The Food Show - Hour 3

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, April 14th

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about weather conditions which canceled the French Quarter festival for Saturday. Food topics include poboy bread, duck fat, Italian cuisine as well as trendy restaurants.


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Yeah here we are eyes still on the food show how but the weather show too of course because that's on everybody's minds. And so we love to hear from you but they either one boy if you wanna put two of them together the weather and food. Why not we can try it Dave Cohen is here when he might take a shot at that he could. Gave. I don't yet and I think good deed today. Well observing whether. That is that is important though he's got a heat. If you don't meet your died. It. Well. I think it's a yeah that's true too. Room well. Ali good good news told me. Nearly all the power outages in Orleans parish at and resolved there's only about 300 customers still without electricity. In this city of Portland. Down the 24 under GAAP percent of that significant. Reduction or sourcing power restored in many of the pocket that were out as well though. That's get news. That we are still under that flash flood warnings for a little over hours a extended it until 315 because there's been a few more cells that. Drifted up on the Gulf of Mexico that have been bringing purses and rain. Two in the world that's called an area the good news there is. We've only a couple of streets and a couple of inches of water we haven't had any reports of water cars homes or businesses. Except it may be very isolated spots where someone parked in a very low lying area. The threat we. If you get under at least now it's not moving fast particularly in areas that typically floods. He struggles in the water buildup and all the videos that we've seen all of the driving around that we've done all the reports that we've gotten it's very. Miners street flooding and only a few spot. Well it must be goes one of those so pumps that are doing it. Yeah well I'll keep but again. That there hasn't been. What we've seen some areas get out of foray into the brain and hasn't been all Obama. It's been spread out there and 8:9 o'clock this morning. And that allowed the bombs to catch up now many of the canals or get awful in the top and they're still not they're doing their job thus far. You know first the streets get the water that drains into the canal and on the puppet. To the lake in most cases or into other areas. And so far they've been able to keep up with the rain all because there hasn't been heavy for extended periods of time that doesn't mean it won't build up. But the threat of flooding remains and continues until 315 that's what the National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning. I'm vocal leaders are asking people if they did not have to be out. To stay indoors and not trouble in this weather. There's the potential that you could find an area with. Water too deep to pastor. There are always waiting for your sometime beat you and you gotta watch out who these these. These things at that that just suck you down. We don't want. No no no no heaven help us. Barricades have been played a few locations. Like LA area and and in the city of New Orleans where that was anticipated flooding a couple of downed trees they're required barricading roads as well we saw the causeway closed for a period of time. As a result. The heavy rainfall and unsafe conditions. Beamed by the consulate officials. And we just got. Notification that the exit to Claiborne avenue. Is closed if you're coming off the pot to train expressway. Because of flooding in the bottom of that ramp that is in the same we had it looked over vehicle. About an hour ago and that was creating delays the good news is that from the superdome the delay it only back to Carol. So it's not that lengthy delay but it's gonna take a little while to get from Carrollton to the superdome in new cant act get off. If you're heading west but he can back it up on the Claiborne avenue so that remains. In issue with a delay heading into the BP. From the battery area but we have a few of those heavier cell bill embedded in this. System that is sending moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico the cold front itself is still open. Shreveport area and political there is lagging behind and creating this unstable environments. Over all the leaves and it really right now and that's why we're seeing them and as gulf moisture but as of now the National Weather Service expects the worst of what a laugh. Anyway to be over in the next hour or so and then. The rain will be reduced to a point where they don't think there will be any flood threat we expect all the rain to be out here. By this evening and in the colder air the company and by tomorrow morning thirties north of the lake outside the city. Forties in the immediate metro area and not warming up a whole lot during the day tomorrow with regrets Quinn. But it'll be nice sunny day wanted. On