The Food Show - Hour 3

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, July 21st
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers dry aging beef and pork, seafood restaurants and dining on the Gulf Coast.

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Welcome back it's the food show on 105 point three FM. HP. To policy you can do HD one you can do inched into a lot of agencies. HD one. And we've got to hear from you one way or the other so give us a call 260. 18726018. Stephanie a few little odds and ends here have been looking for an opportunity to ring up. On the travel and leisure magazine which is a very well done magazine I think they really covered all the things I an interest in especially food stuff. But they came out travel and leisure did with a ranking of the ten best cities. In the America. And they've they've put it in exactly those words. Because. These weren't just about food they weren't just about hotels or you know it is just Ian general. With no categories and all they came up with ten. Restaurant here they are in reverse order number ten out of hand is Honolulu. Number nine. Is Nashville. Number eight. Was ash bill but who wonder who who who if anybody put that in order like that on purpose. San Antonio Texas that's kind of a surprise to me but it certainly rich city you're in interest in. Ethnic cuisines is particularly Hispanic cuisines. Chicago yes absolutely Chicago. You know their number five. And a big big it really under rated those cities too much you you've been there. New York City you know what more do you need that's Santa Fe, New Mexico. Which is a surprising place if you ever get there you'll you'll fall in love with it but for a lot of reasons you won't. Be ready for. Savannah Georgia. And then he knew what was coming sooner or later New Orleans is number who. Who's number one. Charleston. I was in Charleston about a year ago. And wound up spending about five days there and in which had nothing much to do. The main thing I remember about it was that it was just as hot as it is now here. But I was looking over this list and all of the top ten list you a lot of video of places. Are a lot like New Orleans and think about OK that you starting with Charleston in the number one on the list. Charleston has there's a lot about that cities that will remind you knew Owens that the food. That the architecture. Everything about our city. It's a lot in common in Charleston I think where better but you know that's another story. On then there's new ones of course and then Savannah Georgia same story is I just told about Charleston. Santa Fe, New Mexico. In a lot of funny funny ways it's a lot like our hometown here. Assent is New York city's unique unto itself Chicago pretty much to San Antonio Asheville if you don't mind being out in the middle of nowhere. And Nashville Honolulu so that's that was the list. Insisting no it was like it one. Such things is that emerge this is the food show we would love to talk if you buy food at restaurants but cooking wine. And all of that a program today is sponsored. By Andre is restaurant entrees restaurant used in Metairie. And they have been for quite awhile. Red Cross. Causeway boulevard from lakeside mall. Easy to get to lots and lots of parking here's you know if if you over. Have rejected this rest and that the restaurant restaurant because it didn't have enough parking. This is of major problem for a lot of restaurants but it's not a problem over the years maverick they almost have too much parking. But they've got plenty. What is what you're really going here for ago is not the park obviously they have a great bar tickets you know singing people in the bar. That's pretty nice to. They also have. Some very interest in special menus that they do at certain times of the year. And others though he says things too cute cute she going. When you go over their entrees but there is one thing I went you know and that is. The two aspects of that harassment that are the most impressive part the seafood that they get every day they bring it in from the actual fisherman. And it's all freshen its role on. Believe if necessary. Right there in the rest and that is also approval of the meets that he has his own butcher. And that all comes together in a very nice menu a lot of than usual dishes that you will not have had in other. Our parts of the city that are influenced by. By the Italian cuisines there is and make no mistake. There is not just one kind of Italian cooking here are. Hundreds of amid scenes seams and if you ever go to Italy you'll see how that is true everywhere you go. That the Italians. Do their food and different sort of way and it's really agree to dig into wow I find that in. It's the food showed the system that's more us we'd love to talk with you buy food restaurants but cooking. Whine all of that and we'd love to hear from you about any of that we're very proud. During the last week. We crossed the threshold that I was not sure we would ever do. But we got up to thirty. Years that this program has been on the same post same idea same station. All time. And we just keeping on going and thank you to everybody who sent me letters and who called us up on the year. I'm don't think of myself as anywhere near that important and whenever I do my white street PO an idea. So why it's not gonna happen to too much but I am relishing it and it this this week. Next week on this program the one that appears on Saturdays and Sundays. We will not be here I don't know what they're gonna put on the year but it's not going to be the food show and the only reason is. My son and my daughter and my wife and myself and my two. Grandsons. Are are all coming together in Los Angeles where a bunch of them live. And no one of them is being christened that day and that's where we will be. Hope you don't misses for. We're just a one week will be back the following. We can get right back down into. So that's next week to a 60. 