The Food Show - Hour 3

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, August 18th
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about cooking steak, Mexican cuisine, chicken piccata as well as dining on the Gulf Coast.

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Welcome back it's the third course of the food show busy day today we have been since the very beginning. And the program. And I won't even take credit for this being something I don't know but it it was something I thought of but I am not sure that's where we went with it. I asked. What neighborhood have you ever lived in that you thought was the best neighborhood do you ever lived in on in terms of how good its food ones. You know how good the restaurants were and in mid may be grocery stores and all the rest of that. You don't have to talk about that if you don't want to and you have a question about a recipe oral restaurant he appointments want some suggestions as to where to go for. A special occasion or whatever we are always game for that and you don't have to wait until somebody else brings it up. Because we'd be very happy to do it for you right now this second. At least after I finished telling you a couple of things about the your relatives somebody called while we were talking about the poor boys and all the other stuff. We were talking about neighborhood restaurants feel rallies was for a long time in the French market. And that's where I think a lot of people know it from but they have had arrest and injure and kill Lee. For the last though obviously but to a two years maybe. Something like that. And they have put together of groups. Menu according to the neighborhood style that most of us know and like with the rose before boys and and the seafood and all the rest of it and but it hasn't been there long enough for me to have a good feeling about it. Well you know what I'm leaving out of there also. They have a lot of Italian food and mean you'd maybe even like 50% of their menus. Italian dishes and that's all good too so that somebody wanted to know what I. What I thought about heroes fried chicken and nominee answer is had the Italian stuff but at the four boys have had some seafood. I'm the one thing I have not had over there news. Fried chicken so like I can't speak to that one but I've heard it's good. And now joining us over here on the yellow phone is so frank frank welcome to build the big 870 WWL. There. Is a question. The it could cut their. Your. And now they're shakes up the day. Ago. It. In particular that casinos. See you I'm sure. They got to do the same. But am. Still 00. Absolutely that there yeah thing or I'll never do it again. You know you know where that that came from. Is that I remember wind. Casual restaurants really started taking over this would have been about 20/20 five years ago. And it and the restaurants. Were serving more and more. Really in simple ways but really good food and one of them was the way that they did stakes. And you know in a restaurant that doesn't really specialize in stakes that they have them but and they might be could be very good. But they they don't naked into a big special. And it did what happens. Is that the way that the a restaurant like that I Christians comes to mind which who it was you know pretty much a French creole restaurant. And they had sticks but he only a couple of that was a side dish really. And the way they did it on the skillet and then coming back in the glazing the pain in a little bit bill this loss. That's that's universal. And at least in that category of the rest so that's the way to do it I think. We're actually do it it's not my question as you competitive and there are no rational or better that are currently. Permanent spot though. Wait way to say it again. Still a thousand espoused those is still very much there any really great investment for stars from me. I love it they'd they'd do a great job with with it it's a little rest you're gonna be surprised by how small it is they have these. Murals along the walls that make it seem like you're in on Venice and bill it's almost convincing but the it and that the guys who who run at their Brothers they've been that it for a long long time. And it's it's terrific I wouldn't hesitate for a second ago there certainly one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. There. Would tell my said hello rollout and Rolando. Or Fausto. That's two Brothers. And give them there's a sisters in the business to that I mean. Seen people here. Yeah. Well like you give us a report if you go. Glacier for me to it's the food show. And Tom Morris our program today. Started well like I finished at two but I'm gonna do it again. Few words on the subject. Andre is. Entrees is an Italian investment as well. And the way that they approach Italian cooking though it's no different. From the way you get it in most of the restaurants and not even saying that one them is better than the other. But when chef on trail first opened up his restaurant. He wanted to do the cuisines of all parts of Italy which was a big order in those days because. Almost everybody in New Orleans when you think of Italian cooking you're thinking of red sauce and a lot of grated cheese and and go lasagna and all of those real simple issues. Nothing wrong with them but he wanted to take it up to the next level and he did it. And it always it gets to me when I'm in there and I see somebody ordering something like lasagna because. It's OK bye to you all the other stuff he does is much better keeps you butchers always meets. In hoax. He does all of the all of the of unfinished issues he takes care of that the it is