nine cool and breezy so. And lots of lots of warm new cellphone up kind of food to be had at the French market French Quarter festival. Azureus arrow. Many suggest strong. Or good. Yeah oh that's plenty of it out there is no way you could possibly ever keep up with that though because if he did did you know that the four 700000. People went to the French Quarter festival last year. I space astonishing I mean well there's nothing like it. Yet nearly three quarters million people out some of the people came. Each day. That they may have got accounted additionally at Bartley estimates and that'll help that it burned out by the pretty good. That's stuff and that over the period of the sport days that there are a total of nearly three quarters of a million people. Coming to the French Quarter people really explained why they need 26 stages and help root out. Yeah well you know that it that this is what they love our city four in all the people in the rest of the country they get here and they say wolf women a real place for a change. Yeah I mean you've been difficult for organizers to make a decision to cancel festival that. Bob Bennett did but that we know made sense. I would think in the yes they probably could have gone on through this there was never a tornado or anything strung it up wins but not down the tents or anything but people would have been just miserable. Out there his campaign. Bill we should let it may. Until now I think three and a half hours of persistence steady rain would that though on a different. We're now now now. All right well thanks for updating us and all of that. Absolutely. Look it about it that Debbie WL and of course them Debbie WL dot com but as that now it looks like just. Flood threat continuing until 315. No major flooding reported right now is minor what the situation with. Small amount of water pounding on low lying areas and will continue to watch it to see if it does indeed passed over the next hour or so or look for much cooler and conditions. Well it sounds good so the future is always promise. You know wounds and so far so. Yeah idea that somebody ought to write a song about that. And that Dave Cohen thank you very much. This is the food show over here on I have Jeff calling us Jeff welcome. I. I'm -- well you know I I would be better if it were and does so gloomy outside but I have high hopes for that disappearing in the next hour or so so you know that's not too bad. Well plummeting on the U he cajun crawfish. Say that again. We need Viet all all okay so this this would be crawfish coming from a the general vicinity of Vietnam. Well I actually it local Vietnamese. Okay that's still my other option I was gonna ask you. And it doesn't beat these days yeah. Com Hulu sort of pick up where it all boiled crawfish. And they don't work after the oil used garlic butter or eleven or. But ultimately it. Team. Product. You know OK apparently pretty. I would think so. And in this is something that you would. You would put this saucer or whatever it is. On the crawfish or would you mix the crawfish into the sauce and then mix it in with some mother or put it on top of say a piece of Fisher site. So apparently. How does that series on netbooks called ugly the wish. A couple of you know why there is a lot of food that would fit that description and it and it is delicious. Yeah so apparently he. I mean chain which he came to local. People here preparing corporate obviously all the same you know yeah. Repertoire. So. To try to get someone to kind of prepare differently but. Much more open where these people in Houston. All the people who. Prepare but ultimately. It's oil or via that make so eating garlic butter. For the back in that you cheated at all and you bankers. It has. When when it reaches that point are they. Are they peeled or do you peeled yourself Michigan. OK so and then. And so it's just like completely. The covered with wood buttery kind of solace. All of that that sounds great to me and I don't see a problem with that. Never count into. That about spot open just as we and I don't know her name from her. Well that'll that'll hit the spot I'm open mind. A slow say they don't bring in you know we've we've for a while there were getting. Mostly from China rather than Vietnam but two we were getting Chinese crawfish which you. News. No not out. For me thanks now. Okay. That's an interesting idea elephant. Thank you it's food show we will return to it in just a moment after first if you will this there you are listening to the food show and the weather show too I mean we've got to pay attention to both on a day like this. Our our telephone number is 2601878. That's no matter what you wanna talk about and in fact you know. Anything you wanna talk about this fine with me so give us a call Mary is waiting over here. Talk to her here merry welcome to the food show. Well I'm I'm wondering if you remember mad dog that would come partridge street no longer Avaya. Com lately. All very well I was a regular customer over there for a long time. I remember. You used to be able to go in there this