187 use our telephone number call right now you'll get right in we'd love to talk with you but. Whatever as attracted your palate. We will return with more of the program in just the moment you're listening to the food show. On 105 point three FM that's one week and notes also in the big 870 we'd love to have you join us. But to tell spoke what you've been eating lately that has been a big hit. With you or have maybe a disappointment either way we we cover the hole. Dining scene here on the food show and it's the name though food show I think it's pretty yuppies. Are we had a couple people who just called in the last couple of minutes during those breaks. But we couldn't catch him fast enough if that one of those weeks you. Call right now and put will put your right on that promise you not put Chu and waiting. Almost chew wait too long in which case. It'll happen again but that would oil for example here's one coming in right now we know in just a moment who this is. Well just wait OK I've been told to wait it out and we will. On. Go fix it up when we get there 260. And it's 1872601870. Someone also called up and said that he has a phone number for the vote Chris on people who up. Make that terrific creole sausage that is the standard of the business. Their phone number is 9484777. Incidents that may be a source if you are looking divide this. It's do you want me to take a break now Arty shell. Know OK all right let's check in here is Mike Mike welcome to the future. I don't know I thank yeah let me show. But don't act now like I Harken back like you'd kill time when things about me on now and dumb I think this culture of regret. That seems only been maybe eight is absolutely phenomenal. But it that's apparel line that finish that that it's that read it here yet it's not really new world stage. Like it okay and there is there. And I must say it's not my favorite dishes but I've run into some versions of the that it just in another category that the mean one. The comes to my mind use pitch count ally over on. Louisiana avenue laurel like Pincus across street and they have. On that that version of shrimp and grits its release. We're talking we're going to chow line and wrong okay good. No one else to do well. But or is that. I was thinking. Tried and so we can't play and I haven't like in the I am a few places on lake front that seemed to be. Everything is like to stick a lottery in. Immigrants aren't even light everything around black and you've only seen it before it. Yeah well there's a there's a lot of different ways. Which aren't too much lately in them all you want is simply emerge from open play and regrets. And Libya in limbo thing. Like it seemed like public. Has gotten into it in the play when he would do everything to the point where he can't even take witchy and yet it feels that. No. OK let me by tonight and it's an agreement you have Amanda. It was a great cook and also I'd keep Malo was so great and we don't need twenties by iTunes won't make a bottom to make things state. Well you still still don't and I went on what IC frankly it's it seems the neat things are getting less complex. On in times. It did so. Well I don't know about that but I think it has a lot to do with the younger chefs and the younger customers to who have. Turn things round. Well it's an interesting point of view anyway thank you for. Yeah. Seal it by it's the food show. And Tom it's more it's it's great to be here would be talking about food about restaurants all right now you get right in we've been very busy poll showed grace oh. This would be the moment program hold. And analysts know what you've been thinking about 260. When he said the use our telephone right now and then tonight W you'll. Market right in with no other problems. Let's see here what else do we need to get to before we. Is this something it was on the back of my mind. And it was to bring up and well on the back in my mind anymore cases the problem. On 260. 187. Call right now. And so we'd love to hear from you though whatever's on your mind a program today is sponsored by Iran sport boys. Brands for boys. Certainly famous enough for its more noise. They do that the right way which is now amounts to a very simple strategy. What they do is they roast their own beef. And from what's left over after they do that roasting he tickled the juices in the bones in the stock and everything. And they to reduce that down to make the gravy which you and I both know is the most important part of the pork voice which is making good gravy. And they continue one in making other items to. And this has all added up to become. 