goes through and takes all they've been this. The scales in the and all of that off the off the fish and it just comes a beautiful. And this is the whole menu was like and it's it's all first class. Crime if necessary. Dry aged if necessary. And you its century as they ran across causeway boulevard from lakeside mall are open seven days a week for lunch for dinner and they also do a Sunday brunch. If there every day on trade news. Do you do do you eat 3485 victory for reservation which is a good idea. Pop pop pop pop pop up on looking at the looking at the radar OV here and it seems like. The big red stuff that didn't indicates are really powerful thunderstorm. Has mostly. Kind of veered off to one side or another. Of of the city it's not gone yet but it it's on its way to being gone and so we don't have Gwinnett and have to worry about this a lot longer. But while you're waiting. It would not be in my mind of the smartest thing you ever done did. If you were but to go drive across the causeway let's say it's really pretty tough but it did just waited out go go have. A cocktail hours than. Aura that well if you have a designated driver. So 260. 187 he is our telephone number we really like to hear it from view about that wherever it is that you have been eating lately. We have. Start off with a topic today we don't necessarily have to stay on the topic. Particularly it's mainly just to get us thinking about eating really. But. The question is of all the neighborhoods you have lived it. For all I know that might be one idea I know few people who have lived in there. House for. A long long time and have never lived anywhere else so it if you are lucky enough to have that. Then of the rules change a little bit but if you. Have been an at various times in your life. Lived in other parts of the city. Call me and tell me what restaurants you remember from that it seems like. There were a bunch of them and I put them in my analyst of these. A mid city I I I lived in mid sees city on three different occasions all all of the time. I was always. There for a for a number of years it wasn't just passing through and they had so many good restaurants. Back then. You know ahead all that stuff along canal street credit Christians you had on. That vin at Siena which is still there there was a Mexican restaurant there was a sandwich shop called dogwood. Long story. And plenty more where all that came from and damp and and of course. You certainly. Couldn't talk about that part of the city talking about so. What was going on. With the with the guys. Running. Mean Venus Wichita and it only has always been just terrific so anyway any thoughts on that call me. If you have any thoughts about something else called me about that. We're always open. And here's Sylvia Sylvia welcome come on him. I. And I'm nice having been decent day today is it raining real hardware you. Not anymore and it's not the ballet. Fabulous in that just go earn it based on what street. At great field. 840. That they need lately 840. And it is Al Hadi. Teaching. And garden and you bought and is. Really really dare eat they have. Talk without is different ingredient. Can. When you pass the kitchen and tiny area. There is incredible. Courtyard. That homer in the entire block. And has chair of the other ball. Game you play a great drink in the pat you went to. He it's a good the name of it again is is one. I'm L it's. L patio yet and it's uncle runs to lead is safe. Yet kitchen. And succulent garden. And it didn't go over. Like that was Kabul as he does. On my Atlanta. That a year ago and the price just went out in the end Bob. I mean. I think in January February of this year. And it's been open for lunch and it has been or are not at the dinner party too late and it out. Happy at all. Can't try to drink and talk are they on an immediate right to death. That certainly sounds like it might be I'm just trying to I'm looking at the idea. The address here in front of Figaro. What was there before. I don't think that they used to be a really great Mexican investment club. With the same name Kenner along time ago but I am pretty well. Thank you the the. The clock lock the. We'll cut cica all that place all right now right now it's coming to because they had this the second location on oak street uptown didn't. I think that might still be there in fact I'm as an African pretty sure it's still there. I'm not sure but it's not concede close and they open at eight. Archer an edit city or garden in the back ups and un. It's recruits are related buildings on some new apartment complex epic oil than X. Well it's that's everywhere in note the central business district is where they're putting up new who. Apartment building. Well look thank you for that that's that's one I didn't know about we have just been informers would you said. Rundle at 845. Crew Rondo is the exit yes. Yeah and it definitely worth a trip is on the line and Ian it's easy to get. Happened in the night and except one party which is there. A number. Thanks for. Yeah info that's in new enemy but there are always opening you know. It's just keeps on coming but thanks for the call. Johnny is over here on the blue phone Johnny welcome. Johnny you there for comparison. Johnny. I'd. Thank you meet. I've been Hammond. But we work some down the river bridge and ask for recommendations. Someone suggested. Charles seafood. On Jefferson highway. And I'm more minutes you have ever tried it appeared Jumbo allies agree. Jambalaya agree it's. I don't think so will tell me the name of the place again. Oh. Charles say all that place it's in the middle of and so on Jefferson highway right in the middle