would have been 1960s. Maybe in May means in the 1970s. And what you would do is she'd go for dinner and they would give bring you some doubled eggs Romo lied to. And then they would bring you the soup of the day whatever that was they made a really good turtle soup oh. And no real good turner a real good gumbo as well and then they would bring you out a little salad. And then they would bring you. A a fish course of my favorite which was this coached red fish that. They served. Still kind of not quite. Really done but it was really. A delicious sauce that that would mayonnaise based sauce almost like a Roma won again. And then they had the the brisket boiled beef brisket. And the dessert bread putting. Six courses. Six dollars and fifty cent of the whole thing. A putt well I had no wonder I used to go there all the time it was a very good. It would have went for lunch. But did that Jeff and he's not around at all. Well oh wow the guy who was running it in those days and he would he would have been the ship that was Willie male lead he would second generation. And he passed away I remember concede lived on the North Shore. After they've sold the restaurant and if so would have been him but his grandson. Is still a shelf. And he is so he's not doing that kind of food very much but he moves around from a restaurant to restaurant. Over a period of time Michael chefs to. And he says he's a good guy I've I like talking to him because he's into New Orleans food history as much as he is the food. Okay that second question an intent to real quick hits of the W ell yeah and that we're gonna. You've got to give them and they asked about it now waiting for the end of my doorbell rang and so the question a lot of value. You went of that dog that you had popped up fifteen different ways and to give the name of the rest on that didn't ask at this. All I remember that that was a contest that they did a few weeks ago. I went to. I went to a restaurant I bet they do they really did have pasta fifteen different ways if not more than that. But honest to goodness I don't remember what restaurant that 10 no there were plenty I mean you go to any Italian restaurants say. Didn't do me pasta fifteen different ways they'll do it. It's it's not all that unusual. Oh was waiting for the end and the doorbell. Order or you are not the winner of five by not guessing it but nobody. Nobody got it knows of the the first time we did it they said look you gotta make these easier than this because nobody and even answered it. So lies sorry about that. Well maybe maybe. You think of it played on show us some of atomic. No I know I'm not joking when I tell you just buy at any Italian restaurant you go to. You say give me pasta fifteen different ways. What can you name it camp okay. The first place it comes in my mind is Andrei as he makes all its own costly in how loose so why you know he's gonna have a lot of different kinds. And then he's got all these different sauces he can mix and match with that and but it did this no real answer to that it's it was just. An artifact of a of I guess they'll guessing question based. That antenna in place don't get not count them. You know when you talk about dumb. North Carrollton known. Yet the one that. Above cut no ice cream place shall. I'm I death IE I can't tell you why I know what you're talking about. Yeah you've been there before that in them that it is an old. Time that I am open meal on the wall. All all all all. No no it's the neat sees. The need serious. The meat she is I don't know if they would have fifteen times or not but if but they probably do a main if you do all the different sauces that are possible and all the different shapes of Boston are you easily come up with fifteen. Ya. Have to judge should not ban on your mind it's it's cease to exist that day. All right thank you Carmen is joining us over here on the orange scroll and I think let's find out karma is are you high. Yet there. In regards to the Vietnamese. Crop there's. We have a couple on the West Bank enhanced two locations. One is not Lafayette street and a really really. Are gonna remember the restaurant name like it they will boil place yeah. Pitch right close. It correctly between. Being a West Bank explains why go Lafayette street. The lab and a black it's regrettable. On travel and I'll be expressed great on the right hand side and an open and other. Head of the regular grabbed. And it's on Manhattan right across the street on the same street where about condemn you should be EU. And you really don't count opened. They can make it. Well you know that's it's not all locations are great. In no way. Oh wait haven't. If you just talk about what Vietnamese capital by nature did. Have a great article in the paper every app for full. Pretty well paper eligible. Well what with the banks that means I'm back got to go to the news now but. We'll figure it out oil well we I don't know. Stay tuned CBS news update is about to update you so while. Hang on we have more of the food show coming. And also will keep you up to date on its situation situation