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Tuesday, November 7th

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This is the watery voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show. That simple concept I think of already explained it almost to its maximum. We talk about food we talk about eating and drinking and making cocktails and buying food in the store growing yourself where you get it wherever you eat it. Doesn't matter to us we're just interested in your. I'm thinking about the current. Food scene around a while and it's always great to talk about that I never get tired of the I better not because. We're coming up on thirty years with this program. And I'm not bragging on myself at all I admit BM bragging on our city a lot because there are very few cities that have even one. Hour a week of program. A boat. The food that they eat in the restaurants they go to and you know the gardening and all the rest of it. Here in New Orleans we have one every single day seven days a week. And a lot of those days or two and three. Hours long if it's the little one way and we have been doing it in this little program. For all that time we would love to hear from you no matter what it is on your mind. If you have said to yourself whom I wasn't expecting that the pace like or. I'm the gonna get this ever again as long as I live you know ways of whatever it is we like to hear about all that. But the way the show works is very simple you call this number 2606368. 2606368. This also spells out at least the last four digits menu too so 260. Menu will also get you through here. Don't let him be concerned that in the first. Moon of forty minutes no but more let's go by thirty. We don't have a lot of phone calls because they just haven't figured it out. And their or the driving somewhere they're busy. And I will wait for you in whatever you felt like calling about it. Ten minutes ago no reason in the world might not call now. 26063680. Let me tell you spent the last few days in my life. We had. On a pipe blow open actually turned out to be nothing but pinhole. To this. That was the long and the short of it and it was squirting water inside the wall and also underneath the house. He can't have that going on it's just a complete mess brings mosquitoes around. So. I'm looking around trying to figure this out and the more I figured and not being any. Myself not being a plumber. The of the scarier it got. And yet there was a young guy who came out here today and he he fixed and only to me what he was doing and he. I gave him the check and I was ready for a much bigger check the Mets so that was a happy thing. Anyway having told you that I think oh is where I got the idea of talking about water today among other things whatever you wanna talk about. He's always in first place but. I feel like I have to tell you saw the call at solo wanna. A who is here. O Greg is here Greg on you know we have talked to Greg in a while. So it's it's about time I'm ready Greg you there. Take problem here are you good well mice your. Well thank you. I can follow me earlier activate it. Coal is gonna be now Gainey was bill will place on. Forget the street but it's going to be in the work. Or yeah magazine street and then checks and I think yes yes. Or what noting. Nokia thing yeah pretty they went now wait a minute you said you said this is going to be Martinis. As in dean niece seafood and then. This is the place that has woods yet charcoal. Hamburger place. Right yeah that's what the article are now out oyster or Barbeque shrimp you know New Orleans traditional chiefs took place and so it. Wonder what what does that relocation Turkey eager to it would be their second. Well let's see they have the one that what stand dorm puck down they have the one. In and the border right in the French Quarter that windows very very well and I didn't. That'll be three all right. Interest and I don't wonder when is that election you know they've been around for a long time but. I don't know we'll see maybe they want it to be positioned themselves up sound in that at some. Well you know. And that the people in the restaurant business lately have been complaining to me that we have too many restaurants and then did that go into really tough lately. Except that every time I go to any freshman at all. The place is full. I know almost almost any place I go so this tells me and the fact that we have had quite a few new openings this year although we had a few closings to. Are dead and that is are just rolling right along and nobody seems to be worried about that so. I think there's probably room for it especially uptown. I think Simpson. The public key Thomas mr. he's the best barbecue short list cities in our followed very closely begins at. Pascal Minnelli but you know what that number three are welcome dean dean barbecue shrimp that probably paper and other oh really. Yeah our director are you sure yet so. No kidding well I don't think I've ever had them their before is so next time I go home try them out on your city civil. Yeah and and and and they're not too bad at all to buy the. Thanksgiving menu you happen until many Starr at operation out and play places open for Thanksgiving Day. I you know this would be so easy to do if