01 of the best places to get the the classic old style neighborhoods kind of cooking that they always have gone. That range four points from the time they started up that 3939. Veterans that go round 1975. Packed with exactly. And they just keep on going now the new location. That they just open a couple months ago is on protect and you street about a half a block off of upper line. Uptown they've they've never had harassment a pound force that's in addition to the scene and shrewd look to have become an. Indeed any of those four boys but also all the other stuff on the menu it's a fairly substantial. It's Koreans four boys. They are in Metairie on. Veterans highway near. But Cleary there'll also in Kenner. West esplanade moralist just awful Williams boulevard and the newest location of all. And pretend you street at opera line. From grand sport points. We have a few people in all the pilots it or it's meant well welcome to the food show that a pronounce your name right. Yeah it should. Are. You a question much credit. Are. A mellow out right now via our very June oh. And a law and trip in Greenwich. Or watch it and it was there that it. Thought. You know lot of doubt Mario on it either way it. Oh well violent things are always transporting one another form. Point a to point B light you know there's a train that runs every day from New Orleans stick to Carolina that there are. And you know that that alone will bring you low home. But it's a dish it you didn't see I can tell you for darn sure you didn't see it in restaurants until about. Now we read that scenario. Mike Rounds of seventy Lebanon are. Not regret. Remember that. Oh or area and it the people now. And now a real Europe regret. Okay. Well I go I'm glad to hear this perspective. But yet the difficulty it's the food show. Tom is another another guy named Tom. Of them in those days welcome to the show one. We talked before agent B and in the work that's done this morning and parts what. How about agent. Four or restrict. I don't think that would work. If two to get. Anything like that you probably better off doing a slow smoking in the way that you would do with like ribs or some. But I don't think that trying to H that in the dry age technique is gonna work at that you can have love rotten meat. Yeah that are no idea I've never tried it before and I've never seen in on anybody's menus so I don't know but it. Aka a little grill and a small pressure cooker and I mean you reduce cheered so go at all. Real good in there and throw what. But you know in the liquid and a basket you know local that would shoot an air and then go for a few minutes and then bounced. At. Comment that that that about. Boston but Putin Putin who loot it. Paul yeah there's no doubt about it but you know he's that's nothing like the way you would each be that it's two totally different idea. But maybe you're a regional open Mike you a little bit different kick up on. It's it's it's an interesting idea. But I'd be real careful but. Everything about pork is not like beef. Thank you for calling EC. It's the food Schoen Tom the warrants and here it is only do we know. And it's in all it's John here it is John welcome to the food. I could have been in the war I'm doing fine. Yeah well thank you. That question that you might get up and let's see I mean and I'll. Boom can take your. Well you know we've got all those Chinese restaurants around my my first pick on the South Shore would be five happiness. And my other pick would be on the North Shore trait again which it because that's Chinese restaurant round. And then we have a few others but the Chinese restaurant business has gone so far over to doing. Deliveries and takeout food that it's hard to predict he'd been. With your learning from an injured eating it sometimes. But an egg foo young I mean you're going to the beginning. Chinese style eating in this. In this country and really. I height in other words I don't know will place to get that but we're gonna put this out on the rail here and see if somebody gives us a call. We've got the news coming up and then we're coming back but boy the food show so stay tuned welcome back it's the food show I'm Tom that's Morris and it's a call we'd love to hear from you but food about restaurants cooking. Whine anything you'll love. If you loved anything particularly lately. We always love hearing about that right back catcher because. It here receive a true. The restaurant that you love your favorite restaurant and the dish that you go there to get the burden this is so wonderful place. Which to rip the cooking. On. Believe it or not. Not everybody no news about the existence of that rest. And so what I'm always trying to persuade you to do it by me speaks so closely and intimately. Is to tell us about these places instead of just letting them sit there because that doesn't do anybody any good and if you're thinking of using. Your favorite restaurant. As a kind of a secret that you can only you know but so when you bring people there that protesters and it doesn't actually work everybody ultimately knows everything especially. These days so. Yet but the snow but that I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants in old restaurants and suddenly got a lot better. We give us a call which 260. 