The Food Show - Hour 3

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, June 16th
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about marinating and cooking steak, preparing brisket, pork chops, cheesecake as well as seafood places to dine for Father's Day.

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Welcome back it's the third course of the food show for it today it's great being here with you every day talking about food in restaurants and stuff. This week I would have been on. For the whole. First seven days so loose didn't commit to show every single day. But it turned up that I was. Told that we had to have Father's Day. And so I didn't want to argue with that too much and so we we are going to have Father's Day which you would otherwise have been when I'm over here on the air but that's OK I mean I'm you couldn't possibly missed me that much. And I know why wouldn't what all the way to men know yeah they were really would have missed few but. That's just the way it goes we are typically on your seven days a week with the food show find another programming anywhere in America. Or anywhere else for that matter that does nothing but talk about the culinary aspects. Of who the place where it is her. A bitch can't find one. I've been looking for years just so I can safely say that this is the longest running program on the subject of food anywhere. On radio in America to six so. 187 he is our telephone number we know would be very pleased to have you on the program. And bring up and just let anything on your mind. Or let me give you one bit highlight afforded to for this hour though. We are going to have a giveaway of something that is really pretty cool. We have. Creole tomato dressing this is made by the cousins. The cousins are actually not cousins at all. They are married to one another to its a nice couple that to have. The make in this for a long time they used to sell it only at the farmers markets but now it's available in just about every supermarket in town cause in salad dressings. Anyway we have a cold case. Of creole tomato dressing which is their flagship although they have several others as well. And you'll get a case. Of creole tomatoes which are no men in season right now so that's what we have coming up for you this hour at some point I'm not gonna tell you win right now anyway. But it's coming up and yeah you walk away with this with the creole tomatoes. And the creole tomato dressing you get both of them nets them. We don't get a chance to give away. To too many gifts on now on our program I don't know why that is. 260187. He is our telephone number call us up. Tell me where you've been needing lately if there is something you found that has been really delicious. Give some pause NTELOS where that once there's you know I'm always. On the lookout for new restaurants that that. People rave about but nobody's ever heard of them before you know it's it's. It's interesting to discover those places. And if you assume. That your favorite restaurant is also love to buy every other person in America a U you're. Mean not sadly wrong about that but few if it's not gonna get you anywhere and the people. Who. Who I don't know but these favorite response to yours in and the great food that is in them. They are. You know they don't have this resource. So they sure it would you and did I I there's not a reason in the world you can give me why would anybody keep. A secret recipe or a secret restaurant that nobody knows about except him it's it's it's silly. 26 so. 187 me and I believe we have someone calling so here on the green phone at some point it looks like it's Robert or real bail out will know in a moment. Are you Robert oracle will bail out. Well if you go to Libya French. Different should be forced. The bush though OK look perfect okay. So you talk about element earlier about. Donating like stake. I it was the that if you listen to flank steak but pretty darn close to it was a idea of skirt steak. The church yeah well I've never heard of a product. It's called. Section called blow. Mosul. At that Mary. Ann you're in pork chicken beef. It's. Merit and what's that you know. Or cut by onion garlic and anger ankle you know. Idea keeping. Well that sounds good to me anywhere where can you get this is this available look. Earning much yeah that's pretty much apparently any. International. Food section in our store. And find. Mo hole is like MO JO only correct you know Brent what ever. An average purse. My plan. That sounds good you know that this might solve not a problem but it's on few days ago my wife and I. Went to two OT was sort of Porter and Luke. And they were having steak night there and that sounded good to both of us so we got it and it was so tender. In them right and that in the flavors of the state too it's just came out to a degree I have only rarely seen in my life. And I thought this is this is really some men have have been trying to puzzle out what it was that it's almost certainty. That there's a little lemon north something citrus and there. And the the rest of what you described it sounds very similar sun and check that out. CEO Bob