only the restaurants never changed their plans for one year to the next or. Would just stop changing them in the middle of it well and an hour it's it's tough I have not done it yet but I have done a lot on it. And I just have to prove to you that I'm not lying to you just to start something up. The pelican club. Which has always been when you get into the holiday seasons in the culinary either ready on all that. The job. Audio Palm Pilot who went in which Tennessee here's the on the corner of of exchange Alley and and B and Ville street yeah pelican club the there and they. They just sent me today. There their menu for Thanksgiving you would not believe couple big it is. And it's it's a really great price and I as far as I know they've they haven't done. Hunt for that deal was in the past I don't remember them doing it at the at the Theo who play by having to those sorts of trouble but you know it's yeah pelican club scores are always high on my mind. Anyway. In a little while I'm going to read that menu because it's so impressive that I took when it's a lay it on everybody. But I will have. A pretty good list. Probably by the beginning the next week I have already written the introduction and then I did two lists one of them for the the twelve best. Restaurants to go for it and really great atmosphere. Kind of surroundings for a Thanksgiving and then to have a second list again twelve feet but twelve restaurants that I think you're gonna do the best food in the best service and everything. And now I have that done already and I'll have that out the next couple days. Good idea the rate for sure that are confirm that brutal art you know this certainly be there yeah Brian. You know they play more Loews hotel one from gluttony at 830. Yeah. That sounds about right all right. And it's did they were all gonna be real real busy so that these. This is one of the reasons I brought this up today is so weak in him get people to make reservations now because she get disappointed and weeks from Malcolm is the everything's gone all the good all right anyway. I know are absolutely great chat with you look at an app. My pleasure thanks for calling are always welcome. That's true. So. It's coming on and I and then in the piece of pain ointment here it is on the systems will Paul welcome to our show. A Utah. And Tokyo long time resolute 201 miles away but I do enjoy it was in geometry on the computer so. Oh well that works you know glad to. Yesterday mentioned. It replaces a stability and not the real special but I was just really enjoyed going there. Particular way and not overly crowded but I oversee food. When I do get government loans are there won't look on posters. Yeah who could blame. Them. A lecture right partnership here and drop decent tip majora before ordering him. O of Smart move because she's probably given you the selects. He makes a little just jeered sort of younger kids and the that's certain that global. A. Within. Well I am I'm not completely gut and I am. It can be done about. Get Marshall for that period. And you sure picked a good year to do that because this has been and continues to be really I find. A really good year for oysters in there. There was some concern about that because of oh all of Arab bunch of different things but the cooperate more expensive. But they've equality has been every bit as good as any I can remember. You know so big belt how based let's look at more like January now and so on Obama in west Michigan I am. Good news or around twelve years of him. But it's around. This is run Lexington by any chance. There. Part of them yeah and god and hope. Our interior parts yet that's. I was about to break into song but that somebody give me funny look. At the yeah I I don't know if it's still there but. I once went across. Lake Michigan on steamship that actually did creep you drive your car until it. In particular that's certainly the badger that's right in it was a it was coal fired. On Epstein who. So now it's still gonna take a triple on it canceled it because the votes are coming out of it but yeah I can actually Mario grandfather's sister is opposed them or captain. Bedard Roberts on uncle Barney. He called upon me graduate school album but aren't Albertson. Feel was a captain that laid the keel that and never never refused passage said it was you were viewed not as long as everything was strapped down tight. Think the world. Had a day they were at at least at the time that I was on it it was part of the on Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. And the widowed or. And they had. They its rule lose you just like on a train they had to dining car the dining car oil is dining section of the vote I think is well liked it. Yeah we hear that the captain's table one kid and my uncle lucky you got some. About it it shouldn't it's. I'll Norton nor Mears climbers is used to be. It wasn't all that glamorous back in 1979. Which would. And you know well you could you go. Yeah. Well as fun anyway. Yeah. What are remote. Well thank you thank you very much for an in and entertaining call call again. So yeah. The food Schoen Tom Morris. Anyhow on it just today I got a note from the guys that run the pelican club Richard Hughes he's the ship and and anyway. They they have a