elite club Tom that's a good question I've got to find out the date. For our annual. Easter. Christmas tonight's what it actually. Easter I said Easter I really did. Imus that looking at some funny. Anyway yes so Christmas sorry about it Christmas. That's we we do that every year. We were up to I think five years we've been doing that at Brennan's since the change of Brennan's and we had been doing in about 1520 years before that stoop so. I all have that the item menu for that up pretty soon see you might wanna join us that's them the best he club thing we do all of all time. Well I've run out of gas and of obviously run on the brains to have we will come back and attempt this tomorrow. Here on the food show on one of five point three FM. HD two. Have a good dinner tonight. Good night.