that's that's not very popular. Marinate for like it went Eden in well that I accents and then you know lemon when I was. A lot of barbecued steaks here grow state and yet yup I would put salt pepper garlic powder. And butter and lemon juice on the state of about a half our forward group. It sounds great you can you can even go longer than that. Unless you have a lot of vinegar and there in which case it it. A massive dust just went under. Expressed little connect with butter salt pepper and garlic are. Well it seems strange to a lot of people but I and I'm trying to remember what cookbook it was a nice on this but the years ago. That was a cookbook and one of the points that they made. Particularly in there. Digression but. But stakes. Is that. The the beat the flavors of lemon and beef go really well together and I've. I've had that in the back of my head ever since and it's absolutely true you know use a ton of it but you know it it it just the right amount. It correct justice all kinds of good things. Yeah. Thanks thanks for calling India I appreciate it it's the food show and we are being visited by George. Welcome Michael money in our. Swell you. I'm listening to all these. Well not so. Mine and it might choose it and you know K. And I have. In the crooks and cheer us on tour. And one dale sure. Straight I. Didn't like or. In the morning Saturday morning. He takes prepare the and you're liable now very. Let it marinate for twelve. Both sides. And it would be super. But it is not is so intuitive breaks to separate. And there are a great. But it's just stick it occurred as they grow with the it is crystal took it goes. I don't receive caper to black. Or yeah yeah yeah thank you. It came to the. And well I will it just because I tried just about anything than anybody ever tells me I'm gonna give that a world see what's see how it comes out. I I don't get the the idea though you've got that vinegar and here which is the number one ingredient in Tabasco. And right and that's gonna make some sent in some penetration there and it's bossi. Try it now. Report back. A little. Bit. Okay he thinks life. Thanks for the idea and for the and the tender loving care swelled to 60. 187 he is our telephone number. 2601870. Let's see our we've been getting lots of these side lawn this month this text message thing which date I don't have it available to me. On my other studios let's see. I was wondering where the monarchs. Apparently. There was true true royalty off from Spain that was seen our studio this week and buddhists celebrating. As the king and queen of Spain says here. Oh that's interest in 260187. In terms of give us give us a call we'd love to hear from you. And Noelle though it is a time for our contest. And here's the story about the way this works. It is that so we have we have two prizes. They are. The cut I've I've got it right here and it is. A case of cousins creole tomato. Dressing and one whole case of creole tomatoes we do just talked about it a couple of minutes ago and it's as simple enough thing to do. The eighth caller who calls in right now. Will be the winner of beat the video phone number to call is 2060. Win this. Caller number eight will be the winner and I had 260. Winds make that phone call and nephew. To ANN in case you're wondering what the wind is all about it's 9467. In case you don't have that there is no letters on their. 2609467. All right. We will get to work on that and when we come back we'll have more of the food children and our winner probably. But first please this welcome back it's the food show on 105 point three FM HD. One and this is stump that's more a sweet talk about food and wine in restaurants and cooking we're also on the big 870 WWL and WW of one of five point three FM. To do don't we ready when our contest the results yet. OK you know we're not quite but it's it's stacking up. 22. I knew we'd love to. What or who would love to hear from you by the anything you've been doing lately an anything that has some book cooked up for you particularly well. We do that's of what our program is about finding the good new stuff. A program is sponsored by Andreas. Andre is. You know it has this enormous menu and heed our buys all of his his meets. And know all of his seafood pretty much hole. And this requires having a butcher. In the in the kitchen and they do infect the butcher's usually a chef Andre himself it also requires a guy who will. Four lay there the fish that comes in and they spend so much time in so much money on Fisher over there. That's one of the things that really makes an outstanding. So well when you go to lunch ray is keep that in the back your mind it's not just another place to get. Pasta. They are easily capable of doing some very surprising. Cooking around there it's entree is. They are. 88 in Metairie. Right across moralists causeway boulevard from lakeside mall. And they are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and forefathers status and Leah. And they would look did you come by for any of that. Let them know to six so. We've had that yet 260187. Is our number and none we'd love to hear from you. But whatever it is that's on your mind Colin narrowly speaking. I have comes as digging around looking for something the other day and I phoned. You arrest gunned guidebook. That I wrote back in glitzy. 