long term. Idea. That when you gonna do a special menu like the rebbe on menu is a good example of the culinary. You may as well do it to the hilt because it attracts people start with so you get even more of so that with that in mind. Excuse me I'm looking at. The Thanksgiving menu for the pelican club which combine knowledge is never ever done Thanksgiving before but I guess they've. Figured it would be worthwhile. It's a four course dinner. And the basic price is 58 dollars. For a four course menu so that that comes out could be what. In terms of from pro. That's that's that's not bad. And you start off with the you know the soup or salad then they haven't a bunch of entrees and they did the ones that I would get if I would just walk in and the baked oysters the scallop stuffed artichoke the seafood martini all of these in my favorite dishes that are goat cheese salad mushroom ravioli. All it keeps going on and on this ten countries. Let's see here. Mississippi quail. With three cheese. Stone grits mom that's a new army slow roasted Turkey rule on half a crispy on and duck. Roasted acorn squash something of vegetarian dish and symmetric that is. Gulf fish in blue crab hole flounder this has become their most popular dish full flounder they crispy enough. And they serve it it's really great. They have stakes of a rack of lamb they have a bunch of desserts. Y 58 dollars for a four course dinner like that. I don't know of the restaurant that does that better. And they do in oil a lot of film. Are out there and those those special menus for the holidays that are always good but that's that's pretty darn but I just got that in the mail today. So thank you Richard for keeping me informed. This is the food show on top that's more that's 26 so. 6368. To call right now you'll get right in. We'd love to hear from you about where you've been needing corny no one else came in today I got a note from emerald. Who said that he is doing. I don't know whether it's in all his restaurants but it's definitely in. In animals over here on in the warehouse district he's doing a 150. Dollar dinner guess why. It's going to be not only in. All. Who follow wind what they're doing. And truffles. And I haven't seen truffles being used as a main theme of him of anything on a menu and quite along time. And if anybody's gonna come up with good truffles that would be shipped from brokers the way he sources down everything he cooks with his radio. Pretty tough as the week goes so anyway it's a lot of good. Special menus coming into. For us to talk about it. And no go to some of them and we're gonna be doing them. As we always do we always too so mum once the rebbe on season gets going we start playing around with that we will. Once again have our annual eat club Christmas dinner. It will be a Brennan's own royal street and that clean forgotten what the date news I'm have to look it up it's. It's. Middle of December. Acute at the back your mind that that sells out every year it's the little expensive it's a 150. Dollars. With winds next hip and everything. But it's one of those dinners you'll never forget we've this will be our. Oil will be our fifth one since will Brennan's. Turned the corner in you know what I mean. And before that. I think we done like twenty every year we never failed that was so much fun over the years to 60. 6368. Our theme today if you wanna talk about something else other than what's on your mind which you're welcome to do by the way. Is water. And the reason this is on my mind is that. Up until about an hour ago. I had no working water in my hopes. It was an anything disastrous but this is one of those funny things that that pipes in Japan. And all that gonna kinda come to and we got all fixed up then everything's good. But I start thinking about water as I had missed it. The only way we were able to survive at all. Once. That those big jugs that orange juice comes in now in its pulpit it's. Parred two Satan to to keep from saving those things they look like he shouldn't throw home away. Maybe they should be recycled glass and on a dumb I'm gonna look into that but I go through a whole bottle of that stuff every news every week. And just. In case there's anything that happens like hurricane or something would that shut your waters it's down goods and having water is a real problem. I always keep those models around before. A hurricane or whatever film up with water and then upset. Analysts today to. That's exciting isn't it 2606368. Somebody called me implement more interest which. I'm serious about 26063. 