pair hand. Now it's. Who looked Michael Wolf what they really have good food. What debt that's true they have and they didn't year old long long time I remember would seem that. Across the street from my aunt's house win this would have been in the ninth 1956. It was. They've been around awhile frank writes in. At least for a long time a couple years anyway but he dumped out of that. After just a couple of years. But it was good enough. There was really great was spread. And a I'm not reopened the I'm wondering have you ever for the barbecue. At this is in there and please. Van cleave whereas that Mississippi. All know I can't say I have. It's been happily paying but it really isn't she is looks like he took all the buildings that we're sort of by Katrina mailed them together and made a place. The batting Mo has gravel or picnic tables. But they have great barbecue in my past. Com okay well if I get that way you know look for it. Thanks so much you have an encyclopedic. Knowledge to look leadership. On you should've heard me a few years ago all right we will return with more of the food show it here first please this hello it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris we have an update from CBS and just the second. But. In a minute you saying OK well our. That case are probe program is sponsored by rants or voice rents for voice is not just a poor boy shot. They in addition to that have great daily specials. And it's all three of their locations. And the poor boys who of course including some very adventuresome port voice everything prepared in house. And though all you need to do is ask although you don't even need to do that and they will toast that sucker in Yemen just the way it ought to be. There's just nothing like four boys and not too many places can do it as well as they do over it rains for boys with the three locations in the area now a new one on pretend you street uptown. We'll be back after we check the news here in the end stay tuned more of the food show coming and we are back it's the food show and though we jump over. With great deafness to Milli Milli welcome to the food show milieu there. One parent. Yeah I can get you I I hear you now sorry about that. And unfortunately. I caught a lot at this point I'm glad I have a lot of content the other thing we're talking about today but in particular. I wanna ask your question you mentioned Christian restaurant. And back in the day I get yours but optional crap. Yeah I was governor and other restaurant. Are. Believe that they're not there is. Clancy's. Clancy's eat you can you'd need to call ahead. Probably for a couple of days just so they can get the nice dog crap but they. At Clancy said something that they do very very very well and that could in the crabs right now or bug just perfection they're huge they're very fresh. That's the place to go are you ever been there. Clancy's. But to achieve no Millie you still there. Know what happens. Gordon welcome to the food child. Yeah under oil and doing he really great now that you called. Well thank you so much. I'd like your recommendation on how to Coca easy chickened out of. She can pick cock. Well but the way I would do that is to flatten out all of the the meat involved and there are parts of the meat that I wouldn't use it all. Like. There's not much you can do with the week off this I guess if you fooled around but though. When you're talking about fish made in this this wage usually it's with veal but she butchered it works just fine you. Cut or sort of unfold the chicken breast you beat it with a with a hammer. Or if you have something else that's more specific than that and you we want it to come out party party. Party and about. Me. No the thickness of threes that Nichols. And and then you see it on one side. With us this seasoning in the no flour no gore oh I'm well Corley use the no others. And then UC or in some olive oil on one side you turn to the other side easier on that side. And when you're pretty sure that you have cooked this all the way through check it needs to go through by. You you'll know when you get there you want it to be very much. O pay he you don't want to BC through or even light passing through. And then. Taken out of hand. You 40. White wine in the air couples squeezes them women and Jews. Some herbs of New York. Your kind you can do on anything from orally to. So savory herbs is plenty of them out there. And that's it and and you you have your sauce ready already. That could be a red sauce it could just be made with the olive oil in them and a couple of other drips and drops of this and that. And then you have a very elegant fish. It shouldn't be bulging at all it ought to be almost all the same thickness all the way through that's. That's part of it. Or look or on the try to market unit to. The interior puke like cheaper than capers. Capers would capers would be perfect in fact just about a week ago. I had well it was a salmon but it was done the same way and made things wrinkled capers all over. Capers and chipped it goes together really really well that that's of whoever told you that gave you good advice. A lot of thought about it that their talked so much have a great afternoon. Thank you use to. It's the food show and here's John John welcome. Net and I. To you to its you're on the green phone. They get a problem as christianity as planned. Cement from additional long. You're commercials or different or boy. Opera payers. But did you get a great ball boy and beat. The pirates a little bit. The pilots called on men and and ask. They like. Okay in the signs up for it but I've never been there before so this is. And this is is