1999. Wanna say yeah in 1990. It came out it was the second. Dining guide that I had written and I'm just looking over this at some of the some of the rest sensitive common gone for example. That's either all in alphabetical order so the first one is all the mirror. A bitch you know nowhere that was I remember that rest and leave it get gets three stars from me he was at the convention center. And this was really a left over from the world's fair. It was interesting because it was an a Spanish restaurant and we only very rarely have bad Spanish restaurants in New Orleans and this one was really good. They were there for quite awhile and then they moved to. Esplanade avenue where they became. No. All in all what's the name of that place. Peet's has four letters to. All I'll think of it in the second 260187. He is our number. What's gonna drive me nuts until I think of that it's is this another restaurant of the same name in Covington in the neo often mistaken for one they're totally different. Anyway 260. 187 any call right now you'll get writing and we love to hear from you but food about a restaurant about cooking we have quite a range here. On our program and if you're you're just digging out looking for some places to go for that four 44 other state. Give me a buzz and will give you a few ideas but that. And anything else in your mind about food if you need some help with the recipe if you are looking for an ingredient that the you found in me in something. Let us know. All right let's see who's on hold here it's it's jewels. And uncle named jewels always so that was a great name for guys. We know we don't talk about your uncle and my. Great great great day yeah yeah what to show. And I got one question until the call called creative I have more and interview her. If it's true it decoding is moving. I don't know I've I've heard that but as far as I'm concerned it's still rumor because I haven't been able to get ahold of anybody who would actually know what the answer is. So why I'll load look into that further. Today. There is appealing it. People that were moving it across the book apply. Fareed you know like right behind the village where they you know vital shop and it. And right next to Palin. The windows have been covered and the word that we're going. Well that's news to me so why I couldn't does confirm it but I will look into it. Are you doing all right there in the name of the restaurant. But it was an Italian restaurant. Where it was neck could be stroke Byron demanded real yeah the man at the personal tragedy had barely been any clothes you re so. No well nearly I've. I know well we're talking abut no he did not and I don't think will see him again because it's. I think he's had enough for the restaurant business what else he does and has been doing for a long time he would sit all of distributor of of Italian. Ingredients for the most part but he was selling and all over talent very very astute a restaurant operator. But that what happened to his daughter. We sis too much and he he the I remember going to the funeral and and he. Was more in grief than any man I've ever seen in my life it was it was a very very sad but so. Okay no oil and that's that's about it but he he has he's cute. Lots of other businesses that he could go over to in two games for the very nice Maria Pia and a very good restaurateur. It is cold snap or. This cold snap we're not a world would. Lowered it one night my life tribute ever birthday and they go everywhere to clean it funny when it product with no indeed I don't you get the good part. That's right that's right. Well Laura you are. No dot com has been an article as we are still about twelve to fifteen restaurants and it close yeah. Michael school what were being. Now directs it's it's not at all and listen I'm I'm sorry I got to take a break. We will be back with more of the food show in a moment after first police this. And not that. Hello hello it's the food showed this is Tom Fitzmorris. And before we get rolling. I've got a couple people on hold here but we let me just let you know lies that do we give congratulations. To Gail. Who lives in Metairie. She has one that the case of of a of creole tomatoes. Plus a case of cousins creole tomato salad dressing. And chief gets old package. She was the eighth caller to call in and so she is the winner Gail. From Metairie you could. Thank you for participating in this Gail and I know you're gonna love that stuff we. We've been using it is the host dressing in our house since. And only five years ago all right let's see who is said next it is Reggie Reggie welcome to the future. You don't it I'm pretty good look like you. Well Asia pollutant but now I know would you. Look eight. And where we. And Barbara would. I would use a Boston but for the same reason you know Boston but is. Is a misnomer because it's not a but in the beginning it's it's like it's shoulder. From way up front and it's usually that picks that you