68 call right now you'll get right in. When he talked to plenty to talk about that which took over the weekend with you know we gotta you gotta eat my two. My wife my daughter and I know we news might have been just the tools. We went to. Uh oh we when we went to a restaurant on the North Shore called the forks and courts. And I am always making fun of it calling it you know snort by Bork's in all it is it's it's really ridiculous name but they too will really nice job of eating. And cooking over there. You know it's a bed rest and indeed that doesn't do a good job of beating. But they. We went over there and we've we've found that that the place it's a little bit better every time we go it's in that. While. Is it that he couldn't call it talent exactly you could call the sub division it's just not yet it's. Just now a little community where everything looks like it's from 1932. In nineteen a lab. And it's it's it's hard to explain but it is in its cute name here's the restroom at the middle of it which it. Continues to get better and better which I'm happy about his that that's that's the kind of food I like they have a creek dish. Which I didn't realize until I dug into it that I already had it before but it was worth having many times over and over again. They call it something like firecracker oysters expects a point that. And it's so oysters. I think they Fries and Africa I'm sure they do they fry them and then they toppled. Wit who. One it seems like a poor excuse me seems like the same sort of thing that you would use. Who loved. A 44 like buffalo chicken wings same idea blue cheese some good spicy flavors so little bit of the of follow. Well blotter. Anyway that's how this comes together and it's the but the only thing that could complain about is that they give you such a big portion of it for an appetizer that it's hard to go anywhere else. Anyway we have had a good dinner over the air and also had some good new cocktails that there'd. Let's see who's calling us over here on its Kirk says here Kirk welcome to the food show. Happy new year happy new year. Congressional report our bullets your. Well I'd had little contact. Been spending some time out of town. Yup that's part of living and men. Sunday evening in mind or remembered airport we went to Lebanon effort. On. And in which is excellent. It is and that and I and I'm sure your listeners all appreciate that they don't need to be reminded. Just how period. Fair price suited candidate. Just could well out of town and realized. The deal might like it for maybe 45 dollars between. Would have been places machine feature existed. Now that extra day. That's. I don't know how they do it every time to go through their menu actually this is impossible how can they possibly. Make any money off of this. But the guy who runs it always laughs at me a little bit says don't worry we're OK Hugh Hugh I don't know what the deal is but it works for them. And then later this year. I'd I don't know but that I don't think of be it that the it's just across the menu every single thing they do it's it's a great bargain in and really good cooking. Andrew Owens and Maynard economy in the city where you can get. Good ingredients and good to have. And and then last night Jeanne and I haven't settled by groups should appeal to Bangkok Thai. And again for. A shrimp. Gala mangoes can achieve additional. By in the Golan advantage. Yeah I was bowl play that bite and I think thirteen dollars. We're we're just use use a Bangkok Bangkok Thai Mexico the browns Paul yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Just kind of a neighborhood place. Yeah. Klein and I went to campaign the campaign Adelaide today. And again. This service were turtle soup and on trade him when he content martini. To help the deal. Yeah I need you wonder. I. Or that that that place is a real bargain. Our radio stations only about a block and half away from there and find myself in having been in their little too often. Not because I have anything against it but because I have nobody other restaurants the only other. That your. You know what that you know if there's one other thing talking about. Lebanon's cafe and that is since day one and still. They have eased zero. Court huge fee policies so you can bring my bottle wine you could bring out beer and whiskey as far as I know. Ever been able to edit on on that they don't charge you a nickel. It just that and on a block with the church and hooligans and that's it that's the whole story. Yeah I started my my daughter's eighteen and waited during that I'm wondering what the what if if if the tables on people should now their now called birdman rushed relatives there. You questioned them the security coincides that. Yeah and well but. I teach him that night you got the data in a way mind you. If we I. The world so. That happen via Mallory written this year well lucky you think you're the whole year. Where their first year with the all ice. You're not arguing teacher I guess that's like the. I don't know what you know and as bullets along the board nobody well. That moment like that but this. Anyway you missed it there's did get but everything went up. And everything's 30% mark. Just that this event to get there well. The good the thing that gets me about Hawaii at times have been near as the price for gasoline. It's oh yeah. Whole little joints I go for that very very good wow. Won't. It's 280 a gallon passcode 360. She's and you burn a lot of issues every bet you do. You burn where you burn burn most of it going uphill and it because coming back got a. Yeah well you know that paddle across the Pacific Ocean back to Los Angeles that takes a lot of time and money. Yeah we have the only Louisiana license plate on the island. Militia or coronary. Anyway. I know your listeners know full well what I'd just to remind him of this deal with a good affinity here. He didn't really dramatic people tell you bobbed along with a great view like yeah. Which