187 he has the telephone number for us it's Jesus one I can use to too cute cute cute cute too on what. 260. 63 sold to a 60187. Is our telephone number and we'd love to hear from you but though whatever is eating you'll. Or whatever you want he'd. Let's see it was something else. And then went one of these days I'll find it probably next week. 260187. And we keep there has there been people who are calling but for some reason we know going getting among the effort so yeah we don't. Well. 260. 63 votes 260187. That's us. Let's see oh yeah. I have forgotten completely today our food almanac. Today is national junk food day. On does that really make it stand out from all the other days on the calendar. We all get called by some kind of junk food at sometime in your life I mean it's no avoiding it. The makers of the stuff know exactly. What flavors. Colors textures. Will address yours sub conscious desires. We're. Hard wired to like sweet crude for example in high fat foods. It doesn't care what kind of sweet or what kind of that it is. So we get jelled trends that emotional fight with high fructose corn syrup and pure garbage you know. Well but we don't just like it we develop our attachments to certain junk foods. And we feel that that we might have to be loyal to knows some people. We'll get mad when I say this. It applies to doughnuts that's for sure snow balls candy bars all these are wonderful things except that he just you know loaded with other problems. On cubic spies. Mostly hamburgers most prized. Rationally we shouldn't need any of that stuff but it's not good for you. Does it even tastes good it really doesn't know not as good as food made with better ingredients in careful ways. Little bit of good each goes a lot for them enough a lot of junk that I know anyway today despite all that today. Is. National. Junk food day. What's your favorite junk food. I would see over here on idea when the green phone I think this is what we're gonna get here is sun. Carol Carol welcome to the Puccio. I. I know that it allowed back in eight new advertising. That cafe. And passionately. On Mother's Day on he talks so much about optional special. My name. That kept me from day. And we're not in Italy or we'll look back at. There are back. It was one buried at all thank you. And I don't the people at the rest. Act on her. Show and although it won't or can't wait. And it was thrilled that we object to that restaurant the other back and nation we are out or not. Well what is ninety's. Yeah what the what thank you for telling us about that we currently don't. Thanks a lot for calling via. Richard is calling us on the blue phone. Richard from London. Page yet I believe around here. You go to a restaurant. Opening on magazine it beat it called Lemond short crooked. And under and other than that trend it's than them and throwing it felt as if he thought about it then would you turn your. I it's it's any minute now so poll footer for those of you have not had this pokey is. Basically it's likes of each day you're somewhat in a wave likes sushi but not exactly and you marinate. These wives of raw usually. Seafood but it could be other things. And and that a lot of seasoning and it's so it's a little on the spicy side may be a more than a little and it's. It's it's so easy to like poke AP OK he it's I I think it always something that started in Hawaii but I am not sure. And I anyways so. Something new. It's a food show on top of Boris here is junior. Junior welcome. Are there aren't a cripple our current report. The boot record and the recent phone. You can ease its red bud and I don't think that call is creeps. Well the woman called it little little. There were my article schoolmate trip round or. Call to the story. Aries you're ago. 00. We had little rug and carpet we added quit the pacers we can't. You know bottom and proud of the barrel we'll that we get ever been and me for different you know content. Convenient or vote local continue. Everybody here. While Leno is leading up to was that we get people out there on Wednesday I think it was actually. And the subject of Clark came up more than cute it was that we really miss him Clark was the grameen truck drivers use frequent. Caller but also used to come to our donors so. Well thanks for reminding me of him. Not receive any ball pretty well. Well Africa. In a way and you know we certainly haven't forgotten and I know I have it. Why we will come back with more of the food show after first please that's your listening to the food show I just watch somebody be on hold for Ehrlich you know all a couple of minutes there I know why but I wish they'd come back. If you just called and you were on a little too long call right now I promise of which human electric immediately. But in the meantime. I have a couple more items from our food almanac for today. I have from our. Edible dictionary these are our words about food but sometimes kind of on usual ones this one