of the the weather deal. State they are listening to the food show all that let's see we have Joseph hanging over here I think crew chief I can get the spot right there a huge don't. Thank you for calling come on in. I have a question. Well. Quite a lot of course I go to post. Should stop. Pulled it. Treasury stops you vote. Bad news today. But actually account of the terrible at this point it hopefully crusty. So when without some line the same problem. That you. Might have. Op I haven't about the this particular time in the history of mankind. But but I have I have heard people make that complaint about just about every make of love French bread there is there. And I think the the difference is that when the weather changes the port via this the poor boy bread also changes. And very rarely does it change for the better. And so it's it is that's probably what it is this all soul. There there are different. Batches of of of flop. I and I know this this Warren will Ruth who always been one of the great master men of cookie. You know Leahy. One day he said you know I just a bunch of peppers that was not as good as it usually is in an. He said that it happens all the time Whitbread which is why do you baked his own bread after. So why it at I think that's all it is. You can keep trying but I find it for a French bread is very variable. Well yeah that's like yeah well it. Go ahead you know object induce news is available retail restricted. Or. Jen do. New York near UNL. You doubt one is independent and they do sell there. There and they do sell their bread in door next time. Almost positive but also here in near around town. And that's a really good French but that's the original or buoyed by the way they they created the original or boy loaf at the engine Doucet. Then there's there was the other urgent that other half of the jet deuce a family which became part. Of can a light time he says some years ago. Okay. Open book the one that you mentioned. That you are now is that the war and its supply it's certainly true amateur children. Are you now via do you know do you remember a supermarket called perhaps. Okay it's boom like in the same block as perhaps I think across the street who perhaps is long gone into this that's in the building is still here but. Like but that's that's where they make it right there. So yeah they say they get their own yeast right out of the right out of the air. About it that can be done. Are well or thanks thanks for callers C a by its leaf foods showed no no what do we do. All okay now OK okay hang on the second. A Rebecca. Clearly I'm doing fine nice to hear from. Sort of like here you probably are a little upset about today I would imagine. Great disappointment we work on here or in the event. But now topping our guys yesterday that it was about it and today they were confident that it was the right decision. Yeah well you know who can expect to have perfect weather all the time. Were absolutely perfect and I'm going to be wonderful that's when you're worried about it. Yeah you know saw oh everybody's looking forward. Know that. Tomorrow. Is going to be wonderful. Had good attendance on Thursday and Friday. We get and it yet or what they're released on opening. Match or people came out yeah actually yeah they were started forecast in all its company. So we had. I don't know a record crowd at a huge huge crowds like yesterday agreed to buy out there yeah well. Good good I mean that's certainly what we want. So what things open up tomorrow at what time. 11 AM I will be at the corner of charters and saint and right there. Got you talking you know our our vendors tomorrow and not be in your idea that you are rumored that there are masters in up by talk a little bit more after that sounds great. Yeah. Well it this is say continues to be one of them really. Almost. Too good. A festival. Here in a town that is we know we eat fest we do festival things all the time it seems like in an. If you if you don't know of a festival to go to right now on call me tomorrow and I'll give you three Morey. But under. Yeah but this one really stands out with the the amount of music. He agent would you believe I've gotten to phone calls today. Wanting to know. If the musicians. Who get paid for what they do I imagine not I don't rupiah. Most news via I don't want that snoop into other people's business. But I would imagine that. That they are probably covered on a day like this where there kind of forced by the women not to. Egyptians no matter what I'm not at that something that were permitted she. Yes we. All musician who. What do performs well we you're on. Well I'm I'm glad to hear that and what's it can actually askew because again I tell you I think it's a little too nosy. Are still laden out. But but the point is is that they were you know several people who called me today and were concerned about that. So it that the next that's nice isn't it. It is an income were proud to say that you as well of course a round anticipated additions and were glad that every launcher our concern and our commitment. And a