spoils position. Leo we we definitely are. What next thanks for the call nice talking you. I don't see it in the food show even use the official. Goodbye. Formula for phone calls to our program you don't have to do this but it's. Oh was he just said. 260636826. Of 6368. We'd like to talk with you but to wherever it is you have been eating lately it's a call and tell us what that was and how good it was in the wasn't could tell us that. If you have a bad report on a restaurant I would ask one favor from you. Don't tell me the name of the place right off the bat wait until I ask you for it. I have reasons for doing this none of which are interest and but but I think you'll agree that they it makes cents. Other than that we can just go role that it's not all restaurants are good there are a lot of them that are not good and there's some of them that are really not good. And in that gets to kind of keep a straight face when someone tells me. That their favorite restaurant is a place that I wouldn't go to again fall on let's say it was a restaurant critic and I have to. So but that you know that's just me and whatever you think here's what you think and that's fine in spite of me. 26063. 68 caller right now it Reagan we'd love to talk if you buy food restaurants are getting back to Thanksgiving for a moment. I will. Have a list. Of all of the restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day. On that is getting to be a larger and larger number but despite that it is getting harder and harder to find. And a place to go on Thanksgiving Day especially if your idea of the perfect time is some way or round 1130. In which case you might find it just let every restaurant you go to. And and we are still want to enhance weeks away. Are everybody's booked up already Bacall and anyway could you never know restaurants do come Inco. How did that ring Ryan. And why did it. It's nothing other than farmer who don't know father. Father Mike. Four other Mike I wish you were on my mind. A couple of days ago in New York here on him apparently on your mind so it's probably the same thing. Now it may not me I mean I was you know mind you the you know obviously enough things on your mind. I die you're you're probably right. But you and I had what one of the sports is equal dinners that was ever put on it was you and me that's all we showed up abuse or. Yeah and and we just sat there shooting the breeze the whole time I didn't know who you were at the time but she told me. And we wound up just have been very pleasant evening together and in the meantime. They were back there cooking Middle East and food. Yup. Good night at 9 am disappointed when I got there in. There was no heat on but it was a very good night when. We sure well goodness and good times the other. Yeah now I thought so anyway I think I mentioned it in in my newsletter. And that's why don't think a year you called is that is that wrong. And yet not yet well not. By my daughter my daughter is coming into town near you said and I would like. We go to someplace new. This time on so I'm calling to get last year and campers over. Two or three best new restaurants and jumping about each of them in the white applicant or earlier yeah. All right dials to start spending about the first one that comes to my mind for some reason is a restaurant whose whose name is. Nothing but letters and two crew members that but it's solid oak street about a block and a half. Opt. And if if somebody would call me tell me the name in this place it's just it's like four letters and thank them just can't keep that straight in my head. But that's it's a very casual place but their food has been to rip. So in their lives Polk street. Oh oak street that's traded and I mean it's tell you but. A block and a half to two blocks heading oh you know George Jefferson. You'll see it it's it's the funny you know name is sure regret. Legacy. But it's it's. A really hard to put your finger on it's it's of New Orleans in some ways but in other ways it's kind of like a new bell Americans. And some other things that just don't sound like they fit together but it points out that the two. So. He's still there. They're going to have areas all. I did this is not a new restaurant particularly but I like it a lot and not a lot of people not enough people know about it it's called. A bistro daisy. So on magazine street too cute little later that it. I've been in this road days he probably tend to. All cases you know I'm taking a lesson I've taken my daughter's there there's there's no agreement I think which is terrific little orange. Yeah it's it's a good. Also law awful if you've been to I'll go. Out. Our goal is they're very self consciously Sicilian about it but the chef who's also the owner. He. Really knows his stuff and he's cute he's going after Sicilian food but he keep does. A lot of dishes that you you just won't see anywhere else and they have an outdoor. Courtyard it's completely surrounded by hedges. And it's set up in such a way that if it started raining ferociously. They could cover up and you wouldn't notice that anything funny was going on but it took a nice. Restaurant. Loeb good food and on a little unusual but not too much. On and let's see. To whereas whereas Ivo. This is