expression is. Reserved for. Pork cutesy but the brisket is this beef. And though there's two ways that I cook and I. I like to do it almost like New England style where it'll take just a big one of of the brisket included in a pot with onions and bell peppers and you know all that kind of stuff and then cook it. Slowly but to a constant boil for about four U form. Off hours is what it seems seems to be the perfect amount. And and then you serve it with the vegetables and it's it's a great thing he particularly during the winter. But the the other way is more like summer time cooking and that is when you fire your barbecue pit up and you get it to the point where it's. Smoking in rather than just grilling everything. And that it then you put your brisket on at it says unity wanna see a temperature. Of something in the neighborhood of a 16570. Degrees after it's been on the on the pit for a for a spot 204 hours. Again and did very different from one another but they did meet the seasons and that's that's the way I do it anyway. We'll play great today and by tomorrow. Good good luck it's easy enough thank you. CA it's a food show. We have Joseph over here on our yellow full on Joseph c'mon man. Doing fine thank you thank you for calling. Two things like all the action electronic called. What report charged with the gravy on. And also and I don't change K now on the New York quote unquote should Kate you let your bag and so straight as well and Frederic. What to to make a cheesecake. Yeah it is bigger in audio. They love this quote shortly and you probably. If you're they expect different or. I don't bake it in all though. What I do is sci I grind out some. What do you call that Graham crackers Graham crackers and and a little bit of butter. And you mix that all together and then you just press sit up against the inside of Japan and that's it I mean that's it's pretty simple. And I do it right before I put the the filling in. So is it it is may affect window whenever I'm making. Making a a what to what am I trying to say here is the huge egg cheese cake when I'm trying to get that done sometimes. Oh the whole. What holds up the whole thing is my making the cross that's below usually the last thing I make and then I pour the filling right into the middle. And yet the shop craving had a situation upgrade I don't. Put sour cream on mine and never have no particular reason I don't think it's a bad idea but it's I don't know I just I don't think it adds anything for me so while I. Slow before orchard flowers will with the flower be where where would that figure the next yeah an extension of the ones. On the economic revealed that Ukraine. OK and it. Here all the ingredients it's a cream cheese sour cream. There is so up orange Ryan did. Orange zest to really to be exact about it I use a little bit of Orange juice too but not a lot. And let's see anything else it's in there. That's about it and and then you just you knew you Coca for a while. And then you. Poured in and you put it in the oven in them and you Bakker yeah sure yeah. And India. Don't don't abolish outsmarted for jobs I'll look look a for sure sure that the sort jobs all gravy and not try to make some that's well back if they come over a pure. If you're special rate at Oregon sure you. Well that's true that basically the easiest way to do this. Is to dust the outside with a little bit of a flower or. Whenever you want a coded with even things like corn corn meal I've used before. And you you view Coca on top of the stove in attack pan with a little bit of butter or oil or. And you but you wanna get it so there's a little bit of brown juices that are sticking inside the pain and and then you. You come back with a little bit of a Worcestershire sauce and little bit of red wine and you know you can do this a million different ways. And and big least the good gravy that will come you know. I don't know where you gonna get a great field by itself but the one that you wolf form while you're messing around with this on top of the stove. That'll give you enough. Two and to get going I think. Our actual vote they got all greatly combine packaged as package. Which is yet entered a majority of the national error that said import job made him and there. Are a chicken pot. Well but I I liked using. Those stocks. So I you know if I have. Something that is gonna involve a kind of a beefy flavor I'm gunning I'm gonna use. The beef usually bone you know bony and everything. And then cook it down for awhile and you'll get this is a boot the flavor that you looking for. And he had a bit of did you look at it it's typical of the child it is ready to get. Here's what kitchen bouquet does its brown that's the only thing it does is said it it adds color and if you. And if you want that go ahead and do it I I don't like putting color on anything. Particularly. Unless it's really really necessary and I'm trying to think of even one instance where that's true and I can't think of one so. You EI Dido I just don't use the stuff. I think irregular according litre and I'm made out of. Sure yeah I'd love to know CIA it's food show this is Tom Morris 26063. Pull ups uh oh in line cut through almost the whole show without giving you the wrong number here's why I do that. IE. I did all week long. We we do The Daily Show four road a couple of hours. And we have a different. Phone number over there in that studio than we have over here at the big gates of the and that's that's the only reason I'm so accustomed to saying the other number that comes out every island and I do apologize. 