while good. Anything anything we want to know and some special thing that has become. Already even though you were only open to a half days more or were they full days. Anything coming up any special like to offer and we'll tell since I got. We got. News guy we can get insurance you're watchable. For you no lie and yes I'd sure hate. Several other healthy at the option so it got a lot of we cried and all all apartment and I'd count an on site that he'll we've been seeing. I'm a bartender and restaurant. And I believe they're not the connection. Issues. Upon completing their options that and of course all of our. More jacket shops will be is well liked that Gerber to pre oh boy yeah. One that they're baked Alaska so I agree. Eat. And Lamar we've and we've been on trial date is keeping everything your world will be huge and actually you edited motion tomorrow morning from 23 stages. Rocky are. Three stages. No wonder every time I'd go that way who wanted to come back to the radio station usually. Heidi I've walked that way but the number of people. That's trust hurdles standing there listening when no one else you gonna do is that it is just astonishing just as the draw this news. One point three stages. It's not an there are there and in this community were proud but we get a new additions. And always are no kidding we want international stage small stake in the French market. That 99% of the past so there all local music and can't even with 300 active waitress stages we haven't come from town and community. Well that is a great. Play two or that's not the word I wanted to. That is a a a wonderful set of situations. That. It's got to be proud of and it reminds me of what has happened over the years with the New Orleans wine and food experienced they they've tried a couple of times to bring in ships from out of town. And they all but got booed away by anti annoyed I would be one of them. The because this is a town. Where you really can just use local chefs and you still have world class food and if you have local musicians you also have. World class musicians here so. You don't need to you don't have every place else they have to go on the middle of nowhere and pulley and shots from all over the world. And inadequate that. Attendant we split it keep it local visitor people who come here I'm all world you. Sample our music you know are we become we don't we don't need to bring anybody else and we got it baking comes. I couldn't couldn't agree with you more a lot that and I think it's one of the things we can really be proud of I agree yeah. Well gosh that was a sweet little conversations. Are all a lie it's my pleasure to his space it's even more of a pleasure of the rain would stop. Well going to not and I like being used to mark good at the WW. And Jackson square and will be down. Our operations and if you Marcia are going to bring and it should be on the night after. Good well thank you very much for all that help. And I'll I'll see you tomorrow. Are you see yeah that's Rebecca cell and she is. She is a well I'll I you can just guessed by listening to a she's one of the people who coordinates all of the everything goes on that they've. French Quarter festival that's. Just takes off again tomorrow and to it was here on Thursday and Friday and that the take a day off for the weather but. Both will be back and oh please this hello this is the food show believe it or not fits on a rainy rainy days China kind of changes the complexion of everything. But it's nice to be here with you anyway. And thinking about I've I've been here just about all day today and I'm wondering how I can get home. So I'm gonna ask you. If yet the causeway is where I'm thinking of going but whether that's you know my ultimate. Award but beginning between here and there. And it is no way heavy. Flooding around the city we are told though song and that's good at it's what. It's correct. Or go and I'm glad to hear it. 2606368. Is our telephone all I'm sorry I got through just about the whole show without getting the wrong number let me tell you why I did that I didn't do it on purpose. To this program the food show is on the air for four hours a day Monday through Friday. On no 105 point three FM. HD two. And because that of that we have a different radios. Phone number. For this show and also for the other way and it's it's two different numbers and I'm so accustomed to giving the other one that so I forget I'm talking on the wrong what so. Excuse me and I'll do that every now and then but I don't mean to 260. 