also on magazine street its near Nashville I think it's as may affect it's only a block away from a bistro daisy. Okay where it was that was complete coincidence I didn't mean to do. Oh you know there are some some interesting restaurants in the French. Quarter. The the creole. Cuisine. Outfit the this is it just expands and expansive experience they have. A whole bunch of restaurants. And some of them. Have gone off the axis of interesting directions. One I've I've always liked is that Tommy's. Which is just slowly changing from the old Tommy's to a new Tommy's. And me on but it's a little different now. You know. I've just learned that restaurant whose name I could remember because it was only letters it's the what is it again done. He'd like TP. And the team beat the and that stands for down on the buy you. Down the life that's what it means. That's the one on and on oak street. Yeah. And who remind because and that could be later. The fresh grown with the Israeli cuisine. All. Yeah. That. That has some interesting Shia is the name of it yeah. Shia. It is if you like Middle Eastern food and you're familiar with. I start eating recruit once you start eating it you're gonna say to yourself this is really. Great. In the end it's totally different from what you're used to in other Lebanese restaurants you've been to. And it's really kind of amazing I remember the first time we went. Followed by many others after that. We just couldn't get over my wife loves all of that stuff and I love it too and my daughters can a lot of it has lately a lot. And we just love it. You must have a reservation when he and advance as is as far in advance is you can be because. And a couple of years ago. Got a month true all okay within your future. And interventional. Really sounds good to me it is. Quote what I wanted to trips on me was the Gordon once and I'm low on Jordan yeah. A few if you wanna go to a harassment that it's not really a Georgia Jordan when he called Jordanian. Jordanian and Jordanian. Via its the maple street cafe it's actually owned by two guys who come from George. If you ask them they probably do some port. It would go to the end of. Of the segment here thanks for calling it's. Nice talking to you again yeah father might. Okay it's that would show we will return with more of that in the moment after first please this. Hello it's the food Schoen Tom that's or as we've had a busy day today here I couldn't be more pleased. If you gave me a hundred dollar check right now I don't take the audience. And then my wife would stop me and then whether it's another story chuck is here welcome to the future. Welcome. Yet check. In the. There it is. Well I don't know what are called out to remind you know that there's. And that Newton should seek the restaurant post either ninth annual. The endorsement that run walk this year it's old. That's right Saturday morning. And they do this. The wait a minute that don't they do this on that on the olden interstate no it's not even an interstate on the all highway 51. That's correct that we could you. Start. Right across the we are incredibly endorsements are you go cross paths in unchecked rage. On the way out. You have to on that bridge yet and back you'll that we lost already. In in the even more imposing on the way. It. And I am probably about 700 runners and walkers. Who can race. Good event. And you can sign up but rate if one wants to we opened registration on race day. Registration opens at 7 o'clock and yeah the great start at any of the benefits child advocate he's Serb and so on the. Well there are on several organizations that are involved in that and I am in two album one of which is this past weekend in the one. That's the only side of the calendar but there's a lot of that going on instinct Tammany parish and as a result a lot of let him and much healthier kids in the would have had otherwise. Correct. Yeah. That is a good good group opener at endorse the owners pulse. On the they really get behind it. And it really. Unique thing happened catfish dinner for all the participants afterwards. Well right there on site. Well us state tune our program today is focusing a little bit on water. The reason it is is that for the last several days I had no water at my house. I have a well and everything but there was something wrong with one of the pipes and it's a long story in a boring story but it Andy really worked up and screwed up so it's a sound that way. By that is in effect what is going on in my head. But that's all over now so I'm thinking kindly about water. Next time you go to. A local restaurant or a bar and they ask you what he won which you'll hear for cocktails say he I think I'll have a a Perrier and water try that and see how long it takes before somebody says Weytman. A stay tuned the news is coming up next from CBS T Columbia broadcasting system over here on 105 point three FM. HD. Want to HD two. Canada New Orleans is all that correct. Then maybe that made maybe it's correct but it came a little too soon I'd have something. And anyway so if they tell me when we get back from the news tell me what is your. Favorite kind of water. You know just and what do I mean by that you figure it out I think you'll get a stay tuned we have another whole hour.