is called it's it's them on. Named nick comes from Mexican cooking. And told my Papa. Implement cada. And what this means in Spanish. Is it's kind of a soft tortilla. Usually made with the usual all masa meal rolled up around the filling of cheeses. Chicken. Shredded or dried beef and pork that kind of thing the meets our combined. With a light sauce of tomatoes that's where the name comes him at home on top of that home pilots of reference to tomatoes. I instead a chilly that's what you would get within in ciudad impeached did you achieve today there you go you know it's that same idea but with tomatoes in its Q. Two or three make up a plate and then you're stuffed in you know it's not how Mexican food and I have. If food in literature our item here. Francis Parkinson. High eighties KE YES. Was her name. She was owed New Orleans writers who lived here I don't know if it was all her life but it was a long long time she was born. Today in 1885. And she wrote. Along along with very many other things. A book on a novel called. Dinner at and ones. And as a result of the popularity. Of that book and it's a sold like crazy everybody loved of Francis Parkinson ties in effect is still. In the French Quarter there's a building that is which she used to live. On anyway. On. You there was a New York food writer's name was Lucius Beebe he was the story unto himself. And he suggested to the Brennan's. That if and once could have a book. A body itself you know dinner evidence ones that the Brennan's ought to do breakfast at Brennan's which they did. And it became as you know it very very popular. Not just did sure. But also the kind of dish that you would. I have four friends you know for a long time. And that's how that played out. Is the house at the corner of chartreuse charters and personal lines name for. It's the food show until the sports. And we. What named to three top fried chicken places being asked to do. Let's see fewer race would be one of them mr. ads would be one. Cookie chase. That's three. You can probably come up with a bunch of them put up that chip by me debt that list every hour. Or maybe every day for a while and we come up with a different lists for him that she is the way things like that go. You remember one thing and then you forget another thing oh well 260. 1872601870. They have above and others have but one not quite fifteen minutes left to the program would love to talk with Cuba where reduce you have been eating lately. Bill which cut plan for the day my wife. We we were gonna go with some friends in the they. Had to cancel at the last minute so we were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. And whenever that seemed to come up my wife always suggests that we go to the Gulf Coast which is something we almost never do. And I don't know why we don't do it because people ask us about it. What goes on over there there's certainly a major culinary scene there are lots and lots of restaurant. So if you have any suggestions for that we're kind of looking around for a place to go on the yeah. On the Gulf of Mexico there right in Mississippi. It's going to be hot no matter where you go though let's see who is next. Or either of these next 260. Six until 260 and 18 Stephanie is dollar number of Ennis dis ago here that's fine. Well they are welcome to the Puccio was this. Well they're viewed did you just get on the phone here I don't know who you'll art music. Okay. All right endo will ornament. It's key high key is that you. Yeah. Well. You know promote it and you. Parents and good restaurants that serve trial. And bet that that would mean no is amortized. The canal street. Did the day I compliment I mean that they didn't have trial. Yeah. That's probably true. The the way the law is written about speckled Trout I assume that's what you talked about spackle yeah that's the on. There are or believe it or not you'll only eleven people this is the last time I checked it's got to be Loewen that by now. There were only eleven people in the state of Louisiana who were permitted to go out and catch. On. It's a speckled Trout and serve it in a restaurant or sell it and a push in a fish store. All the rest of them as one of the fisherman died and that's it it's his lineage will never be felt again in terms again. Getting Trout. There's just not very much of that and most of what you'll see on local menus and stroke he's actually coming from the camera line news. Or Virginia. So that's the problem it's not a. During being at any recommendations. That where many go get some. I wish I did but the restaurants themselves they don't get that they don't get shroud much. It will when they do it is probably coming from North Carolina South Carolina or Virginia. True effects of it's cooked it's ridiculous. And who who big but the wildlife and fisheries kind of the aside of who sit of this state. They are who pretty much fell for what the all the people who were in the tourism side. Going fishing. That's where he'll Wednesday it is a lot of lot of Trout out there. But you can't have put it in a restaurant you can go out catcher on you can catch 25 of them in one day. But we know how long you gonna go doable for fishing next time I never. I