surrounding Saint Louis. I can't ask Oceanic. Pass Christian and you know that's so yeah that's not too far. Look at that's good and then tell me the name of it again to say I didn't quite catch. The pirates pirates code okay. 2208. You say men. And he and I G right. Manager at it. It Ali. Which is that beach boulevard. And right before you get to race tracks. Okay. You know every every time somebody asks me about some. Some advice about dining on the Gulf Coast oil lease. Feel bad about it because this is an area that really ought to be covered the way that I cover the restaurant scene here but there's just the one of the trying to do this and it just can't bring it into mind. Yeah. Reno. But pizza. At a blood to go spend like go a month there and just hang out do nothing but he. The demand. Of the public go otherwise. As. Precious. Then in the war islands area has its proximity to that it now but not Portland has Blair but there. Just keep food and more sophisticated way but oppressed people. While you you can put New Orleans New Orleans oysters are better than Mississippi oysters. Well I guess as saying. This jury in outpacing. Don't. Yes and no I'm convinced it's that you could say that sort. Yeah. Will outlook thanks for the info. Yeah so yeah the food show. And Tom Fitzmorris or number is 260. Six in 0260187. And we collect tweets at 22 minutes to the hours or two we're running out of time but we we've had a lot of lot of action on this when. The main question. Which not too many people actually want of answering but they gave me good enough information to. Be ratified. Or gratified that it anyway. I'm I was asking. Of all the neighborhoods that you have lived in and around New Orleans which one do you think is the best in terms of the eating possibilities. And number one on the list for me anyway. Would have to be the French Quarter just because of the richness of all the restaurants in the French Quarter and you just can't ignore that. So way and I lived there about three years and it was eating me alive that's why didn't go live there anymore. Anyway. Mid city would be second on this list. He even parts of it that you don't think about too much like Jefferson highway. When I was living there it was him there around that time that our team Betsy was there. And for a few years in either direction. You would of drive around there up and down Jefferson highway. And there or restaurants there but that none of the more particularly fancy they were always. Neighborhood style restaurants and some of them were really big restaurants anyway and all up and down. Jefferson highway there were lots of places to eat there anybody remembers some other than the ones we've mentioned here. In the meantime we will turn our attentions over two. Two of bill who is here calling this on the black phone. Lear. Hello. Jerry Lynn you. He had information. Early hero. Sure it's the same old place doing the same old things that they've always done in the taste exactly the same to me but that's what everybody wanted you know they just. They took a little while to get open after the hurricane. And it during that time there was not a single restaurant in this city that engendered more. Requests from me as to information about Charlie's. Everybody they were more interest in net than commander's palace current ones or anything else that that they. That was one that everybody wanted to hear was back in business and they have it. That's good and if your question would be yeah. On Pope always you remember the original parkway. I do and I remembered not liking at all. I like attitude that part we've eight and he certainly did have an attitude. If you get term option. Yeah well. You know they use to do some unusual things one of them was debate there own bread although that goes back quite aways. But they also seem to have any emotional or just like real loading up there's which is with me case. Witches it aegis was over the top. But. They knew what I think is a better restaurant but there I there's a lot of disagreement about so. Yet thanks for call it's the food show. It's porous and coming up next on the green phony news Quinn Quinn welcome. They've not millionaire. That a lot and tablet is out of work done back I don't object is. Cake a cake tasting. Mary well. Thought boy. And have an oyster po boy over it and I can't. Williams. Right up. And I like. I can't find my point is that indeed that bank but it's art or bubble yeah. With what is what is terrific about the way they do it. Is that a number of times have always liked it but I don't have a recollection of of their oyster tensions. It you know I get the bank but they're Brad Pitt is like where not by. I. Yeah and I like and you know he Butler north. On the etiquette well boy. I. That. The eclectic at. Partly for tiger. But rather it out. At a part. Butler. Oh yeah you know that's a well look at the bottom line I think this is a usable way of looking at things is that. Really most of the outfits that do pour voice in witches and a roar really anything you know seafood platters red means you know you name it. Some of the we're going to be great some of whom are going to be not so great and you wanna know where the good ones are. And just you know show a preference for it maybe either of them not to Goodwin will come around then and realize that they have to cook in the house and all that. So well. Weis. Yeah. Oh thanks for the show I mean thanks for calling it the food show. And we will be back in just a moment after first please that's hello there it's the food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris men we are busy today. You know if if you're trying