63. The dead did it again EC right there I didn't do that on purpose to 60187. Called me right now I'd love to talk with you but. What's cooking over a tour house these days but restaurants you've been to lately. Which you know I keep coming back to an and issue. That troubles me a little more with each passing day Kennedy's this. It seems to me. That the pot excitement. That we used to get out of a really great dinner somewhere. Has been. I'm all the particularly among the younger eaters that they are not dining out the way they used to. And they're not enjoying it as much as they used to although they're probably pretty happy because they they're getting what exactly what they want. Going to the kind of restaurants that are very EC in casual and no tablecloths and you don't have to dress up to go they are not even a little bit. And I don't know I just so I've been writing about this stuff since 1972. And one of the things that I find most gratifying. About going out to eat. Is the fact that a you're served two which is a nice thing if it especially if the service is done properly. And and that certain item by saying that by serving up that talk about that you know everybody in the business ought to be served by L. It's just sit. We it's a sharing of we're gonna cook this and then you you're probably gonna love it so we gonna try this and then. And it it winds up being just a joyous. Kinda thing. And somehow I just feel like that's drifting away do you have that feeling or is it just me. The I'm hoping it's just me and I think it just might beat me by it. Then again there's such a thing is thinking too hard about something. It and maybe that's it 2260. 63. But they IC I almost did it again to 601870. Give us a call would you and let's talk about the way you've been eating lately. And he restaurants really excited you read lately. Do you think prices are getting too high in the restaurants. I can't tell you that I do what you may be a little bit but not a whole life. Or. What else has been on your mind immediate are their certain kinds of dishes that you wish you could get more often but she can't think of anybody we've been makes it anymore there's plenty of that. Out there. And I don't think it's just strictly about. It's human being with a bogus. Or maybe you that maybe it's senator on I'm I'm completely puzzled by this news is this is a real change. In the nature of who's the restaurant business which by the way and I read something the other day. That's that said that the amount of money that the average person spends in supermarkets they are spending something like two and a half times that much in restaurants. Okay having said that the wounds in do we have any. Annie friends here okay this when we are gonna talk to. JJ. Welcome. I'm right value which it raining. And as well. Dreadfully. So. It's great way to look at it yeah. But. How and a you were. Bored. And I do. I do remember that. And it's a restaurant. Sorry. Like war. But did that strike you as nostalgic. It was certainly different. It was run by the the same part of the Brennan family that had brought brilliance and royal street at that time. They. I can think of no other restaurant like that if you go to other parts of America you will run into quite a few of them. But this is that we we we didn't take a liking to that. Even though even though it was the the Brennan family who were we're doing that and they did a good job and I thought their food was good at anything goes side everywhere are. Well it just. And he'd had a couple of good years and then it just slowly wind down and nobody could figure out why. And. It was always a good place to bring it dates before armor so. I had a perfect perfect perfect idea now wish I had an answer to that but they're gone gone gone put on. Our right. Thanks for calling Tim is where over here I come gets Tim welcome to the food show. Doing great come on in. I was gonna regardless it. Gender regret it yes are they still have a mean may agree admitted it and yeah. There's actually induce an extra yeah part of it I don't it's. Part of the family but it's not the same business that I. Well yeah it bred from agree yeah well that's yeah I admit I didn't actually get it from them all so yeah where is the bakery in mid city. That were out and really get it in. I don't know is that we have them on the show not long ago and they told me that. That the bakery is right in Jan Tilley Jill Brett across from what used to be perhaps supermarket. Well yeah. But yeah I thought it couldn't get better from there but I'm literature and do that well route to Europe yeah boulevard and I guess summer town and Bartlett from now. Hey listen I got I gotta go. We have a break coming up but thanks for call NC it's the food chill will be back with more in a moment after for at least that's how well we've come to the end of our program for today it is sponsored by Andre as sundry as is open seven days a week lunch and dinner and they stay open throughout the entire period between those two meals so you can always get there and haven't. The satisfying dinner or lunch as you need it entree is also is of each featuring. Special menus from the various parts of Italy where they cook differently everywhere you go. Right across causeway boulevard from lakeside mall 8348583. Is their phone number Andre is. And I will talk to you tomorrow I hope if you get down to Jackson square. We will have our broadcast. I'm ready to go starting at 11 o'clock tomorrow for the the French market festival which resumes tomorrow WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one Canada New Orleans goodnight.