26018782601870. Call right now you'll get right in. We'd love to hear from you about whatever is on your mind. Cool generally speaking and also if you're looking to do something for him for Father's Day or few. Have on your mind the whole barbecue and also you know this is the time of year when a lot of people. Do the bulk. Of whatever. Boiled seafood like you know if crab and crawfish hole though you know what I hear that crawfish are coming to the end of the seasonal radio I'm not surprised that's normal. The classic schedule for for pop boiled shrimp. Is from around Thanksgiving to around before the July. Let's see who we know we got a couple people. Do we hear old dictum in the second 260. 1872601870. You can also send us a text message that 8787. He'll run together. There and it went way all the news when it would happen. Oh well it's too late to use it now anyway. Where were we. Seems like it was something else that we were messing round with here Aaliyah I was looking over this this old restaurant guide to mind. And some of the restaurants that Mara. Are gone. Just looking for here's one ain't. Angle. Met Angelo for some reason it was spelled and go low. That might be correct actually born look at it in Wasilla at 611 Decatur street this would have been where op ultimately. Chef and drew off unknown nine entry chef. Oh gosh what's his name on. On the although in the second anyhow. Bunch other things here 2601870. We have on hold. Barbara is here Barbara welcome. Hello I'm. It by people in the name of traction on esplanade. Yeah you almost and Loyola it's slowly yeah it I just I knew I. By a always in style and and a you know what they did that probably was the biggest. Influence they had on the local scene. Was that they could not serve wine. Railing yeah we made that when I first know when they first or not on and on esplanade they were not allowed because they were close to a school. I said. And low. But. Will the the most interesting thing about the places that it was a spinoff. Of the restaurant that had been. During the world's fair. That's what you could and then yeah I just couldn't remember his with the change the name wouldn't rule. In our Lola is that's it Libya. And get all will go somewhere in police enjoy. Where drew ones and doing so here it is chuck chuck welcome. I had temperature like. Thank you. Sort of basic question. Is let's. And then it could. The difference it's. Of the mental. To. Stick all the joy. And make that your teacher you'd like it. You. But you know they all agree. Yeah you can make it. This up as did. It and it could just maybe. Well. It's mind. My mother. Cook Colombo. On just about every week and she had a seafood gumbo that she would do on Fridays and she would have a chicken gumbo that she would do typically if I remember right on. On Tuesday say thank you. And the tool worked totally different from one another. And I've seen on a over the years. It's oftentimes like in one place it comes to mind is the gumbo shop which is a place I think is pretty good but the difference but to that I think they have three different kinds of gumbo there and they all taste the same to. Where is my mother and a trying to say she's the greatest shift in the history of mankind. But but she did it. Have this seafood gumbo that was one paste and then the chicken gumbo that was a totally different pace and that's what I would hope for. When I'm when I go and get Gumbel and restaurant that make it very sure. That for example there are some gumbo recipes that have a certain amount of tomato in them and Europe people who. If they find that out they start throwing rocks at peak heat though. Because they don't like that idea. Hard to would define this in just a few words. The agreement just and older went believe early. It looked like an incredible. Well today to. And in trouble this damage at all does and should alternate to. Maybe it did. As well in a two Faye you probably know the middle of the meaning of that is smothered. Is to you to one that usually comes out. And it's it's interesting if you dig around in the cuisines of Europe you find. Different words for that like in. In the Italian. Let's see if I can dredge out the the word that the use that in Italian cooking. It in means the same thing is smothered or 82 Fey it's just do their different word for it. Anyway that's that's pretty common and that's the main. Element that makes it go one way or the other. Actually what I'm. What should thanks for another. Thank you for calling I appreciative. I appreciate the call we will come back with more in a moment after first please that's why area are listening to the food show on the big 87 EWW Alan WW of one of five