to get in their phones we still have time Annika few of them. But. We will be here tomorrow from noon till three. And oh. And Hawaii and Sundays we tend to be looser and we are missed the week so. Anyway getting back to. Talking with folks about food I'd Josh is here on the green phone Josh you there. C'mon. You. Forget about it if you like never lived there is. A broken back. Maps on. Great place Tony Angelos. One it was mean. A lack let's not mean we can forget about the way from what they're you know this steak knife. Probably but. Got the there was there was plenty of them but I just never lived in any of those so was that's why did they did make my list but I appreciate that it's a New Orleans. Yeah you know a lot of good restaurants there. It was part it was actually a minute I mean I. One of my first jobs and of course you want able to work at this stage are. It was an old Chinese restaurant but it was owned by all the Hong Kong. You. Know. You've got. Yeah it'll a couple of things even as it is it was mr. jelly was Korean daughter. Yeah and our World War II veteran that perhaps. He gave me your job your stuff. You know common in. After hours to screen about the kitchen in my. Putting the bean sprouts and an and a huge for our talent are calm. And job. I put too much water in the range outs and the next call me and all of that be part. All the being Scots were all over the kitchen and eBay and Eric in a ball but it's an English as a. No well that's the way it goes. Well this is this you know you brought up a very interesting. Possible article I think a much try to work an article on this but I've run out of time to talk to you anymore. I'm so I called me again tomorrow we just like ridiculously busy today. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and here is Ned Ned to welcome. Our quick question I'm going to trade not so the first time tonight in the InterContinental Hotel in two Yemeni recommendations. Yeah I'd start off with oysters as many of them as you will love I mean I'm a terrorist or banana but they yeah. That's what I always start with. And then I would find out what the fish of the day it is because they're bringing in some very exotic species all almost all from. The Atlantic Ocean noise in the Gulf of Mexico but says some things that I've only heard of but never actually experience so that next. But then they do stake state to link him shops there is an epic there rack of lamb is really quite. And a good soups and nice cocktails and it's oh really a surprise of harassment because I didn't expect anything that. When I went in there the first time you know it's just another hotel restaurant but it isn't the Nazi party serious place. Good closest friends have been several times in the first they just love it's thank. Thank you thank you for calling it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris someone called me earlier and wanted to know. What was that restaurant I was saying had the best hamburger in New Orleans I did mention that in passing but I didn't finish it and is beat the answer can be found. On one of our comments here. The name of the place is. The bug grill just simply the grill it's made kind of in the style of an American. Demeanor. And we will remind you of the Camellia grill in a lot of ways. But the menu there is tremendous they've got omelets everywhere and sin which is all over the place but. Watched them at the color behind the counter this guy doing the cooking and he just bangs away and it is no other word for it. And the hamburger that comes out of there nice four ounce burger. It's a plenty enough to eat on just that one it's not so thick that you can't picture jaws around. This is the best hamburger in New Orleans if you ask me and it's right next door to traitor Joseph is in the in that new shopping center. I just off veterans highway in causeway boulevard in Metairie. I don't miss that it's the best Hamburg town I think and I'm not really a burger guy. Not real. OK let's see what. Our show is also today sponsored by Koreans four boys. And you know what they have there at that almost caught fire and never really did except in a few places and Italian four point here's how it's made. You got your hot toasty Brad. And then you laid down and some parmesan cheese or some if you wanna use goes something like mozzarella that would because it. And then you come back with a little bit of red sauce and then you top that with the spaghetti I'm sorry with the you put on top of that. Some slices. Of a variety of different things could be Italian sausage could be upon any meat anyway you lay that down you put it in the oven. The bell the cheese melts the red sauce starts bubbling that is an Italian poor boy try that. At Koreans four boys three locations around town. New one on and pretend you street at the corner of upper line. A rents for boys will be back with more in a moment but first please this posh we're almost out of time but I'm gonna use it for all it's worth glitzy we have Jennifer calling list Jennifer welcome. Yeah I'm fine we only at the bottom they'll go. He. And I remember RE in that. It's become edgy mean and you know now. It and we act. And content in Iraq. Look look. They know very much that is so kind and I've completely run out of time but thank you like I can listen to that kind of stuff all day and FM on HD one sky wave and on the line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM HD one can our New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS they Columbia broadcasting system CO. We'll be back tomorrow one so three same place. Have a good night have a great dinner watch out for the for the rain.