mean I'd like who like to eat and go fishing. I wish you had a good answer for in fact I wish I had a bad answer for you pile of an answer at all of Cairo was not thanks for calling and now. Jane is here Jay welcome to the future. They count and year. You can. Got a couple of places. Borrowing George topic getting caught it and want them a gas station here in the call where are sure. On the other women battling grossed tree. Right off the interstate. But both places so it should have voices so frozen and a Bennett wanted all. Pros and what kind of a dumb question. Patty do you prepare. Like fruit and food there to cook at home trawl. How do you prepared prepared and you're seeing it in Tunisia to grow watcher or better. You know if it view. Have a smoker who. Smoked. Odds smoked Buddha is real coup that there are few out there are few barbecue joints that happen on their menu if you ever run into that again it's it's. But you don't like about you if you just get it straight from the people that made it. And you wrap it up very well in the and you put it in the refrigerator it'll hold on for a good long time I mean the very limit of course but. But that's it it's not something it goes to bed tomorrow. Public bottle it and think about look at picnic. All that that's that really is so wonderful thing it was just one little place in the beat of springs that we used to go to all the time they're gone now but they. To do booed at. Right out of the smoker barbecue food. The list. Here are Patrice factory explosion. And do. It for where. Art and a half a should war. Yeah well you know I deserve it as much of it is. Always correlate that kind of stuff. It was nice I thought our view and cedar. Will let him. I know I know biscuit buddy. Let's see he's calling it's on the yellow phone but he. Well it or if I don't let me cultural I would fix that but I can't so. You. Revert what sort of it in order that the the sitting cognitive Obama. I'm sorry and severed that would that would all the. Yeah yeah that's yeah. That saw god. What does that not do anything. Oh number I have here is 948477. Says yeah. I its name Annika is well Chris on the AEU all CR ES SO and they make Bo jokes on us. Again kind of there in the 78. Ward around there it's they don't have an open police week and go buy it right there it's not as far as I know when he has time. You. OK enjoy thank you it's the food show and it's who's next I think it's Stephanie Stephanie welcome. I'm right killing them and swelled thanks for call. IU per recommendation. Yeah yeah it's only. I would get this weekend and on the 49 and thirteen. Please. Act. Our oyster. Shell out. We. We are allowed. It and they open up and make. Oh yeah. Yeah we had oysters and black red fish. It was not good. Well that's news to me there's one in Covington music. Yet as particularly at that. It was that there and got blocked off it will on our block currently our current. And it cannot rush. And the price that reasonable. You know and what's the name of it again. Pop up on your. Oh there. Have shell oyster half shell oyster house okay. Well I'm already interest you have oysters two week old me I'm gonna go after so. It was very. Good that's good. And there are very. It's it's like to. I. Think at. Yeah thank you very much about him. Iran about here is a done Don welcome to the food show. Dunn is that you. Maybe I'm wrong ones here. And out popped it. All yet that's the way the best the Buddha comes from you know. And also if you want a lawn next step up real quick or white paper towel around. Well I admitted microwave and you meet. Gloria microwaves do it a great job with food. If you do but you don't wanna overrun it because it'll blow up to it'll just yeah I'm an a hole inside of the microwave it's coated with what. Why and it would work rate that's about right but all month all. All microwave them is different though so be aware of that here is Ron Ron welcome. Recommendation for extra election years. Whistle on 32 years. Which is on the thirty seconds or the RT telltale. Yeah every. People have been telling me that that's a great place to eat for years and years. Oh there at least once a month so we have. And that would go and they want to mark it or not right on and wine spectator. I invited there wine cellar I had many many years ago. In it yet beautiful view of the ball well you look at the coach said the north side. Looking at the back the way they can just well wonderful sure. Impeccable. And if you go their server are all okay. Server Tom the OK. Okay well thank you for the it's for the tip it's the food show. We will be back with more of the Puccio after first these types of food joked gosh we're just abide by the time let's squeeze in Robert Robert welcome. I'm doing fine Robert we have we have a minute ago. Okay you're limited to all the way they agreed to would wanna win. I went there and call currently about. It's a way that you all were. That. We use in all these. What thank you very much for mixing in so much and so few words thank you the thanks for listening to us before. That's our show for today. WWL. Radio in New Orleans WWL FM HD one can in New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.