point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here with you every day especially when we get to be here on a Saturday or Sunday. I won't be here tomorrow though by the way it's fathers day have you heard. Let's see who's over here it's on the on the green phone it's Danny Danny welcome. The but I'd just. A skull only. Pelt told them yeah. Now as I. I'd I'm I. A lot. Well look at where hopefully they need the morrow the family. Camera battery like the same area. Where you live though we look at it they're seat and see retro but yeah Lamar. Any thing on that line. You can similar that it they are secret. Yeah use the first place I'd look is you know mr. -- tennis on a few other restaurants and is one of them. In Metairie do you remember the rest and bozos. I mean yeah it. Okay where bozos used to be mr. and actually bought the building in the business and everything and he he built a seafood restaurant there. On bets. It's. The name of it is. It's missed mr. Ed's fish house and and and it's now. Always oyster bar and fish house that's the name of an exam to and 21 street and it's. Real good they make a by the dozen different kinds of oyster variations which right there grabs my attention. But they they have a lot of different other kinds of fish there and other things that aren't seafood at all and it's a casual place and if you have mr. and in mine. And he that's about as close to mr. if you could. As you can. Yeah it. Odd that I don't know it's always hard to two figure this out but. My guess would be yes because it seemed to be open seven days a week. Call it. And all of our questions. That would. What do you right there. Did they are definitely open that's for sure it's a you wanna be in Metairie is set the idea. The yeah the act knee is is pretty good I have one criticism of amendment is the fish that they use. Is. They could come up with a better finish than they used let's let's let's just say that it's not a terrible awful ingredient but it's. It could be better than it is. On their own issues have been great my we we went over there and had. Couple dozen of them char broil the oysters last week and they were really nice. Poignant event that brings all this about the seat could go to drug goes the drug was disclosed on Sundays so now from. Well. Or bank your Wednesday. Well. Thank you you know I'm I'm both so I thanks a lot. CA it's a food show and and now I'd joining so we hear on the yellow full and his Brentson. Bring us and welcome to the food show I think. Your time this fine. That Sugar Ray. There's their Earl query or weird sort poultry. Locally owned and drive the same. Problem. Tom believes was the right now you're talking about mayor it would spry. And caught the Carol and it will be. You're sick you're gonna elected the real quick. I'm actually. The I. Don't know who actually bought them and a. That's that. That's is a very good idea I would stick with that. But coupon you know you are fortunately I have both people both Richard great family and buried. Are but now. New warning for her and against your past mobsters. And a one. It's sort. Your comments from. All I know where my loses yeah. Well we've actually pan that we ought that may. And one note that the meeting which. When you go out he'd call new rules. So then they're undated. An X there. Like you were. For. It to fifty minutes before that would be prepared. Well yeah they're really saying is. That's well more aware sure right yeah I have no problem waiting or being on it out chipped. Now Spain. Mattered quite apart shall. You learn that thing in and all their dirt and a bit. It's only the video. Under plates but that was in my mind. Yeah I kid I think they I think they've always gonna have that feeling you know by women into it and on purposes not. What are its always open. What I want. That how that you'll find a place in it was a fellow from Alabama. Network at Chernobyl. And I'm sorry had to stop you but I've run out of time but call me again we'll talk about it some more and will be back in the moment but first please this gosh we're about out of time but let's see Floyd is here Floyd to welcome. Good this is the lord I was about to ask well where would you up to these days. When you're in California. Okay. Yeah and now. The product over. And a Floyd used to have the best freshman in Slidell. So what's up. All held so. Well good I'm glad you're still alive in and I am too far. What nicer from. Thanks a caller on the debate. Floyd be aware. What became famous over at commander's palace believe it or not. Because he was. He one on one given afternoon. Sunday brunch is starting at commander's palace they were short of some cooks and he went in there and he cooked everything. For that shift. It was over a thousand to. Eggs. If but anyway he's he's really great chef and they know me well I did know he moved to California but it's been awhile. And good here in front you Floyd well that's enough for this for today. No program tomorrow for me but I will be back on unknown Monday on the 105 point three FM. Off WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one K and our New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.